Jones County Liberal in Monticello, Iowa
26 Mar 1874

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Jones County Liberal in Monticello, Iowa
26 Mar 1874

Read an issue on 26 Mar 1874 in Monticello, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Jones County Liberal.

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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - March 26, 1874, Monticello, Iowa Ask Ofutt lotto a bilk. It Rev. T. Temps tend. Min a is world s too common talc a Rosy and a Happy band a Home we Liln a Mossy Rule a Mother s Loving word and hand Bhe witched with four and re Nerotis Pride my foot youth s dewy slope ascend she naw at Corv larger Nerido my stops to Powei and glory tend. Beyond Thone Walls in which i Good s wild Flowers sweeten a i air White Clouds rest Waters Shine Blue Are skies floods Are Loir j but Here a yes i living dead have yet my Post grim bars and Walls. And Holn whose nightly measured tread like Clay upon a Collu Falli. Of worlds should go if worlds were mine. Could they Lioio moments bring Gaii when i in that Calm smile of thine my Mother walked is free from stain As Sweet Hon Ven that seemed above our quiet Homo to stoop to near pure As Stream that through our Groya Bung to its violets half year. High soared my Hopes i sallied Forth upon life s fair deceitful Stream. I left kingdoms of Earth below me in my splendid Inream my blood leaped when Ibe plaudits ran along wondering multitude of i would climb wherever Man on Fame s Bright Mountain crowds had stood i Felt Light of woman s Eye upon me at banquet Shine they spoke of names that cannot die they culled my name around their wisc Sline was will no frowns can bed Tongue to h old crowd in Thrall. I saw Fadeless Wreath sch Coudy one beastly Charm has shrouded All what lurking lend what Poison streams slew spoiled me of my goal my Crown ? All this 1 know m All my dreams of Triumph splendor wealth renown in All shapes that round n. E shone Rosy Hub s that clothed scene i Seldom saw or thought of one Meek eyed tender Nazerene. Woe woe for lust and vice and their devotees Are starving slaves All up and Down Earth s bosom Green they dig deepest coldest Graves see one by one come out Star faint Falls tie City s dying Roar night wind at Isis prison bars sins " Felon Felon Hope no More a . And what was it they demanded 1 free admission to circuses Heaters and Amphitheatres and next subsistence. This abuse grew year by year until it hardened into an imperative custom. Tho Gigantic coliseum Befun by Vespasian and completed by Titus towards end of first Century was erected for purpose of furnishing Boman communists bloody exciting tragic amusement. It was Large enough to seat and stand 100,000 fipe cantors nine tenths of whom entered and enjoyed scenes on from tickets. The government " dead headed them at expense of tax payers of Empire. In this Arena tens of Toiv Sands of gladiators and wild boasts fought and destroy cd each other for base gratification of turbulent and Bloodthirsty communists of borne half a dozen other Amphitheatres were constructed in different parts of City at Public expense for gratuitous gratification of same class of people. Enormous circuses racecourses in fact were constructed by emperors to afford amusement to proletarian class. Tho circus of maximum on ground celebrated As scene of Sabino rape was 2,187 feet Long by 9 50 feet in breadth. Tho circuit of seats was one mile in length. It would scat 250,000 persons. Sometimes Hundred chariots would enter for race at on of and emperor Lii self Ifould drive one and compete for prize and applause of communist deadheads who watched races and roared their approbation. The circus of Marentius was 1,580 feet Ong by 360 Broad and would seat 100, 0 spectators. Noro built a circus one ground where now stands St. Peter s lurch which would Necrom Rodato 75, 00 spectators. There were several other smaller one. But fastidious tastes of come units required n higher order of no usenet called Heaters and a Largo Numor of these wore constructed and a ported for their edification and dig lit. The Best thespian tii Leut of Empire was procured it expense of. He Public Treasury. Tragedy comedy Ai co melodrama Anil Llvy Spectra slur a Lect were All brought out and presented to critical discernment of Lypp critical deadheads who applauded r hissed acting just As one sees in Adays. A. Fourth kind of amusement provided by thes Fifo was called Trio Baths or mix which were really club houses got up on a Stylo of unknown and unapproachable in modern times. The ruins of to so Baths excite Little less wonder now that stupendous remains of coliseum itself. The ruins of Bath of Cutava. Haem Brace a space four or five times is great is court House " Home. The ancient City its jul Iglitz my Mill mighty deeds communism til destroy eel lie Grid Kail rvs Paradise of Dond in ratio me launching reduced to a science a Ondri of this seven filled City. To soph Joe Illel in Chicago trl Buni but with All its drawbacks its bad Winter climate its disagree abilities in life and its expound Venoss in death there is something wonderfully and irresistibly attractive and fascinating in this capital of ancient world. One is drawn Here by influences that cannot to resisted and kept hers for months in despite of climate Ami sickness. One is bewildered by vastness of interest before him by an endless labyrinth of objects of absorbing interest. Hero is City that ruled political world for a thousand years and when i. I that Rule polish and it was to commence j those of Constantino another and Domineek world for another thousand years As absolutely is it had political. Tho scholar philosopher statesman Jurist general pietism artist antiquarian everybody finds Here an engrossing Field of contemplation. A Luric part of Schoolboy education of eve y youth relates to history of ancient Home and a study of her mighty deeds and mighty men. One begins with marvelous Story of bom Ulua Bemus and female Wolf who nurtured und protected them and passes for a period of More than 700 year t through a history of most astonishing and captivating character. At every Page he meets a new Surprise a new actor performing on extraordinary part a new scone of most dramatic and thrilling interest until whole culminates in bloody murder of mighty Julius Cresar who gathered his Mantle about him and Lay Down in 2 Square of Chicago Juliue Nero Titus spiritual i Trajan and Agrippa were not greatly d a inferior to Ctm Ioalla s. Nona of them could a built now for less than Many millions of dollars. In Ono of those club houses chief bathing Pond or Lake would accommodate 1,600 persons it one time. There were a dozen smaller and More private in thing apartments in this building. Streams of hot water poured into Ponds to temper coolness