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Jones County Liberal (Newspaper) - August 7, 1873, Monticello, Iowa Wuo called to first in Infirri Jan tii of. And did not Trot and foul non of when Tho Nurrit Mill Why a a n a till my father. A. Who Ftp o lint Diurso it half n Crown to let a litre Horl Illow a \ pm Viertl clog Fri of Cornfo to Holt Juo. Mulde do we ? my Olio user to out my Hoir did try tit Lihaug Iliff Sci ways in my i. To Ami Cut tank every unit Tiwary ? my father. A a. A a a a who Het. Pro in thai Barbor a a foal in Trad and Tuul. Viiu. Cut my Imp like my big Brotter a Good audit Kitaru my father.? ,. A. Olio Tohei j Imd n let to Light. Joe Riiho by Tore my Pipor Lii to and list to in let i did jilt right my father. Wuo then Tom hoped Sci Bla olt and Brno did not Tut in mid lick me too baying " tis my duty so to do my. Father. Win told to luuk and Plush most win Ami taught me to " Mil up n Jin till i could trounce Bat Tom like sin 7. Jurf Atlidor. Who jimmies no or refused in Plank Nur in lint mimic " b a Nuj a Oliero i in old Only Hoar. Utonn Uyuk 7 a my futher. Avo Whu i wished to Tyry a toy a no or thought would give me much Nitro Job to Bond tracts to Home i Oulton boy ? my father. Who bought to to nigh Genbi and Rich and gave me leave to Fork and pitch Whilo lie raked no to make me Rich /. My father. And who at last when All waa done Pii Ghod in his civic aka and Noble Wiio loft nil he had to me Hia son 7 a my Ful her., a Duel a l out Kance. A letter from Medicine Lodge ii Linn territory to Tho new York world gives the particulars of the death of two noted desperadoes each at Tho hands of the other in it dual to Tho death. The incidents of the terrible a Fafnir us related by the writer Road like a Romance but they arc vouched for As being Trio in Tho main. Tho scene opens in a log Cabin of one Job Harding described us n Knuth Kiim of enormous strength mud stature where a Gusrae of Faro is being conducted by one of the motors in the bloody tragedy. The narrator proceeds it was terribly win a. The usual Cool Breeze from the South that bowed the Prairie grasses nud tempered the fierce rays of the Sun bringing on its wings Tho perfume of wild Flowers and the win brings of Happy Birds seemed to have forgotten its accustomed journey though the afternoon was far spent and Tho Sun was Cloch to Tho horizon. Tho few Hunters and indians obliged to to out of doors moved about with listless Steps not seeming to notice the unusual number of buffaloes that dotted the i Guirio on All sides. The oxen and hordes belonging at the Lodge jaded and worn out As their appearance indicated them to be refused to eat but stood with drooping Heads Ovid lolling tongues nud eyes piteous in their expression of sufi ering. " within the Louse the keenest of the Gamester were to be found at Tho table and the Dice this time rattled from the hands of another dealer Harding assistant it Small wiry looking Man with thin lips and Gray eyes so Bright had piercing to lift they Mcc Medito penetrate one s very thoughts. I Laud in tight a passing glimpse of this Man a Day or two before on his arrival with a party from Kansas and though i did not then see his face there was something vhf his Carriage Anil gait that struck me us being very familiar. 1 he Iii jux Sion made on. My Mill at the time was that we Hail Mot. Before under either very Peculiar or very disagreeable Cums auces but where or when the utmost efforts of memory could not do Termine. Not noticing him depart with the rest of his party who Hud pushed on to Tho South the next razor Niue i supposed he had Ziade an earlier Start and to banished him from maj a find but " now a lie sat at the Faro table with the whole of his expressive face in full View and i heard the hard Crisp tones of his voice Asho now and then addressed a word to one or the other of the players his identity came to Ilie like ii hash of lightning Ami recalled Tho hour when three years before in a Newton dance House. I wus a Looker on and saw Tho Silver mounted pistol now peeping out at his breast Send death into the bosoms of three human beings. This was Anderson Tho Texas desperado the horse thief the celebrated pistol shot red a nude murderer. 1 instinctively r a could us our eyes met and to flashed a look of recognition on me. In t in account i had. Written of Tho dance in nine to Gedy in Iliad held him up to Public execration As a wretch Well deserving of the Halter and had even advised the formation of a vigilance committee to inflict on him summary vengeance. I had ii reason therefore to expect his Friendship but on the contrary the full revenge of which i knew to was capable. To in tip his scat however and Harding at Liat moment entering i quietly withdrew and hastened to the House in which the party to which i was attached had taken up its quarters with 11 View to arming myself. As i passed along Tho Wing of the building a voice hailed Inu by name from tin no stairs window. To Ordng up the figure of a Man appeared for an instant mud with a rapid motion of Tho hand As if inviting me to ascend suddenly disappeared. Though not at Tho time recognizing the person who thus hailed me i was not left Long in doubt for on mounting the stairs i encountered the Burly form of an old newtonian who a t once grasped me warmly by the hand Anil expressed the greatest pleasure it our meeting. " Why Mccluskey i exclaimed. " what brings you Here so fur out of your visual beat a to avenge Mike he replied. " but come into my room where we own talk in Imit at the same time pushing open the door of a Small room close it hand which after we had entered and lie had offered me a chair he proceeded to close and fasten. " Anderson is Here " he resumed after seating himself on an old Saddle which had been fixed up to serve As a seat. " i have tracked him All the Way from Abilene there Hudson has just driven a big Herd of Beeves. Old boy 1 shall kill Hugh Anderson to Day. A him he exclaimed starting from his chair with clenched hands and eyes blazing with fury " him i be got him now and by i la give him what he gave Mike. " when Arthur and How will you do it i interrupted fearing lest his voice which in his excitement had risen to a High pitch should be heard through the window which still remained open. " look out for him. He is a hard Man to get the drop on. He caught Mike you i will Here remark to More fully explain the situation that the latter was my companion s brother Ano was one of Andersons victims of the dance House " i Don t want to drop on him replied Moo Luskey. ". I la give him an equal show. 111 fight him fair and Square with pistol and knife. But i a want a Good Man to Back me. Up and see fair play vrho can i get at a loss to recommend any one of those at the Lodge Jor according to his own account he was a stranger to every one but myself i suggested thai in lieu of a belter he take his Guidus 1 a Texas Herder of considerable experience in preference to selecting a strange who though he Fri Iglitz be willing