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Janesville Gazette (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Janesville, Wisconsin Janesville 50 newsstand 38c Home delivered 24 pages 4 sections 145th year no. 199 Janesville i Friday March 2. 1990 clean air Accord reached Knight Ridder Washington Senate and Bush administration negotiators reached agreement thursday on the main provisions of new clean air legislation which they said would help reduce Urban smog substantially Cut the emissions that cause acid rain and lower the health risks for people living near Industrial polluters. The agreement the result of almost three weeks of closed door negotiations is a major step toward breaking the decade Long impasse Over a new clean air Law that would impose new standards on automobiles factories and Coal burning electric Power plants. The Compromise is a weaker version of the clean air legislation passed by the Senate environment committee last fall reflecting some of the objections raised by the Cost conscious Bush administration. It would have a major Impact on the Midwest requiring costly new environmental controls on Coal burning electric Power plants that will raise electric rates and on Chicago one of the nation s Urban areas where heavy Auto emissions have produced unhealthy Ozone Levels. A the argument now is not so much Over the goals of the Bill but the Issue of who pays How much a said sen. Paul Simon d-dl., who said the Midwest faced an unfair economic Burden because of its heavy use of Coal generated electricity. Senate majority Leader George Mitchell a Maine said the negotiations had produced a a sound and comprehensive Bill that was tougher than current clean air Laws and would Lead to a a significant improvement in the Quality of american air Over the next decade. President Bush travelling in California called the agreement a a very big Forward he urged the Senate to pass the legislation quickly so the Issue could be taken up by the House where similar legislation faces a tougher fight among regional interests. Environmentalists criticized the Senate Compromise As too weak and a coalition of business groups complained it was too Tough and costly. Both sides in the debate vowed to lobby lawmakers to alter the bul when it reaches the Senate floor next week. Environmentalists said the Bill had a number of loopholes that made the legislation less Tough than it otherwise appeared. Quot we believe this new Deal requires major surgery before it can achieve the major Public health improvements that the american people a turn to clean air / a Cougar country sightings touted associated press Larry Jonas says those who doubt there Are Mountain Lions in Wisconsin should have seen a Herd of Buffalo react the Day he saw one of the big cats near Wisconsin rapids last summer. A they began milling around frantically and then broke away to an open Field a he recalled. A something obviously had them Jonas and two other men were moving the Herd of american Bison to new pasture at the state s Sandhill Wudl Ife demonstration area near Babcock in Wood county. No one expected to run into a wild Cougar. After All North americans largest cats were supposed to be extinct in Wisconsin. Officially the last wild Cougar in Wisconsin was killed in Douglas county in 1909 but Jonas said he help but notice the normally compliant Bison become nervous and excited. As he drove his truck after a turn to cougars a digest today horizons new catechism being reviewed considered one of the most important roman Catholic documents since the reforming 1962-65 second Vatican Council a proposed new Quot Universal catechism Quot now is under review by Bishops. Theologians and other scholars also Are taking a look at it and find some serious faults with it As Well As some merits. In local area Only Black retires from Force former correctional officer Olga Gouvie says it is ironic that she gave the Walworth county sheriff s department notice of her retirement on the anniversary of Martin Luther King or s birthday. Gouvie was the sheriff department s Only Black employee when she retired after eight years with the department. In world / nation Rooney going Back on air Andy Rooney suspended for 90 Days without pay last month from lbs "60 minutes Quot program for statements he made about homosexuals and for racist remarks attributed to him by a Gay Magazine will be Back on the air sunday. / 4a health care Bill opposed a draft proposal to spend $65 billion on two of the nation s biggest health care problems is running into behind the scenes White House opposition even before it comes up for a vote. The . Bipartisan commission on comprehensive health care planned to vote today on a proposal to provide health insurance to More than 31 million uninsured americans and help 9 million others pay the Cost of Long term care. / 4a state lawmaker agrees to negotiate the chairman of the Senate Indian affairs committee met with Northern Wisconsin representatives and agreed to help negotiate an agreement with the state s Chippewa tribe Over Hunting and fishing rights . Rep. Toby Roth says. / 2a committee oks ugh Compromise a legislative committee has approved a com Promise Bill that would prohibit a synthetic milk Oosting hormone from being injected into Wisconsin Dairy herds until next year. The proposal represents a Compromise Between those who want to outright ban Bovine growth hormone and those who would permit its use but require Labelling of milk products from herds injected with the hormone. / 2a sports Parker girls Advance past Craig Janesville Parker is one win away from the Wila class a girls state basketball tournament. The Janesville Craig girls Are turning in their uniforms for the season. Parker now 21-2 on the season survived a last second scare thursday night to Edge Craig 58-56. Id weather brisk with a Low of 15 tonight. Partly sunny saturday and a High of 27. Mostly sunny sunday and a High of 33. Partly Cloudy monday and a High of 40. / 4bindex advice columns / 3c a Ann Landers business / 4b classified / 5c-8c comics / 4c movie listings / 3b opinion / 6a to listings / 4c obituaries / 2b a warning a Seabrook Security guard warns anti nuclear protesters of possible arrest. Assoc lated Froes fight Hurt nuke Industry associated press Rockville two decade Battle Over the Seabrook n.h., Power Plant helped cripple the nuclear Power Industry. Pro and anti nuclear advocates agreed on that much thursday As the nuclear regulatory commission approved Seabrook for commercial operation. What remained unclear was whether the approval would Mark the Industry a last Hurrah or bring about a second life for nuclear Power. The facts Are Plain enough. No Utility has applied for a nuclear Power License since 1978 and More than too reactor orders have been cancelled in that time. Accidents at three