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Jefferson City Daily Capital News Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Jefferson City Daily Capital News (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Jefferson City, Missouri All the local news All the world news news Wien it is news daily capita member of the associated press the weather fair sunday and monday nol much change in temperature. Volume l l Jefferson City. To. Is now. F mum wry to. Io-1 no. 292 Salvat Ion army restricted martial Law tag Day nets $409.82 prevails in Herrin Afler in drive for $3700 wet and dry disturbance mayor Sherif a nine deputies and chief of police Are l under arrest. Miss Mayall Johnson wins individual Loving cup and sophomores win class cup total collected in drive reaches $3007.82. A eel resulting in the death of consta a total of $400.82 was collected by bk1 Caesar Cagle .32, and the serious pm Uty sheriff Lay j Haley and Irwin at Point of fight in hearing yesterday a in a i heh Hix ils., feb. 9.�?more blood was spilled in turbulent Williamson county last night when the to factions in Herrin referred to Gay the citizens As the Kun flux Al on attorneys in Case of mrs. Queue charged with unlawfully obtaining goods Here clash in heated argument Constable Bruner prevents pugilistic contest. The salvation army yesterday from noun off the Sale of tags in their a doughnut mul Day Appeal for funds in their drive a hurried Call for the National the timely intervention of Constable John Bruner was All that prevented prosecuting attorney Sam s. Haley and senator William c. Irwin from staging an old fashion a Knock Down drag out pugilistic contest in judge John g. Leslie a court yesterday afternoon. The near Battle took place during miss Johnson reported sales to the ulme Heie. Be Ltd be noon anti shortly the preliminary hearing of mrs. M. Amount of $56.38 for the Day. J. Virtually taken control of in. Queve who came to Jefferson in Ltd a a . A . I a. Tunit to a a. Charged on Btl get placed under martial with having obtained it i $189.84 Worth of merchandise from the r. Dall for $3700 with which to carry on the a Ruard Mae by sheriff George Calli work of the organization during the an an it be arrival at 4 o clock this ensuing year. Morning of the first company from the Loving cup which was olt Cryl mile ii tart by the officials of the drive to the in mapped an incipient not which Many div dual girl turning in the most i res Quot Lents i dared a it have Money from the Sale of the tags was de the fierceness of a riot in june won by miss my. All Johnson .laugh-1 j92 2�?T i Quot which 26 me Quot lost her ter of or. And mrs. J. C. re to a a Quot a a a of a a a a had _ _ the Loving cup offered to a the highly Quot a 1� school class reporting the largest .0 1 a a a Nerez am no w in Law largest sales was won by the Sophomore class of which miss Johnson is a tonight sheriff Galligan mayor c. Member. The class returns were a Anderson of Herrin Hugh Willis follows j District Hoard member of the unites $154.771 mine workers of America anti nine r i Deputy sheriff s Are under arrest it a charged with Cagle s murder. John juniors. 91.23 Ford chief of police of Herrin is seniors. 67.01 j being held in a jail at Murphysboro sophomores freshmen. Meyer dry goods company Here under false Anil fraudulent representation. When mrs. Queue was oui led to the stand to testify her attorney senator Irwin attempted to answer que Quot tons directed to the witness by the the cup will he presented to the. Uca klansmen Cara theol Winner at an Assembly at the High Lia a Emp Oyea u Loti chief of school the find part of the week. Ice of Herren Short la i, six mrs. We a c. Irwin will make Tho pre 0-Ciock tonight four squads of guards sensation. Men Wilb Bayonet drawn and flank the girls of the High school who de by four machine guns cleared the ills. S. Glenn Young dry Leader and county prosecutor. Haley Callet the participated in the Campaign were highly complimented last night by m is. W. C. Irwin who was in charge of the drive. T. K. Ewart Field representative of the salvation army Here was also very complimentary in speaking of the splendid manner in which the girls worked. Main Street of All automobiles broke up groups of men and ordered merchants to close their establishments Early. Hestrin Czetl martial Law prevails in the City tonight having been proclaimed by col. Albert Culbertson in charge of the state militiamen sent there was much rivalry among toe1 Here after the members of the various classes and disturbance. Founders program for is. It a Lur Fairview school p. T. A. This no doubt accounts for the fact j a a that the total sales this year Wen organization to celebrate the practically doubled that of last. Twenty seventh anniversary the girls who participated in the with special ceremonies. Campaign were seniors Helen Wajser Dorothy Hope and Bess envied. Juniors Ruth Chapel Helen