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Jones County Liberal Newspaper Archives Nov 14 1872, Page 1

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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - November 14, 1872, Monticello, Iowa D Nounig Liberal pub lined Erera Thund a t Tai Liberal pm Intima office 504 first Street lot tar Damn Eroll Hall of. To Rollo a a Xot t4 thus two Dolan a tear in Advance. News summary. The East. Chief lattice chime s health will probably compel him to leave Bis seat on the supreme Bench for a Timo. The notorious or. Woodhull and mrs. Olaf in were wrested in new York recently on the charge of circulating Obizene literature to nil locked of in i Ludlow Street jail. George Francis train offered to go bail for them but they refused to accept bail. The charge Wal based on a scandalous and libel out article published in Wooda Uji s Olaf in i wittily reflecting on the Chi Tracten of Bev. Henry Wrd Boecher and Theodore Tilton the editor of the Independent. Provoe Dongi against the Twain had been expected for several Days and their arrest created no Surprise. The new work papers say that nothing More obscene in the Way of words or atrocious charges has Ever obtained currency in any Community than the attacks of these women on or. Bee her. Their office was also seized together with the books furniture and entire edition of the paper. There is much indignation among the virtuous new yorkers at the audacity of the publication complained of and general Bati faction is expressed at the arrest of the authors and the vol. I. Montice a thursday november 14,1872. No. 9. Has been damaged by fire to the extent of 20 000. The second trial of mrs. Wharton for poisoning Young Tan mess at Baltimore will commence at Annapolis md., in january. The Steamer Katie Ono of Tho finest passenger boats on the Mississippi sunk recently at Helena Ark. Be will to raised. Washington. Commander self Ridge of the United states Navy who in his Survey three years ago of the isthmus of Darien found a route for a ship canal that would Cost Onvy 1 81,000,000, has undertaken a new expedition in the belief that a still cheaper path can to chosen. In the forty third Congress Tho republicans will have 46 senators a majority of 18 Over the opposition who have 28. In the House of representatives there will be 182 Republican representatives and 103 democrats seven congressmen Are still to to elected from new Hampshire and Connecticut. The Congress which has just been chosen does not meet till december of sex year. The forty second Congress which begins its last session the coming december stands republicans 135 democrats itts in Tho Homse. The Washington correspondent of the Chicago Tribune Liberal Republican writes Prospect of their prosecution and conviction at Rochester n. Y., the other Day three men were suffocated to death in a new Mineral Well. The United states grand jury at new York has indicted Lle Dames Woodhull and Claflin for circulating obscene literature. Bail was fixed in the Eum of a 8,000, in default of which they were remanded to jail to await trial. Stephen Pearl Andrews the great head Center of Tho free lovers has also been arrested on the charge of being implicated with the Dames. Borne excitement has been caused in West Chester county n. Y., by the reported discoveries of Gold Quartz there. Thomas Sully the famous artist died in Philadelphia last week aged 90 years. Gen. George g. Meade the hero of Gettysburg died at his Home in Philadelphia last week after a rapid and severe attack of pneumonia. Susan b. Anthony and eight other females voted for president at Rochester n. Sarah Hunti Ngou Wai denied the right of suffrage at Norwalk ct., the court having decided adversely to ber suit against the Register to allow her name to be placed on Tho lists As an elector and declared unlawful the action of the selectmen who had previously admitted her to the franchise. Several Iron Mills in Pittsburgh have suspended on account of the Scarcity of Coal Hanton Marble of the new York world has resumed editorial control of that paper. His health is completely restored. A frightful Railroad Accident occurred last week near Scranton pa., on the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad. A construction train with about 35 labourers on Board struck a Large Boulder which had fallen upon the track. Tho engine being at the other end of the train the Engineer could not see Tho trouble and pushed a caboose filled with labourers Over a embankment and it fell a distance of 190 feet. Ten men were instantly killed and some 15 others dangerously injured several of whom will probably die. Three Parsons were killed and Twenty five wounded by a train running off the track of the Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad near Sora ton p a a few Days ago. Virtuous and Law abiding Boston is agitated by the perpetration of a crime out of the usual order. Two barrels were found floating m the Charles River and upon opening them the body of a Man Cut in several pieces was revealed. The murdered Man had on his clothes which were of the Best Quality. Everything seemed to indicate that he was wealthy and that he was murdered for Money. It is stated that mesdames Woodhull and Claflin the new York free love agitators have become alarmed at the Prospect of the Penitentiary. They adroit the falsity of the published statements concerning Beecher Tilton and Chellis and offer to retract everything and abandon new York provided Tho prosecution is withdrawn. The injured parties however will not Compromise but Are determined to press the Case until the lib Elers Are lodged within the Strong Walls of the state prison. Tii a West. The work on the Northern Pacific Railroad is progressing at a marvelous rate of Speed. The rails Are Laid 175 Miles West of lied River and the Road is now open to the Missouri River 155 Miles West of Lake Superior. Gen. Caes the new president of Tho Road has lately returned from a tour of inspection along the line of Tho Road. A St. Paul correspondent of a Chicago paper announcing his return says i " it is understood that while they found the Road Well constructed they were met at All Points and in nearly every department with evidences of the most reckless and extravagant management the full disclosure of which would astonish the country. This will undoubtedly be shown in the official report to to made by these gentlemen but Bow much of it will be Given to the Public time alone will Tell. It is also asserted with a directness that leaves Little doubt of its correctness that with the completion of the Road to the Missouri River All building operations on this end of the Lino will be suspended for at least one and probably two a reference to Tho reported suspension of work on the St. Paul and Pacific Road the officers say that their Road is being built independently of the Porlier Pacific Road the latter company having no financial responsibility for its affairs and that the temporary suspension of work on the St. Vincent Extension of the St. Paul line was caused by a misunderstanding with the company s financial agents in Amsterdam from whom All funds for its construction Are forwarded. Alum Wil kids an old and Well known Detroit broker has failed for $ 100,000. Extensive forgeries Are charged against him. Vice president Colfax rises to explain that he does not aspire to senator Morton s seat in the United states Senate or any other political position. He writes to he Indianapolis journal " even at