mile Island in Pennsylvania and chernobyl in the soviet Union spread concern about nuclear Power from activists to the general Public. A the Industry is so much in defeat that there a not Likely any Utility that a Ever again going to want to order one of these machines a said Robert Backus counsel to the seacoast anti pollution league a new Hampshire based group opposed to Seabrook. A we feel like we have been instrumental in the collapse of nuclear Power in this country and perhaps even around the world a Backus said. Seabrook owners waited 17 years from their application for a construction permit to the approval of a still Power License. And junk Bonds used to help finance the Plant through the Long wait Likely will not be available in future nuclear prefects. Still there were optimists thursday after the a Rcd a 3-0 vote in favor of a Seabrook License. A was our demand for electricity keeps growing we frilly expect that Well get Back to building More new nuclear plants a said Harold b. Finger of the . Council for Energy awareness an association representing the nuclear Industry. A a today a vote Means utilities can look with More Confidence to nuclear Energy As a part of their total strategy for providing americans fast growing electricity Seabrooks own top executives were either Uncertain or downright pessimistic about the Industry a future. New Hampshire Yankee president Edward Brown said a i can to predict whether Seabrook will become a a bellwether for the future of the entire nuclear Industry in the United Browne Stop Deputy Ted Feigen Baum said the two decade regulatory Gauntlet run by Seabrook must be changed if nuclear Energy is to grow. A a it a taken too Long a he said. The arc has tried to address the problem with a new set of rules enacted last year. They would allow a Utility to receive Advance approval if it chose a pre approved site and used a Standard reactor design that had passed arc Muster said commission spokesman Frank Ingram. But arc chairman Kenneth Carr said a i done to have any orders for new and he said the decline of nuclear Power could Lead to Darker Days and nights ahead. A was a private citizen it worries me that nobody a building Power plants out there of any kind a Carr said. A Power in the United states is not going to be sufficient in the next to years and a turn to Seabrook bag sets ambitious goal for in trucks by Mike Dupre Gazette staff general motors corp. Has an ambitious sales plan for the medium duty trucks it makes Only in Janesville 40 percent of the Market and world dominance. A a we re trying desperately to go from being a Fleet truck seller to no. I in the world a John Rock general manager of orc truck division told a group of reporters from throughout the United states on wednesday. Pm had invited the truck Industry press Here to see the Plant and meet the people who make orc. Top kick and Chevrolet Kodiak trucks. While Rock wants All the Fleet business sales to rental outfits like Ryder and Large users like the state of Virginia he thinks that individual sales and orders from smaller companies Are the Way to win a bigger piece of the Market and ensure a steady manufacturing schedule. Ray Rota general sales manager for orc truck noted that last year was the first year in four Calendar years and five Model years that pm was not no. I in medium duty truck sales. Avistar formerly known As International Harvester knocked pm from the top spot. Pm finished 1989 with 25.9 percent of the medium duty truck Market. A i Promise you Well have 30 percent at the end of 1990,�?� Rota said. A by the end of �?T91, in a confident Well have 33 percent. A in 1993-�?T94, we will have 40 percent of the Industry. Our goal and objective is to dominate the medium duty truck if pm meets that goal it will translate into Long term Job Security and Prosperity for Janesville truck builders. A for this to work a Rock said a the dealer has to make a Buck so he needs lots of territory lots of and so pm slashed the number of dealers by 90 percent from 7,500 dealers in 1984 to about 750 today Rock and Rota said. The corporation winnowed the dealers with a strict set of requirements a turn to trucks a saturday stuttering pow survives years of torture by Stan Milam Gazette Madison Bureau Only seconds before he was to drop his six 750-Pound bombs on a Railroad Yard about 30 Miles Northeast of Hanoi air Force capt. Don Heiliger Felt his f-105 thunderchief shake As it was hit by Small arms or anti aircraft fire. A we lost most of our electronic gear a Heiliger said. A there was no Moon All the lights in the plane went out and everything was pitch Black. Quot we were flying special single aircraft Low level precision night bombing missions at about 800 feet a said Heiliger 53, now a retired colonel living in Stoughton. A we were hit in the engine at the rear of the plane and the fire started work ing its Way Forward toward the cockpits. A i dropped our bombs and started to climb to the North and planned to swing around so i have to return Over Hanoi a Heiliger said. A my a Back seat a radar operator Ben Pollard bailed out at 18,000 feet As the fire worked its Way into his cockpit and i ejected shortly afterwards at 23,000 or 24,000 feet when a fire broke out in my Heiliger and Pollard who were flying their Lith Mission together landed 20 minutes later in the dense Jungle near the China Border. The plane crashed in China. The two men were separated after they bailed out and did no to see each other for about five years. A i was captured later the next Day about 3 or 4 in the afternoon a Heiliger said. A my plan was to walk from Hill to Hill at night until i reached the coast about 70 Miles away but they caught up with me the next what started out As a temporary assignment for Heiliger from his permanent duty in Japan turned into a forced tour of duty lasting five years nine months and four Days he became a prisoner of War in North Vietnam. Heiliger will share his experiences As a prisoner of War and report on former prisoners current plight at the March meeting of the Rock River chapter of Vietnam veterans. The meeting will begin at 7 . Sunday at the National guard armory la Palmer. A we took off from Korat air base in Thailand on that Mission about 6 30 or 7 the evening of May 15, 1967,�?� Heiliger said. A the time Over target was 9 ., and we refuelled in flight about 8. Equipment on the f-105 to detect and scramble enemy radar was not completely operational Heiliger said. A we normally carried electronic countermeasures but one Side pod was not working and they locked on us with radar a Heiliger said. A i served an earlier temporary assignment flying bombing runs out of Thailand for about 60 Days in 1966 and was just about three weeks into my second temporary duty assign a turn to pow a

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