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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - December 12, 1872, Monticello, Iowa Fight of a has with a Railroad. By John a. . Khaw. The for d by no persons animosity Agni nut Vou or. Caleman but you represent the Public and the Road in determined to make it to terrible for to Public to fight it right or wrong that they will Stop it. To Are not Point to be attacked in thin Railroad official. Unfortunately for the great army of those who g a a a o u u p p and Down Tho land upon rail Padi the j. Public has been so Busy in this new country that it has unwittingly permitted the Railroad men to steal of Tufty Ita liberties. Tho corporations Promise to construct and operate roads for the convenience of the Public. This Promise is broken it Tho Start. The Public convenience a not consulted. The Public is informed that the fare shall be just what the Road chooses to exact j the equivalent for the no shall be taken by Tho passenger in such manner and at such times As pleases nol him but the Railroad Trio voucher for Tho Money in has received the tickets shall be " Good for Thi. S Day Only " Good for this trip and train Only " Good for six Days after Date Etc that is the rond will keep the Money and Render nothing in return except upon its own conditions. Tho Roar la also say they will redress their own grievances. They doom in loss trouble or in is More to their taste to punish offenders against their rules upon the spot than to seek the remedy prescribed for private individuals in like . Accordingly tie Comfort and Tranquillity of peace us passengers Are rudely broken in upon and their lives end in Jered by a brutal assault upon an offender in a car. Pistols Are sometimes drawn in a of Cutillo and innocent people Are As liable to lie shot is the combatants ladies in delicate health Niy be put in Budden peril through fright but the Barbari m of the Railroad Musl be carried out and none bul juries seem to recognize the impropriety of the proceedings in a court cd Law. About four years ago i purchased a ticket from Providence to new York via liar i Ford and new Haven. At new Ilavern my business detained me until Loo late in the evening to to ume my journey by rail. 1 therefore took the eleven o clock boat in order to piss n comfortable Niv lit and to to Able to meet my engagements the next Day. That left Tho railway Coupon ticket from new. Haven to new York on my. Bands. I afterwards had no Opportunity to use the ticket in the direction in which it was marked always happening thereafter to travel with through tickets from " Boston to new York. In returning to Boston from new York june 11, 1sc8, i applied at the office of the new York and new Haven Railroad in Twenty eleventh Street new York for a ticket to Boston via. Springfield. The ticket master re wed to sell me one unless i would wait three Iii him for tha train which left at three o clock p. M., going through to Boston. Lie said to would sell Nie a local ticket to Springfield and i could buy another from Thero to Boston. This would Cost Moro than $ 7 to Boston instead of $ 6, the regular through fare which of course i did not want to or y. 1 told him expressly that i wished to Stop Over at a Way station Cue train to do some but without Avail he would not sell Tho ticket. As 1 could not wait three hours i thought it would be a Good i. To to u e up my old Coupon us 1 was accustomed to Coupon other roads under similar circumstances. Accordingly i presented the Coupon to the guard stationed Al the Entrance to Tho cars lie rudely and imperiously refused me admittance fining that the ticket was " Geol for some warm words passed Between us and he finally called the conductor who stood near. The conductor was if possible More imperious than the guard lie said the Tiu Etwas " Good far nothing and peremptorily ordered me nol Loyo on Board Tho cars. I told him i thought the ticket was Good and that 1 was accustomed to use coupons in that Way upon All other to ids Over which i travelled. Lie replied that " it was no such thing he travelled Moro than i did and knew All about in and o included by saying that if 1 " attempted to get upon the. Earn he would put to Foll severe re Marks were made by several gentlemen Bim. Ling near to the conductor during this Licio to the elect that this was an other manifestation of the general spirit of insolence and meanness towards Pas Fongers for which that Road was noted. I then purchased a ticket to or i Lence via new Haven and Hartford and go on Board the train. 1 Felt irritated at Tho treatment i had received and hav ing a constitutional objection to Beinor brow beaten i determined to ascertain Why the practice with regard to tickets on this Road was so unlike that upon other roads. Having had Lime to recover my equanimity somewhat alter the c. Irs had to Etc. I and supposing the c Inductor might be still angry and unions Nable i Defyn nine to put he Case to him As one gentleman would to another and to exercise self control that my manner should be quiet and give him no cause for offence. Accordingly is he approached me in taking up his tickets i snid " or. Conductor there is no use for you and me to quarrel about this ticket. Thu is a Plain business matter an Al air of dollars and cents Only. The Case stands like this 1 am travelling nearly All Tho time and being frequently compelled to diverge from the route that i intended to take in starting i am left with unused coupons. Elioso coupons All Cost me Money and by the end of the year they would accumulate to such an extent tha they would represent too Large a sum for me to the conductor replied " that Coupon a Good from new Haven to new York but in is not Good from new York to new Haven. My directors ordered me three years ago not to take such tickets and i shall not do 1 then said " my position is Lii i have paid this Road a certain amount of " Money for a certain amount of service whether my face is turned Enst or West. You say this ticket is Good from new Haven to new York which is seventy four Miles i think it it Good from new York to new Haven which is also seventy four mile and i cannot understand the distinction which a you a gentleman who eat be fore me remarked at this moment " 11 there is any meanness which has Ever