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Janesville Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Janesville, Wisconsin Single copy 35c Home delivery si.20 per wee the Janesville Gazette 138th year no. 102 Janesville Wisconsin monday december 13, 1982 32 pages 4 sections Polar bears Only the a no swimming sign was hardly needed to keep swimmers out of the Rock River at Traxler Park after a weekend of single digit temperatures created a bit of an ice Jam. The ice May be Short lived As the Mercury started an upward climb this morning with temperatures expected to Rise above the freezing Mark the Low on saturday was 7 degrees and sunday it dropped Down to 2 degrees above. It hit the 30-degree Mark shortly before noon today. The Weatherman promises mild temperatures with a Chance of Light Snow or possibly rain for late today or tuesday with cooler temperatures returning to the area again on wednesday. Earl not counting out increase in sales tax related Story on Page 18 Madison a Anthony s. Earl says lawmakers have urged him to keep an open mind on a sales tax increase and have suggested using it along with an income tax surcharge to attack an impending budget deficit. A Many of the legislators were surprised by the general acceptance of the 4 cents to 5 cents sales tax increase a Earl told the Milwaukee journal. A they think that it May be easier to sell some income tax surcharge and some sales tax increase rather than to try and do it All with an income tax the journal in a copyright Story sunday noted that Earl had changed his stance on a sales tax increase which he had said earlier would be a one of the very last a i done to like the sales tax but i done to like $2.5 Bil lion deficits either a Earl said in the interview a and i think it would be foolish of me in a stubborn Way to say that under no circumstances would i consider any increase in the sales tax. A a in a not going to get myself in a position to say never at this stage of the game or to be non negotiable at this stage of the the sales tax was raised from 4 percent to 5 percent last Spring. Dreyfus administration officials reported in mid november that the state was facing a $65.6 million deficit in the current fiscal year and that nearly a $1.5 billion Gap existed Between Revenue and state spending requests for 1983-85. Earl who takes office Jan. 3, did however continue to profess a preference for an income tax surcharge which he said could be disposed of easier than a sales tax increase after the deficit was taken care of. A i have spent some time going Back and looking at this states history with income tax surcharges and in almost every instance the surcharge was rolled off a he said. A a there a no other tax in this states history that we be had that kind of experience on the other hand Earl said a sales tax increase tended to get a built into the pricing Structure of merchandise and a is not easily pried Earl said he did not believe a deficit could be offset by More spending cuts. A you could shift a great Deal of the Cost of elementary and secondary education and the Cost of local government Back on the property tax a he said. A but there is no Way the state can absorb a deficit in the magnitude of the one we face without raising Jet Yule Miracle from it concerned people of America no Way for congressional raise by Dennis Mccann Gazette Madison Bureau taxpayers lose sleep worrying that the lame Duck Congress will vote itself a major pay raise rep. Robert Kastenmeier said monday. The House of representatives May pass a comprehensive spending Bill this week that includes a $5.4 billion jobs proposal fashioned by democrats Kastenmeier and spokesman for other congressmen said. But a provision in the Bill that would allow pay for congressmen to jump about $17,000 from the current level of $60,662 is unlikely to survive they said. A a there a no Way a 27 percent increase is going to pass this House a said Kastenmeier a Sun Prairie. A a there a no need to spend a sleepless night if i know this House opinion the 27 Kastenmeier predicted the pay provision will be voted Down by amendment when the Bill goes to the floor probably some time tuesday. He said he will vote against the 27 percent provision but said other amendments probably will provide lower pay raises. Reps. Les Aspin a East Troy f. James Sensenbrenner a Shorewood and Thomas Petri a fond do Lac also will vote against the pay provision spokesmen in their offices said. Aspin will vote for the jobs package Aspin Reuss Petri Kastenmeier while Sensenbrenner will oppose it the spokesmen said. An aide to rep. Henry Reuss a Mil Waukee said his Boss will vote for the jobs package. But he could not predict How Reuss would vote on the pay amendment. Reuss is retiring and would receive neither the higher pay nor the criticism that goes with it. Sensenbrenner will vote against the jobs Bill which was approved on a