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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - October 10, 1872, Monticello, Iowa The dinner Horn. And the wind a that wildly blow and the the Bird songs in the Joe Wood tree the poet love i know. For me i love the Long to Hoar of the lat Kut Early morn but the wee that Gouier to Tho former s oar is the Sony of Tho dinner Horn a Battle a Torch for Tho Nodler free or the Call of Tho True spot Clear and the rapid Tram p of cavalry the Soldier Lores to hear. But Sweet to the Farmer Wea Riou soul 1 Whilo he plows the re stir Corn is Tho sound that emos in the Noontide Lull tis the a Ong of the dinner Horn / 0. The Cavalier Lovel at Twilight s hour to hear his beloved Ning and the lady Lovos As she sits in her Bower the sound of Tho Swoot Harp s firing. But hark i to those Zotos through Tho Fields and Grovel and through the Meadows borne tis Tho song of All souks Tho Farmer loves a Sta Tho song of Tho dinner Horn i shelter. By the wide Lake s margin i marked Hor Heine wide weird Lake whore Tho Eldors sight a Youir fair thing with a shy soft Eye and i deemed that her thoughts had flown to her Home and her Brethren and Sisters Doar As she Lay there watching the dark deep Mere All motionless All Lono. Then i heard a noise us of Moil and boys. And a boisterous troop Drew nigh. Whither now will Retreat those fairy foot where hide till the storm pass by ? one glance Ono wild glance of a hunted thing Sho Oast behind her Iho gave Onei Spring. And Thoro followed a splash and a broadening on the Lake where Tho Alders sigh. Sho had gone from Tho Ken of a gentle men i. Tot scarce did i mean for that for i knew she was Safe in her own Homo Tfirn and the danger past would appear again. For she was a water rat. A. Middle aged love Stoby. They and come a Little group old Friendly faces to watch to off with waving handkerchiefs and kindly goodbye. Us i stood on lie Sto. N nodding and waving Back till the Steamer swept Down the River out of their sight. I knew i should have their prayers that the great sea might be gentle with me i knew they would watch the weather and look for the Telegram of the arrival of our ship yet 1 knew 1 was taking nothing from their lives und that they would each go Home hardly missing me so it was with no great wrench of heart that i saw the Pilot put off from us and took the last look at my native shores. During most of the passage 1 was just comfortably sea sick so i sat All the Day Long in a reclining chair on deck watching the while Caps on the purple and Green and Lue Waves that mounted and fell Down and up up and Down away out to the far horizon. I saw the shining naut Luses float by now Aud then a whale or a Shoal of porpoises or a sail speeding White and Lull across the water i saw also a Good Many other things nearer by for 1 did t put my eyes in my pocket along with nay Hurt sighted glasses and nobody was much Likely to mind a Middle aged woman in Hood and water proof. A the first thing i saw was a Young girl with dark eyes and Brown hair that rippled itself into a Anglo of rough curls whenever she took off her not. Who was not to very pretty or so very Brilliant but there was a piquant Charm about her that attracted Hull the passengers before the first Day was " Over. By the end of the second Day everybody from tie Captain to the ship s surgeon und from the surgeon to the Cabin boy was eager to Thow her attend ration and everybody was met by thu ame genial smile and Lively retort. She won Hor Way at once into my heart by the kindly thought that led her to bring Little i cliches from the table to tempt my sickly appetite and to soothe my forehead with Bay Witter and gentle touches of her shape in Brown hand.-, where a great Emerald glittered encircled by diamonds. Very Boot she g a t in the habit of drawing her Rug b Side my chair and silting on Tho deck leaning against me so that 1 might " pet her As she said. This was How it happened that my quiet out of the Way Corner Iuie to be the Center of the life and gamely and Romance of the whole shipboard it seemed that this Young girl Kosa Armour was an Only child and an orphan going to an Uncle in Germany her nearest of Kin. " dear heart 1 Hope her Uncle will a be Wise As Well As Loving said i to myself very often for she seemed top fragile a Bubble of humanity to Drift Oil through life alone. The tips of the Brown coils were lighter than the rest and hero and there were Little Bright touches All Over her hair As though the Bun was shining in spots on it. One morning i sat coiling these gleams of Sunshine Mound my fingers and watching a flock of Mother Carey s chickens skim restlessly Over the v stress water thinking these thoughts about Rofu and having her soft presence alone to myself for a few moments. Not Many however soon came up a new Sealander of course there was a new Dander or an australian on our to it. " you Are very lowly miss Armour said he. " let me Brut you a chair 1 " thank you j prefer to sit Here on my Rug and have miss Wells pet me replied Rosa turning up he. R eyes languidly. A the Dock is my favorite seat if 1 can Only have a excuse to sit on " but you need something Over you persisted the new Sealander Goin a away and coming Back directly with his own heavy Gray wrap. Then he seated himself on a Low Camp Stool beside her folding the wrap Over the two. " i never saw. So rough a sea As this All the Way from Honolulu to san Fra Cisco said he looking out upon t gentle swell of the lazily mounting Waves. " rough cried miss Armour. " i am sure the Ocean is As smooth As a Mill Pond 1" " us i but not As compared to the Pacific peaceful it was rightly named. We have never such gales on that As sweep the Atlantic but Only the gentlest Westerly the new Sealander shivered 88 he spoke and Drew his wrap close Over his knee. " we have the most charming climate in new zealand he went on " we Are never too hot and never too cold. In fact we never think of the weather. And the soil is the most Fertile in the " pity it is in such an out of the Way part of the Earth that nobody can live there said Liisa Armour. " beg your Pardon miss there Are several English towns of 30,000 inhabitants each and we never think of ourselves b being out of the Way but rather feel sorry for those who Uve so far off returned the other bending his tall figure earnestly Forward. Rose leaned he pretty head toward him in a confiding attitude of interest and laughed " of so you Are the people and Wisdom is going to die with you said she. " but what do you do out there in the heart of the universe " we dig Gold for one thing and raise sheep for another millions and millions of them i from thirty to forty Vesa Elii Are constantly plying to England with the tallow and pressed Wool " " what do you do with All that Mutton asked Rosa looking idly at the Light m her ring and the n As idly at the Light in the speaker s eyes. " we use what we can was the reply i and Eom Etin. Is 1 am sorry to say we Bury the flesh not unusually but sometimes an order will come to one Farmer for a thousand sheep if you please and All he can do is to clip off the Wool get out the fat and Bury the " what a pity the meat can t be sent to the hungry poor at Home 1 Vohy Don t somebody condense it As they to the beef in Texas Way. I said in my r Radical " in Good time i dare say somebody will but we can t do everything at once replied the now / Alander looking with sudden interest at the game of shuffleboard being played beside us. Just then along name the ship s surgeon a blonde youth in uniform with his hair parted in the Middle. " Hiss Armour said he " the gun is to be fired at Tho Bow j will you come and see it done miss Armour started up at once Turnine the same half confiding glance and ready smile upon him she had been giving us. " i am going to leave my Rug with you 1 shall come Back said she beaming Over her shoulder upon me As she took the surgeon s Arm and went away. The new Zeal under looked after her tried to console himself by drawing his wrap in another fold across his knee did not succeed and finally got up and went away. Of course it was not Worth his while to make himself agreeable to a Middle aged woman in Hood and water proof. So i sat and looked at the likeness of a Lake among the Sunset Clouds and tried to decide whether i lipid better take Oatmeal Gruel or Biscuite i for my supper j wondering the while half unconsciously about the old chord in my memory that was always being struck by a certain musical ring in the new Sealander s voice. After an hour or so the gun was fired und presently miss Armour came Back with the disorder of Tho Strong sea wind in Bor hair and Ita freshness in her pretty Pink Cheeks. " i be come As 1 said she murmured dropping at my feet again and smiling up As though she had got where she Best loved to be just such a smile As she would have Given to the stokers Down in the engine room or to the ship s cat. But it was Lovely to look upon while it lasted and we. Middle aged people have Learned to warm Ourse. Ves in any Chance Ray of a sunlight without stopping to consider whether it is Likely to to perpetual. This time Tho hit of Sunshine did not stay Long for there came up an artist with his sketch Book and when miss Armour had sufficiently admired his graphic Pencil Ling of the Captain and the quartermaster and the sea sick occupants of an upper berth it was time to throw the dog and so he bore her off to find put by her own eyes we Ether we were actually going at the rate of thirteen knots or Only twelve and a half. That was How the Days went. The passengers read and paced the deck played games and guessed riddles and were always hungry j the Pilot stood steady and firm it the wheel the sailors ran up and Down about the rigging like overgrown spiders and were for cof Ersco ing and scrubbing tying and untying drawing up and letting Down. Thus at lust we had come safely almost to our desired Haven. With Lair sailing were were Only one Day out from port fond As we had grown to be of each other we were getting impatient to part. Miss Armour during All the voyage had kept on As she begun beguiling every one with her trick of lip and Eye. They ran after her like boys at the string of a Kite. Well they had nothing better to do just then and when she had faded out Fis a Rainbow fades i made no doubt she would be As easily forgotten or Only remembered As a Midsummer s Day dream by All unless it might be a solitary warm he \ red Man like the new Sealander. To Tell the truth i was a Little sorry for him. Evidently life had not brought him All it might and he was hungry for the love and Confidence that had never been his. So i was afraid he would miss this Little sparkle of girlhood Aud warm youth und find the void deeper when it had gone out. To the very last Day Rosa kept her place by my chair and to the very last the new Zea Lauder kept his place by her when no one younger stepped in to carry her off which was pretty often to o he sure. Then he always quietly went away himself with a kind of grave regret in his face. On this last morning miss annul a had just left us along with a Young lawyer to drop Orange and Lemons among the Steerage passenger when i noticed the new Sealander looking after her with a sadder regret than usual almost a pain in his eyes. He had such handsome dark eyes i i could see that without my lasses. " now said i to myself " i Hope he in t going to get soft a sensibly gentlemanly agreeable Man like him and quite old enough to be her father and so i looked at him to see " if he was when suddenly he turned upon me. " at least you might have written Agatha Wells i said he sharply. I started As you May think to hear my own name spoken so familiarly by a stranger when looking again behold i i saw beneath the Bronze and under the wrinkles and beneath the Beard a face that Twenty years by store wan the Dearest in the world to me the face of Duncan Ashley. To parted one Day expecting to meet on the next but that evening he was called away \ and wrote instead of coming. In the letter he said what he had said before with his eyes yes those same Beautiful eyes that i was the Choice of his heart and Tho desire of his life. " answer me he said " i cannot wait till 1 see so i answered a Long foolish letter though there was no need of writing a for he had read All i could say Long before with those eyes of his then 1 watched and waited for him but never saw him or heard one word More. If you Are Young you can imagine the slow dying out of Hope and expectation and if you Are old you know How such things can be lived Over and hidden in secret Graves but now As though the Graves had been opened and the judgment set came this sudden reproachful question up from the buried past. I fairly caught Rny breath As i turned Back my eyes and looked him in the face again " forgive me said he directly in a f Sutler tone " i did no mean to speak of brought it out with your eyes a that questioning turn w a s so familiar. Of course you were quite right and i never blamed you. I never meant you should see me again but the temptation to feel my eel beside you Only to be in the soothing Charni of your presence was too great. It has been a Blessing i shall carry with me All the rest of my he was rising to to away but i put out my hand. " i did write Duncan Ashley said i a the letter must have gone " you did you wrote he cried sinking Back to his chair again and looking at me eagerly. " what did Vou say " there was Only one thing i could tay and i said that i answered