Jones County Liberal in Monticello, Iowa
25 Sep 1873

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Jones County Liberal in Monticello, Iowa
25 Sep 1873

Read an issue on 25 Sep 1873 in Monticello, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Jones County Liberal.

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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - September 25, 1873, Monticello, Iowa The a Honart. Tax Alizai Ietti rim. The nary irk ifs Imi Fifer waiting Rohlin is on Nti airy main and wide us nil Iii a Kiln inflating pulls n the anchoring Chain. On a Jowles Billows lightly Luzny Iii it pin ill to clone Trio Homi Lens deep and its High jump Hilttu not Viig through heaven s wide Altio to sweep. Like Anglo proud a Liao mighty Pinion Flitters May bind but Chimot Tump console. Oil cd mfr Ukini Tiht Dominion of Beless it up will Uii ii. Aii Dicou this Horn nip Onyn Harf Lonj Lone wanderer of Tho Riiel Dachk Rig lit Eliut but the. He Iris Al Lali of Purling can match thin during flight ? he to no shores his Mourne in bonding no big he polls before Liviu Rise he flout h tji Iii n sch inem Linig the Bailor of tin he less a Bea whole re Lex now Dart a title in coniing Kerh acc ring Zephyr Iii Len or i Nair bridged by an ii Ivy of we unfold slimming Ami Lynn did with Stierh from ills car Iii watch beholding an like u i filet if. Whirled silence find Honee us Emu to folding to hues this dih nut world. He sees confused the Hilla and Valley. Dwindled mid Khz risk the Amin Plains Thimi eau bal a Papp Liiro ehiiliim.-, the Rivers Hilver veins. The winding course of linked Nie rain Lilie. I ii huge be Ruuth us oiled Ringk Ai from the Roelly Terrace the ii tract n my lit Winn. To him Vust Tow i h and Cilich splendid i ilium Anil dome piled an Litu. Ring spoon Umer Tiliti Huuk do the p l u y l h i n g h u f i i child. Ii Hies the a torn in Neath Liviu put her watches the \ Uriu filed l i k l i l i i i n cd full and in Clolk so Ether Elise a High above Eliut Wiull. A speck amid tin 1 Light Eli Rinaa up tin crypt Al Ilmic he Hies will Majul it my Iii tic tilth Kupu Riml. Eliut be. Holh to 1 ii Rudi. Spirit hat nov w i t h i n air a Haird int in St to a Miami. Liberty s. Ion shall Why j i i i n be Zitur trained and Ihmi at length be five. And when in Lon a i r Here i hut Allied in inc Eli a thou Lookout Bank Lynn in Iuliu Urie Liidi d. On Tahiti thy mortal Hulien Ltd scenes no in digit to final a l l u n the its faded Joys n i i limn 1 j m v l l r far fur beneath in i n u Lucid n fury above Hie Perl i a lil. A swim 1 olt life. " glorious most glorious exch irined opt. Lii Willii Iii us rubbing Liis i urls with delimit us to Juci d Trio deck of thu smart Impi Maii of the seas with col. Tight cytto in Coinman Ulof troops " Only lot his Breeze hold on and we Synill k of sight of the deserts before Gigli full or. Worse Well chief of Lic Orlet them Levu the log and see what she is Goic. " " Aye Aye sir heave the log shouts Tho unite. " you know continues the Cut Usu " i t w i l l b e most satisfactory to get a sight of the land before dark. A that s How one likes to see the Lino 11 v out. What is she going " twelve knots Good " twelve knots Good repents the Captain. " All All Hooray for the deserts the Skimmer of Trio seas had thus far made a most favourable passage and Leit the fogs of old England far behind. E wore now m a most lonely climate and Only nine Days out. Troops mid passengers Iju Ito recovered from seasickness Hud shaken Clown in their places and if appetite and Good spirits be a criterion then had reaction entirely set in. The decks were live with animated nature Cut Oil from Tho world alone on Tho Ocean the Skimmer of the seas represented a world in miniature. L Taulu outs of troops to reinforce their respective regiments in her majesty s pastern Kin Pire Oili cers military and civil returning from furlough Etc. Grass widows " Happy in the idea of soon rejoining their husbands Larking cadets a Batch of Bright eyed Morv girls " going out on spec a enough one would imagine to make of India Tseu a j. Paradise merchants planters and others the Finisy Crew of the ship the lowing of cows bloating of sheep an incessant chorus from poultry of All descriptions every one Busy about their respective duties or amusing themselves in various ways. Capt. Chat rewind was _ a Scotchman by birth and Cousin to All Lam Hes of note in the country. He was a tall Bony Man with Gray Sandy whiskers Small Gray eyes and red nose Ami though by no Means a Bud hearted Man was exceedingly choleric he was described by Tho sailors As Hal Alligator half rattle Snake with a Strain of Hippopotamus sort of a Man. He had been Many years in command of an a Dunan was noted for milking Quick passages and never spared sails or sailors when there was a Chance of going ahead in which he was seconded by or. Worke Well. The Skimmer of the seas had now a rattling Breeze right aft studding sails set on both sides alow and aloft even the Royal studding sails mid main sky sad were still set although expected every moment to be taken in As it appeared something mus t g j be inv Sll h a tremendous press of Cauvan was she now carrying in a Breeze so Strong making the sars and ropes sneeze and Ciao Kassic dashed along but All the gear was of the first classed Tho Cap Tun no the Man to spare her and As the Gallant vessel surged and rolled and hew Oil her course she appeared not less anxious than her commander to get a sight of the deserts before Nightfall 1 hero was pretty Good sea on which broke fiercely but As we were scudding along before it we Felt Little of it it was the fashion with capt. Chaw the wind As with some other men when rum ing before the wind to have the wind up m Case of the ship broach Ugo from the negligence of the helmsman 01 i of other causes it is of course becalmed by the 1 o the for e u r w s a ils a t n o d swe e a p a s o he was lightly l d having shirt with Antn v a m a sea own by name Jolt a Seville a Stout Ami powerful West coup Tryman Twenty three years of age was sent to a equiv some Hanks that were Marilton the flying Jib. As lie was pcs Sig out on the Jibu Oom the ship gave a rather heavy Roll and the it by some Ineus swept him overboard he 1 " i i. N 1 1. Only a Blu Trowers. The cry of " Man overboard was echoed fore mud a f t a dozen voices shouted out " put the Helm Down the helmsman who happened to be Neville s own ilium Aud who Imd Only left him a jew minutes before immediately put the Helm hard Dow i without waiting Lor orders from the officer of Tho Witch. Orders were at Osiee & to let l y tucks sheets Hilliards m fact to let everything Fly to Cut away the la l e b a y " Cleur a a t a the boat Etc. All was confusion the ship was already up in Tho wind and soon come Aback. The Row caused by the shaking of the sails the cracking of the booms and masts and the general smash aloft was something terrific. The life buoy that Hung Over the Stern was at once out Wuy it consisted of two Small casks connected by a bar of Wood j about four feet Long that passed right through the Center of them it had no Protection from the Sun no one knew its age it was regularly with the ship and looked All thut could be desired but on striking the water one cask collapsed without hesitation. The hoops started on the other and in less