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Jefferson City News And Tribune (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Jefferson City, Missouri Face of crime on i twentieth Century t p. M. Today Kocg to Channel 13 t by sfnq4y news and # trib a sunday combination of the morning capital news and evening Post Tribune line vol. 32. No. 32.jefferson City Missouri sunday january 26, 1958 Price ten cents Western base shutdowns demanded Khrushchev says soviet will discuss missile ban As part of package Deal Moscow sunday an. 26 Oft he called for a Summit Confer-1 possess while retaining the use soviet communist party chief ence to discuss these issues but of weapons with which the United Nikita Khrushchev said in a said they would have to be part of states can a hold the world in a speech published today the soviet an agreement on the reduction of state of Union is ready to discuss a ban foreign forces in Germany and threat claimed other european states. A imperialist circles of the the package Deal he said also United states wish to retain Mili would have to include standing so tary bases and set up rocket Viet proposals for the immediate launching bases on territories posing such a ban outside an Banning of atomic and Hydrogen surrounding the soviet Union As a agreement that would include Dis-1 weapons and their tests and the constant threat to the soviet Union armament proposals the soviet creation of an atomic free zone in whose cities they claim they can Union has been trying to sell Central Europe. Wipe from the face of the Earth a without Success in the past. Khrushchev charged president1 Khrushchev asserted. Demands base closings Eisenhower a recent proposals for he charged the Western Powers the conditions Khrushchev Laid an International agreement on the have proposed discussion of prob Down called for the West to agree use of outer space was a one sided lems a on which it is difficult or to dismantle military bases with proposition. He said it was aimed even impossible to reach agree which he said the United states it at Banning weapons that could me nth at an International disarm has surrounded the soviet Union threaten american territory and Ament conference. These propos and the communist Camo. Which the United states does not continued on Page 2, col. 5 body found on intercontinental ballistic missiles a but Only As part of a disarmament package Deal. He made Clear he was not pro bomber carrying secrets crashes equipment believed for missiles use Caracas returning to Normal freed Venezuela rejoices new elections promised soon rails executive commits suicide Ike takes part in talks about defense shifts Pentagon meeting includes top civil military leaders Washington Jan. 25 of a president Eisenhower took a personal hand today in moves to reorganize tile defense department. He paid an unusual visit to the Pentagon and conferred with top civilian and military leaders. There was immediate bipartisan applause from members of Congress for the presidents dramatic action to Speed a promised overhaul of the nations military setup to meet the Challenge of russian sputnik and missiles. Eisenhower conferred for More engineers reopen studies of Wear s Creek problems meeting opens monday me dares Mission to Iraq Clouds Baghdad conference Gen. Galloway says 1953 plan not feasible Robert Young found dead in Florida Home Palm Beach. Fla., Jan. 25 i Caracas. Venezuela. Jan. 25 Trade. Movies reopened for after pm some clashes Between forces noon showings. School children Salt Lake City. Jan. 25 a of venezuelans governing Junta trooped Back to classes. Lottery loaded with secret gear believed and diehard adherents of deposed ticket Sellers hawked their Lucky i Robert r Young chairman of to Deal with missiles an if dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez number wares. The Board of the new York Cen Force b26 crashed and burned in continued up until Early tonight Send messages Lari Railroad committed suicide a Snow storm today killing a but generally Venezuela rejoiced thousands of venezuelans in tile top floor billiard room of civilian passenger and injuring in its newfound Freedom and a jammed overseas Telephone Anding mansion Here today with two three air Force men aboard. J Promise of new elections As soon Cable offices to Send messages to shots from a double barrelled the air Force after some delay As possible. A relatives and friends