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Java Government Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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Java Government Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Jakarta, Jakarta RayaHum err i nit Iiri i a Tow artist into a a t Ftp Al a a it to to pm ii a a my a a a a a a i we la a a Felt. ,. A a a 1 _ it ,. Quot a a. Quot a a 1 the of to Ion at it of a the lies tempt governor in Council is pleaded to direct that All appointments orders anal a government Effii Blishel Ift the Jato Ham Ament Gazette be considered As official and duly attended spa oct mingle by re parties concerned. Signed o. G. A amp atty ave a Delint a cd Warfelt �81s, v pen Heere lieutenant Gouverneur beef Goedig Evenden the redial in Dat ale de Van we Gens Het gouge moment it de j4tpsch<�.wer��tefytir�i&&plt too Dende attn St Urgen orders in Ais office eco Woeten Worden Angeir Terket in by lieder Ais a Osdanig rate tax Worden or Keats. Of a As Ete Kend a Ltd. Sefc Genie Batavia Den february 8i&.vol. I Batavia Satori Jet so pts my amp a 12, 1812. A a no. 29. Cd Pihe honorable the lieutenant Al governor Vii Lhoid t Levy a in 9 Dito. �?>-2000 up Dak red 18009. 22 Dito a 5�s0.a .1 m a a i f. 70 Dito. 10�. A a a a70�#. Morning at it it of clock at fi00 Dito. _ 25t _ 5�op. A eminent. House a Tyski Csc. Fix a a a 90000� voor de Van delo 1 try co de verb catering Ders ,0qo. The government sad will give audience a Tervo terms to a Ucli gentlemen As May wish it. By order of the a like Lien amp it go a roof. A the so . Travers w Quot a q. X �>pl9, 1812.$. A a first ,. 4 Moorz we a 10 or cent. Vomm a. A 1 Fie trekkie to after lbt by 2b1 Feeg amp Ift Fyden late be Teia or amp a anti St of temp b Atavia to Gest Aratea door w Cess Ederen ten hype zen ran-emllas6bbtesarrjs, Keeren m de we Etc to to. Att utter Kaftan a a yet Getro Kreft. _ _ tie the Tutek Simm by St lot Dat Cip Den Laats ton trek Tufeg vol get role left Worden a Al de a Jiyu Yak 1000 up dad a nth Aligen. A Fie Lotta Rulien Verbocht of de voor a Ilver Geld Eide Pryia a id do a in Al fac specie Ait Etwald Eca Raa Antl a de trek King mgr to Terr. Between tie Lotta Welke Yeti week voor Ctet Eer Batavia and . So a a the Dag no a on Verbocht Mog Tea Blyeven _ _ Zullin in prys verhoog Worden. Fec a so a lieder Zalfo men a a Zuien. Scheme Arr Virgo am de c see i or �z1r��3 Quot tour thousand tickets tit 25 Saa amp or even Redigo Hoeve Elveden a in do Eeme m a stars ,-.10o�00@. I amt to % 0. To Ivio or. A a a a a. It , a an Wei a Mea Zich. In de Oca _ Eil be Zal Kunzen 1 pref e of i. E. For tie. Ovva a. M of d r i ditto. 16,000 r 1 ditto 8,00q a i a. At2,. 18,000-oo i. To ooh r .,100 too Diu 25� <%9�os a a a r r ii Hosp i a my of a sued a a the Etc fences of. A a Hie lottery and the Pur it to Jolo . J Den Woi draft Mea sch. In de Goa a a in of a. Wry a it cd a Tetra a it Dot a of too up. Adrega a Rerp. / de Heeren c. Assey in j. G. Bauer Zyn Beno emd Tot commiss Arissen voor de directive Der lot cry in Zal a Eder 1st door Een Der Setven Zyn get eel end. Tel _ Dea lieutenant Graver car. _ Cha rents a a amp by of comfy us saris. Sk>lrad.