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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 4

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Joplin, Missouri Opinion the Joplin Globe monday december 13, 1982 4a privileged professions despite our dim regard for Federal regulation generally there is a place for it primarily where competitive Market forces Are absent or need not be exercised resulting in exorbitant Cost to the Public. That said the . House of representatives recent exemption of the professions a physicians lawyers engineers architects and others a from accountability to the Federal Trade commission is regrettable. Take the medical profession one of the largest in the country. The prices that Ordinary people pay for services have gone up faster than inflation a even when the inflation rate was far More brisk than presently a and beyond what most Folk can afford to pay. The reason non competitive pricing practices. The it cd a enforcement of consumer Protection and Laws applies to the conventional interstate service business. Why the professions should be excluded from this supervision is a mystery but one the Senate can Clear up quickly by refusing to follow the lower chamber Sill advised Lead on this Issue. The rationale for the action is that professions Are already licensed and regulated by state boards and validating Federal authority is equivalent to validating Federal meddling. However the effectiveness of state regulatory agencies varies dramatically on the performance Scales including the extreme of favouring those they regulate Over the Public interest. Consequently the absence of Etc oversight of the professions would be too frequently the absence of oversight. Sales line columnist George will on saturday wrote about the annoying subject on this Page. Andy Rooney another Globe editorial Page regular a few months Back recounted similar and similarly annoying incidents. Both writers echoed the experiences of a lot of us and probably reflected the reaction of most. Will a and Rooney a target was the business soliciting Telephone Call that nearly every household receives at one time or another from Magazine sales people which was will a tribulation from siding firms window companies and uncountable others who have a product or service to peddle. Somehow we look upon a sales pitch Over the phone As an abrasive unsettling intrusion into the private family hours that Are thankfully so Distant from the office and the Plant the orthodox locales for conducting business. This is True despite the cheerfulness and earnestness of the majority of callers. The pragmatic and patient recipient of the a junk mail Call will let the solicitor Down easily in strained appreciation that the person attached to the voice is Only trying to make a living. Most we suspect Are greeted with an abrupt candid and not always a Nice reception. Then of course there Are times that a Sale is made a demonstration scheduled or an interview arranged with the Chance of leading eventually to a transaction. It does happen else we would never be bothered by this jangling version of free Enterprise. Alimony for servicemen Uncle Sam has decided to crack Down on both Active and retired military men who have been shirking court ordered responsibilities to pay Alimony or child support. A new Law signed by president Reagan requires that the Pentagon withhold the amount of Money necessary from the paychecks of these fathers and sex husbands to meet their familial obligations. Regulations designed to carry out the Law have been published by the defense department. No longer will the services prove havens for men hoping to escape supporting their children and former wives to the degree deemed proper by state courts. Making the collection of Alimony and child support from military men easier eventually could translate into substantial savings for taxpayers. Farn Ilies where the fathers refuse to accept the financial liability assessed them by the courts often wind up on welfare assistance Rolls and that comes out of taxpayers pocketbooks. Such a Law was overdue. The military must not be a Safe Harbor for men who would abandon their responsibilities and allow their families to go without. How to Deal with soviet Union since Lenin in the Early 1920s succeeded in consolidating the communist hold on All the russian the . Attitude toward the soviet Union has gone through Many phases some of them repeated from time to time. None of these attitudes proved effective foreign policy guides on How to Deal with the soviet Union. Yet today More than Ever we have need of an effective Way of facing the soviet Union and its new leadership. So it May be worthwhile to rummage through past shifting attitudes in search of clues for the present. During the 1920s our View of the soviet Union May be Best described As benign neglect. True this was when Many intellectuals starting with John Reed began to be seduced by communist promises to hiking they had seen the future and it worked. But officially our government did not even recognize the soviet Union. That recognition came from president Roosevelt in 1933. The reasons for his decisions were less political than economic. Even such Stem isolationists As sen. Hiram Johnson thought it a mistake to withhold recognition when there were a billions of dollars Worth of future orders from russian for american business. As part of the recognition agreement the soviet Union promised to end its propaganda activities in the United states to guarantee religious and political Freedom at Home and to Settle past debt claims. Roosevelt was fooled on All Points. The vaunted Trade never materialized. The soviet Union never relaxed its autocracy. Its propaganda Gamst the United states never diminished. This was our first lesson in trusting the Kremlin. Nonetheless throughout the 1930s the soviet Union was not a fearsome enemy to us or uie world. It was too weak militarily to revive the aggressive ambitions of Peter the great. Then came world