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Jefferson City News And Tribune (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Jefferson City, Missouri News and Lutri Bunea sunday combination the morning capital news and evening Post Tribune vol. La no. 35jefferson City. Missouri sunday. March 17. 1940 Price five cents 2 British ships sunk Man 71, hurl Western front to life severely when struck by car. W. Weller suffers fractured leg head injuries in Accident English naval trawlers sunk by Nasi mines French scouts report germans building up air Fleet strength artillery into action Stark sees need easing income taxes some business regulations up a Many cities governor in St. Patrick s Day speech at Memphis also predicts democratic Victory whatever the decision Roosevelt foreign glance by the associated press Washington a president 9 Roosevelt tells Christian convocation that world seeks a moral basis for peace Twenty one american republics protest British violation neutrality zone. Paris French Aerial scouts report germans increasing air strength behind West Wall. London a German mines claim two British naval trawlers several merchantmen British report bomber flights Over German occupied Poland a and Helgoland bight. Helsinki finnish commission to go to Moscow monday to a by the associated press activity picked up the stalemated Western front now Europe a Only land War theater and Britain lost two More naval trawl net Aerial scouts reported ii Iii luv5 ,1 a germans were building up their air Fleet strength at airports in Memphis Tenn., March 16�? j a looking ahead. I can see the apr gov. Lloyd c. Stark necessity for relaxing some the Missouri ardent supporter the regulations which hamper the in Roosevelt administration Declar div dual business today the need tonight. A i can see the Neces Chasity for clarifying Many the i sity for relaxing some the Reg intricate problems which have lations which he pier the in-1 developed out the attempts div dual business j government and business to work St Mary hoc Nitai w Nicht with i in a spech prepared for a St. Together against the forces de i. Patrick s Day banquet the pression. Memphis Irish society the mis a but see no insurmountable collections May total 30 pct., 150 million above year ago. W. A a Jake Weiler retired Fulkerson and High Souri. Executive predicted a dem barriers to understanding. In Al yesterday evening socratic Victory in the november history there have never been two a .,1. 2l"velection, a whatever the decision allies that did not quarrel and injuries suffered when he was the rear the West Wall. Artal Quot truck by 8 Rar at ,ntc"f5, Lery both sides the Western t,., front boomed in the Region the is 4, e Saar \ Ivas de Franklin Delano Roosevelt and at sea. German mines claimed cd b Hosp Tal attendants As whatever the verdict the demo two British naval trawlers the in tins comfortably last night he cratic National convention. A a a Peridot and the Maida and Sev 1 a Hac Tuie the right past seven years a eral merchantmen. The com and n?unc7 and lacerations it pc said a there have been Mander and five crewmen the Maida were believed lost. The Crew the Peridot was saved. The 1,589-ton British Steamer Melrose Sank in the North sea after an explosion with 18 her the hands when struck by a car driven by Bernard e. Brandt route i. Jefferson City about 745 clock. Saw Man too late heavy taxes to pay annoying regulations to meet but there have been customers with Money i who did not have Money in 1932 there have been Banks with doors officers quoted Brandt As say that stay open and there has been Crew 23 missing and two greek eng he did not see Weiler who a solid base under the entire eco snips the Panach Randos 4,661 was crossing from the North to nordic Structure where once there 7. I a. Was Linin uie Nurin to Iii Pic snut Iuie Wincie i inc nine an i Flora 2,980, tons the South Side High Street in i was but Sand As shifting As the imposed by peace Rome a fact finder Welles concludes talks with italian statesmen awaits audience with Pope Pius Xii monday before sailing for United were sunk mysteriously. Yugoslav ship Down late last night it was reported the 4.512-ton yugoslavian Steamer Slava had gone Down off the Welsh coast today from an unix Josf ideals for lasting peace set Forth by Roosevelt Queen Wilhalmina Holland takas part in world Wida broadcast in Washington March 16�?, in the air the British Nap a president Roosevelt bounced their bombers had flown one Man the brother Alderman Leo Weiler. Planned cause Crew was lost. British officials said they could not confirm German claims that one British patrol vessel had been sunk and another damaged by German air raiders. Shortly after the sinking the British vessels were disclosed Netherlands naval officials advised ships flying that nations Flag to remain in Harbor because the discovery new danger zones. Subsequently shipowners were instructed concerning a new route across the North sea. In the air the British