been discovered upon a Railroad it is Furo to Boft und upon this one for it is the meanest Railroad Ever Lam out of 1 replied " j f this is to i Hope they will make an exception in my Case As All i require Are the common courtesies of the Road and an equivalent for my Money the conductor said " i Bee you Are All linked together to make me and he went along. The gentleman Olio Hud spoken to me requested to see my Coupon and remarked that he had never heard the question raised before mud certainly had never heard the Ca e put in thai who. He further remarked that " whether it was l in or not it was common a part of the Board of Trade delegation of Bouton was in the car returning from the a Philadelphia convention several of these gentlemen who had Bec Osao interested in the discussion requested to see too Coupon and they took the same View of the Mailer that 1 did. As we were approaching Stamford the conductor again came to me and said in a very abrupt manner a Well sir How shall we Settle i his Matt a i said " just As before there is the ticket and i wish to go to n. W Haven the circumstances have not Niter d in the 1 had determined to take the Mailer quietly. The conductor a that it was useless to attempt to frighten me by Bis imperious manner m a j a Fetn began to r a Monitor a t at a Ying " you have no business to make me disobey my directors and make to loss my place upon the Road i have to gel my living in this Way and it is mean for you to do this was it new aspect of the Case and i replied " that h the Only embarrassing question which has Arisen in this discussion. I have no quarrel with you and i would not do you a personal injury upon any consideration but you and i both have travelled Long enough to know that this matter is wholly within your discretion. You can take this Coupon and urn it in at new York where you turn in your other tickets and no one will know whether it is taken going East or going West and no one will my moaning was that As no injury was done no injury could be known. He took the remark the other Way and said in a sneering tone evidently for the Benefit of the other passenger " you mite it just As Well ask to to steal ten dollars from the company because they would not know 1 replied " theoretically that May to True but practically it is nonsense. You very Well know that 1 have no intention to defraud this Road but in order to relieve you of All embarrassment about your position 1 will Inako you a proposition. Here is my address and these gentlemen know thut i am responsible. You take the ticket and turn it in and if you Are even reprimanded Forit Rhy your directors write Lomo and 1 will Sond you the Money for the ticket upon your Promila us u gentleman thut you will Sond the ticket to me again for 1 shall want the ticket. The passengers said that is fair and would avoid All the conductor raid " it is very in in but i Shan t do it Llma s All want another ticket out of you to i said a shall not give you to said " then i shall request you to get off tills train at 1 replied " i shall just As Pili Cly decline to do he said " then i will put you Oil i replied in general terms and with some natural heat that 1 did not believe he was Able to do it. To said " i Guers i can put pealed to the supreme court upon the Points of Law. " the judge in charging the jury had happened to say that if the resistance of the plaintiff to ejectment from the car consisted in. Simply refusing to walk out when he we told to go by the conductor of course blows on the head such As had been testified to were unnecessary and if Tho jury were satisfied that such blows had been Given a verdict should be Rendo red accordingly. This bit of common sense n a not directly at variance Witolf the Law of nature and is it is held by Many physiologists that All maladies proceed from Tho same generic cause we see no reason for the incredulity with which gome people regard the idea of a Universal Medicine. . Walker preparation seems destined to be universally com. L j us Iii 1lu e ill i4j .1 Uduc o 1 Viil. La my i you of if i get help 1 told him that was undoubtedly True bul warned him that i would pursue the matter further if he brought his roughs bulb Tho car and Laid hands upon me. At this moment the elderly gentleman who wit in front of me Rose and said " or. Conductor i Atn a Railroad Man Ana in my judgment Thi. S gentleman s position is Correct. If to brings it to an i Suo think to will beat you hut if you think he is nol Correct but trying to evade his fire the proper Way is to Telegraph to new Haven and have a policeman come aboard and quietly arrest him that is business Liki but Don t take the Law into your oven bands and throw him off the train for that is not done now a Days upon any respectable i said certainly will submit to is policeman but 1 will not be thrown Oft 1 by the conductor an boringly replied " we Don t do business in that Stylo on this i said " i have Beon aware of that for ten years past and i propose to see if you cannot to compelled to do business in that style upon this he said we were All against him and he would leave it to the superintendent. I paid no further attention to the conductor but commenced rending. Very soon Omo one shouted they Are coming for the conductor dime in at the head of five or six rough brakeman and baggage men and s. Iid pointing to me " i his a Tho Mac pull him out and put him on the platform. They seized my coat and tried to Roll me out of the sea. My coat Tore and they did not move me. This Seu Raed to enrage them and they sprang upon me like so Many tigers. Two of them seized me by the legs and As Many As could got Buck of my seat and seized Ine by the shoulders and a commenced violently wrenching me from the Cut. I instinctively grasped the arms of the scat and they took the Cushion and Frame up with me. When they Gol me Inlo the aisle and had me completely at their mercy three heavy blows with the cd Riched fist were struck upon the Backol 1 my head. Ave. By individual in the car jumped to his f e t the instant the blows were truck. The ladies screamed and one of Tho gentlemen rushed to Stop the conductor and his roughs from Liiri Kiiji struck me. Fearing for my life 1 one of Tho ruffians under the Chin and planted a blow Square in the face of another. We had a hard struggle until they overpowered to. They carried me horizontally until they reached the car door Sihon they dropped my feet a Little to pass through singly. 