of water. In each of these great thermic was a Ruud Fuh Liu Library Hall built after style of a Temple supported by lofty Marble or in quite column 1. Trio Walls und ceilings were frescoes with Marblo in most exquisite Safete and Trio very floor was Fresco work. The Library room of Bath of Dioclisian is now Church of St. Bernardo and is one of largest and most Beautiful in Koine enormous Granite and Marble pillars of old Library room still support massive Brick arched roof Hundred feet above floor which has death covered with wounds at foot rested securely on these supports of great Pompey a Bra Trio which " rave blood at witnessing shocking event. With this tragic Terziu Tiou of rep brio play opens with Empire ind for another 700 yours student is conducted through most wonderful transformations and when curtain drops and drama a ended All around is Cut Knoss ruins and desolation. Tho mighty polity is extinct. That organization with ribs of steel and feet of brass is dissolved. The borne of Scipio and Trio oils hrs is Load and henceforth Only a sepulchre. And yet How much of it lives How much is deathless while Man exists memory of her deeds survives her Worts live after her. Her mythology her philosophy her code of Law her Noii Chi trios. The Groat Bath at this accommodated 3,200 swimmers at one time and circumference of whole building was More than three quarters of a mile Quantity of its ruins still visible is prodigious. In these club Hemsch Trio Newa of Day was discussed. In Library and Reid lug Roums latest news was displayed on bulletin boards and Road and speculated upon just is one sees nowadays at a bulletin Board containing telegraphic dispatches. These club or Bath houses were also free to Community. They Wero built and supported at Public expense of Empire find used for pleasure and Benefit of id Ignont gentle Sun of elegant be for Best and that no change could be for worse. Thus possessions of borne wore torn from her by rebellion and invasion. The communists had become too Lazy and enervated oven to lit for retention of provinces on which they subsisted but caused heavier burdens to be imposed on those still remaining under control of government. This thing went on from bad to worse until Boman Empire expired amidst its ruins. The invading goths at last besieged and captured City itself sacked it burned it and left communists alternative to work for their bread in future or starve. Most of wre Ches after having eaten out vitals of Empire preferred latter and perished from face of Oarth. The population rapidly ran Down from a million and a half to half a million Ami then to a Quarter of a million and finally to half latter number from which trifling handful it never recovered during fifteen centuries it has been under control of Church. But during three years that bomb has been capital of Kenni Ted Italy More now houses have been erected than during preceding Hoo years and a greater accession to population Lias been made than since Days of crusades. Tho Only work performed in a me for two or three centuries before its final full was by slaves. The communists arrived at that state of perfection that they demanded slaves to wait on them ind administer to their lusts and their demand was complied with. For a time Boman legions were employed in making War on Border counties to capture prisoners to to carried to borne. The More powerful males were consumed in Amphitheater in gladiatorial combats others were distributed among communists As servants and mistresses to provide for their profit and pleasure. After destruction of Jerusalem tens of thousands of surviving jews were carried off prisoners of War to Rome and disposed of As hero described Ith exception that government retained a multitude of Able bodied men As slave labourers in building new thermic circuses coliseum Heaters and other Public works of similar description for to amusement of communists. When one contemplates actual state of society in Roma during Empire and reflects on monstrous that were at work for its do Truc ion undermining it and gnawing at its wonder is not that it fell it did sooner Tumble to instinct of ants. Each ant in an ant Hill knows his companions. Or. Darwin several times carried ants from one Hill to another inhabited apparently by tens of thousands of ants but strangers were invariably detected and killed. Thinking there might to a family odor by which they were recognized he put some ants from a very Large nest into a bottle strongly perfumed with Asafo Atin and restored them after Twenty four hours. At first they Wero threatened by their companions but soon recognized and allowed to pass. Common sense reasons Why do. Walker s Gam Dobnja Vine Oab bit tabs should be used. 1st. They Are an entire vegetable bitters free from All alcoholic stimulants. 2d. They Are result of careful study Experiment and labor. 3d. The greatest care is taken to secure medical Virtues and exclude everything objectionable. A 1th. They unite As a life restoring scientific tonic greatest strengthening and vitalizing principles. 5th. Persons of sedentary habits and Over worked find in them a specific for u ant of appetite palpitation debility Counti. Pati. On and Many other nameless ailments. 6th. Trio Ngod find in them guarantee of prolonged health and life and weak and delicate females and mothers find Especial Benefit from their use. 7th. They Are master of disease. 35 two blacksmiths formerly in partnership in Leon Iowa Are at Legal loggerheads. One sues other for work done and Cash disbursed while other puts in by Way of Sot off a claim for a year s checker playing by plaintiff when he should have been hammering at Anvil. A Fenny Zavod hero and there county up a Ali a end of year. Buy Only Vek tippj5d shoes and you will novo dollars in Stead of cents. 