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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 5

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Joplin, Missouri Opinion be Joplin Clobe wednesday May 16, 1990 the big push a Veteran observer of the legislative doings in Jefferson City Over the years considers this session one of the slowest paced in recent memory and on the verge of being classified As Dull even uneventful. But lawmakers who have been moving at a leisurely gait during the last four and a half months will pick up their step this week As the general Assembly winds to an end at 6 . Friday. As usual legislators have left too Many important things undone and now must break into a sprint to beat the closing Gavel. As an associated press Story last week reported Quot for Many lawmakers facing voters Back Home this year it May be a disappointing session because Many local Bills a the ones that keep constituents Happy a Are going to die for Lack of time and Lack of Money in a year when state finances Are but finances Haven to been so strapped that legislators were prevented from considering hefty increases in state employee pensions including their own. Time has been plentiful. Certainly abortion has not been the debilitating Factor in this session that some had predicted. With one late exception All of the abortion related Bills have been bottled up in committees. Remaining on the legislative Burner at this late Date Are an anti drug measure that would crack Down on casual or recreational users including the lifting of professional licenses and two ethics proposals one setting up an ethics commission and the other requiring enforcement by prosecutors. The houses anti drug Bill would allow revocation of the licenses of doctors lawyers and other professionals convicted of drug crimes a provision that the Senate finds objectionable and non productive. But recreational users constitute a major Revenue source for drug traffickers and putting professional licenses As Well As Drivers licenses at risk could serve As a deterrent. Such an approach certainly would t Hurt. Whether ethics legislation makes it through in the waning hours of the session remains to be seen. Of the two proposals the Senate a plan which specifies full disclosure of assets and income by Public officials both elected and appointed seems most acceptable. The House measure has Many flaws. Its author rep. Doug Harpool of Springfield has angered some lawmakers by piggybacking his proposal to a Bill putting the state Agency for surplus property under legislative scrutiny thereby jeopardizing the measure. Other Bills that will compete for attention in the sessions final Days involve the reduction of solid waste restrictions on Public smoking forgiveness of Back taxes for newspapers and expansion of medicaid coverage to meet Federal guidelines. Missouri lawmakers have left too much for the end. Some important Bills will be approved a few May get through with serious flaws in the urgency of the closing deadline and others simply will fail because time ran out. The Lith hour push is not a Good Way to write and pass Laws but it has become an unfortunate tradition in Missouri. Gee._where5 Schwarzenegger when you really need him administration adopting Mushy views on issues a a Navy the United states appears to be playing Coy on the Issue of a Mutual reduction of tactical nuclear weapons at sea. Although the soviet Union has initiated the request for talks on cutting the nuclear capability of the superpowers navies Washington has exhibited Little interest in getting the question on the Agenda soon. The official reason for the reluctance is that Moscow Hasni to formally tied the request for trimming sea based tactical nuclear weapons to the reduction of other nuclear arms. So Ronald Lehman director of the arms control and disarmament Agency and the Bush administration have decided that now is not the time to take up the Issue with the soviets. The real reason that the administration Isnit Overly enthusiastic about getting Down to the nuts and bolts of reducing tactical nuclear weaponry is that the . Enjoys a technical if not numerical advantage in torpedoes depth charges and anti ship missiles. To put tactical weapons on the table now not Only might erase that Edge in . Short Range naval Power but eliminate a useful bargaining Chip in discussions on curbing Long Range nuclear weapons. Whether As a show of Good Faith an act of resignation or an enticement the soviets have begun removing some types of nuclear weapons from their warships. According to some reports much of the soviet Navy has been effectively Quot Dencle Aried a at least of tactical weapons. But even so sweeping a reduction May not have put the soviets at a disadvantage in number of nuclear weapons. Reducing tactical nuclear weapons at sea could become a prime topic for negotiation. But that card be casually played. The time Isnit yet right. Hostages wont see Freedom this year the latest intelligence reports coming across president Bush a desk give him bad news about the american hostages. It is unlikely that the remaining six will be out by the end of this year. The recent release of two hostages has set off a volatile feud a even gun Battles a Between factions of Hezbollah the umbrella organization that tenuously controls the grab bag of greedy egotistical terrorists who hold the hostages. The fighting is Between the groups that follow iranian hard liner Ali Akbar Mohtashemi and those that line up behind the More flexible Hashemi a Sfanjani Iran a president. A Sfanjani wants to use the hostages to get the United states to give Iran More than $1 billion in Frozen iranian assets. And he Hopes the hostages can be a bartering Chip to pay Iran a Way into the Community of civilized nations. But the supporters of Mohtashemi Are die hard fundamentalists who would rather live in hell than co exist peacefully with the Quot great satan on Earth. A Sfanjani thought he had control of the terrorists when he was Able to install his functionary sheikh Subhi Tufe Yli As the Secretary general of Hezbollah in a secret