1 struck another away from me and to went Over Between the cars. They fiercely grasped me again and threw me broadside from the platform of the car Down upon the platform of the depot. I struck heavily on toy Side my whole length. In this struggle us y Tore Tho flesh from my arms and legs and they ruptured me for life. The passengers warmed out of the irs \ and gave me i hair addresses. The superintendent came up and i Lold him i would give a dose of com won Law and see if 1 could not teach him something. He said to would give i All the Law i wanted if i wished to Tol i h u Case. " i then ran and jumped on the train when it was in motion. The superintendent his son und another Man ran after and seized me arc Uncle the body stripped me off the car and held me by main strength until lilo train was Clear of the depot. As soon its to. By released me i Drew my in our h ticket from my pocket and a inc t Iem Why Ikey held me. Tho superintendent Stirum As though 1 had. it is not customary to show tickets in getting on Al Way tit lion Anil you did not give me. A cd. Iii. he said " if you had been a gentleman you would have shown that i replied " i do not ask your As to who is a be. Leman for you Are no of said " you tried to steal your ride to new Ilavern and soil your ticket and now we will give you nil Ibe Law you wan and Well show you the. T the Laws in Connecticut Niv Dill rent from where you came f. 1 took that for granted and returned to new York. When i re iced Boston again i attached the now York and Boiton express train gave a new Opportunity for the exhibition of that wonderful subtlety called " Tho supreme court after the usual tedious delay of several months in which plaintiff and witnesses had abundant time to die gave the new York and new Haven hallway corporation another Opportunity to fulfil their threat of making h " terrible for the Public to fight it Light or it decreed that Tho judge had no right to give an opinion As above but should have left Tho no option for Tho jury. Accordingly a new trial was granted which took p in june 1871. Up to this Lime Izreo people connected with Tho suit had died and one witness for Tho plaintiff had moved to Kansas while Young girls who were on the train when the outrage was co milled had passed from girlhood through Long courtship and Scro already matrons. However Wilh Iho impetuosity of a Youthful temperament and the knowledge of a Juit cause 1 made another onslaught upon Tho corporation alter Only fourteen months delay since the last trial and obtained a verdict of. 500 damages after one hour s deliberation by Tho jury. For the. F i f t h time the Road demanded another trial which being refused by the judge they again appealed from l i i s r u l i no the supreme court. They inked the judge in charge the jury thai if the plaintiff Hud a tendency to hernia or any physical disability that was liable to to in crossed by violence Tho plaintiff ought to have so informed the employees of the Road and failing in the it he and not the Road w. To responsible for the const que cues. According to the Railroad theory therefore if a gentleman is attacked by a scoundrel unless Iho victim gives a Complete diagnosis of his condition to Tho Lilian he and nol Trevillian who struck him is Lespo Siblo Lor consequences when his null is broken. To obtain the opinion of the supremo court of m Lesii Chusett upon this important Point has taken twelve months More but i am Happy to to Able to state unit at last one Point is established by the Massachusetts courts in favor of the rights of Railroad Passen Gers namely that it is not necessary for a Man to inform n. In Linly aggressor what his grand Mother died of nor to describe his hered. Tarr symptoms even though it is the Amployo of a Railroad corporation who comes to strike him. The c i3ovvi 3ono of simple brutal assault in a Public Railroad car. The witnesses for the plaintiff were Well known merchants of Boston who were members of the Board of Trade Railroad directors and Steamboat men As Well As others including ladies. Their testimony was Clear and consistent throughout every trial. Pitted against their testimony was that of the brakeman the baggage men and the. Conductor every Odd of whom was in the employment of the Road and a parly to the Adeaul. Not a passenger who saw the outrage committed in the c in \ Vas brought Forward by Tho Road. The testimony of Tho employees was so absurd a on the first trial Thi. L the court was frequently interrupted by laughter. No testimony of theirs upon any after to Iii has bean like that of the first but was manufactured to suit the theory of the Railroad. It has been privately r. D melted by the Road that " Tho facts were with me but the Law moaning 1 suppose the judge s rulings " was with so simple a Caso would have been disposed of it u single hearing in. A minor court had it occurred Between two poor men. But 1 have been compelled to pass through four weary trials lasting four years gaining Quick verdicts from juries and being Defeated Only by the first judge who granted n new trial Lothi. S Railroad corporation became thirty three dollars were excessive damages for Ihu Bontin and rupturing of a Man by their cry and. Being t h f choir. Justine his ruling of course were taken is Iho Law governing the Canso by the Assai Ite judges Wilri pre sided at the subsequent Trini. I and from whom i receive. Great Courtesy and painless. But the contest is finished after the porch Justion of every Legal Dev. Ice Natl there is something to be said about in in Tho interest of the Public. I have been repeatedly Toul by parties interested in the Road thai Tho company had Loo much Money to be beaten by me and they would spend enough to defeat to. Tho paragraph ill the head of this article is quoted from a statement made to me by an influential person connected with the Ooi Moro. Lion. These threats were of no consequence As applied to me for their object of. I 1 intimidation. They did not succeed. The corporation is beaten. 