Joplin Globe in Joplin, Missouri
10 Apr 1990

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Joplin Globe in Joplin, Missouri
10 Apr 1990

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Joplin Globe (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Joplin, Missouri Opinion 4a<8\ t Joplin Hobo tuesday april 10, 1990 Federal funding the arts congressman Mel Hancock is still swinging from the floor in delivering verbal haymakers to the solar plexus of the federally subsidized arts. Last week to his credit the Southwest missourian urged a congressional panel to halt the Federal government from bankrolling the National endowment for the arts. He disparaged the Nea As just another wasteful bureaucracy a in Many cases an obscene waste. The Springfield Republican complained that Federal Money had gone to the arts that he described As Quot obscene indecent sacrilegious and racist which Are offensive to the vast majority of our nations the Dole that is coming under repeated fire from Hancock and others received More than $171 million in Federal funds last year. It has been heavily and deservedly criticized on Capitol Hill and around the country for providing Grants for Art works that critics particularly conservative critics a claim Are pornographic and lewd. One of the critics is Frederick Hart. On the Federal funding of the National endowment for the arts Hart wrote in the fall Issue of arts quarterly Quot the Public has been so bullied intellectually by the proponents of contemporary Art that it has wearily resigned itself to just about any idiocy that is placed before it. But the common Man has his limits and they Are reached when some of these things emerge from the Sanctuary of the padded cells of galleries and museums and Are put in Public places when the Public is forced to live with them and pay for Quot give Mem Mel Hancock a views Echo those of others including some of his colleagues on Capitol Hill. Even with the disgusting examples of vulgarity paraded under the name of culture and Art Many of which have been reported in the press recipient artists and supporters decry any restrictions on what they can do with taxpayers Money. To them congressional oversight is censorship and being accountable for Public Money is an insult. While spending tax Money some of the arts crowd want to dictate what is Art and hold exclusive rights to bait and taunt with impunity. It has been said that a culture defines itself by the limits it sets for its people. We sense that either severe constraints Are coming Down the Pike for the National endowment for the arts or abolishment of the Agency. The latter is preferred. The Kansas lottery Kansas will continue to have a lottery. That much was assured the other Day when the House and Senate approved a Resolution keeping the game alive but Only by the Barest of margins. But if legislators accurately mirrored the sentiments of their constituencies the lottery May face some lean times ahead. The vote in the Senate was 21-18 and in the House 63-61, just enough for passage in both instances. Ironically when kansans endorsed a constitutional amendment creating the lottery in 1986, the percentage of approval was 64 percent which left Little doubt where the voting Public stood on the question of a state sanctioned numbers game. The negativism generated by the lottery in the House and Senate May have been less the result of opposition to gambling than dissatisfaction with the Way the game was managed in the past. But the Selling Point that undoubtedly carried the Day for pro lottery forces was the $50 million that the Kansas game has channelled into economic development prisons and property reappraisal Over the years. The Revenue produced easily have been replaced. What the lottery should have a and unquestionably will get a is a Sunset provision requiring lawmakers to take another look at the game in four years. If they Are distressed Over the management at that time or if the lottery fails to live up to Revenue expectations legislators could kill it off. On the flip Side legislators must take care not to allow a single Issue group vehemently opposed both to the state being in the gambling business and to gambling in any form to Short circuit the will of the people As expressed in 1986. If in 1994, say the legislature believes that the lottery is malfunctioning and ought to be abandoned perhaps it should ask the people a again. There a nothing trivial about baseball Washington a Van meter Iowa has 747 residents and no traffic Light. In the 1930s it had about .�?