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Jones County Liberal Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1872, Page 1

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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - September 19, 1872, Monticello, Iowa A it Jones Eai d that the average Cost of keeping Pau ers is $ 112 per annul and that on an average Hoy Are kept ten and a by Elf years. In some of the states it costs $ 305 per annul to keep supers. Although says a Washington Telegram it is Hought at the Indian Bureau that there is no danger of an Indian War official advices in which the president shares show that serious hostilities Are probable at a very Early Day along the whole Indian line. Another delegation of Savages representing he Kiowa comanches Arapahoe Choyo aues and Wichita and numbering some forty warriors will soon Start from the Indian tar Story for Washington under escort of Indian \ gent Tatem. Foreign. The London advertiser expresses in Strong terms its dissatisfaction with the results of he labors of the Geneva arbitrators. It says 1 the Plain English of it is Tho British government has allowed Tho americans to bully us out of three or four millions of pounds to Curry favor with them and the modestly Toni Atn Latea us upon paying an amount in settlement of Tho claims for which a Fow weeks ago it was Ami mod that England was neither orally nor morally the rinderpest continues Fco spread through. The Carlias arc again becoming troublesome in Spain and outbreaks on the Frontier Ore frequent. M. Duvic Gior de Haurane pronounces As false the report of Bis engaged ont to miss Sellie Grant which appeared in Tho Figaro. The recent elections for members of Congress in Brazil were attended with much excitement and disorder. Riots occurred the troops were called out and several persons Bayon eted. The returns indicated that the government would have a majority in the next Congress. A correspondent of Tho London Telegraph adverting to the meeting of the emperors at Berlin says that whatever May be the object of the new Alliance it cannot be expected to last very Long As the death of either of the parties would be sure to break it up. The emperor William is nearly 80 years old and is suffering from Tho gout. The emperor Alexander although comparatively Young is not Strong and is moreover exposed to those manifold perils which have so often shortened the lives of his predecessors. But Bismarck thinks that Tho league Means five years certain peace. President Thiers will on the opening of the French Assembly propose the creation of the Onice of vice president. The German russian and austrian emperors having conferred Many orders upon each other have made their formal Adieu Aud Alexander and Franz Joseph have left Berlin for their respective capitals. The emperor of Austria conferred the Cross of tin order of St. Stephen of Hungary on Prince Bismarck. Prince Clor Schakoff Gen. Mauu Teufel Al and count and Rissy were decorated with the order of the Black Eagle by Tho emperor of Germany and with the order of St. Andrew by the emperor of Russia. The emperor William Uia be the emperor of Austria honorary colonel of the Schleswig Holstein regiment of b Hussars and the sous of the Prince Imperial of Germany wore appointed to colonel cies m the russian army. Bismarck gives it As his opinion that the meeting of the emperors has steer avg thei Jed Confidence in peace which was almost As valuable As peace itself. He wished history would now remain at a hand. Still for a while. Pere Hyacinthe s letter concerning and defending his recent marriage and which he published in the French papers declares it to be Tho farthest from his intention to renounce his High calling claims with Many arguments appended to show the justness of his claim that marriage and the Priesthood Aro Loy no Means antagonistic and that his step has not been inconsiderate or Hasty or notoriety seeking. A great land slide recently occurred in the province of Arragon Spain on the Banks of the Cinca River. The bed of the Stream was filled with Earth and rocks the Waters forced from their course and the country inundated. Many lives were lost and a vast amount of property destroy eco. A private letter from a French military Man of rank to a Friend in new York states to at it is quite certain that marshal Bazaine will he found guilty and sentenced to death. The Pope has finally abandoned All idea of leaving Rome. Prince Albrecht commander in chief of Tho austrian army is dead. The proprietors of the French collieries near Calais hive just executed their first contract for furnishing Coal to England the first shipment amounting to 250,000 tons. The French radicals have determined notwithstanding tiers proclamation to the contrary to celebrate the anniversary of the first Republic with banquets in Paris and the provinces. The news from Cuba continues favourable to the struggling patriots. Gen. Agramonte recently captured and sacked the important town of san Miguel. Seventy of the Garrison were killed. Other cuban successes Are reported. Prof. Tyndall the celebrated naturalist will visit the United states this fall. Twenty five workmen recently lost their lives in a belgian Coal pit by the accidental flooding of tha mine. Lio Chufort Tho exiled communist is reported to to in a dying condition at Tho Island of new Caledonia the French penal Colony. It is said that