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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - November 6, 1873, Monticello, Iowa November mou1vinu. By Gettta Thaxton roaring the wild Eiith Wester fills the wide heaven i h Jin r. Enmor ploughing Trio Nenn Nicl belting Tjie Laud Lilia a ponderous Hammer. To How the vast Groy a packs m Row thu Zintl Roll ii Lii Thumler Lii inv illicit upon billow closing Mill tearing Uhi incr. As if Trio deep vol Jed with the anger hosts Trio full our Kraft ii Alul Tho firm House hand Dora Ami Romblon Braun bul Mecl aha Keti i Jat Lucs tic Gull with the join profit struggling and wavering " nil full ring 8oal aug Anil striving and Hind ii turning its High course Allerino. Down through Tho Cloudy heaven notes 1 Roni the wild go we Are falling cries like harsh Lic. La ton a Are Rizig Iii echoing Cla glug and lulling. Flu Gas the a a Dion it land Vard swiftly the Long fens crossing Cloae Cefi a Pei icing the Barlier half los in the Spray she in housing. A Riff in l i e Ron vapor and Stormy i Ikhine is streaming to Rotor tie Grey wild water like Chrysoprase Green and gleaming. Cold and tempes Nomi Keenn hugged Rock Briguc Hwesi and lonely a l the Long l i i l l e r \ \ i n l c r a thuse tiling to to Gladden me Only love Dost i l i u i l Wail for me in some Rie. H land where the Gold Inge Bangs in odorous Calma a Here the Clear Waters kiss the flowery strand bordered with pinning hand and Groves Palm v and while this bitter morning break f in me draws to its close thy warm delicious Day Light is colors pc Finch music Joy fur hire 1 uie Tom cold wild sea lie hourly Gri y Utise. S Tho red Moon in thy t r a n i i i i l sky 1 wishes the Fountain w i l l i in i Silver talk and is the evening w i n d 1 a wins Tusi a a toy Sweet girl s shape steals Down t h e Garden walk. A White Robe glimmering la Ough the f c e n t d dusk ii Niering Bene. Atli t h s l a r re Fri Hinline sprays where thy Htiek climb Crink a. Pcs breathe Musk a sudden gush song t h y Light Steps slays. That was the Nightingale love mine Clear so Oliou my voice in t h a t p a l i i e t i c song kinking in Pas. It half Ead noes divine faulting Ami f a i l i no with its rapture Strong ? t a Trelech my arms to Olliee through a. L the cold through All the dark across tile \ Veary space Utti Veen us Ami thy slender form i foil and Gai. E into t h e wonder t l i y i Lici 11 Are Brov the. Moonbeam lonelier t e n i l i r Eye splendid w i t h fueling Delica e smiling i n u i i t l and heavy i. Ken liar t h a i d Kirkly lies tuft As the Twilight Clouti in Illy meet Holly i. 0 Beautiful my l Ive in vain 1 Feck to hold tie lie. Evenly dream thai fades from me 1 needs my w. In Wiki s it spi a my Cheek a lung i in i h f fury this Northern sea. I spite himself. Tic stir in Kunia lieu Liula reigned at Szmur Ennd to wus i Sovereign much loved who Imd Only Otic. Suits in tilt that being passionately fond apples although he no longer Josh cased Teeth with which to Onich them. In the Garden his Seraglio he had a Mumi reent Orchard which excited the envy nil his subjects. His excessive love for this f r u i t had Given hint the surname k Umin Liou Lnda which Arab phrase signified " Good. Father ill spite strict surveillance his apples were stolen not Only by the magnates the Chi. Try but even by the Young people the town i tiny whom ran the risk losing their Heads in order to eat so line a fruit. The grand vizier himself was unable to resist this temptation and one evening he scaled the Wall he Orchard like a common thief that he might satisfy his gone Mantline. A inuit vizier goes nowhere without being observed and especially when he climbs Over Walls. His enemies therefore hatched a plot against him and one evening while he was tasting a Multan Apple the finest sort in the Orchard the assassins threw hit a selves him and killed him. They then led leaving the Corpse the spot. Two other thieves who also were in the Hubit eating the Sultan s apples saw Tho crime committed. One was eco Doudini the Sultan s Jester lie other was a Young Man the town named Ali. All righted at what they had seen they also tied scaling simultaneously tin Wall the Seraglio and such was their terror that they fell one the other Tho outside f the Inelo. Siiro. There they seized Yaeli other by the Collar each one mistaking theother r for an Assassin. Happily being acquainted Mutual recognition soon took place. " id you see asked Ben Ouda. " All replied a l i " i also Ruup nixed among the Murdi res the lord Omar who has Long intrigued to occupy the Post Ruud " we cannot denounce him to the Sultan said Lien Guiula without denouncing ourselves Ami yet so great a crime cannot go " what is to be done inquired Ali. " listen replied the Jester. " tomorrow you must meet the Sultan his return from the mosque and i will present you to him As Tho greatest soothsayer in the kingdom. He will take you to the pah the and there you will Tell All you have this plan once arranged the two accomplices Sepal ated. At the appointed time Ali met Karam Ipoh lady and Jien Gouda presented him to the Sultan who ordered him to attend him to he Palace. Tho Sultan Samarkand was not slow in returning Home and in summoning before him the famous Jujia Goinn Ali whom Beni Donda had told Hiu wonders. " speak i listen. Said Kuril in Bini Liula " divine what thought occupier my mind at this " mighty lord said Ali " you highness is uneasy account to absence your grand vizier Whon you have not seen since last evening. " by Tho Beard the Prophet it if so and what has become this Excel Lent grand vizier " Sultan he \ Apple steamers while devoted to your High Ness he kept watch Over your Orchard " you lie exclaimed the Sultan ii great