the risk of subjecting myself to More cheap wit by the opposition papers about retiring i ask the privilege of restating in your columns what i have said to tens of thousands during the past month that i am not a candidate nor aspirant for any position senatorial or editorial state or National and am of course for the election of the Republican nominee for the Sena Tersip by the United vote of the Republican members of the borne malicious scoundrel placed a Plank on the Indianapolis and Vucer. Nes Railroad near ban born lud., last week by which a train was thrown from the track instantly killing the Engineer and fireman. George h. Frick an estimable citizen of Keithsburg 111., was killed by the premature discharge of a Cannon while celebrating the Ute Republican Victory. The Booth. The Maryland Penitentiary at Baltimore " a member of the Cabinet was asked the other Day what the course of the president would be toward Greeley. Fenton Trumbull Schurz Sumner and the other republicans who had opposed Bis election. The officer answered that the president would treat them with a severe letting alone that the proper course of the president and his Cabinet would be a morbid indifference and disregard for them that they had left the party and the fault was their own and that the president would keep along in Bis old paths and not be influenced by anything that had taken place in the a Washington Telegram says the president has recently received several Anonymous letters informing him. That in ease he was reelected the writers intend to assassinate him. Tho letters it is stated give the president no uneasiness whatever the writers being supposed to to insane. It is announced that there will boat least one change in the Cabinet at the commencement of the next presidential term. Fish by his own desire will retire from the Cabinet. There is no probability of a change in the attorney general. Judge Williams recently remarked to a Friend that although he could have been elected senator from Oregon he declined being a candidate in order that he might remain in his present position. The signal service weather reports Are now received at Washington three times each Day from 70 different stations embracing tue most prominent meteorological and commercial Points in the United states and the information thus obtained furnishes the basis on which prof. Cleveland abbe makes up Bis daily diagnosis of the weather. Washington Rumor a whatever it May be Worth a is that the members of the Cabinet have informally agreed to wonder their resignations at the close of the present term to the president who can take advantage of them in any cases in which he desires a change. Sex senator Morgan of new York is mentioned As the coming Secretary of the Treasury provided or. Boutwell succeeds to or. Wilson a seat in tha Senate from Massachusetts. The Washington Star says a move has already been commenced to have Jolius m. Langston the prominent coloured lawyer appointed attorney general. He is backed it in understood by Fred. Douglass and other prominent coloured men through the country and by a considerable number of White republicans particularly those from the South. Langston does not deny that to is a aspirant for the position. He simply says that such an appointment by the free Dent would be no More than his people have a right to expect. During the month of october 518 claims were filed before the Southern claims commission making a total of 17,560. The amount of Money involved in these claims already reaches 913,750,000. Gen. O. O. Howard is mentioned As Likely to receive the vacant position of major general created by the death of Gen. Meado. The annual report of the Secretary of War this year is quite Brief. He compliments Congress for such completeness in Tho last year s work that Little room is left for legislation. A Washington letter reports the following As president Grant s views on Bis re election " his first election he considers was an Honor paid for his military services and his second the nation s approval of his political administration and a popular vindication of his personal character. Long before the Philadelphia convention he foresaw his Success. Greeley s nomination by the coalition lists gratified him inasmuch As it narrowed the contest to Twe candidates. Besides the character of the opposition gave Complete Assurance of the result. He was surprised at the fright received by some of the republicans at the Baltimore nomination and be was thereafter urged by political giants to make various changes in Bis Cabinet. Many of his friends had wondered at Bis indifference but one helping cause of that indifference which was known to but few was his knowledge of the fact that during the Campaign the Republican National committee had a picket in every Greeley Camp of any consequence from one end of the country to the other and he knew Day by Day every phase of Tho coalition situation As Well As the coalition managers did Gen Hancock by Tho death of Gen. Meade 10th of october. The emperor is it Yean old and the Bride i6i John Francis Hagnere Tho Well known Irish member of parliament for Cork City and proprietor and principal editor of the Cork examiner is dead. It is stated that marshal Basayne is net expected to live through his trial. France has just paid Germany 300,000,000 More francs and will continue to make similar instalments until the end of the year so that on Tho 1st of january Only two Milliards of the War indemnity will remain unpaid. The irrepressible Carlist Are again becoming troublesome in Spain. The excitement in Germany Over the country Reform Bill has subsided. Another Effort will be made to pass the Bill on the reopening of the diet the King and Queen of Saxony have just celebrated their Golden wedding. At last accounts there was no abatement of the flood in the River to. The destruction of life and property has been frightful. The cholera is spreading in Europe. Dispatches from Berlin Vienna and Prague announce Tho appearance of the dreaded Scourge in those cities. A Paris Telegram says Henri Rochfort has been permitted to come to Versailles to marry Tho dying Mother of Bis children in order to legitimate be a offspring. When the ceremony is concluded to will return to prison. The russian government has recalled the expedition against Khiva. Minnesota. Enough returns Are in at this writing to a Bow that the state has gone Tor Grant by from 18,000 to 20,000. A full Republican delegation is probably elected to Congress and the whole Republican state Ciekot is elected by a heavy majority. California. A san Francisco Telegram says " the Republican state Central committee estimate Grant s majority in the state at 6,500." Oregon. Grant s majority is about 1,000. Arkansas. The returns from this state Home in Dowly and at this time it is impossible to Tell the result. Both parties confidently claim Tho enough new Peers Are to be appointed by the prussian government to overcome the majority in the upper House which Defeated the country Reform Bill pressed by the government at the last session. It is announced from Paris that the evacuation of the department of the upper Maine by the German troops has been completed that of the department of to Marne is slowly proceeding. Wind and tide Are doing sad work in Italy. Close upon the ravages of the to comes Tho tidings of a Hurricane which destroyed half the town of Palzzolo killed thirty two Persona and a housed one thousand families. An attempt to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in