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Jones County Liberal Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1872, Page 1

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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - September 26, 1872, Monticello, Iowa Jones aunt Liberal. Published every thursday at the Liberal printing i j Opice 504 first Street formerly commercial Hall terms Tiro dollars n tear in Advance. News summary. Cibeu vol. 1. Monticello Iowa thursday september 86, 1872. No. 2. The East. Gen. Sherman accompanied by hit Boh arrived at new York from Europe Hie other Day and proceeded at once to Washington. Matt. Morgan the artist was the victim of a rather unpleasant mistake at new York a few nights ago. While calling upon a Friend in Nassau Street at a late hour the famous caricaturist was arrested by a policeman who mistook him fora burglar taken to the station Bonne and locked up. An Iron Church Worth $ 150,000, was recently shipped from now York to Anjou Peru. A Large number of medical and other scientific gentlemen met in new York the other Day and organized a society to be known As the american Public health association. Stephen Smith of new York was elected president. A Man has just been pardoned out of the Maine Penitentiary. After serving Twenty five years having been sentenced for life. Another instalment of 600 mormon recruits arrived at new York from Europe the other Day All single men and women. Gen. Sherman has been interviewed by the irrepressible reporter. He expressed the opinion that the French Republic would survive Thiers whom he regards As an Earnest Patriot and that the be Public will attain a High degree of Prosperity under his administration. The general has a High opinion of the efficiency of the prussian army and thinks United Germany is destined Long to exert a controlling influence in Europe. He hints however at the possibility of its falling to pieces on the withdrawal of the single hand by which the combination is held together an event which May happen at any moment. James i. Johnston superintendent of the stamp department of the sub Treasury at new York is a defaulter to the amount of nearly $ 200,000, and has fled the country. Charles o Conor positively declines to allow the use of his name in connection with the mayoralty of new York City. A. T. Stewart refuses to permit himself to be run for mayor of new York. A the Deal cation in the sub Treasury at new York in said to be not less than a 185,000. Over the Prospect fair grounds course now York the Mare Huntress has just accomplished the most extraordinary trotting i oat on record. 1 purse of is 000 was offered to any horse that would beat the famous dutchman s time 7.32%, in a dash of three Miles. Huntress accomplished the three Miles in 7 213 beating dutchman s time 11 seconds. She trotted the first mile in 2 28, the second mile in 2 26, and the third in 2 26%. She dashed up the Home stretch in. The last mile under a Strong pull and do nut a eem at All distressed at the termination of the race. What added to the wonderful performance of Huntress Over dutchman is the fact that the Mare trotted in harness while dutchman trotted under the Saddle and was Ridden by the great horseman Hiram Woodruff. The West. The Utah exploring expedition under Lieut. Wheeler is not Laving the most peaceful time of it. The military escort has had several fights with the Ute indians in one of which nine Savages bit the dust and Many Voie impeded in their locomotion. Desert City in Central Utah a town containing 140 houses was found deserted by the party the inhabitants having fled for safety. The late Rev. Samuel j. Browne of Cincinnati whose shooting of a boy in his Orchard some weeks ago created such an excitement in that Ritj Bequeaths in his will $ 150,000 for the establishment of a University to Bear his name and also the land Whereon to erect the University building and an additional sum for the endowment of professorships. We. Swigart the murderer of Kane Biggins near Chicago has been sentenced to imprisonment for life. The value of All the property in Illinois As fixed by the Board of equalization is a 510,000,000. Quincy 111., has been agitated by the mysterious disappearance of two Young girls. Forty two chinese children from 7 to 20 years old recently left san Francisco for new Haven ct., to be educated. The Steamer s. S. Merrill has been burned on the Mississippi at Warsaw 111. No lives lost. Two new National Banks have been authorized to commence business in Chicago Tho mormon papers Are much excited Over the disclosures concerning the Mountain Meadows massacre. A convict in the Illinois Penitentiary at Joliet recently committed suicide by drown ing himself in the canal. A vein of Lead has been struck in Morgan county 111. A Man named Morgan was literally sawed in Twain in a saw Mill at Benton Harbor mich., the other Day. The vigilance committees in the Region of fort Kandall Dakota Are making it warm for the desperadoes that infest the country a number of them having been Strung up recently. Miss Phoebe Couzzins and miss Snow have been admitted to practice in the District court at Salt Lake City. New York papers containing the expose of the Mountain Meadow massacre commanded from $ 2.50 to $ 5 per copy in Utah it has produced a great sensation throughout the territory. The Apache chiefs on the Dale Creek reservation in Arizona were detected recently in an attempt to soak off on the War path. Gen. Crook with a guard tried to arrest them and was fired upon by 400 or 500 indians. The lire was returned killing 30 of the red devils whereupon the whole party fled to the mountains pursued by two companies of cavalry. Tie South. A party of masked Man recently went to the residence of Henry Miller Colour Dat Christiana Rutherford county tenn., before Daylight and on his attempting to escape shot him dead. The last rail has been Laid on the South and North Alabama Railroad. This Road forming an Extension of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to Montgomery ala., is a link in the most direct line from Louisville to the Gulf of Mexico at Pensacola and Mobile. The feud Between Tho rival factions of the cruel nation threatens to culminate in open War and bloodshed. Both parties Are under arms and an Early collision is apprehended. Patton Anderson a major general in Tho Confederate army died recently at Memphis. In ky., a few Days ago a Man named Hall quarrelled with a negro whom he struck with a Small Rattan Cano producing almost instant death. Hon. Garrott Davis United states senator from Kentucky died at his residence in Paris in that state Cpl 22, of gangrenous affection of Tho lungs. Or. Davis was Over 71 years of ago and had served in the Senate Rifice 1861. A shooting affray growing out of a political discussion occurred in a hotel at Columbia s. C., a few Days ago