the emperors in their to cent conference at Berlin agreed to request the Pope to Broil from the Jom its they pro mining to intercede with Italy in behalf of tic foreign religious corporations at Lime. King amadeus in hit speech from the throne at the opening of the up Auitt Cortes announced that Hia government lir. D not yet settled its differences with Tho holy Sao. Pro Niino is Rule that reforms will to introduced in Cuba when the rebellion shall have been suppressed. The reported death of Gen. Albrecht of Tho Aii Trian army a contradicted. The Ocneva arbitration. This Nevi sept. If Tho gentlemen of Tho court of arbitration returned to Geneva today. They express themselves highly gratified at their reception at Berne and Interlachen. A he dinner Given in their Honor by the Swiss Govorun int last night Una attended by the president of Tho Republic us ambors o f the Federal Council and Tho entire diplomatic body of Brae. In the speeches sex Hai Igod on the occasion there waa a marked tone of satisfaction it Tho Happy conclusion of the work of thu arbitration and Hie achievement of a result which the Apo agora said is bound to have much powerful influence for Good not Only on the two countries More intimately concerned but of All civilized nations. Geneva sept. 14.�? Tho decision of the Alabama claims arbitration tribunal in the awarding of settlement in Tho ease Between great Britain and the United states was delivered to Day. The d eci Nion which is quite lengthy concludes As follows s in accordance with the spirit and letter of Tho treaty of Washington it is preferable to adopt a form of adjudication of a sum in Gross rather than refer Tho subject of compensation for further discussion and deliberation to the Board of assessors provided in article 10 of the treaty of Washington Tho tribunal of arbitration using the authority conferred on its members by article 7 of the treaty by a majority of four voices awards to the United states of America the sum of $ 15,500,000 in Gold As the indemnity to be paid by great Britain to Tho use of Tho american government for the satisfaction of All claims referred to the consideration of the arbitrating tribunal conformably to the provisions contained in article 7 of the treaty i. Us in a Cim Unce with the terms of article 11 of Tho treaty. Tho tribunal declares that Oil claims which have been referred to it for adjudication Are hereby t univ. Perfectly and finally nettled. The court furthermore declares that each and every one of said claims whether the same May or May not i ave been presented to the notice or Laid before the tribunal shall henceforth be considered and treated As Sot tied and barred. In testimony whereof the present decision and award has been made in duplicate and signed by the arbitrators who have Given a a omit thereto the Bolo being in Exa. It conformity with the pro visions of the treaty of Washington. Made and concluded at the hotel de Ville Geneva Switzerland sept. A a. D. 1872. A similes Francis Adams count Slopis Jacob steam Phi b. Upon d it Aruba the principal of the award turns out Tojo but. $ 11,200,000, the rest being added for in treat at six per cent., which makes the total $ 15,500,000. Napoleon interviewed. Napoleon has been interviewed at Brighton by a Clever London correspondent who reports that the sex majesty takes a thrilling interest in the european situation and that be asserts that Thiers in preparing for War. He Bays that the venerable president has increased the Cost of the i my by 100,000 300 of francs. And that in View of this Napoleon allo. Is that he is suspicious of warlike designs. The emperor expressed Strong belief in the free Trade and said he greatly regretted the retrograde policy of m. Thiers. He does not seem to think that the peace of eur fipe is in any immediate o anger German authorship. The secret of the vast number of books produce. By Gorman authors sir Sci from their great Industry find continual writing is explained by the fact that almost every author of note has around him a corps of assistants who like himself f. Re students. To them he gives an outline of his work a Mere sketch and on the most reliable authority they fill it out searching in every direction for Aid from the writers of the past. The author is thus saved from Drudgery and yet has the right to claim the completed work As it contains his ideas though clothed in the language of others. Tub striking mania. Who will strike next grave tigers have reported their grievance and struck for higher wages and Shorter Days work clergymen have Felt it their duty to resist a wholesale demand of their time spec idly in he matter of funerals and now at Malaga the students have been seized with the epidemic have joined the Gnu work strikers though Why they should thus ally themselves is a. Mystery but they have done to and placarded the College Walls with a list of their injuries and say they can Only return peacefully to the paths of Wisdom and learning when their hours of labor shall be reduced to six. A a a offensive Breatix. A for this purpose almost the Only substance. Thut should be admitted at the toilet is the concentrated solution of Chloride of soda. From six to ten drops in a Tine lass full of pure Spring water to be taken immediately after the operations in the morning Are completed. In some cases the odor arising f oin carious Teeth is combined will that of the St a Mach. If the Mouth