excitement. " i see him added Ali in a tone inspiration " he lies covered will blood at the foot Tho tree which Bear the celebrated Sultan. Apple which Yoi Kura Buu lady immediately sen several eunuchs to assure him the fact and these very soon returned in Setir to confirm the assertion the sooth buyer. " the names the murderers cried Tho Sultan in his sad indignation. Ali feigned to consider. One migh have heard Tho movement a ii to Wing so profound was the silence. The and ions expectant waited the terrible revelation " it is the lord Omar and his put Tislau i said Ali " they have Catu Imitato Tho crime in order to take the place the grand vizier and to succeed him i y in Karam Bou lady Pale incensed could not pronounce n word. He out Eudeail his arms held out his hand and with an energetic gesture divided the air from left to right. The Bael staf understood. Lie grasped Omar by the Nape the neck before the latter had time to say " ouf mid his head instantly rolled at the feet the. Sultan. Than Karam Bou adj turned to Ali and said to him " i name Theo Bach g. In inn that is to my grand soot say r r the court with the rank Hamamouchi the first then he gave orders to a Chamberlain to assign him a Palace Rioh vestments flue horses and to fill his pockets with Gold. A thought he must be dreaming Ben Doudt himself had not expected a ooh favor when the Jester found him a Elf Alono with Ali he said to him it is not nil Over now you have. To title soothsayer you will Honvo p. Vory Day to satisfy the caprices Tho alas said Ali " How Mill i do this " with audacity one May succeed in anything and then i shall to Thero to offer suggestions Trio Sultan hides nothing from to. I will always toll you to Ore Hiluid his Dosi Rob and Tho roil is you ought to give but Ono 0011 lit ion " what is that " that to share nil Tho favors granted " willingly said Ali. From that moment Beni Douda Lio 3amo Tho auxiliary Tho great Hooth myer Tho court., and Thero was no uni Gnu Ali could not a Olvo. However Ono Day to was in a Diemma. Karns Bou in adj who was a tributary f Tho. Sublime 1 orto Ono morning re Vivod a missive from the grand Turk which caused him much anxiety. In sent for i. S Clorand soothsayer. " Ciraul soothsayer said to " vent i. S Trio Florand Turk thinking it Liis moment t " what you no thinking roil i d Ali without hesitation. " do you know what 1 am Thini Kif cried Tho Hultin in a fury considering Ali n reply As an Iron. Y. 1 think f having thy head insolent " you Moo unit i Havo " How cried durum Liou in adj you l. Iol Uvo Liat the grand Turk in rows so vile a thought a " y Hai lored i t y ourself " in fact Tho tone his message was torn said the Sultan to himself. " Tho Aso is grave. I must consult my grand another time Tho treasurer Tho into being carried off Tho Sultan required Ali to discover Trio robbers. " t w i l l give you three Days to find Lioni if at the end Trio third Day t Tho hour when Trio Luke. Zin Calls the l i l h f u l to prayers you have not discovered the guilty persons i will have the poor Ali was very unhappy and 10 opulence in which he passed his Xiste uce was no adequate compensation r the continual terrors in which he. Ved. He re entered his Palace in sadness and crouched Down the seat in Salam Alec which ornaments the Gateway every Riib Sulynn dwelling Here smoking his Chibouk he Niedzi itch the vanity human affairs Hen the Muezzin with his Clear voice ailed from the lofty minaret the Faith ill to e. Vening prayer. " one is passed by said Ali heaving deep sigh. Trio next Day submissive to his Desny he was at Tho same place when be Gheorg Hefti Tho Muezzin Vanoui Katl to him that Tho Day was ended. " now two Are gone by sighed Ali. Finally the third Day resigned to e approaching death which appeared him the hum 1 deliverance and lorry to cried hearing Tho Mue in Allah be praised the third flies Way. All is completed at. The same instant a passer by who and heard him grasped Iii hand Kissig it respectfully. " my lord said he with tears in his yes " do not ruin us you Havo discovered us. The first Day you discovered the first my accomplices the Ocmond the Oiler and to Day you have. T last divined that 1 wan Tho third Robler. Do not expose us and i will toll where we have hidden Tho treasures f the As May to imagined Ali promised All hat was desired and Trio robber then Idica Tod the place where Tho treasures a Ere concealed. When the guard came to apprehend Lim Ali demanded to to taken before he. Sultan. Tho fatal hour has arrived said Varam you lady. 11 Xot yet said a l i " the Day is not ii. Tho Muezzin has called the faithful evening prayer answered the sul an. In the kingdom the Prophet the Egal night does not commence until it s so dark that Ono can no longer dising Nish a Lea the Back a negro ind 1 shall have discovered the treasure ice Ore the Sun shall have disappeared Noath the " verily cried the Sultan joyfully. Ali appeared lost in thought then looking up solemnly said " the robbers have hidden the treasure in a old dry Well which is to be found in a deserted Convent dervishes. \. N i now incredulous. Prince Dan to thy hand upon him whom Allah incessantly inspires for thy profit Karam Jiou lady sent his officers to he spot indicated and they returned Jot iring intact the treasures the sol a. " Oil my Sou exclaimed with u Jurat gratitude the Sultan Samara ibid " ask me what you " highness my Dearest wish is to to no longer your " Novor replied the Sultan. " your services Are too precious to me. 1 will Tive you anything except your Ali resigned himself and to console Liim Karum Jiou Iradj covered him with honors and wealth. For some time Ali remained in High favor and the Sultan did not greatly torment him. But very soon the caprices