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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 2

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Joplin, Missouri National news in Brief evacuees allowed to return Home of poisonous Gas were allowed to return to their Homes. Residents within a five mile radius had been evacuated before Dawn saturday when the tanks holding acrolein burst into flames at the Union Carbide corp. Chemical Plant. The chemical is an ingredient in tear Gas and herbicides. The tanks burned throughout the Day saturday shooting flames 70 feet into the air. No injuries were reported. Union Carbide employees in protective suits inspected the site sunday morning and said there was no longer a danger of another explosion said st. Charles Parish sheriff Charles Wilson. No show for . Troops this year _ Jos Angeles apr due a recurring Eye problem comedian Bob Hope has declined an invitation to entertain . Marines stationed in Lebanon this Holiday season his publicist said sunday. The marines had asked Hope to make the visit. In addition israeli prime minister Menachem begin also requested last month that Hope visit Lebanon and entertain troops there said publicist Ward Grant. Hope 79, who has entertained . Troops abroad at Christmas since world War ii is now working on a Christmas television Nooi a 1 in i a a fit i a Cial in Jos Angeles after finishing that he plans to consult with tors in new York Grant said. The problem stems from an i animation in Hopes right Eye caused by a Small vein sending blood Over the Retina which a makes everything Hope has experienced similar Eye inflammations and undergone surgery four times in the last 24 years publicist Ken Kantor said. Clark condition still i changed Salt Lake City a Barney Gark who received a mechanical heart 11 Days ago remained Semi conscious sunday his condition critical and a basically Gark suffered seizures last tuesday which were attributed to a chemical imbalance in his body and not to the plastic heart. Doctors say the heart has worked flawlessly. Clark remained on a Respirator and the chemical imbalance was being treated with a High nutrient diet. Doctors have said brain scans Ana other tests indicated no brain damage from the seizures. World news in Brief All sixteen Crew members of a taiwanese squid fishing boat were rescued by helicopter sunday after their Croft overturned outside Wellington Heads new zealand. Couse a he Accident was not immediately known. Of soviets order new attention to lawbreakers Moscow a the new soviet leadership has ordered the police and the bureaucracy to crack Down on crime in the streets and the workplace and to pay More attention to the Public a complaints the communist party newspaper pravda announced this weekend. Another party paper so vie Skaya Rossiya reported a sweeping shakeup in the party and government organization in the North caucasus City of be Len Zhik on the Black sea. The paper said the local party committee was negligent in choosing leading officials and a theft bribery and other abuses re suited. Pravda said the party sub Man politburo notified a prosecutors and the ministry of internal affairs. About the necessity to adopt measures about improving Law and order in the cities and Rural settlements because these questions Are uppermost in the minds of the working people and they Are seriously such direct links Between the politburo and official announcements Are unusual. This one apparently was intended to assure the Public that the Post Brezhnev leadership headed by party general Secretary Yuri v. Andropov would Deal with its concerns. A a pravda said the politburo also had encouraged the Public to report fraud and bad manage ment. A Ltd a Canadian i orders ratify contract Toronto apr Chrysler a Canadian workers voted overwhelmingly sunday to approve a new contract ending a 38-Day strike that won wage gains for themselves and for . Employees of the struggling automaker. The 13-month contract which Calls for an. ,jt1ipcdiate pay raise of $1.15 an hour in Canadian currency was ratified by a vote of 7,753-/87. The Canadian Dollar is now Worth 81 . Cents. Workers in the two countries had been making identical wages but with the americans paid in . Dollars and the canadians in the less valuable Canadian Dollar. The new contract recognizes differences in currency values inflation rates and general economic conditions Union and company officials said. Walter Mccall spokesman for Chrysler Canada ltd., said maintenance workers were being called in to get production lines ready to begin moving with the first Day shift at 7 . Monday. Ratification votes for workers Are scheduled thursday and Friday. Faction leaders seek cease fire Beirut Lebanon it a a Christian and druse moslem leaders agreed sunday to order their militiamen off the roads in the Central Chou mountains in an Effort to Stop the fighting that has killed More than 110 people in six weeks i lebanese radio stations reported. Meanwhile heavy fighting Between rival moslem factions flared for the sixth Day in the Northern port City of Tripoli the state radio reported it said three people were killed and 10 were wounded in clashes sunday bringing the casualty toll in Lebanon a second largest City to 38 dead and 116 wounded. Trio heists Fortune in jewels Hong Kong apr three men robbed a jewelry shop in a hotel shopping Arcade of an estimated $2.3 million Worth of jewels sunday police reported. It could be the biggest robbery in the history of the British Colony. A police spokesman said the robbers each wielding what appeared to be a gun burst into the shop in the Kowloon District around