\ti, a. S Dcarl 13 j u i 112.1 a anti Rte to a. # Voldo ening a a it. De or Clit or Zynn a Ceil untre do a he Ere l Haiti a ouse mop in wig Evol Quot my if in a Patie Yan Den super intendant Der Rotapel Jpn at Enop h it Liland java�za$., door Detje and it Agete Kende of .0ej2l3. Ende in Volgende Dagen Aan de a pm by plaats Al tar a Hlidek voor Alie Man in teens Contant Beta Aling be Ricott wed Hajj Een it to diverse he hoots Werken a ii be Sehy it voor Den then Bow Van Huzzen in Andere Benedig Wheeden a a it Soto in a amp 18 it. Length Cene gyrate Chinea Olie a a Hodko pm Liten of a a a Ger Pawn Dolken in hot Geene Vert or ten Dage Der ver Koping Zal wont be of go veil a Atte Arndke Ipoh Werken by Kreine Par. A beep de of Odist planked by it St a by Den a is Lagrande meet ver Kogut in de Daaron to opened on Gelden door Den Kormier bet Auld Zodlen Warden. 7, a Nav a re a bad Rita Atie a in Rand do Ewry de Hou tvs Erken Dap Weleene spec wifi a a a Stet up Krofft Wor Donde. Verk to Kan voor Den 1 be tember Fot to a a Efi add a it or ton. Kank it do Efti Lumc they re by Meyer the log bet Ria �feiaaco3� a 4��l�g3 Vii ten in cd Enesco in. Mai Ejiu sche Taal a be huge Dyke pub ii Cir tend a Den Gegic Evear a a. A of is. A Job cml Damp Sott it amp a Tyoe dts to Jesusi a. Is a x tur a Arfi the govt. Gazette of Finif m o l e n v l get the undermentioned recent $ valuable publications. A Quarto. 1 g a get Graphy a a How Saul a malay dictionary. Quot a octavp., flume s essays 2 vols. A a. A a make Neier a works 8 v0i5. Thomson a seasons 1�?Tvol/ \ Curtis on diseases of n4ik� i Vos Flowers of literate 1 vol. Of despotism 2 vols. A Savages new zealand 1 v<4. Scott a Marmion 1 vol. Macneily a poems 2 vols. _ Bloomfield s poems 1 vol. A tales from a Lespeare Svob is Ory s letters 2 vol. T a 1 toi.11 it a it a. A. 100,000 \ Tito drawing of the lottery will Shim end a a the Stadt Schouse Batavia by the fir Phan Vii it Wren 4 a notice i Al a it1 that it a Onby nce fave a . S drawn a Hae twice a week Weil tiv who feed Wati. The a a amp mar a of Esfi of me toot on jew will be Otke prize of�?T8,000 a Parish do Tafs. A the tickets Are to be paid for in Silver Money and the prizes will be paid in Tim at. The expiration of one Mouth after a in drawing of the lottery. A Nofe tickets As Rorn a unsold a week be Jytte the drawing Cen meanies will be raised pweo.�.�?�,�?� a a a a v. R a. Tickets May be Hhd an application to the Gimp missioners and a proper Tori will fee to the Cine civil authorities at a thai Are a it a Quot arid surabaya to whom App of fans. Are to be Trade m the Eastern a i trite. It la occurred in unavoidably transmission of tickets Tyrolt ghost the Island the. of the. First Java a cattery is postponed until monday the Gist of sept Fri Btu a Rexi. By order of the honorable the lieutenant governor c. Asset commissioner of Ike lottery Batavia it aug. 1.4,1812. 5 a All persons indebted to twee to to no the Kre Cape ainu came by ill and Ralph of his Maje yes s9th regiment or having just demands on the same Are directed to give ii their claims and pay their debts without delay to the pay Masl it prof the 1st by to Tali no of the regiment at welter Reedena a a by order of the officer commanding jambs Chab Wick Lieut and adjutant if. 59ik regu we Ltd cry a do aug 23,1812. Seward Lett a. A up Ems 1 land a Ancic i history 2 vols a memoirs of Marmontel 4 vols Quot a fit novae 3 a vote letters naga the. Mountains 3 quarterly review for Ira pc whip. A duo Decimo amp a. Helms Buenos Aykes t vol. Ebonite poems 1 Kuithe Shipwreck a poem i vol Bruch is poems,1 a .i-snisi�ier3m>. -1 sorrows of seduction 1 vol. J Spanish 4nd Engli i a inti Imury 2 vols. Portuguese and English dictionary 1 a of. View of the state of parties in the unite if states of Relativo to the action Between Tito Libie Belt and