the j Rince returned and Day his life Fresl fall and household. Tun set Thorn medical Jle Cord says that Castor Oil applied to the Corn after paring closely each night before going to Bod softens the Corn and it becomes As the other flesh. To Mark boots warm a Little beeswax and Mutton suet and while it is liquid rub Homo it slightly Over Tho edges Tho holes whore Tho stitches Aro. Faded i Havo used the following recipe and consider it perfect ounces Castor Oil two ounces alcohol. Flavor with a few drops each music Lavender Aud Bergamot. It is Well known that leather articola kept in stables soon become Brittle in consequence Ammoniacal exhalations which affect both harness hanging up in such localities and Tho shoes those who frequent Thorn. Tho usual applications grease am not always sufficient to meet this difficulty but it is said that by adding to them a Small Quantity Glycerine Tho leather will to kept continually in u soft and pliable condition. a correspondent the Laird a r n Magazine writes As follows " he Lola april last a Young mini employed near bees had the misfortune being stung. No remedy being near at hand i recommended him to apply Tho common soil to the wound and it immediately relieved Tho pain and Prevon Tod the swelling. Such a recipe is f Mure value than Gold to All who Hugo anything to do with Boos. I formerly used common Blue for Beo stings but common soil is new Way von fattening Tho Paris correspondent in English medical journal gives the following description a new method for fattening fowls the lairds which consist common fowls ducks and turkeys Aro confined in Small open stalls which Are just Largo enough to receive them and in which Thoy Aro so fastened that Thoy can hardly move. Hem they Are fed with a emulsion composed milk and Oatmeal which is pumped into their wizards and with Trio exception Tho ducks which Are allowed a Little water Thoy Havo no other drink. Tho fowls Aro taken at from three to Aix months old and Aro fattened in from Lii to in Days at a trifling Cost. An important consideration in Trio manufacture wino is to have All the vessels from Tho press to the. Fermenting tub thoroughly in rinsed from All impurities and acidity. The steins Tho grapes should to removed by rubbing the grapes either before after pressing a wino Sieve. If the stems Are allowed to remain in the during fermentation they will impart a Sharp and disagreeable taste to the must. During the fermenting process the temperature the must should be nearly up to l Deg. And to maintained at that Point so that All the sugar the grape will 1 0 converted into alcohol spirits. I am informed that this temperature is maintained in the wine collars California by menus Stoa pipes throughout the cellars. The More a bed Canada thistles is Long into and slowed out and spaced up Tho better will it thrive under such adversity it takes Comfort and spreads. Such is its nature. If the contrary its growth is encouraged until it is fairly in Blossom and is then mowed As it it were the most useful forage Plant and carefully carried Oil the ground and burned buried in the compost Heap it immediately resents such care and sends up n weakly growth in place its former vigorous one. Then these new stems should be Cut off just below to surface the ground with a weeding chisel but the roots must in to ease be touched. Tho Root left intact make such drafts upon Tho weakened plod As it cannot Supply and they simply die for the want air which is their Nutriment. Soua Wash and Iii it the beneficial influence a weak Alkali Wash upon the bark fruit Trees is Long acknowledgement. Its action is in expansion the pores while at the same time it is destructive All insect l i f sporadic otherwise. Writers theorists differ As to the Best time to apply it but we have always found that if Good common sense to used in preparing it the time application is always Good. And now for the preparation if you use purchased Potash reduce it so that you can Bear your linger in it half a minute Moro without a tingling sore sensation. If you can obtain Good soft Hoap from the refuse grease and Lye ashes saved up dry then fake it and reduce it the soap Down not to suds but so that it not be ropy when used by u soft Whitewash Brush. Use it freely and it matters not materially just when any time in the Spring previous to the 1st Only is the Best time to apply it. After that Lime it is perhaps better to wait till the next h a j ctn in How to make stains Vou Catt a now is the time to make preparation for building stalls for Stock. It should not be neglected until cold weather a. 1 the animals will frequently need Protection during the cold and Stormy nights autumn. Stalls should in wide enough to admit the animals turning in them the sides closely boarded up the floor raised seven 01 every fresh difficulties i g it. Inches above that to. Were imposed upon him accompanied w ". V m the rear with an outward Pitcl by the threat losing his head if he i f about three inches in the length failed to unravel them. Pour Ali incessantly menaced no longer really lived he tasted no Joy life became disgusting to him. Karum boil lady once a week took an official Bath in an old bathing room the Palace. There surrounded by the dignitaries his court lie performed his grand ablutions Friday the Sabbath the Mussulman before visiting Tho mosque. One Day when he had threatened Ali account some Riddle he forced him to come and assist at the usual ceremony. " you know said Karam Bou lady " if Buforo i leave the Bath you have not divined your head shall con. E i exasperated by so much cruelty \ a who had Given up Hopes life Fin lied the Sultan and gave him a Coli pm blows the face. Then to dec my. De. As will be surmised