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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - May 15, 1873, Monticello, Iowa The dead . By Leo. N. In Kntie. I cop on Bleep on it Hove thy Cor so Tho winds their Sab Lmh Itcek the wave is round ice and Why breast loft via with Iho he Ftping Doci or Ilic Nim a pc her bin pity flinch Anil Len re tic while Gull lifts Lier Wingo Anu the lilo Lilc Yogi Lovos to Lavo hoi 1 1 Dunn go in Tho holy . Hli 0ji nut in Willow o Ellico bends \ Vii incl Mclily air no Viool Kph ngh nor Denvy Tobo in n Tiofil of Lovo Luys Burc but thei o Trio Hea Flower Gay mid Young 3s Tiwi icy o or thy Nonni Burh Ilia it Ami hip u. Whf pin it tinier fair the a lulling a Urigh in Toenail Ficro. Bleep nut sleep nne the alter Jig Depths of Ocean h Eor. In caves Aro Why Drift it urn thy we Nom the Mufijur of its Waves Tow purple air nerf pm Vevi Burn in Fiul Olcha in Jinty Rimml thy urn and pure mid deep us inf int Lovo Tho Blu sea Rolls its Waves a Tive. Bleep on Sloop on the fearful Wrath of mingling Cloud find deep May k Iivo ils wild and Stormy Trade a no Iho place of sleep hut when the w a to has Mink in re it and now twill murmur o or thy Kronst. And the Bright victim of the sea Pere Hunch will make Liin Home with Tecc. So cup on Oliy Courso is far away but Lovo Bobaila thee yet fur Lujo the Lurt Wnm High in breathed and Lii Only Yuca Uro wet and she thy Young and beauteous Bride her thai gut Are hovering by thy Nide As Oft aim turns to View with tears the Eden of departed yearn. Stoky of the wandering jew. With Tho outlines of Tho Story of the Wii Dering jew All intelligent Roi Ultra lire i Lvi Liivi. It tells of n human being existing in no undying condition and travelling ceaselessly Over Tho face of the Eurth seeking rest and finding none. The suggestion upon which the legend is based May probably to found in the words spoken by Christ verily i say unto Yon there to sumo standing hero which Khill not taste of death till they. See the son of Man coming in his it will be remembered also that Christ said to Peter speaking of John " if i will that to Tarry till i come what is that to thee these and Ono or two other similar sentences from Tho lips of on Savior have very naturally created in impression that certain persons who wore living at the time of his appearance upon Eurth would remain alive until his second coming upon Tho judgment Day. Precisely How and when this opinion crystallized into Tho shape which we considering cannot be determined with exactness but Tho fact is hardly doubted that the gospel utterances just quoted really supplied the germ which in some Active fancy perhaps that of a Monk of Tho Middle Ages of rectified into this wonderfully poetic and dramatic Story. Tho first appearance of Tho wandering jew in literature is in a Book of the chronicles of the monastery of St. Albans England which was copied and continued by Tho famous Matthew Paris who in Tho Early part of Tho thirteenth Century was an Iii male and scribe of the Abbey. Paris asserts that Tho wandering jew visited England in the person of a archbishop of Armenia in 1228. The Story told of Tho archbishop by Ono of his servants was that Tho archbishop at Tho time of Jmst was a Porter in the Palace of Pontius Pilate and his name was car Ophilus. When Pilate released Jesus to Tho jews Tho latter dragged him Forth and As they reached Tho door the Porter i piously struck him on the Back with his hand and said in a jeering tone " go quicker Jesus go quicker Viliy do you loiter a and Christ looking Back upon him with a severe countenance said to him " i am going and you will wait till i and accordingly As Christ said Carton Hills is still awaiting his return. At Tho time of this occurrence to was 30 years old and when he attains the age of 100 years to returns to the same age As he was when the lord suffered. After Christ s death when Tho Christian Faith gained ground car Ophilus was baptized by Ananais who also baptized Tho apostle Pauland was called Joseph. To became a Man of holy conversation and of devout life. This is Olio version of the legend. Tho other and More popular one is that a jew named Ahasuerus by Trade a Shoemaker was standing in the door of his shop in Jerusalem when Christ was passing on his Way to Calvary. Ahasuerus Hail a Little child upon his Arm and As Tho lord approached the House bowed under the heavy weight of the Cross he tried to rest a Little and stood still for a moment. But Tho Shoemaker in Zeal and rage and for the purpose of obtaining credit from Tho jews drove the Savior Forward and told him to hasten on his Way. Jesus obeyed but turned and looked at his assailant and said " i shall stand and rest but thou Shalt go on until the last at these words Ahasuerus set Down Tho child and a Pablo to remain where to was he followed Christ and saw How cruelly he was crucified How he suffered and How to died. As soon us the crucifixion was ended it seemed As if he could not return to Jerusalem nor see again his wife and child but he Felt that he must go Forth into foreign lands Ono after another like a Mournful Pilgrim. To wandered to and fro Over the Earth for Many years and then returned to his ancient Homo Only to Lind the holy City ruined and utterly razed so that not one Stone was left standing upon another and so that he recognize former localities. So Forth he started upon his journey again and began anew the wanderings which shall not cease until All things shall come to an end. The old chronicles which contain this touching and wonderful store also Tell something of Tho manners and peculiarities of Tho jew. He is said to be a Man of Lew words and of circumspect behaviour. He docs not speak at All unless when questioned by devout men and then he tells of the events of old times of the incidents which occurred at Tho he fiening and resurrection of the lord and of Tho witnesses of the resurrection a namely those who Rose with Christ and went into Jerusalem and appeared unto men. To also tells of the apostles of their separation and preaching. All this he relates without smiling or levity of Collum infirm on. i 11 j n Weaver named Kohot to find n trons to which had Boon secreted in Tho Royal Palace of Kohot s father sixty years before at which time Tho jew was present. He thou had the appearance of being about 70 years of age. In 1547 he was soon in Hamburg if to arc to believe or. Von Eitzen Bishop of Schleswig who declared that when he was a youth in Hamburg to on a certain sunday in Church saw a tall Man with his hair hanging Over his shoulders standing barefooted during Tho Burmon. The visitor listened with the deepest attention and whenever Tho name of Jesus was mentioned to bowed humbly and profoundly with sighs and boating of Tho Brunst. After " Tho Sermon to was interrogated and declared