Davis Geraldine Osgood Verna Curley and Susan Frits. Sophomores Alene Freeman May All Johnson Stella Schneider Jewell Leslie Louise Brown Kathryn Bun by Elizabeth Bundy Dorothy Roberts and Margaret Blair. Freshman Hilda Hasselbaum Margaret Salmon Jeanne Stevenson Kathryn Kolkmeyer Helen Riley Ellen Morris Dorothy Asel Mercedes Kolkmeyer and Erma Jose. The Sale yesterday brings the total collected to Date in the Campaign to attention of the counsel for the d fondant to the fact that mrs. Queue was on the witness stand and not senator Irwin and that the witness was Able to answer questions put to her without interference from the senator unless he had an objection to make to the question. Prosecuting attorney Hgley then insisted that mrs. Queue answer per a discovered u c. Davis a the Man on the Sandbox a in the St. Loui it Post dispatch carried the following Little rhyme in i column last evening a i do not live in Joliet i would t live there on a bet for those who live in Durance vile Jeff City has it skinned a mile according to the Guys who know Jeff City is the place to Golf ones a chauffeur or a chef it Isnit bad at All in from which it would appear As if conditions at the prison Here were becoming very Well known Over the state. Senate to vote on pm formally announces Conrath answers Denby Resolution lawyers criticism on this monday naval Secretary holds Long conversation with president Colidge inquiry in Oil scandal continued by the questioning of Bonfils. Of amendment 13 prominent St. i ays particular stress on Duea l7 Al lion in announcement. Declares amendment would by associated press Washington fell. 9. Persistent hut unsuccessful efforts of chairman i Lenroot to Force from Frederick by associated press St. Louis feb. 9. Hiram Lloyd leu tenant governor of Missouri tonight formally announced his Camii a Day for the governorship. I announcement was made at a meeting hold Here which was Are lunged by a committee that had petitions among Republican business men of St. Louis urging Hun to run. The petitions were signed by several Hundred business men and bring out hidden and intangible property and make it pay its share of the taxes and reduce real estate rate. Typographical Union protests against taking printing out of the City asks merchants not to advertise in publications printed in another towns. The typographical Union one of the oldest and largest labor Organ rations in the City has decided to take drastic action in regard to the advertisements of local merchants in magazines directories newspapers etc., which Are printed outside of the City. A committee from the organization is now engaged in distributing Blanks to the business men Whir la i ledge them not to advertise in any publication or periodical which i not printed in the capital City. In a Resolution adopted by this Branch of the Central i Al it or Union it is pointed out thut numerous local business firms and corhiratio�8 Are now having their printing done out Julius con Ruth former postmaster Here and a member of the cons Titu g Roi tils publisher of the Denver Profe clonal men. Lineal convention hag pc Duro id a Host an admission that Ham f. A a up orb in the gathering Lloyd statement to the voters of the Capi Mclair had purchased the silence of Louvere his views upon state pro Tai City answering criticisms of the his newspaper in connection with the loins which he said he would sponsor proposed amendment no. 13 to the Teapot dome lease were made today elected. He declared lie would Clite Constitution us set Forth thurs urge wholeheartedly every move Day in Tho report of in organization meld looking toward the up building Ltd county lawyers formed for the of Missouri. Purpose of informing the citizenship his platform summarized de Here on the merits of the various mends further development of the amendments. Public schools particularly in tin i the lawyers in their report urged i country consolidation of bureaus and a negative vote on the amendment departments of related activities for in the grounds that it would give the promotion of greater efficiency j the state legislature Power to Levy arum reduction of operating costs the a higher rate of taxation on Homes creation of a budget system to regt and farms than on other classes of late the expenditure of Public Mon a Quot Cal the j that it would plate most of vigorous encouragement to per the wealth of the state under secured i Anent Road construction and Maln Juett Protection mid that the constr tenancy pledges cooperation to farm Tut Onul convention was called at Tho ors tip bring about hotter marketing instance of financial interest who conditions favors the enactment of fostered the amendment no. 13. Anally the question a Keff her Hyp a a of the. A to Ami to blk in pit. Of him. Senator Irwin took exception in cd that the sch 0&Quot to the statement Ami Sui i that he ha.usb1? a m to it carry their a Hight to protect his client at Alln