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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Jacksonville, Illinois 1%? 4 jog Mal Courter Jacksonville Iii., saturday May 31,1906churches key round in Long conflict with irs new York api a american churches have a key round in a Long Battle with the internal Revenue service Over their Contention that it s their right a and not that of government a to determine what activities Are religious. Some Church attorneys called the outcome a Quot watershed Victory. But others said further irs changes were needed and May be in the offing. The struggle has gone on for nearly a decade with some Church agencies defying irs insistence that they Are not integral to religion and thus must file annual financial reports. Several Church units such As lutheran social services in Minnesota and a Tennessee Baptist children a Home have gone to court about the Issue winning Basic Points in their cases. But for a Long time the combined Church protest pushed through a Broad and hoc Church coalition on irs definitions of religious bodies Quot fell on deaf ears a says the Rev. Dean Kelley cation Secretary. But a newly revised irs approach published May 19, will for All practical purposes satisfy the Church objections says Kelley also Church state affairs officer of the National Council of churches. Basically the question has entered on who defines religion a the churches themselves or the government. The irs under its Long time procedures has defined Church Quot integrated auxiliaries a those exempt from filing financial returns a As those that were Quot exclusively but Many Church institutions a colleges hospitals and other operations a were deemed not Quot exclusively religious a by the irs and were file reports form 990 on such matters As revenues contributors and expenditures. The churches see such institutions As inherent to religion. Quot the Church has a right to define its own ministry a says the Rev. Charles v. Bergstrom head of the lutheran governmental affairs office in Washington . It was on that Basic Point that the churches took their stand. Their lawyers say the irs has now agreed to a new procedure by which a Quot group ruling will be applied to organizations listed by denominations As entitled to tax exemption. Support for change found among dedicated Catholic briefs by George w. Cornell a religion writer new York a opinion surveys of Church people often include a mixed lot a both the Active and inactive the practising and Only nominal members. But a study peering strictly at involved participating roman catholics found some unexpected results. Among changes advocated in the Church by majorities of dedicated Active laity and clergy that married men should be allowed to become priests instead of ordination being limited to celibate males. That the Church should encourage Quot communion Quot Between catholics and other christians a sharing in Observance of the lords supper that catholicism generally forbids. That the Church should liberalize its Rule Banning divorce. These were among findings in the latest report of a Long Range notre Dawie study of Catholic Parish life based on in depth studies of 36 parishes around the country selected to provide a representative Sample of . Catholics. Since the scientific Sample of 2,667 parishioners came from current Church Rolls the report say they Are Active regular worshippers More identified with the institutional Church than those simply calling themselves Quot Catholic Quot in random National surveys. Concerning the findings that majorities support allowing married clergy favor liberalizing the churches