anti too late. Brandt said he was policy the last Republican and not travelling Over 25 Miles an ministration. Hour and stopped within twelve i a once again we have failed feet. The Accident occurred a1-1 perfection but would you sex most in front Weilert a Home change the goal business today 901 West High Street. He is a for the goal business in 1932? by the Amoco Etc press reports Sharp increases in income tax collections in Many key cities indicated yesterday that the Treasury May be pleasantly surprised when it totals the annual big March yield.,up until Midnight Friday when quibble when Victory a. In a it redline Tor making returns achieved. Wag reached the unofficial guess a tile democratic party a has restored business to paths Security and new earning Power and Tabor to dignity and Independence. A it has walked wisely and sanely in a War torn world with a foreign policy that has always been human never aggressive. A it has built toward an adequate National defense in an Era International banditry. Waa was that a 30 per cent $150,-000.000 increase Over the tax take a year ago might be attained. But tallies from several important collection districts showed increases Well in excess that figure although in others the percentage increase was comparatively moderate. The Michigan District Home the giant automobile Industry reported unofficially that collections a it has offered the pledge i were running 80 per cent Over a peace As Protection for its Young manhood the plan social Security for the Protection the speaking a world wide broadcast set Forth today a list ideals International organization without which he said no peace can be made a lasting basis. Queen Wilhelmina Holland also took part in the program which was held in connection with the Christian foreign service convocation in new York. Over German occupied Poland for the second time since the War began and Over Helgoland bight. French balloon shot Down in Berlin the germans said their planes had shot Down a French captive balloon East Breisach Baden province Ger Brandt who is employed by the Hammond bakery was accompanied by his family and a sister in Laws child. Tile Impact damaged the right front headlight Brandt s car. Officer Lawrence Kauffman who has passed the Cross training course along with several other members the department said that Weiler was removed from the scene the Accident in a manner which could have aggravated his injuries. Police notified late Missouri will join the nation this Kauffman explained that the week in celebrating National wild injured Man was picked up by a life week with women and Chil Missouri to join National Observance wild life week woman and children to take part in program bigger scale a another protest against the Vio today we seek a moral basis lation the american neutrality. J zone was dispatched to London by the 21 american republics it grew out the scuttling the 3,771-ton German freighter a Kama off Brazil last month when peace a . Roosevelt said. A it cannot be a real peace if it fails to recognize brotherhood. It cannot be a lasting peace if the fruit it is oppression starvation cruelty human life dominated by armed it cannot be a sound peace if the British blockade. Small nations must live in fear the United states touring fact powerful neighbors. It cannot be finder Sumner Welles concluded a moral peace if Freedom from Quot is talk with european statesmen invasion is sold for tribute. It1 in Home with a Long and cordial passing Motorist not Brandt and taken to the Hospital before an ambulance could arrive and without the police having been notified. The officer emphasized the police department has urged several occasions that Accident victims be left alone Emtil some one qualified to handle them properly arrives. The police department pointed out that it takes a police car about three minutes to travel from one end the City to the other and Dren assisting the states sportsmen in the Observance a larger scale than Ever before. During the past year women have become conservative conscious the state conservation said and the heaviest remand for help in launching conservation programs has come from women a organizations. Each the 443 flubs affiliated with the Missouri federation women s clubs now has a conservation chairman and Many have 4-h club program for 1940 outlined by Cole loaders Plant for Camp to a discussed at meeting in May the executive committee the Cole county 4-h leaders Council outlined a 4-h program for 1940 yesterday at a meeting held in Jefferson City. A a a mixer is planned to be held next month but the Date was not fixed yesterday. The May meeting the Council will feat i bar Ogram dealing with methods giving demonstrations by 4-h club members. Representatives the newer clubs also asked for training recreational activities for club meetings. Plans for the 4-h Camp in Cole she was intercepted by a British thu4 a car and an officer programs designed to broaden the \ county will also be the sche Cruiser while attempting to run is been gained to care for understanding wildlife and con Dule the May meeting. Prin a a. A injured persons can reach an act a a cadent in a very Short time. Offi cers were not informed the a continued Page 6 year ago. Oregon reported a 42 per cent increase and the Washington Alaska District noted that collections in the first two months this year ran about 40 per cent ahead a year ago. The first California District had a 38 per cent boost. 