president. A. Mei Meliet aug 29. A Hie following Gen Deesen. A Are Retro Mas Dalton and William a want respectfully beg leave to inform to Weir friends and the Public that sep or Frd the ?y of september next they commission cars. For the management. A the Purpo so establishinga�-4his place a House wary messes. Charles Assey and a. G. Osbus Ghelfi under the fir of 2 or a a a a a a a Kos. A he a Agency an i commission la a by rde of the honorable the own rat�4�sehai� a a aft a and by get it Miner cd Al houses m Cal Cirta Charles Assey they therefore take the Liberty of a. Gym amp a Foriero Tho Wohlt any Haye any affairs to trans ,. At m thu Quarter to fave a them with it their to a z assuring such. That no Ehde Wjk Lle de Geenen Welke Ieti the pre jct. Tendered Hebben Van Dan Wei a cml dig Zyn aah de Boe dels m Malaten Chap pen Van Wylen de Heeren Cairn Babij ii Ralph in eleven captains Van Zyne Maje Steik 59c regiment Werden a Erzog ten Wetsten Daar Van Ogave the doen Aan Den pay master Van Het late balt ill in of we let Breeden. Ter Van Dempf Lima giant Jowas Getek a j-s4hartan�,. w a Verste your a shall be wanting on their pod to give Quot a tue Ltd a a task be Juan in. Ioto Ben fun ads voor be a a Verret ering a or Weg toss when Batavia in a i -. A a a semarang a a a 11 advert tie. A Lle de Genen die its the Vorderer a Hebben Vau Oft Voricl Mulit ayn Duizend Lotrn a 26 spa no by Dawe Aan Den Bedel Vanwylen Jouan god Ioder. 100000.�?T 1��� w00tbr8, be Chyen Daar van1 of is zen by dab a gave the Ploen Aan do be on twerp. Ryu Van 4 \ Irir i 1 i l in Alm a a a we it i a 1 i in f l a 1 Dito. 25000. 16000 8000� pm tear Joseph a g u Sty a h oops t e d e a binned Den Tyd vane a Inland Gefeke Kendo Van prone fort Primo so pref Iab a 181$. _ to. Abscond a it fun Captain Lake s quarters at weltevreden the night of tbe$5th , a Well looking a7 Caifee. Slave boy belonging to the Island of Bourbon round visage and about fifteen years of age named lit Idor. Dress a Light drab Colour velveteen jacket with Black velvet Collar and occasionally a Blue ban keen j ticket end browsers of the same. Should a boy corresponding with the above description have engaged hmm. Self to any gentleman or dutch ?, proceeded of Board any. Ship Lyme m Batavia roads immediate a for Matios conveyed to Caplain Laue Josl be Psi than ugly received. Ltd it welter retd to it. / s6-sw 1812. A a 7 school books. Sfa we i esp Blair a class Book. A Murray a English grammy 7 / a Murray a English Reader. Introduction to Dit. A a a in fiddle speaker. Quot. Go my fit a of Topij of England a Bridges re bids orig a modern history. A spelling books a. A a a a Sot a Small assortment of Blank. Booksh�w.1 to t .1v 1 7 c j 1 to 11 Fly wanted. A. A Hook Wpm a any person qua Josl lifted to keep a sett of mercantile bootes either to the hut ii of be Gulisk iia Guage and Qun give satisfy Story res Fern aces As v character pc Aid in City May obtain a Liberal salary of approved of it on application to or. Hubbard Printer. Mme Vliet further information fit a to a obtained. 7 1.a a Atavia. It a a i september 4, 181 a f adv tenths Iemand Gene a synd for vo�ir.1 men be-b�m4yk Bestman Zichte eng Geeren a by a Khoy Tler in in huts Van neg tie a to Ier nits Versta Andehn to hidden Ikun betide de to \ or re a a Wmk a a Borden in de eng Lysche of Hollands so tax la address erd Zich by de Lam Drukker in do Dru key wait a Aaldert informative the be Kojonen Hir a Batavia Den li2 it

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