position on divorce and reject the churches ban on contraception the researchers comment Quot it is important to note that on Many of these issues. Active american Catholic Lay persons Are willing to move farther than the Vatican has Felt desirable. Noting the mixed approval and disapproval of various official positions the study s research director David Leege and msgr. Joseph Gremillion head of notre Dame s Institute for pastoral and social ministry say Quot not Only the non practising catholics included in other surveys but also the Active registered parishioners in our study feel comfortable with selecting which of the churches teachings they will espouse and which they will reject. Quot in this respect american catholics act very much like the increasingly Well educated Middle class americans that they Are they accept human authority less because of its traditional nature and More because of its appropriate positions. Quot yet they remain Loyal to the underlying institution practice its rites and continue to work for support ran overwhelmingly Strong for the Church s opposition to abortion but Only a weak minority upheld the Church ban against use of contraceptives. The predominant opponents of that ban Quot Are not less faithful in their mass and communion practices Quot the report notes. Quot among younger parishioners nowadays this teaching is often seen As irrelevant to their parishioners across the Board registered overwhelming support for the Church s Quot Strong opposition to abortion with a percentage breakdown showing Only s percent consider abortion acceptable in most circumstances. But 69 percent consider it acceptable in Quot extreme circumstances Quot such As threat to the Mother s life rape or incest and Only 26 percent consider it never acceptable. While the preponderant View favored married priests slightly less than a majority favored opening the Priesthood to women the report new York apr preserving grand old churches expands the ministry an episcopal pastor says concerning a new Quot sacred Sites and properties fund Quot to help religious institutions restore historic aging properties. Establishment of the new fund initiated with a $100,000 gift from the j. M. Kaplan fund and with a goal of $500,000 annually was announced by the new York landmarks Gamble Detroit apr a Michigan official says roving gamblers Are cheating roman Catholic parishes and other organizations at gaming tables at Church fund raising festivals the Michigan Catholic reports. The archdiocesan newspaper quotes Charles Dean Deputy commissioner for the charitable gaming division of the Michigan Bureau of state lottery As saying some Church groups running Quot Las vegas nights Quot and similar parties to raise Money Quot Are feeding themselves to the he says Well organized gamblers often move from one Church party to another using loaded Dice duplicate playing cards or extra chips to stack Odds in their favor. He says six Michigan churches or organizations have been bilked by gaming table con artists since mid-1985.attend the Church of your Choice african methodist episcopal Bethel 905 n. Day 243-1175 parsonage 245-2462 Archie Inglar. Or pastor Francas Holt pianist Sun. School 9 a in. Worship 10 comm every hrs Sun Bible study 7 . Wed ser will there be enough room Lor everyone Assembly of too rest 129 e Vandal. 