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Joplin Globe Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Joplin, Missouri Monday Voi Xxxvii no 133 copyright 1983 Tho Joplin Globe it Joplin a Lobo Clear i a weather details. 2ajoplin, Missouri december 13, 1982�?eighteen pages Suggs Steo mice doily 2v Sandoy so . Bases in Europe targets of protesters dedication ceremonies and open House were held sunday afternoon for the new $1.8 million Carl Junction Junior High school and High school vocational agriculture and Industrial arts buildings. The new facilities will be occupied at the Start of the next semester following the Christmas holidays. Glob photo Vince Rosati policemen in Stuttgart West Germany carry protesters. Away from . Forces Headquarters sunday a last photo by the associated press More than 15,000 anti nuclear demonstrators most of them women encircled a . Air Force base in England sunday to form a a Chain of peace a and thousands demonstrated at about 50 military bases in West Germany to protest deployment of new medium Range missiles in Europe. The women linked hands in cold Rainy weather to Complete a nine mile Circle around the base at Greenham common 60 Miles East of London. They then joined in a shout of a a Freedom and lit candles in the falling darkness. At the British nuclear submarine base at fas Lane on the West coast of Scotland 14 people were arrested during a protest by some 150 demonstrators police reported. They said the demonstrators protesting the British governments plan to update its Polaris missile system with the Trident system attempted to Block an Access Road some 300 Yards from the base. In a radio interview As the demonstration at Greenham common began British armed forces minister Peter Blaker said a we share their horror of the consequences of nuclear War. But while they can talk peace we have to keep in a radio interview As the demonstration at Greenham common began British armed forces minister Peter Blaker said a we share their horror of the consequences of nuclear War. But while they can talk peace we have to keep it.99 in West Germany protesters blocked entrances to ., Canadian and West Germany bases that they claimed Harbor nuclear warheads missiles and Poison Gas and bacteriological weapons. At the . Forces european command Headquarters in Vaihinger near Stuttgart police carried away about 100 demonstrators who held up traffic into and out of the Barracks for 12 minutes every hour by sitting in the Road. See Europe 2a new facility natural Gas heats legislative debate Washington apr natural Gas americans most popular heating fuel is raising temperatures in Congress too. Facing an uproar Over Price increases. Congress will begin this week sorting out the first of More than 150 Bills introduced to Deal with the problem. Controversy Over natural Gas is nothing new. But the current arguments Are the hottest since the mid 1970s when Gas shortages forced the closing of hundreds of schools and factories. This time people Are upset because despite a huge natural Gas surplus prices Are climbing at a record Pace. The government reported last week that in november the Start of the heating season in Many areas wholesale Gas prices climbed by 5 percent the biggest one month increase since Early 1980. One consumer group estimates that natural Gas customers will pay out $5 billion More in 1982 than they should because of lax enforcement by regulatory agencies and improper actions by Energy companies. The More than 150 Bills introduced in Congress to Deal see Gas 2a closed Tho building will Torve of he purposes a new school will be constructed in sooth we i Joplin to House Alcott and Lafayette students. K-5. Include two new kindergarten classes end a Media Center. I -5, plut Media Center the school could be dated either before or after the realignment. Doquette students May attend Owen Weg school depending in enrolment figures. K-5, plus Media Center and Musk roam. K-5. Includes two new kindergarten classes and a music room. K-5, includes two new kindergarten classes and a Medio Center. K-5. Plus Media Center. Old portion of school would be razed and new classrooms would be built to accommodate future growth. Jefferson Kelsey Norman k-5. Includes two new kindergarten losses and a Media Center closed. Newer portion would House learning disabilities and bask skills classes plus Medie Center. Lafayette Longfellow kindergarten Mckinley Oakland kindergarten Royal Heights k-5. Plus Media Center. K-5. Includes two new kindergarten classes plus four new classrooms and a Media Center. Two leased Mobile units would be eliminated. K-5, plus a Media Center and Musk roam. The school could be closed either before or after the realignment. Washington students could attend Emerson Royal Heights or Mckinley depending on 1985 enrolment figures. K-5. Plus a Media Center and music room. Stapleton Washington West Central rapport a popular Dolphin puppet named Duso helps elementary school Counselor establish a rapport with children to discuss All sorts of topics from school problems to a death in the family. Page 5a a a a the plan at a glance Globe illustration Compromise seen As key for is woes Washington apr the social Security Reform commission probably could unanimously recommend a Compromise package of higher payroll taxes and lower Cost of living increases if president Reagan and House speaker Thomas p. Of Neill give their assent its chairman said sunday. Alan Greenspan said there already is tentative agreement on the 15-member panel that the Way to solve the $150 billion to $200 billion shortfall confronting social Security Over the next seven years is through a mix of higher taxes and lower Benefit hikes. But Greenspan in appearances on Abc tvs a this week with David Brinkley and on Cable news networks a news maker sunday a said the panel is still divided on How much should come from taxes and How much from revenues. A if both the speaker and the president could agree on the outlines of a specific solution that would pretty much carry the Day a said Greenspan. Greenspan said a clearly were the president and the speaker to