Quot election last december. A Sfanjani also had Hezbollah a spiritual Leader Sheik fad Lallah in his court. But Tufe Yli has been unable to win the support of All Hezbollah factions. It will be difficult for him to get Hezbollah to free any More americans if the United states Israel and Kuwait remain unwilling to meet the major demands of the terrorists according to Central intelligence Agency reports. The Bottom line is even if a Sfanjani wanted All of the hostages released he could t do it. The Cia has told president Bush that the Fate of the hostages is in the hands of a secret seven Man Council inside Hezbollah called the Tab Bishi. Even the Cia does no to know the Jack Anderson names of five of the seven. Bush has been told that the Tab Bishi Are skittish about publicity and have no qualms about their Mission. They Call themselves Quot the hit the top two Tab Bishi Are linked to the oldest Hezbollah faction the islamic jihad. Its titular Leader is Hussein Muslawi a school teacher tuned terrorist who orchestrated the bombing of the american embassy and Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983. Islamic jihad holds hostages Terry Anderson and Thomas Sutherland. The groups chief demand is the release of 15 fellow terrorist and relatives from kuwaiti jails but Kuwait has refused. Other cells of Hezbollah keep their hostages As insurance against an attack by Israel or the United states or As bartering chips to get lebanese and palestinian prisoners out of israeli jails. None of that helps a Sfanjani who simply wants respect and Money a Iran a Frozen assets and some foreign Aid to rebuild the country after the eight year War with Iraq. Those Clear Cut demands Are no match for the ego greed and lust for Power that drives Hezbollah and the Tab Bishi. The Tab Bishi can to even agree on who is in charge. The no. 2 Man on the Council is itching to oust the no. 1 Man. According to one intelligence report Only the close Friendship Between their wives keeps him from doing it. Reverse toaster a some Bush advisers Are urging him to seize on the savings and loan bailout As an excuse for higher taxes. The bailout May reach $500 billion about double what the administration has been forecasting. The new figures could give Bush an excuse to resurrect an idea from his chief of staff John Sununu who called for a tax on savings accounts to pay for the bailout. The nations chief Bank regulator William Seidman called the idea the reverse toaster plan. Instead of getting a gift from the Bank you give one. Now that Seidman is on his Way out the tax idea May get new life. Mini editorial a the Gen eral accounting office says the army should Stop buying those Lemon Apache helicopters that Are an Accident waiting to happen. Someone should have taken that advice $12 billion ago but better late than never. The army has a pitiful goal of having 70 percent of the apaches capable of doing their Job. But even that is too ambitious according to the Gao which says that 49 percent is More like it. This is a Case of the army refusing to admit when it has made a very expensive mistake. Its time for the brass to Swallow their Pride before the mistake gets More expensive. United feature Syndicate Washington a the unenviable Marlin Fitzwater whose vocation As feeder of the White House press corps requires him to discuss the administration s budgets without cracking a smile explains after a fashion the administrations sudden willingness to talk about or to be precise to be in the room when others have the temerity to talk about taxes. Fitzwater says there now is Quot anxiety Over a deficit that is fighting every reduction attempt that we can come up that cunning deficit is a scrappy plucky Rascal. It is resisting with Ali the considerable guile at its command All those imaginative strenuous measures that fitzwaters employer has managed to Quot come up fitzwaters language As Orwell said insincerity is the enemy of Clear language gives the deficit an anthropomorphic cast the deficit is an Active agent. But of course it is not. It is a consequence of choices of policies particularly the Bush administrations policy of choosing not to Quot come up with any repeat any serious attempt to Cut the deficit either with tax increases or spending cuts. Remember if All the spending cuts proposed by the administration had been enacted there still would be a deficit. In fact the deficit would still be higher than the Gramm Rudman target. And if the administration had not been confident because of previous emphatic rejections by Congress of Many of those proposals that Many of them would be rejected yet again it probably would not have proposed them. Panic is never pretty but it can be entertaining As in the Republican reaction to the presidents oblique As filtered through Fitzwater Indi cation that such is his Devotion to the Public weal he will be Brave and resist getting the Vapours if democrats propose raising taxes. This presidential intimation gave republicans from coast to coast but particularly in Congress the Vapours. For example 19 Republican senators fired off a say it aint so Joe letter to the president vowing to die in the last ditch in defense of the presidents no new taxes principle even if it the principle Isnit the presidents anymore. And who cannot sympathize with these distraught senators. What we Are witnessing has All the pathos of a frill fledged identity crisis a actually 19 crises simultaneously a on the part of adults in Public. That is what does it mean to be a Republican nowadays not Long ago it meant three things primarily resistance to soviet tyranny support of cultural conservatism and especially defense of fiscal probity. This last was As much As the first two a moral matter. It defined deficits correctly As theft by one generation from the voiceless vote less rising generations. Today a Republican administration is abandoning a 50-year . Principle suming Lithuania and other captive nations As part of a policy of serving the convenience of the soviet regime. And a Republican administration is adopting Mushy mainstream if the mainstream is defined perversely