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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - July 3, 1873, Monticello, Iowa Tub Modoc in chains. " by Oil Yeuh 0, Kenn. To vote a ii us lint Whu i saw Iii i of Uio Stylo or Saint ral Flok ills Day will u coat Wlllie i to wrong Side before him which Ono oin lotto dirt Dib Nlay Ullh none Ullh Hie Hook of Jur Malom a re nil from Ronio. bore ant ills throws Oral you could t Bam Bonzolo pm into hiding Inhat placed wore Tore. His Fineo if the color of Copper like a Nii Kuhut in creases App Enrri and stuck like n comical Hopper on Nix Bly no rail shy roared. I nine Volwil that Lio had not ill Orrl Liloni Hacif. A Tho nil late Ivo pictured his Rico lint round after to bad expressed Lilin Clr that the change wan not in Xiuji out of plaice. " Art 1ioro, in the Tolth my poor a non jul 7 " i linked in the loosest " f Iii ohm " amused i lieu from thy wild ii u in lib c in brought to Limo pot Wlllie Ilia i Fain had Boito of with hyperbole on which Tho barbarian Doles if he Imd not hindered to verbally by Fie Venil Wir whooping not be. Ii Hlaj injun Honnold " in Elko Niell Flint h mined by the Whites and it Uncil of kind to to Llido in a Kettle for Coin a with Ollier train of ten l been that huh clinic a jul Erchtold in a " White clip of of chg to Linn no f " Lulu though i m but a ked Iio h inc Neil to in All these United slates Boutta 1 " the epigram so Rock by to meant it Trilk nun go Primula train of Tho wild lie bade nip Awny and 1 went it since further Lio d not to beguiled. Tin doubtful if % Hui us binned lie in i t this i could Werli let me own that Niit Cli in. Isreil i of Tho poor Indian were Liker to l eau thu Cologne. The Tell Tam inv Moi. A Ijean m1om a Date Otiva s i e. On the night of january 10, 18�?, Ilio Clifton Bank was entered y bin for Liiro who in ado Good their of scup with to Uoo in their Possession. As soon As Tho robbery became known i repaired to Tho bunk Ami. Nought the president to whom i presented Iii ored Entingh mid undo in Usu my intention of commencing work at once. The old gentleman readily and together we 1 0880 1 into the main Mollico where several up Rico looking Young men were scratching away is As if they had not been engaged in an animated discussion of Tho robbery Only n minute before. I glanced at them sharply but Hirw nothing suspicions in their looks and concluded it would be a Mere waste of time to question them. I examined the lock of the door opening upon Tho Street mid found it had not been tampered with although the first arrival had found Tho door ajar. I next turned my attention to a door opening upon the Roar and found it securely locked in which condition it had been so the president assured to since Tho night before. " who has charge of Tho Koe of this door i inquired. " or. N Tho cashier has one and our janitor the " Jan either of these gentlemen be summoned a " yes both if need to. Here Warden run around to or. N s and toll him that 1 wish to boo him on business of the Olcik addressed was about to obey when a sudden thought struck to and 1 called him Back. " you need not trouble or. But if Tho janitor can to Fui ind ask him to step Down for a in less than two minutes Tho Dork returned with the janitor a Broad shouldered irishman Whoso answers to my questions were Given in such a straightforward manner that i exonerated him from All blame. " you lock up after Tho clerks have gone Home do you not ? " i inquired looking Tho mini in the eyes. " yis., sometimes i does and sometimes i does " when do you not " when or. N works late of nights which has been Tho ease much of " did you lock up last night " " is sir and f wat s More tried i Duro " at what time did you lock that door and i pointed toward Tho front Entrance. " Well As near As i can recollect halt past seven " Are Yon sure Yon shot the Bolt into its socket " " a i could swear that i locked that door and left it " How about the windows did you fasten them As Well ? " " is Ivory wan of " very k Ood sir you May go now if you like and i turned to the president. " now then or. With your permission i will investigate matters below stairs. Tho old gentleman conducted me to the vault below. Tho heavy Iron door of Tho vault in which the Bank s funds were stored stood wide open and Tho vault presented a scene of confusion not unfamiliar to my eyes. Books and papers Lay upon Tho floor in every direct tool i whore they had been thrown after Gratifying Tho curiosity of the burglars. I stooped to pick up a crumpled document that Lay at my feet and is i did so the sparkle of a Gem heretofore con cd w i y Tho iral or c " l a t my Eye. With a Quick motion of Tho hand i picked the Stone from the floor and held it concealed in Tho Palm of my hand Whilo 1 perused a u Doon Meil More for Tho purpose of concealing the exultation i Felt at having g Olill him. Pontaut n clue than for Niiya other Reu having glanced at several other Imper similar to the one i had it first picked up i began a thorough search of the vault which proved fruitless but me Diamond m my Possession was is i indent foundation on which to weave a network of circumstantial evidence having no further business at the Bank i took my departure and went direct to a celebrated jeweler s establishment in Somers Street. The proprietor of the store knew me Ami intuitively guessing my business 00 a a a d my to Hia private office. Well Tracy what s up lie inquired when to were seated " nothing unusual " i replied. " you have probably heard of the Clifton Bank robbery i " Tho Chiton Bank ? a yes i did hear Homo Ono remarking about it. A or " u a account of h in Iuo morning " no i believe not. The affix air was not discovered in time for the reporter to got hold of it. Well sir the Bank has been robbed to the tune of thirty thousand dollars and i am Eug Atrid t t h h o e n Ca As s n e. " thu a m Ain n a d a a a a a d a a to Pue y. Youxu ill Cua Ait Cohn the rascals old boy. Dreadful state of things to exist ill a Small City Uke this and the Little Man twisted in easily his chair. " Sot to bad As you imagine. Be Calm my Friend the parties that robbed the Clifton Bank will not be Likely to pay you a visit very i i 1 Ope your sunrises Are Correct but Pray Tell me your reasons for thinking As you " certainly. In the first place Tho Bank robbery is the work of 0110 Man wid to is not a professional burglar. In tie second. Place that Man cares More for greenbacks than to docs for Gold Ornain cuts and would not plunder yom place for Ull there i a in it. In fact this very same party owned a Diamond but threw it away rather than