be Well rinsed with a teaspoonful of the solution of the Chloride in a Tumbler o water the bad odor of the Teeth will be Jour Tuilom Texas. Texas papers say that the report to from the crops mall parts of Texas Are really glorious. The Corn crop is or. Paralleled. The Cotton is magnificent everywhere the. Worm having done no damage As yet and it will soon be too late for them to Hurt Tho crop. There will of More than can to gathered every other Cro p. Is. Equally line Pota toes poas Beans Oats Rye Barley wheat Hay fodder pecans and the Mast which fatten hogs Witt tout Corn is absolutely immense. A great scientist coming. Pro. Tyndall the illustrious English scientist and one of the greatest thinkers of the Uge is about to Visil America. It will be the evidence of a More democratic More enlightened and in every respect More creditable state of Public opinion in this country when visitors of this character Are received and entertained with the National hospitality and popular enthuse asm which Harp heretofore been reserved for Pysno. Elin. qty icon a 7vm a. J of ribs Illint Iio Tali Oji. Kluj. K1 nov York. Self condemned. Out of their own Mouths Are they adjudged Lifrant indicted Anil condemned by his own party. Tho Philadelphia platform a con onion of the failure of his admin int int Iii. Front thu Goldon ago the severed Somra augury that can to narc on Tho failure of Grant s first term of be presidency is the plate Irin on which to hands Lor re election. Luivory it it a no irom ibo which that platform puts Forth for he future is a confession of the admin ration g derelict Ian in Tho part. Koch pledge mid it Philadelphia turns state s evidence to convict the Verv Candi Lato in Whoso behalf it was made. Examine nine of the Points. I. Grant s platform demands n Reform of he civil service. Why then has not his administration already Given us this Reform t the 1 Rosi Leut has Benu in Power Throe and a half ears nearly one whole term. During this period. He has always had a working Nia Jorty in both houses of Congress at his daily. Jui Inan i. Indeed Shine Tinics this majority Las exhibited toward him Tho subservience if Lic Spittles. They Honvo Bonn Only too m. Mph to Ilo Hio bidding. Siivo they not i me indecent haste to Cor. Firm his Brothers Law his nephews his uncles his wife s relations and All the Hoat of his a egotistic appoint mints were they not Quick to a notch his Wink and obey Hio Beck for there Noval of a Hnilica sunnier from the Chairina Alip of the committee of foreign a options did they not submissively bed Hoir Knees with the Ivro Idonat d in a Cornmon and ignominious surrender to England v when bus he failed of their votes for any purpose Good or bad never Why thai docs his party go to Philadelphia Ami through Tho unanimous Mouth of a Pickol convention demand civil Orvice Reform 31 whom do they demand h2 01 Tho Seivi s. What thoughtful citizen therefore can i Fly a skiing. Why Honvo Thoy not already Minlu grunted civil Sorvino Reform what excuse can they give for having Dulay Odil ? Low Cau they Avor apologize for the crime of having thus far thwarted it what will the. Y say of their own orator gon. But. Or for denouncing it out of their on Mouths Are they adjudged guilty. Thev Aro self condemned. Ii. Grant s platform Liem Aucia He abolition of the franking privilege. Why then have his Puri Aarau in con Ross systematically voted against the abolition of the franking priv logo have they not had Tho fairest of opportunities to accomplish this Reform if Thev Hail Boon in Earnest to achieve this Triumph they could Honvo done it fat any time within Tho last three years. To say in w that Tho frail King privilege ought to to Zibol Ioc. 1 is simply to idiot Tho president and his friends for not having abolished it Long o. Hero again Thoy Are self condom cd. Iii. Grant s platform asserts state rights. Why then has he systematically violated state rights Why h Avo to Hod for three years an unbroken series of intrusions by Tho Federal government into local affaire Why for instance has it Beau the practice of or. I hons Murphy and Tho Ilow York custom House to give Lawa to Ali a Syracuse convention ? Why has the Federal government aided and whetted the alien Aud Torpet bag governments in Tho Southern states the like of which for. Rottenness has never Boru matched in our history save of Tho tammany King Why has the administration conc no Nutly thrown out the vote of Throe or four your or five five or six counties in some of Thesa states at its Sovereign pleasure in order to keep it sown partisans in Power Slute rights Forsooth i these have never be. On to flagrantly violator As by Grant Aud his Pahy. To say now t h a t these right should to maintained is Only to Bay that the y have been we. L High and Tho party that thus pretends to maintain them a the vory party that has been sedulously destroying Thim. After three years of this destruction the president Ami his partisans have now Tho effrontery to declare themselves in favor of what they Havo annihilated. Such Curita arc self condemn cd. In. Grant s platform asks for Eulou arc Lii ont to ship building. Why than hug h s administration done nothing for american Commerce except to cripple and repress it Why Are american merchants doing but thirty six per rout of their own carrying Trade leaving the remaining sixty four per cont. To fall As a precious prize to foreign flags Tho administration has