1 Aronton remember this. The but that pieces. The Republic had reared up a political system of marvelous strength and endurance Empire built Baths and Cal in amphitheater., und invented games and diversions. The Republic devised jaws and polities based on ideas of Justice and political Equality. Honesty and patriotism Wero Virtues most esteemed in administration. The invincible sword of Republican legions conquered All surrounding countries. The privilege of Boman citizenship to which they were admitted Justice and equity of jaws mildness of administration Protection against tumult or tyranny reconciled conquered nations to Boman Rulo and made them Loyal subjects and Stout defenders of dignity and majesty of mighty Republic. Had it not been for cancer of communism which ate heart out of Empire and destroyed it who Cau Tell How Long that wonderful government might have just Oil ? who knows but it would have survived until Trio present Day and Homo. Still be mistress of world and All Ita nations and tribes merely provinces and states of Universal Dominion. _ ,. A a a a a a a a plan of government her politics her j 1sui e who abounded in Home in those literature her language her arts and sciences Are not lost to subsequent generations and nations they have not crumbled into shapeless debris like her Marble and Grain Ito palaces temples and forums a but ars fresh and vivid and Are incorporated into education of every Man and woman iced world. In civil we hardly realize How much of our but when masses of populace were provided so Muny Lime killing amusements enjoy rent thereof necessarily abridged t lie time that should be devoted to labor. To overcome this difficulty was easy Cumuli it was simply not to work but live at Public expense. They said they were entitled to be sure and amusement As education and thoughts is derived from i wcl1 As ill Ric l 1 " to lived on their acts and ideas of Aid Home. We come a Nicl wll 3 their feed on them in our youth digest them vol a me lives in toil Tor Benefit of i self should in our maturity and Solace our old age capitalists when they could live tit evening. M their contemplation. The roman excuse o f tie National Treasury a u a is tie basis and foundation inc y Wollt to a emperors and of All civil and criminal jurisprudence i a f Nat with or " of " bread or in civilized world. The roman p Loo 1 " a was no eight or Lorms of governments during re Floura f Ork for ten hours pay a Public and Empire Are followed and i Al out their demand. The copied and but Little improved on by their minds freely and spoke " their identical Bow to tie Aud enee and " with nations of Europe and America of \ thoughts boldly. " Goutheir " a " old hut Good. When Oglesby incl Bross Wero at head of Republican gubernatorial ticket some years ago in Illinois a Quartetti of speakers launched themselves into Interior of state on a stumping tour. The party consisted of Dick Oglesby Gen. M. Prentiss j. 1. Ward and Bross. Of course Lombard singers were along. Dixon Morrison and Osiier thriving towns Wero visited and addresses wore made afternoons and evenings to big gatherings. Oglesby Ward and Prentiss varied their speeches to suit plac3s and crowds us Well As to relieve Monotony of trip. But Jeruss incl one Staple oration which lie delivered with same tones facial contortions and genuflect ions on every platform. As he was candidate for lieutenant governorship he insisted on having at least second place on All programmes and others were doomed to s. I miserably by until he attained his hackneyed peroration. This poo grew . Prentiss mildly mutinied and prepared a vile scheme for discomfiture of stubborn Bros. He prevailed upon Oglesby o i. I y order of exercise at next town so that Ward and him open meeting in to attendance at Sterling spot selected for springing of conspiracy was immense and Ward s open aug address was rapturously received. May nonsense then Prentiss arose and to terror they opened i Of startled Bross undo hitter s present times. And that which a a Slomon said accurately simulated voice began to Ive us i Ood and clothing and most distinguishes modern from j 8lavos to wait on a fuel and furniture Aaris Ages is Reado Tiou of old i nac u a us rent free or Down come your Koman forms and systems of Law and Turku is and dignities Public men political organization. When great ? Koukl to exceedingly free and generous Light of seven filled City went out it left Mankind to Grope in darkness for thousand years. Men endured cite Bross stereotyped oration. Its manifold repetition had made Prentice fam voting and giving away other people s property in those durans in these government satisfy roman rabble. A. J. Ii Gnu in ice tile n in j tyranny of feudalism and gloom of demands of it Tuur buyers Tiniou and lived in darkness creased taxes and tithes of 01 ignorance among bats and owls j provinces and colonies and enforced i and crawling vermin for Long Long election by sword. Millions of Ages it is Only since sixteenth cattle 11u 1 sleep were then collected and set Tiu 11re. Beginning to a 1 a ?. 0? ume 1� be " Inu filtered and your i Nii liar with every word and he followed it to rough without a variation in sentiment anecdote gesture or tone. The juice was absolutely sucked dry from Bross Orange. He Hrose blurted something about lateness of hour and fact that ground had been so Well covered by previous speak Avo a a a a then flopped into his chair emerge into Light of Day and in distributed to ii Ehte i a j i co ? Cieu a e. Political Ousby 1 my ious right a Antsu War i communists Gratuito tons of bread stuff s and again. While Oglesby and Trio lombards were winding up show Bross slipped out and hastening to depot Tele ". A Jwj a 1 ii Jimj \ a a Ivy. Cuu graphed to Hie coming train and secured m o Tai Buchli social position As w. Cro take from Farmers of Uro sowl each ? Arraut j Aud these very 7" 1068 stud e ivc " a o to same class. Betm l 8 ? i e lot Only e " Joyed. I 11 a. La Cories and workshops of i coarse but sweeping for while to was to Teeter i old ought enforced and i f of " my Alt but to their saudi Crift i n protected and at her death transmitted Ina a a to posterity. I. H _ of 1.1 to. R new. S of and whole of Only remaining Section in sleeping ear. His revenge was mrse but sweeping for we crawled comfortably in his in in Yed so and " -. To t i 4tnalllulilll j a i a a i to by disposed of in same Way As j Chilom persecutors were obliged to cattle and flour. But roman " p All \ Ynn Lington litter. Low at a 3t descend Nii nudists also demanded Money aah and demagogues exact millions of founds of Coin from of a a be of Empire to a e to Aud ignorance and " of 1 t a it 6 v a Rachou b sponges of in 11 0i to marvels of Childe Harrold says upon reached. Age of Republic will to thing deadheading a d free Punchie reduced to a science. Everyway without Money or Price c nothing was earned by labor. There was a free blow All round Why n child loves sugar. The craving of children for sweets is Well known to be one of most imperious of their appetites. It hns ref Faience probably to that ceaseless activity which especially characterizes age of childhood. It May be that sugar performs in their systems part enacted by fatty substances in bodies of adults. As it undergoes oxidation _ _., _ no us. Is Burnt up circulation with blood it was converted in to a Universal lie i a v source of Power which Lief and Aid society for support and i enal Leb them to keep in motion from emolument of sturdy Lazzaroni of Mornin g to night. Besides this it is capital who had increased tie a owi1 " lat if renders easier and More hours of Leisure and reduced those of la p effect he digestion of album Nous Bor to Point where latter Van i for Lupon wich their growth depends. All round Board among these " toiling Horny handed ? sons