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Jefferson City News And Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Jefferson City News and Tribune (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Jefferson City, Missouri A sunday combination of the morning capital news and evening Post Tribune vol 42. No. City Missouri sunday August 20, 1967 Price fifteen cents Senate support of War eroding natural lightning a the 150-foot High sky Way Bridge across Tampa Bay fla., is etched against the Stormy night sky by bolts of lightning saturday. This area has More electrical storms each year than any other area in the United states. A wire photo Landing fee a it May be Issue Jean Paul Bradshaw counsel for Ozark airlines has informed mayor John g. Christy by letter that Ozark wishes to be heard at monday night s meeting of the Eity Council. The letter did not state what Bradshaw wanted to discuss. However informed sources believe it has to do with the Landing fee written into the ordinance pertaining to the memorial Airport Millen Ozark s contract to land at the City Airport ran out in june the ordinance stipulated that the airlines must pay a $3 fee every time it lands a plane at the local Field. The ordinance Calls for no Landing fee from trans to airlines because it is a locally based operation. Observers feel Bradshaw is going to yell a a foul for Ozark monday night in Bradshaw s letter he said every question Ozark has had with the City to Date has had to be solved by litigation. A the question which i want to pose before the Council i Hope will not follow the same course a wrote Bradshaw. No new ordinances Are scheduled to be introduced at the meeting. Escapee shot a Man identified As an Escapee from the Missouri state Penitentiary was shot by an Overland Park ran. Policeman saturday following a Chase involving a police car and a motorcycle. Bobby Lee Gunther 29, was reported in fair condition following surgery at the University of Kansas medical Center. He escaped from the prisons Church farm on july to. He was serving an eight year sentence from Jackson county on a robbery charge. According to an associated press report patrolman Ronald Thompson gave Chase to a motorcycle carrying Gunther and Wayne Dodds 19, no permanent address when he noticed they were Riding without helmets. The motorcycle hit car and a guard R.I. and overturned. Thompson said Gunther dropped to his Knees and fired two shots at the patrol car. The officer fired once with a Shotgun while still in his car striking Gunther in the head. Money and three Billfold from a $1,-500 Holdup of an Olathe Kan. Service station were found in the men s Possession. Administrator Charles w. Brewer will be administrator of the new Kirksville mental retardation Center or. George Ulett head of the division of mental diseases has announced. Brewer is working on his doctors degree at the University of Missouri and has teaching and coaching background. Hissing air plane Pilot found Safe of farm Home Lebanon to. A a Light plane piloted by Myron Smith of Barstow Calif. Which had been missing since Friday afternoon was found saturday with the flier Safe at the farm Home of his parents near Nashville to. Capt. Hazel Griffin information officer for the civil air patrol Headquarters Here said Smith had landed in a Field at the farm Friday. He had filed a flight plan at Farmington mo., listing his destination As Pittsburg Kan., about 14 Miles due West of Nashville. Capt. Griffin said Smith had failed to close his flight plan when he landed. Smiths parents or. And mrs. L. J. Smith live a half mile North of the Nashville Community. Myron Smith said he did no to know the search was being made for him until a member of the Cap telephoned his parents. Nineteen aircraft had flown Over 4,000 Square Miles in the civil air patrol search with some 50 persons involved under direction of it. Col. Jack Khel of Sedalia mo., Captain Griffin said. The Cream and White Piper cub plane had last been reported by the Pilot when he was about seven Miles Northwest of it. Leonard Wood to. Colonel Kehl said Cap units that took part in the search were from Kansas City Rolla Marshall Lebanon Waynesville Joplin and Smithville in Missouri. Paper says Curtis to seek Senate St. Louis apr the St. Louis Post dispatch stated in its sunday editions that . Rep. Thomas b. Curtis r-mo., is planning to seek the Senate seat of sen. Edward v. Long do. The newspaper quoted Curtis As saying a at present unless something negative comes up. In a going to run for the United states Curtis of Webster Groves mo., has served in the House since 1950, representing Missouri a second District. The Post dispatch said Curtis hoped to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Senate after Congress adjourns probably in