Exeter England resulted in a fierce riot in which cudgels and brickbats were freely used and a number of persons seriously injured. A Berlin dispatch Maya a pamphlet entitled " Down with the House of Peers has appeared. Karl Blind is the author. Its publication and Sale have in no Way been interfered with by the authorities. It is announced that the German troops have evacuated the City of Rheims and the town of Vitry to Francaise. These were the lasts posts retained by them in the department of Marne. A horrible mining Accident has occurred at Mam Burg in Belgium. The lowering machinery gave Way As a gang of miners were descending to work. Twenty one men and boys were precipitated seven Hundred feet to the Bottom of the Shaft and All killed. Havana advices state that Tho government troops have Defeated a body of insurgents near Trinidad. Forty three of the latter were killed and the rest dispersed. Late telegrams announce that the Progress of the Campaign is satisfactory to the spaniards. Rheims is added to the French towns which have been feed by the prompt payment of the successive instalments of the indemnity from the presence of a foreign Garrison. Prus the fire fiend. Terrible conflagration in Boston. One Hundred acres in the heart of toe City destroyed new York. Grant s majority in new York will be about 40,000. Dix s majority Tor governor promises to be still larger. The republicans elect 23 congressmen and the democrats 10. Tho Assembly stands 68 democrats to 7a republicans. A new York dispatch says a a transfers of Money have been enormous both in private bets and Public pools. It is rumoured that one of Tho Pool Sellers has disappeared with a Large amount of Cash. Massachusetts. The vote of Massachusetts nearly Complete foots up Grant 131.077 Greehy. 67,8 10 Grant s majority 73,217 Washburn s majority for governor 71,238. Pennsylvania. Grant s majority in this state will to m Tho neighbourhood of 100,000. His majority in Philadelphia is 46,410. Tennessee. The returns come in slowly. The republicans make Large gains All Over the state. Maynard is probably elected con Robsman at Large. The republicans claim seven of the nine District congressmen. The vote of Memphis is Greeley 1,135 Grant 4,803. For governor a Brown 4,582 Freeman 4,700. Congressman at Large a Cheatham 2,037 Johnson 2,632 Maynard 4,683. The vote of Nashville stands Grant 2,816 Groegoy 2,912. Congo Esmau at Largo a Johnson 2,339 Maynard 2,513 Cheatham 1,068. Delaware. Grant s majority in the Stato is 611. Michigan. To total majority for Grant in Michigan is variously estimated at from 40,000 to 00,000. The congressional delegation is solidly Republican. Virginia. To returns show heavy Republican gains All Over the Stato and Grant Baa probably carried it. The congressional delegation will to six democrats and three republicans. Mississippi. Grant s majority will be Between 25,000 and 30,000. Kansas. Grant s majority is about 25,000. Louisiana. The vote in this state is also close but it a probable that Greeley has carried it. Gen. George a. Sheridan libero is elected congressman at Large. Florida. Bloxham Democrat is probably elected governor. The vote on president is very close. New Jersey. Returns show the republicans have carried the state by 12,000. The republicans will have a majority of 32 on joint ballot in the next legislature. Nevada. Grant s majority in the state is 2,000. Tho legislature stands 52 republicans and 20 democrats which secures Tho election of j. P. Jones As United states senator. Kendall Democrat is elected to Congress. North Carolina. The returns indicate that Grant will have 10,000 majority in to state. New Hampshire. Grant will probably have 5,000 m majority in this state. Connecticut. Returns from All but one town give Grant 1,720 plurality and 1,315 majority. Maine. The returns indicate about 30,000 Republic loss upward of one Hundred million dollars. Thrilling details of Gratton. The the calamity that Bofill Uio City of Chicago thirteen months Ngo Luis been repeated in Boston with almost fearful exactness. The following dispatches Tell the terrible Story of ruin and devastation Boston nov. A a a fire broke out this even ing in one of the Largo dry goods warehouses on Bummer Street where a Large number of stores have Boon burned with their contents. It spread on summer Street swooping in its course several Largo buildings occupied by dry goods leather and other wholesale commission merchants. Thence it spread eastward and southward consuming All before it. The efforts of the splendid fire department appeared to be useless for Tho conflagration kept on its wat m it did in Chicago reaching Road Street a Quarter of a mile from were it commenced. It was soon raging among the wooden buildings which extend for a mile on the Edge of Tho Harbor toward South Boston including Coal Yards Wood Yards Grain Storos Blacksmith shops Carpenter shops and such tinder like material. It will probably soon Roach the Gas work but the most herculean efforts Are making to prevent the flames from reach ing it. The fire has also spread toward state Street and has swept to Kilby and milk streets the magnificent Granite buildings on Federal Franklin and water streets seeming to offer no impediment to Tho flames. Immense bodies of water Are being thrown on Tho buildings threatened Tho firemen being powerless to conquer the flames whore they Are raging. The great Granite dry goods House of Roobol & co., and other equally heavy merchants have succumbed to the flames. Nearly All the agencies and store houses of the various Cotton Mills and print works of Lowell and Lawrence have been burned with immense stocks of goods alone Worth millions or do Silks. In Kilby Street the buildings were of old fashioned heavy Granite construction mostly occupied by the hardware Trade whose losses Are simply immense. A Large number of dwelling Housea have been burned Tho inhabitants barely escaping with their lives their household goods Are nearly All destroyed either by Tho Llama or falling Walla. Tho different railroads sent special locomotives to different Points on their Linos and brought in engines. The fire departments of Cambridge Ouarles town and other suburban towns Are on duty and Are doing herculean service. Worcester Providence and other cities have been telegraphed to for help. The whole population of Tho City has turned out and the Sokenis is Ono of the grandest that can to conceived. Tho territory which is being devastated by Tho flames is a level plateau extending from Tho Cist of Hobo at the foot of Batto Street to is made senior major general and As such is entitled to the complimentary command of the department of the Atlantic made vacant by the latter s death. That department however is to be abolished so that Gen. Hancock will remain in Bis present command. Foreign. An immense mass meeting was recently held in Hyde Park London in favor of amnesty for fenian convicts. Tho assemblage was an orderly one and no attempt was made by the authorities to interfere with the proceedings. The London Telegraph announces that the late David Baxter has bequeathed the enormous sum of two and a half millions of dollars to the free Church of Scotland and a Quarter of a million to the University of Edinburgh. The latest advices from the City of Mexico report everything quiet in the land of revolutions. On the. News of the death of Seward the Flag of the american legation and consulate was hoisted at half Mast and kept so four Days. The mexican press