1 have received the Money fur damage which they said they never would pay and my personal contest u ended lint there threats Weim not directed against myself alone but against the. Public. To is expensive suit was prolonged to prove thut " r i g h t or wrong they would make it to terrible for the Public to fit rat the Road that Slipy would Stop if a limb is crushed by the negligence of the one of or. Greeley s last letter. A one of or. Greeley s last letters was to Alex k. Mcclure bearing Date of Tho last Day or. Arceley was at his editorial office. It was written in reply to one expressing sympathy with or. Gre. Eley for Tho loss of his wife and Tho political Mie Rotuno that so suddenly followed new York nov. 10, 1872. My dear of Hind 1 am n Man of Many borrows and doubtless have deserved them but i bag to say that i do nol forgot Tho Gallant though luckless struggle you made in my behalf. I am not Well. Yours Etc., Horucy 0 Reeley. To col. A. K. Mcclure. The Chicago Tribune now . Upion Ita rebuilt premises with Groat the new York weekly Tribune ii i l l t t u or a Lar consider Rel Ajril. By improved a and appears in a a few form of fifty six columns Tho in Iii Ida most and Boot newspaper Public ipod Weaton hew Yorkjr. Its distinguishing Foat Urei arc Tho earliest and full ont now from All quarters u t what tear Cost full and accurate commercial real estate o. N t general Market reports and Groat ability a its editorial Library and Grio thural . It i a and Oul spoken in its views with full Faith that time which fio Ouer or later Given to right Tho Vir. Tory will vindicate its principles. Ii has Boin Tho most powerful Agency in Trio Northwest in inspiring and molding that Strong free Public sentiment which at lint has United All parties Maint a i n i n g Tho equal rights of nil Irros Active of race Cre d or color. Tho adv Ato of Tro Groda the Friend of Virlin the fostered of Art education and a Coral culture its great Success is largely duo to its High character no 1 10 Best of the Industrial and business Intorn to and the m. A Volos Enterprise of Tho West. Ita advertising columns Rcv Oul Tho great fact a Moro convincing Viau fir l 1 a a that who. In r wishes to know or in Ako known anything patronize Tho Tribune. In is emphatically Tho people s Tribune which m Western Man of business or culture " an Al Ord to to without. The Tri w Okly Conta. Ins Noach Issue tic substance of two dailies. The weekly will contain Tho Croom of Tho it Tilis Tho Yuri valid article of Rural on " Tho farm and Garden so eagerly looked of. By aves Lorn renders and original Aud selected sketches tales and articles of special interest to the Home and Tho fireside. In Tho copious i Sii and freshness of its news l i t e r a by and adaptation to the wants of Western Fie Ople. It has no com the weekly Tribune now Moro than Zhiry year old h a a kept up with Tho Progri of the ago in improvement and in Enterprise. U devotes a Large share of it a column to agriculture As Tho most Osie Nofal and Central of human Pur buhs. It employs the Ablest and most Ruck earful cultivators to Sot Forth in Brief Clear essays their practical views of the Farmer s work. U reports Public discussions which elucidate that work gathers from every source Trio thural Newi the report of the latest expo Rimonys the stories of the latest successes and failures and what or a r May tend at once to better agriculture and to commend it so the first Ana most important of progressive arts based on natural science. Thero Are hundreds of thousands engaged in diverse pursuits who own or rent a " pice and give Nomi portion of their time to its culture and improvement. The weekly Tribune shows them How to make Tho must of their Roods and their hours both by flies action and example. Ifo information equal in Quality or Quanti y can to elsewhere obtained for Tho Price of this journal. The weekly 5oi4 inc a Pepala also to tfaehcr8, 8tudeatb, and a repo. S of inquiring uni Man i y Tho character of its literary contents which include reviews of All the works Proco Oding for. In the master i Nils of the old or of Tho new world with Liberal extracts from those of Especial interest. Imaginative literature a so claims it lotion but in n subordinate degree. " Home interests Ore due used weekly by a Lanyon socially qualified to instruct and into rest her own sex and the younger portion of Tho other. No column is More eagerly sought or perused with greater ivc rage profit Thau Hen. The news of the t a elucidated by brio comments is so condensed that a o Reader can doom it diffuse while Given in detail to satisfy Tho wan a of tin a a crag Reader. Sol Cliona a o regularly made from Thoxton Avo correspondence of the daily Tribune from every coup by ind its editorials of Moro permanent Valuo non bore reproduced. 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Balf inti. 30 cent. For Sale by All Broc org. Very truly a o o n u _ a. 11u11t tanned a again wed the evidence Fror a a unionist who wins cured by use of the Balsam and now Belli ii " Ifa Coltrell. Rung stat Marino City Mich Lynn a Rilott sept. 12,1h72 " 1 am out if Allen to lung bal a and Sond the Liaf across. A soon to you gun i would rather be out of any Olker Model Neon my store. The tiling if Thiim Dover fails to do Good for those afflicted it is Barint Obs to Tho most delicate child. U contains no opium in any form. It is sold by medic uni Ile Alors Gen. Rally. Caution. Do not the Holrod. Call f a Allen s lung Balsam mid Tako no other. A 3_ directions accompany each bottle. J. N. Hai Litls co., Cincinnati. 0., Noi bit Obj. Old by All medic let Pongori. American sunday school worker a 111. Youa j. Put c imm. Lily inn Lewun Lor fury Sahlu Ith Wii i upon Story no is for Trach Cri lesion Ria Pri for Scholan. In a Inion copy with particular. Frim. J. W. Mount or. F null Thor. S. S. 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The second trial occurred in the same court in Janua a 1870, and resulted in a disagreement of the jury. They stood eleven to one for me and it was afterwards understood that the Man who disagreed had been conc Otto in some capacity Wilh the Road. The third trial took place in l Ian. 1870, and resulted in an award of a 3,450 damages. Again the Road demanded o new trial which the judge r a fwd d to Grant the to d then a a Herr Iii safes it Mitiu triumphant. A Telegram Hays " a other Honing s rate Remc Iroil from Trio Boston ruins. Everything h. Ipod. Nothing lost in herring h ufos in this Sulci Facchi Good Tio co. Ament. Herring & of b Allied is at a state h Chicago. A. Glorious twelve years ago a few Nuu Loht lines in u now York journal Evite. L Public attention to a now vegetable Steht Rativo and Milic Inpil a trial of us merits us a Rem oily for indigestion Billiu Innoes Over Anil ague debility nervous Clinon Lars recur Patiam and All requiring invigorating and regulation treatment. 