often report Shotgun posted guards around the wreck in Caracas the Din of a thou "8 loss of some member of age. Just North of Salt Lake Musa Kyj honking automobile horns the family in the bloody Street a Nic pal Airport. I signalled peaceful traffic jams fighting of the last week. All stores and business establish Ankara Turkey Jan. 25 t1 Menderes a unexplained Mission Premier admin Menderes has and to the conference of the Bagh toned Home today from a sudden dad Alliance which u. S. See Rebind secret Mission to Iraq his tary of state John Foster Dulles trip thickened an air of crisis stir is attending As an observer rounding the owning Morhn of there is Ivory indication that an important Baghdad pact con the meetings inside the Flag Fennec Here. Bedecked closely guarded the five pact nations and the Crand National Assembly build United states will discuss the de inf Here Dulles will have to play a. Of the the delicate than two hours with Secretary of threats and thrusts of soviet com moslem states firmly Allied to the the wears Cleek flood problems defense Mcelroy and 14 other Quinis no West. The news Tribune has Learned. Relocation to hike costs of flood control programs the . Army corps of Engi it v role of keeping ricers is initiating new studies on civilian and military officials. These included reorganization advisors whom Mcelroy named recently. There was no announcement whether any decisions had been reached. Among those sitting in on the conference were Gen. Nathan f. I Twining chairman of the joint i chiefs of staff and two previous pcs chairmen . Arthur Radford and Gen. Omar Bradley. White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower had gone to the Pentagon instead of having Mcelroy come to the White House. A the president said he was a suicide going to take a delicate role a Hie strains and stresses of the m id d i e East political Maze formed tile background both to red envoy to Iran Back to Moscow Pengov departs after banquet for Dulles Menderes flow to Baghdad Fri details of the new study were Day for a hurried conference re disclosed by maj. Gen g. E. Gal Jjo redly at the urgent request of Loway division Engineer of the Iraq the Only Arab country with . Army Engineer division mrs in the anti communist Alliance of sour River corps of engineers nations along russians Southern with offices in Omaha neb. Borders other members Are Brit Gen. Galloway in reply to an Ain and the moslem states of Turkey Iran and Pakistan. Iraq May quit inquiry from the news Tribune said that the original flood control plan for wears greek which mend British american Supit Ort Tehran Iran Jan. 25 so for a Tough new policy toward is personal interest let ambassador Nikolai Pengov Rani. A variety of other Sugges by it. Pied Mead of in Palm m this so he went Over there a departed a next it be Teddy for Moscow tons was also advanced but none attest Imaad 300 arsons killed let be department who said Hagerty Laid it was his Early inlay to my oium Bucu ment were Quot open and doing Rush and More than 1.000 wounded was 60-year-old Hagerty said this was just one left a Banque but reporters and photographers ments were open Anet doing Rusaj Savage revolt executive had been despondent of a series of conferences Eten officials tot off last tuesday by a general a a v Shower will have with Mcelroy strike called by a civilian rebel1 reporters were barred from the prior to the presidents decision 25 room Home and from its Ion defense reorganization. Badly smashed already had gotten a close up look at the wreckage. The plane was so thoroughly smashed and strewn Over a Barren Field however it was doubtful they saw any classified material in Recog-1 sizable form. Officers from Hill air Force j base near Ogden began an invest i ligation of the crash. They would say Only that the plane carried j classified equipment. The twin engine plane crashed As it took off for Western Utah a Dallas Jan. 25 we if the Ris Wendover air Force base a huge ing Price of hamburger is Dent weather causing High beef prices Rains after drought encourage holding group scores of venezuelans Long sex grounds but Learned Young was state John Foster Dulles. Premier Nurl said. Political quarters expressed stir-1 one thing was sure the sur prise at Pengov s sudden de Par prise development worried Amer sign Eru Laton among diplomats was under consideration in 1953 and military men assembled Here no longer a it