carry it around with him. It in tory pretty is it not and i held the Stone up to him. The jeweler took it examined it closely a Jid returned it to me with the remark " it is As Yon Remik a very pretty Stone and i might add very valuable for a Gem of its size. That u your clue i presume " Yee the Only Elue i happen to possess. How then i am anxious to find the ring to which the Stone belongs and Yon will please allow me to see the rings that Ivo Bacou left hero for a Scottin since the " with plem nuo. Excuse to Ono to my Frioni disappeared. Returning a initiate litter with it number of ring on n tray which to placed on n table and began to examine the i tibeta at Tuc lied " Homo of those rings Liao been ii Orn Possession a number of Days. A Here in our received this morning. Jan 11�? Diamond setting e. 13akor." and to read the inscription. I took Tho ring from his hand and Xii Irinod it. It wus a unholy a amhed ring of Virgin Gold with the Stone missing. Litton the Diamond in the setting am ns8cd it to my Friend. " by Jove Tracy that is the Verj ring you Are in search of i now lot to and to went nearer to Tho Light. " yes there can to no doubt about it. Die Stone fits into Tho setting. Neoly my now that i think of it it is of the same size and Quality " what name did you say Tho party gave " uni Era Emily " Emily Ankor i then it was a Ludy t " 1 presume so at All events Bho ook cd and acted like " Whon is she to Call for Tho ring " to Morrow i must see her when she Calls and n order that i May play my cards to letter advantage i shall outer your Oer icons clerk. Arhat do you say " Irun perfectly willing but take euro Liat you do old boy there May Ponikly to Rhino " that is very True and if such should 0 Trio dime you May rent assured that 1 Hull discover it in time. Did 1 you to say that you loud promised o have Tho. Ring ready to Morrow Al Ter 10011 a " no sir i said nothing of the kind. She snid she would will fur it to Morrow my i simply nodded " then Lay the ring aside and leave 10 rent to to. I shall Call again tomorrow till then Adieu 1" an passed Ilo the Street. 1 had thus far Mot with better Success Mil 1 had anticipated and wus Nowise elevated or thrown nil my guard for 1 now i Hud a general sharper to Deal Ith whom it would be difficult to out it. Muring the Day i visited several places hero " to Little game of Siiro was in full last and picked up several items of invest All of which Tendon to convince in that i was now on the right scent. Early next morning i repaired to my i Elul s establishment mid was assigned position behind the counter whore it needless to say i Felt ill at e. Ase but oars of training and patient study had itt bled to to almost any Rolo top friction and it wus not Long before the cling of uneasiness wore off. The Day dragged slowly along for a Nde was not very brisk and the sales Levi had but Little to do besides Reading in papers and yawning to each other Cross Trio cases. Four o clock would the owner of 10 ring Ever come ? i asked myself the question a Hundred times and was on in Point of doing so again when the Oor slowly opened and a heavily failed Guro glided in approached the Conn Tor id inquired in a somewhat hesitating Rico " in or. In " no Madam he is not i replied. Can i do anything for you " 1 dare nay you can. I loft u ring in Largo of or for a Diamond seting which was to to ready this after a on. You will please let me have it Gether with Tho " what name i inquired bringing it the tray containing the articles left t repairs. " Emily " Emily Linker i mused picking up everal rings nud examining Vliem. " it these. A a Oes not appear to to among. I i i recollect what has become of it my i replaced Tho tray and took from in Glass Case a Small Box removed the d and exposed the ring to View. " is that your ring Madam " it is. Why has it not been attend 1 " simply because Tho original Stout As been recovered and presuming that on would prefer that to any other we ave wailed until we could hear from " the original has been recovered i o not understand you mid her voice Onn ded strangely masculine. " Pray Ell to where it was found " certainly. It was found where you is it in the vault of the Clifton Lank and i reached across the Connie and with the quickness of thought ire the Vail from the lace of no less a Orson age than Tho cashier of Tho Clifon Bank to saw that it was All up with him and quietly submitted to Tho handcuffing process but when i took him before the Lief to broke Down and begged piteously to to lot Oil for the Sake of his Ifo and child. When on trial to confessed that head stolen the Bank s funds to liquidate ambling debts and having missed Tho roue of his ring a Short time after Tho a Abbery and fearing that it might lend his detection had attempted to have l replaced As we have shown. I ook out for horse j h loves. Our Rural friends Are advised to keep Sharp watch on All stragglers and. Rangers offering horses for Sale. Chiago and her suburbs Are infested with Hose villainous posts who make nightly aids on the. Stables in and around Tho Ity. Many valuable Eiju Ines have m Ned up missing lately. It is the practice of tie thieves to run Thorn into the grief Turat districts and dispose of them o unsuspecting Farmers who Are Only of willing to buy because an apparently Heap bargain is offered which in too Lany instances proves to to no bargain t All for very frequently the stolen a until is traced and recovered and the urch scr has to whistle for the Money e has paid to the thief. Farmers in 10 country cannot be too careful forewarned is largest farm in England consists a n i car " s in l a Longs to a Man Vith the Yankee name of Samuel Jozies. N its cultivation to follows the " four Ourse system the whole extent of the Arm being divided into four great Ropsy 750 acres to wheat 750 to Barley my Oats 750 to seeds Beans peas Etc., and in to roots. His live Stock is Valno to slice l a a. To horses a a n Bill Loolu a 812,000 pigs. Iho Oil cake and Corn produced Una Lay amount to $ 20,000, and Urt Loial fertilizers aboutj3,000. The Veniro Cost of manure in various forms i cd annually is about $ 15,000. Sheep Iro claimed is t f h r o o m m o t s h t p " profit a r b e be a i s z to o c a k Tim Ideal the Sioux says a correspondent inhabit the Western part of Dakota More or less and arc Anoble Tribo. Among these Are found men of perfect development and come adding forms in fact sonic of Tho most athletic and i May add physically we Raul men i have Ever met have you Scon among the Sioux. The quads Are also a Well developed class us remarkably tasty in their habits and