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If those Waters no impregnated with magnetism is it at All wonderful that or. Track should he Able to Combine magnetism with vegetable extracts and present to the world an a electric or " magnetic ointment " l r. Trafnik claims to have discovered and accomplished this result. From Ita powerful penetrating it seems to possess Strong magnetic qualities and a worthy atrial by the Public. Seo advertisement in this com. Go. Vuk courting a the. Lawyer. Said a Van. Rentto i Chin. just look at those shoes Only bought last week j Good As now All but the toes which Aro worn through. Money thrown away foot wot stockings boiled All because they Scro not Metal parents take your choices neat genteel Silver tipped shoos which never Wear out at Tho too or shoes without tips wit i ragged holes Aud protruding Tea. Which looks the boat ? which a the cheapest a com. The american a Ricu Tori. It ppe Kinc about Tho great merits of caj3lu Crew vile boots and shoos says " a trial of those goods for several Mon Thi past and the testimony to have from dealers prove this method of fastening soles Lobo a Good improvement there is no ripping Tho wire holds until tie Solo of Tho shoo is fairly worn com. A handsome Christmas present to a gentleman will to a Hundred Elmwood collars. They will last him a year. All Host Elass furnishing stores can Supply com. Rufus Cicai Man of Liberty mine had a stiff leg Bent at Thok Neo timbered and Atlantic strengthened by Toubo of Johnson s Anodyne liniment a com. The proprietor of John saris Aio i be liniment Parsons purgative pills and js7 a t Idan s cavalry condition powders have Pubin hed a readable and instructive pamphlet which May be had free at Tho com. The analysis of " the Queen s toilet 1 Tor Tho complexion made by professor s. Dana Hajes of Boston proves it. To be from from All Poitou Aud a truly valuable com. An Kraii listed Brown s Trio cube Aro widely known As an the weekly sex. Only to a year. S punch. The bist family p. U Tho a curly n. Y. Sun 8 pages. $ 1 u year. Feud your Dol a r. The bust Wambui. Tur. I Trio wkly n. Y Sun. 3 pages. Is a your. Seni your Dollar. Tub Host Roi. Itic i Park a a the we ily n. Y. Sun. Ill it Nik it Zutl faithful. Against Public plunder. 8 Pungi s. $ 1 u your. St i your dour. Talk Llast Tho Wei Kly now York Sun. 8 pages. Is u your. Scud your Dollar. Has Ai. Tiie of. to. it i Kly Newyork Sun s Puakea. Is a year. Soud your Dollar. The Best s Ron i Al Tho weekly n. A Sun. 8 pm Goit. Is a year. Hutul your Dot liar. The by St fashion ill Rozits in lilo w Eek y n. Y. Sun. 8p a Soi. S l h y o a r. Sen your Dollar. The baht a ubut a Vonra in Trio wkly n. Y. Sun. 8 Wiiken $. A y a r. Keni your Zullar. Tub of. St Gattle Fri out s in tie weekly n. Y. Suit. 8 Pat cd. J l t i j o u r. S us your Dollar. The t5f. St 1 Are in eve us be. I Trio week y n. V. Sim. 8 pose a. $ u y i u r. S and your a. A or air we t i la Sun. New York City. Twenty one thousand dollars Distria toil next april pipe among the $ 2.00 subscriber of thu weekly enquirer. Enclose 82 10 for a your a . roil Tor r. f. In a Bina a. A Faban Mcl a. Incl Nisall. Powder try it 50ldbyqkocers mothers mothers mothers d a a l full t a or a cur a mus. Wins. Mew a soothing Haykui fo1. Children teething. Nits. And areas a Halo. S libel. Web Southdown Fob 8ale to. Ii. 1 link. Mil Hrco. It. Dii Schein co. N. Y. . Whittier o Jon go t Etilia a and Moat Bucce Eiful u to linage. to Poltl a tar a e. Juet Rob Liaholi for the Bone fit of Frimu Tomeu who an ere fun in nth Rovou. Inu. I. Debility ac., a i a Etfer 2itanip a a in nor 3-" la n of a. Ii Pitrat l. For fun it tit a. Thea nectar is a pub Black. T e a with the Green Tea flavor. War rented to suit All tastes. For Sunli everywhere. And for Sale whole hate Only by thereat Atlantic k. Pacific Tea co., no. 191 Tullot St., Aud 2 and 4 Church St., Nev York. P. 0. Box my. Send for Tvola nectar circular. _ oases. It not Only relieves Tho child from r a in. Not i rates the a tout tech mid Lowell corrects acidity. A n. Give tone and Energy to the whole Stew. It Wil Alio inn Nutly relieve a girl plan la Iii Bewel. And wind Colic. W. Heli Evo it is the. Bust a Nii Srb St bemu1 263 receipts $ 135 a Worth t. Loi Iii. 5ro. Agen1s Wanatko Ilin to. Particular free. Box if k i v valuable sgd three Keiit Ituna ice a Lou particular dob80n. Iuyne8. It co. Fit. Lin Ila to. Railroad men fight Iris to id of pay the victim is their theory of dealing Vilh the Public and they will remove nil opposition by the j. or of wealth i n l la once with courts. And Shibi 1 k pro risen. " they May Rumiko any rules the. Y plea. Be for tie Public and Mav carry out their arbitrary designs a Jacinot the people in Spile of decency or common eru.-. A. The Only advantage to b n in must a o o Ului 6 Iwuh the proverb lint utilise h t i u l l Eon in cure 1, Fantl to on fore i h t l i p inc Rutt Stupi Lity to Omelure it. I y3prptic a la Ivy h t t i i n by a i lit to con Imu a . To Len Mel i f l l u r i r in Tyd if they r. Hootte lint u i a not Hup in pc. I Tomt any Ruth Oulu l rinse prefers pm. Y i ill torment to i in and i till Ali the p r o b l i i i l y is hut if All from ii Ili rest Uii Werf cd Uhitil Tel hint in a b a a lira sinful Sililo Romily of r Iligir complaint misted Hoy Mim Lui w i t h Olio Riccord report to it. To most y Drc Ari hut such 11 i Pinc by flops Oxier it nil Tomt in Zianio i a t Stomi Icli ilits is tie re Coit of its h la tvs cof my a Oto a porno. L., f move Ilmi Touty Yiming % d it ii Feniolo Sisly Al i Phil unit Ifilio Tiu. Ini poit int fact ran be coup cd by us Ali Oruil d. Sion Rich that l Iid Liouta Wigim v i i t f i l i y a total dime turd of All dict try rfcs. Mid i n t i i i f i i t i t to and Roth urfa Chiron c by Troi Iii. It or rom tic Liao in of in plan cell been in red within throw Inonu life l. Y Trio by Jet Iua tic \ w of tills it Tomn Cylc and Altenio v a. It hould l 4 Romon Borod Attiat we Knoss of the digestive organs involve4 Many other Ailini South. Ill ponsness a my Che Norvola mobility Epa sni palpitation of die heart Hrh of blood to the j him Nau Aej vertigo Anil Aro unions its concomitants arid Roan la nud for All these the great in table tonic is spa inc. It Acta first noun Lam to Yurtch and throme Tho Smiach upon to secretory Tinl Surv oils Pestenis and lilo bowels Itu general effect being Ulvi inti Jeuial and . Whip. K wait ii Pott a cough " to 20 As it cat no you Aro often sowing to seeds of consumption. To Jitter try at once or. Jayno s expectorant a Aure c. Inc for All Concha and cold. The markets. New Yolk. Beeves prime 13 $ u common 10 3 11 Hook Dre Kiseil 5 25 @ 6 75 Cottos middling Upland. 