to serve could hardly be expected to take More than a casual cute est in his. Prin Opal. _ and to this arrangement he finally consented and i set out in search of his second. The guide who had it been bin Otho affair would probably have settled it quietly by shooting his enemy through the Back in True Deaper Ftp fashion a std his Fly off As Toni Mont As i briefly narrated the Case and told him for what he in a want Edff but is she cd rid unwillingness t take the part assigned him nud shortly a afterwards was closeted with to Clusky anxious to watch theor. O Gross of events i strolled into the Gam bling room and taking a position when i could easily watch every thing tha transpired quietly awaited the deliver of the hostile message. I had not Lon to wait. In a few moments Richards to guide entered and striding up to where Anderson was dealing cards Ben Over Hin Jud w. I Bufred in. Lia ear. The players accustomed to such interrupt Zoufe at first paid to attention to Tho delay and Betook themselves some to conversation and others to rearranging their stakes but it soon became apparent that a subject of More than Ordinary interest was under discussion. Tho Iaco of Anderson usually set and mini Lilc passed first to an expression of la ii astonishment then to a look of dismay and finally exhibited signs of ear. Rising quickly from the table to Nado a Strong Effort at self control and briefly announced to Tho crowd that the game for Tho present was closed. Then rating his revolver to passed quickly Ihram go the Glaydis who by this time iad crowded close around him and by Richards entered Tho store Shore Harding surrounded by a throng of Osage was driving close bargains in Urs and Robes. As briefly As possible Harding wins Nado acquainted with Tho state of affairs and his services procured in behalf of nude Sou. Tho utmost excitement now prevailed. ? he desire to witness the dual Tho cause f which had already been bruised bout seized upon one and All alike and ome of Tho Hunters thinking that their of pacious who were out a Little from amp hording their Stock might feel disappointed at not witnessing Tho fair mounted their horses and apprised hem of what was going on so that in Ess than an hour after the passage of lie Challenge at least seventy spectators and gathered at the appointed spot. Meanwhile the two principals had Rej de apart with their friends to prepare nem selves and their weapons. By the Erms agreed upon Between Richards us Harding the antagonists were to get with revolvers and Bowie knives o be placed Back to 1 Bulck it an interval e Twenty paces to wheel and fire at a Jivon signal and after the first inter 1 Imge of shots to conduct the fight s each one should deem it Best to his Vaut had recovered his equanimity immediately on receiving the notification of the a6ceptar/ be of his dial Eugo. As he emerged from Tho House Here to had made his Brief stay he looked a picture of Manly strength and Igor. A tight fitting Buckskin shirt lid leggings tastefully embroidered it off his robust form to. Groat adv adage audit wins apparent to All that in ase of a close encounter to would Royo a terrible antagonist to his rival tis revolver of Colt s make he carried u his right hand while his Bowie Iua sed in a Sheath of in tanned Deerskin ested on his left hip within easy reach. Be companies by kill mrs who Hud imply thrown off his coat and placed u extra revolver in his Belt he proceed a quickly to the place of meeting relying briefly to Tho rough salutations do tossed to him by the crowd but Roelling courteously the advances of n new of the More curious who wished to earn from his own lips the history of 10 present trouble. The spot selected or the encounter was in the of a Praise a few Yards Distant from the larger Tho two storehouses. The grass had Een closely cropped by Tho cattle leaving the turf firm yet elastic and just in thing Lor rough and Tumble business is antagonist not having yet made his poo race Mcluskey seated himself a the grass and conversed earnestly Rith his second. His Faco during Tho test few moments had paled to an almost Marble whiteness and Wores Hinten. Be late and ferocity that i was glad to turn Way and direct my attention to what a As taking place among the crowd of spectators. Hero Tho utmost levity prevailed bets being freely staked on the a Salt of the Light some favouring my 31uskey on account of his Superior physique and others asserting that Auer son would drop him in the first three hots. One noisy fellow whom i had. Otic cd the night before quit the gaming Bible a heavy Winner approached the Lii of of our party with a Roll of Gree packs in his hand and offered to bet dds of $ 1,000 to a 500 that Anderson old out the longer but being Given to Ude staud that betting on the result of Duel was not a favorite habit with that ent Lomita to beat a Hasty Retreat and a portly afterwards i saw him in search of More Liberal minded customer. While thus engaged in taking notes of hat was passing in the crowd a cry of hero comes Anderson with Tho old inn caused every one to turn in the ire Tiou of Harding s House. Anderm nerved probably by the knowledge f his great skill with Tho pistol walked Long with a Jaunty careless kind of air iat g. Lined him Many friends among lie lookers on and made him a still renter favorite in Tho betting. He wore is usual dress save that a Broad Belt i which was. Stuck a knife confined his out it the Waist and he had changed is Light Sombrero for a military fatigue a. Lie passed by close to where. Is standing and our eyes again met. Jive that Tho look on his face hardened Little and he contracted huh brows to a Isible scowl there was nothing to Iii Diate Tho presence of any unusual menial. Excitement not even when to take he position assigned him he had to ass within an Arm s length of Mcclus key. But Little time was wasted in preliminaries. The Twenty paces wore quickly topped off and the principals placed in heir respective positions. The Souhad Ong since set and the dark pail of evening was rapidly settling on Tho spot so hat neither could be annoyed by Tho us nor could either Side complain of holding an inferior position. Tho crowd Row Back to what was deemed a Safe distance and the seconds after a Mone it s consultation advanced to give the signal. The interest at this moment n the proceedings was of an intense nature and served to keep the Loo Korsin in a state of breathless expectancy Liike statues the figures of the two men who were to fight a 1 out Rance loomed up against the Western sky each with lie muzzle of his weapon pointed to the Earth Tho intention clearly being to make a " rising shot that is to fire hitching the aim while the weapon is being raised. In this Way the Practised land rarely wastes his ammunition in he air by shooting Over his adversary s Lead As so of ten happens when the Fulling shot is adopted. The giving of the signal had fallen by let to Harding. Stating to the principals who by this time began to show signs of impatience that