of Empire was Orange that was squeezed and sucked Organ As a household instrument has Bee rapidly growing in favor and yearly sales Are now enormous. A Good Organ remains in nuo is Ca. Ily kept in order and blends naturally with Quality of voice. The advertisement of Smith american Organ co., in another column is referred our renders. This House has in enviable Workun fair dealing. Or. Pm Cree a favorite la very strongly recommended by medical faculty and in largely prescribed among their female put Monte it is worthy of nil Confidence an May to seen from following testimonial Atlanta 111., july 1 1, 1873. In. K. V. Put Jack Llull Ulo n. A dear bin i have not words to express my gratitude to you for your advice und in my Case. There a not Ono who Mitt nod your medicines since they have been brought hero but that can Bay with to Jicy have been greatly benefited. By tical have been Iio helped by its tie or seven around. To left off All doctors and Othor Medicine and now nto it in their families after being cured of Aanie duo aae As mine. You do not know Slutt a wonder it created in our City by Itu Mortn ring Iny Vialor i wrote you about Tor Sho bad Boon under care of three of our boat doctors but could not Ait up but for a few minutes at one Timo. I bogged of her to try your medicines and before to Hail used half of Trio bottles she could go nil around Yard and Una no v just come Homo from a visit live Miles away. Mils. Thos. Hifai Imasd. Dit Avi Hopt s anti periodic of be Veu and ague toxic a Wilhoft n tonic has c a Tiibi Liaholi itself As Trio real infallible can Llauro. It is universally admitted to to Only reliable and harmless chill Medicine now in use. Its of Niccy is confirmed by thousands of certificates of very Best people from All parts of country. It i Iron Valarious Diso Nhes of every Typo from shaking Agues of tie lakes and Valleye to raging fevers of torrid zone. Try i t it has never been known to fail. Wiik Elock Finlay a co. I Rop Rittore new Orleans. A humane institution established fifteen a ars ago for euro of deformities of spine limbo and face paralysis piles fistula Catarrh chronic diseases and diseased joints is National surgical Institute Indianapol Ift ind. It is largest institution of to kind in nation has a capital Stock of a 500,000, and euros thousands of sufferers annually. Send for their circular which is mailed fro to any com. We have seen it stated in various pipers throughout country that agents for Sale of Sheridan s cavalry condition i Wotli is wore authorized to refund Money to any Porton who should use them and no t to satisfied with result. To doubted this at first but proprietors authorize vib to say that it is com. Coughs colds sore Throat and similar troubles if allowed to Progress will result in serious pulmonary affections frequently incurable. Wishan s Pino tree tar cordial reaches at once seat of disease and gives immediate com. Johnson s Anodyne Lanit nent is without doubt safest surest and Best remedy that has Over been invented for internal and external Lisa. It is applicable to a great variety of complaints and is equally beneficial for Man or com. Go to Riverside water cure Hamilton 111. Drown i Uron Chuml troche far Coughl and Gold. A Coch Colo or sorb Throat require i immediate attention and Iho All to checked. If allowed be continue or Milhoa r a n a a a a a t to boat Barrio Tioff on a acc Kab Lugo Disi Aii la often remit. Brown s bronchial troches in Atlig a direct influence on parti kit a Umrao into roller. For non Cuitti asthma Cata a us Crimmi Titi and inn oat in aim Troci Viiar a Ltd Keith always Goat it Cecii. Shaira Aito i by to will Fiul to him i caul in Clearing Roice when taken before singing or speaking and Rell Otlang Throat after an unusual Export Tun of local organi obtain Only " brow it s no Huiai Trio cuts and to not Tika and of to wort Blex Milt Atoui that mar be offered. Sola Viry Watrt. Iii Tkv Vars u1. O 1vuus1. Mob. Winslow b sooth Iho Birdp is Ono of Trio Host female and Nurani in United by atom and has Boon lifted for thirty care with Nover falling safety and Lucotti by ill Lonb of Mothorp and children from f Zeblo infant of Ono Wook old to to adult. It corrects acidity of stomach re Llev i wind Colic Roar Ulutoa bowels and it vib rest health and Comfort to Mother Axil child. We Belleve it to to boat and surest remedy in world in All canes of dysentery and i Arunka in Nii i Hen a lither u Arlson from soothing or from any Othor cause. Full dare Coloni for using will accompany Oai h Bottlo. None menu 1 Ino Nylese fac Blello of Curtis 4 t Eek is u on outside wrapper. Bold by All icing Deal orb. Oft bin l. Uuk. 1 Ai. K and sick from no other cause than having Worms in stomach. Blown s web Miscoe Oom pits will destroy Worms without injury to child being perfectly White and Froe from All color ing or Othor injurious ingredients usually a id in worm preparations. Cubs blows proprietors. No. M15 Fulton Stroot Kow York. Sold Ftp druggists Ana uhe Mirta and dealers in it dictate at Twenty Tiv u a Box. " Noti Stuj mktt1su." Cutler Bros. Boston l r. Lolin \ Varc. Celebrated vegetable putt Witart Balsam for colds Ami consumption. Household Panacea and family liniment. Household Panacea and family liniment. Why will you suffer 1 to All por Sotir suffering from rheumatism neuralgia cramps in limbs or stomach bilious Colic pain in Bacu bowels or Lilc to would say tub household Panacea family liniments of All others rom oily you want for internal and external use. It has Cunrod Trio above complaints in thousands of cases. Thoro is no mistake about to. Tryst. Sold by All druggists. Gifu of Idem Homes in near West. A utter lands at Chesmar prices than can to a of Iniel elsewhere within civilisation. Choice from Over 1.0uu, us acres on lines of Chicago and Northwestern and Illinois Central hallways in Iowa. Averice credit Price $ 6 and a c per acre. Title Clour. To Fetn and nuo. For land exploring tickets ret in. In o As fish in payment or maps and guides giving descriptions i docs. Turn in or any tit form. Ifim Ciu Loii or address John b. Of Amoun Laud co Tami s incr Iowa r. R. Land co., k Ihn Dolph St., Chick Foo or Cedar rapids la. N. B a fur round trip half fare Cicur 8ion tickets from Chicago apply to Vii Coo office. The markets. New Yoke. Be Bleb Hoosz Drese cd Western Cotton flour a bup Erline we torn a neat no. 2i onto Iowa and Minn. Spring Eye Western and slalom cons now mixed wet ii afloat old do Oates mix d a Carpi u we into pork now More la rpm steam Cut desk butter West of n Chicago. Beeves Choice Gradol steers. Chiou natives Good to prime steers. Cows and Ite fora medium to fair inferior to common. Stock St orb Hoosz live i. Och Choice White Winter. God Winter wheat no. 1 Spring no. 2 Spring no. 8 Spring cons no. 9, old and now Oats no. 2 Rye no. 2 Barley no. 2 butted cd Nioce to fancy yellow medium to g Ood eos a fresh to bks mobb 13 7 00 @ 7 10 5 50 a 5 95 1 40 g 1 47 1 is s 1 52 i9. 