19l@ Lyoun extra. I 00 @ 7 15 wheat no. 2 Spring 160 g 1 54 co Itne mixed " Western 63 at 04 Oats Western a 50 @ 55 Western @ Diu. Gym Tato @ pork Mesa 15 25 5 15 5u Lauu 7? i a 8% Chicago. Beeves Choice 5 75 @ g 50 Good 525 h 5 7a m a drum Grados i 45 b 5 00 Stock cattle common 3 00 @ 4 25 inferior. 2 00 @ 2 50 Hoosz live 3 9j @ 1 00 butt Khz Choice w s 28 Kocib fresh 20 @ 27 Floour Whito Winter extra. 7 50 @ 00 Spring extra 5 60 co 1 00 wheat no. 1 Spring 1 10 is 1 20 no. 2 Spring 1 o j Refl 1 09% Cox a no. 2 30 @ 30. F Oats to. 2 25 a 25k Uvea no. 2 Fiji a Bai Ilei a no. 2 by to i of bks old me a 8 12 75 now Moss 11 87 Laud St. Louis. Flour xxx wheat no. 2 Spring Cox a no. 2 mixed Oats Styb Baulky Pokky mess Laud cattle. Lious a sent by mall for ii it a. K. B. Took. I. 1 to l. Coli Mon avo., new y a re City used and recommended Ythi most eminent physician in new England Pom the last 41 years. Nothing Cutler Bros. In co., Boston. Sold by the Drua relats selves and Billet and Haltli t a your infant. Be Sura and cull for " or a. Win a Low a Soo Ilni Strinni hating Tho fac Stralle of " of obits Pekki Nii on Tho outs do a Ripper. A sold to Prat fist the worm. Schenck s Pulmonic syrup seaweed tonic and Mandrak Pilu. These a re Hie Only medicines Eliut will cure pal Monure consumption. . A Cluck. 1 Hub Bron in in nuut v r a Otice for Orer to Loti Yiirs continually cd a Militi lung and knows Lif a medi Cine. If properly Takii will euro consumption. Iii. Mini like l i l clout the Lavur a us Tou a Cli Uii source a tonic dissolves 11 0 food. Tiu jul a to a Trio Coati in of tue Blou Liob. A i a i Hijiko Elliou. Ills Fulmor mitc syrup a lepus Tho mater and iia Iuro in Row a it on without any of ortion. For Rulo by All Dru nights. . A. Trask s magnetic Oil mild Fob the Cikk of i1tflammatoey diseases Kun. W a us. Gre. It f pails. In Sana spit sons. Tra a. Etc. Etc. Trade supplied by Jan mob Bao Thiis. Manufacturers 352 " it Reot. New York. Prise the Only Kofl Able gift distribution la Chr country. I. Sine s nineteenth annual distribution to be drawn wednesday Jan. 1m, 187 $ 200,000.00 valuable gifts established remedy for coughs co.-. I Elro chilis hoarseness Aud other troubles of the Throat and com. Cincinnati Fuitem wheat Corn Oats the purest and sweetest cod liver Oil in Tui. World is Nazaru 4 Caswell a made on Tho Bea Shoro from fresh selected livers by cab Well Hazard & co., new York. It is absolutely pure and Sweet. Patients who have once taken it prefer it to All others Rhye Icilus Havo deep cd it Superior to any of Tho other oils in Market. Moi Mon set diets Kent j Uek. Address a surly ii t \ t. V. A Omaha new a. A i. U or i of Yalj Xii 1 eol i. talc youth soom Panion of Boston is one of the most judicious and enter pricing sheets in the ,.- Coni. Dahlen Point Mes lard Hoos Milwaukee floor Spring extra. We eat no 1 no. 2 corny no. 2 Oats no. 2 i Tyby no. 1 Baul Liyu no. 2 Cleveland. We eat no. 1 hed 1 no. A Rod cons oath Toledo. I Ikata no. 1 Whito Michigan Amber Michigan. Cobs High mixed Low do. G 00 1 17 28 21 .08 a 3 12 50 3 Olf 3 25 7 85 1 52 30 27 08 go g2 s13 00 s @ i 50 s 29 @ g2 @ a a a @ g 00 Fri 3 do a 7 50 @ 1 57 a 43 a 33 of 70 12 00 812 i5 3 65 4 @ 3 80 1 @ 1 15 lit 1 of Jiva 27ko of a 61 @ 65 1 52 41 in $ 18 88 five rules $ 1,000? a ton prizes 500 3 our Iran of matched Hora i with family car Ratje null Hiiva r nto tinted learn cry wort i $ 1.5 fire a Virnes and n a ii i a a with Silvor Mouti Ted thin Cibb wort i Sfilio Mali five fun tonsil Una Ewtou i pianos. Wor i i. Vii Encl i Wicnty fire fungi la hewing met Chhin. Worth Limei incl 2.3 flood mid surer Lavt Lintin wat Clum i nil Worth Frardi g o to $ 300 etch do 4 Umina. Hal redware jewelry ac., a. Null t gift 25,0 10. Tick re limit to Ino. Law. A a flat8 want and to Hull tickets to whom Liberal promo inn h will to said. Sniff la tickets j Sii ticket. 81 0 j twelve to cots 84oi to wont Veti Climeth. 840. Mircu Tirb a full in Tel prizes of Tho manner of dry Wius and Othor info nation in reference to Tho a tar. Hot Ion will to bout to Uny Oue ordering Thorn. All looters Tiht lie a to main office l. D. Siivo Box 86, 101 w. Fifth St. Cincinnati o. . Trans was engaged for Twenty years in a course of Experiment upon Tho medical properties and Power of Teg tables. Separate and combined. At the a e of eve Ute quart he san need jul in to Lens world As the result of his experiments h conch Inatio of vegetable extracts the Power of which a removing Dia Eraci is in the Annala of Medicine. Jiu Duc Overy coi mul in & combination of these powerful vegetable extracts with electricity or Magnet Tiiu in the form of a Point certn2n. It is that tie remarkable and unprecedented Euc Cess which has attended its application in the cure of discuss Stamps Itaf. . us the or contest discovery of the Nguc and Calls for a trial und close investigation of its properties. It Novor Falls while there reit Fains Chi Focient life to restore a iia Tural and healthy action to Ihu Cap Alliry vessels of Trio body and Cru Ruizo the circulation of the blood. By this Means a controlling Power is gained Over the most malignant forma of disease which cannot be obtained from any other remedy. Sulla u tie Power of Lenl a combination that it penetrates to every portion of the human Frame every Bone and muscle vein. Nerve and he i must to Acar Hod out and made sensible of its Purl Fyler and Healing Jinhu Cnoc. Hence it copes a readily with internal As external disease. Numerous