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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Johnstown Tribune Democrat (Newspaper) - August 22, 2010, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Pay air the Tki Bunc Democrat sunday August la 2010murderous secrets old Irish Bones May yield details at probable mass grave near Philadelphia Brothers and historians Frank second left kneeling and William Watson second right standing Survey the site that they believe is a mass grave for immigrant Irish Railroad workers in Malvern Chester county. By Kathy Matheson the associated press Malvern Young and strapping the 57 Irish immigrants began grueling work in the summer of 1832 on the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad. Within weeks All were dead of cholera. Or were they murdered two skulls unearthed at a probable mass grave near Philadelphia this month showed signs of violence including a possible Bullet Hole. Another pair of skulls found earlier at the woodsy site also displayed traumas seeming to confirm the suspicions of two historians leading the archaeological dig. A this was much More than a cholera epidemic a William Watson said. Watson chairman of the history department at nearby Immaculata University and his twin brother Frank have been w orking for nearly a decade to unravel the 178-year-old mystery. Anti Irish sentiment made 19th-Century America a hostile place for the workers who lived amid wilderness in a shanty near the Railroad tracks. The land is now preserved open space behind suburban Homes in Malvern about 20 Miles West of Philadelphia. The Watsons and their research team have recovered seven sets of remains since digging up the first Shin Bone in March 2009, following years of fruitlessly scouring the area for the menus final resting place. One victim has been tentatively identified pending Dan tests. The Brothers have Long hypothesized that Many of the workers succumbed to cholera a bacterial infection spread by contaminated water or food. The disease was rampant at the time and had a typical mortality rate of 40 percent to 60percent. The other immigrants they surmise were killed by vigilantes because of anti Irish prejudice tension Between affluent residents and poor transient workers or intense fear of cholera or a combination of All three. Now their theory is supported by the four recovered skulls which indicate the men probably suffered blows to the head. At least one May have been shot said Janet Monge an anthropologist working on the project. A i done to think we need to be so hesitant in coming to the conclusion now that violence was the cause of death and not cholera although these men might have had cholera in addition Quot Monge said. Other findings coffin nails commingled with the remains establish that at least some workers received formal burials Bones indicate the labourers were muscular despite relatively poor diets and Teeth reveal the men were not wealthy enough to afford the sugary sweets that cause cavities. A they do have indications on their skeletons that life was not a bowl of cherries a said Monge who is also the keeper of skeletal collections at the University of Pennsylvania ohm a museum of archaeology and anthropology. The Watsons Learned in 2002 of the workers demise from the personal papers of their late Grandfather who worked for the Railroad Long after the men died. Their quest called the Duffy a Cut project is named for Philip Duffy who hired the irishmen to build a Section of Railroad known As a Cut. When the immigrants died in August 1832, Duffy ordered his Blacksmith to Burn the shanty for sanitary reasons and Bury the bodies in the Railroad fill the Watsons say. The menus families were never told of their deaths. A passenger list for the John stamp a ship that sailed from Ireland to Philadelphia four months earlier offers possible identities for 15 workers who came from Donegal Tyrone and Derry counties. Early on the Watsons tentatively identified one victim As 18-year-old John Ruddy based on Bone size and the ships Manifest. They have since found a Section of Teeth with a rare genetic anomaly a missing upper molar that never formed shared by some Ruddy family members in Ireland. Researchers Hope for Dan confirmation in about six months. Excavation of the burial site and the shanty aided by ground penetrating radar has proved a whirlwind education in Anatomy and archaeology for the 47-year-old Brothers. Both earned doctorates in history but science Wise have nothing More than an introductory College biology class under their belts. A it has been indeed a crash course a Frank Watson said a and its been to compensate they have surrounded themselves with experts including Monge and a retired Coroner forensic dentist geophysicist and a graduate student in Bio archaeology who share the Brothers enthusiasm and have volunteered their help. A a they re As professional a team As any one in be seen out there on