himself to to Ahasuerus Tho jew. To had no other clothing in the bitter cold of Winter than a pair of Hose which were in tatters about Hia feet and a coat with a Girdle which reached nearly to the ground. His general appearance was that of a Man of about 50 years. Von Eitzen says that to with the Roctor of the Hamburg school who was a traveler and Well read in history questioned Tho jew about events which had taken place in Tho East since Tho death of Christ and to gave Thorn much Correct information on Many ancient matters so that it was impossible not to to convinced of Tho truth of his Story. It is affirmed that Tho jew was seen in Madrid Spain in 1575, in just such a dress Asho had worn in Hamburg. In 1590 to appeared in Vienna if report is to be believed and immediately afterwards in various portions of Poland. He was said to to upon his Way to Moscow where to was seen and spoken to by Many persons. In the year 1604 to is reported to have visited Paris find a writer of that period declares that the common people saw the wanderer and conversed with him. Subsequently he went to Hamburg again and to Naumburg where he was seen in Church and whore he received presents of food and clothing from the burghers. In i i3 two citizens of Brussels declared that while walking in Tho Forest near the City they met an aged Man in tattered garments whom they invited to an inn. To refused to sit while he ate but standing to told his entertainers stories of events which happened Many Hundred years before and intimated that to was the very Cobbler who had refused to permit Christ to rest on his door step. A history of Tho town of Stamford England tells How in 1058, upon Tho evening of whitsunday a certain citizen Hoard a Knock at his door and upon opening it he saw a grave old Man who asked for refreshment. This was Given him whereupon to imparted to his Host Tho knowledge How to euro a disease from which the latter was suffering. The remedy was tried and was successful. Tho appearance and conduct of the visitor were More than natural and it was believed then by Many at Tho time that he was Tho wandering jew. In Tho Early part of the eighteenth Century a Man professing to to a jew appeared in England and attracted much attention particularly from the ignorant. He thrust himself into the notice of the nobility who half in jest half in curiosity paid him and questioned Lini. He declared that he had been an officer of the jewish Sanhedrin Hall of Pilate. To asserted that he remembered Tho apostles and described their appearance their clothing and their peculiarities. He spoke Many languages claimed to possess Tho Power to cure disease and said to had travelled Over the entire world. Educated men who heard him were much perplexed by his acquaintance with foreign places and tongues. Certain professors from Cambridge and Oxford universities questioned him to discover Tho imposition if any existed and an English scholar conversed with him in arabic. Tho Man told his questioner in that language that historical works were not to to relied upon. And when to was asked his opinion of Mohammed he replied that to had been Well acquainted with the father of Tho Prophet and told where to lived. To said Mohammed was a Man of great intellectual ability. Once when he Tho pretended jew heard Mohammed deny that Christ was crucified he silenced him by telling him that to Tho jew was a witness of Tho event. He related also that to was at Rome when Nero burned the City. He had known Saladin nine Lane and other Eastern princes and could give minute details of the history of the crusades. If this Man was an impostor he was at least too cunning and too intelligent for those who strove to detect the fraud. Shortly afterwards to disappeared from England and was seen in Denmark and then in Sweden after which to vanished. Coming Down to later times men claiming to be Tho wandering jew have appeared it various periods during the present Century but these have All proved themselves in the plainest manner to to either lunatics or humbugs. Tho last notice that we have both of such a appearance was in 1770, when Many of the newspapers contained a floating item to Tho effect that Tho jew had been seen Noar Antwerp Belgium. It was a pity he was not seized and dragged before some intelligent Aud responsible person so that to could have been investigated. It May be interesting before we dismiss the subject of the movements of the jew to mention that. Superti Troub fancy has connected him with that terrible plague the cholera. Tho theory has been advanced that Tho disease floor satisfactory. The most plausible explanation is that the wandering jew is really the Type of the hebrew race. The jews did offend Jesus an Ahasuerus is said to have done. They have been driven from their Homos As he was they have wandered Over the whole Earth As is alleged of him and they have lived apart distinct and Peculiar from other men As he is said to do. The Hijii Irinco Between the Typo and the reality is that Ahasuerus became a Christian while the jews cling to their old Faith. Hut Tho resemblance in to great that to think we Are warranted in asserting that the origin of Tho magnificent fable May to traced to the historic to Day. Foreign items. Von Moi Rius is a Dane after All. Ejections in France always take place on Somlay. Queen Victoria will visit the austrian exposition. Bum Era Kussem has been blackballed at a London club. Thomas Holloway Tho Patent a Chioino Man has Nim mad a Fortune of a 0,000,000. Stamiti omit Turkey 1ms ordered four american steam Firo engines and wants americans to work them. Tiik largest Diamond in the world is to to shown at the Vienna exposition. Its weight is 288j carats. Madame Tii runs presided Over a Bazar it Tho Paris opera House and made 1 10,000 Franca for the orphans of French soldiers. Turn largest canal in the world is Tho one in China which pusses Over 2,000 Miles of country and alongside twelve cities. It was commenced As far Back As the tenth Century. A Model if Tho boat in which Tho London Crow beat Tho a Tahmas has been presented to Tho Captain of Tho Yule University Crew by Tho London rowing club. Trio boat is said to to Tho Iii Otto Over built in England. Tub London at Toni Vita announces that or. Duffield and or. Watts two Spanish scholars Well qualified for their difficult undertaking Are engaged on a translation of " Don Quixote that will for Tho first time give English readers an adequate notion of Tho text of Cervantes great work. A first instalment of the translation will appear in the course of Tho present year. An Oxford undergraduate with the natural modesty of Tho race sent to inc Kuna when editor of of Yunc old words at the cud of Tho crimean War a copy of verses on the return of the guards with this note " sir under standing that you insert a