plus hug As though 1 had just written he letter. A Middle aged woman in Hood and Waterproof. But dear me it was Only Niy face that was Middle aged after All my heart was As Young and silly As Ever. Aud As for Duncan s face the Marks of Cire and thought and time fell off eave us in it Only the eternal youth of Ove. It was the old Story of a lost letter ind the older Story of a proud Man believing himself rejected and humiliated and fleeing to the ends of the Earth with his pain. But bless your heart 1 i might As Well have tried to wipe up the Atlantic with my pocket handkerchief. Lie was to grieved and so impatient and so Resolute and indeed when one comes to think of it Twenty yaws is Long. Enough for an engagement that finally dropped off my Waterproof and sen sickness and stood up behind the binnacle and was married before eight Bells that very morning ring and All. Duncan produced it from a Small casket where to had carried it in his Waistcoat pocket for the whole Twenty years. " i could never boar to put the Little thing away said he looking at it tenderly. " Twenty precious years were wasted i said my now Sealander. " we will not be separated another Day Wiio to both live. There is a Clergyman among our passengers and we will be married this very hour i that was so like his headlong decisions certainly he did need a sober second thought like for ballast. " that cannot be 1 cried. " Tho ceremony would t to Legal with a License or something. And i would by no Means do anything so sensational and conspicuous. The next Day to came to port with Tho Sun shining and our flags flying. There was a flurry of Good byes a hoisting of trunks a welcoming of friends on the Shore and a glad hurry ing to and fro. Among the rest was an instant s nestling of miss Armour s lips on my Cheek and a Little cling of her hand in mine the vanishing of a smile and she was gone like Tho Flash of a fire Fly out of sight forever. But wherever she is and however she fares she has the daily Blessing of two Middle aged hearts whose Way to each other she unconsciously Chambers journal. Scientific Aud practical. Borneo has a tree the nut of which yields vegetable tallow. The Trade in the article promises to become one of great importance. Black Lead Pencil or Crayon drawings May be fixed by smearing the Backol the Sheet of paper with a solution of shellac in alcohol. Baw beef chopped up Fine with onions is a new feed which germans consider a cure or preventive of dyspepsia As Well As lung diseases. A grand rapids manufacturing firm obtains its motive Power from a Waterwheel a Quarter of a mile Distant by Means of half a Milo of Cable wire stretched on pulleys across. The grand River. It has been discovered that work in a room covered with yellow ochre produces pain in the head and eyes and general melancholy and that the same labor in the same room whitewashed inspires health and exhilaration. It is asserted upon the authority of the contractor for removing Tho debris from the Lindell to. Al lot in St. Louis that the other Day his work men turned up Twenty feet below the surface a burning mass which had been buried Over five years. By lining the Bolt holes in wooden constructions with a mixture of grease and Zinc tilings a French Mechanic has discovered a simple method of preserving Iron bolts the effect of the Contact being to galvanize the Iron and thus protect it from oxidation. It is now proposed to utilize scraps of leather or skin by manufacturing from them a paper in combination with rags or other fibrous substances. For this purpose the refuse cuttings of any kind of leather Are taken those of Calfskin however being preferred. Tyndall the eminent chemist who was expected to visit this country during the present autumn will delay his visit until Winter. It is probable that his friends Here have advise a this As a course of scientific lectures during a heated political canvass would scarcely receive Tho attention that our people would be glad to give them. The following is a scale of the average duration of animal life from the most celebrated writers on natural history a Hare Wil Hivo 10 years a cat 10, a goal 8, a sheep 10, a dog from 14 to 20, an of 20, Swine 25, a Pigeon 8, a Turtle Dove 25, a Partridge 25, a Raven 100, an Eagle 100, a Goose 100. The Good effects of associated action have never been better illustrated than in the establishment of cheese factories in the United states. The improvements that have been introduced into the manufacture of this important article of diet have through this Agency been so great that the american product now competes with the Best English in the London markets whereas it was almost unsaleable Twenty years ago. If Flowers do not mature Well they May to made to do to by placing half an Inch of powdered charcoal on the Earth in the pot. Another authority asserts that a solution or suspension of White hellebore in water May be used with great advantage in destroying the insects that infest so Many flowering plants. A fair Friend has tried the Experiment with Success and reports that if the bugs sneezed As she did it was no wonder that they lost their lives. People who Are unable to go to sleep at night will be glad to know that an instrument constructed by an ingenious German when placed under a mattress is calculated by soothing strains to persuade the most. Troubled conscience into Sweet oblivion and gentle slumber. It also will at a set time awaken the Happy Sleeper by a Lively selection from one of Offenbach s operas. This Little instrument is provided with a tune appropriate for any occasion even that of a death or funeral service a dead March being among the selections. Align prices for scottish cattle. A Sale has lately taken place in Scotland of the greater portion of the celebrated Herd of Short horned cattle belonging to the Earl of Dunmore and the prices Given were such of could hardly have failed to satisfy the most exacting seller. " Bright eyes sold to or. Brassey son of the great contractor for $ 2,500 another to the same gentleman for $ 1,850 " Siddington to lord Beehive for $ 2,500 another to the same $ 4,050 " marchioness of Oxford $ 5,050 " Oxford Duchess 57,500 a another for $ 4,500. The forty eight heifers sold fetched $ 60,000. The lowest sum brought for a Heifer was $ 225, and the highest $ 7,506. At this rate cattle farming ought to pay one would think the enormous High average is More remarkable than the prices Given for single animals. Ismail Pasha. The Honor conferred upon Ismail Pasha by the recent Imperial Firman of the Sultan although seemingly quite trifling is really a substantial one. Before he was Only an appointed Deputy who ruled Egypt at the pleasure of the Sublime Porte and was liable to removal while the succession of his