29 pct. Gain at k. Here Are some samples increases elsewhere Kentucky 37, Ohio 35, Illinois 30 Missouri Kansas City District 29. Tennessee 28, Massachusetts 21, Western Pennsylvania 21, Florida 20. Georgia 13, new York in the second District in i Lin Quency a girl. 44 feared dead in Ohio mine explosion two members Rescue Crew lose lives 113 other workers Many affected by death dealing Black Damp taken out Workings bulletin St. Blairsville o., March 17�? sunday map a at least 22 men were reported Early today to have been killed in a devastating Gas explosion which wrecked a portion the Willow Creek Coal mine yesterday. Sheriff8 Deputy Carl Clark Belmont county said he was informed 20 bodies had been found. Or. Gla i Huv Ille o., March i Rescue them. Rescue Crew saved 16�? apr forty four men in 113 other miners most whom bombed in the explosion torn Wil. Low Grove Coal mine were feared dead tonight. Two men were killed trying to convict who fled Over Walls Here in 1928 held in Ohio Ona Alban Roach s two companions kill and during Braak Columbus o., March 16�? apr twelve years Freedom ended Albert Roach alias John Quinn 48, told police today that he was ready to return to Missouri Penitentiary from which he escaped in 1928. A a in a glad to get this off my mind a the fugitive was quoted by detective de love As saying. His identity was disclosed while he was serving a workhouse sentence for contributing to the deciding the financial area 5. Local circumstances brought some notable variations. Indications were that tax collections in Rhode Island would be two to three times greater than a year ago. Taxpayers there made heavy deductions in their returns 1938 income to cover losses incurred when a Hurricane swept the state in the fall that year. Maine reported payments were six per cent under a year ago. The collector said a several non recurring items filed last year a continued Page 6 cannot be an intelligent peace if conversations with Premier mus it denies free passage to that Sohni and italian foreign minister 4$.nowledge those ideals which permit men to find common ground. It cannot be a righteous peace if worship god is May form peace flan basis the presidents statement what he considered some the essential elements a peaceful world organization suggested to some observers Here that these might form the basis administration thinking should the Opportunity come for an attempt to ring about peace. Whether such an Opportunity May develop in the near future is believed to be one the questions to which Sumner Welles undersecretary state is seek count Ciano. After an audience with Pope Pius Xii monday Welles will sail for the United states. Finns to Moscow to arrange new Borders Helsinki March 16.- apr a finnish commission will Fly to Moscow monday to Iron out details the new Borders imposed Finland under last tuesdays peace treaty while at Home the nation tackles rehabilitation and the building new defences. Or. Juho k. Paas Kivi minister without portfolio will head the commission. As he disclosed these plans and i feet capital Ilian s dog wins Field trials ing an answer his confidential the fact that negotiations for a Mission for the president in eur i commercial treaty would begin rope the president said he greeted those joining in the convocation a was a congregation Faith in the certainty that you will help to a keep alive that spirit kindly continued Page 6 petition for divorce filed in circuit court Lela Gibler filed suit for divorce in court yesterday from Chester Gibler alleging non support. Plaintiff states in her petition a that the couple we As married in Maniteau county. June 7, 1931 and was separated March 8, 1940. Plaintiff asks custody an Only child. Soon . Paas Kivi lifted slightly the curtain which has hidden the peace negotiations in which he participated. He said the finnish delegation left Helsinki secretly by automobile a week ago last wednesday and flew from Stockholm to Moscow. There were five sessions in All he explained and the finnish continued Page 6 Gray a spectre ghost owned by James t. Blair jr., Jefferson City won the St. Louis Field trial associations annual Spring meet at Troy mo., yesterday. The ghost was entered in the All age trials conducted under the auspices the Amateur Field trial clubs. The heat w hich the ghost finished in 35 minutes was judged by Ross Davis Springfield and Grant Neely Memphis Tenn. Neely told Blair that he considered the dogs handling the Covey a per Wallace Gray the con handled ser vation department