ears economically ranged from the possibility that i feasible. Iraq May be quitting the Alliance he said that when the 1953 plan for the Sake of Arab Unity to the was being considered a it showed suggestion that Iraq plans to de considerable Promise of economic new development but he added there has been new development in area since then and ars now that additional relocation necessitated by these is Suomi hoi i Regov Rue a variety or Oiler Sugges a up he unexpectedly for Moscow tons was also advanced but none in a. By a half an hour after he found any official backing either i a Quet Given by iranian from the turkish government oru u. S. Secretary of the iraqi delegation headed by sex. P tile governing Council headed by rear . Wolfgang Larraz. There was no immediate inter personal interest in the rear foreign ministry sources bean British and other pro West and diplomats who attended the pm officials. One member of the dinner discounted reports the Baghdad pact secretariat Reimert russian was miffed at the warm cd the u. S. Delegation on hear reception Given Dulles. Tile u. S. Ing the news of menders trip Secretary is stopping Over Here in withdrew the Advance text of Juve conclusion. He added that the route to the Baghdad pact Confer Dulles opening statement to the Mew study now being initiated by ence in Ankara. Turkey monday conference. It had been submitted the Kansas City District office also to be held for re lease monday will cover alternate plans of in the inference seemed to be that an just iranian returned foreign ministry prices hiked jumped it was from the skidded and car wheeled Eisenhower was so intent on his ure led by the dictatorship streamed found in a chair dressed in Street Mission he declined to pose for Back from the United states or clothes with the Shotgun Between news photographers at the Penta neighbouring latin american coun his Knees. Gon. Tries in commercial airliners that sheriff shaken Quot in a sorry to disappoint you had resumed schedules. J a Deputy sheriff who took pie-1 he told the cameramen bul i they heaved their Luggage onto Tores of the body emerged shaken a Here on business. Venezuelan soil and rushed to the and said a a it a the worst one in be sen. Mansfield of Montana the embraces of friends wives and Mead said the right half assistant democratic Leader said sweethearts. Of Youngs head was shot away. He was Happy to note that Tho. President at this time is taking up the seckary May change his a Tehran Only recently from a trip pro urn. Moscow. He could give no Rea found. Is Ute of the Union for this second Dei arture stale atty. Phil d. O Connell j Quot i hoi he lakes a close look Pengov left in a car or the soviet said he plans no inquest. At the extraordinary number off Border. A i am involved Only in eases i assistant secretaries of defense meanwhile Dulles conferred been com and assistants to tile assistants wit ii Premier Manouchehr Eghbal who Are cluttering up the pen to and finance minister Asghar a two they were deemed too dose to the the body is at a funeral Home. I�?owusd�?Tocallfornl., the said a Enes Lal Washington Jan. 25 w Senate a Republican Leader said but an informed source said a chairman Teague a tax said to Eisenhower a action confirms ear user gave Dulles detailed sex Day House veterans Youngs wife. The former Anita Jer statements that the president donations of Iran a budget. Developments will increase the Over All Cost to the Point where this plan is no longer economically Gen. Galloway told the news Tribune that further studies will be necessary to verify this Tenta target area that is the receiving ing the family budget done to blame Abal appeared for a the moment to sdvatno0 no roots we Raig animation a of lha As he to end for rocketry experiments in the Butcher. Those higher prices have restored order and to have i indicated he would do in his both new Mexico and California Ion beef from Stew meat to t won the support of a Young offi the civilian killed was James Bones Are largely the inevitable cer faction in the armed forces f. Wharton jr., 30. An employee result of seven years of drought As we As the civilian leaders. Of Martin aircraft co. He lived and the Rains that followed. Elections promised at Holloman apr near Alan Igor housewives Over the nation Are the ousting of two military i where a crime has do. N.m., the Home base of the fing the Dollar does no to go far men from the Junta