october. Missouri Republican leaders feel the time is right for a Republican senatorial Victory the Post dispatch said. The leaders believe president Lyndon Johnson will be unable to carry Missouri and that sen. Long is vulnerable either in the democratic primary or the Genera election. Washington apr Senate support for president Johnson a Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorsement of his asian policies. An associated press canvass which found 84 senators willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of his actions for one reason or another. A breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans backing the president. Those oppose Romney Renews vigorous quest for nomination Mackinac Island Mich. Apr gov. George Romney one of the top contenders for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination will begin at the end of this month a series of speaking engagements taking him to 15 states by the end of october authoritative sources said saturday night. In Between the engagements Romney is expected to make a tour of Europe to meet Heads of state and bring himself up to Date on european matters involving the United states. The series of engagements Many of them to boost gof candidates and raise funds for the party Mark renewed vigor on Romney a part in his apparent quest for the nomination. Except for a tour of five West Smuts obligations to Brief trips sandwiched around his duties As governor. The series of speeches begins aug. 30 at Springfield mo., the source said. Other states on the Agenda Are Arizona Colorado Illinois Iowa Maine Massachusetts new Hampshire new York North Dakota Oregon Rhode Island South Dakota Tennessee and Vermont. The schedule has one lengthy absence Between sept. 7 and oct. 6, and it is known that this is he spot tentatively set for Romney a tour of Europe. Meanwhile politics took a Brief Back seat saturday As Romney led newsmen and their wives through a whirlwind schedule of fun and relaxation. Talk of etc., 2nd Graf 43 ing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans. Those who criticize the president do so for sharply contrasting reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks. Thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their belief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and victorious conclusion. On the other hand the doves complain that Johnson is escalating the struggle dangerously by bombing near China targets is failing to get the South Viet namese to do their share and is leaving no opening for a negotiated peace. The substance of the comments of individual senators indicates there is such widespread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in August 1964. In All the Congress Only Sens. Wayne Morse d-ore., and Ernest Grunning Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution. But a number of senators including chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee have said they would not support such a commitment now. Still there seems no likelihood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the machinery noted by Johnson at his news conference Friday that is available any time Congress wants to rescind its 1964 action. Most of the senators had Given their views to the associated press prior to the news conference in which Johnson noted the 1964 Resolution could be rescind no Friend of Viet Cong a a dog and his . Handler pause during a Jungle search in South Vietnam scentral Highlands. The highly trained dogs usually move through an area with the patrols Lead Man trying to sniff out enemy activity. Associated press wire photo lawyer says h. Rap Brown state fair opens jailed As political prisoner with Large crowd Sedalia to. Apr the admittance Price to the Missouri fair has been increased to $1 but that did no to seem to have any effect As the opening Day crowd was larger than average saturday. Officials said the attendance was running about 1,500 More than last year. Sunny skies and mild temperatures following a nighttime Shower that settled the dust made it a pleasant Day on the Fairgrounds. The grandstand crowd saw Bill Utz a Sedalia race Driver win the 30-Lap feature for sprint cars in opening the Auto racing program. Gordon Woolley of Waco tex., placed second followed by Jerry Richert of Forest Lake Minn. Benny Rapp of Toledo Ohio Roy Bryant of Wichita Kan. Two cars overturned during earlier events but the Drivers escaped injury. They were Jay Lyle of Warrensburg mo., and Chuck Lynch of Springfield 111. Stock car races will be held sunday afternoon on the half mile track. The largest cattle show in the fairs history got under Way with judging in the 4-h club and future Farmers of America division. Cool Jefferson City and Central Missouri a Clear to partly Cloudy through