this would be the report of a pistol he Drew his own weapon Aid discharge to it first asking the question and receiving the usual Anwer that both were ready. Mcluskey wus the first to fire Wheeling Asho did so though the smoke had scarcely curled up from his pistol to Ore the report of Anderson s weapon followed. A momentary pause ensued each of the antagonists closely scanning the other to note the effect of. The shot. Across Anderson s Cheek a deep Furrow from which the blood slowly. Began to trickle Down told the work of his Antigo Jiwat while Mcluskey remained standing in his original posture to Al appearances unharmed. But this was not the fact. Those nearest to him fancied they Caw a sudden spasm of pain pass through his Frame l Ari l " is f a be certainly blanched id j 5 do Fath he pallor by just where the Bull had taken effect they could not. Toll. At. The second fire fro Mcclusky again anticipated his of up not and taking a More deliberate atm succeeded in breaking his left Arm Anderson uttered a Sharp cry and Siil on one knee but quickly recovering himself returned Tho fire and this time with horrible Ball passing through coh Toky month carried away with it several 1 of the clenched Teeth and apr on of finally lodging in the base of Tho Skull. Mccluskey staggered Forward wildly a few Steps and made desperate efforts to steady himself. The blood flowed in torrents from Tho wound and stained his Hunting shirt and dripped from the muzzle of his pistol but wit i heroic courage he continued to Advance spitting out Mouth fills of blood and Teeth at every step. During Tho interval thus gained Anderson who in his crippled state had every reason to shun a hand to hand encounter Lead not been Idle but fired another Well aimed shot which broke col sky s left if this was not enough to sent still another Ball after him which striking him in the pit of to stomach caused him to fall Forward Ica Vily on his fico Mcclusky was now mortally wounded and momentarily growing weaker from loss of blood. I earing open his shirt in his agony a Crimson spot in his loft Side indicated Anderson s first shot Hud. Okcu effect. To still however re. A ipod his grasp of his pistol and by an Effort superhuman in its coolness and Loli oration fired at his antagonist his third shot. Tho latter had been closely watching for this and endeavoured to save himself by suddenly dropping to. He ground. Too late however. Mcluskey s Finger was already on Tho rigger and his Eye along the sights and a Hon his adversary s body reached Tho Sorth it was heavier by a Colt s pistol All. A scream of pain followed and to spectators saw the figure of a Man clutch aug wildly with his hands at Tho grass and writhing and twisting in. Hori Blo contortions. The Bullet had struck Lihi full in the Abdomen and like his antagonist Anderson wus now a fast lying Man. At this juncture it seemed s if Tho crowd would interfere but Landing sternly bade them keep Back us leave the men to Settle Tho matter 11 their own Way. As none cared to is nto with the Gigantic Hunter he mandate was obeyed though n Universal expression of Hor or ran through the spectators a number of Thoni were the engineers and attaches f our own party. Still horrible us Vas the scene no one thought of Loang the spot. An irresistible fascination o see it out bound one and All alike to he blood stained locality. Hut the Nale wus at hand Tho curtain almost Eady to drop Mcluskey summoning by a supremo fort his remaining strength Drew his Nife and began to crawl feebly in the direction of his antagonist. The latter who had raised himself to a sitting Rosuro saw the movement and prepared o meet it. Both had dropped their Rollvers leaving to Tho cold steel the completion of the work. A a by this time it had grown quite dark us to distinguish Tho movement of Tho oink Ubuntu required Tho closest att Euion. Anderson was clearly unable to love any portion of his body save his ight Arm. With this he raised his it Ifo aloft and As Mcgil Cihkey crawled to within reach dealt him a terrible Ilow in Tho neck cutting Muscles and. Endows and veins and half severing the cud from the body. Bit the Effort was of much for him and leaving the Vea Pou sticking in the wound he pitched Eit Vily Forward on jigs face Jivery one supposed that this blow would have instantly killed Mcluskey but strange o say it did not for so great was his vitality that before falling he twice lunged his own Kun if into the body of nude Sou. Tho tale is soon told. To Tluskey lived a minute longer than his tag Ouiatt. Tho dead bodies firmly locked in each other s embrace were liken to the House of Harding and Laid it Side by Side on the going Tuble. V Crimson Trail marked Tho path of those who carried them in doors and pools of blood indicated Tho scene of the late full it. There was no gaming that night. The filters and indians appeared to find Xoi Tenient enough in talking Over the vents of the Day without having to sort to their usual pastime. About Loven o clock the Moon Rose and the bodies were Tlam out for burial. There Zero no funeral ceremonies but Job Landing remarked As the muffled forms a Ero lowered into Tho grave " there o two As Brave men As Ever hey Wero buried deep to keep the solves and coyotes from digging them a and Tho Earth was heaped up in a Tyllo Mound to Mark where they slept. \ us then with the night wind whispering a soft requiem Over the dead men s raves and the Moon shining sadly from or Distant sphere in the upper Ether the crowd slowly dispersed and each no sought his conch. Early the next morning our party of Ngi Noera turned Back upon Medicine Jodo and on the evening of the fourth a took passage of Tho Eastern bound rain from Wichita Kansas. A More horrible affair than this double under it would be difficult to imagine. 3oth men were Well known in Wichita and along Tho great cattle trails and loth to a certain degree were popular Philo looked on As Desper Doe a and bad he rectors their undoubted Pluck won or them a feeling of admiration which f not Akin to Friendship at least secured hem Friendly treatment and i have no. Out but that in the minds of Many of Hoir own class they left behind them a collections quite As favourable As would Lave been Tho Case had they instead of oing ruffians lived virtuous and Peaco Ible lives. The pardoning Power. It is a Wise provision of nearly every Jover neut in Tho world to Pmj the rawer to Pardon persons convicted of Rimes to some proper officer. Newly discovered evidence Tho return of persons believed to be murdered and Tho finding of property stip posed to be stolen All Point to Tho fact that some innocent people have been punished for crimes never committed. The Public however Beli ovo trat Tho pardoning Jower has been abused to a very great extent by a Large proportion of the governors of the various states and the sentiment has become general that this Jower should not be vested in a single individual. With this View we notice. Hat Tho constitutional convention of Pennsylvania