245-9197 parsonage 245-1509 Rev Bill Henneberg. Pas Sun sch 9 30 Wor 1030 Evang service 6 wed eve youth serv. Adult Bible study 7pm tues and thurs nursing Home services 630 supervised Nurs. All services Baptist Alsey 742-3908 Rev c David Arnold Pas i Sun sch 930 Wor 1030 wed Bate study 930 e I i . Chee prac. 7 pm Nursery available Beardstown rest Southern 900 grand Rev Toye d Renfroe Pas. Sun school 930 am. Wor 1045 am 7 pm wad Miduk service 7 pm Bethel Mission of Lincoln Avenue 906 East Routi Otto 243-6436 pastor dark be Wetton Bible study 930 Mot 1040 wed Miduk service 7 pm Calvary 659 n main. 243-1420 Leroy Henck. Pastor Sun sch 930 Wor 1030 wed Bible study and prayer service 6pm transport 243-1420 Chandlerville parsonage 458-2686 Barb Stuhmer mus Dir Sun school 9.30 a in morning worship at 10 30 evening worship at 7 wed Miduk serv 7 30 pm first 1701 Mound. 2456119 chaplain Bruce Pitcher Paula Dearing mus or. Mary Wilson org Sun school 930 Nursery provided worship 630 end to 45 bus 245-4119.243-3226 communion sunday ser character strengths Are basis of sacrificed love Franklin Robert bowmen pastor Sun. School 930 a in Wor 1030am. 7 pm wed m no we. Service 7 pm. Harts Prairie miss. Elder Raymd Watkins Pas Sun school 9 30 worship 1030 a in. 7 p in wed Bikie study 7 heritage Independent Comer e. Douglas. N Day of 121 n Prairie. 243-5539 r Lane Haddock pastor Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 40 a in7 wed. Bible study and prayer 730 p in Lincoln Avenue across from Turnerjr. H s. 243-6436 Rev Gerald inca. Pastor Sun. Bible study 930 a in morning worship Al 10 40 evening worship at 6 wad prayer sen 715 pm liter a Srbeny Rev David Holland pastor worship 9 Sun. School i015 Manchester Rev Wayne Pierce Pas Carol Campbell pianist Randy Cooper org. Sun school 9 30 a in morning worship at 1030 evening worship at 7 30 wad prayer meet 7 30 p in Meredosia rest North Marion. Meredosia Rev Kenneth Sanders Pas Sun sch 930 Wor 10 45 Sun. Evening worship wed 7 pm Bible study and youth meeting it. Emory 424 South Church cd 243-1944. Par 243-3741 a we. Staten. Or. Pastor Annabella Blue and Willie Mays pianists Sun sch 915. Wor 1045 wed prayer meet 7 p in Murrayville Rev Leonard Piney. Pas Sun school 930 a in morning worship at 10 30 evening worship at 7 wed prayer meet and Bible study 7pm new Hope Simi so of Waverly Milton Powell pastor Sun school 930 a in morning worship at 10 45 evening worship at 730 Church training 6 30 p in pleasant Hill one i s of Alsey on it 106 Rev Bill Newm Gham. Pas Sun school 930 am Wor 10.30 am730 pm wed Bible study 730 p in d Cox. Org f Day. Pianist Keith Jefferson supt Roodhouse Emmanuel 324 East Franklin Dennis Suring pastor Sun school 930 a in Wor 1045 a a 730 pm wed Bible study 730 Roodhouse rest e Side of so. Roodhouse Rev q a Phillips min dins Bear. Sun Ach 930. Wor 1030 Sandy Creek five i on Hillview Blacktop or 1 Winchester 742452 Harry Beil pastor Sun school 9 30 worship 1030 a in. 7 p in wednesday service 7pm Versailles first Rev David Mckeown Pas. 225-3555 Sun school 9 30 a in. Morning worship at 1030 evening worship at 7 training 6 30 wed prayer meeting 7 . Virginia Faith 401-31 w Beardstown St 452-7636 Steven d Smith pastor Sun sch 930 Wor 10 35 Evang service 7 . Wed service 730 Virginia first e Washington Virginia Vale Walkington. Pastor Sun school 9 30 morning worship Al 1030 evening worship at 7 wednesday service 7 Westfir 14 Clark drive. 243-5429 Rev Larry Warren Pas. Deal interpret All services Sun school 9 45 a in morning worship at 10 45 evening worship at 6 wed Awana 6 30 wad prayer meet 7 . Winchester Bloomfield Rural route 1 Rev. Wayne Hammon Pas Sun school 930 a in morning worship at 1030 evening worship Al 7 wed Bible study 7pm Winchester first w Cross. S Mechanic cd 742-3480. Par 742-9302 Rev Joe Paul Robb. Pas. J Smith and s Day org Sun sch 930 woe. 10 30 Woodson cd 673-4401, of 2434436 pastor Larry Gibson. Or Sun school 9 30 a in morning worship at 1040 evening worship at 6 wed Bible study 7 Youngblood Nortonville. 