than two minutes the life buoy had disappeared. Luuy other things that would float were Oast overboard and a party of soldiers seized the spar of which the Carpenter was working and launched in overboard it would Hare been a a of we to poor Neville who we a distance off but to saw uptight of any of the articles Hove overboard. Trio second officer or. Willdon who had kept his Oye on Neville who was now at least a mile away sprang into the Cutter As she was being lowered in which lie found Tho Boatswain and six seamen and took command of Tho boat diet. Chat rewind who was below at the time of the Accident hearing the sails shaking sprang upon deck mid had taken in Tho situation at u glance a. Severe looking Man at All times he was now fearful to behold. His face was Pale except Trio nose with rage he flew it the chief officer and screamed " How dare Trio Helm to put Down the ship going before the wind with such a press of Canvas on her a the mate raid Tho Holm had been put Down without orders from the officer of the watch. Tho Captain in two strides faced the helmsman a Stalwart Seaman and shrieked you wretch How Daro you put the Helm Down without orders / see what you have done " bog Pardon sir replied the Sailor " n dozen orders were Given to put the Helm Down and i was certain i Hoard yours above All Tho rest this caused the map twin to stamp and storm and swear and How it would have culminated it is impossible to say but at that moment a gust of wind blew Tho Captain s hat Oiland brought to his notice that the Skimmer of the seas was rapidly coming round on her Heel the Jib Sheet not being fast and would soon again be heading for the pest rats. As Neville got Clear of the ship he was seen by Tho ladies and others on the poop swimming buoy Antly and us the Tierce Crest of u wave caught him and o disappeared there were several suppressed cries of anguish followed by exclamations of Joy Asho reappeared. But to was evidently entangled in his shirt Asho could be seen throwing his arms about in a strange Way and the most of us thought it was All up with Liim but a veritable cheer rang out when lie was seen divested of his shirt and striking out bravely for the ship. Every now and again he was seen to he overwhelmed by a sea but As be constantly reappeared had Given up swimming and was evidently Hus banding his strength by floating Only it. Was seen Neville was at Home in the water knew what he was about and provided no shark interfered with him great Hopes were entertained that he would to saved. On easting tin Oye aloft a melancholy a Iiga met one s View. Tho wings of the Skimmer of the seas were horribly Crip led the main lop to Gallant Mast and Learly All the studding sail booms Whereon and the main Topsail looked As Hough it had been a target for the Woolwich the sailors were already aloft Clearing Iway the wreck and the troops headed y some sailors made themselves As hey Are Ever ready to do most useful .11 assisting on Dock. Theore Aidini Envoi Allan sails had Jeen furled and the Mainsail hauled up l tc., As useless when running before the wind. The spanker was now hauled out ind the ship Hove to though still Drifting. Fast to Leeward. Many an anxious Aye was on the boat As she Pio Gressell n her voyage of mercy. Tho sailors were seen bonding to their oars and As she had to pull head to sea they had a rough time of it. The boat however was a splendid one. Neville could be seen every now and then As lie Rose on Iho seas flouting like a h o. _. H e boat nears him and the e v cheer that resounds fore and aft the ship from those on the look out made it a Iowa to All on Board that Neville was it last Safe in the boat. In about three quarters of in hour rom the time he was swept from the Jib Oom he again came Over the Side of the ship apparently Little the worse but looking uncommonly washed. All hands received him with a cheer and Many Lassen evs and idlers surrounded him to hear what to had to say. Orders were at once Given to hoist tie boat up and the Captain impatient at losing so ii Eli time ordered the spanker to to jailed up and at Trio same time the a 1m to be put up Tho boat would 10 at the Davids Ore the ship paid Oil before the wind and so become exposed to. To seas and seeing Neville called out o him in a voice that boded no Good to come before him. " Yon scoundrel commenced the Captain in a voice of Thunder shaking his spy Glass " How dare you sir have the audacity to fall overboard in a Breeze like this the ship under such a press of Canvas ? you a right to to ashamed of yourself sir. Look at Tho mischief you have caused aloft sir and it was Well known How a pious we were to sight the Doser tas before dark sir. By god sir i la teach you to choose such a time to fall " beg Pardon sir replied Neville " but As 1 was passing out on Tho Jib Boom she gave a Reavish Roll to starboard the Jib Hung awhile in the port Guys and then came Over with a Nirgi sir the for top caught to Somo Liow under the Chin " " Chin be d a sir roared the Captain Don t talk to me about Chili whoever Zearil of a Nuudi being induced overboard by a Chin sir and in a Breeze into the bargain sir i " Neville looked rather taken Aback ind showed his Chin red Blue and a dragged underneath. " Floii t show your wretched Chin to me sir shouted the Captain. " 1 should advise you to leave a Chin of that sort on Shore before venturing on another voyage sir. Damn such a Chin Neville said by thought his head was uns hipped and. A head uns hipped put in the Captain " better lose Twenty Heads sir than bring a ship into this predicament but i la make an example of you sir or we shall have All hands falling overboard through their chins. Chin indeed or. \ Corkern " by heavens shout a dozen voices " she s adrift " Down with the Helm haul out the spanker let go the sheets erics the mate. The effect of capt. Chat rewind s impatience to to again on his course was this the Helm was put up too soon for the Skimmer of the seas Ever obedient to the slightest intimation from her command paid Oil rapidly and before the boat was Well Clear of the water she was again before the wind. A rolling sea then caught the boat unhooked and capsized her. As she passed astern the Boatswain and another Seaman who had remained in her to Hook her on Etc., were seen struggling on her Bottom. They were almost immediately overwhelmed by a Tierce breaking sea and for a few seconds lost to sight. When next seen they were still struggling but soon assumed an upright position and remained with. Heir Heads and shoulders above water comparatively quiet. Evidently the boat had righted herself and though still swamped remained a a cur to Cait Only coolness and the determined will of powerful men in a death struggle saved them neither of them could swim though not known on Board till afterwards and both of them married men. The sailors made a Rush to the Small Cutter Neville among the rest. The boat was slight though a Beautiful Model but paint in her Case As in Many others covered a multitude of sins. She was defective and Leaky and by no moans fit for such a sea As was now running in fact the Carpenter had already received orders to have her inboard and give her a thorough repair. The Only other boat on Board was the longboat but As she was a fixture and fitted up As a co House sheep pen Etc., with