1 03 87 a 88 89 @ 91 Iii 6? 62 j 12 s 04 10 12iglo 25 h s 93 11 @ 16 25 a 40 c 00 @ c 50 5 75 a s 85 5 50 i a 5 70 s 00 @ 3 75 4 00 @ 5 00 2 50 @ 3 10 3 50 @ 4 371 5 00 is 5 55 8 50 is 9 25 5 75 @ 7 00 1 24 @ i 24 1 17j@ 1 18 1 14 Fol 1 14 58 fal 43 of Fol 85 @ 1 50 q 1 38 5 32 if 12 a saw Mills. Lane Bodley manufactueer3 of portable and stationary saw Mills solid Iron Finnis Fric Liou feel and \ Vigil Kwh Ornu Miciul Blocki a Villi liver Tiet. 1 1ue Host and cheapest Mill in Market. Illustrated catalogues and prices furnished on application to i. Axis Bud Tiby John and water st3., Cincinnati La. In. La truth Tri c Illel Llev j Flitt 1 Ameika in a w a i to Iniko Tell unit i tin or t s t i i d i i c i i i. N i i l full. Nek 1 2 yearn e s t a l j l i s h f i r to a car t 7c to Couit in Iphis Tratt in paper expos a Conry he i Hellri. Quark ail Liu in butane is t h p " Best at Ribeil pact in Amerl Ca " Rel. Ith circulation. Filled w i t h soil Emu ipg. Twi i Logan prank Clairv. Ii. Is a. T Kilimi furl toll. And tie paper a Tilp year All s l. M Refuik cd if yrs Are not Tiel Ylip. Ani. Its wanted. Now a time to Hiil 3cri ii. Suici in ii sent for 0 cts. Address i in. Vis Iii Billle n ii m . A a enu want a re Partlin inn free. 1. Worth co., it. Louis to. $ 15 Sta to Bliler co St l Oil Bio a gents want cd Man or women. A 81 a week or 1co forfeited. The Sture free. Writ it once to Cowen a co., 8th St., now York. Or Day commission or to week 9 cd salary and expenses. We offer it an4 will pay it. Apply now. U. Webber at co Marlon o ruptures positively cured. Send stamp for circular or Call. Abdominal sup porters shoulder iliac a. O r i i t f l i f p All kinds o instruments for deformities h i l k Stock body i a to ii. J 1. A. I. Ii. Ii. 181 Washington si., clinic gun Lovejoy s Nice Nellc weather houses rom Lino an elegant mantel or a input w i a Correct alien Omote and pc rect liar Omen Tell Yoi Virn it w i l l Sturm Register Luis and cold. Sent or. A o l o a i i y n d dress no in re clip of 1. 0. Ordo r r Reki Cercil ill t. N for of 2. 0. At. Van l. L. Ove. Joy manufacturer 2 l a Ilii if n t Street a Lowhin mass. Liberal discount to store / miters. Fill 44 87 52 42 so 13 St. Lodi8. Flour extra and xxx wheat no. 2 Chicago no. 3 ipod fall corny no. 2 Oats no. 2 Bye no. 2 Bali. Eye no. 2 Spring pop Ike mobb lard Hoo a live cattle Cincinnati. Floodb wheat cons Oats Rye Ishad and Trio former embraced Twenty four Louis per Dikiy. This state of things was not work res p act a a tues offices it is there lore nearly essential to their Well l eing alld 3 it How hero apr for Gen of a year or a generation. It commenced rations. J its been prejudice against of Zig influence As Paris has f la p " i in ? p. Ero1. Wulc h Wero not easily Distin Tlle lao0 of whar to discouragements and France but in far greater Dea a ?. " j f us bed from Charity and increased by p. Rot Btl. Have our children obtained extent. The ambitious Duma. My no i de p yes. And s a on what it fed. The in Xiv 3 a Jome and school. The Boman Empire sought a a a l Rule a 8 a ? Wii j a Tep by step. The con favor Mth populace of City s f a. Is 9 f a e emperor furnished pre British newspapers Toi nth e in _ A p. I i Ces a a t it a hire Jpn Obi inc i of r e d r e e n a is St e f ? a r e to x o c e n p e t s t a t a a h i s t o p e b r e in. Gainsaid after i time sri port of to " became an intolerable i be borne by t he p o p o of iras Tonan. G cards made e a a n n d in made emperors overawed Senate D dictated to m for Back m Augustus Kommeno Reco Gaizag demands for special privileges and favors and Sec plumbing to clamors 9 Rabije according to Jeri is i Civ Sparr press directory there Are now published in United kingdom 1,585 newspapers of which 314 appear in of t 18 in a f Channel in 639 of Pokky mess. Lard. .14 go @ h 05 85 a a. 5 50 @ 0 00. 1 23j@ 1 2 i1 37 1 30. 00 a 02 j 47 3 49 00 @ 91 1 " 0 @ 1 805 50 fails 75 8 j a 81. 4 75 b 5 00 4 25 @ g 25 0 8 i @ 7 10. 1 45 @ 1 46 02 is 07 50 s 54 1 03 is 1 05 1 80 @ 1 a 15 50 in 15 g2j 8 a agents wanted to Gill direst to consumer tint Ninas ski l. Or tin Autholia it Ati Vuk j11st011y a Fabieus mov Ems t. Lar. T. Khiam. Vahur we torn r u r t. L. R i t t r f i n i i. Nti Iii Nii. I to. H Nunci i i l i i in us. I i r r i to a Viii cd 11 Cin U rvs is i in. And Tel Linari h i or Immis ice Llory pi.-., ii. L. A 1iann i i i a Tyllo my sox. 19 1 of. Washin Rorm sl., Rutt Iko. Caution. Inferior Yorku a Nore rom if Fiffy. No. Lire l. Urns pull in. To nil i. I Init nerd in. Jar. I t Ronni s wort is chill authoritative Aii l endorsed by inc croat Leader. Xuy Hother in. Runham Dunham & sons manufacturers War rooms 18 East 14th Street establishes 1834. Hew Ohk. 3 Adfor illustrated Cira lir an Price list. Novelty printing presses tic West Cyl. Invented. For Amateur or Ilu Sinafiti in Posos. And Niibu Panao l for a Cunera i. Toll print if. Over to. Oil in use. Benj. O. Woods and dealer in Ivory description of printing material k c l l a. La .51nckiibick. Oil Irray m., pc Wynk la i Ali Wlk m7 m a r l c c l s Luli Irtel i i a s. 1 Ilo Undi 176 Muir Roo it., Chicago. Bend f r Anta Tokuo Hoos 5 25 @ 5 75 Milwaukee. I. Ocay Spring super wheat no 1. No. 2 corny no. 2 oath no. 2 Bye no. 1. Bali let no. 2 Spring pork lard Tuluo. Wheat Amber Michigan 1 401 s 1 47 to. 1 White Michigan. I 53 Tsi extra we into Michigan. 1 03 o 1 i 5 70 @. 1 261 a 1 20 a 1 2 l f a 1 air. 59 @ 59j. 43j b 41 s so @ 87. 1 55 s .14 62 Ai l 75 9 @ 91 com. Cloves seed. Detroit wheat Eitra no. 1 Amber Corn Oats liver seed Cleveland. Wheat no. 1 red no. 2 red cob a mixed old mixed oath ,.67 a 6s 49j 50 6 00 @ 6 05 1 601@ 1 61 1 53 s 1 531 1 43 @ 71 @ 711 51 Fri 5ii 5 40 s 6 50" 1 55 @ 1 56i 1 45 a 1 46 69 @ 70 70 a Smith american Organ go. Established nearly a Quarter of a Century 50,000 organs sold Ryphe policy a f thin company u to use list .1. Materials without regard Tocoua. Its Emijo especially Tomso in least i a in Kitiona have been familiar with tins manufacture of Rotl instruments from infancy of Inmei Nabb. The Ceca Arr n n h t y constant Tod and from new and Al Kant of Sions. Tho claim hint hire have succeeded in producing Trio mos f Hoti. Factor it Harmony Ever heard from Meeds while at tie bump time their organs have never been equated in j ii or. An Organ leading 3, too singers following letter from most eminent organist in l7, a. Rof a r8 to an n Rev. Lir Orff a Itow used Church. Tho Organ form Lily Heeil made Ivy another House had proved insufficient. Dear i owe you personally my Host thanks for bonding to us Brooklyn taller Nacho one. F Smith to Academy it music. It be tier factly wonderful that so Small an instrument in size should