has adopted an article circumscribing the governor in the pardoning Power. It provides that the Secretary of state auditor superintendent of Public instruction and the Torney Geiger Al shall constitute a Ward to examine All applications for Pardon and that Only upon their report or three of them shall the governor be empowered to Pardon any one convicted of crime. Died Ahod 122 i on sunday aunt in Ger a coloured woman died in die country near Alexandria. She was probably the oldest person in the United states being 122 years old having been born on the 21st of March 1751. She was a native of " Virginia Aud was brought to Kentucky at an Early Day of its settlement by Lewis Wilcoxen whose wife was a sister of Ben Leall thai older Grandfather of Bon Beall the present circuit clerk of Campbell county. She died of old age. For the last Twenty years Fusho has been Blind but in other respects possessed All her faculties to the Newport Jay Leader. A Nitro Glycerine convict. The weary Monotony of Tho prison life at Hing sing has recently been varied by frequent escapes and escapades. Of. The latter probably. None were to remarkable As that which occur red yesterday. Among the Cluster 6 convicts that accompanied Frank Wai Worth from the tombs to the state prison was the notorious " Wes Allen and yesterday he added another incident to his very notorious prison record by refusing to join a draft of prisoners who were to be sent to the state prison at Auburn. When preparations Wero making for their departure he rushed to his Coll carrying with him a Large knife which to had evidently surreptitiously secured from the dining Hall with this terrible instrument he rushed to his cell and brandishing it Over his head to defied any one to approach him and threatened death to any Man or woman who showed any disposition to capture him. It a scarcely needful to say that there were but few signs of that disposition shown and Wes was allowed to display the knife without much molestation. Formidable As Tho carving knife was Wes evidently did not think it terrifying enough and r rom Tho Stone quarries it is supposed be obtained a Pound of Nitro Glycerine. pointed with Demon like derision to / his Glycerine As keeper after keeper his cell armed with the Carline or Tho revolver in use in the prison and defied them to fire at him. With a Savage Leer in his one Eye the other Laving been destroyed in an attempted Rison escape and a satanic fierceness. Hat gave reality to his terrible threat be announced his intention to destroy he entire prison Jay exploding Tho Nitro Glycerine if they attempted to Naim or kill him by shooting him. Warden Hubbell Aud Tho keepers bought discretion the better part of Fidor and left him behind the bars be 3iire in Tho Possession of those fierce and deadly instruments of destruction. I he draft went on to Auburn but a Wes Allen did not form one of the a tit York Herald. A Lender of the Cla quo. Tho j null mall gaze relates hat Tho chief of Tho plaque in Tho Viii Ina theater an Dor Wien Herr Pano a Etz died a few Days ago leaving it s said a considerable Fortune which 10 Hod gained in the exercise of his pro Ossion. All the members of the thear from Tho highest to the lowest were 111 the habit of employing him and some f them oven used to take him on their professional Tours. Until recently Panietz led Tho Cinque at the Carl theater is Well As at the theater an Der Wein it the new manager of the Carl decided hat his services should to dispensed with at the former theater As he would not give up his Post at the latter. Of lie years his Success in obtaining Apih Iusco for his clients on Tho stage a As so great that he was paid very handsomely for his Seviers especially first Lefor dances when both the actresses and their admirers loaded him with presents. He sometimes had As Many As try Young men under him when it was a bought necessary that the applause hould be unusually loud and vigorous jut he generally employed a much smaller umber preferring As he said " Quality o Quantity rules for Liu tiling. Now that summer has fairly set in and sea water bathing is a feature of feat the Soa Side a few suggestions vill be of to of Benefit and should to implied with 1, never Bathe soon after eating. 2. Vever take a full Bath nor go into the Urf less than three hours after a full real. 3. The Best time for bathing is n hour or two before breakfast or As Oug after dinner. 4. Never eat soon for bathing. 5. Those who Bathe in tie evening should not remain Long in he water. G. To sure that the water is a uniformly warm at the time of bathing. Never get into a state of fatigue. 8. Vever Bathe when the perspiration and insulation Are disturbed in consequence f violent exertion or other cause. 9. Respiration is no objection to going Ito cold water provided Tho action of to heart and the system is not in a state if fatigue. 10. After bathing keep the Ody comfortably warm by Firo or exercise and not exposed to a draft of Cool the partially averted horror which he Iowa bandits did their Best to Prei Kituto for the gain of a few Hundred Olirs May secure for us abroad a Rcpt Iatrou something like that of Greece Ith its murderous outlaws but it Light at the same time to remove the a pression which obtains in England at every Man in this country kills a Ertain number of his enemies before breakfast and then picks his Teeth with i s Bowie knife. Here Wero several cars lied with people coming from the Western Frontier where people Are supposed to go with six shooters hanging rom their belts and when the train Vas attacked by a Small baud of Robers six or eight at Tho most there was Lily one weapon found and that an in Ufi Ersnt one in Tho Possession of a Small toy. This occurrence which took place ,500 Miles from new York which in England is regarded As the Center of Meribau civilization should induce to i turd we Jin i w to reconsider ome of its bristling essays on Tho re a Olver As an american Vada inc urn. Mcgago Tribune. The medical Tiina translates from i German medical journal an account of he first Case a mow of persons receiving visual Imreh Boim from sound in to instances of two Brothers named \ us Baumber who when a certain note m the piano is struck Havo a sensation f a certain corresponding color which snot however identical for both. For illustration the Noto which produces in tie Tho impression of dark prussian Blue produces the sensation of a dark yellow n the other. One of them according o the account has frequent sensations of yellow Brown and Violet while glue yellow and Brown Are frequent Vith Trio other. One of them never receives Tho sensations of red Green Jack or White in connection with musical notes though the filing of a saw May Roduco a sensation of Green. Prof. Ruhl of Vienna has thoroughly tested his strange Case and has no but of he genuineness of the Phenomena. Book agents can overcome the Obil Aclo of hard time on the new and Liberal Lyt item adopted by e. Hami Aford t co. See . Path there once resided in Ayrshire