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Jones County Liberal Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1872, Page 1

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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - October 24, 1872, Monticello, Iowa Oiwa Jott mfg Jerat by tub Liberal dining office 504 first Street formerly commercial Hall terms two dollars a tear in Advance. News summary. The East. The Saratoga county Bank at Waterford n. Y., was robbed the other Day of Over $ 800,000, l y a gang of pinot Naeko Desper Doob. The robbers secreted themselves in the House of the cashier during the night and bound and gagged the entire family except the cashier whom they compelled to open the vault of the Bank. A a Hon. Justin 8. Morrill has Boon re Olec Tod United states senator from Vermont. James Anthony Froude the English historian was Banquete at new York the other Day. Or. Frodo explained that the object of his visit to this country waa to contribute to the formation of Public opinion in this country regarding the relations Between England and Ireland. Cony i a. The recently appointed coloured midshipman is having about an bad a time of it at the Annapolis naval Academy As Cadet Smith did at West Point. On last Friday night when Tho midshipmen were in Lino in arching from the lower part of Tho grounds to their quarters an attack was made on conyors by some score of middies who kicked and cuffed him unceremoniously. A Cadet officer rushed in with a drawn sword among Tho crowd that had gathered about Tho unfortunate Cadet and stopped the attack. The president s attention has been called to this matter and he Kas promised that All Tho parties engaged in the affair shall be dismissed. A throwing match Between base Ball players took place at Brooklyn n. ¥., Tho other Day. Hatfield of the Mutual club throw the Ball 133 Yards 1 foot 7 inches winning the first prize. Leonard of the Boston club threw 119 Yards 1 foot 10 inches and Harry Wright of the same club 117 Yards 1 foot 1 Inch. Ben Butler has been renominated for co Gross by the republicans of the sixth Massachusetts District. Tho will of the late William h. Soward is a Clear succinct document singularly free from Legal technicalities and written entirely in his own hand. To Bequeaths his late Home at Auburn to his three sons. His other property to divides into four equal shares among his sons Augustus Frederick and William and his adopted daughter. Olive Lisley Soward. Tha property amounts to about $ 200,000. It is reported that James Gordon Bennett will soon commence issuing a German edition or the new York Herald. Or. Borroughs a Well known new York hotel keeper formerly proprietor of the Continental hotel at Long Branch and latterly of the Everett House new York has eloped to Europe with Ella Wesner a male character vocalist and variety actress. He loaves a wife and family and numerous creditors to mourn his flight. Ground has been broken on Tho now Connecticut state House at Hartford. Snow to Tho depth of four inches fell on the Penobscot River in Maine on the 18th of october. The horse disease whig. A. Or been rasing in Canada has broken out in new York and causes much alarm among horse owners. New York merchants report the Trade with Trio South greater this autumn than at any time since the War. Tho Canada horse epidemic in prevailing to an alarming Cut our among the horses of Buffalo. Tho total vote of Pennsylvania at Tho october. Election was 053,000, Ami does not vary much from the vote of 1868. In Tho Bane Hall tour Namkit at new York the athletic club of Philadelphia carried off the first prize $ 1,800 the Boston club the second prize $ 1,200 and the Mutual club of new York the third Pizzo ill 000. Tho ath i tics won four games the Bostons three games and Tho mutually one game. The West. The stockholders of the. New merchants Exchange at St. Louis have authorized the Issue of $ 1,000,000 Twenty year Bonds for the construction of Tho projected edifice. Mrs. Alger of grand Mound Iowa recently committed suicide by hanging herself to a door Knob with a bed Sheet. A petition for a Mechanic s Lien on Potter Palmer s Groat three million Dollar hotel at Chicago has been filed in the Superior court of that City by Tho contractor and builder of the Structure. Tho Connecticut Mutual life insurance company has a mortgage of vol. I. Monticello Iowa thursday october 24, 1872. 8. We. Lawrence. 9. James w. Robinson Republican Republican 4,043. Non to publican 427 Charles fatter. Republican 72 a h. 8. Kundy Republican 2,907 a j. Jewett Democrat 4,677 m. I. Southard Democrat 2 471 John Berry Democrat 3643 win. B. Sprague. Republican 901 Soronio Danford Republican 3 298 l. I. Woodworth. Rep publican 2262 Jos. Monroe. To publican. Jaa. A. Oar Leld Republican loft s Zug. Richord c. Parsons Republican 2724 total 13 republicans 6 Democrat 1 Liberal. A a Al he following Are the official majorities for Flitalo officers for Secretary of state Allon Wikoff 14,055 majority j supremo judge John Welch 10,189 majority member of Board of Public works Richard p. Porter 16,455 majority. The total vote Oast for Secretary of state is 620,037, Tho largest vote Ever cast a Ohio for any officer. The South. Tho work of building Tho Texas Pacific Railroad is boing vigorously pushed. Five Huft i de Miles Aro already under contract and a Largo Force of labourers has been Eugard. Negro labor is being mainly employed but gon. Dodge has arranged for a Force of 1,000 chinese. The line under contract is that part of the main Stem from Marshall West to fort Worth and Tho Branch