~100 residents and was a Good place to grow up listening to a Des Moines sportscaster named dutch Reagan and watching trains rumble West carrying beams from Indiana steel Mills the beams bearing banners proclaiming their destination Quot the Golden Gate Bridge san one Van meter boy was bound for glory and got a fistful of it 50 years ago this month on Chicago a South Side. Correct thinkers think that Quot baseball trivia is an oxymoron nothing about baseball is trivial. But connoisseurs of shall we say Arcana adore this question name the occasion when every player on a major league team had precisely the same batting average before and after the game. It was april 16, 1940, when Bob Feller of the Cleveland indians pitched a no hitter against the White sox on opening Day. All the White sox were batting .000 before and after the game. Feller a baseball Prodigy was a major leaguer before he was old enough to shave the Only major leaguer who returned to his hotel to do High school Homework. On july 6, 1936, after his Junior year and four months before his 18th birthday he pitched for the indians in an exhibition against the St. Louis cardinals. His first pitch was a called strike. The Batter turned to the Catcher and said Quot let me out of Here in one the Batter had just seen a sort of a the fastball that later would cause a Batter Hall of Fame wit and Pitcher lefty Gomez to say after taking a called third strike with his Bat on his shoulder Quot that one sounded a Little in september 1936, before returning to High school for his senior year the 17-year-old Quot phenom broke the american league single game record and tied dizzy Deans major league record by striking out 17 Philadelphia athletics thereby becoming the Only Pitcher Ever to achieve As Many strikeouts in a game As he was years old. This and the rest of Fellers career recounted in his Memoir Quot now pitching Bob Feller with Bill Gilbert illustrates the axiom Quot As the Twig is Bent. A in the movie Quot Field of dreams and the novel on which it is based . Kinsellars Quot shoeless Joean Iowa Farmer and baseball fanatic hears a voice from the sky say Quot build it and he will the Farmer inexplicably but correctly Intuit this message to mean that if he builds a Ballpark shoeless Joe Jackson will return from the dead. The Farmer does and Joe does saying Quot this must be the Farmer says Quot no. Its no this is Iowa Bob Fellers father a Farmer built his son a Ballpark a felled Trees levelled a pasture erected bleachers. He even switched other Fields from com to wheat because wheat took less time to Harvest leaving More time for baseball. Fathers. In Commerce okla., at dusk after Days in the Zinc mines a father makes a switch hitter of the boy he named after his hero tigers Catcher Mickey Cochrane. The father is Mutt Mantle Feller with ted Williams and Joe Dimaggio they were 20, 21 and 24 respectively in 1939 were baseball a Golden Trio on the eve of the War that was to consume what could have been their most productive years. After Pearl Harbor Feller immediately enlisted in the Navy chafed under a stateside assignment with a physical fitness program then became chief of an anti aircraft gun Crew on the battleship . Alabama which had a population about 10 times that of Van meter. In two years the Alabama steamed 175,000 Miles and won eight Battle stars for participating in eight Pacific landings. Feller won 100 games at a younger age than anyone else Ever has. He had 108 when he enlisted at an age when by Young baseball a winning est Pitcher 511 had won none and Walter Johnson the second winning est 417 had just 57. The War probably Cost Feller at least 100 wins. Even so he had More Quot Low hit games 15 three no hitters and 12 one hitters than anyone until passed by the rangers Nolan Ryan 16 five no hitters and 11 one hitters. Ryan has had 192 More George will starts than Feller had. What is he proudest of probably having been on his ship off Saipan when . Forces shot Down 400 enemy aircraft. And he has something else to treasure. Ted Williams baseball a Best pure hitter Ever said of Feller Quot that was the test. Three Days before he pitched i would Start thinking about Robert Feller Bob Feller. Id sit in my room thinking and seeing him thinking about him All the time. Allie Reynolds of the Yankees was Tough and i might think of him for about two hours before a game but Robert Feller id think about him for three that is a compliment As elegant As Williams swing. Washington Post writers Rigtoft �1o�� lie Oil or too Yong top atty Otje with a to to for pop jog and an-/0�o� Watlo might 6 it 4mp 4nm a vat a of 4 cd Aifiti Only a few fall through Justice systems cracks Stuart Fla. A most of the time the american system of criminal Justice works Well. The guilty go to jail and the innocent go free. But when the system goes awry it goes terribly