a Man who like Jecman pro Sod to write an etymological Diotio iry of Tho English language. Being asked what he understood Tho word a to lofty to moan he answered with great readiness and Confidence " Why the Art of Road making to to a Wiko precaution. The late gov. Geary had a policy of $ 10,01 0 in Tho Penn Mutual Lite in a Iwanck company of Philadelphia and Many of the loading citizens of Pennsylvania hold policies in the same company. The a Jinn Mutual was organized in 1817, and its career has been one of unexampled Prosperity. It has now an a fund of Over a 4,000,000. The " Penn has recently increased its new business largely and the agents of Tom company find it easy to represent owing to its Strong financial condition mid honorable record of Twenty six years. Ore Ullom. N who desire to represent a Strong Mutual company Are requested to address the office at 921 Chestnut Street Philadelphia when Liberal arrangements will be made with honest and on Ergeti com. It him Homo to Paw and tightly too that Public opinion considers the duty of no Man with a family really done before he has insured his Fife for its Protection. I if e Izmir anon meets a Knolic want As Universal and exacting m thai which is met by fire insurance. The demand too is for Low rates fun Oncin strength Liberal Poloie and prudent management and web Eliere that on the whole list of companies in. The Field there is none which per a p Ato fully comes up to All these requirements As the notional life insurance company of the United states of America Headquarters at Philadelphia. A. Rollins president Jay Cooke chairman finance committee. This company wants an agent everywhere and. Our advice is write u. A com. No mobb the deadly vegetable alkaloids Sucu As Mercury Strych nine and prussic acid cannot cure Dis ease or produce any but Tho most disastrous results. Perhaps no event Hus occurred of late years which is so Well calculated to disabuse the Public mind of a belief in Tho Efficacy of Mineral poisons and bleeding As the discovery of or. Walker of California of certain medicinal herbs a whose Healing principles to has extracted and combined in Tho form of Vine Oab bitty eds. The cures wrought by it seem marvelous. Its action is mild and agreeable but at he same time rapid and effectual and being unimpeded by the presence of alcohol or fermented liquor of any description is attended with results hitherto a achieved by any remedial agent. The cures of bilious complaints Valarious ? Ever dyspepsia rheumatism scr Fula ind All diseases arising from impurities a i Tho blood attest Tho Paramount excellence of this Medicine and justify us n recommending com. Spontaneous they re Ort a queer Case of spontaneous com Mustion from new Hampshire. A physician had prescribed linseed Oil and camphor for u severe pain in the Chest and Tho patient complained of the heat Pon after its application on Cotton bating. In about an hour he protested he Ould Bear it no longer and before it Ould be removed it took fire actually lazing no and burning his neck severely pm probabilities. A our Learned Reud who sits at Washington and receives rom tile signal stations of a continent reports n the Vicissitudes of the weather sorts Cor arcs and infers from Thorn the daily bulletins which everybody reads might reasonably add i View of our late Midden changes " cold on ghz and affections of the Throat and mugs will prevail in the East and North. Warning signals continue in Tho West and in View of Tho truth of these probabilities we commend to All sufferers that 01 Wollent and potent specific Ayeb b a Dieury sectoral. It has in countless instances Avert life and has within Tho knowledge of very Oue alleviated most alarming symptoms and effected cures almost surpassing belief o excellent is it that Tho medical faculty largely use it in their practice. In cases of rated consumption it prolongs life Aud Oft eur the stay of Tho afflicted sufferer. Labont these Days it is Well to have it in the Otise. By its timely use tie Rio Tut Diumano May e checked and turned Nashua Iowa " Ost. An occasional dose of do. Pm Bce s pleasant i us native i Ellet stimulates the Tomach Aud bowels restores Tho appetite and invigorates Tho by item. Hence it in often Adana goods where no serious derangement lists. Oue who feels tolerably Welt often finds lat a dose of those 1 Ellils from their Cleau Sig and renovating effect upon the digestive Par nuts makes him feel decidedly be to Wenty fire cents by druggists. Fi51 Fob loss of appetite dyspepsia ingestion Ucer Essieu of spirits and general debility in their various forms Ferno pos hoi rated elixir of cassava Ramdo by Caswell Hazard a co., new York and sold by All Rugg this is Tho Best tonic. As a stimulant a Etc for patients recovering from fever or other ick Nesa it has no equal. If taken during Tho Eason it prevents fever and ague and Otho intermittent com. The Elmwood and Warwick Are the Only collars made with All the edges older. Tills peculiarity makes them he most popular collars of the Day. All first class furnishing stores keep them or com. Pub Itea deits should be careful to Lotic that of booted & Gamble s stamp is Pon Tho bars of their mottled German i soap All Good articles Are imitated and this soap eing so popular other manufacturers have copied then stamp. Officers and soldiers who served in he army physicians surgeons and eminent ion and women everywhere join in Johnson s Anodyne liniment to be be Best internal and external family Medicine Vor invented. That s our com. Am the year round Sheridan s Cav iry condition pointers should be Given to Orsos that Aro " kept to Hor eos and attle that Graze in summer they should Only e Given in Winter and com. Cutler s vegetable pulmonary Balam " doubtless Tho Best cough Medicine in he com. Use Russina 8 Okiku hated Oman Vine Oab. Vat rented to keep pickles. Take no other. What we need when debilitated. A Pottle and digestion languish at this season s t the very Umo when the body most a feds Rono. Ton and support Tho stomach us commissariat Opar Mont is Apt to prove delinquent. Under Uch circumstances the necessity for a wholesome stimulant tonic and corrective is self Evl Dout and consequently Tho demand for that Peerless combination of Tho three required elements Hosteler s stomach bitters is never More urgent Hau at Midsummer. It is True that a few medical bigots fossils " left Tor from the dark Ages recommend violent a ration and Wawior Gruol As a cure for inclination Aud its accompanying ills but they make new proselytes. The majority of Tho Community re sane and All Sano people Are aware that a i Roand powerful vegetable tonic with Koto native Iro Portales like Hosteller s a Listurs is the Only Uro fur dyspepsia bilious Ness constipation Ervun Loiis and Tho " consequential damages " hey inflict. The human intellect unless hopelessly diseased r hum bugged declines to astonish he weakened human stomach with Tierce cat arcs that Rushing Liko an Avalanche through he intestine threaten to take the