North from Marshall to a Point opposite Fulton ark., and thence Westerly to Tho West main Stem near fort Worth will proceed during Tho Winter. At Louisville the other Day a negro named William Fery murdered his wife and Mother by stabbing them with a knife. Tho murderer gave himself up and said to wanted to to Hung immediately. The first Frost of the season in the South occurred at Nashville tenn., on Tho Lith of october. James Kenny a prisoner at Washvillo has confessed to the 8108,000 Diamond robber at now Orleans in which he says Forrester the alleged Nathan murderer was his accomplice and that Tho steamboats Thompson Dean Magenta and others were tired to Aid in the robbery. Konny accuses Forrester of the Nathan murder. A letter from Parsons. Kansas states that vice president Dennison of the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railroad who has just returned from Texas has made arrangements for Tho vigorous prosecution of Tho Road southward. The great Bridge across River will be completed by nov. 15. Red the 000,000 on Tho property and the plaintiff prays that said company to made a party defendant and that the land and buildings he sold for Tho payment of the Eum of $ 00,000 duo to plaintiff. The great Trot Between Goldsmith maid and the California horse occident for a purse of $ 10,000, at Sacramento on Tho 10th of october was witnessed by a crowd of Over ton thousand people and created an immense sensation. The race was won by the maid easily in three straight heats. Time 2 20x 2 20 a 2 22. The result was a sore disappointment to Tho Ali Fornias As they had fondly hoped their favorite Norge would wrest from Goldsmith maid her Well earned med of a Queen of Tho occident is a sorrel gelding about nine years of age who served his time in a vegetable Wagon and was unknown to the Public until purchased by sex nov. Loland Stanford president of the Central Pacific Railroad company and trained by James Eoff a Well known horseman. Jalinos Oval Mot his Friend Michael Connors at grand Tower 111., Tho other Day and in shaking hands the latter Hurt a boil which Oval had on his hand. From this trivial cause an altercation arc so which culminated in Michael receiving a death Stab from Tho amiable James. William Cluck has been sentenced to to hanged at Indianapolis for the murder of his wife in april last. The directors of the Colorado River Railroad in View of the bitter hostility existing in san Francisco to Railroad subsidies have published a card withdrawing from Tho vote of the people of that. City the proposed $ 10,000,000 subsidy. Two thirds of the St. Louis evening a Patch has been sold by w. H. Ohenry to d. Robert Barclay for 880,000. A stage was recently stopped near pleasant Valley Montana i y highwaymen and the passengers relieved of 87,000. The Emma mine trial is proceeding at Salt Lake City. An army of lawyers is in attendance and much excitement prevails. The St. Louis Globe although but a few weeks old has a Hundred thousand Dollar libel suit on its hands. Kate Boyington of Chicago attempted to shuffle off her mortal Coil Tho other Day by swallowing two Yards of shoe Striugas. K the following Are Tho names of Tho congressmen elect in Tho various districts of Ohio and their respective majorities out. Jon Grennan elect. Majority. On Baylor Democrat 3,539 b in a n n n n i i n n r e r. 1 l. I t b a e a r n a l i t r t Eup l b i l i c a a n a l5 a 0 2b " a. Republican a 269 Ekle Republican 1,927 Moorat 5,306. A Bohoan 3,065 a a Oor a t a 273 Rush to Texas from the Northern Stales Over this route is said to be wonderful. Large quantities of Cotton Are along the line of the Road awaiting shipment to Tho Eastern markets. The South Carolina legislature will probably elect congressman Elliott to the United states Senate in place of Sawyer. Elliott is a full blooded negro and was formerly a Barber in Boston. F. J. Moses regular Republican has been elected governor of South Carolina. Ramser Elliott Aud Rainey coloured republicans and b. F. Perry Democrat Aro elected to Congress. It is stated that the Coal famine in England is creating a demand for the bituminous Coal of the Maryland districts. Trial of mra. Wha. Ron Gall begin. At Baltimore in november. A Duel was recently fought at Atlanta ga., Between two Young men with double barrelled shot guns charged with Buckshot at a distance of 40 Yards. One was mortally wounded Tho other escaping without injury. Washington. A coloured student has published a card stating that at the Law department of Howard University there have Boon men graduated who from their own lips declare that their education extended to the ability to read in Tho fourth school Reader. Attorney general Williams emphatically denies that he intends to retire from the Cabinet after the presidential election. Tho Rio Grando commission represent that the truth of the disorders on Tho texan Frontier has not As yet been half told Aud that Mexico is in every instance the aggressor. A officer of High standing at Annapolis says that Tho Story of Tho maltreatment of nud injustice to the coloured Cadet midshipman Conyers is wholly false. Several naval officers who recently arrived in Washington from Annapolis declare that Thoy know idiot Only seventeen men subject to military duty remain and that whole seventeen Aro said to to unfit for service. Eighteen thousand. People left the City in the last two weeks of september. So deep seated is the hatred of German Rule and so determined Are the people to escape it that in instances almost innumerable they Hare abandoned their Homos and with what personal effect