have him cont Power to Lead a Oon up nation Orao Many thousand people. Thu Trustrum. As Well As myself Are much pleased with it. The Quality of tone is also All Liat can u a \ a sled. It s it k for itself and All i have met w i t who attend services speak of it i most satisfactory. Accept my to Lanka and believe me to remain most respectfully yours. Oho. W. Mobo. A Urgan isl. New Yolk. Feb1673. New instruments of a be fled Quality of tone for private House a. Catalogues Bent to any address in Day guaranteed Aasu Fyfo v f i a Lull i Catul Lonio fro. K iv4ix . Stab. 1851, agents wanted club. I lantern. Nurse Lei supplied. . . J. Ii. Aim son abro., Al Connei Knox co m Lud. 1 have found it. Moaner s hand Good Drill out Levator ant Harrow combined for sowing nil spoils destroying weeds Etc. Manufactured by k. Mos web Holly Mich. Send for circular. Per \ of i k guaranteed to agents on a newly patented article. Scalable As hour. For circulars address _ ii. Lawyer Patentee Pittsburgh a. kits. With Dndr Eslos of 5 others and to jul Al receive postpaid a Vine Chroma 7x9, Worth 81.50, and instructions to Clear $ 20 a Day. I Wanh a co., Loe South St St rbiln., a. Any one Flandin cts. I and instruction City Novelty co 108 b. Tho Addreal of ten pertain with 10 ree a Beautiful Chromo " us How to get Rich Post paid. Juth it., philae a. Quaint queer & curious la valuable Imok we rive to All. Pull of fact. I Klires and fun 01 pin fun 60 picture. Enclose two a Tarn Acci Etc o., 740 Broad Wayn. Y s unday Echo oils exam inc School worker for teachers delusion am. Sunday a d jemimbgrl6u. International in Brohi. Club rates Low. Papers for scholars. Sunni plot free. Not sectarian. Published 5 yours by v. M a ii Tyre. 4 Sou. R a 8t., by. Loud. 144 school teachers wanted to off Foffo Dur Hiff apron of and summer in a lius Lenaa in their own counties paying 915o per Guntli. Address i Kolkka & Mcc Unur a boffo ii. I or a kit can be Mado by. Any cart Man who can keen a business to himself address O. Herbe Jit a co Jersey City n. J. To p a Tea agents wanted in town and j qty country to soil Tea or get up club orders for largest Tea company in America. Importers prices and inducements to a tents. Send for circular. Ail dress Hobi in Mells 43veseyst., n. P. O. Box 3287. A Konts wanted to sell our justly celebrated articles fur ladles Wear. Indispensable and absolutely necessary. Lofoco he Ltd hex Tilv. They of. To Comfort and stats faction. No female can do without them. Sample sent on Rolce Ipton of f it la k. Send for illustrated circular. Lie 1 f. He cd Bleb co., k chum Horh Street new York 3,000 words. The pronouncing hand Book of words often mispronounced us Given by beat authorities sent to any address on receipt of sixty cents. Lee a 8hepard, Boston. Transfer pictures postpaid for 60 cents. Heads landscapes Beautiful autumn leaves Birds animals inso cts comic a. They can to instantly transferred to any article Bons to imitate most Beautiful paintings. A variety of pictures catalogue and " s t r i i c i i o be a omit for to cents. Agents wanted. J. L. Patten & co., 71 Pine Street now York our Alo Grefor 1874 will be new cat t free tit agents on application. Xi3w maps cd its a Zikomo Our new maps of Indiana Illinois Ohio and Michigan Aro Best and cheapest published. E. C. Bridgman 6 Barclay Street n. Agents wanted for r a indent both Imph Slioch. Youman s Bic Tiona y of Evory any wants a a Oitai Ivins 20,000 item Iii to Clinna fi., a number be Vuro bogus ill Tytious Luppi Foly into Ort or Atric tic and useful to Acyl i Ahser my Iuar in nay l a l i y to every buyer. Suing Fust or than .111 y Othor Hipe i Finks Ctm Binod i one agon t h an already Eold Ives 2. Coo coined i 10 Page circular Una terms to up Xii Are a a of a. Hutchisson a t co., Chi Icaro Ili r. American cyclopaedia. New revised edition. I Hood by Geo Noe kill. It and Cimias. A. Tana o to completed in 10 vols., profusely Illus train Ivo Vole. Now ready issued bimonthly sold in subscription Only. So my for specimen Ringei. D. Appleton a co., Rubl Rahors. 549 a 551 Broadway now York. Profitable employment work for grail Jacii l inn free address w. A. Henderson & co., Cleve a v a a _ _ wages. . In Cunill \ Vonelli van1ecl. Full land 0., or St. Louis to. Or. J. Walker s California vinegar bitters Are a purely vegetable preparation Niido " 1 Ionly from to native herbs found on lower ranges of Sierra Nevada mountains of California Trio medicinal properties of which Aro extracted therefrom without use of alcohol. Tho question is almost daily a skid what is cause of unparalleled Success of pm gab bitters our answer is that they remove cause of disease and patient recovers his health. They Aro Greal blood purifier and a life giving principle a perfect renovator and invigorate or of system. Never before in history of world has a Medicine Boon compounded possessing remarkable qualities of Yik Koar bitters in a Oalin sick of every disease Man is heir to. They Are a gentle purgative As Well As a tonic relieving congestion or inflammation of liver and visceral organs in bilious diseases. The properties of or. Walker s i Koab bitters Aro ape Rient Diaphoretic Carminative nutritious laxative diuretic sedative counter irritant. Sudori alterative and anti brio 1 a n. H. Mcdonald it co., do Girsti and gun. A gts., Sun Francisco in Lafornia Ami Oor. Of Ruhh thrum and Chorlton sts., n. Sold by nit porn get a t a und dealers. If hotel patterns. Fashions for Spring and summer. Flora of Nitu 1 r a tit io23�? i lainess a conf a very prom Lieut feature in All new Chi Ahmei attorn Walit will Liari or but favor o Pedt Llam it l a Becot Nirjhar to every qty yid. Of in Lnch go Oil. Pitcova i mailed a tit breadth la prevailing Venturo in Iho vew re ,. F pattern Ullh Itra Leti. I a 1806�? Overall it for different kinds of material _ let Venturo in Tao new 1i a Mono Lenl Roq Urei Only 4 Yards of 24 Inch Gooda. Tern with loth Odou flu anti. A name of most Emit flu Yelsh and easy Folon tacs w revived Thea much. It a fixed with rag ruled Ahler. " w i w la b s o g in w in " a w t p n r Meium to. Re r v l o v o a por oct cloth sch being Cut by Potto. Alvo a por oct torn Wloch. Lowi Price " i Eltern Meium to on wanted persons Olio with ii they is a a ant. Or Uther Flo Belling my new item Vas Ineil to extensively advertised in a a o a Ltd double Page advertisements 400 Coo bold ,. A a cos for Uli fill. Wild to a j. C. Tilton. Puta Burglin. A. Wan Tecl agents. From $ 75 to $ 250 per month everywhere main. Ind female to sell one of th.? most a Softie in till s e Var into need needed in every family. Semi for circular. Address is. Of. Lii v co., 15? state St., Chicago ill. Portable soda fountains $ 40, $ 50, $ 75 and $ 100. Good durable and cheap. Shipped Beady for use. re. W. Charmak. T co., Madison Ini. Send Fob a cat