a because he said b26. Martin makes the missiles i _ that Are fired from Holloman. ,. Through a controlled air corridor to Wendover. I. I. Choice beef probe of veterans fund drives set old regime and the swearing in of where arrangements for services two civilians to the Junta added and burial were being made. Is in 10 in in to toe sense of Freedom. U ptiarton1 jumped cents a Pound. To Bones that sold ejjlfni0c1v a Eck of Keeffe went to the nose of the plane As it in Dallas for 89 cents a Pound of new York to take the s mar cd and car wheeled alone Early in 1957 Are now $1.15. Other nine i i mrs. Chai los b. Wrightsman aft a., -1i a and Engineer Blas Lamberti. The i fun sch wino Ute ground before it smashed Toto Sites report comparable to areas Junta of com Risos three Mill me a word on hot reaction irrigation ditch and burned. Is. The Pilot was la. Erie g. Stone 2. 26, Blackwell okla. The other air Force men aboard were it. Philip Sullivan 23. Washington d.c., and sgt. Ruben m. Jones was no Quito tary men and two civilians. Hub hand a Duth cuts from calves and other Larrazabal told reporters after the two Wen Mariod in la Lei annuals slaughtered before they the ceremonies that free elections the to no Danhof. ,.on, t �?.1 la a a l were Atte oed have virtually Dis Willi be held As soon As possible Jam. Ymme. Who was killed in ail i a dog jct crash speared. Calf steaks the main continued on Page 2, col. 7 air Blanp Reid put in i Aal a a Revivi stays on the tables of Many Large ear investigators is giving his attention to changes Lier Dulles was reported to have where Only 5-10 per cent of funds and will have Concrete recommend planned to cover with the Irani raised in the name of veterans rang. I Pipit s. Financial Aid Iran stations to make to Congress. Ans a wide a this will tend to expedite mat-1 eluding u. Ters a Knowland commented. In actually went to needy exse vice to men. Teague called a committee a a to Chart. Gallows by said meeting next monday later met separately with Public inquiry into veterans Firoz Khan noon of Pak drives. Jr., 25, Enid okla. All Are Sta families were plentiful Here last _ _ _ toned at Holloman. Year in the 39 to 59 cent Range. Len Quot a to of Cna Tair Mil wia5ep0rf< when available they Are now 8< j c o v j flows ill i seriously injured of the three Stone and Sullivan were listed Belize to 90 cents. Hamburger is up pro vement. Division Engineer tile division Engineer said it was too Early to predict a the nature of the plan which May be developed As the most practicable solution of the wears Creek flood he added that the District engineers would work closely with local interests in development of the plan. Gen. Galloway said that a fed committee Eru of a and a la a Quot a a Durn the cur. Rent fiscal year has made it possible to renew the study Tern in in 1953. Lack of investigation funds interrupted the study at that time. During the earlier study Gen. Consideration was j Given to a plan of improvement involving diversion of wears Creek and the North Branch have found cases fund fairly Good condition pm -1 a off i butchers say they have to taking of Froim i pal Airport arc More because they arc Missouri bar ends two Day meeting 17ie two Day mid year meeting of the Missouri bar adjourned Here yesterday following a Board of governors meeting at the hotel governor and meetings of several committees of the bar. Friday night the president of the american bar assn., addressed Eastern sections Large having to pay More. A Dallas super Market Chain spokesman says by hot associated press Choice whole Beeves that a year heavy Snow piled up in a ago Cost 36 cents a Pound now area in the East saturday Are 46 cents and the spread be the Snow Belt covered parts of tween Choice Beeves and those of West Virginia Maryland Pennsylvania and new York state. Continued on Page 2, col. 3 Pilot bails out before Jet crash Cameron to. Jan 25 w the Blanket reached a depth of 110 inches near Jamestown . Sig exceed soil Bank funds the group and urged that a system an air Force base commander reported covered with army. Merts with noun Dulles Premier f Stan. Quot ii a nor a in a Slort Tho All North Branch directly Tirane Accident in 1941. 1 j a both Iran Aud in Aki Tan Art Hocking Actu cities Point Pioves i a it Hwy re to Missouri River the Youngs had a social end a a members of the Baghdad pact. Mona i fund Raiser Hurt the Organ to �11 a Unno a in Sidni to of noon in the Quot to 1 h Jin of Quot a i it wreckage a ought Hruniuk a s u Bizati it ,c,ku8tria1,ld�1??.