that could be swung on their shoulders on a walking stick have set out on foot to quit Tho annexed territory. The movement seems on Tho increase and unless hooked will leave both provinces desolate to be populated and restored to Prosperity if at All by the germans themselves. A Paris communist has surrendered himself to the authorities at Brussels and confessed to having been an accomplice of Trappmann who murdered an entire family near Paris. A terrible epidemic rages among the horses in Canada seriously interrupting Tho business of Tho country. In Tho Street car stables of Montreal More than 300 horses Are stricken with the disease and Tho cars Havo stopped running. Farmers Aro unable to take their Grain to Market. Sir Kou doll Palmer has been appointed lord Chancellor of England. The postal treaty Between France Aud Tho United states will soon be signed. Railroad accidents Are becoming alarmingly frequent in England. The latest one occurred near Sheffield Tho other Day by which two persons were killed and several injured. Senator Sumner recently visited Gamb Otla and it is stated that the French statesman was deeply impressed with Tho interview. Or. A. B. Henderson of Philadelphia who accompanied his wife to Havana for the Benefit of her health has been arrested by the Spanish authorities on some trivial charge and thrown into a Dungeon. A Madrid letter says it will require $ 200,000 to repair the damage to the escorial. The idea of a National subscription was started but King Uma Deib has knocked it on the head by insisting on defray Iii the whole Cost out of his own private pure. It is announced from Paris that the government has resolved to support in the approaching so Sion of Tho Assembly a motion for Tho appointment of a commission to investigate the acts of Ollivier and Palikas pro Paratory to Tho impeachment of Tho Imperial ministers on charge of having provoked War with Prussia. Or autism in Arkansas Radical registrars at work Dis franchising White citizens How men arc robbed of the right to Vole upward of thirty thousand Whites disfranchised. Union county Ark Cor. Now York Tribune. It May interest Many of you readers to know How registration is managed in this Down trodden state and How Ivory Means is brought to Bear to make Tho state cast its vote for Grant and his representative carpetbaggers at the ensuing election. Registration in this county commenced last week Ami Tho writer beef la appointed a United states. Supervisor of election attended Tho registration at the two voting places in his township. I was appointed to represent the interests of Tho conservatives and on Tho 17th attended Tho registry hold at my own place of residence. To say that i was surprised at what was done would express in no respect my feelings. I had no idea that Opal fraud would Boko 1111 blushing by practice and that question actor question for none of which was there any authority of Law would to asked of Mon who would either have to por Juro themselves or to denied Tho Dearest right of freemen. The questions As Divoll As i recollect wore a follows whatever of Tho reported disorders. Information has been received at the capital that a formidable cuban expedition is being fitted out under the auspices of Gen. Ryan. The president has appointed of gov. Fairchild of Wisconsin Consul to Liverpool. Tho report of the statistician of Tho department of agriculture upon Tho condition of the Cotton crop for Tho month of october shows the state averages to be As follows Virginia 37 North Carolina 90 South Carolina t 0 Florida 76 Georgia is Alabama s2 Mississippi 75 Louisiana 72 torus 85 Arkansas 7ft Tennessee no current items. Toe prohibitory Law is a Success in Maine. A lightning Seldom docs any damage in Large cities now n Days so much Iron enters into their construction. The valuation of new York City by the state foots up thus real estate ? 73 1 3 2? a i9. P 0 " 1011 1 $ 309.947,223 total $ 1,041,453,633. In 1851 the value of the jute imported from Calcutta amounted to $ 875,000. Now it is upward of $ 5,000,000 a year. Bask air is responsible for the increase. Cigars and cigarettes seized for violation of custom Revenue Laws and which will not bring at Public Sale enough to pay for the Revenue Stamps will hereafter be destroyed. There Are six established places of amusement in Chicago now besides transient shows Mcvicker s theater Tho Academy of music Aiken s theater the Globe theater Hooley s theater and Myers opera House. The tidal phenomenon on Lake Ontario which was noticed last june has again appeared. The greatest change in the depth of the water observed is Twenty two inches. The Lake is very quiet and there is nothing visible in the surroundings to create the unusual phenomenon. There was a fight at Shiloh Church Covington county miss., the other Day in which the combatants were the sullivans and their friends on one Side and the chains and Dykes on the other. Two men were killed outright another mortally wounded badly injured. And four others foreign. Tho London papers give Tho particulars of the arrest of a woman in West Auckland on a charge of wholesale poisoning. This Modem Borgia is accused of having caused Tho death by poisoning in the course of her career of no less than Nineteen persons including three husbands. The railway Between Yokohama and Todd Japan has been formally thrown open to the Public by Tho Mikado. Prince Frederick Henry Albert Tho third and youngest brother of the emperor William of Prussia died recently in Berlin at the age of 62 years. The internationals Are preparing for a Groat demonstration in Hyde