awry. Ask Young Todd Neely. He has been sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit. That is the Universal conclusion of every Independent investigator who has worked on the Case. The Miami Herald has termed Neelys conviction Quot a Gross miscarriage of judge William Frye i of Florida s 19th circuit has charged state prosecutors with concealing evidence that Quot would have conclusively prevented the entry of a judgment of convincing testimony Points to another youth entirely. Yet stubborn prosecutors unwilling to admit error have persisted in pursuing a Case that never should have been tried at All. Neelys Nightmare May be nearing an end. The 4th District court of appeals heard argument last week in West Palm Beach on his Appeal. Given the Clear and ugly record of the states indefensible prosecution it would be astonishing if the appellate court did not dismiss the Case out of hand. The Story goes Back to the night of june 17, 1986. Todd was 18 at the time. With his Mother his sister Bethellen and his Stepfather to be Lew Crosley he went to dinner at the lobster shanty in Jensen Beach. A waitress took the party a order at 8 26. The Check was paid by credit card at 9 31. The times Are fixed absolutely by records of the restaurant. Eleven Miles away at a town House Complex in port Salerno 24-year-old Linda Zavatkay said Good night to her Boyfriend at 9 of clock. Two or three minutes later she heard a Knock at the door. It was not her Friend returning. It was a teen Ager brandishing a knife. He threatened her with rape and stabbed her in the Abdomen. They struggled briefly. The attacker fled. At 9 12 she called 911 to report the assault. Police records confirm the time. The 911 tape Speaks volumes. Is. Zavatkay identified her assailant that night As a boy who was "16, she provided a telling clue the youth had braces on his Teeth. Her Boyfriend said he had seen a Quot Shadow of a person near the front door As he departed. Later it would transpire that police made a canvass of the neighbourhood asking about teen agers who might be suspects. They Learned that 18-year-old Todd Neely who lived with his family about 50 Yards away from the Zavatkay Home had a record of drunk driving. He was a smart Lecky Type. A few Days later police showed the victim a school yearbook photograph of Neely taken three years earlier. After some persuasion is. Zavatkay thought she might have been mistaken about the braces. She made positive identification. The boyfriends Quot Shadow remarkably sharpened. Police arrested Neely and charged him with attempted murder. In january 1987 Neely waived a jury and went on trial before judge c. Pfeiffer Trowbridge. The trial took four Days. Trowbrdge who has since retired took two minutes to pronounce guilt. Quot i wont weaken my factual decision by giving you a Wishy Washy sentence a said the judge. He gave him 15 years and lifetime probation. The Day after the conviction other residents of the port Salerno James Kilpatrick Complex read about the Case in the Stuart news. They were certain that Justice had miscarried. They pointed to a neighbourhood troublemaker 15-year-old Dennis Raether with a record of violence and sexual misconduct. Raether had prominent braces on his Teeth. Neely never had worn braces. The state refused to make further investigation. Raether has not been questioned to this Day though he has boasted of his responsibility to at least a dozen persons. There is sworn testimony that he once threatened a girl at knife Point with rape. All this came out in a hearing before judge Frye a year ago. Something else came out. It transpired that the states assistant prosecuting attorney As Frye ruled had Quot deliberately and actually suppressed vital information that would have led to Neelys acquittal. The detectives canvass sheets would have pointed unerringly to Young Raether. Judge fryers conclusion should have ended matters. Unwilling to give up the state took an Appeal. The Story is a wretched Story of Flimsy identification bungled police work suppressed evidence and Over zealous prosecutors. On the a rebutted evidence of the restaurant Check alone it is impossible to believe in Neelys guilt. The trial judge never heard of the suspect Raether. The yearbook photo and the victims refurbished memory sufficed. Everything is up to the appeals court now. Universal press Syndicate Don Quixote dreams of a Flat tax Berry s world a �990 by Nea inc Albatross for about 50 weeks out of the year. I Stew Over How the Federal government is spending my Money. During the first two weeks of april i get severely out of sorts Over the Way they collect it. I do not like the income tax system employed in this country to raise the Revenue