resulting in the killing of an sex Confederate officer named Caldwell who was endeavouring to separate Tho combatants. Major Morgan of Connecticut another peace maker was dangerously wounded. Washington. According to the last monthly report of Tho department of agriculture Tho Cotton crop of 1872 promises a Small increase Over Tho yield of last year. Postmaster general ores Well in his forthcoming report will Vigo upon Congress Tho adoption of the postal Telegraph system. It is rumoured that trouble is brewing Between the United states and Mexico growing out of the Rio Grande outrages and it is said if the latter government does not soon evince a disposition to in better Faith in open rupture will take place. The International Revenue Bureau will shortly Issue a notice that after oct. 1 All taxes imposed by Stamps Are abolished except Tho tax of two cents on Bank Cheeks and drafts. Stamps will no longer to needed on mortgages notes Etc. Or. Albert Brisbane has commenced laying Down his experimental pneumatic tube Between the Capitol and Tho government printing office. Tho registration of the District of Columbia just completed shows a falling off from last year s figures of 5,000 White and 2,000 coloured. Foreign. The English tory press vehemently denounce the decision of the Geneva arbitrators. Tha Princess Beatrice the fifth and Only unmarried daughter of Queen Victoria is betrothed to the Marquis of Stafford. The Princess is 16 and the Marquis 22. Tho sentences of seven of the ten communists condemned to death for the assassination of hostages Liao been commuted to imprisonment. In his opening address to the austrian Reichsrath the president referring to the Imperial convocation at Berlin said the understanding there arrived at was a certain guarantee of the peace of Europe for some years to come. Tho prussian minister of foreign affairs has resigned in consequence of a disagreement with Bismarck. A dispatch to the new York Herald fron Bombay says letters have been received from or. Livingstone dated july 1, 1872. He was still at Yuya Eyembe was Well and waiting the arrival of Stanley s second expedition. The work of executing communists still goes bravely on in France Throe More of them condemned for murdering hostages having just been shot on the bloody Field of Sartory. Cholera is raging with great violence in Persia. In Bokhara the people Are dying at the rate of 1,000 a Day. Edmund about who has incurred Tho displeasure of the Gorman military authorities of Strasbourg is to be tried by court martial. Senator bumper has arrived in London much improved in health. The British tory journals continue their onslaughts on the Geneva arbitrators. Thomas Hughes m. P. " Tom Brown of Rugby recently attempted to address his constituents at Frome England but his political opponents interrupted the speaker to such an extent that Tho meeting broke up in disorder and the Polios cleared the Hall. Acts of incendiary so have become so frequent in the English agricultural districts that the Farmers Are organizing vigilance committees for their Protection. A formidable Carlist uprising is threatened in Spain. There has Boon another Railroad disaster near Barcelona Spain killing and wounding Many passengers. Nearly 1,000 communists sentenced to transportation lately embarked at a Frost for new Caledonia. The failure of the american firm of John Fox & co., of London is announced with liabilities amounting to $ 2,600,000. Charles xv., King of Sweden and Norway is dead aged 46. His son Prince Oscar succeeds him. Miss Eye has shipped another instalment of fifty children from Liverpool to Canada where Homes have been secured for them. The Gorman authorities have consented to allow the wife of Edmund about to visit him i his Dungeon but no one else is permitted to Converse with the Imp soued author. Magnanimous Germany the three communists l Olive Deschamps and de a Iviller executed at Sartory France last week met their Fate bravely. Their last words were " Vive la keep oblique Down with traitors Spain is about to abolish the system of military conscription. It is officially announced in Spain that the number of cuban insurgents in arms is 4,500. A Rule. But consider till further Tho additional exhibits i wish to present from Tho Emo Aon co showing How local pillage has equally kept Pace with Tho More elaborate by atom of general plunder and How it has had the effect virtually to destroy All values in property. It a said of Homo parts of South amur Ion where Justice does not pretend to dwell that Only something which can to swallowed or Ridden a Diamond or a mule will command a Price and truly it would seem if Tho sumo was about to Bonomo True in Many of our Southern states. / local Taxt Awo Habih Anlu ii 18 10. 18711. L8ji. In 2.9s a 952 1011,124 797.885 4 6 1,780 951,80 1 1114,732 1,280,38 1 533,285 490,10 1 2,027.029 3,73 a 432 2.3s2, h ill 2,7117.075 1.129,577 i Bill. 432,199,7112 180,2 1870 him. We. We 435,7? 7,2 15 is 111,472,912 292,297,11112 48tl. 3ui. 12a 267,7112,335 32,4811,843 227, s4 a510 2m. 371. Ssi1 i77.27s, sh1 i30, i73 132 1831113337 1411,7 12,11211 carpet bag misrule. How the Radical vultures have preyed on the prostrate South and Deyon red her Wance. Seven Hundred thousand Square Miles of territory Given up to pillage. Extortion unprecedented in the world s history the dreaded War of races. State. Ala Ark. Via n. A. 8. 0 Texas. Total 11,217,539 0,020,233 3,291,241,496 i. 404, ia7,4 l8 again see what a. Disastrous influence has been exerted upon labor and ils products by this systematic robbery. Can you wonder that lands should to left Idle rather than cultivated or that Nono should be willing to Exchange other tokens of value for them Whon government itself thus takes Tho shape of confiscation ? tha striking contrast hero presented is eloquent of misrule and carries with it nothing to commend such govern Mon to Tho affections of the people oppressed or to reconcile them to to no casings of a Republic ice thus held up for their admiration and adhesion. Acred status. In still. Ala 0,38.1,721 Ark 1,118.1,313 fill i 213 ill a 002, Tel a 1,11 2,707,1113 mobb. S. Us Sass n. 0 1.617,2.1 8. Al 4m2. A text. 1, i30,781 187 1. 9,1102,204 1,8m821 730,173 6,831 ,850 4,209,1411 m8s, 742 a value improve to Luul 1800. 1870. $ 17 ai24,022 f07.7s9,03b 111.0 9,77 1 10,43,1,737 167,1172,808 204.789,002 111 1,770,8117 143,30l, 00r 130,0.12,608 Oon Lutat of Magyar or d slavonic populations by pheasant wars and for unto jealousies until it Liq Moil hopelessly Umino austrian Dominion. Pol unit owes half its miseries mud All Ita to it fateful flan try of Rucoi. La Only the severest forms of despotic authority Liao in a n nolo to maintain the semblance of order wherever such Tini Moraity Hud once Boon fully . Am i not right then in affirming that our of the weight est of nil Tho Public questions to Are now called upon to solve a How Iheson races sin 11 be harmonized in a political Hocutt resting on popular Appeal for us controlling Power am i not equally Lorre no in Ali in aug that unless Una can now to done unless this Rau Oor of races shall to successfully avoided unless Sui a Eurly readjust Lemeni of civil society be attained Tho Foi Nia of All Republican Avo Ramout Musi there eventually to replaced by a Harah and cruel repro Sion founded on Force Lono ? a a d in that event who will to Iho vanquished who will Rise to substantial Mastery ? 