cynics in your serial i Send you to which Dickens answered " sir to do not insert i hymns without an eminent London Oculi St was recently requested to operate upon two grizzly hears at Tho zoological gardens for Cataract. Chloroform was administered and Tho operations were successful but unluckily one of Tho patients recovered from the am thasia too quickly and considerably mauled his keeper. Some time afterwards the same Oculi St was asked to operate on one of the tigers but he respectfully declined Tho proposal saying that he must draw the line somewhere and to Drew it at a grizzly Bear. Tile italian gentleman who recently swallowed a Fork has found a dangerous rival in a French lady who has Long been accustomed to seek nourishment in Needles. The most remarkable feature in the Case was not that the Needles did no harm but that she seemed to thrive upon them. What became of them All was not unnaturally a constant theme of wonder in the Circle of her acquaintance. The mystery has just been solved by a postmortem examination made in Tho Amphitheater of l Ecol de a Decino at Paris. The Needles were All found imbedded in Trio flesh near the old lady s Back Bone ranged in neat order As if in a pin Cushion. The agricultural returns for 1872 show that less than two millions out of the thirty two millions of England live directly by agriculture. About five persons Are employed in this Way to every 100 acres of cultivated land. It is claimed that England and Scotland produce the Best wheat the Best potatoes the Best Kitchen vegetables and the Best beef and Mutton in the world. Great Britain has 107 sheep to every 100 inhabitant s. Greece has 188, exceeding in thin every other european country. Spain has 135, and Switzerland but a fraction Over 17. Meteorol comical. The part Winter Over the pm tar Northern Section of the country Tram Maine to Oregon. The annexed valuable and interesting meteorological table showing the state of Tho weather during the Winter of 1872 3 at different stations Between Portland Maine and Portland Oregon has been compiled by the Chicago journal from official reports to the War department and signal officer t Washington Ai ass ass Syssa & s8s88s88s u. Usu i in Usu s 3 o a e to 01 i w m a 61 a a b he p w a i a a Ssiss Susaie s siesta s Sapir i. L Uji u. A Ioos in 5 615 v sen. I i i Ssiss mesas Sasoji ass 3 s s s i a is a s s e 3 s s s ii b s s s z ass s3 i Trio extent of country Over which the Low temperature has prevailed during Winter will to More fully seen from the following reports which appeared in the meteorological tallies for january As published in Tho newspapers at the time. A few localities Only in each state Are selected a it. Lulu i la we. Lilun he. My j1 in. L. Dunn an operator in the employ Franklin Telegraph company of of conversation As one who is full of sorrow mud remorse always looking Forward to the judgment lest to should mud him in anger who when on his Way to death he had provoked to just vengeance. When invited to become a guest of any one the Story is that Ahasuerus eats Little drinks in great moderation and then hurries on never remaining Long in one place. It was also said that wherever he tarried for a time he made a habit of attending places of worship and of listening reverently to the religious exercises always referencing with sighs the name of the deity or of the Savior. To has been known to rebuke profanity with indignation and whenever he heard any Piso use the name of the creator flippantly to say " wretched Man thus to misuse the name of thy lord Hadst thou seen As i have How heavy and bitter were Tho pangs and wounds of the Savior endured for Theo and to thou wouldst rather undergo great pain thyself than thus take his snored name in _ Home of these descriptions of the wandering jew purport to have been written by persons who have seen and talked with him. There Are Many us counts of his appearance at various times m different parts of Europe and it seems almost impossible to doubt the sincerity of those who have chronicled these visitations even if we admit As we must that the writers were deceived in same nothing. Manner of which we know after his visit to England just alluded to he w not heard of until 1505, when a. Was reported to have appeared in Bohemia where he assisted a certain lows close upon the track made by Trio wanderer in his pilgrimage Over Tho world and that a visitation from him in a certain indication of the coming plague. Eugene Suo has made use of this superstition in Hia novel founded upon the legend of the jews a work by Trio Way which is far beneath the simple Story of Tho Middle Ages in dignity Beauty and mysterious interest. In some accounts of the Miffy ring of Tho aged Pilgrim it is said that to has during his Long and dreadful existence striven Many times to end his life to miraculously extended. He has gone into the thickest of the Battle and thrown himself upon the Spears of the enemy or in later times has stood at the Cannon s Mouth but he has always remained unhurt. He has Boon shipwrecked but he alone of All his companions has been tossed ashore by the roaring Waves. To has leaped into burning volcanoes Only to be belched Forth unscathed he has plunged into Tho flume without suffering from its fiery tongues he has sought the Lair of wild beasts to find the Hyena and Tiger docile to his touch and careless of provocation. Death has been courted by him in every conceivable form but always it has eluded him and a. Terrible destiny has thrust him Back into that life which has at last grown to be a curse. This Story it will Boscon does not agree with those which describe him As an Humble and patient Christian but it is striking and remarkable As embodying an illustration of what the life to which men cling so desperately might become prolonged for centuries. There has been a great Deal of conjecture As to the process by which the Story of the wandering jew was formed. Thu scriptural texts Given at Tho beginning of this article Supply sufficient reason for that part of it which refers to the Mere prolongation of a human life but they give no limit or suggestion of the material of which the rest of the legend is composed. Some persons have supposed that the jew was the Emblem of. Tho Gipsy race which at one time was thought to be of egyptian origin and which is nomadic. The theory was that the original gypsies were cursed because they refused to shelter the Virgin and child in their flight into Egypt. 