ii Taco no on record where this remedy has restored health to patients so near the Prado Flint the most powerful internal remedies failed to produce any effect. Such tins frequently been the Caso in inflammation of the Bowel. A pal Lent Ever no a die with this if peace where the magnetic ointment can be obtained. For inflammatory Ulicny Mintum or s Oil Tineil i the most Complete remedy Ever prepared. For diphtheria or putrid sore Throat it is unrivalled. In ninety nine canes out of a Hundred it will afeard entire Relief to Tho worst Lens of nervous headache in thirty minutes. For Norvola in Scales this Medicine in of immense value. of Tho Saluo Khyu Matlum lameness ulcerated son Throat pleurisy croup Colic cholera results sonic Ana rename in an Lornis of unease. No Pernon can take Thucie ditto a according to directions and remain Long unwell provided their Bones Are not destroyed by Mineral Poison or Atli i Means and the vital organs wasted beyond the Point of repair by a a i a la or i ill a e a then. Headache pain in the shoulders coughs tightness of tie Chest dizziness sour erect actions of the Slomack had taste in the Mouth Lillions attacks palpitation of tie heart Noann nation of tie limps pain in the regions of the kidneys and a Hundred other painful to symptom -., Are the of Springs of dyspepsia. In these complaints it has no equal and one bottle will prove a. Better guarantee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement. For Keinzle in Young or old married or single at Ibe Dawn of womanhood or inc turn of life then tonic ritters display so decided nil influence that a marked improvement is soon perceptible. For Allie go ironic and gout Dysh Repsia or indirect Loti l l i l i o i i remit tent and intermittent fevers Llis cases of 111 Blood liver kidneys and Lindder these filters Ilavu been most successful. Such diseases arc caused by vitiated blood which is generally produced by derangement of tie digestive organs. Thoy ure a gentle purgative a a Well in a ton let Possea Shif also the Peculiar inert of acting As a powerful agent in relieving congestion or inflammation of the liver and visceral organs and in bilious diseases. For skin do Briuer eruptions Tetter Salt Ebenm blotches spots pimples pustules boils carbuncles ring Worms scald head sore eyes Kry a Spelas itch smurfs discolorations of the skin a morn and diseases of the skin of whatever name a r iia Tiric y Are literally dug up stud carried out of the system in a Short time by the use of these bitters. One. Bottle in such cases will Colvin. Be the most incredulous of their curative effects. Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples eruptions or sores cleanse it when Yon find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it in foul your feelings will Tell you when. Keep the blood Pine and the health of the system will follow. Orat Ehll thousands proclaim Vincak hitters the most wonderful inv Gorant that Ever sustained the sinking system. Lii tape and other Worms lurking in the system of so Many thousands Are effectually destroyed Ami removed. Says a distinguished physiologist there is scarcely an individual upon the face Fly a Earth whose body is exempt from the presence of Worms it is not upon the healthy elements of the body that Worms exist but upon the diseased Humours and Slimy deposits that Breed these living monsters of disease. No system of Medicine no Verm Fuges no Antelmi Uitich will free the system from Worms like these bitters. Mechanical diseases. Persons engaged in paints and minerals such As plumbers Type setters Gold beaters and miners As they Advance in life will be in bisect to paralysis of the bowels. To guard against this take a dose of Walker s vinegar bitters Onti or twice a week As a preventive. Bilious remit tent and . Fevers which arc to prevalent in the valleys of 0111 great Rivers throughout the United states especially those of the Mississippi Ohio Missouri Illinois Tennessee Cumberland Arkansas red Colorado Bra of Rio Grande Pearl Alabama Mobile a Vaismah Roanoke James and Many others with their vast tributaries throughout our entire country during the summer and autumn and remarkably so during seasons of unusual beat and dryness Are invariably Accinni Pauich by extensive Deryang Emerts of the stomach and liver and other abdominal viscera. There Are always More or Lens obstructions of tie liver a weakness and irritable state. the stomach and great torpor of the bowels being clogged no with vitiated their treatment a purgative exerting a powerful influence upon these various organs is essentially necessary. There a no cathartic for the purpose Rqn. In to or. J. Wai. Kint s vinegar Bitt brr As they will speedily remove the dark coloured Viscid matter with which the bowels Are loaded at the same time stimulating the secretions no the liver and generally restoring the healthy functions of the digestive organs. Scr Fula or King s evil White swellings ulcers Erysipelas swelled neck Gaiter Scro Fuli inflammations indolent Inoa initiations Mercuri i affections old sores eruptions of the skin sore Eves Etc., Etc. In these As in All other constitutional diseases Walker s vinegar bitters have shown their great curative Powers in the most obstinate and intractable cases. . " Walker s California vinegar Bimer on All these cases in a similar manner. He purifying the blood they remove the cause and by resolving Avay the effects of the inflammation the Timber Tilar deposits tie affected parts receive. Haltli and a permanent cure is effected. The properties of or. Wai. Kor s vinegar bitters Are ape Rient Diaphoretic and Carminative nutritious laxative diuretic sedative counter irritant. Sudori fic alterative and Anli a Ilio is. Tie ape Rient and mild laxative properties of or. Walker s Vini Cujar bitters Are the Best safeguard in All cases of eruptions. Ind malignant fevers their Balsamic Healing and soothing properties protect tie Humours of the faces. Their sedative properties allay pain in the nervous system stomach Ami bowels either from inflammation wind Colic cramps Csc. Their counter Zirri tart influence extends throughout the diuretic properties on the kidneys correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Their anti bilious properties stimulate the liver in the secretion of bile and us discharges through the Bisiar Ducis and Are Superior to All remedial agents for the cure of bilious fever fever and ague Etc. Fortify the body la Nln St disease by purifying All its fluids with vinegar hit Tyks. No epidemic can take hold of a system thus forearmed. Tue liver the stomach the bowels the kidneys and the nerves Are rendered disease proof by this great inv Gorant. take of the bitters on going to bed at night from a half to one and one half lne Glass full. Eat Good nourishing food such As Beefsteak Mutton chop Venison roast beef and vegetables and take out door exercise. They Are composed of purely vegetable ingredients and contain no spirit. I. Walkky Pron r. K. H. Mcdonald. ., druggists and Gen. Agts., san Francisco and new York. A t sni. N by Alt. Fri insists & dealers. $ 300.000. Missouri state lottery legalized l y slate authority and drawn in Public in St. Louis. Strand single number scheme. 