1 do nol need to answer thai qullion but it a our i present to you As Well worthy of profound Rell Clion. Indeed the very interrogation is a danger signal. In Iho path of All Prosperity implying disaster not to Ono Reno along but to Bush i threatening not merely to that Brilliant Progress that May otherwise be securely anticipated but equally so to All Tho Doularg Mocuta of Freedom already established. Wienky Wilson flatted. 2,004,83 a ,18,101,320 extract from the speech of nov. B. Oratz Brown it Springfield 111. How has it been at Tho South whore reconciliation was to to compassed How have life and the family been in ironed with an atmosphere of Security v How has Trado been encouraged taxation lightened Prosperity protected ? in other words has the administration there Boon a synonym in such sense of god government scarcely will any contend so. On the contrary i do not hesitate to affirm that it has Beon an organized system of depredation and plunder whereby a most debased Sot of traffickers in Northern Honor have Beon foisted upon Southern communities to strip them of their substance in Tho name of loyalty. The extent to which this has goo is almost incredible. So enormous does Tho computation aggregate that it might Well to disbelieved were it not borne o. It by the official report of a Congress commission. It is from the information therein contained that Tho figures Are drawn which 1 desire now to bub Init to your thoughtful a on9i Lorat loll they will Well repay your study oven when you return to your Homes for they Tell Tho strange sad Story of nearly 70,000 Square Miles of territory Given up to pillage under the ostensible forms of Republican government. Onk Hun Tki and 8kvi3ntv millions stolen. The difference Between the debts of Tho several states subjected to this domination of the National administration before that went into effect and it Tho present Timo will measure approx Maloly Tho injury that has been done. Tho increased rate of taxation and Cost of government will show Tho hardship that must hereafter to Boru by the people in has undertaken to care for. The two together will throw additional Light on the question Why Tho conquered sections have not. Beon reconciled to Sucu Rule As has Boon prescribed by the Conquest. Upon Tho termination of hostilities a military occupancy was had of the states that had been in rebellion and by of Congress of March 2, 1867, they wore constr Tod separate military departments. Satisfied that there was every disposition manifested there to acquiesce in the result of the War and confirmed still further in that belief by the report of the general of the army who made an extended tour of inspection with that View Congress by acts passed in Juno 1868, began the work of reconstruction. Prior to that time Tho Confederate debts local and general had Boon repudiated so that the vast increase which has since resulted is All chargeable directly to the reconstruction policy of the president. It has been done entirely under Tho auspices of Lio publican Rule. It has been sustained and fortified throughout by Tho and ministration at Washington. Whal Iho measure of that spoliation has actually Boon May to Best realized from the tabulated statement i now submit state debt state debt in 1808. In 1871. Ark Lolkus 4,0311,952 Alabama 7,9ui, 3% Florida 528,8511 Georgia 2, r a 70,75o Louisiana a 3i7, of More of 1 hum s Lynu thru non Lyrl Grill in the Llvell in ruler a i ill Iii Ihn Hondr. There is a town unit port of entry in Maine called Cwalino. Iho Gnu Elteser dolls a that Ilhan a population of a s47. H has also a custom House i or a Loreign Trado. Last year onding March a that Trade was As follows total Volun of imports. 705 Tobitt Tuluo of or of tit. . To Lake care of Thia Trado the Customhouse of Carline is equipped a follows uni Wollt Mittie at n Hii Lerv itt you of. Omi muh Ihil Tui my collector hint hindi Tutor a t u Hilary Lam Ymir of. 1,4 10. M Onn in Puly full tailor of Tull Tia Philor lit a Imlay lint your of. Ali run la rely Roll Culora unit it a Hal Ivry let 912.50 pour women were recently killed \ in a stroke of lightning while working in a Lancashire England Cotton Mill. An immediate decline in the Price of Coal is predicted in England. Tho Congress of the old catholics recently in session at Cologne was Well attended there being some 300 delegates present and much enthusiasm prevailed. The death of the eldest brother of tha Pope is announced at Home. England experienced Tho first Frost of the season on the night of sept. 21. Edmond about has been set at Liberty. A Rumor conies from Berlin that the emperor of Germany has decided in favor of the United states in Tho dispute Bottea Groat Britain and this country Over the ban juin Boundary line. Bullock the absconding governor of Georgia having pocketed borne $ 7,000,000 of Tho Bonds of that state is living in one of the finest residences in the suburbs of London. A letter from that City says " his House a furnished magnificently his stud is of the finest Stock his turnouts unsurpassed and he says he has concluded to make London his resident e for the Gar Liim. South Carolina. Texas. 15,77. I. 9i. A 407,9. I 3s1.5m38,381,% 7 11,797,587 20,137,5011 41,194,473 1.796,1171 34,847.407 2 a 108,014 17,000, Chi the Geneva arbitration. Geneva sept. 16.�? the opinion of sir Alexander Cockburn Tho British arbitrator dissenting from the decision of the other members of the Alabama claims arbitration tribunal has not yet been published. Count a Clovis Jacob Ste pm and Charlos Francis Adams Are the three arbitrators who voted to allow damages in the Case of the Theu Audrah. London sept. 16.�? the London journals rejoice oven the conclusion of the Alabama claims controversy Aud express Hopes that Tho foundation has Boon Laid for a permanent Good understanding Between Tho two nations. To Lii Yolk sept. 10.