1ms, however is not either consistent a suit for Twenty Alvo cents. On Tho 7th of last month or. W. D. Of the Baltimore sent a Telegram for his i Riend or. A. B. Cumming paying the charges which amounted to 25 cents. Avion or. I Gnu presented on the 31st ult., his Bill for 25 cents his Friend refused to reimburse him. A suit was instituted before Justice c. A. A Leelor of the eighteenth Ward on the 2d just. By or. Dunn against or. Cummings but the defendant not being a resident of the eighteenth Ward under the of 18is8 Dunn removed his Case to Justice Brewer of Tho tenth Ward paying 80 cents costs of removal. On the 23d hint Tho trial of the cause was had before Justice Brewer who after a patient hearing of Tho facts decided in favor of Trio plaintiff and gave judgment for 25 cents and Tho costs which aggregated $ 1.95. The defendant appealed from the judgment of Justice Brewer to the Baltimore City court and gave Bond in Tho sum of 50 cents or. A. B. Hurlbut Malikk. Portland Alrui Iwick la Wilton new Hamrol Hillk. Wilton Manchester a Lucord Clairemont Nashua Lind meter . Ltd will Lawrence North Itea Liik Vya pole Wilmington new 1 Ohk. Fth far Jill cafe Hudson i Enn Kyi. Vania. Allentown Munch chunk Furlow Zero Lei Recs. Corry 3ti Mazyt. And. Fredrrick. Ohio. Sidney Michigan. Lancing Chicago Iju Loit. Wisconsin. Sparta. Art Duluth i. Us 1 a \ Kota. \ Bercrombie. Pembine buds Worth Lioi Hully stevenson., Montana. Ellin Tittl fort Beuton .40 i Ort .41 farm am household. Valiqu of n thoroughbred Hoar. A breeders circular says that 32 51 in 30 25 35. 35. .30 30 the becoming his Security after duly nullifying us to his sufficiency. The papers were carefully transferred by the Justice to the Baltimore City court and Tho trial will take place at the May term. Trio probable further costs will to Between $ 15 and $ 20, which Tho losing party will to compelled to Haiti More Gazelle. Tatlier Drood. As postal cards will probably soon be in circulation it May to Well to show How they have been used to facilitate a loan. Recently in France an individual sent daily several postal cards addressed to himself on one of which his inquisitive janitor read " please let me know when you will cull for that 14,000 francs. Your carelessness is inexplicable. Yours another in heated to the janitor that his acquaintance was in the full tide of Good Luck " answer yes or no. I am aware Tho girl s thousands do not concern you but you owe some respect to her family. Say distinct if you will of will not marry her. Botter still was this one " or. Notary requests Yon to Call at his office As soon As possible to acquire Possession of Tho property of the late or. astonished at the con ends of this correspondence the inde Schect Porter Lent 50,000 francs $ 10,000 to the ingenious Borrower who of course suddenly disappeared. The police were duly informed of the matter and when the officer asked the janitor Why he Lent this Man his Money so foolishly he answered naively " because i thought he did t need so candid a creditor deserved better Luck. It is said that in Scotland one Man in every 1,000 goes to College in Germany the proportion is Ono for every 2,000 in England it is one for every 5,000. " thoroughbred pig in starting a Herd is chiefly valuable in Breeding the common Stock. By using a thoroughbred boar upon common sows you get a half blood that docs very Well for feeding purposes which can further be improved by selecting the Best sow pigs feeding Triem liberally and again getting a thoroughbred boar and using on them which if protracted a few years will produce porkers equal to the pure blood. But Grade or impure males should never be used As Tho tendency is to run Back to Tho scrub. Tho thoroughbred if purchased Young can be had from $ 25 to $ 30 each lie can to used Ono season and sold or castrated and fed when to will of himself almost or quite pay for his original Cost. " at first thought to Many the Price for a pure blooded pig May seem High but really it is better to pay the Price than to let your sow go to a scrub for nothing. Hay you pay $ 25 for a boar and Breed Twenty sows. They will raise one Hundred which is a Low estimate. The pigs then Cost you Twenty five cents apiece and will make hogs that will weigh at fattening time 100 to 250 pounds More than scrubs which Grade pigs will do on the same feed. You have therefore an increase in value of from $ 300 to $ 700 in Ono year with the Price of pork at $ 8 per Hundred and you have your boar left. Can you invest your Money it a larger per cent 1". Cure Tor a Felon. As soon As discovered take some spirits of turpentine in a cup dip Tho Finger in it and then hold the hand near a hot fire till dry then dip it in again and repeat for fifteen minutes or till the pain ceases. Tho next Day with a Sharp knife pare off the thick skin and you will find something like a honeycomb filled with Clear water open the Colls and the Felon is gone. If the Felon is too far gone for turpentine Oil of or Ganum treated in Tho same Way will cure. If too far advanced for either to cure Trio Felon will still to benefited As it will to less painful. Never draw it. He nil lettuce. A correspondent of the Massachusetts Pamir Liman gives the following account of his treatment of lettuce plants to make them head " i arrived in the country the 15th of june and the first complaints were to shall have no head lettuce As usual it will run to the plants looked Fine and healthy but already indicated Tho running up symptoms. I thinned it out then carefully slipped a Cotton twine under the lowest leaves of each Plant and gently rained them a few inches from the ground and tied them loosely then i placed n Shingle upon each Plant and a Small Stone to keep it firm. Every evening i removed the covering watering each head and replaced the protective covers in the morning As i found the Sun s rays had a tendency to cause the lettuce to run up to seed and removing Tho covering at night allowed it a sufficiency of fresh air so that neither Mold nor decay made their appearance. I was rewarded by Largo solid Heads of Superior Quality and Tho hearts were White and Crisp. Not a single Plant failed of heading and none decayed or Boro watering Ilner non. A correspondent of the new York Tribune discourses sensibly on this topic is follows never water horses immediately before or after feeding. I say that if a horse is thirsty always give him drink and he will thank you for it. I have often seen horses put in the stable at noon for an hour or two and not eat a Pound of Hay or Grain but looking wistfully for water and then their careful owner who would not let them have water when warm will come to give them enough to kill and ride or drive the remainder of Tho Day on two buckets of water and no feed. Ten chances to one his horse gives out with him or gets sick before night. Now i say give the horse water if to is Ever so warm give him a Swallow rinse out his Mouth and nostrils give him u Bito of Hay in a Short time a Little More water but not too much. If he is watered several times a Little at a time until to is satisfied to will not drink More than half what lie would if you let him gulp it Down