party line vote by the House appropriations committee last Friday because he considers it inflationary said aide Alan Jaberg. Sensenbrenner believes the program would be Little More than a revival of the Ceta program and would not make jobs More available in the Long run Jaberg said. Kastenmeier said the vote on the jobs provision probably will follow party lines on the floor As it did in committee. That increases the likelihood president Reagan will veto the package but Kastenmeier said it is important at least to debate the Issue now so the new Congress can begin work on a jobs Bill in Early january. The presidents plan to raise the gasoline tax and use the new Revenue for Highway projects will not Dent the unemployment problem Kastenmeier said. Even if it fails the democratic plan will give the Issue visibility he said. A even should we lose we have to make the Effort even though the president Isnit convinced a he said. Kastenmeier expressed resentment that the Public is paying More attention to the pay raise proposal than to creating jobs those who do so exhibit a a twisted sense of priorities a he said. Aspin was not available for comment but aide Warren Nelson said Aspin will vote against the pay raise a in any form but probably will vote for the final appropriations Bill with the jobs program. There is a Chance the final Bill also will include a pay provision of some kind Nelson said but he predicted the criticism congressmen will receive for raising their own pay will kill any change of a raise. A after an election is always the Best time to get one through but the stink has been loud enough that i think it wont go through this time a he said. Bridgeport Conn. Apr a toy Center for poor kids that burned to the ground was rebuilt in five Days and More than 1,000 children climbed to Santa a knee sunday for the 28th straight year. A i can to even begin to express How i feel i have tears in my eyes a said Sandy Mirsky a Volunteer of the local police athletic league which has made its Christmas Village a Holiday fixture in Bridgeport president Reagan called the Village sunday from Camp David my. Congratulating Bridgeport mayor Leonard Pao Letta for the reopening. A i called to thank and congratulate the mayor and the hundreds and hundreds of citizens of Bridgeport a Reagan said sunday night in Washington. A they had gathered to reopen that institution which had been rebuilt in those few Reagan who made his comments at the taping of a Christmas television special noted that Many volunteers worked around the clock on the Effort and added a yes Virginia there is a Santa More than too plumbers electricians carpenters and other volunteers went to work around the clock and scores of businesses from around the country rallied to help the Christmas Village after an arson fire levelled the chalet style building tuesday. Toys valued at $11,000 were destroyed but by sunday More than 7,000 replacements had arrived. More than 2,500 people were on hand for the reopening at i . Hours earlier workmen were still installing carpeting in the new 40-by-70-foot, six room building As City Crews cleared construction debris in falling Snow and 20-degree temperatures. A $1,000 Reward was posted by the Connecticut insurance placement facility for information leading to an arrest or conviction of the arsonist and the company said it would deliver a $62,000 Check for the loss of the insured building. Santa sat on a donated red velvet upholstered chair in front of a $3,000 donated Brick fireplace. The new toys included 1,500 from the league chapter in Torrington which opened its own toy shop for disadvantaged kids sunday. A Day before the reopening companies Community groups and individuals gave enough toys to replenish two thirds of the Stock mrs. Mirsky said. Donations came from As far away As san Francisco. Among the donations was a i�?~/2-foot Granite Monument that will be set in front of the new chalet. Its inscription reads a Miracle at Christmas Village from the concerned people of America 1982.�?� Canadian Chrysler workers of pact most martial Law curbs to be lifted Warsaw Poland apr declaring lies have a the worst behind us a Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski promised to lift Ost martial Law restrictions by arts end and hinted he will free de ined Solidarity Union activists. The announcement by the polish prefer and defense minister came in a i tonally televised speech sunday e eve of the first anniversary of the keeping military crackdown that of actively crushed Solidarity suppress-1 16 months of social upheaval and Lamply increased East West tensions. A the year which has passed was a eat test. We have passed it a Jaru ski said. A we have got the worst Hind the general a using the same clipped precise language with which he declared martial Law dec. 13,1981 a said the a Basic i gorse of military Rule a will cease to function by