�? it is said on the authority of a representative of the British government now in Washington who is fully posted on the whole question that As Long ago As 1865, lord i Tussell would have been glad to cancel All the legitimate claims against England for More than the amount awarded by the tribunal provided that he could have gained As has now been gained and accomplished for a sum Lee s in dollars but Richer in principle to great Britain the establishment of a new principle of International Law. The award includes the interest which reduces the actual amount of damages to $ 12, 000,000. Total Flo. Sugii in 318.110.744 startling however a this exhibit May seem showing these impoverished communities to i. Be been plundered of $ 168,056,267 in three Short years of attempted restoration it Only represents a very Small part of Tho injury inflicted. The enhanced West of. dueling state administrations has fully kept Pace with Tho unprecedented inflation of debt Whilo taxation has gone in Many instances to Tho extent of stripping the people of All Means of living. Thus in Arkansas Tho annual Cost of conducting the government was in 1861? $ 204,096, while in 1870 it is shown to have been $ 2,140,372. Tho tax rate before Tho War was ii Mills it now exceeds 40 Mills. Florida shows a like increase of Tho general tax rate from 23 cents on the $ 100 to $ 1.50, producing $ 83,000 of taxes then against $ 471,811 of extortion now. In Georgia the expense of administration was in 1868, $ 325,600 in 1871, $ 924,413, with tax a. Tes increased from of cents to $ 4.10 on the $ 100. The tax rate in Louisiana has Gono up from five Mills to 1jj Mills while in Mississippi the conduct of affairs which Cost annually about $ 300,000 in 1860, is reported at $ 1,500,000 in 1870, showing an increase of. 500 per cent. Alabama likewise has been victimized rightfully. The tax return there in 1860 was $ 851,171 in 1870, $ 2,982,932, with an increase in the rates Rora 20 cents to $ 2 on the $ 100. North Carolina in like manner has been necessitated to multiply four or five times her taxation to meet expenses passing from 40 cents to $ 1.80 on the $ 100. South Carolina has Boon for carpet baggers " a Field of cloth of Gold a the taxes levied i or state purposes being in 1861 Only $ 400,000, Whilo last year it is re ported by Tuo Congress committee us Over $ 4, duo Leo. Texas the lust of those nine states has now a tax rate for state and county purposes of $ 2.17, while a commit too appointed to investigate Tho alarming increase of taxation reports Tomt there was Coll clod from Tho people lust year As Gonor a l taxes the enormous sum of $ 5,361,000 a an extortion from an unresisting Community unprecedented in the history of tie world. Pool Etty values i Tuai. I y Des Boyen. Bear in mind too that for ibis vast infliction of debt and this exhaustive annual Drain Tho former mortgaging Iho life work of Moro than Ono generation of men and Uio latter making the Rich poorer than Tho poor there i a absolutely nothing in to shape of a return to show. It has been literally stealing and a president Boas til. G. Of a policy an administration calling itself Republican a party claiming to be upright and honest knowing fully to All the facts has sustained by Force of arms arid throats of a military Geoco Panoy. Such. 40,029,1198 11,917,920 94,5/ 19.4 18 in. 215,121 81,710,1170 78,211, 44,878,704 60,049,950 total. 38, ml8, a 9 a 31,978,960 1,207,587,857 5 5,977,915 Hunt inc Paulk or no Concini. Ino Tiik South. That is Tho material aspect of late reconstruction Asil had developed under Tho auspices of i does it not show in a during Light How certainly the worst results of social disorder will follow close upon the attempt to substitute a personal for a constitutional government or a military for a civil Rule ? and do not the two aspects when taken together to. O political and the material demonstrate in their delineation that policies More at variance with any Success in restoring cordial Good will in sections Roc ont y Tranquili Zoil could not have Beon fallen upon if the Union a to to henceforth a Bond indeed t on it must represent a common Protection at the South a Well As at the North its Federal authority must be the exponent of the whole country taking direction from a free expression of Tho whole people. It cannot in a state of peace continue to enact a Conquest and rolled a free government. If it is to assume the task of reconciliation then it must Lay aside the role of arbitrary Power. If it is to moan peace it cannot with impunity connive at plunder. Yet it was peace and reconciliation which Tho president pledged himself to accomplish. And now answer my fellow citizens in All sincerity and banishing whatever of partisan fooling May have been aroused can ilbo possible that a Rule so a propitious toward reconciliation As is thus demonstrated out of Tho facts of reconstruction could possibly a o emanated from Sincore desire to administer our National affairs in that interest la it nol evident thai this Groat Public demand has been unhesitatingly sacrificed / and to what end it was not in the behalf of order for with few local exceptions no disorder Haa Boon projected. Ii was not As a morality., for i have shown that it has put to Tho blah All past experiences of corrupt spoliation. It could have Beon Only therefore to perpetuate Power for Tho administration and its followers. And is it not equally evident to you in fact is it not Tho one deduction that flows freely Forth trom All Power this disregard of popular rights this unparalleled devastation of communities which it claimed to govern that the present administration is now utterly disqualified for longer assuming the task of reconciling Tho people a f Tho South to the now order and of wedding Ahcin firmly to the life of Tho Republic against it there is Evory prejudice in it no qualification. Its agents Are not Patriot who May to trusted with such work but plunder cars intent on Quilo other accomplishment. Its lines have been Sot and hardened in alien policies and. Only those who value partisan Success More and peaceful restoration less can henceforth justify to their own conviction a longer support of Tho president and his policies or a further Extension of his official Lerm. Tiik Kun injection of w1iitk8 to Hlaoky an impossibility. The second great problem about which the people of the United states have been most concerned because wisely foreseeing that its achievement was to Eole guarantee of any abiding peace hereafter has Beon Tho reconciliation of the Racos at Tho South and the establishment of such civil order there As would insure that result. Again and in this respect has the administration proved a Success 7 in discussing this Branch of Tho subject it will to Well first to discriminate As to what Success implies. You will readily concede i know that All our experience of the subjection of Tho Black race by Tho White race under the old forms of slavery was nol a Success. It was was not a Success although for Many years sustained by the whole Power of the Federal government by Tho army and Tho Navy the Congress and to president. It was not a Success although subjection haul tamed its spirit and almost extinguished any courageous aspiration for achieving its own Liberty. And so likewise i May claim that any attempt to subject the White race to the Black