All at once. Natural rotation of crops. Agriculturists had Long been practically conversant with the advantages Derivable from Tho practice of not growing Tho same crop on Tho same soil for too Long a period. Tho advantages consequent on this so called rotation of crops Are duo to More than Ono cause but it was Vrcan de la hallo who in 1825, called attention to the phenomenon of natural rotation. From Long observation of what takes place in Woods and pasture lauds he established the fact that an alteration of growth Asho called it occurs As a natural phenomenon. In pasture lands for instance the grasses get the upper hand at one time the leguminous plants at another so that in the course of thirty years the author whose observations we Are citing was witness to five or six such popular science monthly. A Buncombe Fence. A correspondent of the Western Farmer writes for fear any one should know what a Buncombe Fence is i will explain a number of years ago a Farmer was annoyed by his neighbor s cattle destroying his crops and to recover damages sued his neighbor. It was necessary for the plaintiff to prove his Fence a Legal Fence. An old Farmer was called who swore that the Fence was a " Buncombe Tho defendant s counsel thinking he had a Chance to annoy confuse and perhaps impeach the testimony of the old Man stonely demanded to know what constituted a " Buncombe drawing himself up to his full height the old Farmer replied " sir a Buncombe Fence is horse High Bull Strong and pig air your bed. Some advocates for excessive neatness have Tho Beds made up v almost immediately after they Are vacated. It is not healthy. They need to air for a couple of hours. Open the window As As possible and set open the door also. Unless thers is a thorough draught there is no True ventilation of a sleeping room. The Only exceptions to this Rule Aro during High winds when the door cannot safely remain open and in very wet and foggy weather. Lynnl feb absurdities. Is there any food reason Why Tho dictates of Eom Mun Lonso should he disregarded in my Delcul practice surely not. Yot How Little they a arc sometimes Sot at naught in the treatment of dyspepsia liver complaint constipation nor oui prostration and general Dell Ltd. How often Are powerful purgative the tics and Sali vants Given in cases of indigestion bilious Colic and costly incas when Tho disease has already Rol had the patient of strength to needs to combat with the attack. The of giving to sick people who Are too weak already is go Manifest that it is astonishing How any sane Man can believe in such practice. The rational course under Auch circumstances is to administer a tonic and regulating Medicine and the of pc Ienco of a Quarter of a Century has proved that Hosteller s stomach bitters is Tho Molt Olio Leomo Ami efficient preparation of this class to to found in the medicinal repository. It is however something More than an Kinvig Rantand a regulator. Its properties As an ape Rient and anti bilious agent its vitalizing and purifying of oct upon Tho Briod its Utility when Given As an Anodyne instead of lat Dalum or chloral or digitalis or some other stupefying narcotic its Tram utilizing tendency in spasmodic affections and its palatability As contrasted with the sickening pills and potions of Tho pharmacy voila certainly entitle Hostetier s bettors to to called the most comprehensive remedy in existence. The Dom male realm. Home is the Bright realm of which a wife is the Sovereign and her sovereignty will bring Honor and love according As her Rale Over the matters committed. To her Trust is wisely and Beneficent by ordered. The realm limited As it ii demands for its government a much greater and More Nuin permitting Effort of thought than is always Given to it for when a wife intent upon making the Home of her family All that is possible to make it studies daily How Best by skillful management she can gratify preferences please tastes anticipate wishes keep out of sight Little worries twine privations with decoration of love and lift off for awhile burdens of Core All of which Appeal to her for thoughtful and Graceful intervention she Seldom fails of securing the Reward which she most dearly prizes. Theirs was a Man in our town and lie was wondrous Wise to had a pain from oar to ear another Bat Woen Bis eyes and Oliou lie saw he had Catarrh with All his might and main to purchased rage s Llo Merty and Baa his health again. It is sold by Draggi uts everywhere. 639 the wheat Field of America beat Betal Sumate free Homes Good markets. Colds and sudden changes of Climuth Are Boursen of pulmonary Antl Liron chill affections. Take at once " Jerown in bronchial trolliet lot Tho cold cough or irritation of the to croat be Ever to com. In. D. Elmore of 85 Worren Street Jersey City n. J., Haa a certain euro for cancer. To Umboh a vegetable extract that takes out Tho cancer Root a and branches when the sore rapidly heals and never ulcerated. In its Early stage charges nothing for treatment and Medicine until com. Fob loss of appetite dyspepsia indigestion depression of spirits Ana general debility in their various forms Fei Uio puts i Hukate i. Ism of Calisay made by cake i. Ii a acid a co., now York and sold by All is Tho Best tonic. A a stimulant tonic for patient Al or other Siu Knesh it has no equal. If taken during Tho Boa you it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent com. The Northern Pacific Railroad offers for Sale i. And in c out Rel and Western Man Aemon a embracing i j., Tho Best of wheat land 2. Excello 1timber for Trio Mill the farm and Trie Vire 8. Rich Prairie Pih Tuanuu and natural Meadow 1 watered by Clear Lukes and run Ninf streams in a healthful Gillato in Pierc fever and Apia u unknown. Wain mar to shipped hence by Lake to Market m cheaply As from Kiir Tern Iowa or control ill Louii. Jars now run through the be lands from Lake Superior to Dakota. I ice of land Toloso to truck. 14.00 to Fel a a to j4.00. Kkt pm 1kab8 in deed Northern a Clec " and at in inn ugh. I t a f Ujj per acre farther away i Ork Dit warrantee. F 3o Len Ndini now Selling at car. Received for Lam Al. 10. No outlier unoccupied lands present such advantages to settlers. Foldier und r the new i a March 1872 get l Al acres Fabek. Noar the Railroad by one and two rears residence. Transportation at reduced rates for nos hed Frem All principle paints East to tar censers of Railroad lands and to bottlers on government homesteads. Purchasers their Elvei and children in ruled free a ver Tho Northern Pacific Boad. Now is the time Fer settlers and colonies to get Railroad lands and government homesteads Cloie to the track. Sond for pamphlet containing full information map and copy of now Homestead Law. Address land depart mint Southern Pacific Bailie my. St Paul minn., or eur fifth av., Cor. Ninth St., new Yoek. 12,000,000_ acres cheap farms i onaran Laud in a Xan it for Uli by the Union Pacific Railroad company in the Zubiat plat1i Vallot. 