dross. Supeh Pink the Chicago Junen by journal denounces Tho common Law it England As being the outgrowth of monarchical institutions and not suited to this free and glorious country. The journal like the Arkansas lawyers does it want any British common Law in we want Tho Home made article and not common Law neither but the Best at is kept in Tho shop sir i a item. Steamboats no now carrying Flou from St. Louis to new Orleans of Twenty five cents a barrel and Tho rail roads no carrying it to Bonton for $ 1.3 per barrel the distances being Abou the same 1,200 Miles. The rates Foi Grain Aro respectively to new or leans by water 12jo per Hundred to Boston by rail 05o per Hundred. A Little comparison of these two rates shows that Tho steamboats Are carrying five barrels of flour to now Orleans for Tho same Price that Tho railroads Chargi for carrying one to Boston and that Tho boats Are carrying five bushels and i fraction of Corn for Tho sumo Price thai is charged by rail for Ono Bushel Tho same distance. Steamboat men complain of Tho present Low rates 12 cents per Hundred or $ 2.50 a ton at which they Aro now carrying freights still these rates show what can be done when there is plenty of water in Trio River and navigation is easy and they show too How important it is to Tho Grain growers of Tho Avest to have sufficient water in the Rivers at All seasons of the year. The Lii Bronco Between 12j and 6 cents per Iii Idreis is # 10.15 per " Tony 11 sum which calculated on one half Trio ave Stern produce that passes Down Tho Mississippi ind its tributaries would in a few years a Tho coat of All the loaded to secure easy Natvig Tsiou at All of Tho s. Emu in it pub a human thermometer. To want to believe that Story from a curia paper about or. Henry Bull but t in hard very hard to accept it with corf not Confidence. Or. Bull it is alleged was fed upon Calomel and Blue Lills by twin doctors for a number of t ears so that ii ully he became Abs outly saturated with quicksilver. Tim Ither Day while to wus standing by the Ido of the House Tho Sun suddenly Amo out Bright and warm and Bull Beau gradually to ascend. To stopped t the Hue of the Sill of the second Story my Hung Thore suspended in space Imil a Thunder storm happened to Corse a which cooled Tho atmosphere and Lien or. Bull slowly descended. Now 10 has a graduated scale marked on the Able cud of his dwelling and whenever irs. Bull wants to know How warm it s she tics hat Irons to Henry s legs to old him Down and walks him around 0 Tho Gable oud and cuts him Loose Aud ets him Rise to eighty or ninety Dorees and when she gets the Iii Formalin Sho lasses him with the clot Liesner and hauls him Down. Avo say to r ant to believe this anecdote because 1 makes is happier to have perfect Lith but it is harder than believing lost lies. Narrow gauge. Tho Success of Tho narrow gauge rail ays seems beyond question. A Large majority of the roads of Tho West now rejected or being built Are liar Gowango. Tho Denver and Limo Grande is the first one commenced on this Ian. Then Tho Colorado Central was Lian ged Froidl Broad to narrow gauge to Northern Utah Lino the Leaveu Orth and Denver and Tho Southern Acilie beginning in Texas Are among 10 roads of this character that Aro being hurried Forward to completion. All Vor the country trunk or Branch roads f this gauge Are being built. One will Oon to completed running from St. A uis to Cairo one from Torre haute Cincinnati the Pennsylvania Central building Branch roads of Tho same attorn and the Arkansas Central is eing Laid As a narrow gauge. The Chiago Millington and Western is anther important line that will doubtless Oon be in Active course of construe on. All this is pretty Good evidence Liat the Mirrow fungo i a becoming of rear and unit its advantages Are lore apparent As they become More ully known. Poor Jack. A correspondent writes from Boyle s amp " out. Jack was grievously disappointed that Gen. Davis did not opel him on equal terms when his the. Iloilo ride brought him to Headquarters to thought himself a great chief and expected the commander of the opposing a rfcs to meet him and have a talk. Talk goes a great Way with tin Indian my he supplements his defeats and his Iet riffs and introduces All Hin great loom edits Aud transactions with an amount of talk. Gen. Javis is not much on that Lay out Ami j Tell the truth he does t understand 10 Indian traits and hobbies Well Nougie to get the truth out of them a Hen they do talk to him. The most kindest Cut of All War when the be. Viral returned to Jack s protestations nit he should never try to run away answer that he had found him ont to be Uch a liar that he would t believe him f to whore by Tho four Mode lakes " Oor Jack now wort thou indeed fallen us treated despite fully very " a Story is told of a French gentleman who having lost the bulk of his prop y through Tho Rasca Lity of friends in a Horn to trusted crowned it All by the Oss of his mental balance and for the Emit incr of his jays found his Only Light in Riding in omnibuses and Peissig fares from passengers to the Driver King care when change was returned o add to it a Sou or two ont of his in pocket and Ratcli the effect on Tho oco Ivor. In nine cases out of ten As 10 Story goes the passenger counting Vor his change and finding us to us posed that the Driver had cheated Lii Milf would look bewildered for a to int and then pocket the change with quiet chuckle. Tho special Delight of to Lunatic was to satisfy himself in this May that nine tenths of his fellow men Ere dishonest if they Only had the onor Lenity. Into Encis or sex on an investigation into the nature and cause of Rimes in Massachusetts has developed 10 rather unpleasant fact that a Little Vor seventy per cent of Tho females Are Stedor imprisoned Are guilty of off Oncas against morality and that for every 00 men who have been sent to prison 82 times 100 females Havo been sent hero a 12 times. The other Day a women was sent for the tenth time to the Louse of correction and Ono of Tho Joston judges knows a woman a Good ail Oross who has been drunk nearly All he time during the past fifteen years excepting during the months she was in Imbo. Woman should take her sex bodily in hand and raise her in the social Calo. Perhaps Tho chief fault lies in Vromon who Are More susceptible to amp Taniou than men. The Titue a general miss prehension seems to exist in regard o the now Coin which was provided for y Congress at Tho last session to to mown As Tho Trade Dollar. The fact is. Hat the. Sole object of the is to facilitate Commerce Between this country ind China