Ltd Quot my Uch advertising possible. Times and a then the fun in the Battle of words which Fol Lowed and which created Many a rip pie of laughter and amusement in taken out of the pockets of Hie peo mediately con furred with pie of this Community. Coolidge. The action was taken by the of upon leaving the White a animation after it was Learned that j Daugherty said the i col at another dramatic session of the Senate Oil committee. Or. Bonfils was emphatic in his do rials charged that his enemies in Denver had inspired the questions and declared that the contract which Sinclair entered into with the put usher and j. Leo stack a Denver Oil Man whereby he was to pay them $ i too hews in settlement of a Lia vilify ruler contract which stack had with Standard Oil subsidiaries whose claims in Teapot dome Sinclair previously had purchased for f i too too. While Tho gruelling Cross eat in nation of the publisher by the win i t a 1. 1 a workmen compensation act pro Consin senator proceeded the Senate renewed its debate on the Denby he a a ignation Resolution and finally teach cd an agreement to shut off discussion at 5 p. Rn., monday and begun voting on Ull pending amendments and finally on the Resolution itself. Simultaneously with these events at the Capitol rumours of impending Cabinet changes were revived put they were without verification. Attorney general Daugherty whose name frequently has in in drawn in to the Oil discussion on the Senate floor returned from Florida and in i resident to the of vets push uniform decoration Campaign have sold sets to Large number of merchants since drive started. Or. Con rat bus answer motion of the work of River improve be colons in full follows meat for the purpose of navigation Quot of you permit i will try to Anam Liberal support of state Clee ser the criticism of our lawyers on Mony nary institutions. Amendment 13, dealing with classification of property. As the la Wye is say it leaves it within the province of the legislature to the tax rate on various of property it f does not make it compulsory on them if they make no change theft the present unsatisfactory method will continue. The convention believed that a Mort salts factory method could he provided a. A 9.one that would bring out hidden and Jive local Post of the veterans of ,. 1, Dave announce that i Quot la Quot till la Al a m try an i make it pay its Shute of taxes and thus Deeren re the Crow Curt mom c h Attar Ith Abe alluded to the other in what a Rbt Quot a ,.�?~h Coll it Quot could never be mistaken As a com pm i Centary manner. The argument Large amount of Money from Prat Iti Cally every Home in the City a i came so heated and the adores so Jiu printed outside und enied he excited that both removed their pee it try. Thereby taking Money out of the Community which should founders Day of the mothers Congress and tile Parent teachers association will be celebrated monday at the Fairview school with a program and birthday party by the Fairview Parent teachers association. The new teachers rest room will be opened at that time. The meeting will lie opened at 2 30 o clock and Trade 4 under the supervision of miss Sallie new Kirk will give a health program. Health books made by the children under the direction of miss Myrtle Funsch Public health nurse will he displayed Anil judged. Following the program the new rest room and Kitchenette fitted up $3007.82. Officials of the drive still for the teachers of the school will he Hope to reach the goal originally it opened and a birthday program Cele out for and say that they Are of the brute. A birthday cake with opinion unions reports Over the persons _ a \ in wed regal Ding the Campaign and in teachers . Wish to make a contribution can still i of the cd Cdr n no a 4 kit so at the army Headquarters in 1 a Host ssh a during a social her Lades put on their War front and holding their arms up Iii a defensive manner were just about really to Settle the dispute not by the statues but by fists. And Only the fact that Vav. H. Hoe Fer and Constable Bruner jumped in Between the two prevented a Fristic engagement which would have my1? Jack Dempsey Ami Luis Firpo look like bikers. Judge Leslie delivered a Short Lee Ture following the fracas in which to called on the lawyers to regain their senses and help him maintain the proper decorum in the court room. Rightfully remain Here la cause tie work can he done Here just As Good and Las cheap As anywhere Iii country. Turbett to run for county sheriff former representative definitely announces candidacy for Republican nomination. A m. Turbit former represent Houtte Oil lease i rive ii i cation had entered largely into the discussion with the executive. He denied that he had Ireen requested a toe president to return from Florida. Had tendered his resignation and refused to talk about detail 4 of the Oil inquiry. Secretary Denby who had u conference with the president a Frei the tire Cabinet