holes in Tho Bottom for the discharge of drainage she could not be thought of. As Tho men were about to cast Oil the gripes of the Small Cutter the Oaptar ordered All to be kept fast Sayi g a would work the ship up to Tho swamped boat. The Mainsail was then Iet the Yard trimmed and the ship kept " full and Bye but when attempted to to put about from Tho fouling of Tho gear aloft and other causes she missed stays. Tho two men wore now a Long distance off and As they Rose on a sea could Boscon waving a shirt Ono of them had taken Oil. It was Tho general conviction on Board that they never could to saved by Tho moans employed. Or. Willdon then called for volunteers and choosing two Strong men by name sprang into Tho Cutter and commenced Clearing her for lowering. A Bailer was called for when there was a general Rush of Tho boys the smallest was chosen As being Tho lightest. As Tho Little follow jumped into Tho boat Trio triumphant look he gave his shipmates showed that though Small in stature to possessed a Stout heart. A Light bucket and tin Pipo were passed into Tho boat. The ship being now Homo to As Tho boat was being lowered the Captain said " or. Avellon when you Sec Tho Ensign displayed steer More to starboard when a distinguishing Pendant More to port when there is no display keep As you arc going when a boat is in the water and a Sou on except under exceptional circumstances. Tho boat was now anxiously watched. At times she was lost to View in Iho hollow of the seas again As she Rose in sight our Little Friend who had lost his Cap was seen bailing most vigorously. On coming up to the two men they wore found to to much exhausted the continual washing of the seas Over them and the strenuous exertions they had to make to prevent themselves being washed out of the boat had told upon them. Or. Welldon being aware a very slight blow would stave Tho boat they were in dared not venture too near the sunken one the boat s Painter was therefore Homo to Tho two men and one by one they wore hauled into the boat. All that was taking place could be seen from the ship through Tho glasses As the boats Rosu on the Sens but with the nuked Eye nothing particular could be made out. Tho sunken Cutter was now abandoned and her frail companion commenced her perilous return. She could to seen rapidly nearing the ship. The youngster was now assisted in bailing by one of the rescued men for the straining of the sea had caused the boat to leak to that degree that Tho two together could barely keep the water under. Tho other Man had taken an oar. Soon they Are alongside and aboard the cheering was great and none cheered More heartily than the t rooms. Wifely Devotion. It is a common complaint nowadays on Tho part of the Bachelor grumbles about the evils of Matrimony that the wife of Tho period so far from being a helpmate has really become an encumbrance to her husband. Perhaps in these Days of luxury and idleness there May be a measure of truth in the complaint. Modern wives speaking generally have no doubt fallen Oil a Little from the generous Standard of that devoted and vigorous Matron celebrated in medieval Story who improved on pious tune is by bearing off to a place of safety her wounded husband together with her other household goods out of the sack of their native town. Yet if Inadequacy in this direction is to to shunned there is such a thing As going much too far in the other and certain Southern and Western ladies seem Bent on showing that a wife May on occasion lie altogether too helpful. Such a Case for example is that of mrs. Lucinda Iugan in n Berry of Greenfield ind. Not Jong since or. Harrison Iugan her husband fell out with or. Samuel Berry her brother about a certain Gosling of which the ownership was claimed by both. In that Arcadian Region where the uncertainty of life teaches Economy of breath human eloquence is Seldom wasted in argument when Sticks or stones will do As Well. To at an Early stage of the discussion or. Kingan enforced his views with a club and rapped the obstinate Derry smartly Over the head. To this convincing piece of logic or. Derry responded with a brickbats wherewith to smote his brother in Law in the Midriff so that he fell. With varying fortunes the dispute continued until the intervention of the fairly Miciuda with a knife turned the scale and settled the ownership of the Gosling. As it was necessary however to Stab Derry Hull a dozen times or so before to could be made to see Tho error of his ways it it just los Siulc that being in Indiana his Lonor Coroner Lynch May Lind it proper to revise mrs. Lucinda s notions of wifely duty. Hardly less excessive in her virtue is mrs. Alexander of Homer Banks county in Georgia whore up to the 28th of last month her husband kept a country school. On that Day he found it acc essay to Correct Ono of his pupils a one or. Moss which he did according to Tho custom of the country with a knife. The disobedient and obdurate Moss retorted with a Dagger and mrs. Alexander who acted As a sort of Monitor in Tho school " Cut in presently with another knife the result of this Brief interview being that master and Pupil fell mortally wounded and died within three minutes of each other. The great difficulty in Banks county now is to. Settle whether or. Or mrs. Alexander s exertions Are to be credited with the elimination of Moss a question it will be seen of More immediate interest to the widow than to anybody else. The marital Devotion of these two ladies is however though great quite thrown in the Shade by the. Cunning achievement of mrs. Jasper Waskius of Burksville by. Mr.-. Mingau immolated her lir other on the altar of wifely affection but the deed was done in the heat of Battle and when her husband s life was possibly endangered. Mrs. Waskius slew her brother in Law As he Lay wounded and helpless in bed with a i in j i Hul which Marks her out for a High place in the new school of women. Or. Clay Wadkins had Long been at i ii 1 with his brother Jasper with whom he had frequently exchanged shots in a fraternal Way and had therefore no reason to be surprised however much to May have been grieved and vexed when upon leaving their Mother s House on the afternoon of the tilth of August to received a Load of Buckshot in the Back. It is not certainly known whether the shot was fired by Jasper or his wife though it come from the. Window of a room where they were known to boat the time. The wound was expected to prove fatal but As some doubts were entertained of Tho result and As an awkward recovery might have bred renewed unpleasantness and All sorts of family differences. Jasper and his wife resolved in the interest of Domestic Harmony " to make Assurance doubly sure and take a Bond of so on 1 riday morning two Days after they paid a visit of condolence to Clay with whom says Tho local paper " Jasper got into conversation and they conversed a few moments upon some subject mrs. Jasper meantime sitting by the bedside. Presently conversation languished Between the Brothers whereupon mrs. Jasper arose Drew a revolver and " stepping within two feet of Clay fired upon him the shot penetrating his heart and killing him it is Only necessary to say in order to Complete Tho portrait of this heroine that she is but Sweet sixteen and had been married Only a week. A pleasant diversion for the honeymoon truly a new York times. J. W. Griswold a co., 51 and 50 Taclibon Street Chicago offer Tojo rude Trio largest Tiad Best Touk of Clu Aku Clou Kinga Ujiie Roar Lach and trimming Wotan of now Yolk. They Chall Eugo a Nai Jarie Iii of Quality a my Prie a a com. Farm and household. Tudino hello nil Linch the following Are intended for Trio use of poultry Brooder 1. Toed regular. 