Blair a dog. Spectre ghost competed against such dogs As Lewis Jesse James with a string Winter Campaign victories behind him ser vation problems Well under Way. Special meetings All conservation groups within the state will be held during the week Many them to Reward the 700 boys and girls the Missouri nature knights for their Aid in the conservation program. During the week to be officially opened with a nationwide conference professional wildlife workers in Washington d. C., monday members the staff the state conservation commission will be speaking at Many the specially arranged meetings in Missouri. Curtis s. Allen one the 66 u. S. Game management agents who is stationed Here called attention to the 1940 series wild Cowley. Cipal july activity will be the county 4-h achievement Day to be held july 31. In september a training school will be held for club secretaries to Aid them in filling out their final club reports. Procedure for reorganization 4-h clubs will also be discussed. A banquet will be held in december. The executive committee also voted yesterday that All committees in charge the above activities shall be named by the Council president Juliet Lepage. Members the committee who attended yesterdays meeting were Juliet Lepage Lee Hoskins mrs. A. Taggart John. Hohm Dora Schuerman Maynard Jones and mrs. Arthur founder s Day Banque is held by fraternity forty eight members Delta Phi Kappa fraternity attended the 13th annual founders Day banquet the Jefferson City chapter at the Missouri hotel last Roach said one hit companions in the Missouri break was shot fatally while scaling a Wall and another was captured a Short time later. A had served 14 months a 15-year sentence for assault when a escaped love said. Deputy Warden Edison Blagg the state Penitentiary said last night he had requested custody Albert Roach 48, from Ohio authorities. The Deputy Warden said he was virtually certain the Man held in Ohio is t. A. Roach who escaped Over the Walls the prison september 25, 1924, with two other men. He was serving a 15-year term for rape from Christian county. One Roaches companions Edward Keefe was fatally wounded in the break. Prison records show he died gunshot wounds a Day after the Trio Scalene Jii i me in Avo in Noichi last. Fine no a a efe was re night. Twenty member were from i 2lv�?~ehd from Jack a in county to serve five years for robbery. The third Man Jim Swain a negro was captured at a Ryle mo., and returned to the prison five Days after the escape he was serving five years for burglary from Buchanan county. Life poster Stamps which go Sale monday. Proceeds from the Sale these Stamps go to the National wildlife federation and Are used for conservation. Youth injured when he head who bottle Lake Creek a w to won second re eur a aus it 15-year-old in the National meet and Nola i ,,? youth a amp ii who won the Sedalia trials. ,.ed at Mary 5 Hosp Tal last Chat Sci. My Nuen Vimo Uci the ghost won six shooting dog. Fol Jfe Sald he Ferson City rotary club and contests last year making yes .j�1 try Eck Yilth a their wives Are planning to at Ter Day a Success in the Field House Highway 63 Road tend the third annual conference miss Viola Wachal Home demonstration agent announced yesterday afternoon that a tour 4-h clubs will be held this year to explain the 1940 program to the parents members newly formed clubs. The St. Louis chapter. Rev. W. D. Ruggles was the principal speaker and spoke to the group Carl Lane was toastmaster. Guests included mrs. Rens Mother Cliff c. Rens founder the National organization and miss Anita Cody St. Louis National Darling. Mrs. Rens presented the a pop rens memorial trophy in memory her son to the St. Louis chapter. The award will be made each year to the chapter elected As the Best chapter. After the banquet a party was i bid thursday by three White men held at Dixie gardens. The Fra and left tied to Railroad tracks eternity will meet this afternoon f Bere died tonight from Shock. Tied to train track by robbers Dies Shock Springfield. Mo., March 10 apr John Henry Hollonson 55-year-old negro who was Rob at 2 clock in a business meeting at the Missouri hotel. Several local Rolar lans to Kirksville conference several members the Jet Success in the Field trials even More unusual. Attend pot Luck supper eighty members the menus sunday school class the presbyterian Church attended a potluck supper held Friday night. Judge Charles Henson delivered 4lhe principal address which was followed by moving pictures shown by Bill Anderson. Music was furnished by Victor Lyons John opel and Harry Sanders. Officers said the youth told i them that his assailant had grabbed his hat and that when he made an Effort to recover it was struck with the bottle. Police said he had a 3-Inch Cut under his left ear. ,. ,.no arrests were made by the ,1d _ _ a a March 16 men who Quot have been convicted ocal police who said the inc map . E. Omalley must keep crimes who have bad re Dent occurred at the log Cable