inner Mimrane Wilh them. To use a significant catch Raso the Knock Down Ami Draff out methods of cat Imant Are played ills a Carly understood that a medicated gel inuit is us sentral to the renovation of an vhf tested Framo and that you cannot strengthen Lan or woman by dosing them with prostrating reparations. This is an Era of common sense and common Bubo approves of b Niters As Tho Best article extant for invigorating Eula Liik and purifying the system and def Ondik it against pol Sou in the air we breathe or Tho Ater to drink. Ilia to Kahs expe1uencjc of a old uni Kiisk. Lbs. Wins. Ow8 soothing syrup is the Itescu Nipton of one of Tho Best female phys Ian and nurses in the United states and has Eon used for thirty years with never Fulling Foty and buc cubs by millions of mothers and Lii Dron from Tho feeble infant of one week old to he adult. It corrects acidity of Tho stomach Rovos wind Colic regulates the Bowel and give est health and Comfort to Mother and child. To believe it to he Tho Best and surest Boody in he world in All cases of dysentery and d1auihba in ch1ld11en, whether it arises from teething or from any other cause. Full directions or using will accompany each bottle. None Gennie unless Tho fac a lilo of Curtis & 1 Elkins s on Tho outside wrapper. Bold by Alij med1cinh dealers. Iii Lukin often look pal. K and sick rom no other Cameo than having Worms in the Tomach. Shown 8 Verm Fuge commits will destroy Worms without injury to Tho child Ming perfectly White and free from All colouring other injurious a ingredients usually used in worm preparations. Curtis t Brown proprietors. No. 1 15 Fultun sir out now York. Hold bjur Teggi Fotti surf a Hemlata and dealers in 1/ e. To to cities at Twenty flak Canth a Box. Allenl Nuil oldest family san Orr s liver Kinvig orator purely vegetable Ca hot tic and 2 of Lcy for dyspepsia constipation Deil Lity sick headache bilious attacks and All of liver stomach Aud Bowsh. Ask your druggist for it. La care of imitation. In hot " what Haku an attack of diarrhoea or i Leml any cum Leatut a f to a bowels rapidly exlus Isth a strength Aud renders the nem wily of prompt Era Mont ii pc alive in All hitch Canen or. Aynu n Carminative Malham is an effectual remedy acting quickly and curing thoroughly. If you Havo chills Aud fever or any form of fever and ague take Bhalla Borger s antidote and save a doctor s Bill. Every druggy by has it. ,. _ _ thu Iio uht a a Tom r a a. Ii Tho Bolt remedy in Trio world Tor the following complaints Viz cramps in the ii Nibi and Stom Ali Fain in Tho St Macli bowels o f Side Theu Datum in All it form bilious Colic neuralgia cholera dysentery colds flesh Donnas i urn Gore Throat spinal complaints sprains an Brul Soi Chilli and motor. For into Raul and sex. Terral use. Its operation is not Only to relieve Tho pal Lent but entirely removes the cause of Tho complaint. Ii Penett Atn and per a Des the whole intern n storing healthy action to All its part and quickening the blood. A a the household Pasacka 19 purely Veyet fable and All Healing. Prepared by Curtis Brown no. 315 Fulton Street now York. For Sals by All Brugg san. Tile markets. New York common 8 s 10 Hoosz Dreu aed 6 b 7 Cotton middling Upland. 21 8 Plouh in Porfino Western 5 00 @ 5 25 we Kate no. 2 Milwaukee 1.46 @ 1 46 cons mixed Western 61 a 67 Oats 41 a 43 Poi Ike Mesa 17 10 5 Lahiri. 81 a 8 Chicago. Kev bsh Choice. 6 85 a 0 30 Good. T. 6 50 @ 5 7s medium ,. 8 60 a i 75 common 2 75 s a 60 Interior 2 00 @ 2 75 Hoosz live 4 25 @ 4 95 to White Winter 8 00 @ 9 00 bed Winter 8 75 @ 7 00 i Ikata no. 2 Spring 1 19 q 1 22 no. 8 Spring 1 04 a 1 05 cob no no. 2 36 @ 87 Oats no. 2 20 @ 27j Bye no. 2 57 @ 68 Barley no. 2 6d @ 65j butt kit Choice daily 17 @ 23 boast fresh 13 @ 15j Poi Ike Mees a. 15 go @ 16 62j Laud 7j@ 8 St. Louis. Wheat no. 3 bed i Ull. 1 24j@ 1 251 co a a a no. 2 mixed. 38 @ 39 Jatsa no. 2 29 s h h Bye no. 3 64 @ 661 ? Okky mess 16 60 g Laud 8@ 81 Hoos 1 10 a 4 40 cattle 3 75 @ 0 75 Cincinnati. 6 30 5 6 50 wheat 1 25 s 1 80 Oiin 44 @ 45 Iye 70 @ 72 at8 33 @ is ? Ouke Moss. 16 00 s Jazic 8i 5 8j Milwaukee. Wheat no 1 1 25j@ no. 2 1 13j g Obs no. 2 35 @ Oats no. 2 27 @ by is no. 1 67 @ Oakley a no. 3 69 @ Cleveland. Wheat no. 1 Torl 1 37 s no. 2 bed 1 25 a cons 48 @ 4 Oats 871 a 38j Toledo. Wheat no. 1 Rod 1 60 8 no. 2 eed 164@ John 43 @ 44 Oats 29 o 34 flyer month Clear route Limi Ilu or female wanted everywhere. L a ac1drcbb with stamp Jno. W. Johnson co., Box a a ast. I. Our to. Ayer s Grey Pac Loral a or die a a a s of the Throat and lungs coughs colds whooping cough bronchitis asthma and consumption the few compost Itobi which Hare won the Confidence of Manl Rind and become household words it Motiff not Only one but Many Uatisoni must have extraordinary virtue. Perhaps no one Ever secured so wide a reputation or maintained it to Long a Ayer s cd Bart pc Teal. It has been known to the Public about forty years by a Long continued series of marvelous cures that hate won for it a Confidence in its Virtues. Nett Efu Alad by any other Medicine. It still makes Yie most effectual cures of co a 7/ to colds 7onawnption t that can be made by medical skill. Indeed the has really robbed h a in dangerous diseases of their terrors to a treat extent and Given a feeling of immunity from heir fatal effects that is Well founded of the remedy in taken in season. Evory Annily should have t i their closet for the ready and prompt Relief of to members. Sickness suffering and even life is saved by this timely Protection. The prudent should not neglect hand Tho Wise will not. Keep t by you for the Protection it affords by its timely use in Auddel attacks. Prepared by or. J. C. Ayer & co., Lowell practical and analytical chemists. Sold Jbf an dry Guitti and dealer in Ltd acini. Consumption carbonated cod liver Oil a it scientific combing Futon of two a Well known medicines. Its theory 18 first to arrest the a then build up the system. Physicians find the doctrine Correct. The really startling cure performed by will on Al Oil Are proof. A a a a. Carbou postal Tell Arrieu decay. It is the to 1 St powerful Antiseptic in the known world. End a he circulation it at once grapples with and decay ceases. It purifies the sources oui nature Tat aut Stant in re a l a Tang consumption. Pot up in Are e wedge aha cd bottle bearing the inventor s Pignatare and in old by the beat druggist. Prepared by j. Ii. Willis. A 83 John St., new York. I \ 8tkkof aant t i j 4on e a s calol.,. C shit. O loot us. Wealth and wonders of the boundless West. This great Ullh unrated Hook by lion. W. E. Web ii Lell Nii door Molj. Olin Nefy plan incl Ulm urea a r l f if h w is f if f a it n in of i kill a b ret. Adilor a r a. At mire e. Hanna Foid it co., pub Lisbert. Loi Kuat Street. Ali Icaria. Agents w a fe0" a is so Ocean s Story or. off thirty Huntiii text a y p. R. A Nordru h Unn of " i it r parlay and a Lowland voyage a f Lilov Rijeka ail Clurus of i in rat inns per Fieric. No a it Lii 8, Limval comma Tel and t Tio ii i n Lory