the end of this a the extent of martial Laws relaxation will be disclosed at a meeting of the Sejm or parliament later today he said. A this will be a weighty step towards Complete lifting of martial Law a Jaruzelski said. A it is simply impossible to jump into full a i do Promise one thing a Jaruzelski declared a anarchy will not be allowed into in a reference to the Solidarity underground organization Jaruzelski said a the enemy a actions have not stopped. So we cannot afford yet to renounce All the extra Ordinary a no one in Poland or abroad should labor under any illusion that the current decisions will allow a further round of social and labor unrest he said. Solidarity was suspended when Jaruzelski declared martial Law. Parliament enacted a new labor Law oct. 3 that outlawed the Independent Union replacing it with smaller labor organizations under stiff government control. The martial Law chief said some measures to protect state Security and the Economy would remain in effect but did not say what those measures were. He also said army officers would remain in major factories to prevent sit Down strikes. Many of the harshest martial Law restrictions have been lifted including a curfew restrictions on Telephone communication bans on Domestic travel and censorship of foreign news dispatches. A ban on Public gatherings remains and other Long Range government controls have been implemented. Without giving a timetable Jaruzelski said amnesty for interned Solidarity activists and martial Law offenders will be considered and that a internment will cease to be the government said 10,131 poles were interned during the year of martial Law. Toronto apr Chrysler a 10,000 Canadian workers began returning to work today with a new Richer contract won by a five week strike that company chairman Lee Iacocca says Cost the beleaguered automaker $100 million. A a it a sure Good to have it behind us and get Back to work a Chrysler Canada spokesman Walter Mccall said. Mccall said some maintenance workers were called in late sunday night to get Assembly lines ready for the morning shift at All six Canadian plants. The new pact was ratified sunday by an overwhelming vote margin of 7,753 to 787. Each of three categories of workers voted a a yes by at least 85 percent United Auto workers Union spokeswoman Wendy Cuthbertson reported. . Chrysler workers Are scheduled to vote thursday and Friday on their new contract negotiated along with the Canadian agreement. The 42,300 american workers did not strike. Chrysler Canadas two biggest plants a both in Windsor Ontario just across the Detroit River from Detroit a produce 688 cars and 432 trucks a Day Mccall said. The Auto Plant is the Only source of such Large cars As the Chrysler new yorker and Dodge Diplomat. Mccall said he did not have a figure for Chrysler a losses from the strike. Some Industry analysts have estimated the loss at about $15 million a week for the no. 3 automaker and Iacocca was quoted Over the weekend As saying the shutdown Cost about $100 million. The Impact of the strike was Felt most powerfully in Windsor where 80 percent of Chrysler Canada workers live. The payroll loss to the Community was estimated at $3.5 million per week in a City already Hurt by the Auto Industry a recent troubles. Chrysler officials said All 4,600 . Workers Laid off because of the strike in Canada would be recalled within a few Days. The new contract raises a Chrysler assemblers pay immediately from 9.07 Canadian dollars to 10.21. Because the Canadian Dollar is Worth about 81 cents at current Exchange rates the new wage is equivalent to about $8.27 in . Ann Landers. .23 area news. .14,15 classified. .24-27 comics. .22 Community living. .10,11 editorial. .6 hospitals. .7 markets. .4 movies. .23 obituaries. .4 Public Legal notices. .20 radio to. .22 readers a opinions. .6 sports. Your health. I i ithe Gaz school Board to receive an update on negotiations with the teachers Union at its tuesday night 5 recovering Burn victim finds building Doghouse helps with therapy heightens Christmas to Secretary of state George Schultz meets with leaders of Italy and 13 Derrick Dawson a University of Wisconsin Whitewater dancer does it All 14 Herrington crippled boy gets his video games despite a burglary at his Home where his savings were stolen. A Page 21 Mike Herrington of Janesville set the tone for Wisconsin a football team on the first play of the game As the badgers went on to win the Independence bowl. Page 29outside warmer tonight. A Chance of Light Snow. Lows to mid 20s. Cloudy with a Chance of rain and Snow tuesday. Highs in the mid 30s. A Chance of Snow wednesday. Partly Cloudy thursday and Friday. Lows to 20 wednesday in the teens thursday and in the 20s Friday. Highs in the 30s wednesday and thursday and in 40s Friday. Gazette photo by ted Ninman kinhin0 police order

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