away from politics and May not a Malley out monday must keep away from politics Kansas City a weather Missouri fair sunday and monday warmer Southeast and East Central sunday colder Northwest by sunday night colder monday. Temperatures High is Low so. Arm stages Keokuk i. Tel 0 4 kens amps City a a ----4.7 Pell 0 4 �waverly___________5.2 pall s associate with t. J. Pendergast u Hen he gets out Federal prison monday. Of Malley former Missouri insurance superintendent is finishing a term at Leavenworth for income tax evasion. State warrants Are waiting for him Here and at St. Louis. They charge he accepted bribes for his part in the 1935 fire insurance rate Compromise. The Federal government alleged he received $62,500 in bribes and failed to pay income taxes it. Terms Malleye a probation were made Public today by judge Merrill e. Otis. They require him to a work regularly and limit him to either a private employment his own the probation terms also order Malley to a a Lead a clean honest and temperate life and mutations. Pendergast for Mer democratic organization Leader is ser diction. Ving a term for income tax violation also. So Are Otto Higgins i former police director. J. Pryor machine favored Condrac a Tor and Charles Carollo a gambling King. Matthew s. Murray former state spa director and former City Public works director was the 135th District rotary International to be held at Kirksville Missouri april 22 and 23. The District is made up the Eastern half Missouri. The conference will officially open monday morning with a general session and close tuesday with a luncheon at noon. The highlight the entertainment will be the governors North Highway 63, because it Ball monday evening with music is outside the Jefferson City Juris by the nationally known Ai Kavelin and his cascading chords. Or. H. Schulte is president the Jefferson City club and Volunteer fireman 1 w Helm sch a a killed in crash Kansas City March 18.�? apr to. P. Hanson about 50, Liberty Vas killed Early this morning the a so Bridge North the City where his pickup truck crashed into a Bridge abutment. Condition improves Della Schanuth 1500 e. Mccarty Street is convalescing from an appendicitis operation at St. Mary a Hospital. Marriage License issued a marriage License was issued yesterday to John Trachsel and Helen Baurichter both Holt Arthur Chandler and Opal Fay Summit. Huddleston both Jefferson City. He made no last minute statements which might have police to his attackers. Coroner White said the immediate cause his death was Shock brought about by the injury to his foot which was nearly severed by the train. Hol London a attackers were apparently prevented from stretching him across the rails by the arrival a train. He was robbed $252 which he carried in a Money Belt. Marriage licenses three couples were issued marriage licenses yesterday by Cole county recorder Henry Lepage. They were Joseph Schneider and Agnes Beck both Jefferson City John Trachsel and Helen Baurichter both Holt Summit Dies in Neosho fire firemen answer five Neosho mo., apr de Lampo March 16 Calls to Gross Fitts a charter convicted this week the same member Neosho a Volunteer the Jefferson City fire depart Ireland guards against St. Patrick s disorders Dublin March 10.�? apr Irish officials can see nothing but the Green shamrocks and Palms for Ireland tomorrow despite the offence. O Malley will be brought Here monday morning by a Federal probation officer. At first it was planned to turn him Over to St. Louis officials but today tentative arrangements were made to arraign him Here first. J. A. Purdome chief Deputy sheriff said this was proposed in order to save the expense a round trip to St. Louis. Of Malley also is ordered to stay out night clubs Gamb fire department burned to death ment opened the a grass fire sea ancient superstition that her today while fighting a big grass son yesterday by answering five streets will run with blood fire in the Neosho Heights residential Section. Coroner Corley Thompson sex Calls to minor blazes attributed to when St. Patrick a Day and Palm boonville______________4 1 Pell 0 9 a. Thome _____________4 8 fan 8 9 Hermann ----------------8 1 Rue 8 2 u t Lake Ozark it feet below full ?�1?. Quaff a. Reservoir Malley must keep away from the probation officer that cause. Shortly before noon the trucks pressed the opinion Lampo eith were called to 602 East higher suffered a heart attack was 0� were called to overcome by smoke Sand fell in r fj4 East Mccarty. Shortly a iter the flames. J a be Loeck they answered a Cal ,.j at 408 Swift s Highway and atone near. Bim ?j2 10 yesterday afternoon were he fell and his body was not called 97 North Circle found until it was badly burned. 