the enrage j Ultan pursued him followed by All the grandees his court in their Bath a grosses. Scarcely had to issued from the doorway when the roof the room fell in crushing some lingering servants. " Miracle Allah exclaimed Karam Bou lady at the sight the i. I Strophe. " conic to my arms Ali you Are the greatest magician in the world and the most adroit servants. Certainly i could not have escaped the danger without your violence which Nudo me pursue you. You have saved my life. By Mali Omet i so. Ear this Day to Grant All that you Asli " Hig guess said Ali " the. Only recompense i ask is the favor being no longer your Karum Bou lady made mine demur but having sworn by the name the Prophet Ali. He granted the petition from that Day Ali loaded with riches and honors was the happiest Man in Sam Arcand. The Post grand soothsayer at the court the Sultan Karam Bou l id is still Vacanti and i advise thereof any my readers who May be tempted to choose a career so exciting.= transit led from Tho French. Wimms Oom. Is n n Blavo to opium i the stall Tho Entrance each closed with two leaved folding doors opening inward. There need be no rings stanchions any tying fastening by the head. No animal not absolutely t fool will Ever stand with head Down Hill. As All the Bovine animals have Ihei itches and inconveniences to attend t As Well As ourselves and would be better for the use their Tongue with which they can reach nearly every part their bodies this Freedom thu stall seems to be a common sense Tir run gement besides providing Comfort Able quarters in. All cold Stone weather. The stalls need not be expensive being All made rough material with a sufficient opening above the folding doors to afford free veil til Tiou. And cask i writer in Tho Boston Cid Tiratur give the following As his convictions do Rived from observation 1. Stock to be profitable must 1. Adapted to the locality and the Partick Lar Branch business to be pursued Many farms in new England Waimo keep with profit Iho Large Short Hori Stock however excellent they May to for Tho production milk Tho Jersey cow is not desirable for Tho rat Mac Ture butter the Ayrshire Stock is Best and for Tho production loathe no kind Stock is profitable if not we fed and Well cared for 2. It is important that in every neigh boyhood there should be kept a got Stock thoroughbred cattle such a will to adapted to the fending Ejon per. It that neighbourhood Aud the per Ligula Brunch the business to be pursue whether milk butter cheese. 3. To every Case the base t i Don know that this is Trio Best term a herds for profit should to Tho Best c our native Stock taking into consideration endurance adaptation to climate Etc. 4. All Stock must be kept in goo conditions Well housed Aud regular fed care being taken to give As Rune Indian meal As will keep Tho cows i. Good order no cow will last Long tha is Only fed with reference to a Gren flow milk to the entire no Jatee f a producing food 5. Variety is essential to a healthy appetite and this should to determined y circumstances As to Tho time year House made Tho milk Etc. 6. It should to known that considering the Economy food the cow fed ii real whether from Cotton seed insect will eat about Tho same Quality Hay As though Thoy wore not fed Vith i t but Tho cows fed Corn cat iss Hay some say Pound for pounds hat is Ono ton Moal will save Ono Hay. Chicago Coit Kesi Indence lie Chicago tic Ivlin Mlot a Mim f. Tom i will cd Aii Mart Field l. Rulli r t co. Kim Lark Hron. & c a. Snail it i n. L live pm j Milf a e a Pittl mrry Jle Lillvik Llroy. & .1. \ v. Orli Wiilla &. O a. 11. Allie mph &. . Iii Coo oct. 31, 1873. An exposition Trio products Tho West b n memorial Tho Groat fire and Trio a Ond Orfil transformation Trio lust two earn \ pm a Tiloi Tiki worthy the people who Toni he Trio Piroa Toft Minillo to no Tho air Oclon destruction a Groat City by a Firo hich Liah no parallel in history unto Nahod in Vili oel Worley. Jint Ith with u greater solidity completeness Anil Halo nor in two yearn is Trio wonder modern i Ipoh and Zilfi Hervey the commemoration which 10 croat Kex position is designed to give it. Ash Ciales Trio event with Nice Rico a Maui Cluro Commerce agriculture and All the reductive Imlah Prius the country and i Apical the Energy Oiler Rimo Lai go mind cd Obb mid executive ability Chicago. Tim 11uu. Ihno. By within ninety Day a Mammoth building Vernim Nix acres ground uniting strength id symmetry u t i l i to and Beauty in an eminent degree wan reeled at Acutt a Tufui id filled with the products nature and Arl i All conceivable Formy. Such an Chic Clont though Pooh ibo to half a Doxen Cit. Ieti very one feels belongs wholly i c. Hie Tigo. The exposition itself Eon Merg lie Brief i into allotted for prop Iravon Imi Arvol. Olia Racicki. Of largely by what Oiin Lili Larian ago Calls the useful Iosiph Photic Beautiful and artistic have con Iii ii our lace. Tiik Numis Bullof visitors. An been Largo gala Days caching ii High an 00,000 70,000. 