�l shooting occurred about 1 i Wal Lulic Wuy Iii of key Coin mottoes but not a Ful Lliso Mibu it Ltd the. My in which said the body probably would not Fuchu Japan sunday Jan tomorrow to Pili in the a make i Chr la a in Tont have been found for some time >6 Obj wreckage of three us Aira Morrow to Lake pan in the Teague mentioned no names. Nave been Iouna or some Lime 01 unit . No conference As an observer. Kit in my Macri incl. Had it not been that Young was Force Jet trainers that crashed a Tom in hum mini dts Mal continued on Page 2, col. I into the sea yesterday immedi a. A a y would go along with continue cd on Page 2 col. 2 lately lifter Takeoff a still sought Una cilia Dulf a Piaf Teague. Pro a Sal for hearings. Quot my co1 j today 15 hours after the Accident a Cullu Kelv Law based on evidence collected by there was an erroneous report committee investigators Over sonic earlier that tile body of one Pilot tag a Iti months. Was recovered. I Law a i Atn an american legion official a so far we be Only recovered a Vii i of Qiu Lukuf id his organization a a definitely Dew pieces of debris three Miles 1 # feels it in the Best interest of vet South of the runway a an air Force Neosho mo., Jan. 25 <4 a clans and the american people to spokesman said. Neosho Steps out sunday to for expose the Fly by night illicit or. 4 10 a u i Sedalia. Mo., Jan. 25 a la the search parties continued despite in ally receive the a America illegal i be Snow ranged up to 13 inches chairman of the Missouri Agricula rain to comb the sea off the . City award for civic betterment. The veterans of foreign wars in Erie county at the Northwest Ture Anco stabilization committee Marine air base at Iwakuni for this Newton county seat of said it welcomes tilt f1.11 a 5nnfy,y?Nia sate pm today said Farmers in the state the three f84g Jet trainers and More than 6. He was one of la 15� a roads leading South from already have Over subscribed for their pilots from the 418th fighter cities in tin nation to receive the the City of Erie toward Pittsburg 195# soil bunk program. Training Squadron base at Mist award Given in the annual com were in bad shape. Q Monsees said Farmers a Northern Japan. The men in tuition of the National municipal the Pennsylvania Turnpike was have signed up for More soil Bank were pm a routine training flight league and look Magazine. East Branch directly northward to the Missouri River through a Tunnel Neur Marshall Street. Original plan under the original plan a flood syrian egyptian Union is rumoured inquiry. Vsnow from payments than the amount allo their names were withheld. A a a Akers on the program at of a peace through Law be set up parachuted safely tonight just be the Ohio line eastward to reading.1 rated to the state. He said the the air Force spokesman said the City a new High school will be throughout the world to counter fore bus crippled Delta Dagger Jet the Speed limit was Cut to 35 problem will be considered at a it was bitterly cold but visibility John b. Gage former mayor of the russian sputnik. Fighter plane crashed and explode . Committee meeting monday in was Good at the Takeoff time Kansas City and a regional vice the program was outlined by about seven Miles Northwest in my a in Columbia. 7 12 ., when the planes headed president of the National mimic Charles s Rhyne of Washington. Of Here. Coos in the Moun Jins Missouri was allotted about 16 out from Iwakuni air base 500 pal league and a tin Core an us ii Aid a new International put. A it to col. John a Bell. Of in rim in the of nah a million dollars for soil Bank pay Miles Southwest of Tokyo for to official of ments on Corn and $1,900,000 on Kota air base near Tokyo. Neosho the smallest of the la Cotton. The period for signing up a tile watchtower estimated that cities honoured was cited for the registration lags for Bloodmobile of Western Maryland has to inches of Snow on the ground. Eight to to inches of Snow fell in the mountains around Elkins a a lid a new International the Pilot was col. John h. Bell Rule of Law must be established to 4j 0j re shards Gebaur air Force avoid the annihilation of atomic j ase Grandview to. He told War. Residents of the area that some he reported that the american to bang went wrong. Bar has set up a committee head 30,000 feet. He Rode it Down ardous m nost parts of