of nil kind of naval porn Cross to Ron incr of " old of Gnu and 1.01 t things of nto roat Ami talus. Over too Andlor Irinod. Bond for circular and Esfi n Lorma or if Gnu wish to Bey in at Unco. Bond $ l. 2fifor elegant outfit. Vail by Fujii. Ifni he co., Chicago 111, Schenck s Mandrake pills. These Pula arc composed exclusively of vegetable Mirror talents and although to a y null rely Stipo Radoc House of Mercury Cio not he injurious if Fol to. They directly upon Tho liver and Aro t valuable remedy in All Carea of derangement a disordered stat oof that or ran i Tor Jom Plant Bilionis dior Dora India option sick headache typhoid and other fevers ac., ac., All ii Cumb to Tho free use of Schruck s Mand Kaka la. For Sale by nil drug a l8la and dealers. Reward for Auer Case of Blind ble Oaing. Itching or ulc a Ruurd film Tolj a i k Biko i 1 u. E it Hedv rails to Cero. It is prepared of Pressly to cure Tho pile Fenil sold All druggists Price 1,00 cosi and Kheit Viilu. Ready for use. L rlcefl404$ 26c bit Shelb ground i a r hour 16 a s. Edwsrd Danio of to Llavon. Non Jennings Seminary. An i t for both Exoa. Fine Atonio buildings and Beauty ii in Linda. Ten Doji Aromenta Superior advantages in Uii. A full corps of professor a. Commercial Nih go attached. Fall term opens August 2/ Ith. Bind for Catalogno. Addrena Rev. C. E. Manj evil. Iye a. M., principal will cure chills and fever liver complain Day lops a Etc. We currant to bos Adalian. M a or. To .11 other blood purifier b. Bend for Tje Bort prove circular of almanac. Address Clements & co., 6 b. Commerce St. Of Maiorc a it. A remember to ask your drug gift for b Osa Dalis. Kale or female too a wee guaranteed. Respectable employment at Homo Day or evening no Cajigal required full instruct Lohsand valuable package of Good a Toni free by mall. Address with six cent return to Tarp. Young a o., 10cortl& Iii bt., n. Y. I Jill Uzial urn. Tho Only Oln distilled in America by the Holland process. Medicinally and chemically pure. Equal to the imported at leu than half the Price. H. H. By Ulfeldt 4 Chicago. Kino of the blood. M most non Quoit Pant Trot of Tai blood text Dib covered. Ontes at numbs most a common ask option to tub worst scr Fula. By it nue Oancea no cared and in Cerona tutors Are dispersed without the mrp Eon s knife scr Fula conquered and consumption prevented and cured. Venereal a l a o one mercurial and Man Cronl Poi Bonn and their eff cat eradicated and vigorous health and n bound Constitution established. Female we inc and done Agio dropsy general or partial swellings external of internal and tutors arc reduced and dispersed in a very Short time. Salt by ctn Benld head and fever Soros no noon removed by this powerful detergent Medicine. Scor Butic nine incr Dan draft scaly or rough Blu am pimples quickly give Way leaving the Khi smooth and fair. Olio Tilc Duncan Elk flyer and ague Adlaon cred liver Dyt Nepsta. Norvola aft Colon general debility in Short nil the diseases canned by Imit Wood no conquered and give Wuy before this most powerful corrector Tho King of Tho blood. Knelt bottle contains Between forty and fifty Ordinary doses costing Only one a Oiler from one to four or have bottle will cure Salt Rheum scald head ring worm pimples on the fico Bicu null nary or Netious Etc. Prom two to eight bottled will cure scaly eruptions of the skin ulcers sores and canker in the month find Sto Ucli. Or. V8ipclns, Csc. It rom two to ton bottled will restore healthy action to the liver nil spleen will regt Lunte the bowels and kidneys. From two to la bottle will be found in Cir Ltd neuralgia sick ii Duclie St. Vitas dunce and pile pay. From five to twelve bottles will cure Tho worst i Ipoh of Scro Yulii from three to two Leo bottles will cure Nevern and Holifi Sinate of toys of Dit Arr. From Tiv a to i or bottles will Corn tha worst cases of piles and oif Tive bowels. From Tivo to ten bottles will cure under. of dropsy. Price $ 1 or bottle or 0 l a Tali n forts. To id by nil druggists d. 1u\ Soji son & co., props Osa Dalis ithe great alterative and blood purifier. It is not a quack nostrum. The ingredients Ore published 1 of each bottle of Medicine. It i is used and recommended by i physicians wherever it has i been introduced. It vill i positively cure scr Fula i in its various stage Rheu \ 3fatism, White swell \ Lino gout goitre iss Orchitis nervous \ debility incipient \ consumption Andol Dis i eases arising from an impure i condition of the Bloed. Send i for on Rosad Axis almanac in i which you will find certificates i from reliable end trustworthy i physician us ministers of the i gospel and others. I or. B. Wilion Carr of Dpi Moro i a a j8 he has no 1 it in cues of scr Fula lend other discs eco with much Matt fac it Lon. I or. T. C. Pugh of Baltimore room i mends it to a n persons Euf firing Voth i Diee Aeed blood is Yang it is Superior to i Ajit preparation lie Baa Ever used. Abney Ball of uie Baltimore conference Soult i Days be Imp i been to much scene fitted by its Nee that the cheerfully recommends it to All his i friends and acquaintances. I Craven co., druggists Ato Ordons i Vule v., Fay it never has failed to give " anti faction. Sun 1 Act Feddon venue epee fays it cured him of Licu i mutism when All else failed. The bos Adalis in connection with our or. Fierce pl9kfaut a a or sugar coated concentrated Root and herbal juice anti Lawis granules the " Little giant cathartic or \ tit Tom infant physic scarcely Mimi. Tard Flecus a t representing f much cathartic Power As Large repulsive pills \ p it karst sea Clung fetid Thorst Tok yet it title ave Kkt for Chi rating. Belll f Cut rely pc table r. O particular care u require Al Girrie Umla them. Per jaundice. Headache in pro blood. Gonftlpatior., pain in shoulders to Igbani Kex / Carem Ulz Luem a Der Re Tat Lunn by. U i. By Lioums att Aciu a. A it Sinh of blood to head Blovad it Omagh Klyta. Coloured or Lii. Bloomy take or. Pert b pellets. One or two taken daily for a time will cure a Maples blot i erupt Loans Nola scrod Miloua Sives and Elm Loilit affect Loiis of skin Throat and Boilow. No cheap Wold or paste Board boxes but kept fresh and a Luble in vials. I25 Collell by druggists or a Aff dozen. Manufactured at the world s by Peil Hary no so 83, & 4 and 86 West Senec t., Buffalo n. Y. W. And c. Scott a sons Flo brooch a loading double r. Unis 11" us furnished to Tho " Caw Caw sub of Antl others Boli Ovod to to the it lir Oech Lohdorf now in use. Also " Antn. Lujo adors 1 every variety of style aim and Price. W. And c. Scott it sons new illustrated work on Breech Jjo adors bound in Morocco 20 cents by mail. Simil for prior lists and circulars to William head & sons 13 Fai Ieni Square Boston affronts. Rise 1 he Only reliable gift in the country i $ 50,000,00 in valuable gifts to be distributed in l. D. Sine s 163rd regular monthly to lie ill Ali monday sept. 15tli, 1b7j. One grand capital prize of $ 5,000 in cold two prizes $ 1,0003 no vim. Nova i two prizes $ 500g Rbee backs five prizes $ 100 uuubhu4ujxo one