5o. Too numbers. Class a to be prawn dec. 31st, 1872. 3,880 prize amount in to 83oo. Too. 1 prize of. I pm 17,0 r. L 1 prize of. I prize of. A 1 prizes or. A 1 Pri of of. 3 prizes of. 20 prizes of. A id Pri Zob of. 13.1m 7. A g. Too 2, f 00 1/ Joo son 2. To 500 prize of. To. 9 print b of. Loon 9 prizes of. We 9 prizes of. 300 9 prizes of. 2w 3a prizes of. 200 36 prizes of. I my Iso prizes of. 100 5uik prizes of. 10 i 0 to. 1 70 1 67 38 3d 88 8 j tickets $ 10. Half tickets $ 5. Qrts., 2.50. X9 on. Lotteries Are chartered by the state Are always drawn at the time uni a and All drawings Are under the supervision of born . Do i be Olli Cial drawing will 1 a published in Tho 8t. Louis papers nud a copy of drawing sent to purchasers of ticket. 49 we will draw a similar scheme the lout Day of every month durin Tho year 1b72. M Blumit at Mourri Skuy l o. Staff k Mon. Y Oil likes Latte it ii hat or sex 1 a Kab. Sim for a circular. And drum a 1416 St Zusi Chajut s gargling Oil is a too 3toh i Tanh mid sett id a chilblains or Leif Olitia Picu Iii Itlen or. In Lilac a Ixl Ernul vol non. Sun i Crncich t. Mlle or All Kaniu pull kill Aultna a ii Tel hit tools Ittoli a. O., fico. T Truu a Tii a Horn Luln or Uri hate . Wini. A. Pm Polim Lorril fryt to Cirii Chad Loffl foot hot in he cup leu tip in i Cuury l. Ii Iii Iii us ac., t c. Large Sizos 1.00 medium 50c. Small 25c.k i. F. Lir irial Lull to til. Oil. Up in Arlin Iron pout tie tent it. Sidn. I. I of. My nuut Oil 1 for Rutilo nil i nil i bin Litand of n no. Late from 8m t in the Maralin j a a ,. In is Ilu Tiit. We Ulso Inai la u merchant s vou1c n Ilist fair null la. Ural a Ltd nil Anil Deiy i ii Omilli ton. Ii red my i irks dirt is. T., liar a Kiili. N Liml cd. Ii v John Hodge bronchitis morons actg i a. The lace or breast Burns scald head scr Fula Salt Rheum Erysipelas inflamed eyes fever sores sores Etc. Will be immediately relieved by the use of or. Tragic 1 magnetic ointment. D. Hansom 8ns a co., props Buffalo n. Y. The Queen s toilet of r improving and Beauty fran the com. Plex Lod and Remala Tan sunburn freckles and All eruptions of the skin thai prop a r a Llen ii the Only one of Ltd c i which in prepared from a Pii Bician r feb Rob which a Bona fade anal Yali accompanied Ai a guarantee of its Khmo Kifton and of bottle pc Biti and genuineness. Printed on Tho wrapper of e a Ory bottle is the of lowing certificate from prof. H. Dana Hayes state ass. Yer and chemist for Massachusetts. Do. S. S. Fit ii 4son a Oen Tubon " the Queen s toll it received from you has Beon Analysed with the following result this in a purely vegetable preparation free from poisonous Metala or injurious substance of any kind and it la composed of Ingry dicta Havink known emollient and hta Liue prop Tieg. Respectfully s. T Ana 2h0 sat Tallbe. S to e Etc of. Ton. Price 81 per bottle. Sold by nil Drumin. La. For Beauty of polish saving i Arbor clean Ullnee durability & cheapness unequalled. Sikh Paiik of Holt Iii. Is. S Ihl Tatios under other names but resembling ours in Fil Iuliu null Colorni Wra Jiw intended to deceive. Talk Nisito St. S Trousil is Nui. A for stove Donlen ubic at twelve Conta per pounds Twenty five and Tufty Pound boxes. " Cli Cuvier Tuliau any other bulk Touli Lor a l tll6 Nisi so Rux it Jinell l a Xci. ,. No Khar Penler Cecii Annil durable for i Surposa talk Iii Inu so \ it. V k a r Ai l. Nth Catok. For axles Bra Rivica and music Linery. I us1a Pix alone. 2511. Anil6011 a. Bitses Iscel Spur in. Tryst. Morse Bros., prop rs., Croton May t the new scale 27 Union Square n. Y. Motte fully the test snare piano made Sciull for circular with illustrations. Prices ranging from 350 to 700 dollars every piano War acted for five years. Cheap farms free Homes on tha line of Tho Union Pacific bail Oad it Tiogo. Uoo acres of the Bent farming and Mineral Liht Kli in America. 3,000,000 acres in Nebraska in the Flatto Valley now Lor Sale mild climate Fertile Soli for Grain growing and 3 lock a Alsing by any in the unite a atm. Cheaper in puce More favourable term a Nolven and More Cove Loftt to Market than can lie found Eta where. Free Homestead for actual settler. Tho Best locution for soldiers entitled to Homo Bucad of too i. Send for the now pamphlet with new map. Pontili a Hwy in English German swedish and land com r. P. P. B. B. Co. Onia it. Non. A a $ 75 to $ 250 per months Ris Small . I cd. 2 to f sense family skw1m1 maci1im Liis 8 Mae hone will a Tutoli Iichi. My. Thick. Quill. Con. 1,1ml, or Day. Anent wanted everywhere. Particulars from. A. Ii. Lang go Lou Smo. R d a v i a gents wanted l All classes of r second stitch Gnu uncut. Init still i Uto in pulled Anart Wilmont tearing i t. I 1 ii a Nhsn in s s75 to52." 0 or a month and t pc Nurs i r n it Jinni by Iron a Lilli Iwine that non Tran a e a null 1. Aldr s or. Fomil t co., Loston n Asci. 1 ill Lur. I 1 Chat go. Iii. St. I. tvs 31o. A Picard of future Hub b and or wife with came a occupation and Ilat a of . Send your Nitro ilor of Nir a jul of Awillie to Cuit Lyl Aii l Reccio picture. Written it it Iii and Noble Ellne Milr fill. To you can c. Nor a ppotn1. Mme. I a Ruk. Lox we. Club a it a promptly Colin T a d by. F. Fruk Autv. Law _ ulu m a. I. Ii Cath t u r Ona o. A u. A a new ii " tvs Velenna new t h or i Trion u a Atwo t Nav i the i in to v u. Rev a a a. T a a Iii i a

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