5 Days final Call was made to Lanpo a Carpenter is stir 1608 West main Street. Vived by his wife two sons Clive firemen indicated that most to stage a Parade Neosho and Ralph Detroit the grass fires were started by and for the first time citizens and two daughters mrs. Edna homeowners cleaning up their Ireland will be Able to a drown sunday fall the same Day. They said they were taking Only the a a usual precautions against disorders. For the first time in years there will be no processions demonstrations tomorrow honouring Ireland a Patron Saint. The Irish army is too Busy with an a intensive training program in preparation for possible a a eventualities to a keep Good company and Good Ling places and salons and not drink to excess. Under the a Good company i he is forbidden to leave Kan _ Otis explained Sas City without permission Campbell. Oklahoma City and Yards but not realizing How dry the Shamrock in their own land. A Alt a fays Neosho. A the grass had Weeoma. Tbs saints Day officially Bas been Bone dry since the foundation the Irish free state forerunner the present Republic and those who wanted to drink toasts to the lands Patron Saint had to Cross the Border into Ulster. But saloons in Ireland Are open sundays and closed in Ulster so the migration the thirsty will be reversed this year. Prime minister Eamon de Valera marked St. Patricks Day eve with an Appeal to americans for a Active moral support to a Send the dismemberment Ireland and to extend the Freedom enjoyed by citizens Ireland to a the whole the National he referred to the Long struggle Ireland Eire to incorporate the six counties Northern Ireland Ulster which remains a part Tbs United kingdom were affected by the death dealing a Black Damp which followed a Noonday blast. Officials the Hanna Coal co., owners the mine three Miles South Here declined to speculate the miners Fate. The 44 were Cut off from fresh air and entombed behind a Rock Barrier. A but they re All dead they live through that blast a said Frank Patryn one the rescued men. This View was shared by his fellow workers. Desperate attempt to Contact the imprisoned men failed while Rescue Crews battered at the Rock Wall Soma thought it would take All night to break through efforts were Mads to Force fresh air to the men Down a 90-foot Shaft a revised Check by r. L. Ireland company president showed that 157 men were in the huge mine when the Accident occurred. Many gained safety through the air Shaft located at the end the three mile Long a a Drift horizontal mine. A the Way we saw men scattered All Over the lot a said John Toworoski 33, Neffs. Harry Stanley declared a it looks George Strain asserted that the length time the men lived depended the amount air available in the area where they were trapped. Strain state director Industrial relations was in charge Ohio mine Rescue Crews John Richards mins Superino to indent and Howard Sanders tipple Boss lost their lives in n daring Rescue Effort. They wars killed by the treacherous a Black Damp a a Gas which forms in mines after an explosion. Nearly All the 113 were affected by the Gas to some extent. Scores were treated at an emergency Hospital set up in the mine office basement but there was no immediate indication How Many were in serious condition. An undetermined number were reported Hurt. 15 out Stretcher Nick Polecy and George Golf Ith were in Martins ferry Hospital and Peter Taylor and Charles Kluskey in Bellaire Hospital. Polecy was burned about the face and arms and the others were gassed Griffith seriously. Polecy and Griffith were with Richards and Sanders in the first Rescue Effort. Fifteen men were carried out stretchers at one time As thousands persons Many them tearful wives crowded around the Entrance the mine located three Miles South Here. The mine was termed by officials As the Hanna Coal company a it was one the most modern in Ohio equipped with the latest air conditioning safeguards. Fire broke out after the blast which presumably was caused by Gas Coal dust. It was later brought under control. Rescue Crews wearing Gas Gas masks and carrying Cag is canaries to test air conditions hoped to break through the Wall a Black Damp before Midnight to where the 46 were believed entombed behind a Rock Barrier. All efforts to Contact the trapped men had failed. Ireland in hip boots and work clothes was directing Rescue operations personally. Huge pumps were utilized in an Effort to suck the a Black Damp from the pits. Operator overcome a mine car speeding out control shot out the Entrance at noon an unconscious operator at the Drivers Post. This was the first indication that a blast had occurred. Steve Olexia the operator was overcome by a Black Damp after the explosion wrecked the ventilating system the mine. A Cleveland resident Ireland was in St. Blairsville business and immediately upon being no continued Page 6 things All right in Campaign Truman says1 Kansas City March 16�? apr senator Truman said tonight a things look All rights in his Campaign to be reelected. A i am in this race to stay a be said. A i think the people have the right to vote my the senator came Home for a reunion Battery d the 129th Field artillery which he mended in the world War

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