had hourly four years in which to blot out this disgrace. Why is its pitiful record concerning our maritime prospects reduced to a specious Promise that though Tho government has done nothing to promote ship building during Tho inst four years it will try to remedy this neglect during Tae next term Tho r Hil Adelphin statement of Tho decay of our Commerce is Tho administration s confession of i own Unn government. The president a no his re Domiro Tionesta Are witness bearers against their own delinquency. They Are self condemned. V. Grant platform demands that american cities our in foreign lands shall be protected in their j u a t rights. Why then Das he in an unhappy cum Ber of signal and flagrant cases Aufferey american citizens abroad to be outrage without Protection and mulched without redrew a distinguished Union general exclaimed with Groat indignation a few Days ago " the safest act which any in reign government can now Sci Init is to hang an american to was partly right. No it is not enough hat the president should Promise in a Campaign document that american citizens travelling in other count ies arc hereafter to a protected he must also give a scr Why they have col heretofore Heen protected. His platform Siiteri have Here Aguin innocently confessed themselves guilty. They Are u condemned. I. Grant s platform demands that a. Pathy should be extended to foreign Riauo n struggling for Liberty. To i a is a bid for the Kouzian and cuban vote. But has tie administration up to this time Ever shown any sympathy either with fenian or cubans Ami if it is to show such a empathy in future will it not prove itself guilty Lor not having done to in the past u a own declaration of duty in the i a respect is the plainest possible proof that this duty if it to such tins been left undone. Tho president and his ii arty Aro once Moreall Roii denied. Vii. Grant s Lii lorm says Liitt the Pullio lends Ahoi ild Mil he flu adored. Why i of Linen hid Frinch regularly and lavish y ski Iii Jero them l a. T tiny Roll. It. Ing student of our country o. Uni Ilion consult the record of the department of he Interior Ami is. Re Titcze the. Mormons and is Loundis table of recent inn grand for Ruli hit to or Nanti. Dual Tho Union and Oen ill Pupil in have had Hill ,111 0 i Osino Siux c by and Pacifici Soo oof the be ulrus by. Ini. Lioi 1 ,10, nil Lii i thess Oral Kern Treibe 17,000,000 j the Allan tin and i a. Ilii 23,83u, Mii j the Millu in i Weihn in California to. Uhl. I to making Tor Tho various Pacific Komi. H total bid Roll of 148,1101 00 acres now without stopping to i1incihs to o r i g l t t f u l c i is or Wronna Illnois of a Ranti la i Oriu Piont land Lor i Iarj. Van w Ini Khali ii a j i i l of the Moin Trouis sol r a to Giitl Catino of a pol tical party that a Daren against Hiu i Liu. D Grama having itself born guilty of nuking them to Tho col Seul sum Tot. Ilu 1,111,0110,0 10 acres i to Roji oat Iho president and Hia convention Ajo Oell Monde tried. V i i i. Grunt a Pali uru a a Forth a p l a t i tude concerning Tho proper supremacy of Tho c i v i l Over lilo m i l i t a r y Power. Why then has Iho president so persistently Anil d e f i a n t l y elevated to m i l i t a r y Over unc i v i l ? Why did to make an Miau loomed Aud illegal Uso of Tho Navy in a w a r l i k e Iii a against a Lyyli v Why has to in direct retinue of a civil at a. Tuto surrounded himself with military instead of cd ill in. Rel. Rios Why in equal violation of in in his son an army officer now absent f inn duty in a foreign land pursuing Tho plots Iro Ono Tendon from which n lieutenant even though a president s Sou it to hidden by Tho very regulations of the air Vino Why did Iho president s brother in Law a custom House of Lliter in new o. Lonna employ n Federal vess.-. L with Bayonet w i t h m i l i t a r y menace and Chr evil. Of bloodshed to of Torawo to civil functionaries of a stale government.? Why did Tho pair Olio governor of Illinois in it necessary to a rpm. L and resist Tho Federal Sucro Tohni lit of it m i l i t a r y president who not troops i n to t h a t state for Pur Ponos at War with in civil Ami Loul in Why was u a. La opt lately mile in Congress and partially autom Sutil to give the pros Dent Power to suspend the Hareas Corpus .0 clutch the unto machinery of the elective Viiu Oise y. Rel to re elect himself a the Tolp of Muir lick Law if Grant and his body guard lit Phil Delp i in profess that Tho c i v i l Tower should be supreme Over Iho military. Beu by their act t they Bohoyo la. Air word. Hound Hia Brigado arout of condemned. Now let lilo preceding Vicat. On in Well ipod Rod. Lioy constitute n series of inti Clec. Uts of Flieh i. Aulont Grant s Pul form nukes against his own administration. L Hoy ure Tho voluntary and unanswerable m or. 88ions of the Fallero of Ali. L Adi Ninin. Ration Evon allowing it Bent Fri oils Lobo the judge in its own Otise. It is Iho per silent. Pin under condemnation by h s own Larty nay More of n Proa Dou t and his i r t y a Almir a joint ii. Us teat Nony Aga inn whom wolves. They uni . Nothing Rel Llaine therefore nit t h a t they should a condemned by Iho Roplo. Vitant s m i Ivi \ ii its the we Hoy i l act Len la. Volini Liml Iceni noisy in Mil utom la Lynh a my met it 4 la or Klein in. In Gimel Hail apr Rotten boroughs. I have our rot Lon 011310111 1101180?. But. Here is this utterance Between. Kogami Ulm oui aches that when the rot Len Borough syn Tom did prevail Tho. Rte was no tory in the land so bin ult us to maintain i Bat the pm to upholding it Acra economical. Or Groat reformers while with us the very upholders of Tho ration cd Toui Houtos n. Re travelling All w. R the United Istat. Of spouting on every stump haunting in every news per of their party the Groat reforms hey have inaugurated a. And the Economy they practice. Hero is an example of their Reform Albe Mirlo in North Rolina in a port of entry a a very modes port. The total foreign Commerce of albeit re during the evil on Lar year ending. December ill 1871, was imports. A Sill Ciorlo. A a a. Mil to superintend this foreign Trade of Albe mrle a mounting in the aggregate to $ 3 i i it required Tho following Oflia Uius is Titbit tit Tinl o. Dianiah. A a / orl871. 