contained lengthy and flattering biographies of or. Seward. The late municipal elections in England resulted in Large conservative gains. There was much dissatisfaction at the working of the new ballot act. The voting was to alow that in Many places All the votes could not be polled. The emptier of China waa married on the Sia is diminishing her Force in French territory in proportion to the diminution of the indemnity. R. A. Leslie manager of the Bank of British North America and Bis accountant or. Mcdonald were drowned the other Day by Tho upsetting of a boat at Napanee Ontario. The election for president of Mexico has resulted in the almost unanimous Choice of Lerdo de Tejeda. The votes against him were few and scattering. The programme of the course the president proposes for himself has been made Public and May to condensed into the following phrase Little polities and much administration. Porfirio Diaz has sent in Bis own submission to the government and the surrender of the forces under his command. This makes the Complete pacification of the country. It is reported that president Lerdo intends to restore Diaz and Trevino to their former rank in the army. The British government has prohibited the importation of horses from the United states. The London papers comment at length on our recent election. One of the chief subjects in the complimentary notices is the orderly manner in which the elections were conducted. Much Surprise is expressed at the completeness of the Republican Triumph. The outside world will receive with becoming resignation the news that there is another insurrection on foot in Spain. This time it is incited by the " internationals and embraces most of the employees of a Dock Yard near Cadiz. The presidential contest re election of Gen. Grant. The american people Haye recorded their solemn verdict and president Grant is elected to Rule Over the destinies of this country for another four years the following Are the latest returns received up to this Date. Before printing the other Side of our paper we will be enabled to present Fuller returns and probably a fair estimate of the popular vote Illinois. Grant s majority will be Between 40,000 and do 000, the legislature according to the Moat Liberal estimate will stand 88 Republic c3, ii8 in the House to 70 liberals and democrats 33 republicans in the Senate to 18 liberals and democrats or 28 majority on joint ballot. The delegation in Congress from present indications will consist of 12 republicans and 7 democrats. Wi8con8ion. This Stato gives Grant and. Wilson about 15,001 majority. The republicans have elected g out of the 8 congressmen. Mitchell and Eldridge Are re elected in the fourth and fifth districts. The legislature is largely Republican. Indiana. An Indianapolis Telegram of nor. 7 says " fifty six counties reported oficial give a Republican majority of 19,583, an average gain of 350 to a county. Estimating the remaining thirty six counties 200 to a county will give the republicans a majority of 26,783." Iowa. Returns indicate that the state has gone for Grant by from 60,000 to 60,000 majority. Luo Reid film limit Utu no Usu to Usu Jiu Puii can majority in Tho state. One Hundred and thirty six towns give Grant 49,868 Orieley 31,308. Texas. This state gives Oree Loya Largo majority and the democrats elect 4 out of 6 congressmen. At last accounts Austin was ahead for permanent location of to capital but the result it doubtful. Alabama. Grant s majority will be Between 4,000 and 0,000, and the entire Republican state ticket is elected by a Small majority. Maryland. Greeley s majority is Between 1,600 and 3,000. The " congressional delegation stands 4 democrats and 2 republicans. Washington territory. Mcfadden democratic candidate for Congress is supposed to be elected. Card from Horace ire Eloy he resumes the Editorship of the Tribune. The new Toft Tribune of the 7th inst. Prints the following a card. The undersigned resumes Tho Editorship of the Tribune which he relinquished on embarking in another line of business six months ago. Henceforth it shall be Bis Endeavor to make this a thoroughly Independent journal treating All parties and political movements with judicial fairness and Candor but courting the favor and deprecating the Wrath of no one. If he can hereafter say anything that will tend to heartily unite the whole american people on Tho Broad platform of Universal amnesty and impartial suffrage to will gladly do so. For Tho present however he can beat commend that consummation by silence and forbearance. Tho Victory in our late struggle can hardly fail to take the whole subject of Southern rights and wrongs into Early and Earnest consideration and to them for the present he remits. Since he will never again to be a candidate for any of lace and is not in full Accord with either of the great parties which have hitherto divided the country be will be Able and will endow Var to give a wider and steadier regard to the Progress of science Industry and the useful arts than a partisan journal can do and he will not be provoked to indulgence in those bitter personalities Bieh Are the recognized Bane of journalism. Sustained by a generous Public be will do his Best to make the Tribune a Power in the broader Field it now contemplates As when human Freedom was in peril it waa in the Arena of political partisanship. Hoback new Tori nov. 6. S Rover Street Bridge embracing nearly two Miles in extent the main portion of which is now a he Ethino. Dili of Klamu Licking up Tho fortunes of thou Handu of our beat citizens who have struggled hard All their lives to accumulate a competence. The flames can to seen n Diu Tanco of fifty Miles out in Massachusetts Hay. Up to the present writing the ravages of to devouring element Are Cou flood mainly to Buu inor portions of the City but it seems inevitable that the Flamma will extend to localities occupied As dwelling places. The streets Are on owl d with venial by carrying away from Tho track of the fire Demon Tho effects of the unfortunates who Are every moment expecting that their homesteads will to invaded. Till lob8kb. To make any estimate of Tho losses at this moment would to simply preposterous a millions Worth of property has already been destroyed. Do ton nov. 10, 1 30 a. M there is no abatement in the violence of Tho conflagration. The Tiro is sweeping everything before it Stone and Iron appearing to offer no impediment to its Progress. It threatens to involve Tho whole City in one common ruin. 3 10 a lurid columns of flame and Enicke detonations caused by blowing up of buildings and the crushing and falling of Walla make the scone Obama and Tib Duia. The whole of Pearl Street is in ruins. The heat is so intense that the firemen cannot fight it successfully and the flames Are raging with fearful effect. Building after building 1 blown up with the Only apparent effect of increasing the terrible flame. Every newspaper office in the City except one has Boon destroyed. The old state House the Poat Olloe and the " old South Church dear to All Bouton ians have also Boer swept away. Boston. Nov. 10�? 12 the District covered by the fire May be said to include Tho largest part of that improvement of Boston which broken through into that Street itself. In Broad Street Kilby Street and nearer Tho water Are Largo stores containing stocks of Iron and imported goods but the fire has not yet rebuked them. Old residents of Boston who have not been Here for five years. Should understand that the whole of fort Hill has recently been dug Down and carried away and in its place is now a level Plain not covered with baud Uitti. Tho crowded pauper population which. 