882-2361 Chuck Blanton pastor Sun school 9 30 morning worship at 10 30 evening worship at 7 wednesday Bible study and prayer service 7 Christian Berea disciple pm Christ Between Alexander and Prentice on route 123 Sun sch. 930. Wor 1030 Central disc it Christ 359 West College or Jack a Barnes or min David c Meeker Assoc min. Ronald Winter erg b Hackman Chancel Chr Dir Sun school 930 . Nursery All morning worships 15, 1045 am bus service 243-7461 choir sunday Chapin disciples it Chnat William tonne pastor Sun school 930 am worship 1030 Concord Sun school 9 30 . Worship 10 30 am. First 508 w Vandalia. 243-6445 j. Allan Cook. Or min. Sun Soh 9 30 Wor 1030 children s Church 10 30 gospel hour 7 . Franklin 111 main. Franklin Bill Redmond minister Scott Hurley youth min. Sun school 930 a in. Worship 1030 a in Jacksonville Community 405 Finley Jon Gillespie minister phone 245-9694 Sun. School 9 . Worship comm 10 am. Nursery provided Ute Berry Calvin Foreman min Bible school 930 a in. Worship 10 30 a in Lynnville disc Tai cd Christ Merall Franklin min. Worship 930 a in Bible school 1030 Roodhouse disciples of Christ 227 West Franklin St. Malinta Wyss Ceiva. Pea Sun school 930 worship 1030 am Mon 2 pm Bible study 7pm choir practice White Hau first disciples of Christ main and Bridgeport Rev june Dine minister Karon Frt Garrall. Org. Sun school 930 a in. Worship 10 45 a in Winchester first disciples of Christ 20 North main St. Phillip Cook. Minister Sun sch 930 Wor 1030 Nursery provided Bible study tues 930 Woodson disciple of Christ Rev fines and Rev Esther main a team ministers Janet Lawson supt Sun school 9 30 am worship comm. 1030 e m Mem lib 10 a in noon sat for Community use Church of Christ Church of Christ West Morten Road 243-6095. 245-5001 Randy mass Evang classes All agas. Deal 930 morning worship at 1030 evening worship at 6 wed Devotion 7pm congregational episcopal Trinity West state and Church . Mex the Rector j Peterson org Ermst. C Peterson Assoc org. Summer schedule 9 a in holy eucharist june i. Second Sun. After Pentecost proper 4 wed 10 . Holy eucharist Winchester Fellowship Sun. Worship 930 a in tues prayer 630 thurs Bible study 730 utter Day saints congregational acc 52 West College. 245-8213 Rev Fred Grosse pastor Sharon Zut Dereid org Wor 930 . With Nurs holy Lush. Ihm sundays Independent celebrate Mission Sec. Floor mum bldg. Las Thurston pastor worship 230 pm Cohoe hour following first Church of goo 350 w Independence ave. Sun. School 9 30 am. Worship 1030 am Church of the gospel Vas Center on n West Rev we. C Chaney Pas. We Fairfield asst. Pas. Sun. School to . Morning worship at 11 evening worship at 7 wed. Prayor 730 pm Church of the new covenant interdenominational 1400 North Diamond at Nazarene Road Ronald c. Colton Pas. Bruce Bacus. Music coordinator Georg Guinn head usher Carolyn Colton. Put Anist Jon Brown Orch in Sun. School 915 . Wor. 8 and 1030. A ser evening service at 6 30 wed Miduk. Oasis 7 with Chadron s Church Nursery All services Sermon Mouth to Mouth resuscitation Sermon the oneness Al one Faith Tabernacle 571 Sandusky 245-2903 Rev a d Selby pastor. Glen Mcmurl. My cooed Sun school 10 morning worship Al 11 evening worship at 7 wed service 730 holy ghost Temple . 