agree not necessarily publicly but even acquiesce in the nature of some general agreement i think that we probably could get unanimous or virtually unanimous commission sen. Robert Dole r-kan., said Reagan of Neill and others ought to press for a specific Rescue plan so they can use the commission a was a whipping boy in pushing unpopular Reform legislation through Congress. But Dole the chairman of the Senate finance committee and a member of the Reform panel said he doubts the panel will reach an agreement at its final meeting next Friday. Mumm inside a realignment will affect elementary schools other features collapse authorities Ore investigating the collapse of a 680-foot radio Tower of the University of Kansas that toppled onto a maintenance building late saturday night. Page in. Shopping Days until Christmas last of three stories by Wally Kennedy education writer on the surface the combining of Joplin a two High schools would appear to be the most significant element of a school realignment plan that was adopted by the r-8 Board of education in november. To be implemented in 1985, the plan also Calls for equally dramatic changes at the elementary level. Although four to possibly six schools could be closed school officials believe the plan will not Compromise Joplin a longstanding support of the a a neighbourhood school concept. A we want to keep As Many of these schools open As we can a said Floyd Leonard an assistant superintendent. A i personally do not like to see schools closed because that Means there Are fewer classrooms a classrooms that could be used for educational purposes. A under this plan we Are maintaining most of our neighbourhood schools and building a new one to meet future growth in the Southwest part of the District. All of our facilities will be upgraded to better match our in 1978, a compaction plan that called for the closing of 10 elementary schools and the increased busing of elementary students was presented to the Board. Critics said that plan would virtually destroy the concept of neighbourhood schools in Joplin. Increased busing proved not to be the answer the plan was shelved. A slight increase in the busing of Elena entry students could occur under the new plan although it is doubtful according to Sam Bell director of the districts transportation program. A because of state eligibility guidelines some students will be bused who have never before been bused. Conversely some students will lose the service a Bell said. A it will depend a lot on How the Boundary lines for the schools Are redrawn. A it also depends a lot on How you look at busing. Most parents appreciate having their children bused to and from school because to them it is a it is at the elementary level that most All of the building costs associated with realignment will be incurred. And it is at this level that school officials believe some of the greatest educational gains will be achieved. The building costs would be financed by a Bond Issue that is not expected to increase the tax Levy according to or. James Shoemake superintendent. The Bond Issue will be subject to voter approval. The District Shoemake said is building a financial Cushion to offset the construction costs by accumulating Money in the districts debt service fund. Money for the fund is generated by an 18-cent share of the local tax Levy. School officials project the fund will have a balance of Between $250,000 to $300,000 by 1985 a possibly More. That balance plus returns on investments and the Sale of four pieces of surplus property owned by the District will constitute the Cushion Shoemake said. The costs according to Leonard will Stem from a the construction of a comprehensive elementary school in the Southwest part of the City to replace Alcott and Lafayette schools which will be closed. Alcott was built in 1928 and Lafayette was built in 1904. The oldest portion of Lafayette will be demolished. The newer portion will be used for other purposes. Alcott will not be demolished. Long Range plans May Call for its use As a Center for preschool students Leonard said. A the construction of four additional classrooms at Stapleton school and six at Jefferson school. The rooms Are needed because of the effects of realignment and anticipated growth in the areas of the schools. The oldest portion of Jefferson built in 1906, will be demolished and replaced with the new classrooms. At Stapleton two leased Mobile units will be replaced by the new classrooms. A the establishment of kindergartens and Media centers in almost every Grade school. This will be achieved by the placement of All 6th Grade and 7th Grade students in two Middle schools which Are now North and South Junior High schools. By moving the 6th Grade class to the Middle schools Leonard said Between 25 and 27 classrooms throughout the District will be freed for use As Media centers Art and music rooms and kindergartens. The move also will result in the closing of Oakland kindergarten. Longfellow kindergarten already has been closed. Students in the 6th Grade i Eonard said May Benefit More from the realignment than any other group. A it represents a tremendous broadening of educational opportunities for them at a time when they Are ready for More individualized projects. They will have Access to a gymnasium theater shop classes and science labs for the first Leonard said the Media centers will be rooms in which elementary students will have Access to a Library and an expanded offering of science Art computer and audio visual materials. Long Range plans he said Call for the placement of a computer terminal in each school for student use. A the Media centers will help us develop and broaden our curriculum. In time our Media centers will become a definite advantage. It is a promising development a Leonard said. Call the editor.3a editorials.4a people.5 a comics/advice.2b deaths.5b sports.7a-10a today a to fare.3b movies restaurants 3b classifieds.5b-8b cliffhangers the st. Louis cardinals and Kansas City chiefs drop five Point losses in National football league action. Page 7a

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