race to govern by virtue of caste to Rule in Tho name of color will equally fail to prove a Success. Dwellers together in the same land it must be either peace or War Between Tho races. If it is to be peace Ihen far of her politics As i shall undertake to show will have to be instilled and commended there to the Confidence of both races than any which have yet been advanced by the administration. If it is to be War then rest assured the sympathies of this nation will follow those against whom injustice Aud oppression and deprivation f rights May be wantonly enforced. If it is to to War then the Fellowship of Kindred blood will connect Over this land and they who have needed Iho entire moral support of a Freedom Loving people to Rescue them from bondage will stand isolated in Tho attempt to perpetuate Tho same injustice from which they themselves have just been delivered. Nor will it be a Success but a failure so dismal that history will weep to record its misfortunes. Let it not be War in any event if the patriotism of Tho nation can Avert such ending. Harmonization of the rack. The nine Southern states whose reconstruction As it is called has been undertaken by the administration contain according to the census of 1870, a population thus enumerated Whites. 021,384 3111,115 97,057 038,926 362,065 382,890 678,470 la 1 Millry Mill Mem Klitz Allitif Natii to i grrr Ihu a Homo of know Notghi Linni the intent l my a a in Miili it Ninn i la kor Yii Arof. Onn How in Liim to a Tor. Tel u Hanry Laht year " Alabama. Arkansas Florida. Georgia. Loui Riauo. North Carolina. Boil to Carolina. Texas ,. 289,1167 coloured 475,510 122,1611 57,68 m5. H2 364,210 h4.250 31 1,614 a 115,601 293,476 total 3,377,280 3,105,800 it will til a to seen that there is in a contiguous territory a population consisting of 3,877,280 Whites and 3,103,8bo coloured persons. The two races arc animated by Folinga easily excited into hostility and have memories of Pride Aud servitude that slumber uneasily in their minds. If onco in flair d into animosity it May for these reasons be Many years before hatred can be obliterated. Without doubt the most terrible and enduring of All Tho contests Tho world bus known have been those generated by the rivalry of distinct races involved in a War Lor Mastery and bequeathing the resentments of Ono ago to rekindle the struggle in another. Desolate umpires destroyed civilizations re established Sla veries have chronicled the result of soph strife in Eastern lands while Many of the fairest provinces of Europe have been kept in n state of chronic internal hostility by the same cause. Moor and spaniard in their deadly feud reddened the Waters of Granada from Tho sea to the Guada quiver. Hungary waa torn by the now York Tribune thus pays ils re spoils to or. Jeremiah Kolbai h latterly known As Henry Wilson ibo Grant Vicc presi Donlina candidate. While the comments Aro Sharp Aud incisive every our must admit thai they Aro not a Whit More so than tie Pishou Ohrablo and sneaking conduct of or. Colnith warrants ". Usury sneak to Hopo that our readers will excuse a if we refer onto More to gon. Wilson s know nothing record. That person made a speech at nation mass., on Friday evening the purport a f which was that Tho speaker was a know nothing but that to became so out of the Moat virtuous motives and without in fact becoming a know nothing at All i so we suppose to took the solemn and tremendous ruths which Iho order required of Ila novices without moaning anything and most decidedly without moaning to be True to them. This Natick a Pooch in View of the facts will convince nobody and ought to convince nobody. It is Tito perhaps to sum up this matter. Tho facts proved and not now denied by the general Are that he became a know nothing that he professed to entertain Tho distinctive doctrines of Tho know nothings that to sat As a Delegate in Iho know nothing Nali Nal convention that to was elected senator by know nothing Votova. Skin Ipoh for proven charges 1 or. Wilson responds by saying thai to was a know nothing that while to professed to onto Tain the distinctive doctrines of Tho know nothings he inwardly repudiated them us j that to unt in the National know no. Hug convention As Delegate for the purpose of defeating Tho object of that convention and that to played a double game and Whilo to was at heart Friendly to foreign a we noting with Luis wild were their avowed enemies. But the Case of or. Wilson noon to to considered As a whole and to prep so now to show in. We have not Beon censuring or. Wilson for being u know nothing but for Dis honorable sneaking out of it. To have no controversy about know nothing sni. It is not our Habil to discuss dead issues. Whon know nothing ism was a live question we fought it now that in is dead to care nothing about it and have no controversy with Tho hundreds of thousands of Good men who were once deluded into a support of in. But this is Tho Case of a Man who now aspires to be vice president of 11 6 United states. To was asked whether lie had not Beon a member of Tho know nothing parly. 1i a replied indigo ally branding As a monstrous and wicked slander the intimation that to had Ever ? nid one word or Dono one thing against Tho equal rights of All citizens of whatever color race or nationality. Then it was proved by the unimpeachable testimony of Frank w. Bird Albert Tike und a whole Cloud of witnesses thai he had Boen n duly elected duly initiated and Active know nothing. Thou Homo germans Here mailed him a loiter making about it. They received n reply from his Home under his Frank and bearing his signature flatly denying that he had Ever been a know nothing. A v Hon f. W. Bird and Olhorn old friends of his openly denounced him us a liar. Then to authorized an Asso Cia Lod press dispatch declaring the Gorman letter a forgery. Tho germans thereupon brought to us u copy of their letter to him and his reply in German under Hie Frank and in the sumo hand in which previous Gorman letters of his wore written duly signed As they had Boen " Henry Wilson per h. Herman Askonas of Boston then i himself Hie amanuensis of Iho letter admitted that he was in the habit of conducting senator Wilson s German co Respi Uyenco said to had Boon instructed to answer thin lot or and that after preparing the answer to had consulted Tho senator about it. And then senator Wilson makes a speech acknowledging that to was a know nothing. That is his Cane Aud the whole of it. We have elected a Good Many kinds of people to our highest executive offices hut Yovor a paltry creature like thin. We drop or. Wilson. To have in Timo past regarded and treated him us an honorable Man. No Inyol Ligon person need make that mistake again. Hall eks " journal of c1v1l1/ it Lorn Dene Craton of Jan vent an opinion of a foul Sil Imler a a Livure but Juit Crl Alcuin. From the now York financier Imide