the state. Pure unto a March 8 de by Thomas e. Dewey former to 10 Kkt 15,000 feet and bailed w. At agriculture department official governor of new York. To work of be 53 toward the goals of settling inter floated to Earth 4 2 Miles a a a �uu1,v,"u Luc augur of 01 Greatt us. To let land lax Idle in order to a Flash followed by flame was wait resident worked together with his plane Wye while highways were Haz d the Palm Cut. Liar Luc in nine Norte of j Ernest a. Frank the Cole count blood donor program reported a lag in the drive to get donors registered for the visit of the red Cross Bloodmobile at the methodist Church Here tues does not sex National d Iii rough Law. The weather report Elm ii a . Snow fell at Albany said in Washington this week that nothing rns and southward to the suburbs of greater interest has been shown a engine lighted about 3 to 5 Miles from to meet a series of Community Day and wednesday the base one minute after take problems. The drive was touched Sau a a Regis off. The spokesman said. A then off three years ago by its Flower a Quot us far. He added that the More was seen. Box project initiated As a Means i response to appeals from offices a n v r Tutti it �?zu.-, i. engines of the three aircraft of sprucing up the town it at organizations and other groups has from the spot where the plane Ofin the program by Farmers and appeared to flame out almost traded National attention been very poor thus far. Crashed and exploded near the Rochester Utica and Syracuse applications May have to be sus simultaneously. The planes hit the since then the City has voted flunk said that the Success of farm Home of Enoch seb Reeves were pelted with sleet and Freez Pended or an additional approx water about i he feet from the Bond issues for school and my Llu Bloodmobile visit tuesday and scattering wreckage Over an open in rain privation made by Congress. End of the Nic pal improvements has sex wednesday could have soil Bear Field. No one at the farm was t heavy Rains hit a stretch of the Farmers in Southeast Missouri aviation experts in Washington tended its City limits started a ing in whether con count it retains Hurt. Atlantic coast from South curo where most of the states Cotton described such simultaneous flame drive for a new Hospital and pm loss blood program. The the explosion was heard at St Darla northward into new Jersey. Is produced Are in floor condition outs As rare. Tiey May be caused played professionals to draw up j in Las vl8,�?~ Joseph 25 Miles away. Gale warnings were displayed financially because of floods which by i it Ooi or the wrong kind of fuel a master zoning ordinance in col. Bell said it was toe first aon8 the Shore from Cape hat hampered and in some cases de sudden icing or sabotage they eluding solutions for traffic and time he had bailed out in 18 years Teras n. C., to Eastport Maine. It strayed crops. I said. Parking problems. Cairo Egypt. Jan. 25 Jim foreign minister Salah Bitar of Syria arrived today reportedly carrying a draft for Federal Union of Egypt and Syria approved by the syrian Cabinet. Bitar left Cairo for Damascus Only tuesday after talks with president Nasser and other egyptian officials Oil the Union question. Press retorts said president chairman of hurl Kuwait by of Syria will come Here soon and with Nasser will announce the birth of a Federal state. In Damascus Premier Sabri assail said the syrian Cabinet had approved a him elemental Steps for the projected United state. The syrian Cabinet held a series of extraordinary sessions last night to study the unification agreements reached by Bitar in Cairo. Continued mild Jefferson c Ity and Central mis Souris partly Cloudy with Little change in temperature. High near 50. Thermometer russian people told of exchanges of flying. The Highway patrol returned him to Grandview. His plane reportedly Wax one of a flight of 12 aircraft from the base. Midnight. 18 a p a. 44 a i Arn. Is 4 48 4 k in. 18 6 42 6 a a ,20 8 p a. .42 8 am. .21 to 40 to a in. 30 Midnight. 37 n ooh .40 High Vest erday. 