son was by no Means certain. Now he is created Khedive and the title which is of a higher political value than that of Viceroy or Pasha a made permanent and hereditary. Those who recognize in Ismail Pasha the most enlightened and progressive Sovereign of the East As Well As one of the most Brilliant men of the age will acknowledge the Justice of the promotion. The average Cost of building a mile of Railroad is $ 44,225 in this country. A Royal Loafer. A new York world correspondent at Bordentown. N. J., writes when Prince Lucien Murray came to Bordentown he wis one of the finest looking men. Ever seen. Tall and of Majestic Mien he was a skilful swordsman and the most elegant and Graceful dancer. He brought with him a Large Fortune which was quickly squandered and then he ran heavily in debt. When these became fairly mountainous Joseph Bonaparte liquidated them All. In a Short time Murat was As deeply involved As before and Bonaparte being again approached by his creditors Shook his head. " it is useless gentlemen said he " the Prince has no legitimate claim upon me and it was through Friendship and the Hope that he would be More economical that 1 placed him upon his feet at the s rate he will speedily make beggars of both of and henceforth the Noble gentleman had to " go it shortly after he mar ried miss Frazier of Charleston n. C., a Noble Aud accomplished woman who opened a Young ladies school at Bordentown by which Means she supported her family and n worthless husband. The Prince led a Gross and disreputable life was addicted to gambling Hunting fishing drinking loafing and borrowed Money of All who would loan it. Lie had not the least taste for refined and intellectual pursuits. One Day when at dinner with Bonaparte Tho latter by an understanding with a number of ladies who were pruent caused him to give an exhibition of tastes. A discussion upon the exact Reading of a certain passage of a classical writer was introduced and to Settle the dispute the volume was brought from the Library. Bonaparte who was an excellent Reader opened the Book and began Reading to the company. Murat unable to conceal his disgust Rose and left the room. Straying away until he thought the insufferable controversy was Over he came Back Aga n Only to find the sex King still Reading and the ladies listening with Tho greatest interest. Wheeling abruptly about he once More took his departure and stayed away altogether. Just Here 1 May add parenthetically that the residence of Bonaparte in this state gave Rise to the old quirk of calling new Jersey Spain and a foreign country. Murat came to be very obese and was nothing More than a bar room Loafer. " my father was born a peasant and died a Prince he was accustomed to say " and i was born a Prince Aud will die a but when the coup d eat of 1852 was made the Prince saw that the Golden Opportunity Hud come and lie packed up and took his passage for Europe. The gentleman whose state room was next to his declares that the Prince snored so terrifically that he had not u single night s undisturbed rest during his passage. The emperor Napoleon took care of shia Cousin securing to him a immense Revenue paying his debts several times Aud giving him the Means of living As became a member of the Royal family. But his tremendous extravagance always kept him poor. The press Law in Russia. By late Cable dispatches it appears that changes have recently been made in the press Laws which Render them much More severe and Are almost literally prohibitory of Tho larger portion of russian literature. Under the Law of 1865, every sort of original composition reviews excepted of less than ten pages and every translation of less than Twenty pages could be prohibited by a simple police order. This was under the supposition that the size and pro Ceol larger works would restrict their circus curation to the cultivated classes. Tho Rule failed to work however and for this reason it is probable the change has been Mede. The new Law gives the minister of the Interior the Power to withdraw from circulation any work or number of a Magazine which he considers hurtful. A copies of such inter dieted publications Are to to immediately confiscated and the publishers printers and compositors who seek to evade the order Are liable to punishment. Every work has now to be presented to Tho Council of ministers seven Daya be fore being offered for Sale and every number of a Magazine must be presented to the same body four Days before distribution to its subscribers. The Freu ii people who Are forever grumbling about the censorship of Tho press which is More sever if anything under the Republic than the Empire ought to live in Russia for awhile to appreciate the liberties they enjoy. Home mud lightning rods. " Well we must Tell you of a impressive lesson Taug t a Short time since by one Jack w 1, who resided near crab Orchard. A lightning Rod vender was erecting rods in that town and Vicinity and applied to our Friend aforesaid to place one upon his residence but failed to secure the Job for Tho reason that our Friend was not a believer that pc Honing rods afforded any Protection. Upon his return Home however he began to think Over the matter and being somewhat in fits cups he concluded for the fun of Tho thing to go out into the dts River Bottom and Cut some very tall horse weeds which were at least eighteen feet High. He placed one or two upon his residence and an equal number upon his stable. He had not More than completed the Job when there were Evi Dences of an approaching storm in the West the Ink Black Clouds commenced banking one upon another until the whole heavens were overcast by one of the most angry looking Clouds possible the forked lightning leaped from Cloudy Peak to Cloudy Peak accompanied by the most terrific discharges of heaven s artillery which a appeared to descend into the very bowels of the Earth. The storm continued to rage with great violence for a considerable length of time. After it had spent its Force and ceased to rage there was a dead Calm. Our Friend went to Survey the extent of damages when he discovered that the Euc tric fluid had been attracted by Tho the horse Weed lightning Rod placed upon his stable Etc., and had descended it and torn his stable to pieces and killed two of his most valuable Danville by advocate. in his War paint. Andrew Johnson continues his re hot speeches in Tennessee and is at present engaged in having it out with Ishan g. Harris of Memphis what o possible Fate s thus horrid y foreshadowed in one of Andy s speeches " if was a surgeon and in the Ward of a Hospital and this Man Harris was to be brought in there i would want no better subject to operate or. Johnson continues " it was said that Harris Bate Quarles. Turner and others were to