monday. Pleasantly Cool today and tonight but warming again monday. High today around 80. Low tonight i Tho 50a or Low 00a. C new York apr h. Rap Brown jailed on a Federal gun charge was held in $25,000 bail saturday Over the protests of his lawyer who said the militant negro Leader was a political prisoner. Brown chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee was arrested at 2 . Outside a friends Manhattan apartment and put in the Federal House of detention. Browne a lawyer applied for reduction of the bail set by . Commissioner Earl n. Bishopp but the move was turned Down by Federal judge Inzer Wyatt who denied that the bail violated Browne a constitutional rights. A the real crime is his being rap Brown and a militant Black Man in America a said William Kunstler Browne a attorney. Brown was charged with carrying a semiautomatic carbine on an airline flight from new Orleans to new York while under indictment a violation of the Federal firearms act punishable by up to five years in jail and a $2,000 Fine. He is under indictment in Maryland on charges of arson rioting and inciting to riot. When arrested Brown was not armed but Federal agents said they later searched the apartment with a warrant and found a gun in a plastic bag with a a a banana dip of 31 bullets. A carbine is a Light Short barrelled Rifle. Asst. . Atty. Stephen e. Kaufman said Brown was seen carrying the weapon in Baton Rouge la., thursday and also was seen buying ammunition. When airline agents in new Orleans asked him Friday if he was carrying a gun Brown replied yes and turned a Rifle in a plastic bag Over to an agent for transportation during his flight to new York the complaint said. Kunstler said that the gun was always in its plastic Case. A if he had a gun he had it to protect himself in Louisiana a said the defense attorney. Brown was wounded by a Shotgun blast three weeks ago in Cambridge md., Kunstler stated. He called the $25,000 bail a a outrageous in View of the possible penalties. A anything other than a moderate bail would make Brown a political prisoner and the charges a political crime a Kunstler said. At the bail reduction hearing Wyatt said Brown has the right to further review of the bail after 24 hours under the congressional bail Reform act. Kunstler told reporters after the hearing he would try to raise the $2,500 in Cash to per cent of the Bonds needed to release Brown. De by a simple majority vote in Congress without the necessity for his approval of action. Sen. Thomas j. Mcintyre. D-n.h., said he still supported the presidents course a but i must admit that in a shaken a a the mood of the Senate is changing Over Vietnam a he said. A a it a becoming sen. John o. Pastore d-r.i., previously classed As a Hawk said a i done to want to be put in the position of approving or disapproving our Vietnam policies. A the country the Senate the intellectual Community is split Down the Middle on this Issue and it is not a health sign. Sen. Edward w. Brooke a Mas said he was discouraged by the Way the War had been going but he put great store in the Vietnam elections. A i stand practically where i did in March when i said to at i reluctantly support our present military position in he said. A after the government is elected. I would Hope there would be negotiations with the left and with another freshman senator Howard Baker jr., r-tenn., said a i wont express approval or disapproval but i will express support. I have grave see Senate Page 2 . Bombs Supply Ines Saigon apr . Warplanes ranged along the Southern coast of North Vietnam saturday striking blows at communist Supply lines. Pilots reported destroying or damaging More than too cargo barges and tearing up two truck convoys. Poor weather kept . Aircraft away from the immediate Vicinity of Hanoi and Haiphong and raids were concentrated on the Southern Panhandle stretching South from Hanoi to the 17th parallel that divides North and South Vietnam. The . Command reported the ground War at a virtual standstill sunday. But communist gunners shot Down two . Helicopters Over South Vietnam rep. Half blasts Sec. Mcnamara Kansas City apr rep. Durward Hall r-mo., said saturday if the republicans were in control of the government they would fire Robert s. Mcnamara Secretary of defense and turn the conduct of the Vietnam War Over to the admirals and generals. Top officers trained to win wars in the shortest time with the least loss of life would end the War in 120 Days he said in a news conference on his arrival Here saturday. Hall from Springfield mo., was Here to speak at a Missouri Republican club picnic at Swope Park. He said control Over the military by civilians has limited bombing targets a to less than 40 per cent of the sinews of War making capacity in North Hall said selection of