Park London on Tho 80th of november. The German army of occupation Are evacuating the department of the upper Marne in France. It is authoritatively announced that the Pope will remain in Rome. Under the new tax Levy in Cuba a tax of $ 24 is imposed upon each slave in the Island which will produce a Revenue of $ 7,000,000. Quite a sensation has been created in Paris by Tho discovery that two thousand bombs had been sent to the City Wilh some revolutionary design. The bombs or grenades Are similar to those that Orsini threw from a House top at the emperor Napoleon in 1858, and the suspicion is that they Are to be used for a like purpose with Thiers substituted for Napoleon. The republicans of the department of the Giroude in France have adopted the " american system of nominating Jand Datos and recently held a convention to name a candidate for the National Assembly. This is the first instance of the kind in Europe a passenger train of ten cars on the Eastern railway ran off the track near Chelmsford England precipitated the coaches Down a Leigh embankment and dashed Thorn to pieces. Three or four passengers Wero killed Aud about Twenty seriously injured. The exodus from Alsace and Lorraine is without a parallel in modern times. Whole districts Are already depopulated. Of the 6,000 inhabitants of other Mao an alsatian town at the time of the surrender at Seden Only three persons remain. At Metz the Able bodied population ii no reduced that thus far during the present year 520,000,000 postage Stamps have been completed those made in january numbering 76,000,000. Thirty eight and a half millions have been completed in a week and 13,000,000 in a single Day. Three times As Many three cent Stamps Are used As of All denominations combined after them come the Ono cent and then the two and six cent. Hon. William h. Seward died on thursday afternoon at 3 20 o clock and the Philadelphia evening Telegraph feels proud of 1 its Enterprise that at " exactly forty five minut s after that event it was on the Street with an obituary notice Over a column in length an admirable sketch of Seward s career written put in Type and printed in less than forty five a writer in Tho Troy k. A times argues against men changing their daily occupations and habits late in life As Likely to shorten their existences. He cites Thomas h. Faile Philip Bater and Charles Denison three wealthy merchants who retired to Rural life and soon died and senator Morgan Moses Taylor Shepard Knapp Claflin. Stewart and others Well advanced in life but still Active in it As illustrations of his theory. Mow indians Critch eagles. Tho Camp of indians which we visited were chiefly engaged in catching War eagles to make head dresses. The eagles Are brought alive into the Camp and after some ceremony the tails Are pulled out and they Are let go to grow another Tail for the next year. The traps consist of a Hole in the ground covered with Sticks and grass. A dead Rabbit Fox or Prairie Chicken is tied to the top the Eagle swoops Down and fastens his claws into it and tries to Fly away with it but the Indian who is concealed in the Hole puts out his hand catches the Eagle by Bolh legs hauls him into the Hole and ties him. He then fixes Tho top and Waits for another Eagle. We saw one Man there who had caught six eagles in one Day in this Way. They say if they do not hold fast and do their Medicine properly the Eagle will get one of his claws Loose and tear their hands. Some have had their hands ruined forever in this Way. If a Hunter does not catch an Eagle during the Day he is obliged to moan Ami Ory All night to could a hardly Bleep with the noise made at night by Tho unsuccessful fort Buford letter 1. Did you Ever hold any civil Oil ice before Tho War such a a magistrate Road overseer Captain of patrol Ike. I. Did you Ever belong to an organization known As " the knights of Tho White Camolia or to the " Kun Siux Klau 8. Did you Voto for or against the ordinance of secession ? 4. Did you voluntarily furnish supplies arms or ammunition to the confederacy to 5. Did Yon Voto for or against the ratification of the Constitution of 1807 p 6. Did you. During the it hellion belong to any Independent military command the answer to All those questions had to to satisfactory to the registrar or Tho applicant was denied registration. In consequence of the answer made to the first question Many of our Best citizens Wero not allowed to Register for every one of us that lived in the state before the War and that was of any standing in society filled some one of Tho numerous offices mentioned above. Load Oveis Oor is particularly grievous for it was an Unthankful office and which could not be declined except by Tho payment of a heavy Lino. Tho answers to the second question disfranchised even More than those to Trio first for in thin Section " Tho knights of the Whito Camolia had a Largo Lodge. What the organization was i know not but judging from Tho men that belonged to it for its existence ceased several years ago i do not think that it could a have tended in the language of Tho registrar " to the subversion of Taw and the answers to the remaining questions were by no Means explicit. Men could not remember and As one of Thorn said " i Ivo no memoranda to refresh my memory and cannot swear to the our people Are very much enraged yet hey Are a Law abiding people and will not do anything that May to construed into a violation of the Law of Tho land. We suffer enough Day after Day in seeing the corruption and plundering that is openly carried on but when election approaches and we see a Little