and Japan by allowing Silver a be made into these dollars in the pm cd states instead of As heretofore Laving to Send the Bullion to London or coinage. This new Dollar will be ised exclusively in Trade with Tho Cost ills and will not enter into general circulation in this country and will Only be coined As demanded for use. In speaking of King Miramor f Central Africa the court journal says that a Monarch who would take tie towers sent from missionary inspired Adios of Aberdeen split them in halves ill Thorn with Sand nud make a War Lub of of each leg cannot to forgiven upon the ground of More eccentricity. Farm am household. Blurting Len sky hones. A correspondent of Tho country Oon Lucman writes i Honvo n plan that so Doin fails to Start Tho unruly animal i a few minutes and if persevered ii generally effects n permanent cure by it is too difficult of application to be Como generally useful have with Yoi n Small Quantity of whole Corn one when a remedy is needed go gently of the horse s head with a handful am coax him with caresses while to eat from the hand. Attempt to Load him holding Tho Corn it Little Way before him and when he goes quietly and shows Tia his temper him subsided leave him wit his. Mouth full of com got in the Voli Iol and speak to him to go on using Quie manners just in if nothing was wrong and if to refuses apply Tho name treat input again and again if necessary unti Success attends. Perhaps it May not b Clear to the Reader what Tho Dilli culty i in applying this remedy. It is in the worse than Balky disposition of the Driver who would rather succeed on in Twenty times by passionately whip Ping than Nineteen Titch in Twenty by gentleness. Only u gentle Juan Cai manage a Balky horse and while then ire plenty of gentlemen in society there ire not so Many gentle men in Tho treat Nie it of animals. Treuil for Ali Linnus. Animals will eat of dry fodder Abou three pounds daily for every 100 pounds of animal varying i Villi the animal nut. In Quality of the food whether Good 01 my Rich or poor. Animals Dill or greatly u is. Of and the Rule it St be applied accordingly. Again there i a a great Dif Ernieo in Tho Quality of the Laud some iinds yielding More than three times As Tiuch As others. Still again Tho m unite Merit has much to do with the result. Be Are within Bounds when to Hay that Home men will obtain As much from one ice As others will from ten acres. If attic Aro fed by soiling in summer Wico As much food May to obtained rom lands As when it is daily pastured. We have known some men by skillful manage moist feed a cow the year round in two acres others would Requiro in i in live acres of similar land. Horses iced one Hilf More than cows As a com 11011 average although Home cows eat Isioro than some horses. Tho labor Reju Rcd depends greatly of Tho kind of Given to the animals Aud to facility for cropping and feeding. I Luu i poultry in nah. Set posts firmly in the ground six feet High eight feet apart. Tizuko no. Wire Mil stretch from Post to Post outside listening with Staples made of wire. Riven into posts. Place three wires no Inch apart one foot from the ground Othor three at three feet ton inches Roin Tho ground another three at top f posts. Take common laths and weave a leaving three inches space Between he sides of each. This makes the Fence our feet High. Thou take other laths Pieket one end Aud Chamfer Tho other Ike a chisel Blade and interweave Ornong the top wires then shove the Linin Fulcd Edge Down beside Tho top of lie Bottom lath lapping under wires. To inches. This makes a cheap Durale pretty Feuce that is seven feet ten Lichen High and fowl tight. Virca hould be left somewhat Slack As in tar a our aug laths will take it up. I o i Low Uotsu til nag. The t Madian Fanner says " Trio utmost pains and Core u blowing the grass especially if Long vill bristle up in beards and Tufts hero hero and everywhere injuring alike be appearance of the Lipold and its opacity for growth. Do you wish to comedy this great Dilli culty ? if so use no Chain Ami Ball to your plow. No Natter what kind of plow you Havo try hem. A piece of Ordinary Trace Chain vill do very Well. Fasten one cud of it o your Coulter and to Tho other end attach a round Iron Ball of from two to lire pounds weight leaving the Chain Ong enough to permit the Bull to reach tick to about the Middle of the Mold Oard and there let it drag along on lie Oil Sido of course. Him to keep Oil l Lucs. Ill one of Hia lectures the celebrated. J. My Chi said " a Here you have plenty of food warmth and Stock you / ill have abundance of Flics. My in lick could never lie Down in Tho daytime owing to their attacks and of purse Tho Long continued lifting of Ioir feet prevented fattening. By a Keiming the feeding houses i entirely moved this nuisance and had the ratification of putting my ii imams in a lost profitable state of response for if of have Teu millions of Hies not one ill bite in the much is a warm do Auto of providing shelter for Stock St Oil Trio ground of Economy and Sec lid Oil the score of humanity. Suni Iuse one egg one cup of Ugur one half cup shortening one cup f sour milk a Espoo Iliof soda. Season o tii Stic. \ vah Minu Xijiu Roii fou Coaks Ait Toms no i of a slacked Lime Hull a Pound Udipi one Pound water six quarts. Oil two hours Lei it Settle mid Strain. To Tislim. Yoou if you wish to j certain that your egg Are Good and Resh put them in water. If the Butts urn up they Are fresh. This is an dual lilo Rule to distinguish a Good egg rom a bad one. Tomato boil one pint canned Matoes for Twenty minutes in Ono pint a Ater then add one pint milk very gradually that it May not curdle season s for Oyster soup and Servo with hot ackors or squares of toasted bread. to keep Honey All lie year round lot it run through u Lino Ieve to separate it from particles of tax then boil it gently in an earthen Essel skim Oil the foam which gathers 11 top and Cool it in jars. After covering those tightly set them away in a Ooi cellar. Cleaning stove Luster when nixed with turpentine and applied in lie a Bikul manner is Blacker More Lossy and More durable than when fixed with any other liquid. The tur online prevents rust and when put on 11 old Rusty tuvo will make it look As veil As new. Com to All that do not already use this recipe we will give it As a o think it the Way to make Corn bread. Take two pints Sweet milk two thirds up of molasses two cups flour and four f meal add nearly a teaspoonful of on. Bake slowly two hours so crust vill be tender when taken ont. Batter Ono pint milk a our eggs two even cups flour one a spoonful Salt