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Janesville Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - March 17, 1917, Janesville, WisconsinPage six. The Janesville daily Gazette saturday March 17, 1917. Amusements furnished by theatres Myers theatre. The Garden of Allah. The production of won Stiitt settings peopled wet h most exotic linings who rival tie inn dry of tin moist Beautiful scenes arabian Shiek chief of the band of arabians carried with the Loebler company s big dramatic production Garden of Allah to be seen for in Tinct Ancl night at Myers theatre on saturday March 24th. Laily at likening and tonight and feature sunday vaudeville i by their Brilliant acting. The Garden of will come to Myers l theatre on saturday March matinee and evening. I the dramatization or Jils own novel by Robert with the help be Mary Anderson de Navarro gives to theatregoers n Vei a interesting play. Every character in. The play stands out True to life in so far As concerns its native environment. Just the High Soots in their lives Are presented. Only the biggest moments that Are a keeping with the vastness suggested by the framework of the action Are Given by the authors. Almost every one of the beautifully written lines Fly to climaxes where the real acting o t tie players is brought Forth and the idea of immensity strengthened. The theme is tortures of a Man s soul by memories of the great wrong he Haa clone has done much to make this play such a great Success. A less forceful Story might have made the elaborate set Tings Only just Beautiful Stags Pic Tures. Instead they remain frames As they should and really carry stage realism to the ultimate. There Are nine scenes. Each one is a masterpiece of its kind showing the deep Solitude of the desert the close Garish Nesa of a native algerian dance Hall the Tropic radiance of count Antxoni s Garden a sandstorm in the midst of the great Sahara desert and other optical delights Are Amon the wonderful novel settings one beholds and undoubtedly they Are triumphs of stagecraft. Myers theatre. Opera House full of people to the a getting a right of Way through the comp augment of the big orchestra. Farm of the dutch Uncle and so be on tuesday at the Majestic was cures a return to favor and marries the great daddy Long legs com ing to Janesville. D. Haynes of new York was in the icy yesterday arranging for the engagement of the big daddy Long legs company which Wilt occur at the Myers on thursday even March 22ncl. The same company that Only closed a tour of Twenty of the principal cities of c , including his majesty s theatre at Montreal and the grand opera House at Toronto will be seen Given a vivid presentation of that old and familiar Story of Robinson Crusoe. At the children s matinees in the afternoon they were especially delighted with the goats the Parrot the cat and the dog with which Crusoe is Al ways supplied. The acquisition of a very satisfactory Friday was re icel Ved with much Joy. The Little War Waif As played by Zoe Ray was a touching and appealing Little charac Ter and the tiny mite portrayed her part with the skill of a Veteran. She was lost when her Home Village was destroyed in Belgium and was re stored to her wounded Soldier father by his colonel. The anti vice film is any girl was presented at the Apollo on tuesday. It was in the Way of a warn ing to girls not to accept attentions from strangers and showed some of the plausible excuses made by base Young men to secure their company. The villain of the play had carelessly helped to entice Young girls in the downward path until he found his own sister was in danger and then he to his own responsibility in matter1. Thuc witching hour at the Bev Erly on wednesday is a Complex play whose special theme is that of Tele Pathy or influence of mind Over mind. It is i Southern Story with scene Laid at Louisville by. At the time of the Asas station of the state governor. The hero of the play is a Gambler who finds that lie possesses a Good Deal of the psychic Power which he uses to acquittal from the crime of murder of the Young son of his old sweetheart. At i he Apollo on thursday the picturesque Baoju ground of a dutch Vil Lage and the care of three Motherless Little Brothers brings out the pathetic possibilities of Mary Pickford in Hulda from Holland. After the Little family make the trip across the water to loin their Uncle in America he is knocked Down by an Auto and carried to a hos i tit unconscious. A kind boarding House keeper takes the family and Hulda with the ready made Amily in the Cargian. The Little boys Are perfect dears especially the youngest who was a natural comedian. He rung singing and instrumental in echoes of Bonnie Scotland Herbert s Novelty entertainers. Of humorist violinist character comedienne matinee Loc. Eveni Gloc and 20c. In Janesville. People of this co Nunu nit who keep posted on the More important theatrical events will recall that daddy Long is the famous attraction that was first produced on stage of the Powers theatre Chica go three years ago and was so exceptionally Well liked from. The Start that it remained in that theatre for More than right months. During that Tiffalo a great Many citizens Janesville and Vicinity witnessed .performance.