a site a Monge said. The Brothers see the project As a Way to document Early 19th-Century attitudes about Industry immigration and disease in Pennsylvania. Their ultimate goal is to recover All the remains identify the men and inter them properly either Bere or in Ireland. Michael Collins Ireland a ambassador to the u.s., visited Duffy a Cut last summer and said in remarks at Immaculata University that its an important Story to Tell. Immaculata has provided some funding but the Brothers Are seeking Grants for further Dan tests archival research in Ireland and a celtic Cross to Mark a new grave at a nearby cemetery for any remains that Are not repatriated. A we see this More As a recovery Mission a William Watson said. A get them out of this ignominious burial is a pm testing smart rooms to streamline care of patients Manor we 11 ii Ess cd it in Iii u ii i i v 472-6868 Ebensburg 736-9504 Portage 948-5500 Northern Cambria the associated press Pittsburgh like most Hospital rooms this one has a bed with White sheets a tray table and a nurse Call Button. But the new a smart room under development at the University of Pittsburgh medical Center could Well be the patient room of the future. Its focal Point is a 32-Inch Flat screen Monitor which faces the bed. Using a Remote control patients can Check email order a Blanket or get details about upcoming tests. When Hospital workers enter patients rooms the screen flashes their names and titles thanks to an Ultra Security systems of America Safvi he you so curl i yet feeds Gam wow 814-266-3149 or i 800-487-7233 Johnstown s #1 Stop for so curly residential amp commercial Security systems fire amp smoke alarms video surveillance Home theatre amp Home automation medical Alert systems authorized dealer be Security pro attention Cambria county 9-1-1 alarm monitoring service customers we Monitor amp service All t list maj systems. Ali dm1 till now in ii Momii Iii Quoit x in i a Limi in Sci vue 641 i Imberd ave., Johnstown a 16904 formerly protective Security sound tag they Wear at All times. A a we re personalizing their experience a said Toni Morrison a registered nurse who a helping to design these High tech quarters for smart room a a pm owned for profit Enterprise that a partly funded by computer giant ism. A pm is testing the smart rooms in a 24-bed transplant unit at a pm Montefiore in Oakland. The rooms have been in development for three years with an earlier version tested at a pm Shadyside. Morrison and a team of computer experts Are ironing out kinks in mock rooms set up in an empty Wing at the former South Side Hospital. Its creators Are touting a second touchscreen unit in the patients room that gives physicians and nurses real time information about the patient such As allergies or lab work results. Within seconds a nurse can Call up the tasks to be done at that moment whether giving medication or taking the patient out for an a Ray. The system allows doctors nurses and aides to Chart what they be done before they leave the room. They can track if the patient went to the bathroom or took a Bath. Basic vitals such As temperature and blood pressure readings automatically pop on the screen on their Way to the patients electronic medical record. The smart room which has been designed to be a commercial product has attracted attention from More than a dozen hospitals from As far As Singapore said David t. Sharbaugh smart room a president and founder. A pm would not say How much Money it expects to make from the venture. Ism is handling All aspects of the sales. A pm is not disclosing How much it is spending to create the room. In my a Cost also undisclosed comes from a $50 million co development fund it created in 2005 with a pm. The system frees nurses from mundane tasks so they have time for the More critical part of their Job such As analysing a patient and making recommendations about their care Sharbaugh said. A we Tell the nurses we re not trying to make them robots a he said. A a we re just trying to make the easy things one of the smart rooms most impressive parts is outside it a massive Flat screen Monitor at nurses stations that replaces dry boards that Are typically filled with scribbled notes. The smart room creators refer to this component As a dashboard and it is controlled by a unit Secretary. To protect their privacy patients Are identified on the screen by their initials but doctors quickly know which nurse in caring for the patient.conzatti9sitalian Market 1250 Scalp ave., johnstown814-266-3356mon.-Frl. 9-7 sat. 8-5 closed sunday prices valid through August 28,2010 i uni con Zattis homemade Spaghetti sauce 75 t j i idea aug Honey Ham Delallo barbeque Chicken breast Delallo imported pasta sauce Delallo pizza sauce i Kip in. Delallo lib. Imported pasta in aaa i wet Boneless sirloin steaks Bauo Pouch Pepperoni jum80 italian eggs Chi m i. A a a in Delallo private Stock provolone cheese 2y Delallo horseradish Cheddar a cheese 3? v. . ;