Aloqua. Standard Lotta Bustle. Diploma Awai Dymtri Institute each Eil by a in dress. Wholesale depots ear a. W. Thomas at tee and Mimi Faurer. For lightest Strong and most of forame Hue tie to Standard Lotta . Sizes to suit every Stylo of Iowa and Nebraska millions of acres of Hest land in Trio West for Ealo on ten or nah credit., it 0 per Gnu. Interest by Hurh Ngou and. Mia Flouri River Railroad company. No payments required exr i. T i tort till fifth year Nirali sort warm Mimi it Hunt of seam in j no. Unit fro educate i o n. Ret Are and Low freights on Liou Soholt feuds Jcj those who 3� to to 5z this vm3. A. A. For circulars and morn with full parti Plarl. At j " 3 t Tilio. S. Iiauk1s, Lund Burlington Lown. Homeopathic Domestic Medicine. My i. Aur1k pc Mcclatchy. The fifth edition within Altro a years just received. It i Iho most comp Lulo and reliable work " print 1,037 Yagci to incl. Ii race $ 5. A mahogany Raso with Complete Ictor 104 med to lie Simle r i s a Tat a s " an a to any 1 Art of in receipt of $ 17. N a til. Var e 8 n a v Ca e f s it by Lecaer. It co a t in every family w l l h add Nib Mushick. K & Tafoki Homeopath la i liar Macy 145 grand St. New York. Juil. Nob in 1836. Seti for Dei Crip. In Irith cloth Model Rieur oct cloth Model a Ltd a Ety put jul. L How to put i " of together. It. Torn. The Are perfect guide. A a xxx j a " instant dress elevator this Cut How. How Bee Oil fully a Long skirt is a Huid in tit . Flit front walking Dorcil b ish tent i. Kholv. You raise your Ikirt while Nahler a Muddy place. And then let it full or to Enn keen it Waleed with Eva toll. It keep Akert from til filth. It loops skirt in tasteful. Nil fashion Elf Hannkn. It saves Moio . Ten times its Cost bral Colci b a in convenient. Neat an Graceful. It run he Dame from one dress to another ii less Tymn two minutes you need but one for a dozen dresses. Price seventy five cents each. Send u Stampl for not no above i. Eva Chi will be Arlve free is Premium to Penoi who Bend. Is. 29 of a r one year to " Saith s Tern Bazaar. The s 2 at pattern Bazaar bist us Cha just 1iagasike in would. Nil. 1. Of fashions stories Annii Crotch head so Only is. Of a year. Epry Unher Rhor Geta n Choice of one of of in Elf Oil l o i l c i promos free m Premium to in Wolti a Rob. Or fuel Hoy h in in. The us Wal Voth Ever offered. S. Nil Atempa for cd renin a a t o getters up for getting 3 subscribers we j Ive to Chionio. For Clit la 5 we give 2 Chromo or skirt elevator tin Polo copy of it numb mailed tors Centi. Smith b interaction Book seer la of Dreesm Nkang 13 cents. Address very Plain a. Build Etti so filth 014 Broadway f. 0. Box 5055. New Fork City in in I. It. \ a a Amft " Thresher of period. Orient safety lamps entirely of Metal arc Only Liti Ipin in ii a c a Lilli Gnu neither break Icik nor explode. Arc Niort Plieni. All Nittert o nil ii sch allo to slow is fac orc Aclin Rolica Etc. Agents make $ 10 a Day Selling Ali civic l. Nink. Agents wanted in every county in United states. Ait Elrees Wallace sons h. L . Street Neil Viiu. This is famous " vibrato which 1ms created such a revolution in Trade and become soft to y established As til " leading Thresher of this clan and Gino nation More Thuli seven thousand purchasers Ami Ninet Thoi Ismul Grain raisers pronounce these machines entirely unequalled for Grain saving Tim in Vinor and Money Maki Iier. Four Al zen made Vlis 34 Irli 28 Inch 32 ii Icli and 3 a Liiva Cylon Derx Wuu 6, 8, 10 and 12 Hor a c " Moi Utcy Puaoi n. Also " alone a exp Chukly for steam i i a Var nine improve total lace Stuart sing knifes steam All Pei sons Intel Iliff in imy threshing a. Chines or separators " none or Forse rowers " alone is Well As go. U. V raisers and farm Krs who want their Grain Nihro. Had saved Nind cleaned to Host advantage Arcin Vircil totem for our new forty Page Lillue tinted j Amii Milel nil circulars sen free giving full a in Liurni j 5 about Thisu improved machines and other in for. Matron valuable to Farmers and Thresher i n. Address Nichols is Hepaud & co., _ " _ la talc Creel 1f millions of acres fanning lands in now for Sale very cheap ten years credit interest Only 6 per cent. Descriptive pamphlets with sectional map sent frit. The Pioneer a handsome illustrated rape containing Law Mallo l free to All parts la a world. Address F Davis land commissioner u. P. B., of aha. Neb a eats wanted for history of Grange movement or. This Farmer s War against monopolies. Bane a full find authentic account of inst. F tie american Farmers against of to Imis of Ilio in inroad Compa Niri with a history of. To Rico Aud Prou Resi of order of patrons of is Landry its object and Prospect a. It Bella at ii a a. Send for Apa Cimei. Gaffes mid Terni to Aguilita and boo Why it Sells ranter time any other my. Pc. Arf Drobb National publishing co Chicago ril., or St. Loula to. A ii tin u unscrupulous publishers off w i in a a a have taken advantage of great demand for this history of Grange movement to Hetio unreliable works on Euh Lect Here compilation from agricultural newspaper 3n not be to erased upon fee that Back you buy l a ironed by Ift dig q ranker b. New Book. Noll Liik i luf ii in to let Paturis. A Anta wan total for science in Story by or. E. Footo. Select your territory Add runs Muriny Llull i ubllnhlnkco., 12 ban 28th Street n. Morphine habit speedily cured by or. Belt h Only known & sure remedy. No cilia. Pkg e for ire Alment until cured. Call on or adorm or. J. C. Beck Cincinnati tand insect powder fobs slice Liou ohcs ants bed bugs Moth. A. 1ikm1y, cd Una. N jtco., n. Y., Bole a Whf. A Radway s Relief cures worst pains in i Kok one to Twenty minutes. Dot Onk hour Aftim nil duo this adtmti1emint, Weed any one Buffer with pain b. A Dwa a read belief i a cure for every Fain. It was rim and ii Only pain remedy Topi Molt excruciating Palm a Lay inflammation and cure Conte Stlouis whether of i Tingi stomach Bowel or Ether Glaudel or on am for one application. In from Onk to Twenty minutes a no matter How violent or Eijiu Cutini Antn bi1bumatio, Berldean infirm or Laplou. Norvon a. Neuralgia or prostrated with Ilia Easo May suffer Rad wat s ready Relief will afford iks taht bask. Inn. Niran. Ton of Kline in " sore threat do Lloret Colci crap headache tooth cold chill., a. A. a a no in a ? i n n r Sheue face Carrh influenza is i in a Theun a n l a min application of Heady Relief part or parti where pain or difficulty of lists will afford Eue and Comfort. Twenty drops in half a Tumbler of water will in a few moment cure Rampi or Anu sour Stonia Cli heat Byrd. Sick i Adallio jul Arrahoo i y a of glory. Colic. Wind in to. Well. And All internal paint. A r v7a Nova no a not jul c ?. R i r5r. I Boltl of s and Way s Kady i Telika with them. A few drops u water will present sick Cus or pins from Chanito of water. It