111 lately filled every tenement on fort Hill has Buen removed to other and at present a of or Homes. Tho swarms of Tho poor which till recently crowded Tho collars of Broad Street have nearly All Given room to Uio growth of Trade and that Street is no longer to to regarded a one of the lairs of this degraded population to these two facts in it due that so r w people Are loft horseless by this disaster. Not Moro than five Hundred Atn Lush have been a housed. The real sufferers Are the most Active business men of Boston. They represent mainly that younger class of merchants and to whom in Tho last fifteen years the City owes its remarkable development development which though not perhaps so noticeable to outsiders has been a marked for f urn of Boston growth. Those men oot Uoung of thu immense advantages which the oily had for Trade had availed themselves of Largo to Bourc a to con Truot a by atm of warehouses which had no Superior in this country perhaps none abroad and to open new Streete which should answer their needs. The old byways in the More Northern part of the City had become crowded and inadequate. They looked with Pride upon Pearl Street. Franklin Street now Devonshire Street and summer Street As in Mimmy thoroughfares nowhere excelled. Every now year the development of Tho manufactures and Commerce of Trio country and of Belr own City had shown that they Billt on no false Hopes in constructing Mioli solid and expensive storehouses. Of this City Moro than any other in this country it in True that the different branches of Industry liked to remain together and work Side by slue. To speak of a Boston Man of milk Street and Franklin Street was to Call to mind Tho Large who Ronalo and jobbing establishments of Tho dry goods manufacturers of now England. Pearl Street and High Street were to him the centers of Tho Boot and shoe industries of now England summer Street was that of the latest advances of Domestic dry goods. Those streets wore occupied almost distinctively for these respective purposes. The Nounda Ukel or the Fixie. To strangers the consolidation of those different interests cannot to better explained than by saying that hero in the Region bounded on the water Side two thirds of a mile on Washington a treat nearly half a mile and on the Northern Side and Southern aide nearly half a mile each Lay tha vary richest part of Boston. It was perhaps the wealthiest motion in the country. In thin do strict there were few dwelling houses no hotel of importance no theater no Church except Trinity and the old South Church Ali lab Baa As yet escaped to Flamma. Tho Cathedral Block which is destroyed was a magnificent collection of warehouses the site wan formerly occupied by the roman Catholic Cathedral Tho ground having Ceu purchased a few years ago Tor # 21 a Square foot. No Banks have been destroyed except the Revere North America and Continental. The North Bank and the Bank of Mutual redemption wore in peril but have not yet suffered. It is rumoured that the old South Church is destroyed but i have no reliable information of Trio fact at this moment. The name of Ilio Church indicates a period when Boston wan of aimed wholly to what i a now known As the North end when Oliie Church the third built in Boston was regarded As the most southerly of the three. Ii was established about Trio year 11 00. The present Edl Loo was erected in the Early part of the Lait Century. With the Advance of to growth of Boston the old South go Troh Long found itself in Tho Northern part of the City and it la a melancholy reminder of to origin of its name if it be spared to Day that it is to t the Southern Point of that part of old Boston which remain in. Opposite the old South Church in Colfax a Morton. of the Colnul Mittl Oommen Roll. Two words dropped by Tho Wayside in senator Morton s tour through Illinois made me curious to witness a Colfax Timo stration. Ono was that Tho republicans of Northern Indiana had not become reconciled to or. Colfax s defeat at Philadelphia and Tho other pointed to a possible diversion in favor of that gentleman for the position of United states senator. In the language of my latter informant " there s a Good Deal of a a round swell for Colfax in place of Morton in Northern Indiana and it would Trio commercial to Demi you to said to would write and toll you so but i imagine the senatorial question in All its bearings is a Little bettor defined from your Point of observation than it is near by. The Valient searcher after tangled webs of what in known As political imbroglio does not need to stray from the capital to find them. The one in Point is of Peculiar interest borrowing an analogy from Trio canine race a which poor human nature so much resembles the senator Alp is Morton s Bone and to moans to hold fast to it. To fought for it tooth and Nail and if in Tho strip Giglo to outdistanced Tho first Man on Tho state Republican ticket and secured the legislature while Brown not naught he Days that was the fault of Tho Temperance men. Who voted or Lloyd rocks. Now while everybody admits rotator Morion made a Good Light and is entitled to Tho Priido that in either event Tho election will full to the lot of a kept Bliman there in Sid Erable jealousy of bin position very con men Are Jones Oung Liberal Job printing of excited with neatness Batih action operant bad. Att Ghod mass ready to Fly at the Throat of Tho party Ohleh they have aided to put in Power if for any reason us conduct in of Leo is unsatisfactory or if anything turns up which offers a bettor programme. A the sum total is that neither of Tho factors we Are considering can be relied of to sustain Grant or if you please Tho Republican party unless the next administration is better than the last one unless Gen. Orant corrects Tho notable abuses which characterized Hie first term and which he partly confessed in his letter of acceptance and unless the Hep Billoan party exhibits Tho purpose and ability to purify its internal organization kill Oft its scoundrels Amend Tho depraved civil service adjust the burdens of taxation More equitably and restore the semblance at least of civilization at the South. If this work a to be int righted to Tho Camo Rouh Morton Chandlers. Poine roys Creswells Robeson and Mii Runya of the Pant. It will to a for doomed Chicago to line. Of e of Baa been ran y a. Eight of the nine congressional districts Are Republican sure while the second Cotton s District is at this writing i doubt. Of Iii. Grant gains largely on the october vote. His majority in the state will be upward of 5 a a 00 Kentucky. The returns come in slowly. The republicans gain heavily All Over the state but the state is conceded to Greeley by at least 10,000 majority. The republicans claim a gain of two congressmen. Missouri. The entire democratic and Liberal state ticket is elected by from 3,000 to 10,000 majority. Greeley a majority will be about the same figure. The legislature according to the Moat Liberal estimate will stand about a s follows Senate republicans 18 Democrat 18 liberals t. House a republicans 88 democrats Ca kinds Fendeis t undetermined a a insect Samson. In proportion to its size the strength of the Beetle in enormous. A Well known entomologist gives an instance of it Power. He lays " this insect has just astonished me by its vast strength of body. Every one who has taken the common Beetle in