meeting yesterday was Clos cled for a Long time today with Sec rotary weeks who has Bee n he Friend for Many years. There were indications that the Senate situation was discussed hut there was no Evi Jerico that or. Denby Hail changed his announced determination to remain on tile Job despite the pending Resolution asking that he resign. By completing the examination of or. Bonfils today the Oil committee cleared the Way to hear William a. Foreign wars their pm til to establish a uniform sys tem of Flag decoration in Jefferson Ity Are progressing rapidly id that tin in a urination Hope to perming till Ltd the Uptown merchants Anil Many of a sectional ones to take advantage of the Opportunity offered. The committee in charge reported the Rute on real estate that w As Tho sole and Only object the convention had in View the lawyers cited the example of a Man and his $1000 Bondt it Ermit me to cite an example of How the present Law works Iii 1918 i owned a Home on Mccarty St. This property was assess i sold it i thut year for $11,0 8 note the difference Between the real and the a it on Liis property i the following it is planned to have the sets and installed by february 22, so that the City can la uniformly decorated for Washington birthday. I after which the hearing was Contin Tive hib a a Jvn Ino need yesterday Liat he would 1&Quot Prois Uco. I a ill hr., t evil Mcadoo on monday with reference to Dona services writ a a lie j make the Quot race for the Republican ii Ohern it Oil companies. Or. Mcadoo mrs. Queue in telling her Story at nomination for sheriff in the August who u candidate for the Democrat the hearing said that she had Hun yer Pur i a to Aid that a providential nomination will a Many differences with her husband frien it h or the county had been url arut his request. Lecause of the fact that he was con Zirino. Him for in Ftp announcement was made today to Walsh yesterday that they had interviewed Vonty live Morel unix to int. In i Al Al to m Tun it 2�2o that Only three of that number halt turned them Down. As soon As talked to Ull of the merchants the Campaign will hcs carried to the Llu strict. Ltd it pay Quot a Quot a at"1 a a it car i was assessed $42 8 on the deed of Trust on which i paid$107.-40 taxes. The property i sold for $118 0 was assessed at $3000 anti paid $75 tuxes you will not that i paid $31.50 More in taxes on a $5000 equity than the purchaser paid on a $68 0 equity. I was getting 6 it or cent interest on the note and paying .365 taxes leaving he hut .235 interest. The property was renting for $1620 or annul deducting taxes insurance and repairs left a net income of $1420 or 13 per cent. Our lawyers say that there were no Farmers in the convention. If they had been careful to examine the records they would have found four practical Farmers and three others who Are Large Farmers Dempsey wins by k. 0. In 45 seconds Champion knocks out Arkansas Hope Lief Ore 2,0 10 spectators. By associated dress Memphis feb. 9.�?two thousand Ator that George i flight fans witnessed a one minute committee in bout Here tonight when a a dutch sic ring the our fert of Stuggars ark., met Jack n. Y., Bank which she said that she the lobby of the new Central hotel. Circuit court Grants two divorce suits which will follow the opening of the rest room and birthday program. Mrs. D. C. Mcclung is president of the association which is one of the most progressive in the schools. Mrs. Mabel so hey and James h. Copeland Given separation papers by Yves thues. Standard filler co. Sued for $52,000 first National Bank asks damages on two $26,000 Typo divorces were grunted by notes. Judge Henry Westhues in the Clr Cuit court Here yet Terra it. Two suits were filed in the circuit James h. Copeland a granted ulate yesterday afternoon by separation papers from mrs. Rosa that first National Bank of this City Copeland. Copeland alleged Kner Alj a. Directors of the Standard indignities in High petition. The Cou crate and Kner company for $52,-ple were married october 20, 1920. F00. Alleged to be due them on two representative. In the last general Assembly after Felt it ure that he hah Lone an i teat Hgt committs on of it lion is a she Money would be sent Here within Carei c crw n w hav he a t la me duly elected Mem Lier from this coun further or. Juju be a lather ost.nt.,. I a i that he ha.1 decided to come to Titus am in Tationa exit afterwards Jeffery it a City where she had Man which hot Prea null the new main friends. Am rank Tore he found with a minature Chall herself in need of clothing and cd an account at the Dallmeyer store no in Airt ii apr explaining that she would be Able to Luko. 51 la Aik Irlue take care of the Bill within a few j Days As she Hail Money on the Road from new York. Officials at. The department store a permitted her to run up a considerable Bill relying entirely upon the Story which the defendant told them. When they Learned that she had left for