3,000,000 Morei in Central Nebrask now for Sale in tracts of Surty a Ore a and upward i on five and Tun Yabs ob1dit at 0 pub omit. No a Vauck 1ktkhk8i i Macimo. Ild and lev. Ait Zirul Oli Hati re Tribb Lolini some say that the use of tobacco is another form of intemperance but no Man i a intemperate that wears the Elmwood Collar. For Sale at All furnishing com. Use pin Szinn s Cei. F. Ii ated cider Vine Oab. Warranted to keep pickles. Take no other. The Amateur Telegraph apparatus Fob the student Complete with Battory Wiro and chemicals for practice and Ubo on Short lines. Price $ 7. Fio. Send for circular. Go Hie h. Bliss 4 co., 41 third Avenue Chicago 111. 3 1ienmtifit1 Chromo mailed fro for 26 cts. Aguanta in nod. Boles t co., Molford mass. R Plattjr Valley _ Youlers entitled to a How the d of 160 acres the Best locations for Coll Tutt free Homes Fob All i Miili Kofl or acrid of Choice Over neut lands open for entry under the Homestead Law near this on eat Kail Oad with Good markets and Oil the conveniences of a u old settled country. Too Pathea to of bal Road land. Sectional maps thawing Tho land nuo now edition of Bubori Pivk Pampuri. It with jew Mats d free . Add a is. O. P. Davis. Land commissioner u. P. R. Jyz. A Omaha Ned. Write for n Pitco list to. T. H. Johnston. _ tech Load a to shot Suun $ 40 to $ 200. Dem 1 1 o Slot Oinie s3 to 91so. So nolo Oun a 3 to $ 20. Luuloa $ 8 to 47h. Homo Lora $ c to $ 2fi, 1mb Tola 81 to 8. Gun material fishing Tuckle a. Larg discount to dealers or dubs. Army guns bevolvor8, otfl., Motif it or Trad id for. Woodi sent by of Irreas o. O. D. To to of amino by fro paid for. Soldiers Bounty. Soldiers enlisted Between Hay 4th and August 6th, 18lil, for three Yean and never received Bounty can now obtain it also those who failed to apply for the add tonal Bounty. Address with a tamp b. V. Brown co., Pittsburgh paper Mccu in Cash to Good agents. Add reib a. Coli it Roo. Charlotte much. A gents wanted. Pitt Buhosh Ehte. Up sikh eight a g e paper. One Dollar a year including is Kravins 24x30 inches. Outfit 00 cents. Add Rubb Rittel Burrou entehphi8k, Pittsburgh a. Wanted agents for the " contributor a Hix too pegu religious and family paper. Thirteen department. Roy. A. B. Peahi. E writes for it. $ 1.00 a year and Ono of Tho finest premiums Over offered Given to Euclid Mih Scriber. Agouti moot Inar Toloui us Cobb. One nays " it Only Nebula a boy to show it a it bolls a Buber Reltor sends 100 subscribers and says " it Only took a Little Over one Day from my work 1 Largo commissions. For terms samples ac., address Ii. E. Vele Boston mass. Building Felt. This water proof material Fine leather is for outside work no tur bit Betanco lifted and ins Itlo instead of plaster. Foltmar Liotina Etc. Send 2 stumps for circular and turn pice. C. Fay Cunt Den n. A a _ _ to a maker including water sat extremely Law prices Force i or smrt Cash Ana balance in Shinall monthly payments. New 7 octave first Flash pianos nil mod Ern Lin 75porn Rome Btu t / Rwjr a 75 rash. La Lii i k re Pooh Jami 91ooi $ hol 8 Stop 135, and upwards. Waters concerto parlor organs Are the Moat Lincul Ifill in style and perfect in tone Ever Unile. The to Onck to Stop i tic Best Ever place in in any Organ. It is Prodis Cedant a third set n freed voiced the off fact of which in most charming and 1 v r r i n a w h. I. Be. I. T s i m i " to t to n of the. Vo1cg i a sup Kurij. Terms Liberal. A to Jed Ca Tal o6 us mailed. 1 stamp. Soto in human a a. Illust a. To Jed Cata. Opium in f e Marsh of Quincy Mich., co tin Ucb to Nike immense sales of Hia a con a antidote in connection with his specially hah i t opium eating. To has already acquired a National reputation and hundreds at that Hill remarkable Success in the treatment of this Hubit. Send for circulars. Ail bladder diseases oven the worst forma of in it s disease diabetes dropsy and indigestion can to cured. Address i. N. Mouton chemist 3hlwunkce, wib., for particulars. A Fiat up a dec Worth $ 20, Given Gratis to Ivy i Ull Rill every live Man who will As our agent. Luis Nass Light and honorable. $ 300 made inf Days. Saleable of flour. Everybody buys it. Can to without. Must Cavott. No no Humbug Kennedy & co., Pittsburgh a. Kent and old cat family Mictl Lcene a to re f liver a purely vegetable cathartic and Tome for dyspepsia constipation debility sick headache bilious attacks and All derangement of liver stomach and. Bowels. Ask your druggist for it. Beware of imitations. Why take pints of nauseous fluid rom Dlen for Aff Tio when n. Few Dosi s of i pills will cure you tit once. No sickness and no purging. Tho markets. New y011k Beeves Choice. Common. Hoaas Droh Hod. Cotton a Middle Iii Upland for Oun a in Perl Limo we Horn wheat no. 2 Milwaukee Coin oath portable soda fountains a 40, $ 50, $ 75 la lick $ 100. Good durable and cheap shipped ready foe use. Manufactured by W. Ciiab Matt & co., Madison ind. Fiend for circular. Business. Enterprising Young Nurt old Dan Agod men and women ambitions to Nuiko a Start Ina ii ncs8, Bop error Oscil Liefl for Lions Cletu Tankeo Milia a in Luc i Arfi Mai. K or Fumai. I my n if ult Llull Uloho. Weff Jling an Tesij. employ Mont. At Lime Ziy or eve ii Lii i capital Roqu Rotl full in strut to Sikand Valim Jyh p irk ukr of a Nudel sent free by mail. Address \ Villi fix cent return a Tain m. Youlio a co., of ortolan it St., n. Y. 11 @ 12 9l 5 10 7 @ s la a 6 05 @ g $ 5 1 a 7 s 1 18 67 s i 51 a 50 pork mobs 18 25 a Laud 9j@ 01 Chicago. Beeves Choice c 70 a 0 25 Good b 25 @ 5 021 medium \ 50 cd 5 00 common 8 50 s 4 fio inferior 2 25 @ 2 50 i ooh live 5 00 s 5 a 5 flour in while Winter 10 00 a 10 50 lied Winter 8 50 @ 9 so wheat no. 2 Spring 1 2 j3@ 1 27j no. 3 Spring 1 17j@ 1 18 Coimo no. 2 38"@ 89 Oats no. 2 311 a 811 Rye no. 2 6 a @ 70 Batti Kveno. 2 75 @ 83 butt ii Choice Dairy s3 @ 34 Eaas Freeh 11 a 121 Pokky mob 17 10 @ 17 12 j Laud 8 90 @ St. Louis. Wheat no. 2 Chicago a Prius. 1 55 @ cons no. 2 mixed. 38 @ oath no. 2331@ Rye. C7 @ Daizi. Eve no. 286 @ 09 88 Cincinnati. I Ohko Moss. 17 50 @ 18 00 9 @ 9 4 05 s 5 10 2 50 @ 4 75 7 60 @ 7 90 1 72 @ 48 @ 47 83 is 42 @ 48 1 10 s 1 2s 18 00 @ 9 @ Laud Hoos cattle flour wheat com Bye oath Bahi. Tkv pout a mess Laud 01 hoax 4 co @ 5 25 Milwaukee. Wheat no 1 l so ifs no. 2 -. 