War ii. The military weakness of the soviet Union flt was nearly beaten by Germany became a concern of the allies we poured in billions of armament Aid. Roosevelt was again beguiled by Stalin treating him As a trusty ally for the Prace. Again we were fooled. The consequence was not Only half of Europe swallowed by the soviet Union but its first emergence As a world Power. The reaction once president Truman perceived the True nature of this new communist Power was confrontation. More recent history is better remembered. The cold War led 4is first into Korea then Viet \ Vermont Royster Nam. Confrontation did nothing to diminish soviet military Power if anything it led to its increase. Once More the visions of Peter the great for worldwide Conquest returned to the Kremlin As its masters built an Arsenal of atomic weapons. The next step was detente begun under president Nixon. Here the View was once again that we could Trust the soviet Union on disarmament and other matters the attitude being that if we would be a a reasonable so would the soviets. By president Carters time we began to at least partially disarm unilaterally. The soviets meanwhile increased their military buildup including a huge Navy whose Only function could be aggression. By the time of president Reagan detente was discredited. The russian military buildup was no longer a secret nor after Afghanistan russian ambitions. We began to rebuild our defences if not wisely at least extensively. In Short none of the policies of the past have Given us an intelligent Way to face the soviet Union. We can no longer As in the �?T20s or �?T30s, ignore it. The confrontations of the cold War Cost us More than they did our adversary. Detente brought us no nearer to a Safe Way to living with the soviet Union we Only Learned anew it cannot be trusted. Our present policy is not easily discerned much less described. In rhetoric and in economic action the attempt to halt the soviet pipeline it is confrontational. Nothing else is Clear. What Are we to do those who argue for an indiscriminate arms buildup to frighten the russians Are simplistic. Those who argue for unilateral disarmament As in ban the bomb marches Are naive. Neither have Learned from history. Somehow some Way the president and those responsible for our safety must Grope for a policy built on experience that relies neither on the open hostility of confrontation nor on any Hope that the soviet Union win change its spots. Such a policy requires surely that we look at our military arms Long fallen into disrepair. What is not sufficient though is that we simply pour Money at our military. Less of the right armament is better than too much of the wrong one As Many a nation before us has Learned to its sorrow. There should also be a recognition that the soviet Union too has its internal imperatives. Its Economy is a shambles. In Afghanistan its caught in a mire. Poland is a reminder to the Kremlin of a time bomb ticking among the subjugated a War could touch it off in Hungary in Czechoslovakia in East Germany. A sensible Leader in the Kremlin must live in terror of just that As a new Leader should know better than anyone. It follows then that the soviet Union has As much reason As we do to avoid a confrontation that becomes a conflagration. In this there is Opportunity to be explored in negotiation not in the sense of trusting to the Good will of the Kremlin masters but in their self interest. But to explore any such Opportunity requires of our leaders abandoning both the bluster and ingenuous Ness of the past both of which have failed. The future will tax All their skill All their steadfastness All their Wisdom. Scripture for today thou Hast kept count of my tossing put thou my tears in thy bottle Are they not in thy Book then my enemies will be turned Back in the Day when i Call. This i know that god is for me. A psalms 56 8, 9. 01 f Toplin the District newspaper since 1896 Horrison Rogari 1910 1930. Hor Fulton c. Rogrit 1923-1946. Clov Cowgill Llor i923 i9m Richord p. Barker pro id it and publisher pred Hughes choir Mon of the Board m. Long Rogers vice president Ond executive editor Gregory h. Taylor. General manager r Ellis. Editor Timothy f. Robinson controller Robert g Cooper editor of Page editor Jomes r. Lane retail advertising Monomer Sov Dove Dejornette production director j composing Foremon Michael e Mccorty. Press Foreman Wes kill on. Camera piste foremen Jerry e. Pence distribution Foremon published by the Joplin Globe publishing co., division of Ottowy newspapers. Inc. Knowledge Gap widens in . For the past week much of the talk on Capitol Hill has been talk of the my missile and Many of the arguments have focused upon the Issue of our country a vulnerability to soviet attack. Its a fair subject for discussion. But another question of vulnerability demands at least equal concern. For the moment forget about the missile Gap and think about the knowledge Gap instead. Or if you please Call it the ignorance Gap. Millions of our High school seniors Are being graduated with Only the most rudimentary knowledge of science and mathematics. Common sense should Tell us that we Are entering an explosive new age of technology. In every contest the race ultimately goes to the Swift. Our Public schools despite some notable exceptions Are not turning out front runners. We Are producing a generation of scientific numb skills. In a recent report the National science Board termed the situation a a crisis a and for once that dramatic word May truly apply. Only one third of our 21,000 Public High schools offer calculus fewer than one third offer physics courses taught by qualified teachers. Over the past 20 years the proportion of High school students enrolled in science courses has steadily declined. If there were any indications that the situation is improving perhaps the consequences would not appear so Bleak. No such indications can be seen. On the contrary As the report observes a Public schools reflect. James j. Kilpatrick rather than