-? of comedy there. Manager Bransky. Of Myers theatre a fortunate in having secured such a. Notable Attao i Tion for his patrons. There Are then i to four members of the company and i four splendid sets of scenery. Daily Long legs is really of j of the Best liked plays now Lefoi e the american Public. Several months ago Henry Miller producer and Mana Ger of daddy Long formed an other company and took it to London England where it is now playing the pretty comedy of great audiences at i he hike of York s theatre. If Janesville patronize the visit of daddy Long legs sufficiently to sure him a fair profit. Imp. Miller will j Send to the Myers theatre his Tofu r comedy come out of the which is now running successfully at the George pm. Cohan theatre Ineve York. Also the great theatrical film of Klaw Erlanger of n new York Wiio Are interested with or. Miller Are watching the present tour of daddy Long arid if it continues As sue i Cess Ful through Wisconsin As it Beon through Canada and Michigan i they will Send a line of their other big i j att fuel ions Over the very same Tern 1 tory the present season. Cares for them. They Are traced by the old Uncle when he recovers by see ing a sketch of on the cover of a Magazine. The picture was made by the son of a Railroad magnate estranged from his father because he wanted to be an artist. The son puts through a Deal of the old Man s in news notes from movie land by Daisy Dean. A Telegram from the late Charles Frohman received by Little Vivian Martin while reciting a piece in Sun Day school marked the beginning of this popular girl s career. That is to say the Telegram was sent to Vivian s Mother who rushed to sunday school to take her Little daughter on a Sud Den journey which necessitated Quick action. The famous manager had seen Vivian in several Amateur school plays and at his first Opportunity sent for her to become a member of his roster. In the title role of Peter pan and supported by an All children cast miss Martin met with instantaneous Suc Cess and played the role before crowded houses for an entire season. Her Success in Peter pan made her much sought after by managers de siring a juvenile artist. Her first appearance in an ingenue part was in Charles Frohman s father and the boys with William h. Crane. Next in the spendthrift with Fred Thompson she scored individual honors. Oil Broadway in such popular hits As officer Stop. The marriage game and the High Cost of living the actress came in to particular prominence among metropolitan theater goers. It was while with the last mentioned play that miss Martin received an attractive offer to Star in motion pictures which she accepted. Her winsome personality and pretty be manners proved her a Welcome asset to the screen with the result that the screen has claimed her Ever since. Her next picture will be re leased soon and is entitled the spirit of in Valparaiso. Valparaiso and club women picketed a movie theater showing a film they considered objectionable. They planned to notify the wives of All men who went in. Few men did. But women crowded the the Ater though the picketers threatened to it la their seven persons she Saul would try to Hill him in 1917. I m much interested in one Point she did t make ii says. She did t say whether any of them would Monroe milk producers demand highest prices Monroe March mrs. Time in tar history of Dairying in Southern Wisconsin milk producers will demand a six Ontra i with f. Summer rate higher than the Winter rate from Borden condensed milk company. The per Sam contract expires april 1st. Mar 24 Vivian Martin whose picture is the spirit of the stand of or. Haiselden Chi Cago Hospital superintendent in re fusing to operate and save the life of a hopeless defective some time ago thereby bringing the condemnation of a Large pan. Of the medical profession on his head has been used for the basis of a eugenic film preach ment called the Black it is fru netted As a striking propaganda for better babies and is calculated to stir the interest of physicians. Howard Hickman has again grown a Mustache and a Friend of his de clares that it has a brisk and Perma nent look important. A Gypsy Fortune Teller read the Paim of Stuart Holmes. She was t very sunny about it. Mail orders now i for the original Liebler co s stupendous spectacle of be filled in order their receipt of arabs horses 100 people 100 review of week s e attractions at local theatres tonight double Triangle program Bessie love in the heiress at pans Triangle special usual extra comedy today sunday the week s Best program Frank Keenan and Maec Ery Wilson in usual comedy sunday sunday theatre Beautiful the presents Beautiful and Star gifted a by mrs. Abbio Helms capacity houses at every perform Ance was the record on sunday at the i movies picture Heaters. Bui the dims while perfectly moral and All right Lone had a use Salon of Vul were j ust. they pome Liow Seoni ocl miss uie elevating Tours that some of the splendid of the week Day programs had and that seems such a. Pity As the audience is made up largely of family groups Young couples Chil Dren and Best is none Good for such a Day. At the Apollo the vaudeville was very Good this is a week the Roher skating was skillful and the accor Deou placers had an especially ins number. The Little play for the sunday program was the pendulum i of and showed alternate scenes in life stories of girls love at i airs were interwoven. One in who life stories of girls whose and the other a reformed thief of underworld. The death a noted Crook