his hands knows that its limbs if not remarkable for agility Are very powerful but i wag not prepared for so simeonian a feat As that i have just witnessed. When the insect was brought to me having no Box immediately at hand i was at a loss where to put it till i could kill it but a quart bottle full of milk being on the table i placed the Beetle for the present under that the hollow in the Bottom allowing him room to stand upright. Presently to my Surprise the bottle began to move slowly and Glide along the smooth table impelled by the muscular Power of the imprisoned insect and continued to per ambulate the surface to the astonishment of All who witnessed it. The weight of the bottle and Ita contents could not have been less than three and a half pounds while that of the Beetle was about half an ounce to that it really moved a weight one Hundred and twelve times its own. A better notion than figures can convey will be obtained of this fact by supposing a lad of fifteen to be imprisoned under the Bell of St. Paul s which weighs twelve thousand pounds and to move it to and fro upon a smooth pavement by pushing Tai Money spent on cab fare in London re a pm $ 50,000 Day. In made necessary by the recent development of the Commerce of the City. The streets which have been thus far destroyed include All the new Streete devoted to Tho wholesale and jobbing dry goods Trade the Boot and shoe Trade and most of those devoted to to Wool business. With a few exceptions the warehouses destroyed Are those occupied by jobbers and wholesale dealers there being scarcely a retail store in Tho at present Burnt District and very few dwelling House. None of the latter indeed except some tenement Homos near the waterline at the Eastern end of Sumner Street and in the neighbourhood of the old Colony station persons who have not lived Here for some years will remember summer Stra a t. Arch Street High Street Franklin Street and Pearl Street As occupied by the residences of some of the Best citizens of Boston. They contained at one time some of the Moat elegant mansions in the world. The recent Advance in the business of Boston and in particular its development since the War has rendered it necessary for the shoe Trade the dry goods Trade and Tho Wool Trade to overstep the Bounds to which they were formerly confined and to establish themselves on these streets once the favorite dwelling places of the citizens. It is but six year since Sumner Street waa changed from a Street of quiet Home to one of the most Active wholesale business streets. As late As 188b, gov. Everett Rev. Or. Frothingham and other gentlemen of quiet literary tastes resided in summer Street but for the past two or three years there bae not been a single dwelling House in that Street. It Hae been wholly rebuilt with the most substantial r a Nito Ware uses. Trinity Church a till stood in summer it., but arrangements had been made for its reconstruction in another put of town. The destruction of Pearl and High Street has wiped out the largest Boot and shoe Mart in the world for this Industry in ibis country was entered there. A very Large part of the leather Trade of the Trade in thoe Flo Dlf a and other trades connected with the Boot and shoe Trade also found their Center in the same locality. The great establishments of the new England Cotton and Woolen manufacturers Are All swept away. Within a few Yean new Devonshire Street Wae Laid out through the District burned and Thia thoroughfare seems to be the very Center of the Periphery of the fire. The Noble warehouses on both aides of it. As Well As those in Otis Street and Winthrop place have Peru Wea. The principal Wool warehouses. Were on Congress and Federal streets. And part of these Streete is also in ruin. At Thia moment it would seem that the fire has been cheeked of the Eastern Side of Washington Street and. Although it a consumed the rear of some of the web onto on that Street h do not the time the revolution was the province Houtho which wan nod by the English governors As their residence of state. When the English army took Possession of Boston finding in Tho Winter no other building Large Eno Tiili for the training of cavalry they seized the old South Usu Rob and used it As a Riding school. Tolx insult to the people wait one of the moot bitter inflicted by that army upon the Solo ainu. The congregation own a great Deal of real estate in the neighbourhood and. Like that of the Trinity Tharah of new Tork Are very wealthy. They maintain other Clibur cob throughout the City and were contemplating Tho erection of a very Fine Church in to Region known an Back Bay. As a landmark of the old times Boie is no building in Boston the loss of Bieh would be Moro regretted by Itu older citizens. Fila noun h Iii tii i i. Ask. Immediately Opp Quito Tho old South Church was a building in the rear of the n a Tortat Ofilio which was built on the scone of the birth Placo of Benjamin Franklin. From Thiu Bodiho it is known that he was carried on the Day of bin birth to be baptized in the old Soulli Church. Recent visitors to Boston will recollect that there was an inscription on the Granite warehouse erected Trio to to show that it was to spot whore Franklin was bom. Tha now Postoff co which has Boon so far a Barrier to the flames on the North is a magnificent Structure of Granite and Iron the Corner Tuono of which was Laid Little More than a year ago. A considerable part of the ground burned Over Oast of this building had Tho Antiquaries say been gradually reclaimed from the water but this was done Long before the present generation was born. From an intimate acquaintance with the commercial interests of the City i am Able to state that Tho fall Trade in dry goods was considered successful and that the different houses had probably reduced their stocks of Domestic goods to As Low a Point As at any period m the year. It a not yet time for Tho stocks of the Spring Trade to accumulate. These warehouses were the Point of delivery for the great manufacturing establishments of All parts of new England and they held goods in very Large quantities at the place of manufacture to be drawn upon in Case of but children of larger growth and Are just a fond of tearing Down idols an they Are of building them up the higher indeed they lift a Man up the More diversion there is in toppling him Over for eleven yearn senator Morton has been the ruling spirit in Indiana if not a Power in Tho land and the men who have made him Are beginning to question his authority. " anything to boat Morton " has become Tho secret desire of Many republicans As it is Tho Battle cry of Tho Liberal democracy " Lam not so sure that to has secured the Stato to Grant a Ald a disaffected he publican " to Hopes to have secured the legislature to " i do not see Why Haiti another. " or Thompson should feel called on to yield his Hope to or Morion " they Are All afraid of Morton replied a Democrat. " is there no end to his Power asked a third person. " to shall see was the reply " to has t any Moro Power than Jesse 1. Bright once had. To had Bis foot on the Nook of the democratic parly. How the mighty has fallen i " Tom Brown throw away his Chance to Ducoat Morton said a Democrat " when to quoted Harlp Tiro Aga nut us after the election. Uen. Harrison is another Republican that to would have pitted against Morton but he gave in his allegiance to him on that " Tho first Choice of Tho democracy said another Demorat " is gov. Baiter but i Don t suppose to would come into the " How about Colfax