1 Robaly a third a million people have already ecu gladdened by what they have Neon in thin exhibition. And the number in increasing i Toad diminishing. To a great Iii Aliide this imposition will to a lifetime Revelson and wonder with no rival in Tho Pai t Itsuro. Riih Kun Catino Ini i. A Kook f huh exposition night to very great. So any false ideas will to corrected to Many ice Higgett Ted to Many Concepti Riih eni god and to much Junior Stimato be formed Man s inventive Goniva and kill and in 1 Rozenn kaleidoscopic and wonder work world in which to Livo. The Good it will comp lib in Una ecu Post will far outweigh coat Anido from Tho stimulus it will give to Ina and to Excel in their own departments f labor. The marked to Mecca Iho Lix potion would have been still greater but for till i Asie hich startled Tho country like a whirlwind and adopt away fortunes at a breath. And Long All suffered Moro Leaa from Ita it cts. Yet the solidly Catalli Ahod and Pru Antly manager i Ouan weathered the blast nicely. And Here in Chicago Whoso hankers id mor Chanta hot an example for her mater Liea. Uio chief inconvenience waa Khedir Truat ego Tuin Iho panic which temporarily a rented the line la Weir own Reao Rucca. List a Aineth quickly roam d Ita Normal condition and the by Raling granaries the went \ a Homo Gateway a Tho Harden City compelled the curency f the East and the Gold Europe look hither in a co Natal Stream to Purchase Ood for the hungry. An kor Ivanue mai1t. Chicago a Iho great distributing Point for Iio a vet for Ull Tho Necea Mariea convenience a and luxuries life and her wholesale Iii Inch in Cha . Scr Enterprise and Exlona uni Nohh. Rank Noel. To Trofo new York. At he head Iho dry goods Prado hero Aro 1 Nelll lk1tk11 a. N l co., a limbo wholesale store i Johy 200 foot at the nor Madison and Market Bro Els. Gives acres floor room who Bell a j20,000,000 Ortli goods a year and give employment Over l. Aio pc ple. Their retail store old and Marble Ulo Loo feet at Tho Corner a a Tate and Washington streets is a Model Cauty and elegance whose magnificent exterior is unrivalled As a dry Gooda Palace in this oui try. And Mig Geata extent if the brain orb Condu eled within. The Unla allele. D Bicic Chi the firm which in a few curb has distanced All competitors is the Ruit integrity Enterprise and financial Ity and inflexible adherence to business principles. They always have a Complete Stock if the beat goods both in respect to Stylo and iia Lity Ami sell at the lowest prices. Of ours a House Whoso goods require about i f t y per cent Moro floor room t h a n m Coua ined in be imposition a building a an expo lion it Elf. F u l l y representing t h e growing Reat Nesbon Chicago and Iho Nur invest. Of first class representative houses exhibiting goods at the exposition to notice Kimha Lui Linns. Ami i o., 0 to s l Michigan Avenue the largest wer turn leaders in heavy hardware Iron Elcel nails Vigon and Carriage material Lugii k 1 and inac Minista tool. I hey have a perfect allow especially Wagon ind Carriage goods and have the largest andean Stock Ziy House in the West. Kat Monk baud am co., i l n i have the Hir Gesl and Best display a tour s ind healers Trio f r u i t thirty years exp Crince. Firigy i it the prominent pattern it Trio 2uo which they make bore represent Ribeir Cefi s. Their specialities the earless and Acorn Cook and the Brilliant Jato Junior and the Acorn beating stoves. Bill Lengst comic Emilion. All Are sure a Good stove who get Rathbone h. I Liki. I a Dodo Ami 1 Ai. Mkt hoots and shoes18 and to \ Wabash Avenue Aro Livo men Large dealers and a reliable i ouch whose Trump card is their a Loup Jit Iii not which has won them boats customers. Law Hll. K. Fir. Wino . K and Lal Lipini twist. The Best a How is by ii Pilios. A v a o., who took Trio first Premium it Oie. Cin Nali in 1s70 and 7 a and at St. Louis in 1s7ii, the Only. Is where their goods were Ever exhibited. ,1. A. O i l l s w l l. L Ami co., Madison Street Chicago t h e laight and a it Slock cloaks cloaking laces trimmings and a Sadie underwear in Tho wot it distancing nil competitors. A. Ii. Anvil Liws and co., fir to 170 Madison Street Chicago have the Linht display Lico he Hool and Church furniture. They Aro live Young men who have i i t up an immense Trade by anticipating the Public wants introducing Tho latest improvements and making the Best goods. Naiu. Otti Suiugan is playing at Meyi Eker s to crowded audion Cei Early rising. Nothing is More conducive to health than to retire at night in due time and to arise Early in the morning. There is an old saying that one hour s rest before Midnight is better than two after it. There is Moro truth in Trio saying than Many would suppose. Its truth can to accounted for in theory and it is certainly verified by experience. Long livers Havo generally been it own As Early risers. And Early rising is As a habit impossible for those who up to a late hour Tho night. Lot those therefore who wish to enjoy Good health make it a practice to go to bed Early at night and get up Early in Tho morning. To piment bums Jiom a Kazinci. A says a correspondent in a Cox me is l a i Ija tii i i l l f. A. In Conglis colds sore lame s. T. Macb use Orison it Oisiu a Iii i i it. A com. Ave i5eb by Tho Chicago papers that Piso Tim a Gamble Havo reduced Tho Price their Long established and popular Brand Mollt d Ferman soap its present Price am. Hii Perior Quality Maken it Tho cheapest As Wel As Tho bout soap for Eon Sumera. Uati Ihone h 1 less and Acorn Cook Brilliant b. The Burner and Acorn Healing a arc the Climax fill years experience. A l s Tiik Tiloi Shoi l Jakacka and i Antii Iju i. I. Mih kit Iatha Host to nicely in Tho \ Vurhl for the following complain la Vir Ciampa in Tom Iniba mid Stom Jain in Tho std Isar a Sowula Sido thou. Matisin in All i t s f Ai ins Bili Riih Colic neuralgia cholera d y e u i i l c r col. Is flush worm la Linnia sore Throat 3 inn sprains am Hui bib c h t l la Illel i nver. For Lii Tomal hint 13x to Virnal lao. I t s j i c n v t i i i i i a pot Only to r l t p v Tho p a h t i i i t hut e n t i r e l y run Corr. S l l i c flu u the complaint i t p c n m r a l n u Puiul per v i a a a t l i ,., i t i y m t n in a a cd i i n i f la in Atli j Anu to a 1 i l a p u i a id Quick c u i n e i h e l. Loo l. Tub Houkal. Mijoi. La i Banacka is i Yukl Veo. Otal. La and All Uca Liiri. I rup Iridill v Curtis & shown n. I. A 3 Kluuni 3t i Al now York i r p. No Lyall Diug