carpet Bagger sent around among us Ono that has no interest in common with the people and at his arbitrary will our Best citizens Aro refused registration the Load Boco Mog almost too heavy to Bear. Two Yein Rob v n the and join. Ing Conny a follow of Tho same stamp was sent around As registrar and when Trio Law was about to Teko hold of him under Trio provisions of the enforcement act to packed his carpet sack and left for parts unknown. It looks As if the same game is to to played in this county for those appointed first an registrar having property in Trio county not easily convertible into Cash prevailed on c. C. Woodford the present registrar to undertake Tho duty. Those Whoso right to Voto. In our opinion is undoubted will vote on affidavits under the Lato act of Congress and to Hope by that Means we May to Able to change Tho state of affairs and oven compel some of the scoundrels to answer at the bar of Justice for their frauds. At our precinct out of 67 Whites 19 were denied registration at Tho adjoining precinct out of 122 Whites. 01 wore refused. In conclusion As representing Tho people for i have Boon requested to write you i say that to look to Tho sound common sense conservatism of Tho North for our help. To can do nothing of ourselves but accepting the Issue of the War and the amendments to the con a Stit ution in Good Faith we Only demand " equal rights and liberties to All men Bifora Tho Law even if they wore to unfortunate a a to have formerly been rebels. The feb autos of 1870�? thousands of Kames s1scbetly stricken Flom till lists 40,01 0 citizens denied Tiik i1allox. To Pic editor of Trio Tribune sin our attention has just Boon called to an article copied from the new York Olmos in which it is stated that " no Man is prevented now from voting anywhere in Tho United states 01 part in Tho _. u statement the Tribune has not stated the Case As strongly As the facts warrant. We feel that the people of the great North Are not informed As they should to and both the above statement and its denial would seem to indicate this in regard to this most interesting scrap of american history. Permit the undersigned of All political parties to Call your attention to the following facts. The late census of the United states shows that there Aro in Arkansas 102,000 round numbers males Over Tho Agu of 21 years. The Secretary of state reports that in registering these in 1870, 31.000 wore excluded while Only 60,000 Wero permitted to vote. Tho whole number of was therefore 46,000, nearly one half of Trio voting population. In this county out of 2,700 round numbers voters Only 1,882 wore permitted to vote the Board of review having in their closet stricken off St Oral Hundred names whom they had permitted to Register and without notice until election Day. Those " scratched voters on coming to the polls to vote wore told for the first time that they were stricken off the list. Thus it was that Only 71,000 wore registered a the slate out of 102,000, and Only 50,000 Wero permitted to vote. No Ono estimates the number Roallo disfranchised by Tho Constitution at More than 10,000 most of whom did not apply to Register the other 80,000 Wero " scratched " or arbitrarily refused As provided in Tho Law. You will understand from the above figures Why it was that Tho Senate committee who investigated the " Clayton frauds set with closed Dos and have not yet furnished Trio Public with the testimony taken before them. What have the people of Arkansas to Hope from an administration which sustains such an outrage upon the Dearest of american rights. Very respectfully etc., m. W. I Sniack n account of having taken in denying this the physic ii Laura fair As a simians called in the trial of. Of tar a a witnesses have submitted Bills Tor the approval of judge Riordan John ii. Ito eth m. H. Sand bus. Jons in easel j. H. So Ahks. J. Boitnett John Cahn Aix of. R. Blake Siovie join f. Wheeler b. P. Hackett thou. Maii Oum. Fort Smith ark., sept. 28,1872. From Trio new York world. West Virginia and abkan8as. In 1808 the total vote of West Virginia was 69,397, Grant carrying the state by a majority of 8,838. In 1870, when the Reform movement which began in Missouri Wab Over the country West Virginia oust a total vote of 55,607, Tho opposition to radicalism carrying the state by a majority of 2,123. By the United states census taken in this latter year the population of the state was 442,014, and at the Ordinary ratio of voters to population the total Voto should have been about 76,000 instead of 55.000 As it was. The occasion of this discrepancy was the infamous system of Difranchi Semont incorporated in the West Virginia Constitution at tie time the state was organized to assist Iho italic no party by introducing a reinforcement very much needed in Isco in the United slates Sci into. On the anti proscription is Victory of 18/ 0 the now legislature proceeded of do away with thin and As a result of this Stop to Lind the total Voto of the state at Tho election on the 22d of August last 81,402, a increase of some 25 000 Over that polled in 1870. It has often been asserted and As often denied by Badi eals that from 20,000 to 2s, 000 men were disfranchised in Wert Virginia but in View of these figures it can no longer to controverted that the Stato was hold so Long for the Radical party simply and solely by a sweeping and most iniquitous system of partisan . Happily that is a l Over now and West Virginia is Safe now intae uht Monou Boruni for Tho cause of honesty and Good government but it is As Well to put on record How Grant Roco Vod Tho electoral vote of