713 n Clay 243-3966 Freeman Franklin pastor Sun school to a in. Worship 1230 pm tues. Bible study 7 . In Evang outreach 730 pm. Pray noon daily All Welcome new Ufi Christian ctr. Interdenominational 465 South main Street Kurt tilth Peeler worship Fellowship at to a in and 6 30 Nursery children s Church 10 a in. And wed. 7 wed woe. Fellowship 7 . Nursery provided preschool Church Sun. 10 am 630 first Sun of month pol blessed meal i pm. Bong covered Doh table service Church of Jesus Christ e Vandalia East of Park Tom Atkins Bishop a Mary 4-11 10-11 50 am Priesthood quorums to a in Relief society 10 a in. Young women to Sun. School 1030 a in sacrament meet 9 a in Nursery i v3 836-1040 reorganized Church of Jesus Christ 650 Liberia 243-8188 or 245-0433 eld. J. Marshall miss pres. Sun. School 10 . Worship 11 a in first third weds 7 san our redeemer 405 Massey Lane. 243-3939 Rev h q. Woodworth Pas. Rev a o Toul. Assoc Pas Burnell Hackman org. Jay Horn Beek. Mus. Dir 9 a in. Wor live wyms pm Sun sch. Bible d. 10 15 ser. Assoc Pas Kau the Young ruler who tried to play games with god Salem South East and Beecher Rev. F m renter pastor Rev j r Cunningham. Associate pastor Debbie lash met. Org worship 7 45. 10 a in to am. Sen ave weds Sun sch. Bible to 9 am saturday 6 . Worship Trinity six Miles East of Meredosia Rev l Peterson min worship 930 am Sun school 1030 . The salvation army the salvation army 33.1 w Douglas. 245-7124 capt and mrs. H. Baugh commanding officers Sun school 9 45 a in holiness meeting to . Salvation meeting 6 . Miduk prayer thurs. 6 . Sevenths y adventist seventh Day adventist 638 South Church 2436482 Larry Donon pastor services on saturday Sabbath school 9 45 worship ii 10am United methodist Virginia Grace Rev t w Wilson pastor worship 9 a in Sun school 10 15 lutheran Arenzville St. Peter s Rev. T s Christen. Ora Karen Winkelman org Sun. Sch. 930 Wor 1030 Arenzville Trinity eve. Reno a James pastor semite Edward org Sun Ach. Mel 9 Woi 7 46.10 Bluffs St Johns Leland Ogan. Pastor Sun school 9 a in worship 10 am comm on first sundays Chapin St. Paul s Missouri Synod Rural route i Rev e g Groen Sid. Pas. Sun. School adult Bible Doss 9 . Wor 10 am. Christ lutheran Church of the deaf 104 Finley St ohm Anderson pastor Bible it 9 a in. Wor. 10 am. Comm first third sundays Faith 630 Finley at Walnut parsonage 245-7343 office 2456619 Ernst Rex. Pastor worship 6 and 930 a in. Nursery during service comm first third sundays Immanuel 20 mites North on Rome 67 at Honey Point Road Sun sen. Boke to 9 worship to a in Meredosia St. John s 404 main Rev l Peterson min. Sun school 9 45 a in worship 11 am it. Zion Wisconsin Synod four i West on of 104 by Marnice Village 742-3374 Rev Mccullough Pas. Sun. Ach 8 am., Wor 9 am. Waverly Christ 185 e Tremont Keith Pereira pastor Sun sch Bible to 8 45 worship 10 a in. Winchester Christ 125 West Jefferson j Robert Cunningham Pas. E Naihaus mrs Ananias org Sun school adult bake cd 9 worship to pentecostal Harvest Temple United 530 s main 245-4870 Rev j o Walker pastor Sun school 10 worship 7 wed seances 7 30 deaf interpreter All services first 870 w College. 2454189 Rev Dele Robb pastor Rev s to Sterup. Associate pastor or m Stewart Par Assoc. Or Rudolf Zuiderveld org. Howard Jarratt choir Dir Sun Ach 9 15. Woe 1030 Sermon. Or Robb invited to dim i. Pisgah North Minster w. Court and Fayette Sally Geisler Dir Sun sch 930 Wor 1830 stated Terk. Richard Johnston guest Pas. Enc up Ungstad Woodson Unity Marie Meggison dark Eva Wilson erg. Wet. 9. Sun. Soh to a in. Guest Pas. Etc san nested Alexander Rev j Watkins preaching worship 9 a in Sun school to Edith Osier org a8bury East Shore of Lake j Villa Mike Adams Lay speaker worship 9 a in Sun school to a in. Dorothy Taylor pianist Arenzville Martin Miller pastor Faye Kershaw org Ken Bradbury pts Psi Wor 930 Sun sch 10 30 Bluff Springs Karen Martin associate pastor Randy Reichert org Anne Brown pianist Wor 8 46. Sun Soh 9 46 