1 collector. $ 1 31 1.58deputy collector and clerk. 1.00 100 i Deputy collector. 1,4h i a 1 Dismut collector. 1 od5.0i i boat hands. 480.0 1 1 const . 805.00 total. $ 5,7 a 1.53 the figures Ore official and the above expenditure was actually incurred during 1871 to take care of a Totti Commerce ii mounting to $ 8ti t. Now to simply ask who Foo wild to More ashamed a a whole people for being subjected to such a Rotten swindle or in administration that boasts of Reform and Economy allowing it to go on for the three years that they Are in Power v Apalachicola in Florida is a Well known seaport town but unfortunately it hits no Commerce to speak of. The total foreign Coin Meico of during the Calendar Jelly ending 1871 was an follows imports. Nil exp Erlb. S2.8v. I to take care of this immense foreign Trade of . It required the following staff receiving Tho following salaries of Jim i. One collector. One Deputy collector. Four Boatmen p lid in 1x11. S1.200. 1. I 1,200 total s3 860 waa there Ever h Gina ii swindle a greater farce perpetrated in any c Sun try v Here is a port having no ii Piti a fur which mainly if not wholly n custom House is necessary unil whose whole Export was $ a 3411, requiring a collector u Deputy collector and Muiir a Boatmen when the postmaster of the place who ii a. Federal Rev Onui officer might easily have Signor the of twi ii Manifest of the $ 2.349 Worth of gown is exported. But if Lor a moment it should be supposed that the two collectors and four Boatmen were necessary to prevent smuggling we have to inform our readers that betide i the above there is stationed a Revenue Cutter in Apalachicola to look after that but. Sini Al. To and the expenses were us follows in 1871 four of Inorg Rovento Cutter petrel 95,401 seamen 3, Sii. And to inc Highl Louge keepers 3 " total Sll now we cannot fairly object to the services of the petrel and the Light Home keepers they no doubt do their do. Y and Eara their pay but we denounce the Custori House expenses in and Lachicot As an impudent swindle a nut York Wurl. The Louisville farce. A dul Vanle tells some Juii Vanant Trulli a tie movement Kun Cibir a a cd null promoted l the grim Luc. A unfortunate rent in the Bourbon bag at Louisville bus let out a Largi Grant cat and although the most Dos Perate efforts were made to secure the i animal it evaded the Pursuit and in now i at Large. That there w a k an Intima l Liis Deraci Lydon in to bag has Beon a Al Lont nil along from the move Immitti if Morton tie Lufler of old. Loo in Olio lie Conul. Ii 4 of i nil Maloi. Kilmus inf and Tho i a Noral i not t Tiit if the do Liitt a soc Fillol Hud not Imd help from to it ant Chimp sign fund they would my have had Mono Cimon Jjlia to envy lit upon pcs of the n l t i i f Lull lilo Public of Linn Imd Tho Lii itt Opportunity to not Good ii of it H in invt in. Tip i. Ii i. In of Wilbur v. Storey to " l a " i Nui Shooli Oil Tho Chin Venison hit vently by of and to h a at cot out of Tho Bug Tho Enrco it Vii Uville Bikin with and ref Lunise us Lii us ii bog in with a tint tight tit Trio Vilt Llo Tiso. Georgo Pri Nugid train who certainly h id ii Minoh right there. S any Ono no. Had to pet out of the crowd to a void por Sunil Violo Noo. The Iii or to formers were Joc cd. Tho g in was ii plied in All lol ogates who worn Utip Wolod of pro erring Errol of to Grant and among hem who Kin Ingriid of Tyrone ii k Conrad did not Roli a h Tho of portion and in Rcv ongo to in lion Trio Bug and let out the oat Tho development hich to bus undo Roii Arning Tho Vii Sylvimia dolt gention will apply in lie gooral facts to nil Tho Del gift Iosim and Tell the Story of Tho Louisville a. Soo clearly Gnu comply Italy. All of 10 i Dolomite of in Copl in Roll he i Iyub w re Ginni men nut o of whom intend Ute to vote for the nominees of the convention the. If i Asp rotation to i Louisville was paid by lie Grint party ski a k con Riff Hiing Elf room ill ? list cd. To for six in Tho of Flynn f t h o g v a n t St. Ito i mitral commit ten t Piil Adolphiii upon lilo or in 1 of yes of Ninnin of the Hom Bon so Ito a trill committed of . He Ordi i was Iio Colod and cashed by Lii key a Trio Grunt stunt to Dpi Iron Hoba i been convict of in complicity Ith Gyorkos and Len Vanl l., Tho Canion candid at l or gov or nor of speculum in s l i l o fund. Tho bund of Musio. Nit accompanied Tho Dol Galinn was lid for by He Ottmo Puri of mid Tho Junnor which the Iton Robiin ill ovation Ore did Sorvino. O in lilo i i Ladolph convention in Diu igniting lilo boats Noti Iod by Tho Grant in l a Fiat Iii. This o throws a Lyonil if Light on any Del Itil a of Thi. I / a