As Media and academic opinion attitudes regarding such social issues As Public funding of obscene Art and support for the Agenda of homosexual groups. And by its budgets a Republican administration is stealing from the future a devouring the nations seed com a at a rate that can Only be called will so what defines republicanism tax phobia. Period. Hence the panic. From the intellectual Shipwreck of the Good ship gop tax phobia a a refusal gussied up As a High principle to pay one s Bills is believe it or not the Only spar Large enough for All republicans to cling to. Hence the hilarious damage control operation As the White House rushes to Quot clarify things. Someone who sounds an awful lot like chief of staff John Sununu described in the news Story As Quot a senior White House official travelling from Costa Rica to Washington with Barbara Bush a an official who is Quot the main White House link to conservatives says the following when the president said there would be Quot no preconditions on negotiations about a deficit reduction package the president meant that democrats could propose tax increases but the White House would veto them. And Fitzwater offers what he called Quot a perspective on the phrase Quot no preconditions it does not mean taxes Are on the table it Means Quot just the opposite. It Means the table is got it want to bet that the democrats done to get it the democratic party May not be completely brain dead but its congressional leaders May be so som ambulant that they do not see the trap toward which they Are slouching taxes get raised Bush gets the Money democrats get the blame. Washington Post writers Nader a resurrection is Sweet Newsberry s world c two to of a me a you re 85 in a 104 How about a May december Romance a let me Tell you what Sweet Means to a sour Ball like me. Sweet is the fact that Ronald Reagan grand Panja drum of the Rich and powerful is slowly slipping from Public favor while Ralph Nader Paladin of the powerless is rising from the crypt where the smart Alecks and sophisticates had prematurely buried him. That is very Sweet indeed. The 1980s were not kind to the Harvard Law school graduate who virtually invented the consumer movement in 1965 when he exposed the automobile Industry a appalling disinterest in safety. He lobbied members of Congress to Little Avail. His Alliance of Public interest groups published their usual reports about polluted water dangerous medicines and tainted food and few people seemed to notice. He called news conferences and none but the Trade press showed up. A Newsweek reporter referred to the consumer advocate As the country a Quot chief when Nader came Down hard on members of Congress last year for granting themselves a $35,000 pay raise he was denounced on Capitol Hill As a Quot Jerk and a Washington Post columnist David Broder disparaged him As the National most who know Nader will readily concede he is a bizarre Bird. The ascetic Ralph of legend is the austere Ralph of real life. He is obsessed with his work. He lives in a modest apartment in Northwest Washington and not even close Joseph Spear friends know his address or Home phone number. He stalks the corridors of the capital in somber suits and plebeian shoes toting a battered briefcase stuffed with documents. He routinely lectures acquaintances and strangers alike about government and corporate incompetence. They ridicule and snicker at him the pundits and the deregulatory and the trendiest who edit their Credo with every change in administrations or Blip in the Economy. But Nader has always sensed something that they do not regular people appreciate dedication and rectitude especially when practice in their interest. When he ventures outside of Washington wretched Ralph suddenly becomes St. Ralph. When he whipped up Public sentiment against the congressional pay raise last year for example he was in constant demand for television and radio interviews. A radio talk show Host in conservative san Diego described Nader As Quot a conquering hero. Our Washington a radio Host in Detroit Home of the automotive Industry he has relentlessly bashed for 25 years allowed that Quot we re All strange bedfellows on the pay raise issues. In the fall of 1988, Nader campaigned in California for a major Rollback in automobile insurance rates. Before the election 67 percent of the voters polled said they would support it for the simple reason that Nader supported it. After it passed observers credited Nader with the Victory. Said Mark Green a former Nader associate and the 1986 democratic Senate candidate in new York Quot the Media have been ignoring Nader for the last decade. Because he Wasny to very hot they thought he was irrelevant. But he is one of the last clean civic there Are some Large warts on Nader a thick hide. Because he deeply believes in an unrestricted right to sue he opposes Legal reforms designed to Lessen the litigation Load that is crushing the nations courts. And he has shown a propensity for libel suits against journalists who publish false information about him a and libel suits by Public figures Are a first class sin in the eyes of this first amendment Freak. But the negatives Are not enough to dim my appreciation. With his seminal Center for the study of responsive Law and All the Public interest groups he has spun off through the years he has shown people How to hold corporations and bureaucrats accountable. In the purest sense Ralph Nader is a powerful Force for democracy and that a a commit to a vinegary populist. Newspaper Enterprise association scripture for today and when the chief Shepherd is manifested you will obtain the unfading Crown of glory. A 1 Peter 5 4.3b do plan a Globe established 1896 117 East 4th St., Joplin Missouri 64801 published by the Joplin Globe publishing co. Division Ottaway newspapers inc. John n. Wilcox president and publisher Daniel p. Chiodo general manager Allred Harrison Rogers 1910-1920, Harrison c Rogers 1923-1946. Clay Cowgill Blair 1923-1966 Timothy f. Robinson controller Mike Wittenmyer circulation manager James r. 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