h better than French Brandy or by Vars Waitl Mylant. Fever and ague. Levee and ague cured for hefty cents. Thoro u not a remedial agent in Lila world that i l euro f a a r and ague and All other Malario a. Ill line. L St. P old v Yerow. And q of h k or fever i j fifty cent per Battle. Beady belief. Btl j. Of Thea negate in a puke i gaols. A Fen with Qreen Tea flavor. Warranted . Forbade everywhere. A id Soldat whole a Ile Only by of Flatt aunt to and pc Filc Tea co., 35 3t Leaai a Trio n. F. O. Box 53oo. Build for Tea nectar ctr ulv. Health. Beauty. Strong and Rilk Rich blood in. Crease of flesh and weigh Clear skin and 11eautiful complexion secured. To All. Or. Rad Way s him Mado Moat n a Long a Hula cures no jul Cut so rapid Are t he Chance body Underco a under influence of till truly wonderful Medicine that every Day on increase in flesh and weight is seen and Felt. The great blood purifier. Jerr drop of Sarsaparilla a resolvent communicator through blood a float Urno and other fluids Ami juices of Iho system Al of of life for it repairs to wastes of Houy with Newland bound material. Scr Fula syphilis consumption of Andlar do a e a be. Ulcer in Throat. Mouth tutors Nodal la glands and other stir Tot system so Rohrs morons Dincler pcs rom ears and worht forma of skin erupt Iowa fever sores said head. King Vorro suit Kleinm Bryin Pella. Acne Lilack spots Worms in flesh Tsumori can cow in w bomb and All weak ening and painful such afros night sweat a. L. Of Oil Perm and All a a to of Thelio principle Aro within Iho cur Atira Ratiff of this wonder of aloud can of omitry and a few Days Ufa a will promo to any person using it for either of those forms of disease its to Teut Power to euro them. If Iho patient Dally Luco mins reduced by waste and decomposition that is continually progressing Nice rods in arrest Long Torso wastes and repair to los Emo with now material Luai Lextrom Liua. Thy Loo do and this will to undoes Succuro a a euro is certain for Hoa onco that its work of purification and succeeds in diminishing log b of wastes its repair a will in rapid and every Dar patient will fool Hin sell growing bettor anal stronger food cd t a Lin better appetite improving and flesh and weight increasing. Not Only does Sesoi. Vent Excel All known remedial agents in cure it chronic constitutional and skin diseases but it i Only positive cure for kidney and bladder complaint urinary and womb diseases gravel Dia Boton lir Opsy stoppage of water incontinence of urine Bright disease Albuminuria ant Lin All cuss where tie rear Brick dust deposits or water a thick Cloudy Nixe i Ullh substances like Trio Witeof in a go. Orth cads like White silk or therein a morbid dark bilious appearance and White hone Duisit Cle pesits and when there is a pricking burning Senna Lon when passing water and pain in Small of Back and along loins tumor of 13 years growl i cared by a Bovay s resolw5nt. Price $ 1.00 per bottle. Or. Radway s perfect per Gutfre Ani reply Tibig pills perfectly to Storss elegantly coated with Sweet turn purge regulate purify clo Tibo Anc . Radway 8 plits for cure of All door Jer. Of stomach. Liver bowls. Kidneys Bla Der. Nervous pm senses headache of tire. Ness indigestion Dyg Nopola billions secs cilioil3. Typ Tia and typhoid fevers inflammation of Trio bowls flies and All derngement5 of Thol Teri no viscera. Warranted to effect a positive cd to l nor by vegetable containing no Mercury minerals or de tenons drugs. A is observe follow by Styff Itomi re Allina from also rants of by Gustivo organs ones tiption inward piles fullness of in omit in head. Acidity of stomach nausea disc not F food fullness or a Vav it in stomach sour Fruct Tion thinking or f. Uttering it pit of Stoinich Wii Pilning of he nil. A lorried breathing flatter org it Tio heart choking or suffocating sensation when i i a lying posture. Dimness of vision dots or webs before Trio meet fever and Dull pain in head l e. perspiration. Yellowness of Hkin und eyes. P. In in Side cd St. Limbs and sudden Ken Fri a of n a at birr Liin in Flash. A few closes of bad Aygul los i Alfreo system from nil Iho above named disorders Price 23 Cento per Box. Hol. By Dru a a is Tel. Bead " Fask and j Bond Ono letter stamp to Hap Way it co. No. 32 Warren St. N. Information Worth thousands will to sent you nature s great remedy f0 All Throat and lung diseases ii it ii vital principle of Pino tree obtained a y a Peculiar process in distillation of tar by which its highest medicinal properties Are retained. Tar even in its crude slate has been recommended by eminent physicians of every school. It is confidently. A j phlegm and Ussi swing throw off unhealthy matter causing irritation. In cases of seated consumption it both prolongs and renders less burdensome life of afflicted sufferer 3. Its Healing principle acts upon irritated sur. Ice of lungs fent rating to each Dotas Tjart thieving pain Ana sub iting inflammation 3. A True. Ipie6andenkichestjirbl. Ood. Positively curing All Humours from common i imply or eruption to severest cases of scr Fula. Thousands of affidavits could be produced from those who have Felt beneficial effects of Pink Treb tar cordial in various diseases arise off from Impi Mutlos or blood. 4. It invigorate digestive organs and restore . All who have known or tried or. It. Q. C. Lehart s remedies require no references from us but tie names of thousands cured by them can be Given o any one who doubts our statement. Or. L. Of Xvi smrt s great american Dys Frysia pills and Wokim sugar drops have never been equalled. For a ale by All druggists and storekeepers and at or. L. Q. C. Wish t s office so. U8 a n. Second St., Puaa a. Akkad " i lain Blunt facts a treatise on Caudace. History. Cure and Tes. I us milled bit i. it co., 46 Walker Street. New York. Sent of Akk Wall Paru of United Sulci of receipt or a letter lamp. Book of medical in Dorfi. Bho Tild to Road by All. Sent fro for 2 ataris. Address de. Dona Patk Cincinnati M Iuit tied o1t St. Com Lei Street. Win i i icel St. I. Ouis to. Rom debility c., ramp ill. 16 Agob 2 Stamps l a bark mop. If Job Imir a toil 60a. An want k Otago pages annl Pilning Stilu a a Halti for Jose Ivelio no Ina Riecl or . Rice a Cefi. By mull. Art nibs r. Al Nils dispensary. 12 Norfi Al Gatli Street by. Louis to. A t Syo Romancy of Boul chaem1no."�? f How either Lex May a Solinto mid b a to Oto and affect Lona of any person they cd Hobo in Huntly. This simple menu Yuqu Lunmont All Nan obi6bb, Froe by mall for isio., Tou Tuor with a a or ibo guide. In Yollan or Arlo do turns Vilinta j Lartie. A queer look. 100.000 Bow. Address. William a co., fubb., N. U. No. 13 w Lusk a Katimi to Adekk tikk l Lea a a a it of or. A a a # a Riim a he Ribhy j. 4 p. Coats Black to gear for Jour machine

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