freed the thief from an incubus and release to the wealthy girl who was on the Point of marriage with him. The latest Novelty to pictures big1 special show sunday. Monday Anna Nilsson and Walter Hitchcock in special attraction no Advance in prices one a y on y tuesday y Norm a Talmadge tuesday special feature Nob a Talmadge in Norma Talmace camels donkeys the eighth wonder o the world travelling in its own special train of eight cars nights s1.00, 50c. Special bargain matinee saturday 75c, 50c. Jos. M. Bransky Lessee and manager. Thursday in Panthea the Story of a love that was greater than life or death. New York and Chicago papers proclaim this attraction to be without a doubt one of the Best features of the season. It was shown at the la Salle theatre Chicago to crowded houses for weeks at 25c and 50c admission. Our Price for this big feature is Loc matinee at night and most comedy of the g daddy a Clefs Jean Webster to attire season at Powers theatre Chicago. Entire. Gaiety theatre. New r Henry Miller Story oif the girl whose dreams came True a love theme that has tugged at the heart firings of mors than people. 24 people in company. 4 Superb Scenic sets. Scats now Selling. Prices 75c, 50c, 25o. In the gripping Story of a news irl s Rise in life Anc by of Hannig Pollock Rennold Wolf. A Lii sky Paramo int picture Paramount pictures corporation presents a Western picture produced for Paramount pictures corporation by Thos. Hince Oliver Morosco presents in a quaint appealing photo drama by Gaorge e Beban and Lawrence Mocloskey an Oliver Paramount Pic Tirre. All seats Loc. At the Majestic a patriotic drama country should was staged a spoiled and petted Young woman was anxious to prevent her Lover from going to War with his com Pany after enlistment. With the Connivance of his Mother a drug is to to Given him that will Sot lower his heart action that a noted specialist will pronounce his heart seriously affected. But a dream Cornea to this Young woman before action is taken and she sees the evil consequences that might ensue and the motto when the coun try Calls let All be is decider to be the Best for All line. Gamble in souls at the Bev Erl had some wonderful effects of a tropical storm and some Migue House keeping equipments on a primitive scale. A Parson and a woman with a past Are cast away alone together on a tropical Island. A Seaman from h wrecked vessel is washed ashore and makes Troubie. But he is thrown into the sea after a fair fight by the Pas Tor who seems to have developed Many of Hie traits of the Cave Man. And together the couple forgiving the past the future and the approach ing ship which is to Bear them away to a new life. At the Majestic on monday was seen the come which has a realistic background of the great out door country of the Northern Woods. A logging Camp with All its features is shown and the logging Crew Are seen enjoying the spectacle of a City Chau being knocked around by the bully and his face scrubbed with Snow. By wholesome living1 and Faith Ful practice with the axe the ally Chap who by the Way is a son of the Boss who says of him thai he in to Worth his conies Back into his Youthful heritage of strength and vigor. After he Haj found proofs of the crooked Ness of the lumber agent at the Camp he proceeds trim the Camp bully with neatness and thoroughness. Then he and his Sirl of the Woods Are invited Home by his father in a very characteristic Telegram of Welcome. On tuesday at the Beverly Clara Kimball Young gave a very Beautiful of Trilby and Wilton p was truly Devilish As Swen Pale. Everybody was when he died off in the last act Good Pic Tures were shown of Paris and the studio in the latin Quarter while Laird and Taffy were like the look illustrations. You rarely see n More Beautiful screen picture than that showing Trilby singing before the Mon. And tues. March 19-20 Majestic Mon. And tues. March 19-20 presents America s dainties actress Anita Stewart to the Story of a Loveless marriage and a woman s unyielding Faith the e com Bat he was dead she believed and though her heart had gone with him she gave herself in soulless Legal marriage to an other. But closely As she guarded the secret of her first Marr Iare treachery and a relentless Fate Laid Bare the pitiful Story. And with the revelation came the knowledge that her first husband the Man whose love she treasured above All else lived and claimed her. Gone was the secrecy the part tenge the deceit. In its Stead stood the glaring truth and outraged convention above the wreck of these lives could the Call of a Man to his mate find its answer extra added attraction Earle Williams in the Scarlet this is not a serial but a number of mile a minute motor Ries featuring Earle Williams and his Scarlet these stories Are twelve in number and run every monday and tuesday in addition to a greater v tube. la enjoy them just As much whether you ice Only one or the whole twelve. Attend the matinees to avoid waiting for seats. Perform ances and All seats Fea Don t miss any of the following pictures sunday March Moreno Dorothy Kelly in the supreme monday and tuesday March Stewart in the heading special eight reel program. Thursday and Friday March Taliaferro in the her greatest picture. Monday and tuesday h. Sothern in the Earle Williams in Scarlet thursday and Friday March Petrova in the Black

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