this Tato in 1808, and especially is this in Point when to to member that Arkansas to Day is whore West Virginia a a year or so ago. No one doubts Tatark incas is on onto knows that its population by the Neumia of 1870 was 802,115 Whitig and 122,100 no Groos or about 00,000. Democratic and Wonso Rativo voters and 20,000 Iton Halican. That with this overwhelming preponderance of Trio White votes the state is As fully log rotted As South Carolina will nol seam wonderful Whan Tho system of proscription and which is in Force is considered. To have hold any Oll co before the War oven that of Road inspector or Justice of Tho Ponco to Havo furnished Piti Pilios to Tho confederacy to have voted against Tho reconstruction measures arc Hilo Blont to Dis Franchiso any portion and if Ufano in those or a Mboi Lebu Oiler like objections to the registrars arc allowed on Tho Broad general ground of their own knowledge or judgment to refuse registration. Farther still Whilo Tho weight of Tho fourteenth amendment Haw Boon lifted by act of Congress from All but specified Ola sob and while oven in its worst estate that measure Only debarred from of Hoo it is still in full Force in Arkansas so far ii to disqualify from voting All who Aro under my original terms. Owing to Torso causes the total Arkansas Voto which should to some 80,0 10, was at i he last election but c3,07. Those no Tho lowest a Sguros for it is stated on excellent authority that 81,00 por Sotir were disfranchised Iii 1870, but we Mil take it that the total in but 20,00 1. All Thybo Are of course disfranchised simply and solely born lao they oppose Grant. Could Thoy approach Tho ballot Box Lilov would Boll Tho democratic Voto to 64,000, and Bury out of bight tie Voto of 28,000 which now controls Tho slate Arkansaw a six doctoral Voloa would go against Grant and two to Moralino senators and four congressman Toiuo up to Washington Loaid in a purer management of Public affairs. To forbid this we have 20,000 Mon robbed of their votes. A ital Soldier on 1iukns1dk. Tho of Elk Onmin i nil Whin an Lleni Rill Lilii Hil or Tel a a and i Luisco is Tifik Tail thin from Joii. Hloi him gun. A. E. Burin Siuki Deal general i have Road with Groat interest your address to Tho soldiers and Anilos who move. 1 in Tho Union army and Navy during the Lato War. A i a Tab Ono of Tho soldiers alluded to i. Trust you will not to displeased if i nay it few words m response thereto. You toll ii that you and others a our representatives Mot at Pittsburgh and adopted a Horii of Roach Luliona which to Havo already soon. Yon complain that or. Groo Loy has expressed the opinion that Yon assembled Lor political purposes Aud that you hoped to accomplish those purposes by reviving Trio ammo Uil. Ios and hatreds engendered by Iho War. You further Bay that Iheson remarks of or. Pro ploy and his entire Lack of Courtesy toward Tho soldiers and sailors Servo to confirm you in Tho opinion that he is quite Mill to to trusted in any position whore loyalty to his government a just regard to the feelings of others and an abnegation of self is required. Yon than proceed to inform us in conclusion that it Only remains for Yon to urge ii to organize in Harmony with Tho regular Llo publican organization and do till in our Power to to elect gon. Grant. The first thought that occurred to my mind on Reading this Androsh was " what was Thorn in by Naido b military Cantor that 1usti Hob him in lolling rho Liuni Uetta of Noii Bantly of Solidi Oil who Horrod during Tho Lulo War what they should do in time of Poco did anything occur at Tho la rat Hull Kim at to Knolto Island at Fredon Icka Birg in Emit tonnes Hoo or at the Mino explosion in front of retch Alburg which ont Illus him to command of All of n a in Timo of Pence and order he to Trio front to fight in behalf of a political party ? my Doc Ovid thought was " in it creditable to Tho soldiers of Tho l. Ito War that one of their Nui ibo. Should to permitted a their pretended representative to spread broadcast Over the land a document charging Horwoo r. Cloy with Trio truth of Tho saying that " the Pou is mightier than Tho. Award is coming year by your to be Moro generally acknowledged. In View of Thouluc fion of gon. Grant to Tho presidency and of Tho fact that to in a candidate for to Oloc Tiomi there no probably Somo men in the country who doubt its truth. If however to Wero to add to Tho saying the proviso that Tho pan should to handled by a or Coly and Trio sword by a Burnside All doubters would disappear. You and i urn Oral know full Well that while to wore in Tho Field lighting for the Union or. Groo Loy waa wielding in behalf of Tho same Cacao a weapon fur Nora powerful than those used by either of us. To know too. That Long after to had sheathed our swords to kept up the fight and continued it until every object was Lor which oven Tho most ardent abolition it had Over prayed. We did not cease twin fight until Tho Union was restored and slavery abolished Tho Blacks Onfria Ichiho and All Ali or civil and political rights solemnly guaranteed to Thorn by amendments to Trio Causti tuition. And Yot general you Ivo Trio Hardihood of charging this Man with disloyalty and Are uttering this foolish charge in your ii Hume capacity As Tho representative of All the Union soldiers of the land. You say he has Boon guilty of a incl of Courtesy toward us. In my judgment any Man who eight years after to close of ii bloody civil War will Aak Al Dion b to assemble in convention with a View of controlling their action in political Matt Era is a demagogue unworthy of Courtesy at Tho hands of