Pinch of soda. A bake n a butter. D dish three quarters of an Lour. Eat hot with Rich sauce. Or on May boil in a buttered tin or poured jag flouring very thickly. Boil two ours taking care the boiling does not eau o for u moment until the pudding i to one. Auino Plum Takos Licos f Light bread spread thin with butter and Lay in n pudding dish layers of this read and raisins till within an Inch of he top. Add live eggs Well beaten and quart of milk and pour Over the pudding. Halt and spice to taste. Jhako it Wenty or Twenty live minutes and eat Vith liquid sauce. Before using the Ai Ivins boil them in a Little water and it it All in. Shake Youit Wool carpets hould be taken up and Shii Keu once a a ear Siml if the room is a common one Wii o or More. Whenever a carpet is Iko ii up it should he carefully examined and if any places Are burned or worn they should be carefully darned. With the Ravo Lings to match. A carpet can b saved very much by guarding the Al trance doom with Mats Etc., Especial the door loading from Tho Kitchen. Valuable books. A decided sensation has Boon Occil Sio nod in London Over Tho Sale of a Pri Vuto Library which belonged to or Henry Perkins a Rich Brewer recent deceased. The collection consisted o Only about 000 volumes and yet according to the London time i brought an aggregate of $ 136,000. Tin Library is said to Havo Cost Tho owne 1100,000, which would to an average o nearly $ 500 a volume. The aggregate sum was greatly enlarged of course a Tho enormous prices paid for a few o Tho books. A famous and unique Vel him Boccaccio once sold for ovo $ 1.1,000 but this a instance was foil Ltd Ono in Tho Sale of a Bible in tin Perkins collection for $ 21,400. It woe Tho jul Bola f Tara Satina in two vol mos of Gutenberg and Faust and sail to be Tho first Book printed on Mota Typo. It is our of the five original vol Luni copies and As All Tho others Are in Public libraries and not to to bought this was the Only Chance of securing Tho Book. It can scarcely to said that the it True of Tho Bible is depreciating Whei Ono copy and that in latin will bring Vor $ 20,000. A if a Railroad director wore lashed to Ivory locomotive there would to fewer Railroad accidents and if doctors had to like their own physic before Adu minis Oring it to their patients fewer people Vonlil be poisoned. Or. Joseph Walker f California took this course when in first compounded Tho famous vinegar jitters which now rank As an inestimable household remedy in All parts of the suited states. To healed himself with his specific before to offered it to the world. To introduced it with a simple statement of the manner in which to iad discovered its vegetable ingredients my been cured while wandering sick ind poor among Tho California tribes be stated what the preparation Hail Lone for himself and a few sufferers " rom dyspepsia bilious Ness Rheuma. Ism lung diseases and Many other covalent disorders believed him tried Iho now restorative and wore More than satisfied with Tho results. In this Way he Sale of Tho vinegar bitters began mid to mention the fact As an evidence hat in this ago of intelligence and in airy nothing that is really valuable to Mankind can prove a pecuniary failure even though it May Lack Tho help of capital and have to fight its Way against powerful opposing interests. Avi thin to or three months after introduction to article became self supporting and t now yields a magnificent annual com. Potatoes prescribed. Several Gorman writers upon races Dediot that nations fur from improving will deteriorate both in physical us mental characteristics if potatoes Locombo a principal article of diet. The Al Obrator curl Voight says that " Tho nourish Iii potato does not restore be wasted tissues but makes our proot Riata physically and mentally ? to Holland physiologist Mulder gives to same judgment when to declares hat the excessive use of potatoes among to poorer classes and Coffee and Tea by to higher ranks is the cause of Tho in. Of once of nations. Losindo Frost Mainu ins that Tho revolutions of the last rec centuries Havo been caused by the hanged nourishment the lowest Workman informer times ate More flesh than of when Tho cheap potato forms his Fri Cipal subsistence but gives him no muscular or nervous strength. Two noted literary men died in now Ork City last year and it was supposed hat both died poor. Each received a Alary amounting to More than $ 3,000 a ear for Many years before to died. In no instance it was necessary to take up collection among the friends of the deceased to obtain Tho necessary funds or burial expenses. In Tho other Case Philo the dead Man Lay in Tho House a Riend searching through his private a pcs found a life insurance policy for 5, 00. The last Premium had been mid by a Friend Whilo Tho Man was in Ood health. Do not neglect to insure our life. Do it now and to Roco Miloud Tho old new York life insurance company As one of Tho very Best con lanies to insure in. Send to Tho Homo lice ii 18 Broadway new York for All in Pessary papers. A com. If you would patronize True Temperance Loi Licien prop Rod by a skilled Liy Hician and by a or Occas Trio discovery of m own who Roku not a Diop of rum we risky our or any other alcoholic or fermented Liguor Utomi h a ub6 Jar. 7 i . I family Midi Sliwa. L lies do not manufacture drunkards an do lie Vibrio ii " cordials " tonic elixirs my " bitters of Tho Day. Boldon medical Jyh covery is Mitri Tifuh a tonic alterative or and an Xuoc in of Tough Rouy. J Lott Kunt 1 us Kalivo i Ollon soured Najt r Toni i inns and wet an agro Oblo and reliable physio favorite Rohu Riplon 11 i Imbody for females while his i. Sii o h Catarrh Lio Mody in known the world vim ii Trio Throat. Out ii Loci Luj for Catarrh and old in Trio u had our Given to Iho Public. Veliu Iliev. Fire insurance is regarded everywhere s among the necessaries of life. A property Holder is reckless without it. Life insurance is now classed with fire Nunra Idieo in this particular. Tho Nail nil life insurance company of Tho United states of America with Branch Ellice at Philadelphia with which co Respondence should to Budwith the Argost Cash capital of any life insurance oin Pauy in Tho world offers insurance i All sections of the country at three myths Tho customary rates Nind desires n agent in every locality. It combines a Solute strength with unusual cheapest is managed by some of Tho Best ion of Tho country and is Well worthy lie patronage of All persons socking in Franco and Tho attention of All persons coking employment. A com. Pile. A in cases of piles or. Trash s big notion ointment