2. Perches two foot from ground. 8. Nests on ground. 4. Whitewash your poultry House inside. 5. Paint your poultry House outside if you want Tho boards non plenty of Green food. 7. Never Over feed. 8, Trcoli water a dust Bath in your fowl House. 10. Never train your Cocks to fight. 11. Give stimulating food when moult inc. 12. Make cleanliness a specially in your fowl House. A i. Clean out fowl House once per week. 14. Breed to the Standard. 15. Give plenty of ventilation beside warmth and have your fowl House Waterproof. These Are True and simple guides for Tho poultry fraternity. New variety it Wirat. A correspondent writing from Wayne county ind., to Tho Geruis Axton to. Lir rap i sends a Sample of wheat u new variety the name not Given which he says he has been raising for two years and thinks it is the Best to Over Hud on his farm. To sowed it beside Tho Diehl wheat on sumo Hind same preparation of soil in every respect and while Tho Viohl was All Down even broken and very hard to Cut the now kind All stood up and could to cradled in any direction and yielded from five to ton bushels More an acre than Tho Diehl. Two years trial gave about the same results. The editor of the said in reply to n request to give an opinion that Are larger and the Grain plumper than Tafb Mediterranean variety which continues to be Tho principal variety in Iho Kast. If Twenty live bushels of this wheat can to raised per acre he says it will prove an acquisition of great value to Tho farming interest of the country. Tiv Munif Tif Wii Ricl. Or. Dey of Wisconsin recently said " the Mangel Wurzl Boot i think the Best of All roots. It will take nearly four pounds of seed to sow an acre in drills and there can be raised from goo to 800 bushels. I Plant in rows or. Drills two feet apart and cultivate with n horse. Last year i planted one half of an acre and raised 300 bushels. I think i would have had More had 1 not ridged my ground. I am done Ridging for Good crops. I planted three kinds the yellow Globe White sugar and yellow void. 1 think Tho White sugar and yellow Globe the Best. I think there is no Root that equals the beet for feed especially for Milch cows. They cause a great flow of milk and there is no bad flavor to the milk. They Are excellent for sheep that have lambs before the grass starts in Tho Spring and to any Farmer who has eighty acres of land i would recommend him to Plant at least two acres with roots which will Cost but Little More than the same amount of Corn and double Tho i i s i rlim7, Iii i a nits. The president of the Academy of science at Munich Bavaria striving to re Intro Deco Bee culture on his patrimonial estate found the generally prevalent prejudice that Tho boo hurts Tho fruit by its visits to the Lowers the chief obstacle to Success. To overcome this he Laboured assiduously to show that bees far from being injurious were directly beneficial in the of Rutih Ca. Tion of blossoms causing the fruit to i t by conveying the fertilizing pollen from tree to tree and from Flower to Flower lie proved moreover by of Lucial record that a Century earlier when bees were kept by every tenant of Tho estate fruit was abundant whereas when Only seven kept bees and none of those had More than three colonies fruit was scarcer than Ever among the Tenanty. The Swfit turnip. Or. John Dey in a discussion on knot culture by a Wisconsin Farmers club said " the swede turnip is a Good Root for sheep hogs and Young cattle. Cows fed on them will keep in Ood heart but they Are not us Good for milk As the Carrot or beet. If to do not wish to feed Thorn we can soil them they usually bring 10 or 50 cents per Bushel and if we say 1300 bushels to the Aero at 10 cents to have s 40 and if to allow one half for raising and marketing we have $ 1 a which would buy 200 bushels of Corn and to raise 200 bushels of Corn to want four acres of Roun l and expend More to raise and Arvest than we would Tho fresh la Lillic la Winter. As a general thing butter is scarce during the Winter season and fresh butter bears a High Price. By taking proper measures which include having Tho cows to come in from october to january a warm comfortable stable a Frost proof Dairy Clover Hay Cut in Blossom and Well saved a Supply of carrots perfect cleanliness in the stable and a plentiful Supply of water free from ice and Snow with daily drinks of bran or Oatmeal Slop slightly warmed and cooked food the Dairy May be Mades prolific and far More profitable than in the summer. The butter will be yellow Bard and will keep fresh longer and from its Scarcity at that season would bring a very High Price. When to prune Tira be Viii h. We Are often asked if Tho grape Vine cannot be pruned in the Spring without injury. To say no. The time to do the work is in the fall and if done then it should be left until the next summer after the Vino has put Forth its leaves when the Vine will not be bled at All if Cut. Avo do not advise excessive summer pruning but if Tho work has been wholly neglected in Tho autumn something May safely be Dono in the summer following. Fresh i Gutter. Ill the list of importations from France during last week there appeared two cases of butter packed in tins. This importation is intended As an Experiment to try Tho Market and considering the demand for fancy articles esp Echil y foreign ones it is not at All unlikely that the Experiment May to successful. Bowell s new " american newspaper directory reports the existence of 100 religious journals in the United states. Forty seven of these Are under the control of the methodists the largest number in the hands of any single denomination. The Loman catholics have i the baptists 95, the presbyterians 21the episcopalians 21, the lutherans and reformed germans i i each the jews and Tho gouge nationalists 8. This Collar co. Are turning out from 75,000 to 100,001 Elmwood and Warwick collars a Day. This shows their immense popularity. If you have not worn them to would advise you to do com. Ii Appel hands face rough skin pimples ringworm Hult Rheum and Oiler cared and Tho Hkin nude Kift and Hindoo la by lining lie Junir kit Tau soap made by Saweli a. A Iii a co., new York. O certain to get Tho to a t tray Amade by us As there Are Many imitations made with common tar which arc com. The Stan Baku Vin Koah succeeds the Kirchon vinegar. It is the Bent made. Warranted pure. Try it or Clora lil nil by j. Cd. Ruoai. To manufacturer 252s. Waterut., Chicago Iii. Rathbo. Be s stoves have been growing in popularity for 35 yearn Aud Are universally known to be the beet in the com. Can it do True a within Tho last few months a considerable number of persons have called upon or. Walker Trio proprietor of the popular Medicine known As Vine Oab Bittins and assured him that in their belief his preparation is an infallible antidote for rum and tobacco. Tho minute details which have Boon furnished him forbid him to doubt the accuracy of Tho statements. This now