that is wasted by Washington. No matter How Many articles i read about How the process is being Quot simplified a the forms seem to get More complicated. No matter How Many references i see to Quot reforms which have eliminated loopholes i cannot shake the feeling that the Leona Helmsley and Donald Trumps Are not paying their fair share. I want an income tax system that is simple equitable efficient. I want a system that minimizes the politicians meddling in my personal decisions to save consume or contribute. I want a system that does not induce me to invest in Railroad boxcars instead of innovative new businesses. I want a system that does not Force me to subsidize squid fishing and Avocado farming. I would like a Flat rate tax system a not one i hasten to add that a anything like the scheme that has much of Britain up in arms against prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Her Quot poll tax levies a fixed amount on All citizens As a Means of lowering the property tax Burden on wealthier classes. Any Flat tax system earning this pundits endorsement would have to protect the poor and not Burden the Middle class. I would prefer one that allows but one form of deduction a personal allowances for taxpayers and dependents a then taxes All Joseph Spear income in excess of that amount at the same Flat rate. If the rate were 17 percent a family of four with total allowances of say $15,000 and an income of $25,000 would pay $1,700 in taxes 6.8 percent of total income. A family that earns $50,000 would pay $5,950 11.9 percent of total income. A family making $100,000 would pay $14,450 14.45 percent of total income. Such a system would thus be mildly progressive it would protect the poor and every persons income tax could be filed on a single Sheet of paper. Maybe half a Sheet. If you added a Flat tax on business income the total Revenue raised would finance the country. All that would be required to balance the budget each year would be an adjustment in the rate. Let the politicians decide that figure and let the voters hold them accountable. As usual i tilt at windmills. Fairness simplicity and efficiency seem of secondary importance to those who govern us mainly because All factions involved cannot see past their narrow interests to focus on the greater Good. Doctrinaire liberals for example do not believe that equal rates Are fair rates. They subscribe to the new Deal notion that the Rich should pay greater proportions of their incomes in taxes. A Levy of $3,000 on an income of $20,000 is More punitive they say than a tax of $3 million on an income of $20 million. A simple Flat tax would require them to give up their goal of Steep progressivity. Conservatives believe the Rich take the risks and provide the investments that drive the Economy and thus deserve every Dollar they make off the sweat of working stiffs. A Flat tax no shelters no capital gains Breaks forget it Quixote. Politicians exist to award tax Breaks to contributors and friends. It is the universe in which they live. What would they do if they Grant write offs to Pistachio growers and Llama ranchers deny the sky to swallows the sea to sole. But done to say no to tax writing. Average taxpayers would have to understand that their tax burdens would remain the same or perhaps even be lower despite the fact they Are giving up their mortgage deductions. Collectively we would have to accept an old idea that now seems Radical tax systems were invented to raise Revenue not to dictate social and economic policy. Dream on Don q. Postscripts for Placid citizens Quot keep in mind that if you Are not out of control today you Are not going fast Don Marquis slides in this sly one Quot the successful people Are the ones who think up things for the rest of the world to be Busy Gene Brown Ottaway news service scripture for today Many seek the favor of a ruler but from the lord a Man gets Justice. A proverbs 29 26.�j�je 3opun to lobe established 1896 117 East 4th St., Joplin Missouri 64801 published by the Joplin Globe publishing co. Division. Ottaway newspapers John n. Wilcox president and publisher Daniel p. Chiodo general manager Alfred Hanson Rogers 1910-1920 Harrison c Rogers 1923-1946. Clay Cowgill Blair 1923-1966 Timothy f Robinson. Controller Mike Wittenmyer circulation manager James r Ellis. Editor Robert g Cooper editorial Page editor Thomas p Murray managing editor Michael Stair City editor Steve a stocks. Advertising director Laura Titus retail sales manager Evelyn Brady classified sales manager Dave Dejarnette. Production director Bob Mcfarlin composition manager David Starchman press manager Jerry e Pence distribution manager

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