asked a Bird. " Tho Springfield says thai would to political a has to Pluck ? to want Pluck replied the first democratic speaker. " however to May dislike Morton there is no denying he has courage. He s game to the " to Don t want a partisan senator. What Dif Foroni does it make to a Good Cotta ii whether to a elected by Demro rats or republicans f to represents both observed a gentleman that takes no part in politics but is always careful to vote a straight jul Nep Uloan ticket. There was enough in All that was said at this Charity fair where i Board the talk to make me curious As 1 said before and look ing Over the lint of in Tuo journal i saw that Kokot no is the nearest available Point to hear or. Colfax speak. Arrived at the depot i saw or. Burnett of the Republican state Contrat committee who informed Uio Liat col. Foster worthy chairman of said committee was on the train also bound for Tho county Noat of Howard. We had almost reached Kokonis before i had he pleasure of seeing him. To explained thai be had not seen ill. Colfax since Trio Philadelphia convention and was running up to Shuke hands with Iii. 1 explained that i desired to Hoard or. Colfax speak and to both Watt lion our Opportunity to have a a neut h private Zonver Satoli. With him. 1 do nut know what paused Between col. Foster and or. Colfax on the platform As they Sal Side by Side while Tho band was playing but at the Junction depot waiting for Trio train i asked to vice president How lie stood with regard to to Hena Toila question. " i shall abide he answered promptly " by Tho Republican nomination in caucus this reply admitted of so Many constructions that 1 began if Tho democrats electing you by the gain of a half Down republicans Herrlau is said to to a Man of wonderful will what would you do at this critical moment the car a bloomed into Tho depot or. Colfax was hurried into the rear coach and i was loft unanswered. I Tho now York Tribune on Tho Flo self. The new York Xvi Fri Iii common in an follows on the result of Tho Roohi dentine Content " Thonvo in m parallel to the completeness of Tho rout and Triumph. The democrats have vied with the republicans in contributing to it Nomo of them by voting for Grant electors Many More by neglecting to vote at All. For the present thu Liberal movement la crushed. " let no Man accuse the Alila and shrewd politician when a a the Republican National Tjom Mittoo directed the canvass for Oen. Grant s re election and squandered the nun uni Oil and Aiu buried by idiom in this contest of Ever having played a whole Park of artillery to kill a Fly. The Liberal movement was at one time Forni dam and had a prospector Mio Coan had not Mil Hoith been expended to arrest a program in the Stato Eloot Lons of thu last Throe months. It might even have swept Tho country though All to Money Ralond in its behalf would at Best have been Pence to balance Pound a. But a peril anticipated is often a peril averted. Thousands if Tho voters of North Carolina Vermont and no Anu wore convinced by Money that they might better Voto the administration than the Liberal ticket and that if they Ooi ild not no vote it wits their interest to stay at Homo an Lou ton Wilny and not Vole at All. Thus the Liberal Republican strength in Shoho states wits nearly neutralised by Demount who would t out orow when Uliey could gut to to t m each for not eating it. Linn wits Neon Rcd to the rant a Tito tick a Small majority in in Atli on Ollna and nearly tha vein Illean majorities of 1hiih in Vermont and Maine. And Ilius wan Given to the enormous outlay by which 1 Jonnny Lynnia was Ivailo to Roll up for Hartrunft at least treble Hor Kozub Lloita majority. There was Biol Hong purchasable in tha Keystone Utulo that was not Baublit whether of voters Aleo Iliin errors or and Chin Vanuch and but Ono party had the wherewith to buy the Small yet ample major Lech in Ohio aim Nebraska while thu balanced a still. In Indiana in october assured All who stood aloof watching the her Ngalo an Cool Poota Tomb that Dun. Orant a to Eie Ollon was highly probable and at onto a than ipod to thu winning guide began we ilex grow Day by Day More formidable. Thoi Sandh who had been Peru Pirung with Zoal for the in Ilioram cause Uil cantly Etc ipod into the dwelling torrent the Gallant few who to stood out might As Well have tried to item the torrent of Niagara. Well to ill out bout to Stem it believing firmly a " first. That no. President should to reelected while wielding Tho enormous patronage of our highest station holding that he should to no loaded from All temptation to Uso these Power for personal ends. " second. That this country was in great need of a genuine civil Hedvica Reform which shall restore to Hor Ottllee cml Dora that Freedom to think decide and net on political issues which i a their Birthright but which they cannot enjoy in the present system and which shall enable them to Giro their Daya to e a ,. Have my own thoughts about Tho matter but facts not surmises is what you bargain for in correspondence. To shall see what to shall see. Tho two Facto a of Tirane g majority. We remarked yesterday that Tho Dutieu for Ohleh they Are paid rather than to patrolling and electioneering in Trio partisan Iii Logout of their Patron and chief. Thai election the overwhelming majority Given to Oen. Gran Ito publican party on More w we a t a a View a pm a a a ovum a a sales. This is True in a limited degree also of to Boot and shoe business. The Stock of Wool was probably at its very largest As dealers had held Wool lately for a Rise. The recent difficulty in transportation caused by the horse distemper had in Many instances prevented Trio delivery of Wool although it was absolutely needed in the establishments and larger quantities of goods than have Ever accumulated before Are now in store from the same cause at the Railroad depots which so far have escaped destruction. The Boston train script office a very Fine Structure recently constructed has been partially destroyed. The office of Tho 1 Ost is in danger but at this writing it is believed to to Safe. Tho 1 Ilot a roman Catholic paper having the largest circulation of any paper of that denomination in the country was engulfed As also the establishment of Donahue the Well known publisher of Catholic books. The largest newspaper establishment Are gone and that Trade is also crippled. So far As can be Learned no steamships can have been destroyed their docks being some distance from the. Lire. Many smaller Craft Are reported to have been lost. Should the wind change or control of to flames be lost to next Section to go will be state Street in which Are almost All the Banks and insurance offices. There is not the least danger to the residence portion of the City As yet apprehended but if the wind veers to the East come from the sea they will fall beneath the flames. Mansah11 hoofs. That the solid structures of Iron and Stone which fill the Burnt District should have been so easily consumed is attrib Rod Here to the per Liscious fashion of i it had Toft the _ _ _ Slippery ground than it occupied four years ago. We shall state some of Ilia reasons for this belief. Four years ago Tho administration came into office with the enthusiastic support of Trio Republican party. There was neither discord nor a Liisia in its ranks or in its thoughts. There were no people or very few voting for Grant under protest. The Republican party had reasons to present Why it should be continued in Power. The work of reconstruction was not a wished