claim of a great remedy to the Confidence of the Public will give a vast and Well deserved impulse to its popularity. Filereto Foretic Wittmis have Boon recognized As a pro vegetable tonic and corrective devoid of alcohol and thoroughly adapted to the euro of stomach and Bowel complaints nervous disorders bilious affections muscular discuss and indeed a majority of the ailments within the reach of Medicine but if it will also euro Tho craving for liquor and tobacco philosophers statesmen and theologians ought to unite their voices in its Praise. Can the Good news be True i it is easy to to tent Tho question 0 58s Ciao Titus wringer. Good foil i have used prof. Am Lornce h Der Mutlow on my Lio Ruou for 0 ill scratches Lincol crack Ltd Etc., and Tun pleased to nay that it is Trio beat preparation that i Ivo Over a Oil fur such Onsen. I Iivo Boun a Cona Tunt traveler on Tho Road driving lion Cal or seven years and Liao Guevor round Ita equal. John j. Ants travelling agent or. I Terrilli b remedies. At the Vienna world s fair the grand medal of pro Grohn which was Trio ree ignition or Higholt excellence in in nip Hydraulic Itsumu hid Oai dry engines from All i Wao awarded to \ v. In b. Boudoi. A i Udd Latown tomi., Andacht Satali listed of thynn ii Odd in the world. We see by Tho Chicago papers that Loc Teit it Oah Ihle Havo reduced Trio Price of their Long and popular Brand mottled Donna ii soap t in present Prico and Superior Quality Liakou it Tho cheap cot a Woll of the Bent soap for Coubis Nicro. Bask Iai in is undoubtedly Good exer Orciso and capital Ninae Nicot lint it often Ocasi Okiw inn god Eyck broken he Crim and blistered in nah. \ vocal Tell Yon that in All Bundi eases if of i. S i of t. S. L a. I in 1 7,/ a Mif to the reported to it will red co the Hwy Liigand Butoi the Puin. We would not recommend the frequent Ucol any inc divine. I t in important to take oven a Good article Jedi Connly. Fit inns 1 try filet t 1 a 1 Uro shiite prompt and Roli Alile us a laxative or cathartic. Don t Hawk Hawk spit spit blow blow and Ilia Gicht everybody with your Catarrh and it a offensive odor when or. Hago i Catarrh be Ruedy will Yuji eerily destroy All odor arrest the discharge and euro Yon. 158 we advise those desiring to to 201110 agents for really a Humble books to address postal card to t. Elev Oil / Ell i liila., 1 or circular. L l i i l f a t l v r. It a a sad i h i n y to pass Irmi h life Only Linof alive. But Oliero lire thousands \ Linse Hii ritual Conditi in is duo of Hin i air ii nil to ability. They oin Plain of no site Cilc Ilis Pitisi 1 y Buffer in lost l i v e Kiin b u t they live no r e l i so fur Liny think which a Furda 111 Ell Tat or b tin 311 i 3 ill ensure to their More robust Luul energetic fellow being is. In nine cases out of u n this state us h i s s i l u i l e and t t i r j i n r arises from a morbid stomach. Indigestion destroys the i Nei by Tif Beith Iii no and body. When the wante of n a t u r e a nut supplied try a due and regular of the food every Oryan is starved every function intermit Ted. I a what Lush Eun Inion setae in est Tindor these Cretini Stancea c f i pression the s y s t pm needs r i u i s i n u and strengthening nut merely fur ill Hinr in lit i i b i h k a f t e r w a r d s into a inure pitiable condition than Ever As it assuredly would do i f in o r d i n a r y Tilro Giulii 1 k t i n i l l l a u t. Were resorted tout r u l i r i l by and i n r i n a i i e n t l y. L l us is t h i s lie i Ruble Ulitt i t to lit Anfinn polished the answer to t b i h Quea Liun funded on the n n v a r j l new expel hence u f a n u u r t e r c f a Century easily Given. Infuse Liew i Jur i n t u t l i e Lii stink in by a Eurse if l l u r i t e t t e r s us Unab hitters. Do nut \ Vista t i m e in a d i n i i i i s t e r i us tem r a by rain lilies but \ Ink. % the system up by ree l i i i c r a t i no the Fountain Hend of j i h y s i c a l s t r e i i l l i mud Energy the Reat or an upon which All the ther Erwana depend fur their n u r t u r e and big Niport. Ity the t i m i Itiat a do. In d a sub of the rent Veneable t u u i e Anu Piave lieu taken t i l u feeble Frame of the d y s p e p t i c \ v i l l begin to feel its benign i n t l n c i i e e. Appel Iio will be Crea teil and w i t h appetite the Leapai ily to digest what in a raves. Persevere u n t i l the euro is can piste n n t i l h e a l t h f u l Blued l i t to be the t u a u r i i j l of f l e s l i be Bone Ami nerve and b i n i Honwa Thrun i the thanni is of c i r c u l a t i o in n s t e a d of t h e artery Patty Lin Wotli \ Vicli t h e y have heretofore been imperfectly mini i shed. T1iiutv Kaus to. I Al Lilime of an of. U m Husli. Mrs. Wins. Of s sooth1nh by Kip is Otto Rilei club Tion of Ono of Tho cat female physicians and in rfcs in Trio u ulsted states and has been used for t h i r t y years with never failing safety and Success by millions of mothers and a b i l d r e i from the feeble infant of one week old to he a d u l t. It corrects acidity of Tho stomach relieves wind Colic regulates the bowels and gives rest health and Comfort to Mother and child. We believe it to be Tho beat and surest remedy in tin world in All cases of do sentry and diarrhoea in children whether it arises from teething or from any other cause. Full direct Fona for u s i n g will accompany each b o t t l Nunuo Genute unless the fac simile of cu11t18t Perkins is of t h c o u t r i d o wrapper. Sold by All Medicine dealers. Ti11g i1ouskhol. U 1 anal a and faa11j. V i. Lxi Hunt is the beat re Meiyi in the world for the Dolhn Viii a plaints Al Crumps in the limbs and stomach pain in the stomach Itu Wels or bide Lii end in All its forms Lillions or a Lic neuralgia Chumura dysentery coils flesh wounds i t i i r u store threat spinal Compla Iuta sprains and it raises chills and fever. For interim and external use. I t s operation i n not Only to relieve the patient but e n t i r e l y Remi ites the cause of the complaint. It penetrates and pervades the whole system restoring healthy action to All its parts and u. thu blood. The household Panacea is Al truly Veolet Aukiand All Healing. Prepared by cujit1k Brown no. Sj1 s Fulton Street now York or Sale by All dry Krists. Tiik Amsl workshop of the body is the liver i. To Delici it in to withdraw the Bilu from Ilic Lugii. \ Mieli hum important or fan Alk i from any cans e life Mes disc a cd or. La. Pm i Santive 1 ill at Ord immediate Relief Aud Suun bring Al Oul i n i l n r a l action. A Lati. Avg to important circular to Young men and others on nervousness loss of memory. Decline of prescriptions and advice ree. Address or. K. H i l t o no i n c i n n a t Ohio. Snap. I. Iii Nal it. S i Ili. S fur ague. Try them. A dose every other Day. One dose stops the chills. Six doses effect a cure. No nausea no purging. The markets. New Yolk Beeves a liver Texas in flows a Dru Heil Cotton middling up Imil flour a superfine a Chalern. \ a Cleat no. 2 Mil wanker cohns mixed \ yen Tern Oats Rye Western Poi Ike Moth Laud Chicago. Beeves Choice Good medium common inferior Hoobs i Ivo Al ooh Clio Ico White Winter. Etcil Winter Wreath no. 2 Karin no. In Brink Cox a no. 2 Oats no. 2 Uyer no. 2 no. 3 butter a flood to Choice Koosz Frosh pork a Moh a lard St. Louis. Wheat no. 3 lied Coit a no. 2 mixed Oats no. 2 Uyer so. 2 Haki. Eye no. 2 Titi in mess lash Hoith cattle. H m 12 lib a ii Oil a 7 5 m @ i Fri 1 so n 1 57 17 17 a 51 at 87 ii ill. 1al he a 5 75 a g 25 b to @ 5 b2j1 50 i a a 50" 2 80 of Foli 00 1 75 a 2 25 4 25 s 0 00 h 1 1 Oil 50 5 75 a 7 1 12 b 1 l in a i 41. L. A i i 1 il5 @ 1 an is 1 a so i him 10 12 j flour wheat Corn Uye oath took a mess Laud Cincinnati. 