Pondant. Or. Thomas Nast Rol urns in this week s number of messes. Harpers weekly to his jackal habit of desecrating Graves. To has drawn a caricature coarse in Ivory respect representing Horace Greeley clasping the hand of Wilkes Booth across Tho grave of Lincoln. All caricatures to be effective must have a basis of truth this Ono is utterly untrue. No Man would dare pretend that or. Greely Over did or now docs regard that Wilh any feeling bul execration then if he Ira Turnides now with Tho spirit of that to Doea it by accepting the Baltimore nomination. But Tho of Booth waa not the of the South they who approved it were few and no Man believes whatever his first thought at the time May have been that Tho Groat Bod of the Southern people had any sympathy with Booth. To suppose that Tho people of one half of the United states Aro assassins in disposition is simply monstrous and thin caricature proves Loo much if it proves anything for if to extend the hand of reconciliation to the South is to Trasp the hand of assassins. Vas. . .�?z1,4 10.00 Ono i i a of worn Hiim at it a Al try a laity year your of. 519. Ii our ten ovary wet Tutor and Lii Mitor at u a ii try fan Ymir of. Al. M int a l9,755.18 or. La line is " the Boss in Maine. Last year or. Duino s april was Diau Loti within him on account of the goings on of " Tho Boss in now York. Or. Lila no Unsod his mind in a speech it Saratoga. Now let a ask or. Gilaino wherein except in magnitude Tho ring which to shuddered it in new York Hillerod from the ring which to regards with complacency in Cantina. The new York court House will comp new very Well with the Fuatino custom Liouns. For nobody pretends that the work done wat in any great disproportion to Tho wages paid than As $ 706 to $ 9,755.18. Tho regular officers of Tho Agatino on of Houyao Mok a n startling army Whon their Iii Aries Are compared with Tho value of what they Hugo to appraise and to inspect and to collect on. But Tho regular officers Are not All. Hore a u superintendent Iho " warehouses Uhlah Are Cocos Siatos by this enormous importation who got $ 5111 for looking after Tho Reposi Irloa of $ 705 Worth of goods. And hero no a " Spoo Ial Deputy collector and a " special inspector and a " temporary weights who together Cost the country $. 1,014,60, who Aro nil in do necessary by this " special and " temporary and unexpected increase of the Commerce of Castlin to $ 705. Will or. Clo Orgo William Curtis Tho eminent reformer of Tho civil service please rive us his views of a civil service in which Iho custom House of Fuatino la possible. And if that a an int Aileo of a reformed will enlighten us civil Survilo May 1 Ero Hync Luthc s Kharrl Nguc. The marriage was performed it the Oll co of Tho Lle Gislar of marriages mar Lobono. It was a civil marriage pure and simple and they wore driven to t. Lio District registrar because or. Horny tha am biotin charge Faff Airet refused to perform to ceremony for Tho reason stated that it was contrary to Tho Law of France to marry n priest. 1 do not know since Whon or. Moran considers himself hound by French Law or amenable to French Iii time especially Asho is not charge to a Faina to. France. If a Ohi Noho widow should present herself Lobo married to an american 1 suppose or. Morn would object to marrying Hor beaus according to chinese Law she would to compelled to Burn. Herself with her Lisband s re Kirin " the ceremony wan performed in the office of the Yogi Star a i Tillo room Aboul flight by ton neatly fitted up i h desks Hook i ibo and chairs. Tho witnesses had a Roady Boon waiting some Nii Wutoh when Tho Brido and bridegroom Enon Rock. There was very Little formality a lending Tho Alvair the Exchange of inn Ordinary salutations and Tho usual questions put and answered with the previous of each of the Purlin. " 1, Charles Joan Mario Joyson know of no reason Why 1 should not to United in the Bond of holy Matrimony to thin woman Isu Qiliu Jane Morr Iraan with a. Similar declaration Jones Dlo until Liberal Job printing of Rory excited with Nea netes guaranteed. My boy. D a a r Little foot Bow you wander and wander Tutlo twin truant so Fleet. Dear Little head How you Bonder and Ponder Over the things that you moot. Dear Little ton fun hew Yon chatter and chatter of a r your inn omit Joys of i but to Hoko a Ullven with your chatter Shu Lnu indeed Wilh your Bono. Can t you be quiet r moment afoot Rover ? i a there no end to your fun f soon lilo " old a nil limn will Sprinkle you Over than the any a work u done. Come to my Riim Lor the Daylight id dying donor Tho dark Ahw Lanwi oreo i come. Ilk n Bird unit in weary of Hying come lot to Rook you to bbb. Varieties. A Kontek ornaments your nose. A Man of than Ding the Street car " a a till boat o clock a. In. Of what nation got up for indies eight All blocking civil Borieo perhaps hour to what nil i reformed new York world. Civil 8e11yick Ull room. There can to no safely in a political or business Union with such a people. And to Are remanded to discussion at once which is not what or. Last s party prefers to Nook. As to Tho api Joal to Tho baser passions Tho attempt to revive Tho hatreds of Tho War years Tho pulling open of old wounds we inti is inane Cal in puch shameful pictures a this whoever does not at first sight of them fool a touch of indignation will hardly appreciate Thorn As they Are after careful interpretation. Tho sub title " a journal of civilization appearing above such a picture a this May be taken us unconscious irony and it is a disgrace to Tho United states that a publication containing such a defilement should g Forth to foreign countries. Tho pages i. F Tho financier May to searched in yarn for any advocacy of or. Or Coly s cause to cd to Are therefore the More free to say that if Thia caricature my be taken As representing the disposition of Tho Grant party hardly any greater calamity than its Success could befall the country. The Ernnt it Ellioit of Kii Lorr. To u the i Livo l a Tull a b Lleni Liliie i a i Ormid to Jomyr Llulu Manny i or in Munlin i m i inn. Tho assessment for to Oloc Ting gon. Grunt which gradually has Boon extending through Tiki pus Lofroos and Cin Lom Housea of the country has at last reached Chicago and a Day or two ago Tho clerk in the Postoll co both male end Foman and All the Earrl Urh were called tour Ulhorn by the chief clerk und notified that they were invited to contribute out of their salaries a certain amount Lor Campaign purposes Tho news of course produced a decided conic nation Ami a Universal inquiry was propounded to the chief clerk whether thin voluntary contribution was of u compulsory nature to which a negative answer win Given. Several anxious ladies and letter carriers then desired to know whether in Soiu they fallow to comply with Thia pressing invitation they would to Likely to retain their situations upon which Point the chief clerk