lunchtime ordered a Security guard and seven other employees in the shop to squat Down cleaned out the jewelry showcases and escaped in a Van parked outside a Side door. Legislators still facing Tough issues Washington a despite talk of Compromise on the my missile controversy it is becoming increasingly unlikely that Congress will wind up its lame Duck session As scheduled on Friday. Such trouble spots As the Gas tax. An emergency jobs Bill and the Battle Over the missile presi Dent Reagan dubbed the peacekeeper a May keep the lawmakers in session through next week or even after Christmas. And sen. Robert Dole r-kan., indicated sunday the Gas tax is sue alone would keep Congress Busy until new years eve. Early in the week the House is expected to begin action on a Stopgap spending measure that includes a $5.4 billion democratic jobs Bill which republicans say will prompt a presidential veto. The House appropriations committee affixed the jobs plan to the catch All spending Bill on Friday by a vote of 25-18, in a move by democratic leaders to improve the chances of the jobs measure. Most government agencies technically will be broke unless the spending Bill is passed by Friday. But Reagan has already threatened to veto if it contains the jobs Bill. The democratic plan would provide Money for a variety of emergency Public works jobs plus housing Aid and assistance for the unemployed including food and shelter. Democrats say it could provide work for 300,000 people. On monday in the Senate an Effort is scheduled to choke off a filibuster by conservative republicans that is stalling action on the proposed Nickel a gallon increase in the 4-cent Federal gasoline tax. Aides to the Senate Republican leadership said majority Leader Howard h. Baker jr., r-tenn., would have More than the 60 votes needed to pass his cloture motion to shut off debate on the Gas tax increase. The legislation is supposed to raise an estimated $5.5 billion a. Year for Highway and mass transit improvement. Sponsors say it would create 170,000 construction jobs. Reagan is pushing the tax increase. Actress plans private Mideast peace Mission Elizabeth Taylor los Angeles apr actress Elizabeth Taylor saying she wants to promote peace Between Israel and Lebanon has announced that she is embarking on a 10-Day Mission to the Mideast. In a hastily arranged press conference saturday at los Angeles International Airport the Oscar winning actress said she would visit both countries meeting with israeli prime minister Menachem begin and lebanese president Amin Gemayel. Asked if she had specific things she wanted to say to the leaders miss Taylor replied weather at a glance of i definitely but she declined to be More specific. She said she would visit the area a to try to create peace Between Israel and miss Taylor is to stay for several Days in new York before departing for the volatile area still Tom by the israeli invasion of Lebanon earlier this year. The . State department knows nothing of her trip said department spokeswoman Anita Stockman noting that she does no to expect miss Taylor strip to interfere with . Diplomatic efforts. A the president has ambassador Philip Habib going Back to the area Early next week to continue talks regarding withdrawal of foreign troops from i Lebanon she said. Miss Taylor who also is to visit a i lebanese orphanage and attend the new years eve ambassadors Ball at the tel Aviv Hilton did not elaborate on the specifics of her trip which was arranged by Phil Blazer publisher of the los Angeles based biweekly newspaper Israel today. Miss Taylor has Long been Active in israeli causes. By Globe Stoh Ond a wire servies a Joplin area mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures Are forecast for today. The Mercury is predicted to reach a High in the lower 50s and drop to a Low tonight in the Middle 30s. Winds should be southerly at 10 to 20 Miles per hour. The High sunday was 41 degrees and the Low was 20. Clear to partly Cloudy skies and cooler temperatures Are forecast for wednesday through Friday. The Mercury is predicted to Range from lows in the 20s to highs in the 40s. No precipitation is forecast. Showers Sno worm Stoi Onory flumes occluded hourly temperature 23 22 22 .21 5am.21 6 . 20 7 .20 8am.20 9am 10 11 noon 1 . 2 . 3 4 . 28 32 33 34 38 38 41 38 5 pm. 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 Midnight. Figure a How High temperature Lor area Oato from National weather service Noaa dept of Commerce the National weather service is predicting Snow flurries for the great lakes Region and for parts of Montana and North and South Dakota today. Rain is expected in the Southern tip of Texas. R temperatures in other cities continued from Page 1a Europe the anti nuclear protests marked the third anniversary of the so called nato double decision which called for the stationing of 572 .