meet me at different Points make speeches for my competitor Gen. Cheatham and they were to escort me from Point to Point and make the canvass so not for me that 1 would quit the Field. Let them com a one and ail. With my Sling and five smooth stones 1 will sweep the whole Phalanx from the a Horn inebriated. A boy about 15 years old was put in the tombs at new York theol her night for drunkenness. He protested to the keeper that be. Had not been drinking but that he was born drunk. His speech and staggering indicated intoxication but it appeared on examination that this is his Normal condition. His father was a confirmed inebriated and since he was three years old Tho boy has manifested these symptoms. A wife s suicide. Mrs. L. M. Penwell committed suicide at Oakland California a few Days ago by shooting herself with a pistol. She left the following letter o her husband my dear husband when you see these lines i shall be in a quiet state of mind. Poverty and sickness have Ever flaunted me As the worst of ills but i shall have to contend with them no longer. Pride and ambition have goaded me with their fiery fangs until i am weary and desire rest. Tis not from remorse i suffer but from grief at the loss of my child. The shades of night thicken i is this the last time i am to behold the same Sun and the same Moon which you behold. Take care of the children and guard them against sowing the seeds of disease in their youth. I plead with you to speak to them of me often and do not let my memory wholly die out of their minds forgive me Asye would be forgiven. Write to my sister and say that i often thought of her. My dear husband we have seen nothing but sorrow and suffering by reason of my sickness since our marriage. Now that to Are separated and away you May know some Comfort some respite from the worry you have endured. I Hope you May be prosperous in your business now and soon know what it i a to be free May your life be spared to care for the Little ones of which we were both so fond. Keep my Saddle for Leila and let her learn to ride do not let either of Hera study too much but keep them in the fresh air As much As possible. I am sorry that you did not keep me at Home this summer. I was born in Lockport 111., Jan. 26, 1848. Good Bye. Your wife. L. M. Penwell. On the Back of the letter was the Fol Lowi Tik postscript " i " could live but a few Days at Best As my cough is Mono mania. An extraordinary Case of Mono mania is related in a French Exchange. A Well dressed educated gentleman recently appeared before a magi state and gave the following account of himself " my name is l m. I am a teacher in a College of the depart Neil of Gers and have come to pass the vacation in my native town. I come to ask you to be Good enough to put me in some Asylum until 1 can overcome a dangerous Mono mania which possesses me. I am not mad but am simply seized with an irresistible desire to strangle a child. During the Long nights us i Lay sleep Lessly in the dormitory of our College listening to the breathing of the scholars confided to my care 1 have Felt the most extraordinary sensations. Often have 1 got up and gone toward the bed of one of the boys with the full intention of strangling him to death but at the moment when i was about to seize him by the neck i have succeeded by appealing to my reason and All Tho resources of my nature in avoiding the committal of crime. I happily managed to Ward of the dreadful impulse until vacation came. But to Day i feel that i can no longer resist. Even in coming Here to you i carefully avoided meeting any child for had i done so i must have killed at this moment a boy of fourteen years happened to be brought before the magistrate to answer some charge against him. At the sight of the boy a mad Glare seemed to Dart from the eyes of the Mon maniac As he rushed Forward to seize him and was Only prevented by the officers of the Law. The magistrate immediately Send the unfortunate Man to a Lunatic Asylum. The " poet or the sierras if Joaquin Miller should peradventure be cast after death into that Verj unpleasant Region of fire and Brimstone of which be used to hear so. Much h May find some Consolation in the knowledge that to has already suffered More than hell s worst fury. The wife he has scorned is lecturing about him shei has made her debut in san fran Cisco she proposes to make her fare fell Bow at Boston after speaking a All intermediate Points. Her sketch is not a flattering one. She tells How her husband in he anxiety to resemble Byron not Only let his hair and shirt Collar grow but drank Gin and water affected a deformed foot Aud a lit up and dipped into dissipation she re counts the tory of the dog bite which Joaquin proudly paraded As the scar o a Bullet wound. She confides to the pubic 1. That the poet of the sierras Lefi for London with $ 0,000, and left his wife and three children to starve in Portland Oregon. She sys that he wrote to " Maud one of their Daugh this that he would Send her a magnificent Gold locket and Chain which came after Tome months d i Lay quaintly fashioned of the purest brass finally mrs. Minnie Myrtle Miller stabs her luckless sex spouse cruelly by declaring that he writes poetry by first Selec ing " euphonious words from Webster s dictionary and then getting rhymes for them from the rhyming dictionary and then filling up the lines with the requisite number of Syll Ibl a s. Alter All however this mechanical method is no worse than that which Edgar Allan Poe avowed that he employed in composing the " Chicago Tribune. Flanking Cape Lorn. The London newspapers mention that in the course of a month or two there will to placed a line of very Large and powerful steam tugs at both entrances the Straits of Magellan for the Purpo of towing sailing vessels bound to and from the West coast of South America through the trails thus doing away with the difficult and Oft times dangerous voyage round Cape Horn. It is believed that the services of this new steam tug comp my will meet with Tho patronage which the venture deserves and that in future the disasters to the vessels making Tho passage round the Horn will to few and far Between As the Cost of towing a vessel through the Straits will it is estimated he not More than a 200 to a 250. A Veteran i Ramper. A patriarch among the " comps is Harry sheets. The Kent eking thus chronicles his arrival in Padua. In a yesterday Mii. Harry sheets it tramping Printer 71 years of age arrived in our City from Nashville. He never travels on any conveyance but wherever he goes he travels on foot. During his tramping he has worked in every state of the United states except California ind has taken his time to travel Over hem. If there were any stations at reasonable distances Between Here and California