Fiata. Tii111tv Vaits Kef kill tenk a . O i \ l r h8k. Mrs. Winslow s soot Iii Bykle l 19 Tiik 1 a Schil Tiok one Trio heat fun Nalo Ryai Timia n ii n i i r s f a in the Init jul states an a has l. Nen Uscila r t h i r t y Yare with Novor failing safety Anil Nacci is by millions mothers Arii Chil. I in Fri Lii the i Mille infant Ono week old t i h n a i l u l l. It coi Recta Oncidi by to l a St Marh it Lievsa wind Colic it i ii hates the bowels and Ine re to health an 1 i rtt Mother and Chili. We i. Eltrove it. To lie the Cust and surest Tome by ii i lie world in ill rams Dyse Nikky and 1 1 a Italka in child Lukk whether it aria from i Lett Ilij Fiona any other Canao. Full i t i i Eton i. R i sink will ichor Iphy each l l t l eking it Etui Ine in Lucaa the Fae s i m i l e cur. Tis ,1 1 he leu. To i the n n l a i i l e Wra Piper. Som by Ai. I i. Ii 1c Ink . Alk is. Of 1 1. Lilt 1 Tica Sjouk Al. K and sick., Grovu no other cause than having Worms f u the atom fetch. Brown s Verm Funk commits will destroy Worms without injury to Tho child Heing per Felly White and free from All in Moriji other to Jurious i Tirc diets usually used i cceti3 it i1kown, Propri Clors no. I5 Fulton Street new York. A v,/./ Liy Urtig Fiata and cd Mista and dual Cra t Meil Winius at to Katy rib cents a Box. Ski. Patiko to important ctr blur t Yonting Mou and Otteri x. 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Ild Ninive. I Lini Isaios a. U Tignal Ever Branch agr Cullire pm a in i Lei a full and Vascil concern los the Lar Heillik ind Lac. Iring in rfcs Cuttle ac., ind gives Choice and vitriol Mihuc Thuiy Niukini u one the intent pall a ii liars in Iho country. ? 00 a Junr 3 Moll lha for 50 cents so Sci Ticu collies trip. Address Fak Meus 11omk journal la Iii ton by. To vvasitki7foll Tiik undeveloped West five years in the territories its resources c l i m a t inline Vitants natural Furiosi tic. A l to it contains do Flo f tin is mimicry lumps. People and Furiosi tics he circuit West and in t h u spa inst and boat Helling ook Over minis had. Send for Aith Inion Imos find i r r u l a r a i t h terms. Ailt lord National pu3id co., Clit. Ayo Iii., St. Louis a For honest men and women every whirr. S a a s 1 " per Aeok. To to in Ali diary Iasi Richs. Kiili c. The lto.\4i i Miucin Uniti p. U., Ohio Rajab Lumiss Toledo weekly Blade a inv s i Ai i it. He Riiff Iho Chin info year Nasht vill v. 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E r u p t i n n a f f the skin Are Tho App Arani c Tho surface Humours that should Hin p a Ile l from t \ p mood internal Are h l e t n r n i i i m l i n n these Bame Lin Norh to Amine it canal Organ organs \ so action they do a a if and Whf a rail " St. Ince Hoy dih Fase and Dei t Ruy at ii. S Ai pahm. A Cipols tin 1 50 Humours com tie h in i " when 1 la y am g no Llu d i a r d e re i y Virti Tifft in n r in Biu h As the favor Stan Rich k i i l i i f i i to. Inf a. Terni icons find it r t rtt ii ii it t i Iii Timex. Pustules. Rio Thies Tina to twit after Fin i Nult a throw k a l us. In i tiny Nam i err in a Tient mutism neural / a a in tin Llonch fit tic and Ricail finale we. Ii. S. 7, sterility j. Elwirr Hefu Unsin i / my intermit Tirc Ivich t ii Herr inn a i. Wal. Or Droit a jtyxiiejaiin., Mac Inion 7 us Vrat a Bil tits Vith to Muir u a Jar Turc Litia Lui returns. Pru Maheu by d j. C. Ayer & co., Lowell mass., practical and analytical chemist a. & and by All druggists and sealers in my dicing. Rich farming lands for Hale v k r y cheap i i l l i n i i a Arr i a the Flim St lands tinent., i i Kari kiss uni Kask. V. Now for a f tin in Niv rite fare in a t i. Out r / / j a Omaha n a t h e a s w a e car it ii Hacic Tea w i t h Liti g i u i i Tea flavor w a r r u n t i d to Euit All tastes. 1 mile i very Liero. And for Nale Tiol Obilt Only Liy the r. Cat a t l a n t i c a i u c l f l u ten i n. 101 l Elton by. And y. T 4 c l n u r h k York. T. O. A. X Rolfi. It i for thu no Jour circular. F Oman s marital and physical guide la c i u i i h i t y a " Unni anti Mim. A e Aud Iii no 1 and " new. N i a r i i i m l and Unni buried. O he i it in w i t h u t Una pop mar work some f 0 4 n t n for b f i m i l n in in a it a ainu t every h a r a. And. Lesa 1 r. I. J m t t n k who w a p h l i i f f t av., St. I r u i it _ 4 a l byc Iio Iancy Oil sol l. Charming. 11 Al Llo v c i t h e r by x in in f h s i n n t and fixin tin love and trim u i h any urn son they Clio Oao i s t a n t l y. Thi it simple m u u t u l a c q i i i r c t t n c n t All it pm Sofisa Iron by in ii. Of r u-., Tok slur with n Marriki. Tto Quidd " egyptian Rondo. Dreams h i n t f to 1 1 lies. A a nor honk. In. Coo t. William a co. Pill. A., a Zilfi. In olt. C compound % vill Force Tho Board in mar t h i a k Ami heavy Trio smooth re. T in p. W i t h n u t i i. J u r Yin t w f t i 1 y f in Days Iii Noy ref Uduc i. Ii n. I pack postpaid r 3 Foi it to. A. W. Jonrs a a h l i u i d. M s s. R. Vex r we a r e l i a l l e i t i i s i i i e h b person to \ t Iii i if a St ii lie Artic. Los h i i v i n f f Large Salel an i n u f l t s. No a a a m i u i u i n i. Tiki ukr. Eral Ken Cir c l f i i r i. F r i r r r i t r y to t h e i lit party. I. Is 1.1k it Kif. Kkt co., Riffil i n irl Orn St. Chi 111 r it you Are a fool Luna tic. But if you Aro Sain and Wili to make Money a kick aka Post aug. K tai1i. K co., is. I. O pass tvs by a. / r Toju .2. A j a j Tomkon men Orla and Doys wanted to is v our French Ana american pm Volrey in Mil Ami a. To. No rapt a inca l Oil. Cit Alogui. Terms a. Cut Frio. P. O. Vickery co., a Aulii 51c m a a sky j1iadk fast. Art Clua in w. But uni Halo a Stimato. Particular in Fri. N u. Huck by a co. Ticlin i a Lia Mich. Made rom flu with Stoncil a key Check outfits. Catal Guob. Fiammi