targets by the Pentagon and the White House has allowed the enemy to build up their Small antiaircraft from 400 to More than 5,000 in the South Panhandle of North Vietnam. When these weapons Force our plans to Fly above 40,-000 feet he said they Are subject to being shot Down by surface to air missiles. The congressman urged More vigorous prosecution of the War and added a i think the War will be settled militarily not at the peace saturday killing one american and wounding three others. While the . Fighter bombers were raking North Vietnam. B52 bombers that can carry up to 30 tons of Bomba mounted a second R.I. in less than 24 hours saturday night on a major North vietnamese fixed base in the a Shau Valley in the Northwestern Corner of South Vietnam. Carrier based us. Navy pilots reported destroying 21 cargo barges and damaging 74. Air Force pilots said they destroyed or damaged another 18, including three Large barges on a River 26 Miles Northwest of Dong hoi. That made the Days toll 113 River barges sunk or damaged compared to 108 reported Friday. In the ground War saturday . Marines used riot control Gas to flush four Viet Cong suspects from a Tunnel in Hills 27 Miles Southwest of Danang. The explosion of a grenade bearing chemicals that induce tears and nausea caused three men and a woman to crawl out of their hiding place after they had spared orders from leathernecks of the 5th Marine regiment to surrender. Associated press photographer Rick Merron who was on the scene said a search of the Tunnel by masked marines yielded Field packs canteens and ammunition for a communist assault Rifle. Highlights of other develop ments �?. Pilots flew a near record 186 multilane missions Friday in the recently expanded air War against North Vietnam. This was second Only to the record of 197 missions set aug. 3. Communist Supply lines were the prime targets. A in a periodic updating of aircraft losses in the War the . Command said 2,573 planes and helicopters had been destroyed from All causes. Planes downed in combat Over North Vietnam totalled 647, Over South Vietnam 199. A a Marine reconnaissance team near the demilitarized zone spotted 15 North vietnamese soldiers in Green fatigue uniforms busily building Bun see u. S. Bombs Page 2 discards invented Story father confesses Kitling St. Cloud Minn. Apr a Small town sunday school superintendent has admitted shooting himself and inventing a Story in which he blamed Midnight marauders for the Deathy of his wife and four Small children in their burning Home. Sheriff Peter Lahr said saturday that David Hoskins 30, had signed a statement saying he had shot his wife then set fire to their farmhouse to conceal the crime. No charges were immediately filed. The charred bodies of his wife Loretta 29, and their children Julie 6 Darla 5 Linda l1 and David 6 weeks were recovered Friday from the soldering ruins. The Hoskins farm Home in about 60 Miles North of Minneapolis in Central Minnesota. A Hoskins states that after wounding himself with the death weapon and setting the fires he also tied himself to his outdoor clothesline pole and Only then realized that his children were in the burning House a the Stearns county sheriff said. A the further claims that he attempted to free himself to save the children but became entangled and was unable to free himself a the sheriff said at a news conference. Hoskins chairman of the Board of the Church of Christ at nearby Kimball Minn., where he had been sunday school superintendent for three years was found tied to a clothesline pole by a group of teen agers. Some youngsters noticed the House and barn afire and stopped to investigate. Hoskins was naked to the Waist and bleeding from gunshot wounds in the shoulder and Abdomen. He was taken to St. Cloud Hospital and a Bullet was removed from his shoulder. At the Hospital Hoskins told the Sherif fhe was watching television with his wife when he heard a car door slam about Midnight thursday. Hoskins said he went outside to investigate was jumped by four or five Young men who shot him during a scuffle and then tied him arms spread outward on a clothesline pipe near the House. The sheriff said Hoskins family changed his Story during interrogation at the Hospital Friday night. Hoskins was not under formal arrest but a guard was at the door to his Hospital room. Hoskins a helicopter Pilot in the National guard was taken off the danger list saturday and was reported in serious condition. Paul Donner Stearns county attorney said no formal complaint had been prepared but added one would be filed monday. A we think the motive has been established but it cannot be revealed until further corroborating evidence is obtained Donner said. The couple was married in february r

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