where he could rest and procure grub and if it was not for the danger of having his Scalp raised by the bloody inti Iris we Haven t Tho be doubt that he would yet. Undertake a foot ride to that far off the biographers of Shakespeare have hitherto been Content with assigning him the avocations of schoolmaster lawyer Soldier Sailor armorer surgeon and actor. Now however a Sharp englishman named Blades has discovered that Shakespeare was a in inter and did duty in a printing office four years. Here he. Acquired the Termi " reprints " title pages " preface " Typo " nonpareil " " broadside " Locking up " Register and a Printer s Devil All of which Are to be found in his works. A Pnra Ioian who i a lid if a Railroad director were lashed to every locomotive there would be fewer Railroad accidents and if doctors had to take their own physio before adminis Toring it to their patients fewer people would be poisoned. Or. Joseph Walker of California took this course when he first compounded the famous vinegar Bittera which now rank As an inestimable household remedy in All parts of the United states. To healed himself with this specific before he offered it to the world. He introduced it with a simple statement of the manner in which he Hud discovered its vegetable ingredients and been cured while wandering Nick and poor among the California tribes. He elated what the preparation had done for himself and a few sufferers from dyspepsia bilious Ness rheumatism lung diseases and Many other prevalent disorders believed him tried the new restorative and were More than satisfied with the results. In this Way the Sale of the vinegar bitters began and we mention the fact a an evidence that in this age of intelligence and inquiry nothing that is really valuable to Mankind can prove a pecuniary failure even though it May Lack the help of capital and have to Flag lit its Way against powerful opposing interests. Within two or three months after Ita introduction the article became self supporting and it now yields a magnificent annual com. Groat Tump. In it certain school the geography class " was called up to pass examination before the committee Man and ques Lions were asked about St. Helena and the grave there of Napoleon Bonaparte " where has he since been entombed ? was the next question. " in Paris with great pomp answered the Pupil yer readily and in the exact words of the Book. " eight and what do you under stand by great pomp " asked the committee Man. " a big Nigger i responded the youth and then observing a surprised expression creeping Ove the faces of the listeners he added " s pese they buried him with one of i old a Many valuable horses die from tin effects of Colic. The Best thing to do in a Aso of this kind a to pour a bottle of John son s Anodyne liniment into a Long Gecko junk bottle add half pint of molasses an water then pour the whole Down the horse Throat. In ten minutes the horse will Berrr to com. Door. By s yeast powder cannot by excelled Tor making Light Sweet bolls Bis Cuits waffles Corn bread Etc. It is alway ready and com. Chapped hands face rough skin pimples ring worm Salt Rheum and othe cutaneous affections cured and the skin made soft and smooth by using the Judi re Tab soap made by cab Well Hazard & co. New York. It is More convenient and Wasilj applied than other remedies avoiding the trouble of the Greasy compounds now in Coin. Parsons purgative pills will greatly re Lieve if not entirely cure dyspepsia Whei everything else fails. They have been tried in some desperate cases and have Given More Relief than any other com. Have you seen Heb a a lady who for the last five yearn has been n loader of t Athion lit no York and who indy be see n twice it week ill he elegant Cal Echo driving a pair of Superb ponies in Central Park. Hibib recently suited i i the select circa to which a it belongs that Tho Only Arsiclo in exist once Lii he inn aria Beauty Ami Luster to the com r la Lon without ult Uia Tely impairing the texture o lie skin and causing it to collapse am wrinkle l Piaoan s Magnolia Balm. Tho name of my distinguished Moin Bor of the bean Zoudo who made tin declaration cd Quot with Propri to to Givon but i May be mentioned in passant that she has spin several years of her life in Europe and is Ful Nilia with All Theatta and preparations employed by the court Beau lies of tin old world to enhance their Oom. Bis Tabobo s expel Sion haib Dve stand unrivalled and Al be. Its merits have been so nil verbally acknowledged that it would to a sup Orero gation to descant on them any further nothing can beat com. Flood s instant belief has stood went years Tost. I warranted to give immediate Relief t All rheumatic neuralgia head Kar nud and Baches or Money Oom. Defend your health. To Teslof the let ? 6i not Only gym Ollie bum a decay tint promotes it. In other words the of flail from Dylite Aud rotting vegetation is unfavourable to health. To this and other causes especially a Cesi of Molitore in to atmosphere May be ascribed the f Rev Alenco of Conte of Tordera of the stomach Bowel and liver at this season. Every person of Bilionis habit in liable to be Verv billions in the fall. Then too All Persona whose digestion is weak Are mor than ordinarily dyspeptic Aud individuals predisposed to Colic diarrhoea and dose Uteri Are Partick Lorly Likely to to attacked by them complaints. The Moat Complete defence against each and All of those distressing ailments ii bodily vigor. To obtain Thi Blessing la All its plenitude where it does not exist Aud to preserve and perpetuate u where it does Ezis Hostetter a stomach bitters is earnestly recommended it a Tho Peculiar office of Tel a preparation to Reinfort and regulate the important organs which digest an temper the food and convert it into life sustain blood. Bodily vigor depends upon the non Lshwn qualities of that fluid and the nutrition Sneska of the blood depend upon the functional activity and regu Larity which it is the special province of Tho bitter to secure. Hence it is the Best defense of health a this Beagon Aud indeed at Allee Sony. When dysentery diarrhoea Bill on Colic and " other violent affections of the bowels become epidemic As they of to do in certain parts of the country in the fall it i be found that Persona who have been Wise enough to resort to the bitters a a preventive Are almost in variably exempted from the Scourge. To the Public. F15vek. And ague Ai. To the git at Choi Eka kk1ihimrethy Davis 1 Ain Killil Esna sans o Ngan an Onnen Europe to Mozambique Madagascar a Skibar it other african lands to Australia and ii Cut Uki gon an o sent to Chi can a n s u s r a a an Ticu a Othor places in India. It has also be Chiin Naa and woo doubt diff there miss Aan nyy Fortig port or Inland City in Africa or Asia which