1 3 1 @ 1 1 in. A 17 it 4 " list. A i 7. 7j 1 50 ii i k 1c 5 1 of 4li 75 7 b h a i 2u @ 4 10 3 75 @ 5 of 7 111 @ 7 251 in s 1 411 54 a 551 3 s. 1 1 00 k Milwaukee. I Ikata no 1no. 2. Corny no. 2 Oats a no. 2uye a no. 1mjalli. Eye no. 2cleveland. Wheat no. 1 lied. No. 2 Hod f j oath. Toledo. Wheat no. 1 Hod. No. 2 Bod. Com. Oats ,., ,. ,1 171. A 1 in 1 h iffy 1 15 42 iffy 4 t 28 d 2 l a Fol ill 1 is @ 1 3 j 1 50 b 1 12 @ 51 a of i 40 3 42 1 52 n 1 47 @ 61 a 51 80 6 45 civil Lieuen often 1amjk Falik and sick from no other came than having Worms in Tho stomach. Lillon s Velli Ruok come Tab will destroy Worms without injury to to child being perfectly White and from from All colouring or other injurious ingredients usually Naod in worm preparations. Cliitis it j1rown, Pronto Lori no. Ais Pulton Street hew York. Polit Liv Druid fish find Clit int i and dealers in medicines at two met risk be Hub a do a. A conflict a a Iraq Lair for years by swoon Thi forces of Trio " old he Mol practice of poisonous drip or powerful to to ii Anil pills which Havo falsely Licon called items i hmm a am x Dies on one Side and Mellil correctives on Tho other. For Many years Tho Ilc ail 1 y fio Isons Havo la old their Sway and a nylons which in Klit Well to called death s chained lightning has been in the Ascendancy a record of which May lie Fonniel in our if rave Yards. A White slab Nark i Iho real new place of most of Tho believers in t h i s false doctrine. Bill a reformation has began and Tho people Are fist f i n d i n g out that in or. Smith s 01.1 styx. K Sittkus i l i by have a mild yet pc duet corrective of the liver and Lloil a pleasant yet reliable alterative a gentle purgative a h p l e n i l l i l ionic and a purely vegetable and an i i b i l i o u s milk Ines the Only remedy that gives Universal satisfaction the Only Reni Eily thai is i Iii k to i Are your every n i l. Yet perfectly harmless they Are a mild corrective and contain none of those " of. L school " poisons which Ruvvo Ninilo much sail i Vine. The record of which should make is shudder at the very Khoii Fht of them. Address i n i o n Medicine co., i and b North 2d St., St. Louis to. A watch fuel Worth 820, Alvon Gratis to every live Man who will act Asor agent. In siness Light and honorable. $ co Mado in o Days. Sul Able As hour. Everybody buys it. Can t do without it. Must Siivo it. No gift Enterprise no Humbug. Kunnedy a co., Mitt Burkh i a. Mineral Spring water. Milwaukee. Cures turn pay Dian tvs b r i t f h t f t Biso Aso Stone in Tho to Huir and All Inu inca of tin kidney h and urinary of Kutik. Zero Niilend it. Send of Mai of Oumi Nita of Eort if eats free in 1 t uni or b1i. Oam Monk Rah Al lung co., Miu Yankee win. Llano of ski allow of kill. R a w m ii o n s to t d Bohinc c c1s s fan l new f Ronny ads Hook & paper most wind Cipully Tull tier Hoot just econ air unt Emcil " Oil Karl Impi Cisne or capt sign Jimick Tho Armit with Liisu uricial not us and Llumi ill Atrat i u u a. It Tekaat Hii Luau bit first pro Lite. A Vert Liudi Ikon Bhrim Iivo it. R r l l l i in Price $ 2. A k sign Pili in tics a a. I 0, Tia it. 2 on j Kovlik s monthly i l l u s t r a t e Doki most h r u u t l f u l Utida l i c j n i i u los p of i paper fur tic i Tenn it Tinfu lure w i t h t h u finest jul innate a t t n i c t i v e e h r o i i t f i a i n i r own c o i i y r i w l i t b. Tit if. S Init j i 7 Al c Romont Titi s. Kven Foft ii agents Eleura from a 1 a to $ left per Clivy w h i l e o or Hext net from $ 120 to ft3n, and proof or a i. S7ic /. State county and town i Yuneice Biven Only to to Tofu Ili Iii l t Effii. Completo " out lit f u l l y w t i r i h j is i Asen i Cipr Hosaku i Nihil fur ii. Of. L Sitf Iti stances s i. In. Send of mice for Saint Hon e i r i u l u re and l u i i l l l l a. " a Lurt a Pool los Mon Thuiy Pittsburgh a. Canvassing Iii oks sent i la he 1 of prof Fowler s 6reat work on Man Hoot womanly Wocl Aud their Mutual inter relations love its Laws Power Etc. Agents Are a e l l i n g from 15 to lift copies a Day Aud we Send a canvassing Bonk free to any Book agent. A Diess slating experience Etc., National Ith Lishing i ll., Chicago i i i. At kits wantin for new illustrated Hook wild life in the far West thirty Yeti org i n l v c u t u i r am Nick tin l i n l i a i i Fth u n t i us wild an i in file in h i u x i c i i n weirs it. Thrill Tinnil inti tint and try y. First fun la info. Write fur t. Str ii turns or if you i Slilo it tii it Tincu bund is for o u t f i t. K. A. H u t c h h i k i i i i. T co., Chicago 111. 4, too Iii or i 1v10 acid nits \ a Nett Al for our Livingstone 28 years in Africa f a d v e n t u r e s and exploit a t i o i i Rand search and. E s u r r e c l i o n of Hie d a i i n u Stani. By. For Best terms w r i t e to Valley i Ali n cn., Cli Ciako Iii. V i k a r m e i h. Pairy Nien and Stock Iii a. Fri want the i. 1vf. Stol k j o i r l l n a l j s1. Wiper year. Specimen free. Jiul Tialii n y. Til 4 " l a a Iti l 1 Liny to on agents. Address a j a Ihrer in Lyons itts birr a a 1 a. Ayers saes Aparicia for i pm the blood. Thin compound of Tho vegetable alterative. Farsi Parilla Dock still i u k i n and Mandrake. W i t h Tho Iodides of potassium and Iron makes a a ii poet effectual cure of n series of complaints which Are very prevalent Ami of tar Tiff. It purifies the blood purges out the l u t k i n g Humours in t l i o p y 9 t e that undermine health and e e t t l n into Trubl Canso Dlan Derp. E up Timis of the skin Are the appear Aiichi on t l i o fare of Humours that r hem 14 be expelled for in the blood internal Dei Atik Munti Are tin d r t i m i i n. A t i o n of these same Humours to some i n t e r n a l Rrth in or organs Wise action they derange and a luxe substance they disease and destroy Ami s Sakai Ahi i a a expels Thea humor a from tech land \ Chi n t h e y arc Fonno t to disorders they produce nip Miear such As i lira tons of the liver san Misirli kid net a Linin. So run Tiiman and ayin Fotr / i. St it if in skin t it. Anthony s fire /. Tsvor / vim a. I int. Lis j ust Ulf i t hi1rhv. I Tuila Turnm Tetter and Salt of finn n nerf la Mil Jiing \ i orm t la r. I and Fren i licit autism Ai Invar i / Dill in taif Rones Side Anil Al ? Ltd female \ Vea Knelt sterility f. arising Arnm internal Ulier tinn and Nti Rinc Ali water Druid a Dyt e Sia kwae Stiim and uen Crul debility. With i Hull lode Yar Luru d. J. C. Ayer & co., Lowell mass., practical and analytical chemists. Fwd by All druggists and dealers in Medicine skid Fob catalogue. Domestic sewing machine co., new York pass this by a a t. Clooj he Heliy e i / n i i a 1 oin Iii in Tai ii. H co., St. Louie. 