or. Groboy or any other person. When it Trio close of the War to Laid Down our arms to Bonamo citizens and to Havo no interest to Day except those to have in common with All other Citize Riib. Why then should any Ono ask us in our character an soldiers to assemble in political bodies ? Why should you extend to us such an invitation unload it is with Trio Hope that from your former connection Wilh us in Tho army you May be Able to influence Pur judgments upon matters of Public policy in a Timo of peace / do Yon not think general that these assemblies of sold Icin for Tho pin pose of perfecting our elections have Ocomo slightly nauseating to Tho Public ? did it Over occur to you that is a Rule Tho officers most Active in work of this nature wore Mout unsuccessful in the Field 1 permit to in conclusion to say that i do not believe that in your action at Pittsburgh or in Tho son Timonty of the address to which i have alluded you Aro in any Voiiso of Tho word a representative of the real soldiers of the array. On the contrary i feel that very Many of them unite with to in the Hope that this political Campaign in which you seem to Havo assumed the position of commander May prove to you and to Trio troops of your command another Frederiks Lorg. Very truly yours h. W. Is Ocion. Ino Boru no Nohh a Rierso glow in w. Sool Lold Onn Gri from 1 declare adv t Lull i in 1. I. A. 11.1 ii. N Olasion demands it and i most earnestly declare that in the very Oll co in which this letter is written i Havo Hoard Henry Wilson tha Radical candidate for vice pow Lent declare repeatedly that " Grant drinks too i m afraid to Sudri hiking too a Orant ought to and smoking and other expressions which indicated Henry Wilson s opinion that Tho president waa a intemperate Man. I should hesitate to say this wore i Tho Only one to whom like ohm asst oui had Boon made by senator Wilson for i know the denunciation it will arouse on Tho part of Tho to Portara and defenders of Tho president but or. Wilson Haa Bald the same thing to on Naspa Burrow. L o Gobi Grant a supporters want Al Davils As to Hitt intemperance ? Aro Thoy not Aati Atlow with current report and Bolof ? other gentlemen As High in poll Iii As senator Wilson Havo frequently complained of the president s incoherence of a poach on certain Ocoa Aloua bin stupid manner and general ill Savior us at variance with Hla Amiul conduct and have Mentlo nod Strong drink a a Tho canno. On Ono occasion a special committo of Tho Homo of called on Clou Grant at the limn to wan acting Soor Olary of War on Tho appointment of Andy Johna ii. They doa Iroil to do Howish Wilh him a subject which they wore investigating and which belonged to his department. Thoy found him in Miah a condition that one of Tho members person than lie Hon. I Obs Mau at Largo Jared with oin Phanith my god i in it Poh Biblo that w a must Mako that Man our candidate for president a member of Tho committee related this occurrence to to during the past Tatum or and Hviid there waa no doubt that Orant waa intoxicated. If Iho Frio Ndu of Tho president want Man Iii oof to ramp a it May to furn Alicd. Judge Soof old would not in All probability of Usnel to make an affidavit to Trio condition in which to found grand on Trio visit Ucac Ribeil tha i Oll Alwil Outlook. Iii Oralu and democrats have ovary re Aasu to fool encouraged at the political Outlook. Notwithstanding Tho Stilton of Ohio and Pennsylvania by Mamm of the lavish expenditure of Money Trio most election frauds Ever perpetrated ill this country Ami the powerful Iii Luonzo of a vast army of of Leo Holder Trivo Boon made to appear an having recorded their verdict in favor of Tho pot palliation of Tho Proso it corrupt administration in Power thu pro Poota for Tho election of Horace Groo Loy Aro of Tho most flattering ohm actor and our friends should not falter in Tho Good work but Pecua Forward to Victory. The election in Georgia ban virtually settled Ilia Voto of nil Tho Huml Horn stat a wherein a Clear Majuro up of Tho electors Are Whit pm. Its influence Goca oven farther Ancu it shows that Tho negro Voto a very fur from being solid for Grant. It May now to 0011 a adored certain that thirty Statcy will Voto an follows far 111 Alabama Arkadii High Uomino Titi. Thor from Punis Lemout with a Largo preponderance of our citizens whoa Ulm to to Tho Oliam Pirim of morality and Reform riving their unqualified Han clan to what Thoy knew to to a deliberately planned Nollau Loii of the ballot Box Tho result in but tie logical Romih of Tho Rule that a now supremely enthroned in our oily and state. Nor wan this Bigan tie system of fraud confined to Philadelphia. In Tho principal re Ipoh and towns throughout Tho slate thousands of illegal votes Lingo Boon polled. Tho Liberal cause a n thus overwhelm a went oho Tor Columbia d in heading Chester la i run Liuro Pittsburgh and Thor locality of while the Rural Alvo Largo Anil uniform Gizin a i i am id in announcing that tha Laruo Inadi Strots wan mite. a Jority polled for Lla Tran it is wholly fraudulent fro Iulah of Good lot no Triumph of Pawliw Mioch Dolor you from giving your Bast our lieu to Ilia cause. The m urn Galvo of a free people ban Beau viol outly usurped by inso lout Anil Doha clod Power and Tho people inuit resent it and resent it promptly or give ii Riiho to wrong. Now Moro than Over in tha onto so is Iho election of Horwoo Groo Loy to Tho 1 Rholdo Tioy u mip Roma noun Salty if to Aoa and inmost government Are not to perish from of our history. Ili uht will Triumph sooner or l a l a and it will Yilit Triu Niph in thin Dahi Oralo struggle if Trio