Tho fifteenth amendment was not yet adopted the South was still in the morose condition which Andrew Johnson had engendered or encouraged. There were no glaring errors or corruptions in Public administration which the party held itself accountable for. Sine it had taken open Issue with Andrew Johnson and denounced him As a traitor. Although the Public service was essentially Rotten and was so stigmatized in party plate its could it third that the War Wun led tax plundered debt covered half bankrupt Soulli Bould to oho Rod with a Woll i Nundo Hope of Lio Sustor Rule Mill brighter any ii. " it did seem to us hut the time had Homo for a National reconciliation whereby the deut lies of the South should to confided to Trio better portion of her people of both Raccus and the Muster Dpi Ruth of Niichi travesties of Republican Rule us South Carolina and Arkan has to Milo to fool the frown of Fedora authority and either Reform their Wuyu or relinquish this or Abimail Power. And it seemed to us that Hueh Norm our As i Lynn Tater to Ilion d74, a 00, ought at least lobe explained before Power is resumed to to hand Wielt wielded it lion that Groat fraud was Gnu Schued and to men detected. " but the pc Pla have decided otherwise and we Bow to their decision. The wealth of the country and especially the incorporated. Wealth milled to the support of Glen. Kraut and poured out us Millious in bin behalf. It did not generally deny that ills civil career had Boon faulty. It merely imitated that bin oui Potito h Bud been and would be Moro to. Then our manufacture a Bank Cru etc., were nearly All making Money they deprecated any change whatever and especially a change which they poured might prove Radical and form of 1868the responsibility a a condition was shifted to other Ghoul Dors for the Timo being and while open trades were going on Between Republican senators on the one Side and Johnson and Hiu Cabinet officers on the other for appointments and confirmations whereby some of the worst specimens of Revenue officers that Over disgraced a civilized nation were fastened upon the Treasury some of whom Wero afterwards sent to Tho Penitentiary and Moro of Thorn deserved to to. None of the scandal seemed to attach to the Republican party. There never was a cleaner record to All outward appearance than that which Tho party exhibited in now Gen. Grant s Large majority consists of two main factors Viz 1, republicans who stood by Tho party from Force of habit 2, republicans and democrats who disliked Greeley More than they disliked Grant. In what numerical proportion these two elements stand toward each other is immaterial. It will hardly be disputed that Tho two worked Side by Side and contributed to produce the result of last tuesday. We think that neither of them singly could have carried the election while both of them together have carried it overwhelmingly. The question for present consideration is Bow far the two factors Are Likely to stand in unison hereafter. The More important of the two of course is the one which consists of those who stood by the party from Force of habit. Habit is a Strong thing to be sure yet it is not the strongest thing in the world. The habit of a. A a a. A a _. A r a a a a the Frait and combustible a Frasard roof which serves to carry the flame from building to building. A How device. A German Soldier received a private letter being unable to read it he took it to his sergeant and requested him to read it to him. He began to do so at once but Asho proceeded the Soldier became very uncomfortable at bearing details of a very private nature and so alarmed was he at what might follow yet desiring to know that he clapped his bands Over the sergeant s ears and held them there so tightly that the Man could not head 1 his own voice and the Soldier in his supreme ignorance imagined i secret to b a quite Safe. Voting the democratic ticket was found m the year i860, to be less potent than the growing popular Abhorrence of slavery. It was found in the recent election to be less potent among a Large and respectable body of republicans than their desire to see certain seeded reforms introduced into the conduct of Public affairs. It will be less potent from year to year As we Drift farther and farther away from the issues which made the Republican party a National necessity. Those upon whom the habit is Strong Sra passing away by death. Those upon whom it is weak or among whom it does not exist Are taking their p Mie Bec Ondov Tor based upon Mere opposition to or. Greeley is hardly Worth discussing with his defeat it disappears As an element of Republican strength and May turn up anywhere in the future. A portion of it was purchasable but a purchasable vote is a delusion and a snare an unmitigated Nuis Hoko Lilios in India. Or. Fairer h table of deaths from Snake bite in the presidency of Bengal including Orisa and Assam in Tho 1 Unju and judo in the Central provinces and in Burmah during the year 1809, furnishes u statistical Bugais Lor estimating the destruction of life duo to this extensive plague of India. Tho grand total of deaths among a population of 120,972,203 was no less than 11,410, or about four in every 10,000. Even these figures can hardly be accepted As representing the total mortality to be hot Down to Tho score of this terrible plague. Were the returns accurately and exhaustively made from All Hindustan it a probable that upward of 20,000 persons would be found to die annually in India from Snake bite alone. The local distribution of these victims with their sex age etc., together with the proportion of deaths due to ouch kind of Snake who be found clearly set Forth in or. Fuhrer s figures. No less than 2,690 fell to the Fang of the cobra 350 to the Krait and 830 to other known bikes in 6,922 cases the origin of the bite not having been traced. Upon this treatment of Snake bite the author goes carefully into the pathology and modes of euro derived from native usage As Well As from the experience and observation of europeans. In Bis opinion confirmed As it is by careful Experiment in the Case of a True bite when a healthy and vigorous cobra Ham Dryad Bun Garus or Aboia has imbedded its fangs and inn ovulated the Poison Little Chance if any of saving Fife exists unless the most prompt and vigorous Aid be Given. Even then the resources of medical skill Are but limited and of Uncertain Efficacy. _ the bite May in Many a Case be inflicted without the venom being injected. Thus seems to be explained the supposed immunity of the Mongoose. In or. Fairer s Experiment the Mongoose after an affray with a fresh and Vaucious cobra though bleeding from Many a wound showed no signs of poisoning. The cobra waa then made to close Ita jaws firmly upon the Mongoose s thigh in a few minutes the Mongoose Lay dead. The previous wounds had been Mere scratches without injection of venom. Something May still be done by Quick excision or ligature or even by the use of stimulants and counteracting agencies. What our author holds to be the most practical remedy of All is the extirpation of these pests by a judicious and Liberal system of rewards on a scale adjusted to the comparative deadlines of each Snake assisted by the knowledge of their character which May be Ditt Usea by books like his. Anoe to any that dabbles in it. The residue la oos Riboud " w rugely to the Grant majority in tuesday is to Day an on the Savages Are unjustly styled ignorant for any he Utby Indian m a to a u rom n
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