4 a ji8ka r of. Nation a agents wanted. Jav Ali if air Luitt free. In Cottri Thini Ilund. Address at Viiu us. A. Ells. T co., c l i u r l n t t Umidi. \ v olt Kiev i a a 14sts w i l i Niiori to can Clear Tiff i i \ Al k k i i l i he Uii a r t i u l c i f iinivcr3 in use. I v r i u a i i i m i t i Nicloy Numis . Address with slump inked Hotl Ihab Pittsburgh tit. Of Luck Ime rapidly Wlllie Slanc inf key chech Lulu Poltl of Illta. A dlr Kos h ii Iii i 8aiiilfiiuiia s tikk. 8. W. Soa 117 Ului Ivor ht., Boston r Iki. K i Iii a Ali course i on 1. I mlle l c m i l l l l m t l d w i t h a Rill s 1 Juli Lallur Cial Cal leu f. H i. It miss my. For Riri ulars address j. W. Johnson j l u u a k i l i f 1 ring Lliel. To titty Lic Llanio Craft. it lie country i in valuable gifts to us distil buteo in l. D. Sine s 42ml Semi annual Alo Mlay oct. I Hli lh7i. Urie grand capital prize $ 10,000 a Gold one prize $ 5,000 in Silver five prizes $ 1,00015 five prizes $ 0 ton prizes two family carriages and matched horses Silver Mai stud Jinnies \ Vorob so xxx eat i i two hut Mick. U n h a to Worth $ 000 Cadi two Flint Oil d Joti Howood pianos w. M to s Foj a the ten family hewing Mac Bines Worth $ 100 each l. Uco r u l d and Silver lev 1 limiting wit Clieh Worth i Iii $ 2i to $. 100 Cache uld Chain a Silver Way a born Iii nub r gifts 10,000. Tickets limited to. R room. Amenta wanted to Nell tickets to Ali fun Lih Cral j r i i i i i i i my w i l l lie paid. Iii. Kie tickets $ 2 six tit hots Filo twelve tick Kiln Ujj Jajio to mity Lluc tickets Fiji to. Circulars contain Ink a full l i n t of prizes a description of Trio manner of dry win und other information in ref Trunci to the distribution will l. C sent to any one ordering them. All letters must be udder Briod to main a Ficu l. D. Sine Box 86, 1u1 \ v. Sch by. C1mcikmati, of 1jsyciiomancy, of Houi j. How either Bex May fascinate and Haiti Tho hive and affections of any per nun icy Chovau Ine Huntly. This simple mental Jiyu Lemout All can Liob Bibb from by mail for 2tjc., together with a Marr litre guide egyptian Oracle. Roami Ulii to Wilma l o. I use 1 99 old m " or. J. Walker s California vinegar hitters arc a purely vegetable preparation made chiefly from Trio native herbs found on the lower ranges o Trio Sierra Nevada mountains of California the medicinal properties of which Are extracted therefrom without the use of alcohol. The question is almost daily asked what is the cause of the unparalleled Success of Ujj Furiati iut Reissf our answer is that they remove Tho cause of disease and the patient recovers his health. They Are Tho great blood purifier and a life giving principle a perfect renovator and invigorate or of Tho system. Never before in the history of the world has a Medicine been compounded possessing Tho remarkable qualities of a r Ink car born is in Healing Tho sick of every disease Man is heir to. They Uro in gentle fur Ativo As Well ii a tonic relieving congestion or of the liver and visceral organs in a bilious diseases. The properties of pit. Walker s tin Wiak Hitti ins Uro ape Rient Diaphoretic Carminative in t tru Loiis Iii Xacio diuretic sedative irritant Sudori fic. Alter Tivo and anti Lillious. It. Ii. Mcl Minal. A i co. Drily tests Imit i ii. Aprts., Sun l a irid ii Culi Lurhl mid i a of am sin. N. V. Siili l y " 11 non a. A i Tuil a hits. Osa Dalis ithe great alterative and blood pub Piee. It is not a quack nostrum. Tho ingredients Are published ion Ench bottle of Medicine. It i in used. And recommended by i physicians \ wherever it Las i been introduced. It \ vill i positively cure scr Fula i m us various Star sex j Ujj Ujj \ mat Ihm White Wel \ a pkg govt goitre \ Servo i \ deb1l1ty, incipient i Coa 7 & Vii j Joa Timaan is leases prising from in import i condition of Ilo bleed. Send for cur Bosa pams almanac in i which you will find certificates i from reliable and trustworthy j physicians ministers of the a gospel and others. 1 or. B. Wilton Carr of Imtair nor i Faith i clips v t t d it Iii i lists of scr Fula Iii ice Oiler disc czech \ Vith ii Ucb Gutis fac i Tion. Or. T. C P p n ngh of Baltimore r it per Soure Coati. I Mentis h to to pc Souh nil Erih with cd blood paying it is Superior to any the Iii alien lie Linn re r ii d. Rcv. Abney Lall of the Baltimore m. A c Oliu Roclice. South Foj h 1m Lins been eol Michl c Lief Iund by its Uto inuit lie cheerfully Rocton funds it Toa Elliis nerf ii u ii Lul of. Craven & co., Jan piste it Goclon Snelle va., f a y it re Lus failed to give Lati Sanction. Sam l o. Kofa Den Tracee f a \ h i t Quiret Liim of v Hen All cd c failed. The Rosadalia in connection with Otje is Sam l euro chills and fever Ivor complaint dyspepsia Etc. To guarantee Rosa dams Superior to nil other blood purifiers. Bend for descriptive circular or almanac. Address Clements t co., b s. Commerce St., Baltimore pm. Ile Memberto ask your druggist for to Sabalis. 10,000 Jueus wanted to Imi Bove 1,4 53,000 Tho Middle i legion of Western Iowa. Average credit Price $ g per acre. Title Clear climate and null the Best in the world. Pure running streams. No fever and ague. These lands Are traversed by Tho Chicago & Northwestern and 111. Central Iowa lines Over which land exploring tickets Are sold from Chicago . Clinton & c., receivable for lands purchased. Field gents will attend parties to rough from Chicago and How the lands to purchasers. For u. R. Tickets or mind Boot mid guide Ivlue maps descriptions locations prices terms and All Callou or address John b. L Jidov land commissioner Iowa it. I. Laud co. Office 90 Kan Doty Street Chicago 111., or Cedar Tunida Iowa. The perpetual sorghum evaporator prick no. 915 t no. A o no. 4, a 3. Send for circulars to j. W. C h a pm an & co., i lid. Soi. K . Reward for any Case of Blind but Cilins. Itching or us Contd piles Ali it do iwo Al pile be med lulls to euro. It a prepared exp Rechly to cure the piles Aud no Hing Olbo. Sohl Liy . I Ricoul. Of for Sale cheap a Fink a. Etlor orc san six octave ton stuns b i i j i o r b l y inulin of. Tin i n s t r u m e n t Wist s4go at the factory six we this a a o. In in perfect m Der. Will be boxed and d i i i v o r u d it any freight loot Iti Chicago of r 0. V a r f u r Ali or particulars rail or address e. U. Stone 20 Artesian Avenue chit nun 111. If Adl we Kkt to kits wan tvs. A r j i i i s i n c s s l e g i t i m a t e. I Artic Laib try. J. Worth is. Louis my. Hux Psi. Lost Energy weakness Demalio Melency Etc., for certain Relief cull or Bend stamp to hox k. Went. Mcd. Iiibt., 137 Bucu Inoru bt., Cincinnati. No pay required of Jer Bodib for treatment u n t i l eur id. Radway s Reaby Relief cures the worst paint in Noii owe to Twenty Josie tubes. Not one hour Amil n Ai in a this jul of 6tii� Heht toed any one Buffer with Fain bad War s a Cdr belief in a Tare far Evert Nln. It win tin i dist ado is the Only pain remedy that instantly stops Tho most Ecru citation pains no and Curch congest Lona. Eliot lick of Tho lung Al stomach towels or Ether Fil Andlor or Gaub. By Ono application. In from one to Twenty minutes. No matter How violent or excruciating die pain Tho Bhe Matio Bod Ridden luf irm Cir Plaj Kerr ou3. No uralic or pros rated with Diao imn May big for Radway s ready Relief Avitt afford instant ease. Info. Imm Atlan Oflyn Khan Cana Tif Hie Nin. Lip of thu Ilii Ivron i lint Elton of i to i. Linen. Kara Throat Ironi Hlinik. Ral Platlan of Iho in curl. c Ranti _ Caine Ali influenza. Puiul Luclie a a a a. cold c Lilluet ague Ali ill. Trio a la Cullen of Tho Heady Hauef Lolly pm t or Pirih whom Iho pull or dil Cully exists Wilt of lord Cunt Anil Rul fort. 1 wont drops in i i u l l a Tuni Siloro wot Orwill in n few in nor lib cur Crumps