Richmond however they notified j by Telegraph Bemp worlds heavyweight Charr a so engaged in other business. Hearing. Reel�?T4 request i Ilion. The meeting wan Brief and to speak on Wilson will broadcast address on former president Here tomorrow evening. I it these men were actively supporting grows out of testimony by e. L. Do dirty be i conds fur Tho Gong amendment on tile theor it a that it deny that he had advanced $3,000 to iou a Siefert was listening to reduce taxes on farm and oth Croel who was to undertake to pref re counting Bim out it real property. A vent the leasing of the Oil reserves to i he arkansans weighing at a Farmers meeting held recent republicans after the democratic and Jpn unix went Down under a Tern be by Columbia where Farmers from ministration ended j onslaught of rights and lefts to the us Jour Saf state were present resuming his testimony which i j head. Deep pay weight approximate proposition was endorsed Gan be Terifay or. Bonfils charged pounds. The men fought v till permit me to quote or. Wray a in response to question by senator tour ounce gloves. Die Jont Quot Delegate in the convention Ami a Walsh that there was a conspiracy j scheduled to go four rounds. J very Large Farmer. A from All Rebet Ween Doheny Sinclair and a the j a. Ports the experience of our american Standard Oil Allied Companie to Melv Rolli 11. Hrs Xvi Iekel o h to Tex with the general property to Sinclair have the Teapot dome a far Ford in a . Indicate that it is a failure. As they were Hevr Elet car owner y Rose to j in chief defects lies in the fact Robertson ,9 i East Mccarty col nowhere has the assessors of lived with a Ford owned but Edgar been Able to place upon the Rolls Doheny have the naval Reserve there and they went into the agree Ament along the e lines and the leases mrs. St. Clair Moss of Columbia the police and Constable Bruner went democratic nominee for Congress in to that City and brought her Baric 1922 from the eighth Missouri Dis were granted. Here. Triet will broadcast an address be witness added that to had the court bound mrs. Queue Over a a woman a tribute to Woodrow Wil a a confirmed that the Midwest and to the circuit court on a $300 Bond. Son from station Wos state Mel Pioneer companies subsidiaries the Case will probably come up in keying Bureau Here at 7.30 of clock 0f Standard Oil company of or. The March term of the court. A l r by having no antagonistic interest California a Bonfils said a they had no objection to letting or York la d night arum tor t in Roi Ujj property of his Juliis a a Heel from the machine. Diction such property As Lan Ltd live Robertson said he was clanking hoc to machinery and merchandise the car unaware it was ii. Reverse cart Fountan j used with some and Sheri the motor started it shot Jeree 0f 8uccess, hut the intangibles Back arid hit the Ford. He declared consist in of Bonds notes and Sesi himself willing by stand the damages. Purities can of. He j Len <1 elude the. Most vigilant search. In our own state there is evidence of wide a spread evasion. More serious than a the evasion of the Law the fact that in the Case of mrs. Mallei she by notes 0f $26,000 each. A against Harry Sheley a divorce was it is Ujj Fie Stool that these notes the Case will probably come up in keying Bureau Here at 7.30 of clock 0f the Standall Oil company of or. Kate from granted mrs. Sheley. She alleged in were made by the directors of the the March term of the court. Tomorrow monday evening. Diana receive $1,000/8 0 in Oil from i a ried Here erday her petition that Sheley had never manufacturing concern Here at the mrs. St. Clair Moss is an eloquent the Sinclair company which took on get funeral services of the provided a Home for her and also when the organization of the to leave City and a forceful speaker and consented Erth Teapot dome lease. I re it i Church who died in St. Ix>ui4 to fret Burden of producing revs general indignities. Company was first perfected. Or. And mrs. C. L. Diehm will to broadcast her ail dress on Wilson taking Over the examination i gently was Belli Horn the Home a nue Faus a it on the owner of tangible the court recessed during the of Ira Lehman is representing the leave Here in the near future to after being org i by the women of chairman unroll demanded to i it is brother Horace b. Church jr., property Lemoon but will continue with a Unk in the Case which will probably make their Home in Denver District to do so. It is one of Kriwow a stack Salt come to Bonfils it wierd a under the auspices of no a Rev new 0f a few of the states number of cases left on the docket come up in the March term of the or. Diehm will continue his work the real treats for radio owners on tomorrow morning. Court. With the Kuwait factories there. The program for this year. Continued on Page 6. Masonic Lodge. Burial was made in the Riverview cemetery. Continued on Page 4.

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