Puoplo shall prove faithful to Thomson sch to Thor i Hwy Ami to their country. A. 1c. Pilerci. Mik chairman of Liberal Llou Billoan Jonii Millico. Ito Jows Joung Job printing of every Etc used with neatness satisfaction changed. Tie Ramie of a i ing s in the prove. Will the Flowers Are out in Tho Dell i Anil the Pioneer b a a a ult Alad o or the ilium of the own lip i Bell. P a r d o a w n g a t to Ronert nor l n n i i Brook there the pure Uhl Nunn Daffodil i but the Golden dream Are a r in. That were mine in the wring Long Biol there i Balm in the morning Breeze will i thar is Long in the morning Klei Ami the Rosy Nui Tami Kim lad. The Dew from the re lets Jet. Fur Down in the d a path a of Tho t Ini Wool. In the twill it the by. Our Lodi Ling but never the Joy a an they bring lad. That Liny gave m the Golden apr Angl the i o a r a Fri a Ken Bambi in themm i will there me. Been on the bending Bowen i Anil Tho wild Dove Cool t a he a mute lid All anxious Kinru live. It in a in Lulu pitiful that Trio men and ii och ennui mail i the Albany Nonilon Hwy for Kun Siux outrages in the Hutli no Mil d to hold Thorn because Tho Briw Dent in afraid of the effect of their Pardon. After mob vhf. Gerlt Hinitch and Horwoo Iru Nlay had lined their Effort a in Boli Alf of Thohn por Somi on purely humanitarian Graun be. A cd inks newspaper has catered upon he two thousandth volume. It Haa lost All it original Suba Priboi h. A Minnesota land Speculator in describing a Lake in t hat state says it is no Clear and so Disep that by looking into it you Erin boo them making Tea in China. " 1 can t drink liquor said. Bob " it goes right to my " Well a Aici Bob s Friend " where could it go with less danger of being crowded a Tina in a personal item in the most approved Stylo of Tho Western papers " Jacob Lium Gundor blew into the muzzle of his gun to see if it win loaded i it was. Funeral on a 8maut child in Pittsburgh stole by teacher s watch from Hor Doslik while Sho was absent from the schoolroom. He smarted for four or five Days afterwards and considered invitation to " take a Tuliair to to Wanton outrages on his feelings. " Ca tii. K and Arragon said spin div repeating the words of Tho guide who had pointed out to him the Armor of the great Prince of that name in the Arsenal at Naples " yes i see Tho Oast steel but not Ary Moth us Cloyst is not an imaginary person. She was the Mother in Law of a Printer in Boston mass., and her real name was Elizabeth Goose. The first edition of her Well known rhymes Waw sold for two coppers Oil Devonshire Street. " i he Pompey said Ono freed Man to another " Dis Chile has tried lots of gift fairs and Ting fur a Prio but nether could draw anything at Well Jim i d Vise you to try a hand cart do chances Are a Tousand to one Dat you could draw according to Lealler women Bear hunger longer than men according to Plutarch they can resist the a floors of wino better according to Ungor they grow older and never got Bald according to Pliny they Are Seldom attacked by Lions on the contrary they will run after lion Sand according to Gyuler they can talk a week. The " Small talk Man of the Louisville courier journal and " globules of the 8t. Louis Globe have for a month Paet been " running a muck about the Una of the feet of their respective cities. They would moot and shake their bloody hands before the chasms in their faces but " Small talk is waiting for the fall freshet to bring Down lumber sufficient to build snort Sheds Over his corns and As the railroads leading out of St. Louis Are All narrow gauge and " globules can t get a pass for his feet the chances Are Thoy will not meet this year. A problem solved. What in Orebro spinal meningitis is a question which has Long Puz Ted the physicians and the Public. A new York physician Lias answered it to clearly that hereafter there can be no. Excuse for ignorance of its character or improper treatment he says it is not " a simple or idiopathic inflammation of Tho membranes of the brain or spinal Cord nor of typhus fever nor of pernicious Paludan fever but a substantive disorder consistent with itself in All material Points with constant symptoms produced by a constant cause and is entitled to be described and regarded As a distinct disease whose proper us logical place is among general diseases born of in external morbid fetched her. The Augusta journal says in 1831 Jacob Flagg of that City an intemperate Man had a most excellent wife who tired of her repeated failures in the line of his reformation finally left him. Flagg advertised her thus " left my bed and boards one of the Best of wives. Whoever will give information where i May find her shall be suitably rewarded and All charges it is fair to say the Good Wile returned the husband reformed and the couple lived together happily for Many years. Altai Oulu Prussia gained a signal Victory Over Fiance in the late War it was accomplished by great losses on her part. The official statement of her losses in men has lately been published. It shows that the number of dead amounted to 40,881 of missing 4,009, the greater part of whom Are presumed to be dead 17,527 were killed on Fields of Battle 10,710 died of wounds received in Battle 310 were accidentally killed and 30 committed suicide. The Hospital report show that 2,000 died of dysentery of typhus 0,595 of Bronch. Tis 500 of other acute diseases 521 of Small pox 201 of gastric fever 159 of various chronic complaints 240 of apoplexy and heart disease 94. The entire losses of the combined Gei Man armies amounted to 53,000
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