announced that he Hud nol Boon informed. A consultation Over Gen. Grunt s method of enforcing civil service Reform however lid not impress Tho employees favourably and they have therefore Deli and to pay Thia tax on their no into earnings kalhor Ihui to rail Briod out of their places. The Deu potato a trails to which the 01 11111 party ii reduced Are shown by the necessity which compels in leaders to i Saess Tho pocket books of a Manijo Tribune. Tho Chicago is Ming mail a paper Independent in polities a supporting neither Gro Olcy nor Grant having some double Aslo the truth of the charges embodied in Dib above article look upon itself tie Iron. To of Tho matter and fully confirms Tho shalom Only of Iho Tribune. Null s Louisville Job. H girl most Makon Ono melancholy to link How much hard work the Grunt committee threw away in gelling up Iho Louisville gov option. Hero is a letter which they wrote to a Polo flick employee on die subject and to Havo no doubt hundreds of postmasters have received copies of the same or u similar missive " Washington i. 0., aug. 21, 1872. A a Bali so him directed by Tho 1 Ostini tar Gnu Oral to nay to you Tiit Uii assistance you can give to Iho Loul Villo movement will he considered Ono for the . You Aro of pooled to son unit their meetings in your District arc numerous by and rendered enthusiastic bring Charles o Conor n name Forward As Candidi. To for president there must to concert of action throughout Tho country to moot Wilh any Success and All Iho employees of hog Obj Orn Mon Aro looked to to sustain this movement by Ivory possible Iii aus. I am very respectfully ac., " j. W. Chian in. Big chairman u. N. it was dangerous to write such things of course a therefore the precaution of sighing Thoin with Tho name of j. W. Chandler who is not " chairman of Tho it. N. C.," but it vory useful and Attivo person in thai concern notwithstanding. The document before us however carries its Sulho Bizalion on Tho outside for it is franked by the Hon. L. Chandler who or Lynn enough like j. W. Chandler Lobo Liia twin brother. And to t h i n k that the Only result of tie Louisville convention after All should have Boon to promote to chances of or. Greeley 1�? new Fork Tribune. The Parson cornered. Parson Burcher was an irrepressible old codger always seeking Opportunity to combat somebody and never to Well satisfied As Whon he had cornered an opponent. On a cold Stormy Day during the Early Spring when everything without was Sloppy and disagreeable a number of our citizens wore assembled in Grummet s store gathered socially around Tho great stove wherein a wholesome tire of Hickory Wood was burning. Parson Burcher was of Tho number and that he was ready for a War of words was evident from the eager expectant manner in which he watched the various speakers. By and by sol. Tamworth came in a Uncle sol.," we always Call him. Uncle sol. Came to the stove and rubbed his hands in the genial radiation. " ugh said he with a shake and a Gruft " this is what 1 Call a cold wet " it Sar Tinly responded Crummet. " i d like to Auk put in the Parson with dictatorial dignity " if you Ever heard of any other kind of " he said Uncle sol., looking up. " i ask repealed the Parson with the ii to und emphasis of a master a " did you Ever hear of any other kind of storm or rain a " 1 s us this was cold and wet persisted u Uncle sol. " and did you Over hear of a rain that was hot and dry asked Parson Burcher triumphantly. " be e so i think i Havo replied on Tho part of the lady. Were or h. M. Bowles of Iho firm of Bowles Brothers & go. I Ralph Willis Merrim in god about to hopi of Tho Bride and Llev. Or. From Anglo pastor of Uin is. Maryl Liono Oliu Roh. There worn boat Doh present Donn and lady Htanley who 1 am afraid will not like to have Tho fact known. Kings worn co Haspod during the ceremony although it. Is optional on the part of the married pair to be married with or without Thorn but there was no weeping nor shedding of tears nor sobbing exclamations nor Hoart breaking lain rings Whon the Happy couple Cuye their friends for Tho Long Gorlod of three weeks to which we Are accustomed on such of cations and the affair therefore was rather Dull and prosaic. 1 n fact both Perl him seemed to be perfectly self possessed and Cool and went through the ceremony with a Santi j roid that was rather disappointing considering the extraordinary attending the it hair. A Little emotion on the part of the priest especially would have been very natural particularly As he has All a Frenchman h instinctive Lovo of dramatic Ell he wore in evening Frosh and really looked very Well wit ii his Brand Inzello Tuul 1 orig Hovd his dark Eye in which a smothered Tiro my jul to detected and his Long Curling hair rendered somewhat thin. The Bride was become ugly dressed in a Light purple silk people never Drous you know for a civil he Urriago which not Oil a Well rounded figure to and she appears to to a very of farming woman. After the ceremony was Over a few whispered congratulations Weru of Rod by Dean and lady Stanley and air. Homies and the party withdrew. There Wero no guests invited und no wedding breakfast and they retired 1 believe to Choc a entry to pass a Low Wooks before returning to France. They will not to married ecclesiastic ally but will Content themselves for the present at least with Tho civil consecration of their London Cor. New York Herald. Only Onn loft the compact or ton friends. Half a score of years ago my. Biglow kept a boarding House at & great ones Street. Among her boarders were ten gentlemen who had lived together Many years. " Tho breaking out of Tho rebellion changed the current of life of sever. To of the i Urty and a number expressed their determination to join Tho Union ranks. Many were the regrets at Tho dissolution of their society and it was decided that they should have a Farewell dinner on Tho evening of sept. Ii1kg2. Arrangements were in Udo accordingly and at h o clock on Tho opening named the ton gentlemen look their accustomed seals at the Lumblo. Each and every Ono was then full of lilo and Hope and the future prospects of each Wero the subject of an animated conversation. Before their departure each made a solemn vow that if he was living in ten Uncle sol., with u very assured nod of the head and a quiet smile twinkling around his eyes. " How was it Parson about the rain that the lord sent upon Sodom and gomorrah to for once in his life Parson Burc or waa so completely cornered that he had years hence he would moot Iho rest of bin companions at8 o clock in Tho Sarno place and Dine wit ii them As they had dined that night. Since then the Lionso Iiah come under the proprietorship of .11. Smith. Some jays ago or. Smith was requested by Edward k. Winship broker of 24 Broad Street to prepare a dinner i or ten gentlemen on the evening of sept 10, 1872. At precisely 8 o clock on tuesday