Leland full Par t l r n l a r s Rit a k. 8. St. By once l 7 Hanoi for it by Slitni k k Phil Day common Tennor Smo k week a usury an deepen a e. We Wolfor it a not wll y u. Apply now. U Webber Deco. T Martin k per any 1,000 Gonta wanted. Bend Tump to a. Hbl a t a do., at. Louie . Walker s California Vin Conr hitters arc a purely vegetable m caration mud chiefly from Trio iia Ivo herbs found Tho lower ranges onto Sierra Nevada mountains California Tho medicinal properties which Aro extracted therefrom without Tho use if alcohol. Trio question is almost Laily asked " what is tic cause the unparalleled Success Vin Fiak rite is our answer is that Thoy remove he cause disease and the patient rowers his health. They Are Tho great Lood purifier and a life giving principle i period renovator and Liivik orator f the system. Never before in the Muntory tic a would Linn n ipod icing Liccari skirt cussing Trio remarkable sunlit ion Vink Dar Jar Itkiss in Hijii Litif the sick every disease Man is heir to. 1 lies ire a Gutla i lir Patitu is Well us a tonic a Elev Iii congestion Ollie liver and visceral organs in bilious Jisei ses. Tho properties pit. Walker s i l. No f. A Pitt Kos Uro ape Rient t a 1ioretic, / urine native Lxi Siivo diuretic said Tirc Tintor Trail ant Sudori fic Altera Rivo Wittl Anli Lii Lions. Ii. 1u uona7. In co. J fist mid ii ii. A its. San Francisco Cailil Ovi in cur. Of ii Uil club Rutoli its. N. Y. Moll by All Iorns Pijut. S and dealers. Radway s ready Relief cures the worst Point in from one to Twenty minutes Mot one hour Bani to this a feed any one Buffer with pain. Buds s Hendre Relief u n cure every Nln. It w a b the rabbi ind ii the Only pain remedy that lust ally Stop the most Patti Al. und tii Ca Ali Ollir Tho lungs Stoin Noti Dowole Ether Glau Isar organs by Ono application. In from Onk to Twenty minutes no matter How violent excruciating Iho i Nln to Bod rid Dou inform cripple a Trona. Neuralgia Proa Trutor Willi Diac a w a n a y muffin. Hadway s ready relic air will afford instant ease. Nofia Mimir. Lon the kill cynt Mullio Tho i Ownly a a a a Vith much Eutis Fao i lion. Or. T. C. Pugh enl Tirom scrom. Of Nucla it to Jill tier Poisik Mil Irig with Lippi Heeil blood buying it is Superior to i Uii i it Iii ii Tion lie Lias Ever led. Eov. Abney Ball the Baltimore m. K. Cent to uce South mys he Lias i been Koniuch Benefi Tecl l. Y its use hint 3lio Climer Feliy Refo Innanda it toil this Fri Eudy Siul Lac Uain Lii a i. Craven & co., a Ruc if up it Gordons a Ille va., Triy it never has failed to give Sam la. Kofa Den Pirre i a s i t i need him when Ull Elee failed. The eos Balis in conf. Action with Otje Rill cure chills and Over liver complaint Dys Lesla ele. To Ruann Hosai Jai. Is Superior to 11 other ill nod purifiers. Send for dose Siplive Lluc ulamor almanac. Address Clements a co., 5 s. Commerce St., Al Ultimore Alft. Remc Mhor to ask your druggist for hos Adalis. Consumption old Cleill a Tho Ftp Ilic. Ilium Tho Illiade 71euef to in. Part purls Horo Tho Puin Diullo Silty a a v. In will Ifford c Uso an 1 confort Twenty Droin in built ii Triin Bloof Whiten vol in i v in m i t i in c a i a Chin mph Spahn sour Tom ecu j l i r t i n n Nick ii ii Ticho Diw Rhoa Dat if crr Julie. Wind in to Jov. O n. Aud All infernal fail i Volff Tih Nuvil a ways a Rry a Bottlo j Ai v was s jul buy Jill if v l t h Thorn. A f. \ v Toto. To i n v / a l r i \ v i 1 1 a tic it thick Iio h p wins from Chiu Vulor. It in Hector than a Yunchi Brandy i Tomb a t a Yumul. Int. Fever and ague. Teak it and ague cured for Tifty cunts. To lion a not. it it. In tills Wolfl t h a t u l l Rorn k. Var Ami agatto. To incl ill other i l l i i i i i scr let. Top Lipold. Yellow. Neil Oiler pc win lilo l l y it we am film so Lulck h a a tape a 8 steady it litle. _ fifty copts per Battle. Health. Beauty Strong and i ure hich ill. Ood in phase Al. Ash and Wuelfi Hycl. Eau bin and Huai Tufui court exion Sucu Kii to Alt. Or. Radway s Una undo the Moat Curcon my Quick to uni till no the Clinn e8. Llie Hud and i Bocci under Trio influence Tytla truly wonderful Medicine that every Day an increase in Fisli and weight is seen and Felt. The great blood purifier. Every drop the Sandap Akullian resolvent communicates through Tho blood Swo it Riuo. And ot4itir Luida and juices the system the Skorol life for it repairs the wastes Tho body with new and bound material. Scr Fula syphilis consumption gland Ilner Dixon file ulcer a in the Throat. Mouth tutors Node in the glands nut i other Purta Tho Ray. Hit in 801 eyes Strenio Riih Elk Camri. Pm trom tha kurd Narf Trio to t forms Kin i eu8en, eur Patton a. Over Soros sen d head. Kins worm Suli Stu Toni. Erys Inclan acne Black spots Wormy in Tho Tzuli. Temora cancers in the womb and All weaken Tig ainu painful Oia Hartica. Night Wenta. Lobb Penn Wudl ail \ sufi Tea Tho life principle Aro with a the curative 1nge this wonder modern chemistry Antl a f Days us will prove to any per using it fur either those forma disease its potent Power to cure them. If Iho patient daily becoming reduced by Tho waste and decomposition that is continually progressing. Suc Cicila in arresting these wastes wed repairs i lie Banio with now material made Ironi healthy blood a will and opt fit euro a a euro is curtain for when onco this Kern my comm mime Ita work purification and succeed a in diminishing Tho ions Wastyn Ita repairs will to lipid and Ivory Day Tho patient will Lenl Hin sri growing better in l Strong Tho food d i / t h i i i i l a stir appetite improving and flush and weight increasing. Not Only Doos Thearsa Panijan Sesoi. Be. V Ozrol All known remedial agouti in the cured chronic so Romulous constitutional and skin diseases but in is Tho Only positive