Spaen flour Seton Vicli or Loti a Tsick i adn Clio l purr line Pyi Century of Olla wind in Trio Dorcis Aud All i Loinal Pakik. To Rutili t 4 should a a nah Rarry h Bottlo of Kappa m j i r m in Jiru if Ullh them. A twi Roi. A i h w i i t t r w t i t or p line from charge of w. Iter. 1 1 in hotter than French brands or Buleca us a bit nine int. Fever and ague. W. Var and aouj5 i Irbid fur fitly i Itin. To Linen in not a Reini dial ii rent. In to Iii Worril Bluit w in i r a a five. R Ami Aetui. It rid All other Itin Pirimi i. In Tircui san rect typhoid. Yellow and usher fevers Nill or a j wa1ts i ill. T to Dillick Lin ii Adway s fifty cont per Battle. Kun airy i Tellof. Health. Beauty. A Stromi Ami 1miri5 Rich blood in irk Asli of of Lesii and wg1ght a i Kall skin and Deal Tiuli complexion secured to am. Or. Radway s has made Iho Moat in tool a Hon a cures to Quick to rapid Uro Tho changes Tho Lodr under Tho influence at that truly wonderful Medicine that every Day an increase in flesh and weight is seen and Felt. The great blood purifier. Ivory drop of the 8arsaparjllian resolvent communicates through Trio blood 8went, to Reno Aud other fluids and Nicca of Tho Fly Tom Iho Vij Orol life for it repairs the wastes of i to body Wilorie Windl a Quad material. Scr Fula Nyp Liillie consumption glandular disease. Ulcers to tin Throat. Month. Tsumori nodes la Tho g Lamia an other Purta of up Eya Tom. Bore eyes St timorous from the ears and the worst forma of skin discuss end Tiona. Fever bores. Scald head. Ring a uni Walt a tit urn. Eryis Pella acne Black spots worm a in Tho flesh. Enmore. Gan Cert in Tho Woina. Rndall painful discharges. Night sweat Al lob a of Perm and All wastes of the life principle no within i to it Rativo Ranee of this wonder of modern chemistry and a few a fits us0 will prove to any per on using it for either of these Formi of disease its potent Power to cure them. If the patient daily becoming reduced by the waste and decomposition that is continually progressing succeeds in arresting these wastes and repairs Tho name with new material made from healthy blood Aud this Willu undoes secure a Acure is certain for when onco Liia Somody commence its work of purification Aud succeeds in diminishing Tho loss of Waul. Its repair will be rapid Ami every Darr the patient will feel him to if growing bettor Ami stronger Tho food digesting better appetite improving Aud flesh and weight increasing. Not Only does resolvent Excel All known remedial agents in Trio cure of chronic. So Romulous and skin Dut ass but it id Tho Only positive cure for kidney Aud bladder complaints urinary and womb diseases gravel diabetes dropsy stoppage of water. Incontinence of urine r Brigu s disease. Albumin Una Nadia Ull Lanc Soliere there Are Brick dust deposits or the water is thick Cloudy mixed with substances like the bit of on egg. Whit silk. Or there is a morbid dark bilious appearance and White Bone dust Depe Sils. And when Trio to in pricking burning Nen motion when passing water and Puin in Tho Small of the Back and along Tho Lotus. Tumor of 12 years growth cured by Radway a . Price $ 1.00 per bottle. Or. Radway s perfect Furg Atic anal relating kids Porfi icily to Stolcis ele Santly coated with a oct Gnu. Fire Rob Ulutu Iii Ify Clou Nso and blot Galien. Dauway s Pill it for Trio euro of All Dijon Letof Trio a Lonich. Lher. Bowels. Kidneys bladder. Nervous also Ives Adallio. . Of Livones a. Indin Valoi dyspepsia by ion suit a Dilion. Typhus b nil Type dirt Kukors Ihilani Nullon of Trio Lickwola. Mies mid ill i. In. I no cents of Tho Inta Mil viscera. W. Ii rallied to Offert u of Cativo cure. I Urcyl vegetable containing no Mercury minerals. Or de. It Crim i dry. Is. A 2_ pm. A Rve the follow no symptoms resulting for. In disorders of Tho digestive organs inns tip. Tion inward i uni fullness of Tho blood in Tho Iliad. Acidity of the stole Ali nausea. Heartburn disgust of food fullness or weight in the stomach sour Krecta Tiomi Sld. Us or f. Utterly in at Trio pit or the it Macli. Swimming of Iho i liquid hurried and difficult breathing. Al lettering at to o it Art of oking or us locating sensations when in a lying Post Are. I Innear of vision dots or chs before Tho Hilr Foy Orand mull pain in Tho head i e. Of Clency of perspiration Yellowness of Tho ski null by. S. P. In in Tho Side Oil St la Niue and sudden fun. Ills of Ihnat. Ili Imin f in tin Farih. A Fow Rio Sci of Hadway s pills will free the system from All inc. Anoro Nnnie disorders i Rico 3 cd Nib iter lox. Sohl lir Drill Ulhan. Head " Fai so and j Send Ono left r stamp to Radway a Cono. 32 Warren St., n. Y. Information Worth thousands will be sent you Lio Day agents \ Terll All classes if our Klimik i Roplo of either Nix Youir or old Nihiko Jnorro Money at work for us in their Sitaro moments or All the Timo else. I Arlin blurs free. Address o. Stimson cn., Portland Maine nature no pay or. T. K. Kan so both clerk St., clip duo in ii Tut Consul a it i chronic and is Vramis discuss. Kurtts warning pc. I i civil Vujih i l l n t i. R a t de Keiit for 50 Unnur. W Dijon wj11t1nu to adv Tisei a jilting a Hay you Haw the ocl a in if it min or. Tin. New York 1878 1. Weekly se5ii Vve Ekly and daily. The weekly Sun a too widely known n but Trio Riti Oua a Liili Lingo a trendy Sivc ii it f i f t y Tom Sand Stibb Ribera and which will to Hiopp give it Ninny Trio disands morn lire brie Fly us follows it in a first Nuto . " All Trio new a of Trio Cluny will lie found in it condensed Whon Noiin portent a t f u l l h Ngllie when of Nio inuit and always presented in a Clear intelligible and interesting manner. It is a i rat nue family a incr f u l l of entertaining and rending of every kind but containing nothing t h u t can offend Tho inst i Lic Utu and table. It is a ii St Nite Story papi r. I Lio Lii it Onlee and romances of current Lito Raturi uru carefully eel a cd and u Gibly printed in its pages. It is a first Rato agricultural paper. Tim Moat fresh and instructive articles on agricultural topics regularly appear in this department. It is ail Independent political paper belonging to no party and wearing no Collar. It lights for principle and for the election of the Bent men to office. It especially devotes its energies to thu exposure of the great corruptions that now weaken nil disgrace our country and threaten to undermine Republican. altogether. H Lias no fear of a mics and asks no favors from their supporters. It reports the fashions for Tho ladies and the markets for the men especially the cattle markets to which it pays particular attention. Fili ally it is Tho cheapest paper published. One Dollar a year will secure it for any subscriber. It is not necessary to get up club in order to have 1 he weekly Sun at this rate. Any 0113 who sends a single Dollar will get the paper for n year. The a Kaki y eight imgo.=, Litfiy Nix columns. Only $ 1. Soft year no discounts from thit Rah 1. The Ali full weekly Knob Leo us to dully him Sion a year. A discount of to pit cent la club i of 10 or Over. This a 1 1. V Sun a Large four Page newspaper of Twenty eight columns. Daily circulation Over i of 0 0. All the news for in rents. Subscription Price or $ u year. To cd Lelih if 1o or Over n discount of 2o per Cunt. A arc a a " the Sun new York Char

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