48 Low yesterday 18 High i Isi 38 Eveartt 76 to 1950 Low past 38 year.  0 in 1040 00 for right i precipitation my Tribune wee her Bureau Reading Mobile to miss the past Ai Houri ending at mid 40, five Miles in Highway accidents til l be persons received minor injuries in automobile accidents last night in the troop f area. James Gallop 25, Mexico injured when he swerved his Auto Day f toe Bloodmobile but Frank said Cole county must continue to have i a Good record in giving blood if it Moscow Jan. 25 Obj the rus wishes to keep the program. Sum people were told for the the chairman said that state of first time today that a u. flees fraternal organizations and agreement on cultural and Scien churches have been contacted. Tiftic exchanges is about to be tile Bloodmobile will be open so Koneci in Washington from noon to 6 ., the two Days. J the newspaper soviet Russia quota for the two Day visit is 3<h� Carri Ltd a interview by its Wash ii m m 1 1 my j 0 i f off in ton correspondent with Charles unaware Mother dead father seriously injured Junior Adt Sta s / p Iid i a soviet Russia quoted Stefan As Calif Ornia Jan. 25 special 1 in a japanese Hospital with a skull1 should zoom up to their former were a Host of friends and rela Orfo Cloirec saying the baited Stales we a the Pace is a Little quicker these fracture. Room and drag out an impressive Tives. Washington. Jan. 25 us the might be in of no been Only that array of toys Greet at Airport president Eisenhower today pro 0 students and this Nugh muss claimed the week of Jan. 26 corporate in the Genera agree Dau through feb i As National Junior Kent for Exchange of artists ath Herman Fischer Home Busy place children Al grandparents Home in California they have their parents Are ill. So Joy reigned Suprien of course it should be. The Home Homecoming. A a includes Fischer s three Fischer mrs. Oquist 1s Caw Ich ran off grandchildren Jearmie Carol 7 does t know when month Usi year to Date the Road and overturned Connie Ann 5 and Danny 2. A a dog on Highway Cher in California West of kingdom .93 Normal 165, be broken to tilt the news will j children who ar-1 a Good term in is Smi 4. In 1936 total to Date this v at about 6.15 Gallop lost Low month. 93 Inch Date i.60 name .18 this year to Date last year to Date 78. I Ather Book barometer. 29.60. Falling. Relative humidity 75 highest wind in Gat 6 Port. Southeast i Five Miles West of High Hill. The Dent in Japan. Children. Jeannie and Connie re Japan since i Sunrise Toddjr. 7 19 car overturned resulting in a their father air Force s sgt. Mem ered toe Fischer Home. Greeting the m p in proximately 12,200 in damage. Carl Lauist. Is i critical condition1 so it n a Only natural die City at toe to bad until 4 30 . Saturday. Shirley Fischer California a our a but it was Worth it a he said Gater and or. And mrs. Carl j achievement week. Letea scientists and a rur 8roup� father a they seemed to be having such1 quist Kansas City Kan paternal he urged All citizens to observe without quoting Stetan in the having such Oquist Kansas City kan., paternal grandparents. In 1 h u Ai Jot. A in , body shipped it was a Happy Auto ride from monies those in the Junior Unai Les Haw Kins by and Robert Fischer Isnit sure How Long the Rived in California last night after mrs. Oquist a body already has Kansas City to California with achievement program and their Maupin 25, both of Jonesburg Pace will continue. The three Chil an air plane flight from Tokyo. Left Japan in route to the United Jeannie displaying a Candy Lei she Volunteer adult advisors. W Ere injured when their car went Dren Are unaware that their Moth i former residents states. Services will be conducted j acquired during a Stopover in Hon his proclamation said the pro City for 24 hour end in a control at 8 On High Ier mrs. Betty Jean Oquist 25, was tile Oquist family formerly lived later in California. Lulu Gram. With the encouragement of Patch was telephoned from Wash Serdio Mimor Iii air Way 40 in Montgomery county killed last sunday in an Auto Acci in California and the two older i Hie family had been living in As yet none of tile children Ila. American business men. Is giving in ton and printed in bold Type. Period by honouring with Cere newspaper said the first group of soviet tourists will visit the United states this year. Soviet Russia gave unusual prominence to the Story. Tile Dis gunsel today Carl Oquist is i critical condition so it Ani Only natural they1 Kansan a Ember 1956. Asked when Mommy and daddy Many Young people ail Opportunity children Friday at will join them. To gain an Early insight into the municipal Airport but Fischer is waiting problem of Industry and business. It also is unusual to report a agreement Here before it actually is signed

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