a 711 i la inc. Cuini t Kom kick comi. I. The following curd from or. Cd incl oils Tho Story in full to Trio True democracy of Tho United n t e n i representing the Hrmel of i Sonnay Lavuia in lilo convention Aai. I nailed in i lie City to Nader the a ii of in in. Jii d Hii Ini i Ini Iilo minor. In attain Ali Loay in lilo convention Loho Hoard. This was Ilon Iod Tun Anil in the Haibt Daft Coli Lonius i i i i n n e r by the president., who him Noll or pied at least two hours in a ibo Liali Abonado Aho tit cd. On Polly Vardon. A y hot it wit to of Pone thu treachery of Iho Ani Ron hit Trant thieves of my of n Batto. Mio tool Sylvania ill location wan composed f All Grant Moil Rico citing Niya Elf not one f whom Ever intend ii to vote for Uio Noin uen of t h i s convention. Ali air Branann Alnon to Thia Oon Vonthun a. A obtain Oil Anil mid for by Tho Grant people. My of i and Roflo of live others notch representing a Din Riol in r Onitt Alvunia t proof and in Tho Owoc of the Grant stole control Ooin Neilt. Of of in Sylvanio at Philadelphia Corner of eighth und Walnut Stroota Over n. Woll nou ii Tii Loring . For Thiera. Nut it nation i Hud an order from by on chairman of Iho to Tirotti ? late Central committee of . Thai order Van obeyed by Iho state treasurer " f 1 Bob Markcy who is Well a town s Ono of Ca Murou d Nuh Jota. The band of main that Macuom Punio us vent run fihe t nil ind for by the Hiu Iio Grant people and or Litlo a Tenor i h f i t wins Jarriod her Loo go Mountjoy la Tho sumo that do Igenito l Tho Imeln in to flail Lenl Oon vant Lnu of Tho 51h of Lino of the Pennsylvania delegation unit. Mimi and Grant and which who presided Var by lion in Stittle Tho rebel of North Tirol in a thin is Tho mini Anil Nuh Stenno of hint f intended to say Hud ten president Llo writ to to proceed and now i a euro All t my Deni Coralic Friona who May Olia Tico o Soo t h i i p that hut i have rated hero no fact a n i l of which i am Proia. Rod to prove. W. Fink Conidia ii. Lovett tenth congrow Sionil District of Pon Sylvania. Johnson is. Jitiam. Hell coi Uimer a la will Ali Linn begin i a to Lott Ori Niit after the terrible Andrew Johnson us Sinif rennet Iho Circle it was held y the virtuous u. Id Milb that null ice corruption was at its height and no Ollyn s were supposed to be More to erupt and expo Iivo than those of the internal to venue establishment in in i 7. This Rutt abuse was to in reformed by the Irani administration. Tho following. Able will show How Ubhi Bingly the in ladle win not Only not reformed but actually increase. D by the present . In 1sg6 7 there were about 1,100 Small and Large n. I tides to internal Revenue tax which brought $ 265,920.474 c. R Revenue. In 1871 there were but ten specialities left or to i Filion which brought $ 144, a 71 24. The Cost of collection in the state was in the two periods ii allows Stakh. Ala Hamil -., i Arkan Fiaiai uis Triet of col i uni Iii i Illinois Indian Iowa i. We. Ori 1zj 005,42 55,828.411 s442. C17 17 85 1 to 1tell. Tax 17.000. In i 0 i 75500 9li37.000 61 p. 31 i so p. \ Uro Mlod i or. A Citrin in Plant a vows in the Southern a Titi of Afriani. It is known by the minho a honk Thorn and i a said o Bear Homo n Koine Limo to the ouello. Ish. Tho Large in i. Or of this t r u l y horrible Plant Are u Lovely purple Lino. Tov spread inc mosh of Over the ground or Hung in mater a from lilo Irett and Siuli a. Tim Vonjj or. To oho Bavo Sharp in Slud Thoi a. It i in in los throughout choir Lon Jib who n lie ii Litls i. Ill Oil Tho Wal it to o it Giro developed and fully Ripo Tinto a id a k n Piir. I. I widely i rur. I ouch Olhorn ind form an nor. In of u l i n r p in Rod looks. Woe to in Tho t l i t v i l o r who Volmo t near at Miili a time Tim in Ullh to Diora in the lust Kallur Wiira Suft Rod terribly from thin Plant while the Kukri unclothed and. Oily of opt d harm live the i Lii Toucan was Ivi t in to to guide and hold. Irl Smisor. Imigine our hooked Horn 11 Woitt Loeve. Tho Lent move input at c. Wenpo bunds the Iofik Flondor ran Otu hand Hook after Hook fix a its loin i n t o Hie clothing. Is niggling on Elili a lilo a Tibor of the Rod onion Iofel ind Thoro is no Way of Roonpo Ono. Opl to stand s t i l Lof Iii Oil the clinging seed o Alen mid remove them one by Ime Alii Liim s Al Liberal Itenson Rcck. Alii Bivinia \ n Iii Ling Allenton to her fact min Viil we will. I. A Dipo it of Mil Mihili Ferogh tits Ore extends from ii Par Tho eel. In of the slate to it a dior tie ii Exi realty a duh Manuri of Iso Nilo h. 1 1 u Pranno timid the most i. Inn Kable in t a no in t h i i Donn try. And ill on n Pray Tiivel yield in the blast ii Rio. 1of Over lil to Pur oct. Of Iron. I Iii is i Nond o Iki per Leolly Lula to d to he of cur wheels Zinb ind All ii. Tii n Iri Iii in guv it Strong Ali ind tenacity. Tho do ponies lie to near la Hii Faor that the Railroad m t l i w f j Siivo in Home in. Stai hich exposed the strata. Do Side thin Iron on i lie Coal Meh in Are ii to of great extent and Aie nine with i Tinl Fao Lily. They urn on cited be. Or lilo. Jahi Iwohn and Warrior a Ives a and Niit Naiad to cover in urea if More than 6,000 k untre Miles. The Warrior Linlda a Namthi air a. Evenly and. He online Iii fifty left in . Lily. I iils two of which Are in four. In of Lon. Strip Eton Are Only no oiled to develop Trio in in hot eth. Lynw to fasten k Lilii r to \ Vonil Anil Metil. A rubber platen and Lin ii lire now Alny s