1 28 s cobs no. 2 41 @ Oats no. 2 31s Bye no. 1 69 @ Baulky no. 2 86 @ Cleveland. We Bat no. 1 i 78 @ no. 2 1 go 5 con 51 s 52 Oats 45 @ Toledo. Wheat no. 1 Hod 1 81 @ 1 8u no. 2 god 1 75 @ 1 76 to @ coils. Oats tebpr1se tic Only to Winble gift Duthen Loii in Tho country i in valuable gifts to he di8thuiutkd in l. D. Sine s 16ut regular monthly gift Enterprise to 1w drawn Moncla Julie a 1,1873. Two grand capitals of $ 5,000 each in greenbacks two prizes a 0005 five prize Felog ten prizes $ 1002 Conoho Raoland buggy with Silver mounted har Noea Worth it Foo one Fino toiled Konwood Lynno Worth $ 5001 ton family sewing machines Worth Alo Coachi Pivo Gold watches and chains Worth $ 300 each i five hold american Huntiii Watemon Worth a 125 a Achl ton ladies Gold Hunton a watcha. Worth $ 70 each 1 Soo Roldand Silver Lover Hunting watch howl in Allworth from $ to $ 300 each l Gold chains. Silver Ware jul cry & a. A whole number gifts 6, Rico. Tickets limited to 60,000. Agents wanted to Bell tickets to whom Liberal premiums will be paid. Bin to Tickton. Alt six Turk cd a 5t twelve Tir Ortto $ 10 Twenty five tickets i a o. Circulars containing a full list of prizes a description of the manner of drawing and Othor information in reference to Tho distribution will be sent to any Ono ordering them. All letters must Board Roshod to main of Mcm l. D. Sine. Box 86, 1o1 " w. 5th St. Cincinnati o. Drs meter & co Clia Lenlon. No. Now publications just issued a work dedicated to Young men and Lect try on Maiu Taok i also treatise on the diseases of Malab and of whales also on piles and fistula All finely illustrated. All of the above Seiitsu receipt of 10 cts. Infirmary Estum Lahod in 1845, All chronic diseases treated. Over 3,600 cases now under treatment. Oases treated by mail if desired. Address As above. S Ince 1600 the undersigned has Boon successfully inf aged in collecting claims in Europe. F. Flu Kaupf attorney at Law Columbia a. Polo Notebo a plan toed e Ait he Edra is seems Young or old make More Money at work for us in their spar moments or All the time than at anything Eiso. Particulars free. Address g. Btl non & co., Porti id Maine. _ or. Cox a hive croup syrup been known and used by Iho it Calicat prof Casio Over 100 years Aud is a remedy for colds Anu cough Hua an older and belter reputation than any other cough Mcd Ciuc Ever Oft ered to Tho Public. It is known As the compound syrup of us huh and a formula duty by found in every medical i pc Mitrov. Or. Eau a of a Siivo syrup and Tola in addition to the ingredients for Cox s hive syrup contains in Tsiun of Toltsi decoction of and a Paclin a combination that must commend it to i very one us a Superior remedy fur croup cough. An Lima coughs and cold indeed for nil infections of the Throat and Luibil s where a cough Medicine is neck a Ary. Thin syrup is carefully prepared under the personal direction of a regular i physician of Over Twenty years practice whose signature is attached to the directions on the bottle. It a taste is very pleasant and children like it. Every family should keep it As a ready remedy for. Croup colds Etc., among the children. D. Kak Soji so t & co., Fror a Buffalo n. Y. Or. R. Miller s uh1yeks4i4 magnetic Balm. It cures in if by magnetic fluence therefore very properly influence neuralgia and nil pain and is termed " Magn it is purely a vegetable preparation. Gnu tic on. It has no equal is a remedy for cholera cholera Moribus diarrhoea dysentery Colic and All Bowel complaints. Ith timely 1190 will cure colds croup dish a theria. Quincy und nil to Iron. T Allric Titino. A Waif 11 properly ii cd for. Var and ague and outlier cum Planta Vincick ii Toor Western und bout Horn climates no easily broken up. Servo him Pali sick in Adachi. And Rhen Matin a m Are cured b y this Medicine when All other Hove fulled. Toothache Enn die Burns. Chil. Blaina and bruises arc Rel Levi d it once by its use. The Irene Lii Lla a d. It Nii a in too s s a late be venue stamp on the oat Sicle and or. H. Miller s magnetic Balm blown in the bottle. Examine " Losely and buy none but the genuine. Sold by ail druggists. Trice 35 cents per bottle. D. Ransom son & co., props Buffalo n. Y. N he Ever Fly a n Ai to Kos. The Tun flip Hii 1l, dlr uni. L cd a no him Lulei Bill a to Compo. Eit of Puroll pc a cd a a Only a. F hot 3io4loal raft Tomalty toe Moat til cant a Dre. Liable remedy Ever Oner ird. Prom whatever Canio the old by Tab fall Elf remedy. Complaint and bilious Snetta t w of a King Sakk m a r is Wirsu a re Orourre of Corr Mimir it ? try oui Lee " oof fit a nov a Rhca torpid and a Tensed the bitters tit Mulnite to Notton Crim. Ing a free flow of too tag sat bile leaving the liver in a natural and healthy state. Jaundice 1" one of the result of a disorganized Over for which of. L St i. K Sittkus in a Inre cure. Eliot band a so buffering rom thin in innit and dangerous Ali tease. The Pearlf Teot use of olu8tvlk Pitt kits will out u Uken outer Duhg Todic Eklons. Fever and aude a Taij old it Elf. Hitter a strike this ease right at the Polat Flor and arc a Pohl tors cer Lintn cure. For headache dizziness rheumatism. One a a Ine a s pm Mitrosa Ana Tho spleen irritation Linn Cra a Len of Tho stomach of Dureya and liver theroit Yotero Ducc equal to the old styx. K bitters. Lom of appetite a or you Mcilro to become Vleo Ronit and Strong a Atgood Muia Nour Lihung food and take old a Tyler d1ttkb3 Bevone Aoh meal. That will produce the desired Eftee. Consumption thai do a e a a e Sparen neither old or Yonng. But Numy Kkt Cilus victim to the grave. Ii taken in tune the old Boylr hitters Aro a never falling remedy. I and general Debili a y. The old pee daily adapted for rom albeit they Eon Tain no thing urn will la Urethe Hoftke Nophy a local form. Debilitated Young Laduca an Atlin Nelvin birth children arc in constant need of an tonic to build up their . The old a talk b1ttrrs a to Jurt Teeth tar. Thyl wend Baa not produced better. Thoj Are perfectly barn Loii and Terr plea Antto take. A old style hitters Are Nimir Naiad a r t Tonto or bitters nud grateful Trio Ubaudi acknowledge them the wonder of the age., hut and effectual remedy As Tbs can be Hundt those who love life will not. Beware of counterfeits. None genuine without the signature of or. A. H. Smith Umo us iia Uio and trademark blown in the bottle. Voa Salb by All druggists. Union or dig Ink co. Sole proprietors. To no Malk me Keshon a Rubbins now York a Haack Steven sign it held Chicago i. Reyor Brothers & co., fit. Loud. A. Mothers mothers i mothers on t fall to procure arts Wint Low s 8ooth1no syrup foil Chii. Deign Sta 1. Porco s old Besant purgative pellets or sugar Costco concur r. Itch Root and in Crull juice anti Bevis granules the " Little i. Int cathartic or \ ult m in fun a physic by archly main. Tard Berdg yet representing m much cathartic Power As Large repulsive pills by i Turg and thorough yet gently att kindly a Cretin. Being ii Tirelis Vensabio no particular care is require i fule using them. For jaundice. Headache. Impure blood. C Onn Patlon. Palu in g ii Eldors " flab Tulsa of Ghent a Der bad taste i a i Noih Billon s attack. Internal Focer Riidu of blood to head Blovad stomach ill h coloured it Limo. A loony Voroba Lirgg take or. I exp h i of Lola. One or two tit Lccy daily by a time will cure pimple Blotch % Ernst Vorih boils of Tirol it loud k \ o a and virulent Ai t Ecio gift of i clip to. Int and boil cd no cheap Wold or p we Bor. R boxes but kept fresh and Rel Jalc in vials. 