-made Pershing 2 and cruise missiles in Western Europe unless the soviets agreed to remove their ss-20 nuclear rockets in Eastern Europe that Are aimed at Western Europe. Organizers of the British protest about 100 women who set up a peace Camp at the base 15 months ago likened the a a embrace of the base to a a Mother comforting a sick angry a was a caring Mother you put your arms around that child a said Rebecca Johnson one of the organizers. A we Are circling the base because we feel that what has Given Rise to the cruise missiles to the whole nuclear escalation is a police originally estimated the crowd at 10,000-15,000 but later said there May have been As Many As 20,000 protesters at the base. Organizers said hundreds of people came from peace movements in the United states and Europe. Some . Airmen took pictures through the Fence and Royal air Force and . Air Force vehicles patrolled a ring Road inside the base. Police however reported no incidents. A a everything a been Good natured and Friendly a said a spokesman for the thames Valley police. Earlier in the Day the protesters Hung baby clothes photographs of children and carefully embroidered appeals for peace on the Fence around the West Germany the biggest blockade was staged at Barracks in Grosse Nestingen South of so where an organizing spokesman said 350 demonstrators marched four Miles to avoid police roadblocks put up to prevent protesters from real King their goal. The focus of the demonstrations was in the Southwest German state of Baden Wuerttemberg where authorities last week decided to charge each individual demonstrator with the costs they said arise when police must Deal with the actions Joplin skin Sunset today.5 01 . Sun Rita tomorrow.7 24 . Moonrise tomorrow.6 38 . Now Moon. Doc. 15 state forecasts Missouri a mostly Tunny Ond worm or today High around 40 Northeast to the Low 56 Southwest. For tonight lows in the mid-20s North to the mid-30s South portly Cloudy tuesday highs in the Low 40t to Low 50 Kansas partly Cloudy through tuesday. Highs today in the 50s West to the 40 East lows tonight in the 20s. Highs tuesday in the mid-40s to Low 50. Sunny and Wormer today. Ild Arkansas a a partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday not As tonight Wormer most Section tuesday with o slight Chance of showers highs today and tuesday in the 30s. Lows tonight in the 30s Oklahoma Clear to partly Cloudy and Wormer through tuesday highs today in the Rmd-50s East to near 60 West lows tonight in the mid 20 Panhandle to the Low 30s most. Highs tuesday in the 30s. Albany Albuquerque Anchorage Asheville at onto at Ontic City Baltimore Billing Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston. Buffalo Burlington Casper Charleston s c. Charleston. W v. Cheyenne Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Dallas Dayton Denver de Moines Detroit Duluth Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff great Falls Hartford Helena Hilo pc tolk Honolulu 80 66 23 16 Clr Houston 47 33 37 30 .37 cd Indianapolis 29 14 28 22 cd Jackson. Miss 37 28 33 32 .87 Clr Jacksonville 67 45 35 30 .50 Clr Juneau 44 30 21 20 95 in Kansas City 29 10 29 23 95 Clr la vegas 55 36 39 25 cd Little Rock 35 17 34 28 .11 Clr i of Angeles 71 53 41 12 a Louisville 31 21 40 21 .13 cd Memphis 33 25 24 21 Clr Miami 82 73 25 16 .01 cd Milwaukee 21 08 20 03 cd Minneapolis Nashville 25 02 37 27 Clr 33 25 66 42 1.12 Clr new Orleans 47 38 32 23 .13 Clr new York 25 21 54 20 or Oklahoma City 40 16 23 07 Clr Omaha 33 07 32 19 Clr Orlando 72 54 27 20 cd Philadelphia 26 21 26 12 Clr Pittsburgh Portland me 28 18 40 22 Clr 18 13 26 09 Clr Portland Ore 40 36 55 24 Clr Salt Lake 35 27 27 04 cd san Diego 68 51 28 12 Clr son Froncisco 57 46 16 03 cd Seattle 45 40 15 04 .05 cd Shreveport 40 26 27 03 in st. Louis 27 14 43 20 cd Tompa 71 66 47 36 Clr t Opeka 33 15 22 15 Clr Tulsa 37 16 16 05 5 cd Washington 31 26 .33 cd cd Clr Clr Clr in cd Clr Clr Clr Clr Clr Clr cd cd Clr Clr Clr Clr cd Clr in Clr Clr in log Clr cd in Clr Clr Cir cd Clr Clr 7/ with the problem Call for everything from a two year Price freeze to government mandated renegotiation of contracts Between suppliers and pipelines. A natural Gas prices Are the biggest consumer rip off today a says sen. Tom Eagleton d-mo., who maintains things Are in such a mess that All prices should simply be Frozen this Winter to give lawmakers time to work out a solution. If Congress does no to approve a freeze Eagleton says parts of his state will see prices Rise 45 percent this year. Others report Price increases of 60 percent in Peoria 111., 40 percent in Geve land and Denver and 26 percent in the Washington area where most members of Congress have Homes. The opening salvos in an expected bitter congressional Battle Are scheduled this week with hearings before the Senate Energy committee on monday and a House Energy subcommittee on wednesday. Eagleton and others Hope to Force a vote on the freeze question in the waning lame Duck session but chances of anything passing Are Remote. Senate Energy committee chairman James Mcgurer Idaho and five other committee members have urged rejection of piecemeal legislation to take care of the problem. The current Price hikes Are coming at a time when there is a glut of natural Gas supplies a estimates Range Between 1 trillion and 3 trillion cubic feet shut in because it can to be sold. Critics Trace the Root of the current problem Back to the bitter Winter of 1978-77, when Many states suffered severe natural Gas shortages. To remedy the problem Congress passed a Law de controlling prices of new Gas to Spur the search for new supplies. But the i Law also created an immensely complicated regulatory Struc Ture with some 28 separate pric ing categories. Today the Price of Gas Pel thousand cubic feet at the wellhead varies from a Low of about 27 cents for old Gas to As much As $11 for deep Gas which has already been removed from Price controls. Producers naturally have gone after the most expensive supplies a generally from Well drilled below 15,000 feet. Anc pipeline companies remember ing the shortages got into a bid Ding War for supplies and in Many cases agreed to Long ten contracts obligating them to Pas for Gas even if they had no need for it. With the current economic re cession some pipeline companies find themselves obligated to pay for the new supplies any Wiy i

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