evening or. Winship Tho Solo survivor of the party entered the dining room and the doors were closed behind him. No one was there save George Benley and one or two other waiters. The rooms and tables were arranged precisely As they were ten years ago and or. Winship with head bowed and Wilh a saddened expression took the same seat to had occupied ten years ago. All around were empty chairs and empty plates and unfilled glasses. Tho meal was begun and the solitary Banquete was served with the prescribed courses or. Winship occasionally passing a word with the waiter. " poor boys i they re All gone Eaid he. " Urie went Down in the Monitor in Mobile Bay another was drowned in the same Waters. Two were shot in Mobile. Ono lost both legs by a Ball and the other was pierced through the heart. Another died in Philadelphia and a sixth died in new he said that while in february lust he was walking up Broadway one evening he Felt a tap on the shoulder and a voice asked him whether he knew or. " 1 do replied or. Winship. " he died at four o clock to Day said the voice. Though or Winship turned quickly upon feeling the tap arid hearing the voice he was unable to ascertain who it was that had addressed him. He afterwards Learned unit one of Tho party of ten had did that Duy and at the hour indicated. Or. Winship said that the oldest of the party next to himself / Van Only 29.�? new York Xun meet. 12. A Rol Mai. Orator in new Orleans recently " quoted history by referring to " the Iron coffin of de Solo containing the Gold trumpet presented to the illustrious discoverer by Queen 1 " Why you fool exclaimed an intelligent to editor " Queen Victoria was t born for More n two Hundred Aro menders damnation. In Rove ii Days make one week How Many will make one Strong Tun in Ohanian h motto Largo fails and Small profits. Tub Richer a Man makes Hin food the poorer to makes his appetite. Inv is a newspaper like an a tiny ?. Too also in. Him loaders columns and reviews. No a i n u u i. U k n u h of passion i a Troy Tho spiritual nature so much us respectable Sollish nos us who Carousos Thoo More than to was wont to do has either deceived time or in about to do in. Guv should a Man with a Ter Magant wife be considered a Mart follow ? because he s a a crowd individual. Soumi Liiv says " a wife should be like k roasted Lamb Indor and Nio uly dressed a scamp adds " and without any to Makk a girl love you coax Hor to love homebody else. If there to ally thing that a woman relished it is to to contrary. A walking ill chanced to turn and noticed two doctors walking behind him. Lie a lopped till they passed and then followed on behind Thorn. " Ai. D Why this said they. " 1 know my Pluto in this procession Hilld he. Two Var a ago a Colinco Lionil Man received a grown Iii ult from a neighbor who Liskh n. Quarter of a mile or Moro from him. Alter Long meditation to has purchased Apo Cook and a Jac. Kith and anchored them in a Field ail joining his neighbor s Buck Yard. Tun Hov. Samuel. I Browne who in 1804, published the first number of Tho Cincinnati Quitta and who last july shot a boy for robbing his Garden died lately at his residence near Cincinnati aged 85. Holed possessed of real estate Worth not Lens than $ 500,000, which to had owned since the Early Days of Cincinnati. Onk of the Best political notes of Iho Day occurred at Fairhaven vi., the Osiier sunday. On returning Homo from Church Little Freddie who is about five years old. Said to his father " our minister is a Kepu Blonn Ain t he a " i Hopo to my son but Why do you think tie is " Boci Zubb when h a was praying this morning to said Irani our i Tiv Only father if to had Iran a Democrat to would have Waid ure Oley our heavenly f a Thor. V shall w a moot a a a ii Tho following is said to be our of the most Brilliant articles written by the 1 Mentor George d. Prentice " Tho Fiat of nature is inexorable. There is no Appeal for Relief from the great Law which Doo. Is us to Tho dust. We flourish and fade As the leaves of Tho Forest and the Lowers that Bloom and Wither in a Day have no frailer hold upon life than the mightiest Monarch that Ever Shook the Earth with his footsteps. Generations of men will appear and disa Porr As the grass and Tho multitude that throngs the Sci old to Day will disappear As the footsteps on the Shore. Men Seldom think of the event of death until the shadows fall across their own pathway hiding from the stir eyes Tho laces of loved ones who e living smile was the Sunli lit of their existence. Death is the antagonist of life and the cold thought of Tho Tomb is the Skeleton of All feasts. To do not want to go through Tho dark Valley although its dark passages May Load to Paradino j we do not want to Lay Down in the Damp grave even with Princess As bed Fellows. In the Beautiful drama of Iron the Hope of immortality so elegantly uttered by the death devoted greek finds deep response in every thoughtful soul. When about to yield his Young existence As a sacrifice to fat him Cle Munther asks if they should meet again to which he replies 1 have asked that dreadful question of the Hills that look eternal or the Clear streams that flow forever of the stars among whose Fields of figure my raised spirit has walked in glory. All were dumb but As i in. De upon the living face 1 see that there is something in the love that mantles through its Beauty that cannot wholly perish. We shall meet again not another word to Ledger of new tort years after de Solo died an How could she give him a " she left it Eulily replied the orator. Gold Trump Piet to him in her will sol a stupendous wheat Field. A correspondent of the Chicago Tribune writes sir All article appears in the Tribune of this Date headed " immense wheat Fields in thinking you would like some further information on the subject i give it. The largest Field on the san Joaquin River is thirty five Miles Long on one Side and on Tho other fifty Miles with an average Width on each Side of eight Miles. Here then we have a wheat Field Ofsay 42 by 10 Milce containing 672 Square Miles or 430,080 acres. It is admitted that Thia will yield 16 bushels to the acre this year thus producing 0,88i, 280 bushels of wheat or More than 200,438 tons. It a a will require a train of cars nearly 200 Miles Long to move the wheat grown on this one wheat held. John Mitchell s Bill of expense or sacks Albue in which to sack. His crop of the present year is estimated to be upward of $ 30,000. Oue. A spirited Brighton eng., newspaper conceived the Happy idea of publishing verbatim reports of the speeches of the Savans attending the British association. The Enterprise met with a sad discouragement however and the project has been abandoned. One of the immediate causes of the deplorable breakdown was an interesting discussion in some Section of the association about " and "
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