is of a quoted by american and european missionaries traveler or traders into which Tho pain killer h not been introduced. The extent a in ask Hess is another Rarrat feature of this remarkable Medicine. It is not Only to be tiling Over known is everybody will Conosa of brides cuts Burns Etc. But for dysentery Orch Era or any sort of Bowel complaint it is a reme unsurpassed for Eltor Lyncy and rapidity of action. Grea m c c n o. A t e a n l e of ail its proprietors claim for it is a tile unparalleled popularity it has att Tare and Active remedy. It is bold in. A Ura Auu elective i Tinory. It Boiu n be Veery country in the world und is becoming More a l m ill o in r. E l p in o n p l u. L l f a. P r m eve. U e l r. 1 y. Be. A r. I j t j s h it a t n it l l i i n la g g p pro o p pc e l r r t t i i is Ritvo brim fully tested All Over Tho world and it in Only o to known to be prize. # 9 i i actions accompany each Buttle. Trice 2.1 a a a i. M cts., and 8l per bottle. M. I1a11iiis it co., cinc Iii jul Ohio proprietors for the Southern and Western states. Sold by Ai. I. Medicine Deai. Kos generally. no Medicine has attained such a Broat refutation As this justly celebrated compound. To c on Suomi to jobs. Tho adv Ortler having been permanently cur d of thu thread by n simple Iti Nody is anxious to make known to i fellow Duff Freri Tho Nic Bloof in e. To All who desire it. He will mind a copy of la a Prenci Tiou Thoi free of Cherzo with Tho Diro Tiona for Propri Foitik and using to Niue which they will land a Huke cuke Koi asthma ebon Cliitis find All Throat or lung diff Partlow wishing Tho proscription will please air Eli bit. Emmalli a Wilson 1 1 l ,. In a Irwin. Ill Lani. Ilmari h n. V the markets. New York. Beeves prime fair. Loash dressed Cotton middling Upland Louhy extra Western. Wheat no. 2 Spring John mixed Western Jatsa Western Ivko Western 3abley�? state of Ike mess Jan Chicago. Bev Khz Choice 5 60 Good 6 25 medium grades 4 75 Stock cattle common 8 00 inferior 2 00 Loose live 4 40 13 10 619 7 00. 1 55. 63. 14. 80. U 20. @. @ 7 40 @ 1 56 @ g4 @ 40 @. @ @ 14 25 @ b 25 03 5 40 Fol 5 00 @ 4 25 5 2 75 @ 5 87 Bojt Teby Choice. 20 eos. 20 flour a White. Winter extra. 7 00 Spring extra. 6 0 0 we Bat no. 1 Spring. 1 22 no. 2 Spring. 115 cons no. 21oats no. 2bye no. 252 Barley no. 264 pork mess. 14 00 lauds summer. 8 Winter. 85 St. Louis. Xxx. Wheat no. 2 red. 187 cob no no. 2 mixed. 87 Oats. 25 Bye. 61 Barley. A. 85 pork Moss. .13 12 a cattle. Hoos. 4 Cincinnati. Flour. 750 wheat bed. 150 corny mixed. 44 Oats. A. Kye. 71 Barley. Pork mess. 1350 lard. Hoob. 4 40. Milwaukee. Flour a Spring extra. 6 70 wheat no. Jno. 2corny no. 2oats no 2bye no. 1barley no. 2. Cleveland Gnu at no. 1 bed no. 2bedcorny new. Boats Toledo. Wheat no. 1 White Michigan 1 58 Amber Michigan. 1 41 Corn High mixed. Low do. 44 Oats. 28 @ 92 @ 10 00 @ 7 26 @ 1 23 is 1 16. 3i a 54 65 60 Fol 7 75 @ 1 55 & 45 of Fol @ 73 @ 4 75 7 00 34 24 54 1 60 1 43 47 34 @ a a @ s 18 a 35 @ s @ 33 for family use. The Halford Leicestershire table Tho Best sauce end relish made in any part of the 1vobl Fob family use. Tints 5o cents half pints 3o cents for Sale by All grocers. Cheap farms free Homes on the line of Iho Union paci1tio Railroad 13. Too. Too Acron of the beat farming and Hin eral ii Anflin America. 3, too too acres in Nebraska in the put tit Valley now for Sale. Mild climate Fertile soil for Grain growing and Stock baiting Ansar Paw by any in the Unito i states. Cheaper in i Bick . An More convenient to Market than can be found Lei where. Free homesteads for atonal settler the Best location for soldiers entitled t a Homestead of info acres. Send for the new descriptive pamphlet with new Mapa. Published in in Gish German swedish an danish mailed free everywhere. Address o. F. Davis land Oom a u. P. R. B. ., Ohania n to. Teachers and chorister list. Of tub. Newest and Best music books the new and famous Church Mic Book Uthe Stai by i. O. Emerson ind h. In. Palmer. Its Success cannot to . Its Bonu y in variety of music i Turpa sol. For choirs Convent Ion and singing Clit Scott. A Rice $ 1.50 $ 13 go per Dokun. Swarb inra club lbs let All Tho Sabbath schools try it. Ite Spir Lulu Gums of souths will be appreciated by every Chili Price 35 cents. Just published a Brilliant Book gems of Strauss 225 Largo pages full of Tho Best Strauss Muni Price. 82.50. Iii Grzic s xxx of for s o c i a l it e i i e 1 o u m a l e e t i u pm a perfect Mottl Fatm in pareo very Largo number Trio Best tunes. Price v cons Tho of Bovo books Bent Post paid for Iho the Vela Prico with the exception of the Standar. D. Fpo Cimo copies of which will to mailed i. 8t paid for to present for 81.2.1. Omvik Ditson co., float ii. Chas. H. Dit a on & co., no v York. All Book and May Foj a a a _ _ ran a Mcmeni mod d armr it Dirr is itsume Diatel to " Sii Ritli Al p Lilure n. Y. Very import of w agents to canvies for our Dalla paper a two Dollar in ruling Given t every Ruro chair in. Address b. B. Russell. Ponton. Myaa. Foreign estates epee civilly Colle Rcd by j. F. Filu Tauff attorney at Law. Lancing tar co., Pii. " of a Atlantic h Ano Maca i Jaii s re i i i am mothers mothers mothers d on t full to procure i tilts. Win i \ v s Sootin Antt 8yiuj1 Foit t Hiim n Akk timing. Thih a Limben preparation ha3 Lipchu no re. Kvek fail Inq Success in thousands of casks. It not Only relic vol Trio Clif Lyl from Imin. Hut in Vita Oraton Tho Osoinach and bowels corrects acidity am of in 3tone and i ii orgy to the a Lily Syb Tom. It Wil also Iii lastly re Allevo Grilii ii in Hie Dowel Neil a Vinci Oil. W a Liclican it in the. Rust and is Kest a Kukuy in the w011i/ in n i l c a a a of Dyson they Ani Dia Ruiika in child Fin whether Arlen a Iron to i Ali in or Liny Otylior calf up. Depend upon it i other. It will tvs Root to your h pc in and Dellol ant Man Atli to i our ii. Fin a. To buro and Call for " my. Wii flow ii Hoo Lii a hot Iii Slavins Tho fac Brailo of " Oustis t i Elk Kizia on tie outside or upper. Solil by drinks Htu Tho pro Del. It this out und by a my 21 up Nib for it tic Tot or. D drug u watch sewing machine piano or sonic article of i. Inc. No Blunka. Six tick fit $ 1. Packard a co., cinc Minutti. O. C $ 3oo, too. Missouri state lottery by state authority and drawn in 1 Niblic in St. Louis. Orand single number scheme. 5o. Too numbers class a to be drawn october 81,1872. 