cure for kidney and bladder complaints Uri imry and womb diseases gravel diabetes a Rocky stoppage water incontinence Urino by ight s Distaso Albuminuria a Diu Ull Caes \ a hero Ali Oruro Brick dust deposits Tho water a thick Cloudy mixed with substances like Tho White t us egg. Or threads like White silk there in a morbid dark bilious appearance and White Bone Dost deposits and when there a a pricking burning eco Minimi Whon passing water and pain in Tho Tiiu All Tom Back Aud along Tho loins. Tumor 13 years growth Curneil by had s $ 1.00 per bottle. Or. Radway s perfect pars Atiye and relating pills perfectly tasteless elegantly Culm Slih Swoft cum it carbonated cod liver Oil is come Lention two Well known . Its theory a first to arrest the dui us Thon l la i 111 lip the rpt 1 in. I Hysi Rivins Lind tic to Loci inn Orect. Tho really Siar Olliie cures performed by ami1 inns Power Fri nits Pic ill Tho known world. Etc Rene . It at once. Wrap Rich Villi Corri Pitton and Dupuy Sci. Pcs. It purities the sources " f Cit u. Farr Oil it nature s Bast a Slot int in . Pui a i a in Ltd Tirc Blind Cit l a la. A Chari Diallio inv7 ii a for a a Tenn a Fri and a a Ltd a jul syst Russ 1 1 Robiin d by j. Iiavi3, Json r j to Iii si., new York. I Btl. In Alt r. F Vij a it Iho j & co., Rit. Loins. Reward for any Jiho hand. In I i . It ii Orul v i i l i u 1 c a la it him e 1 u. R. Tvb3t f a v i Iii to euro. It a p t Piir cil exp i S f i l y l into Tho Pill. A an 1 no Liin Tioleco. Sold l y i l l d i i i f r e t t f i h. 1 Ricossi. Us. A for Iho euro Ull dui Rifus i to stomach. Livor. Sowda. Kidneys by adder. Nervous dub Oates Ilo Aracho club tiption Tinnes Audi a Estrom Dye Tumpsia Bilio Nonosa a ilium. Typhus and Type Lii revers inflammation the bowl in i lob and i t l i Der a a Gemont Tho inter Piaf. Viscera. War ratified to Effort a positive cure i Kuroly vegetable containing no Mercury Miner a de Ott Nous drugs Flag observe Tho follow no symptoms resulting from Dison lera the digestive organs Lons tiption inward 1 Ilea fullness the blood in the head acidity Tho stomach nausea heartburn disc but food fullness weight in Tho Stomi Ich sour Eruc tation sinking f. Ettori re at Tho pit Tho stomach. Swimming Trio head hurried and i Fakult breathing utter g at to a ont 0 oking suffocating Senh Vitious when in it lying posture. Damn a vision Koisor w 1 a Buforo Tho Mihr Clorand full pain in Tho Llo cd do ii ii icy t a respiration Yow owners Tho skin Anil icy r. P. In in Tho St. Limbs and sudden Kex Loof tii a it Honni Inifi in the flesh. A Fundom m ii. Cd Way s pills Willfredo Tho system from All Iho Nti ovo Iki Nied disorders. I Rico 25 cents wer bom. Kief t b f Riig Ulsta. Head " a i. Si3 and Send Ono letter stamp to Radway a co. No. 32 Tarrou St. N. V. Jinfu Iii Tion Worth thousands will to sent you. Or. 3 Khan 3oo Smith Mark a Ini an Siuty 1m t m i l l d i. N t l i i l l y i i f pm. In and Korv Nim a is s. C u r i s \ v Iurii toil. Moi cd 1 Kavork u l u k t i i i h. R Tutt for 511 cunts. Or. Whittier 017 in 0 j Ijo Treft i kaon Wiuf Moat Nucci Osseful Jilin Sicin the Aye. It is Iliili in fret 1. Cull i w r i t e. In a r Pul Lish 1 fur Muik men who Suffi r i from Nair Nus it Sti mobility apart Pilot 8 i j pays 1 a Hiinds u Book i 00 pages ill Strnod Coo. Per Ilay a. Onta wanted All classes working to Ilo Vithor Box Yor old Mako Moro Money at work for us in s. Pro Mem ones All Tho time than at any r so. 1 Norli ulars free. Address g. Stinson pit Hull Maine. Bend for Domestic sowing Bachike co., new c. N. To. _ t11kj Lyviu Binutu no. 45. 7 t i link a Hii you. A York i a in i a am. A. New York 1873 4. Weekly Semi weekly and daily. The week a Sun is too widely known to require any extended recommendation but the reasons which Havo Al Randy Given it fifty thousand subscribers and which will we Hope give it Many thousands More Are briefly As follows it is a first rate newspaper. All the news the Day will be found in it con. Denied when unimportant at full length when moment and always presented m a Clear intelligible and interesting manner. It is a first rate family paper full entertaining every kind hut containing nothing that can offend the most delicate and scrupulous taste. It in a first rate Story paper. The Best tales and romances current literature Are carefully selected and legibly printed in its pages. It is a first Rato agricultural paper. The most fresh and instructive articles agric Lumiel topics regularly appear in this department. I t h an Independent political paper belonging to no party and wearing no Collar it lights for principle and for the election Tho Best men to office. It Esin chill devotes its energies to the exposure the great corruptions that now m tuck ii and disgrace our country and threaten to undermine Republican. Institutions altogether. It has to four knaves and asks no favors from their supporters. It reports the fashions for the ladies and the markets for the men especially the Cuttle markets to which it pays particular attention. Finally it is the cheapest paper published. One Dollar a year will secure it for and subscriber. It is not necessary to get up a club in order to have the weekly Sun at this rate. Auy Ono who sends a single Dollar will get the paper for a year. The weekly eight Pagcu fifty eur Coli new. Only $ 1. Of n year no discounts irom this Iau. The Malmi Wii Keiit a us a Bamo a l a e As Tho Dally Sun h. Of a year. Dalaco Pintof to per cent. In clubs 1o Over. Tler Mil. V a Largo four Pogo newspaper Twenty eight columns. Dally circulation a r 1 to. Too. All the news for us a Price 60 cd tip b month 6 a " . T a Ollk 10 Over it discount Otho Pur sent. A drum " Tiik Sun new York

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