25 Coll a by druggists or a a Aldor ii. Mantici turd at me Avor la b Dipo Isary to r of. 80,82,84and 86 West Seneci ii., Bui Talo n. A. Schencks Mandrake pills. To Liao pills Aro com Pobud exclusively of Vyff Stablo and Alt Hough they entirely upor soc Tho use of Mercury do not leave any of off Octa. Thoy directly Union Trio liver and Art a vol Ajilo remedy in All caucus of derangement re hta Teof Tiit origin. Liver complaint bilious disorders. Indigestion sick Uca Duche Typ lipid and of lick of Voi a ac., ac., All tit Mccumb to Tho free Ubo of Schunck h Mandrake Pimer por Halo by All drug Date and deplore. Cheap farms in Iowa. Upon application to the undersigned Thorn will to mailed to any address postpaid a now Hail Roll map of Iowa and a pamphlet containing sectional map. Doc Ripton terms of Nolc Etc., of Foo. Too no rvs of Tho fluent agricultural lands in Tho Stutch. These lands Are Nour completed through Linos of Railroad Between the important cities of pea Loinch and Council i Lufft Aud in the midst of a Largo population. They Are offered to no time hot therb at very Low Pri on and on terms to suit us to abhor. Kupij Kincl tickets on lung n pure Asur of Lund to a return of Railroad Faro arc bold at the company s ticket of arms at Chicago and other principal boat Ion address A. Juji Ike Lemuil Chicago Kava lain 4& incl Etc u. H. Co., Davenport Iowa this valuable preparation has been i Sod will never failing Success in thousands of cases. It not Only relieves the child from pain but invigorates Tho stomach and Bowel corrects acidity mul Rives tone and Energy to the whole by item. It will also instantly relieve. Griping in the Bowel and wind Colic. We Noll Nve to Tho Best and surest be Diedt in the would in nil cases of dysentery and Dia Eithea in children whether arising from teething or any other cause. Dean my upon it mothers it will Alvo Roit to yourselves and Relief and Huttu to your in anti. To sure and Cal for a dim. Willow n soothing Byrne having the no simile of " Curtis a Perkins an Tho Cint Sido wrapper. Bold by druggists throughout Tho world. F f. Kitab Kolad 1830. W Welch & Griffiths manufacturers of saws. Superior to All Otbo. R8. Kubby Haw fault anted. Files Belt. No a. Machin Ery Tift Lihe Kal Diao ounts. Jit Sprice list i Aud circulars free. 1 Welch & Griffiths in Sluti Nin a 8 of Ultra to Mich. Reward for any Cane of Blind 111 Orlanti. a l Riley Ali. To Defrino Al pile Kesi Edt j Alim to euro. It is prepared euro Iho pile an 1 no Bingo co. Sold by ube the Kcal Finger Sash lock and support to fasten your windows no Spring to break no cutting of Sash cheap durable very easily applied holds Sash it anyplace desired and a self Fastener when Tho Bush is Down. Bond stamp for circular. Circular and six Copper bronzed locks sent to any and drown in the u. A postpaid on receipt of Flo Eta. Liberal induced ninth to the Trade. Agents wanted. Add Robby Koi Uinger Bash lock co., no. 418 Market St., Harritt Burts a. For illustration of this cheapest and Best lock boo Wao tvs household Maga Ine t n. A Independent Etc. Etc. Thea nectar pure i1l. Ack till with Tho Green Tea flavor warranted to suit nil tasted. For Sale everywhere. And for Sale wholesale Only by the great Atlantic & Pacific ten co., no. 101 Fulton St., and a a 4 Church bit new York. P. O. Box Fotioo. Send for Thea nectar till a a. Day made by age Bafs. Cepja Ness new and honorable for full Lars addres i. With stamp Quaill Par Ticus a r e s j i. W Samp a w. Beaty ties Uris Carrollton Illinois. T powder try w anted agents to procure for Tho Oid of Kkt bucket & literary and tempera no mama Zeno of c4 pages ably of ind and handsomely . Of font now Aro making from $ 20 to 860 per week Fiam Lile copies and to canvassers Mollod on receipt of 2ft cents. Address inon would fun Rhino co., Pittsburgh a. Per Day. Agents wanted everywhere. I articular Freo. A. H. 11laib i co., St. Louis to. Fro. A eaci1 week agents wanted. A " " 3 1 Lii ii a Lukl Tinial. Rural Culm .1. Worth St. Limoll to. Pox 2 a. _ m Owtis done or the Staret a a a a a ventriloquism Learned in 5 Days. Tills beat in Ennd 100others. Gamblers j r 5j a a a a Tho begin Al " look at maj Ujj d " r 25 cts. Address d. O. Cot be Cartnage ill Muots. Howard Amoc Lallon Philadelphia a. Artlett Uvion baying. High " put Ahon for honorable conduct and Profe clonal skill. Acting burgeon B. Hoo Olli m. D. A a " a " men int free of charge. Adaris Ruwand ab8o a now a. T a " a Tatu St., m u aipm., a. Osa Dalis the great alterative and blood up lifter. It is not a quack nostrum. The ingredients Are published on each bottle of Medicine. It is used and recommended by physicians a wherever it has been introduced. It will positively cure scr Fula in its various Starics rheumatism White Welling gout goitre bronchitis kemvou8 Deji Allty consumption and nil diseases arising from in impure condition of the mood. Send for in Rosai Ai is Taimanao in which you will find certificates from reliable and trustworthy physicians ministers of the gospel and others. Or. B. Wilton Carr of Baltimore Punj h to line quid it in i Pipik of fic Rufilo. Ltd other ditch pcs with much a to fac Tom. Or. T. C. Pugh o Baltimore recommends it to a pc Souh suffering with diseased blood a ayin it in Superior to buy r scr nation lie me Ever wed. Bev. Balney Ball of tic Baltimore m. A. Con Ifranco Gontz Faya he Lina been to Norh to its ufos that lie Cliecy fully recommends it to All Hub Fri Encl mid acquaintance. Craven it co., dry re fun at Oord Onsville va., Ray h never Iyub failed to give Satir faction. Sam l g. Kofa Den mar free a Boroto civic race i a i t cured him of Blu Udall to i Hen All clue failed. The & osadali8 in Cost Fotios with out will euro Chilli and fever liver complaint Bys skip Sta Etc. To . Alis Superior to nil other blood purifiers fiend for descriptive circular or almanac. Address clients & co., 6 s. Commerce St., j3altimon t 3/ of. Bom Ember to ask your for Hosat iams. P & 9 Hoa. Up it made rum Trio tout not Chiala mul will not Wii la. Sold it i a i of Ori Llumi or Simp. Grocer a Lingo it. Chicago jail a Nikki Detroit nil Conci Imnel. Tel. Los air Antn. Agents wanted. Send for catalogue. Domestic sewing machine co., new York or. Whittier w longest engaged and nost successful physician of Tho a to. Consultation or pamphlet free. Call or write. Just published for the Benc flt of. Youna men who suffer from nervousness debility a. A treatise of 80 Pinies for 2 Stamps a Book 2 a Jab Caj illustrated for to cents. . body Huml

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