Natii like a Charm Utrone a immediate and positive Relief by Ono apply Ilion. To know of persons who can got Relief from o other Hon co and who place Tui extravagant Aliu on the ointment on thin account alone lion it in equally valuable for Many other Moh. A com. Mine Lati sri no hods and ill Tino open All the your with its Iron Lakonia and Sulphur Spring Waters water air apor nud Hydro electric and magnetic path. Cuvo for chronic dih Caho and of Cui lox. Send for circular. Addron Moi us " ale m. I Knyper intendant aim Arbor Mich. Chapped hands face rough skin. Mulch ringworm Nalt Rheum and . Cured and the bin Mado Hoft Ucol Hin Ooth by using the Juni Kii Taii Yoav ado by cask a Llama in it co. New York o certain to got Uio Joti Infin r tar hoop mad y tin a h them no Many imitations Amdo Wilb limn of tar which Are com. We see by Tho Chicago papers that Bockh k Gam Iii. E Havo reduced Uio Price of Loir Long established and popular Brand louled Gernian soap us present Price a us ponor Quality makes it Trio cheapest an Well b Tho Best Houp for Consumers. A i Kotleman afflicted with the chronic Lou Matin Hay a no description of my Cano in Convoy Tho Vanl amount of Benefit i have a Voivod from Tho Hob of Johnson s Anodyne Ini Incipit. I believe it in Iho Bent article in Tho Odd for com. Cutler s vegetable pulmonary Balam " doubtless Tho Best cough Medicine in 10 com. Tun estimated Cost of Chicago s new Rand Pacific hotel was $ 1,000,000. He actual Cost was 81,000,857.94. If a hone has a Good Counti tuition and has once Boon a Good Florae no matter to old or How much ran Down to May tie he e a be really improved mid in Many respect made an Good As new by a Liberal me of Toher Dan t cavalry condition i com. The car her of k Greet remedy. Twenty Smi Imit Havo Al Tagad Ince it w a briefly announced that a new vegetable Tonto am Altor Nelto injuring Iho Namo of Ilon totter s Tom Auli Hilton Imd been added to the 1hi of pro tonal to and Hent oratto nod Linoi. The Modea actor Laemont which invited attention to. The preparation stated Tomt it had been used with from tic Coffil in private practice of a euro Ford Yopp Ila bilious complaints constipation and inter my Trout Yovor. It wan Adon disco bored that the article possessed extraordinary proportion. The people of every class lusted us merits As a tout corrective and restorative and Conn Tomt its effects More than fulfilled Thor Hopes an expectations. From that time to the present it course Haa Boon upward and. Onward Aud it stand Portny at Tho head of All medicines of it cons american or imported in the magnitude of irs Gatlos nud us reputation us a into agreeable an intent and restorative. For Lang no and lob Allty Lack of appetite and gastric disturb fines so common aur liar Tho summer months is absolutely infallible. Indigestion bilious dig orders constipation nervousness periodical of vers and nil Tho Ordinary comply Aluta generate by u vitiated and humid atmosphere vanish undo us renovating and retaliating influence. This i its record vouched by volumes of tote Lylbon testimony extending Over a period of a fifth of Century nud comprehending Tho names of thou util of Well known Cettl on belonging to Over clean and calling. In Europe it is thought a area Hlili to obtain Trio patronage or Royalty for e Patent Medicine but Hostatter s bitters a been no proud by millions of Inui Pend out sovereigns and us Patent consists to their endorsement. Willir the Ltd bib out of Oline Halbi or. Jayne a Nativo Tilli 1aud you will bring Imus thin Organ to l Luiu Lilliy condition and got rid of Many Clu trek Sivali. Kadhi Ioka s Pim. I no the one remedy lha Ever Folia to euro paver and ague. Tho i Ipoh flu Libou rime u cured immediately. This u a tub turn fact. Tho markets. New Yoke. By bees Choice common Linos areh8ed Cotton a middling Upland ? m ump us ii Lino Wohlen thu at no. 2 Chicago Coli no mixed Western oath Itka Western. Of Ike mob. Chicago. Job bks Olio co Good Moil Inui common inferior. Hoime Livo uus we into Winter Siwl Winter wheat no. 1 Spring no. 2 Spring no. J a in Iii John no. 2 Oats no. A Ink no. 2 Lal Lleyn no. 2 to ii Clio iou Dairy coh lha i Rohll Ohko mobs it Siim Vii Kate no. Full Ouno no. 2 mixed oath no. 2 Kyd oink mom Logia Catti. K Cincinnati. I. Our Vita. U Ink a 1 Rinio j. Hrs of bks Johb Miwa Ukoh we Kate no. 1 no. 2 cons no. 2 o. A tsp no. 2 Ink no. 1 no. 2 Cleveland. A heat no. I Lloyl no. 21 e l John Oats Toledo. Wheat no. 1 ipod no. Ailo. 1. 3oiis Oats 11 5 pm 8 10 a 7 21 5 4 75 fat 5 25 1 Duff 1 48 52 @ 55 42 @ 01 85 a id 75 coils 00 8j@ 8i 5 75 5 6 88 5 25 @ 5 g2i. 1 co w 5 00 8 do fit d go a 00 g 3 75 4 15 5 4 75 0 50 5 10 00 7 00 @ 8 00 1 1 a @ 1 20 1 2 1 @ 1 25 1 07 1 a 1 " 8 32 f i 84 27 f a 6u a 51 5 17 s 11 g 14 00 Fol 8 05 s 1 2h r 51rtr 2h s r s f 10 00 @ 8j a 28 6u 51 20 13 2 j a j 3 05 5 4 17 5 00 & 5 75 0 50 Oil 7 00 1 80 is 1 35 42 is 43 go Iii 07 no Job 42 15 00 8 15 60 8 s 8 1 31 @ 1 25 a ill a 2u 4 to Jar 05 3 1 52 & 1 51 1 40 a 45 s 16 88 @ 1 57 @ 1 4 @ 40 b 40j so g 40" canvassing books sent Frek for prof. Fowler s 6reat work n manhood womanhood and their Mutual inter relations Lovo in Law Power & e. At out arc Selling from 4o to 3o copies of this m k n Day and to Send a Cav asking bunk free to by bunk it foot. Add Rob Hlat lug experience Etc., at1okal Puu. Co. Chicago Iii., or St. Louis to. S agents pm wanted forints a. Timers of Tiik to j Hibi. I. Ifs Octora niialy7fi a and Porf Rivait a Roll Moti and we Nett. Just Elko a tilth unit Shin Ora of our Wii by. Orly Hal 7tary, 8trlkiiiffandi c a ii liar. I Loarf in a novel Sunart fur circa Ilner. I Kwh. Kkt it to a Widt Cor. I Ltd it. And admins at., Chicago 111. Opium morphine or edit a Oci Llly a Broil by or. Link h Only in Wii a mire Kim cd. No c Lia Itcik or Trofil neut Tinell on or Iii Lili c. So do. I. G. Beck Cincinnati of i it u. A a i i. U ii 1111, Eiman Neil Roco a a Ligpit of Jinn qty Anil i Anil in Laws free. Or. J. Walker s California Van bitters Aro a purely vegetable Iro Paragiou Ninilo chiefly from Trio naive herbs found on the lower ranges of to Sierra Nevada mountains of California the medicinal properties of which Are extracted Thor from without Tho use of alcohol. Tho question is almost Laily asked " what is the cause of Tho Buccos of Vrap Oak bit Iskat our answer is that they remove to cause of disease and the patient roovers his health. They Aro Tho Groat blood purifier and a life giving principle perfect Ito novillor and invigorate or f the system. Novor before in the history of Tho world has a Medicine been tha remarkable univ Liteh of Yik Miar bitters in Healing