lined almost exclusively for making connections Liet. Ween the i. M and outlier Ipoh Uriel ii p a Rel. Us Nitti. I annoyance in of Lon exp Rennord by the ability or imperfection of an airtight Eon Neeton. Thin is obviated entirely by Emp hiking u foment which fastens alike Well to the nil Iber and to the Metil or Wood. Sincli eem enl. Is prep Rcd by n h i i l n t i o n of he Belluc in in Monla. Tiu in Besl. Maile by soaking Pulyer ived guru shellac in ten times in weight if he ring i Immonen when a Slimy Merih is of Linin a a Biel in Throe or four weeks w i l l in come Hiluid without t l i n Mool hot water. Tilts wifi Eiith the rubber and Liscome. To Al Ler v o h i t i l i /. Ilion of the firm armm. Imnel and to Gas and Llu Idu a mfr Liniai Artisan. Fun l i Mif Wood fur . Wood May he rendered Nei irly an Cir my e of Lehl Ling fire a Brick or Stone without Grout labor or expense Liy Mia Kin tint dried lumber a Hoit to Iii in a Houllion of Holn ble Glaw a Hili Niilyn of Rima or Pola a Hunu after Vard a Ithmer Sirij it in Liine w. Teiby which Tho Pooh of the mood Are filled with a Silicato of Lime. This Kiili Tanca is lire proof and ii Enol be Elict solved in Wau a and itt pretty Isoo and etl act in Tho Liber of the to id Are therefore permanent Sohi Blo Ellihu in Rea Lily obtained being already largely used in thin country. This is not patented. . The j finish Hon nor. Nyer of new York foul s i but. The jewish Faith a Fulling into decay in America and Dollart ii that even the Jowish Home is often tripped of All evidence of Judaism stated prayers Are no longer obligatory upon the i list haul. Dietary eth Olenth Tiro considered obsolete. and fringes no vol deemed Essi tial parts of the Vest up of lifer or excited with neatness s a t i s f a c t i o n ii a iia n t h de. Mown the Lur Lior. From und fir Hor Dolly Voird in a lion a m a of lilo no fuel Blue tour Van in Oris fiotto of cult Iii i. In Hilr Al Ini i u tin i lie so Mirkil Tho Lii rat. Of in j a Iti. In h a r. Iii to of Whitw Rihino with in 111 inn Tutti Ioimo i Linns that Hiltry a u t i in. In. Kho talk Oil ii Tuut Oln Uili Ami a r a 0 i and Loo cil at Hor lil in Thra 1. U Tox i Mio Nihl Uli nut Alum Onmi. I. Is Ith Hilr train of Luvois unit a love p. Nun Liu Oil Iwuc i ur7 in anti Imi Onul Nti Dut. In Wiki i Luton ii to a Ioir what was Linin would i. Ill from Iii l l n us muck. Rom that Mouth " i Vonil Clio he Oeung. Lit Worth in ult i Ull. Suteno Itti Nih it Tanir Valiti in u i Init nil. Sim urine 1, am i Snoa Tho Luis Der Hetio upon a l Umi Hir Tiff brn Kii a with " Tom non if look in Tho Biu knt. And ret in a n Piet i of l irn Down in told list Elmir 1 h l l l l Honvo the Lio. N t in by inv hut. Don t fix m t in Piri Itlen Krona an Folh in Whatu Iii Iuo. L of flying. I. T. Of Fulca Tho Mimi air dwell ii noon nor min and in Tny i Iii t from r a Poio Mih of it in lion Tho Cut not. I a into Srboui will mount i Giulii. Ii. Tim Ftp Tmur Swallow hkini5 h i Low Tor oui 9. And a Nils in Oloizi by. Not in a univ so Tim so 1. Liy in Lair hid. Lime Row Intro Wuo. 111. Nor Mimi Tutu coir re airy Lily and Mot Annj my allow a hold not. If they May. And Coli Tor Liotti Luil Luni Nett i Jurny. In. Kor Linn if the \ Vyrl l in d u l l without Tho huh Mur howl. By Iii nil to Altor Hower. S Tiro Don and you 4 in Tell Addor Thun tit a Fuir. 1 Liuvao run. Therefore t a any f would n i i l t f i of Nicl. For a Kon. V Calif and in of Norry mood an will i Silil Puitz lilies their increase of expenditure for administering in the above six slut a the internal Revenue by Grant in 1871�? j Ovi r that by. Johnson in 1866 7, Fth a 4, 382.03. In other words the present administration in order to purify corruptions and reduce the expenditures of the extravagant Johnson s administration found it necessary to increase the Cost by in average of nearly 42 per cent. Here is a study for civil service George William which we invite him to con temp new York world. The Atli be the new be publican news paper in. Antly established in St. Louis is mooting with a Success which i a quite a him Raul in journalism. It is one of those Phenomena which defy precedent and net established ruin at naught. The Globe a in Many respects an admirable paper but a Fords tic reason Why it should at once leap into full manhood and pass beyond an old established concern like the Democrat Purt ments of religion. In Tine there pears to be a total be a nation of life. A novel Hreibi Kufahl 1 not. A novel breakfast party was recently Pilici panted in by the Dover bathing club. A flouting table decorated with Flowers w in anchored in the Bay Aud upon it were Laid cups of hot Eflee fit. F go bread find butter Etc. About Twenty members of the club then Huron g into the water swam to the table and drank their code Etc., the conditions Heing that no one a i to touch the table itself. Thin a Good knowledge of the Art of " t Road ing water and there who plenty of fun for quite half an hour when the repast was Lleni. Lied. The Oyster Trade. Tho Oyster season a now begun in Earnest and employment is found for thousands of women and girls in shucking the bivalves a labor until within the putt two yearn ii comply Zahed by co pred men. Then Tho oysters were opened in Tho raw state but now they Are subjected to a gloaming process which to parts the shells that who operators have no trouble in getting at the meat. The loading packers anticipate in unusually he 1 Ivy