determine Public perceptions and thus far the Public perception is that education in science and mathematics is of Little importance to the average student. The idea is to leave these Fields to the Brilliant few. This simply will not do. In the United states the report notes a typical school year consists of 180 Days. Our school Day usually is five hours Long and Many of these hours annually Are devoted to non academic activities. By contrast the school year in Japan consists of 240 Days and in Japan schools no to six or eight hours of disciplined instruction. In the soviet Union and in Western Europe schools Are far More rigorous than ours. We Are caught in one of those downward spirals that Are so difficult to break. The fewer students who study math and science today the fewer qualified teachers we will have tomorrow a and we have too few qualified teachers now. Last year 42 states of 45 responding to the boards Survey reported shortages of teachers in these areas. A in the same year 50 percent of the teachers newly employed nationwide to teach secondary science and mathematics were actually uncertified to teach those the problem is not a problem of teacher salaries alone though this is a major element. Many High schools have no science laboratories worthy of the name. Many Lack the auxiliary software so important to instruction in the use of computers. Course outlines that were developed in the Days of sputnik Are now outmoded but they Are still being used. In the lower grades a science courses often Are empty of the situation cannot be permitted to Drift along. Over the next 50 years during the productive lifetime of today a High school students we will witness an Industrial revolution at least As significant As the revolution of a Hundred years ago. The High school graduate who cannot speak the language of computers will be out of the mainstream. We will see marvelous developments in genetic engineering in communications technology in seabed mining in space exploration. Either we prepare our children for this exciting world or we fall behind in the race. I do not mean to minimize the importance of other intellectual tools. It would serve the next generation poorly to neglect Basic skills in English history the arts and humanities. All i am urging is that the ignorance Gap be recognized in All its disturbing dimensions and that new pressures of Public opinion be directed toward doing something constructive about it. It does no to seem too much to ask. Tis the season to be taxed Tell me if in a wrong but As i understand it president Reagan first got Congress to pass a 25 percent personal income tax deduction to be introduced gradually Over three years. Then last August he got Congress to pass a $98 billion tax increase. Now he wants the time schedule for the original 25 percent decrease moved up so we get it earlier. Is that right president Reagan Hasni to made it easy for any of us to keep track of what his administration is doing to taxes or who its doing it to. For the average american who define a Supply Side economics if his life depended on it its All very confusing. The Reagan administration has come up with a variety of novel tax proposals recently. Just two weeks ago whue the president was vacationing in Santa Barbara some of his aides put Forth the idea of a tax on unemployment checks. The plan did not get a standing ovation from americans who heard about it and the idea was dropped abruptly while the president was still out Back cutting Brush. The next thing we heard was that the administration was talking about a tax on social Security benefits. Many americans like myself who done to understand the Fine Points of economics understand How that makes sense. If people pay into a fund while they re Young so they can have some Money when they re old do you tax them on their own Money when you pay it Back to them there must be a simple answer we done to understand. The most recent idea for a tax came from president Reagan a Secretary of health and human services. He says the government could raise several billion dollars by taxing employees on the contributions their employers make to their health Benefit plans. I done to know of course How Many of these ideas the president himself goes along with but i try to be understanding of my government. These tax ideas look silly and counterproductive to me but in a the Guy who can to define a Supply in be been trying to think More the Way the administration thinks about t Andy Rooney taxes and in be come up with raising Money tor the my missile and other defense appropriations charge the Hiluid capped $1 for each 15 minutes they Park their cars in those special places reserved for them in the super Market lots. A raise the salary paid to every rank in our armed services give everyone a promotion and then slap a Sharp tax on a sergeants paycheck so we re taking More away from him than we gave him As a raise. A charge the Blind two fares when they take their seeing Eye dog on a bus. A Mitall toll Gates at every wheelchair ramp. A have a huge Nasonal lottery. Sell tickets for $1 each on every Street Corner in America. Offer prizes Worth $20 Mullion Cash or $100.000 a week for life. Sell $2 billion Worth of tickets and then announce that because of the fiscal irresponsibility of previous administrations there wont be any drawing to choose the winners. A make people who use food Stamps take the Limp lettuce the warm Frozen foods and the Green bananas. A if anyone on social Security lives in Florida Cal Fomia or Arizona tax them extra. Now in a beginning to think More like an administration official. Chicago Tribune Syndicate postscripts. An old political pro summed up the California gubernatorial election this Way. A if god really meant California to have a governor he would have sent them a establish an emergency fund and you la be surprised How quickly an emergency develops. A Gene Brown a Barkeep Gimmie another few million for the Road

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