the Iek of every disease Man is heir to. They to a gentle purgative us Well a a tonic Ili Oving Doug Ostium or Inellan nation of 10 Jii Vor and \ r iseral Organ in bilious the properties of or. Walkkr s Ink i a Jerri Kos Are ape Rient tiap Horatio Unni Nativo nutritious laxative diuretic Odu Tive of motor i mount Sudori fic Altera Ive and anti bilious. It. i Ixam a i la. Neg Tinli and Oon. Aka. Sun . id our. Of Neil i a Rillon Sla. X. T. Mold b nil a a nip Anta ital i ulrus. Vegetable a i a a american bes1 1 in Tiik world. A Emo Vail. K toiit1. Kit Cik Cui. Aft i Liu Forat ii loss cuts. Caul fur Rorn puget to Almekk an. Saw co., new York. A cd utile Rii Naiu with to null a key Check Lull i out Leta. Catalogues bump Joa and full Nart ular Spiik. B. M. Spencer 117hnn Ivor St., Huston Dwarf of " we idlers. We Are reliable and Elf Rule will pay All agents a Cali a4u a cock salary. O. W Klin Ell a co., Marion onto. Tea agents wanted in town and coun j. Try to sell Tea or get up club orders for the rest Tea company in America importers prices id inducements to agents Flond for circular. Address Roii Kut Wells i3 Vesoky Treit hew York. A the a Largo Clatt Png Tom Bow to Jan.1st. 8tj3st, or Tho be a t Clem 8p cent and try it. Addomi till 8tn, now y a re City. Midway s ready Relief cures the worst pains in nun one to Twenty a minutes. Not orb noun after a Wadiha this Advt bument Hoed any one staffer with pain. Hedw or b Ilenda Keller a n care for every Phi. It w a a the Wilst and m the Only pain remedy the t in Tontor Hope Tho to t cd Nicl a Tang Pallia no tub influx Nutoni my curio . A bellies 1 of Tho Lungi Ito Mich of Woli or Valier gland or org Iii by one a Pullo Loii. In mom Onk to Twenty mincks. 10 matter How violent or excruciating the Piton Tho rheumatic Bod Ruddon infirm Orl Pleil Nerv 09. Neuralgia or prostrated May off lir Radway s ready Relief will a food instant Kab. of the Kli. Inflict mint hrntorle., croup Why via f he 1i " 1 " h a n Aach tooth rhe a a a a a a a m a y. Cold chills of tote Asvul a 1 " 1 " thl Lam la " la a Trio application of Trio Beady he mkt to Iii. A Tor pans Oliero Tom Palu or of Lgth will Sorrl Faao and Comfort. Twi Only. Drop Iii Iii Lii Tui Lorol water will in a jew Nio Mouli Oil Fronir arb Mim sour Ston Vicli who Winil in Tho bowls. Anil All Iii or Tinl Phliip \ a is Kkt Ady 1 lira Pijl " Wal i Thom few Rovi or a v int hic Keneni or Palm from cd Miiko r w a Tor. 11 in Collor than or Oculi Brundr or Butteri . Fever and ague. Vav by and ague cur Oil to nifty Conta. Thore 5 not a remedial agent in thin t Odd that will cure r a or Anil a a o. Anil All Othor Valarious Dillons Law p to 1 w. O " Ute s. By r a 1 Lwy of Atli per Battle. Health. Beauty. Stuom4 and pal Ltd k1ch blood in. T it Haiku of f1. K81i and balt 8kin and ii Kautzi i to All. Or. Radway s him undo the most Niton Hhlen c Norer no Quick no a Nyll no the Elin cos Iho Itoda in Ler a Ooi under Tho influence of thai truly wonderful Medicine that every Day an increase in flesh and weight is seen and Felt. The great blood purifier. K a Ory drop of Tho Sai Tsap. Akullian rr80lvbnt through the blood. Sweat urine. Us other Itu ids and in Loci of tha n a join Tho tax or of Ifo for it Rop Alra the waste of Tho body with new and a oui id material. Ser Fula hype Lii count Nipton Lii Udel. R duo Fie Clem in Tho Thront it Foutlik tutors Noi Loi in the Olaniyi Aud other part of the Yusleni sole Kris. Furui Tho Vii Anil the worst forms of skin do a Azieb. Emir Pulone. Tenor sore a. Scald head. King worm Hal t Khotim Jenl Prelaj acne ill ask spots worm in Tho flesh Ennior a0 a nicer a in the womb and All Walion Ingano -. Infill ois Charcey night sweat. Lom of Pori and ill we a t m of the life principle Aro within Trio curative Indio of i i b wonder of modern whom Btry and a Fow Klajn per. Onming info Rithor f a Liao Fornix of disease a potent Power to cure if Limo patient. Rodn ced by the waste Mil in composition shut in continually Progre Niini Iourtc. L3 in Urr Ostlyng Thi to Wastog and repairs Trio an. E w i l l i no material Mado trom health ill blood mid Lii. Los Alisal a Lllian Willau dildos secure a a euro id curtain for when once Liia remedy Commini Wiiri in work of purification Ami succeeds in Limmel slug tha Lam of Wames. Its repairs will be ii lil. In i Ivory Day the patient will feel himself a i owing bettor Anil Aero Tiger Iho food bet it Apprille improving Aud flesh and weight in Reading. Nut Only Doos Tho Samara rim. Kijik Kresol. Or. It Excel 11 known to redial agents in Tho cure of chronic Corii Loiuis . And skin disease a but it a Uio Only positive euro for kidney and bladder comply Altti jul nary and womb dare aids gravel diabetes. Towy stoppage of water of Uruo Irig lil h diner o. . Anilia All can Cashero to. O two Brick dust deposits or Tho water la thick lowly Luigi d Wilh Mali stanch Elko the White of an a c. w4iiloailk. Or there is a morbid Ark Billon appearance and Whilo Bee Dunt de a Oil Nuil when there a n pricking by ruling Bonsai of when ii Passini water and pain in Tho Sumel of the Back and along the loins. Tumor of 12 a com growth cured by k. A d Way s Inteso l vent. Price $ 1.00 per bottle. Or. Radway s perfect in Reattie and regulating Pis " taste Lam elegantly coated Wilh Sweet Gnu re n t i l Vit u 1cd " do d " Treu then. B a l. Of u . I w be r. F or _ b t o l " w e Flor. O Koif Nelly Dpi n . Nervous bus Oasis headache. Roii. Tiption font vol ens. Indigo Salon dyspepsia blllonsnes., bilious Yli Luiis and typhoid t Evers inflame Patlon of the towels. Files and All derangement of Tho internal Fin Cora. Warrant Cal to effect a positive cure. I Kuroly Scro table containing no Mercury minerals or Ilo Leriou Druga. A a Obs Erro the following am Tonu result Long rom disorders of Tho Dik Osalvo organs a c. Mus potion inward Pilot Ruline Sii of Tho blood n the head. Acidity of the stomach nausea heartburn Dir but of food fullness or weight in the Tomach sour Eruc tation sinking or flutter Liik at lie pit of thei a by Omagh. Swimming of Tho head hurried and difficult breathing. Klinl Torling at t " e fart Olio Klingor suffocating sensations when in a. Ying posture. Dan Moji of vision Dota or Welis la. Ire the Sig lit fever and Ull pain in the head dec Loncy Yellowness of Tho Hkin und y a. Pain in Tho Side Olist limbs and Bidden i r r i a Lee 9s Oen " incr Akkad fax so Asb Bond one lotto r tamp to Badwal & co. No. 32 Warren St. A y. A formation Worth thousands will be sent you. Gift Rise he Only Llella ble Uin in lie country i $ 50,000.00 invaluable gifts to us distributed in l. D. Sine s 162nd regular monthly gut