business thin Winter Larj e number of heavy orders having j ready arrived from Points hitherto re curved As outside of the in Ket. A Baltimore american. Tok Extension of the National banking system under the act providing of an additional $ 50.000,000 of circulation u having the Cut it of creating a demand for greenbacks and of diffusing them Mote equally Over the entire country instead of concentrating them in new York City us heretofore. They Are required by the new Banks for i serve fund purposes. During the past year the increase in to National Bank capital has been a 20,000,000, and Ince the passage of the Lato act $ 35,000,000. The entire circulation of the Banksia now 8339,077,975, based on $ 398,188,200 of United states Bonds. Dan o co Sou nominated by the he put lick to. B of Missouri for auditor of suite Jug an Irish Patriot of 1848. Yer leak p. Aims have they yet. Toil Ruairi. Itans have they yet Honl not. Loek. Wiikna Doe a n in n u Tice. E Stireo timed when he o i n Kielp it. What in it Ali itch in Hlawek White an Road All Over a in. Room for improve enl is probably Hie largest room in i l i e world Wiikna you hear a Man Hay " bile in but n dream Tiv irl on Lii. T Eor Tih in i Winike him up a Nunu Lily has i n n found who. Iii Stein 1 of baying a Pupil in her Eye Iii a Luis Lime a . Guv is a the most Orui l Leah ii in the world Heel Giro Bhe daily wring men s to. Oui. " Mahsa Chrisl Oiher Columbus who a queer Man 1 Bifid n negro orator " a notion Kio aned him one any Ami la n he Fri a. I of a n Tomk go to and Loddie you Nee it is Sundown and the Little Chicken a All go to Root lit that time. 1 " Yth aunty but the old. H a n Jijoo Wiki them. On t trouble Youra Olf to str leh your Uio uth Init wider mid a i l i i i l i h t to a Man who Vii h extending his jaw frightfully " ii i i n t e n d to Bland out inti during Tho Pei form nip a Hood natured Travler fell Ith Leep in a train and Wii carried a few Nii cry t. Yontl Lii a it Luisiii Ilion. 1 Rotty Good joke to Lii in t it Kud i to a fellow piih90i or. " Vesi but a Little too farfetched wan the rejoinder. " Vino goes there said in Iriti entry of the Jiri tilth legion at St. Sebastian. " a Fri my was the prompt re i by. Then it find where you Are cried 1 at for by the Powei a you re Tho lift i be met w i t h in ibis Mulherin Conn an Lowan going to a Friend to get. Him to write a notice of Bis wife s Dorti ration Tho latter wrote " my wife having left my Bud and born do when the Iii Iii Del of claimed " Stop i to lop there h Tho trouble. Site it leave Tny bed but e. Or cd it with a Ivan Oihi Farmer in Ohio killed fert. Y Black by Inch one Niay i Henlly and Smied them in a Hind Phi. Tic next Day to tent h h 1 litre. D Many a Hor let to dig Fiah Wornie in the name place and the Bia of the worn trial Lening Tho i Joor fellow nearly out of itis Seihei he a d in terror from the then e. A new Iii. I. And Mother wan recently questioning her Little girl in geography in Lillow " win lir sit went through Tiu it Tail of m. A. Ella ii Daisy quickly ans i red " image an with i Squadron " what do you undo fund by his Squadron dash the question was not in the Book lint l Nuy. Was ready for the emergency. " Ohl 1 know. It s one. Of Eliote women that Ain t quite headache be Meizies. A correspondent of the Jit iral Nam yorker writes t " 0, How my head aches said my 1 ? a. " it Bettna us if i never had such a headache before.". 4 " take these Boneset blossoms and Chew them i mid handing him what would till bin Mouth swallowing the bitter juice then lie Down Grid if they do not help you in half an hour or you do not drop in sleep in unit time will try another the half hour Elii Psid sleep did not come and the pain \ Vul. S not eat cd to i took about As much Silt Peter As would make a Lump As Large ii two pens dissolved it in a Little warm water then added a Little cold so As Luvirla to Rill a Teacup gave him a ten Spoont us of this once in ten minutes till hit had taken four teaspoonfuls wet a clean while cloth with Home of the water and Laid it on Bis head under n dry one. After taking this he slept a few hours and toward night was Able to do he chores. Previous to retiring to bed that night he bathed his feet in warm water to which had been added Wood ashes sufficient to make it feel not soaking them Well loosening All the accumulations on them rubbing and wiping them dry. With these simple remedies and attentions he was As Well As a enl next Day. How much a Al eats. A curious calculation has been made by an eccentric individual Well known one Hundred thousand Vancs have been place cd at the disposal of the French minister of i Ubelio instruction for the collection of the necessary instruments for the observation of the transit of Venus which occurs on december 8,1874. The work of collection is being pursued with great activity at the " Imperial Observatory under the Duer. Tion of h. Alphonse Martin. In Paris far his Peculiar antipathy to the Fly. He collected 3,000 flies in a room measuring seventy cubic feet. On the floor he spread a pounded loaf of sugar. At the end of your Days he went to investigate the result f his Experiment. There remained a teaspoonful of sugar. This statistician therefore calculates that sugar being at toe rate of thirteen cents a Pound a % Oosta the country Twenty cent s from its birth to Iti demise that is if fed on loaf aug a r
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