3, so i a Lech to $ 3oo, o to. 500 prised Al of Feijoo or idea of. I in j Pri. of. W Pri /. In of. Of n s Pritch of 23n 3fi Prizza of. Uon Mari. Enof. 150 Ito prizes of. Ion mijo prize of. 0 Pri. E Prixa or. Prino of. Prize of. I i. I Sof. Pri he of. 0 prize of. W prize of. N prick Sof. 1911,000 13,150 in Iii 7 r Iio 6, in. O 2,.00 i. Too 6iki Aso rickets $ 10. Half tickets a 5. Qrs., 2.50. Or lotteries ure Chart Oil by to. N Sute Are Alaya drawn at Tho Lime named and Ull drawings i. Re m 12i a a per Veblun of sworn . Of Tho Olli Tinl drawing will Lio published in the i. Louis papers and a copy of drawing sent to Pur Imam of Licois. Feb. To will draw a Simi a Fotio Tuo the last Day of very month Durins the year 1872. Nii Tat r. Or risk by Posto Fiok Money Ilgis tubed tit Leit draft or exp Hes 8. Send for a circular. Add Reba Murray thu. Kill at co., i cutoff co Dox 244 y a Calisla or . Headache paining the shoulders Coito is tire less of tie Chest dizziness sour erect actions of the stomach had Lime in tie Mouth bilious attacks palpitation of the heart inflammation of the Liuis pain in tile regions of the kidneys All a Hundred other painful symptoms Are the offspring of dyspepsia. In the. Be complaints it has no equal and one bottle will prove a letter guarantee 6f its merits than a lengthy advertisement. For female complaint in Young or old married or single at the Dawn of womanhood or the turn of life these tonic bitters display so decided. An influence that a marked improvement is soon perceptible. For nil chronic Ruck amt Lilii and gout bilious remit tent Aud filter. Mittens Kevers diseases of the blood liver kidneys and Hladilek these bitters have no equal. _ such diseases Are caused by vitiated blood which is generally produced by derangement of the digestive organs. They Are n gentle purgative As Well a a tonic possessing also the Peculiar Merit of acting As a powerful Patrei. T in. Relieving congestion or inflammation of the liver and visceral organs and in bilious diseases. A for skill Date sea eruptions Tetter Salt Rheum blotches spots pimples pustules boils car Pis literally dug up and carried out of the system in i Short time by the use of these bitters. Grateful Khoii Hundt proclaim vinegar bitters tli2 most wonderful inv Gorant that Ever sustained the sinking system. I walk lir prop r. U. Ii. Inc Donaj a co., druggists and Gen. Ayts., san i Francisco and new York. A sold by Alt. T rur lists & dealers. For Beauty of polish saving i oboe clean line so Ouray Allty in cheapness unequalled. Ii Kwaisik of Wolt Iii. Ass ill i Atlon under other name it resembling our in Shuc and colorow wrapper intended to deceive. Tin lil six Sun Ruusu 11 Nui a for stove dealers use at twelve cents per pounds to cuty five and Ulter Pound boxes. " cheaper than any other bulk polish Tor thu rising Sun i. A Ninku ,.�? no liar pining cheap and durable . Till Iii Simisim \ in. Uki i Iii. Umina Rori. For axles. Carl Nufi and in Iliin. To lasts blk alone. 25 in. And co in. Boxes 15 cents per in. Try it. Morse Bros. Prop rs., Croton Mas a bust orrs vat 8 for $ 3 the Al lat National Lull r St Katei Rural literary and family weekly hns for Over Twenty years born Tho Standard in its a i i Frfd and now Hus innit evil torn in. Ore Dorii Ruments and Uuro and Batter Tului any Othor journal of Ltd a lust. It u the favorite foe the farm and fireside Ami la is in says " to in la no v i n i t s itis Nodonly Tho Stan Dah in Rural and Momrik s Urmai. Haik. Soa your Bat to will Auml it for Trio ensuing if turn Monzua out. 1, 73, in Jan. 1. 71�? h uni Nettra Illert a copy of our splendid steel end Ruvin bar tit in 7 a a v. In if is. O 2lx. Job a a orm a 7. Or the. A picture for Only $ a or to will Semi Trio Knorn Vinoff to every Ono remitting $ 5 for ton trial for next Quarter oct. To Jan., a l number Tho engraving a first class a Pom at to adorn i. By Home in town or country. Address d. D. T. Ihoor13, new York City. What is needed Boston. Feb. 13,1871, Henry r. Stevens Seq. Dear sir about one a per Binco i found my Golf in a feeble condition from general debility. Vege tink was strongly to me by a Friend who Bod Boon in urn Uene fitted by its use. I procured to article and alter usin neveral l Ottlee was red Toront to health und disco tinned Ita use i feel quite confident that i hero is no Medicine Superior ton for Elioso complaint for which it is or Pochilly prep Trad Aud would cheerfully ret feel that they need Comet Hinc to restore them to perfect heal to Jie. Or. Dec fully Dourou. L. Pettingill firm of s. M. Pot Naill a co., pkg. Kits into Street Boston gives health strength and appetite sly daughter has Groat Benefit front Theulie of Trio vim Etise. Her inclining health waa a Lou co of great no zloty toll Hor Frienda. A few bottles of. A e i v to r. T ,. V e res. N or a Henl strength and a insurance ii tid Keal estate agent no. 19 Beard building Boston alias. Heartily recommends South Boston. Feb. 7,1870. Or. Stever dear six i have taken several bottles of your Eai tink. And am convinced it is a valuable remedy for dyspepsia kidney complaint and general debility of the system. Lean heartily. Recommend it to All Fidfl terms from the above comply ninth. Yours respectfully Mug. Mun of. Parker 3s6 Athens St. F roared Rice is. It h. R. Stevens Boston mass. 5. Sold by All druggists. Pulmonary Balsai and recommended by the most eminent physicians in new England for the last 40 years. " nothing in. Cutler Bros. & co a Boston. We. So it pfc a us. Sold by the druggists for coughs. Golds Seltzer the i. Iii Iun a of ill rinse in 1 Reinoud to it Wio or by Rojin forcing in Taro. An admirable proper Avion Lor this pure see is take at s erred Viscust Sel. To Ziti Apeci int. It Juels All Currid mat. Ter from tie Bowel. Rog Ulloa thu liver lira Cen the nerves. Alren g the. In thu Clig Rativo Orsaris. Dan Patr. Huxhol Sonie Juniora Coola the loud and nuts the whole Nia Lii fiery of the fyn Teni in Good working a i 0 " " r thu b " a of Hie delicate internal Sot 1 y am Yon want table knives and Forks if to. Inquire Foh " Meriden cutlery Cor slump. They am Rood. T Hea nectar is a puke ,. Ill a v it Tea with the Green ten flavor. Warranted Tom tall Tunica. Forint la everywhere. Aud for Aalo whole Bale Only by Ali great Atlantic a Pacific Tea co. No. 191 Fulton St., and 2 and 4 Church St., new York. P. O. Box 55 Lei. Son for Tea nectar Mccular. M i ennui Ltd to Liteky i Oit shot. Law. Sinur Ilmon Umlor. Eth Jouleet engaged and coat Minco Ghoul Phy Natian no lie age. Consultation or pamphlet tree. Call or write. At for to Benefit of Young m a n who suffer rom debility ac., a treatise of 36 Page or Ham put a a ont 2 in Piu ii. . Forfi0centii it k. I Hornix Nui a crr if. D. A Potorf a. 2l. L Oor. I Orrin oium Trees Bulba la. Lip Rian a a. N Era or i. P. H it Lou my. 2fl a. H1, too in Onk Day. To any Al crowd i a in of. guarantee in Immeke Foh the easily rapidly and a a a 1 v 5 a j b Ici l r e i i c my c k of e. Re 8 u 1 w i n of e if work. A Liq of it Effii. 263 receipts 136 out in w of id cents. By. Kunj a m in. St. Louis. To. A. 41 urn Waltl time to. Ulu uhe say of min Iho

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