Enterprise to be drawn flu inlay aug. Lluli 1873. Due Giraud capital prize of s5.0oo in Gold Wouri Zesil. Oboe Wop Rizes a 500gf Ivo prizes a Tooji one family Carriage and matched hoi Bra with iter mount cd harness Worth $ 1, to i one horse id buggy with Silvor mounted harness Worth a Ooi Ono Fine toned Bina owned i Lann Worth Shioi in family sowing lao hints Worth $ 100 each i Moold and Hilver l. Cor in. It Lii watches in Al Ortli from a unto $ 300 each i Gold chains silverware Jow Olry ac., a whole Numor gifts 0, oco. Tickets limited to ,000. Agents wan Ted to soil tickets to whom Libra a premiums will to paid. Single tickets Ait Bix tickets s5 twelve Nicketa Flo Touty Alvo tickets a Ijo. Circulars containing a full Liat if prizes a decrypt Lon of the manner of drawing and Otylior in Matlon in Rufo Resico to the distr Lution will to ont to any Ono ordering them. All Lett Ora must 0 addressed to aim of ick l. D. 81n a Box 86, 01 w. Qty St. Cincinnati. O. A cd Lorp lil and Ali Carcil Iho it Oral Palm Tinto to Ollun Anu ii o a a free flow of the it Onni blk Leat log the liver in a i Rural Catarrh. To Linin a i bulb Uro Nii Ferlin from Lilii painful Neil Licino. Tho Penl Ilont moot olu8tv1. K Liitt Khz wiu6iiro, Fuk Eviae a Rodli k Todur Vollmin. Fever and ague Tho Lii styx. K Iii Takh Tirikou Ouray Eright i Chr Point for Luro Oral Capon mid a n a Neinl Prevon Tetre and Nuin curare Neinl Levi. Ill a n a l a " Oil a Al a i " 1 Ipi r a n a my nera and liver tii Miia Umcil Toiuo j cipro. Out style 1i1tthii8 n " Luc Mol " cd a t Reno a toned. K. Lured equal to the 1 1,1 a a. A a a a �?z.�?z�?z.,. I os9 of appetite a i you a Carroto a Conrao Vii Oroumi in. 1 Ness. Ins we 1 " 111 Nonorl Sling int. In mid into 11,11 style Biti Riis by oru Cali meal. Thea will str Ducc the Ili ii Ruil effect. 1 ills Camj Nim ii neither til j or Ymir lint in victim to Tho grave., if in leu in Ali Milhuf Oln to an Cvar. . By. Esi and general mobility. Fico of. E r i -. A " l Iii Zileh in Ibe Yeti Lam Lajure Tiu. . Debilitate a l s. In birth Rohll Arenio in Jod Biant Neon Ivan to. No to build up their Oun Sll Iro la h Jno 1 1 Sty k a 1 a a a a j a a hot hug. In to a on off a j Atti ? is " re pm. Urea. We Tir Iino " Wool re " Leo 8 Lei Hailds thai the. Will any Ono take vile. Nair Pomona. Fol Sylv Nollol to Lei it Yah bit. Lilov. In to Liao who love ill will nol. Beware of no a genuine with Milit ale i i Huilui ulu i lieu to null l von balk by in. The Woottn Chion Midi oink co., unto m. Nil. Stotri. Liioi. Halb a Kim a to Keaton it Rob blah n. W York vim. A Tuulak Sui Vonnoy bold Oliie afo ill. Silky or brutal Ira it co., at. Louis Ilu. Osa Dalis ithe great alterative and blood pub pie. It is not o quack not rom. Ithe arc published i on each bottle of Medicine. It Lia used and recommended by physicians a wherever it Haa i been introduced. It will i positively cure Sor Fula \ in its various stages Al Felt \ mutism a full e swell \ Lino Oovi got Jtj \ bronchiti8, & Elk vols \ debility incipient \ consumption and nil Dis i eases arising f torn an impure i condition of the blood. Send i for our Kos Adalib almanac in i which you will find certificates i from reliable and trustworthy i physicians ministers of the i gospel Ana others. I or. B. Wilson Carr of nil Limonc i Days to Baa Recd it in in fire of Scro Fulu i Aud Oiler a Leonece with much not inac Ilion. I or. T. C. Ngh of Boll More recon i mends it to fill it Bodib a offering with i diseased blood i Nying it la end error to any preparation he has Ever need. Lev. Dabney Bull of Tho Bui Tindoro. E. Conference South Nyu lie Liau i Lien to much beige fitted Liy Ita me unit i to cheerfully recommends it to nil lib if Lenda and acquaintances. Craven it co., druggist a of Gordonn Rollo. A. F Bay it never Haa failed to give Leaf action. 8am 10. Mcfadden Murf Riceboro Neelee ayn it cured him of Ellie Ritieni when All else failed. The eos Adalis in connection with Oil will cure chills and fever Tyrer complaint do a Popita Etc. We Eti Araneo Koba Daib a Perlor to nil other blood purifiers. Bond for descriptive circular or almanac. Addrisi Clements a co., 6 b. Commerce St., Baltimore i. Be member to ask your Drue Eist for Rosadalia. I a Puri Ai. O1n.�? the Only Len d l s t l l l u i l in a Mcelra by the Holland pm ens. and chemically Winro. Fin. In to Liliu imported at loss Tymn Nulf tie Cirii o. Ii. Ii. A Huff let co., cd Ragn. Of Leif Ivy re Bifi male or feh alb a 00 a univ Rabi ulh0o. To Elgua Autard. Zubi Ioctl employment at Homo Day or evening nocal j required full Rantru tetons and valuable package Gouda sent free by mall. Address with six cent turn stamp m. Young ., 1cc Ireland to St., n. Y. Howard association Philadelphia a. An at Lutton Baring a High reputation for honorable nil and professional skill. Unsay a on Obstaculo marriage sent in smiled envelopes free of Hargo. Address Howard association no. 2 cult null St., Philadelphia a. Consumption its carbonated cod liver Oil two Well known medicines. Ita theory is rat to arrest to decay then build nil the Byston. Physicians find the doctrine Correct the really startling curve performed by will Sou s Oil Aro proof., Chr tollo Clil ims Meely arrests decay. It in Tho most powerful Antiseptic in the known world. Entering into the circulation it at once grapples with corruption Aud decay ceases. It Purl ius Tho sources cml liner Ouis Katun s t e a t assistant in Rusl Eliie consumption. " put. Up in Large we in arc a hoi Icil Muleo Lii Iiron Trio iiiv7ntor a Ami in vol. L l the Best of Ruggula. j. Ii Avila. Son s3. Lolin St., now. York. I = ii Elbut cd Bali Colin too. Aai s Jiaxu Alison co. Fet. Louis. Urk47i Nath. Organs toss to Titi. Kit Olla Jan a 1oo 4. Jivu Waters comerto parlor organs Iff Strtt a a 1 the terms Twerdal Aielt. 1 atom i. Us iinds made Strong bashful Uoss oyo Rinmo my Lulf i Hirw to conquer habits the mind the body in ado Tough and vigorous valuable Book. 10 Eta. Mailed by a. Looms Toracy City h. J. $ 40 per Wulc in Cash to agents. and Exi Fenaes paid a. Coulsell a co., Charlotte Macli. At of i to foal 0 f uly. Gonta wanted every. Ippu to Tea fat pcoa., r using. I Leann if run o i. L of. U. Each week agents wanted. Business Loiti into. I particulars Tea. J. Worth by. Louis to. Pox 2181. A Upu o. H. V. Reward for any Case of by Laid blood Long itchy no or Dlce rated piles Tomt a Bilina s 1 Ile Ite Hedy Falls to euro. It la prepared expo Aalto care the piles and nothing else. Sold by Hll druggists or Loti. Us. To Ehlein we. T1nu to adv Kuniski to to Pap of you w a a ivs Lii r

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