family Carriage and matched Horace with Silver mounted harness Worth i Fioti one Hor a o and Butzgy. With Wilvor mounted harness Worth 01 one Flo ton ocl Rose Wood piano Worth 95001 o family bowing machines Worth Aioo each 50 Gold and Stiver lever Hutin a watches in Al Ortli from $ 20 to $ 300 each i Gold chains Sylvor a Aro jewelry dec. A. Wuolo number of feb 0,000, tickets limited to to g40, Konte wanted to sell Nickou to whom will no paid. Hint to tickets $ 1 six to Roth $ f twelve tickets $ 1o Twenty Flo Tirkot to. Circulars a full list of prizes a description of Trio Man nor of drawing and other Ino Matlon in Refu Ronco to Tho distribution will to a ent to any one ordering them. All letters must 10 addressed to main Oitice l. D. Sine Box 86, a 101 w. 5tu St. Cinosi Miami W of u by i t l t 3 i s c e d n o17 s s t f. I t o Lori i 8 Lah m s o toe Foht Viiga food and roast recce Malul physician of. A a consultation or pamphlet free. Call or write. Just published for Tho Bandit of Young men who Buffer from Norvon Iofi debility. A u treat " o f f Fudim lies fur 2 Stamps a Book 2co paired Castn vote. I Ufi w in Nib t Tea agents wanted in town and country to sell Tea or tet ult club Ordera for the any in America importer or Lea and induced Otto to it Ceuta. Send for circular. A Trebb Robert wbll8. 4sveaey Street new York. Nerdy. Alfonta wanted Ever or. J. Walker s California vinegar hitters Are a purely vegetable preparation made chiefly from the native herbs found on the lower ranges of the Sierra no Vada mountains of California the medicinal properties of which Are extracted therefrom without the use of alcohol. Tho question is almost daily asked " what is Tho cause of Tho unparalleled Success of vinegar bitters our answer is that they remove the cause of disease and the patient recovers his health. They Are the great blood purifier and a life giving principle a perfect Kono Vator and invigorate by of the system. Never before in the history of the world Lias a Medicine been compounded possessing Tho remarkable qualities of Vinic a bitters in Healing the sick of every disease Man is heir to. They Are a gentle purgative As Well As a Tonio relieving congestion or inflammation of the liver Ana visceral organs in bilious diseases. The properties of de. Wal be s vinegar bitters Are ape Rient Diaphoretic Carminative nutritious laxative diuretic sedative. Counter irritant Sudori fic alterative and anti bilious. Grate fail thousands proclaim \ i. Joar bitters the most wonderful indigo rent that Ever sustained the sinking system. I d person can take these bitters Bucu Diug to directions and remain Long unwell provided their Bones Avo not destroyed by Mineral Poison or other Means and vital organs wasted beyond repair. Billions. Remit tent and intermittent fevers which Are so prevalent in the valleys of our great Rivers throughout the United states especially those of the Mississippi Ohio Missouri Illinois Tennessee Cumberland Arkansas red Colorado Brazos Kio Grande Pearl Alabama Mobile Savannah Boit Noke James and Many others with their vast tributaries throughout our entire country during the summer and autumn and remarkably so during seasons of unusual heat and dryness Aro invariably accompanied by extensive derangement of the stomach and liver and other abdominal viscera. In their treatment a purgative exerting a powerful influence upon these various organs is essentially necessary. There is no cathartic for Tho purpose equal to us. J. Wai Ter ? 8 Van gab bitters As they will speedily remove the dark coloured Viscid matter with which Trio bowels Are loaded at Tho same time stimulating the secretions of the liver and generally restoring the healthy functions of the digestive organs. Fortify the body against disease Liy purifying All its fluids with Vike gae Dix Kiis. No epidemic can take hold of a system thus fore armed. Dyspepsia or indigestion headache pain in the shoulders coughs tightness " of Tho Chest dizziness eur erect actions of the stomach bad taste in Tho Mouth bilious attacks pulpit station of the heart inflammation of Tho lungs pain in Tho Region of the kidneys Aud a Hundred other painful symptoms Are the offspring of dyspepsia. One bottle will prove a better guarantee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement. Scr Fula or King s evil White swellings to Loers Erysipelas swelled neck goitre so Romulous inflammations indolent inflammations mercurial affections old sores eruptions of the Shin sore eyes Etc. In these us in All other constitutional diseases Walker s Vine Oab bitters Havo shown their great curative Powers in Tho most obstinate and intractable cases. For inflammatory and chronic rheumatism gout bilious remit tent and intermittent fevers diseases of the blood liver kidneys and bladder these bitters have no equal. Such Dis Casc. no caused by vitiated blood. Mechanical persons engaged in paints and minerals such As plumbers Type setters Gold beaters and miners As they Advance in life arc subject to paralysis of the bowels. To guard against this take a dose of Walker s vinegar bitters occasionally. For skin diseases eruptions Tetter Salt Rheum blotches spots pimples pustules boils carbuncles ring Worms scold had sore eyes Erysipelas Ito i smurfs i discolorations of Trio skin Humours and diseases of the skin of whatever Nanri or nature arc literally dug up Ami carried exit of Tho system in a Short time by Tho u. R of these bitters. Pin tape and other Worms lurking in the system of to sumy thousand Are effectually destroyed Anil removed. System of Medicine no Van Mil Ngi. A f no no Thelmi Nitiss will free the system from Tju iut. Like these bitters. For female complaints in Young or old married or single at the Dawn of w manhood or the turn of life those Toni. Litters display so decided an inf Onciu u Tyml. Improvement is soon Norco Stiblo. Cleanse the vitiated blood Whon nor you find its impurities birr Sling through Tho skin in pimples eruptions or Sun cleanse it when you find it and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it in foul your feelings will Tell you when. I i p the blood pure and the health of the system will follow. U. Ii. Biuona. 1.0 & to. Druid Fri Ami gon. A is turn a Alum. T n. Cili " Neil. A and cur. Of nil Ahti Ryttin St. S., n. V. Sold Liy All i Tnge Lelm Anil l ii vow. No cure i to pay or. J. Ban 30o South of Lark 8t., Chicago May to confidentially consulted 1 of in Rollo and nervous diseases. Cures warranted. Medical work illustrated sent for do rents. A 4. To per a d d May y l i a a e r _ o 9 ii " i b i r a a Iii a a l q d to 9� u classes of working people of either sex Yount or old make More Money of work for for us in their spare moments or ill the time limn at anything else. Particulars treo. Aurosa Btl Uson & co., Portland Maine. A a each week agents wanted. \ a business legitimate. Liuti Cutis j. Worth St. Louin. To. Llo glm. O. K. N. W Hen Walt Lei a a i " be Sny you a a a Ellie Tull vat. It

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