Brooklyn Comer s East. By sail Rev j Watkins preaching Dorothy Hack org Sun school 9 a in Nursery to adult worship 10 30 a in Centenary 331 earn stale Street Jack q. Woods minister tem Beni. Org Dir Carol Walton Par vis Sun school 9 30 a in Fellowship 930-f 0 30. Parlor Wor 825 in Chapel to 45 in Sanctuary Sec service deaf interpreted Kiev in service All floors set. Amazing Grace and marvelous Faith Concord Marlin Miller pastor Cheryl Hess pianist Sun school 10 worship 11 a in Durbin five i West of Franklin on Woodson Franklin Blacktop David w Venter pastor Bill mawr. Org Sun. School 9 . Worship 94 am. Franklin David w Venter pastor Sun sch 9 45 Wor 830 am Nursery during worship Grace Comer Church and state Howard Daughenbaugh. Senior minister Tom a. Wilber Assoc min Clyde b Friend emeritus minister of visitation Clarence Prudhoe my Dir Donna Prudhoe org. Worship 825.1060 a in broadcast ave weds at 11 Sun school 9 40 Nursery 825 noon for infants pm Hergarten ser. Rev Daughenbaugh god without Borders Lynnville Mike a Lay speaker Linda Vanaken. Org. Sun schoot930a m worship 1030 a in Manchester Rev Robert Taylor Pas worship 9 15 am Meredosia Karen Martin Assoc. Pas. Esther Beauchamp erg Sun school to worship 11 a in Murrayville 882-4041 and 882-7081 William Upp. Pastor Charlotte Heaton org Darlene Gibson pianist Sun sch 930. Wor 10 45 nuts., Deal inter both hours transportation 882-7081 Access tor handicapped Pioneer urge Parish Otto Ai 200 beset Rev Jerry Watkins a Pas Karen Martin Assoc Pas member churches include Alexander Asbury. Bluff Springs. Brooklyn. Meredosia Fred Hammond Paster May Simpson org worship 1030 West Palm Street Rev. Robert Taylor Sun sch 9 30 Wor. 1030 Waverl first Donald r Marin pastor Rhea. <9 Sun sch 915. Wor 1030 Wesley Chapel three i w on a Al of 36-54 Tom Compton pastor Sandy Carpenter pianist Sun sch to 45. Wor 9 45 Sermon unforgettable Faith from an unlikely person Whitehall North Mam Street Rev Raymond Worden a. Rum Yunwon erg Anne Simeon pianist Sun Ach. 10 t m., wer. 9 a in. Society of friends quakers meetings 10 a in each Sun in Springfield with discussions 11-1130 am transportation 245-767 Ebenezer three Miles n. On Sandusky Tom Compton pastor Law Mcallister erg. Sun sch Loam Wor to am Sermon unforgettable fish from in unlikely person Winchester George Desmond put or Albert herring Sam herring choir Sun Sph 930 Wor 1 wed men a bib Brt Cusi thurs. Ladies bib. Stu this Church message is sponsored by local business firms professional offices Illinois Rood contractor inc. 520 n Webbier a pit 245-6181 Illinois Power company 310 no main pm 245-417 v l Elliott Stet Sank ii Central Park flaw eau a phone 243-6511 Jacksonville savings amp Loon ass n. 211 w state phone 245-4111 Polk of Leos service 528 s main phone 245-261 Western Iii. Contractors ass n. And Komi 253 labourers if wee town Ford 1312 w Morton a phone 245-7101 fanning ii company inc. Fence Petroleum products . Welding products co. 555 Sandusky by phone 245-2183 Winchester net Ionel Bank the Bank Tai go vat Aga Bree for you. ens i 224 s main u phone 245-5819 plumping in hosting >24 8 mom wimple Stets senk 197 w. State Waverly Pennell roofing 4 sheol Motel co. So w. Wilful w phone 243-665 Neff Cal Van inc. 321 n. Sandy a phone 243-143 first Stele senk since 1867 Winchester Illinois Don Hez Olrogg agent state form insurance companies 526 South main phone 245-214 the firmer Stet Ink a Trust w state St. Doyle plumbing 4 heeling it 226 n. West St pm. 243-101$ 0500039173 Chepin Stele senk Chapin. Iii. Member f o i c. Ingram electric 47 s Clayr phone 245-6961

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