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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 3

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Jacksonville, Illinois Tornado battered town shows signs of renewal Albion a. Apr vacant lots sit where Homes once stood snapped tree trunks await the Chainsaw new headstones Dot the cemetery after 12 died in a Tornado that hammered this town a year ago. But there Are signs too of renewal and resiliency. The gaping holes have been fixed in the roof of the roman Catholic Church and its 100-year-old stained Glass windows were glued Back together. On an adjoining lot is the new funeral Home that opened May la. Two stylish new Homes lacking lawns and landscaping stand across the Street. A the town has bounced Back Quot said the Rev. . Reilly pastor of St. Lawrence roman Catholic Church where the first mass in la months was celebrated april 30. For a couple of months after the Tornado he said Quot i did no to see Many people smile. Everyone seemed kind of stunned and numb. Then people saw their life was t Over. People now comment on the newness rather than the at s is . Last May 31, killer storms ripped through Pennsylvania like a runaway wrecking Ball. Packing winds As High As 300 mph 28 funnel Clouds touched Down along six distinct tracks. The death toll reached 89 in Ohio new York Pennsylvania and Canada. More than 1,000 people were injured and damage reached $450 million. Pennsylvania alone had 65 deaths the states worst one Day toll from tornadoes. In about 30 seconds a three Block wide Swath was Cut through Albion a Community of 1,500 residents two Hundred of the towns 270 buildings were damaged. Forty nine families chose to leave including the family of Sandra Stahlsmith whose 6-year-old son Luke died in her arms when a cellar Wall collapsed. A if it had just been a Tornado wrecking our House that would be real easy to get Over Quot said mrs. Stahlsmith who now lives in the town of Fairview with her husband and five children. Quot material things can be replaced. But with Luke i done to Ever expect to get Over it. I done to Ever expect to fill that she added a you wonder where your Angels were that were supposed to be watching Over you. But in a going to Stop trying to figure out whose fault this the 36-year-old woman has decided to become a nurse and she plans to take night classes to get a degree. A it s a new beginning Quot she said. Most Albion residents stayed hoping for new beginnings themselves. A a we be had a Long struggle. It ainu to never going to be like it was. But you pick up and Start Over Quot said Sam Steff. Viewings and services were held for la months in the masonic Hall while Steff rebuilt his funeral Home. The Day after the Tornado his daughter painted a big sign in Bright Orange letters on the rubble that used to be their Home. A the staffs Are alive and Well and Here to stay we Are rebuilding a it read. Journal Courter Jacksonville iii., saturday May 31,1986 3 study lists main health concerns Washington apr weight exercise and stress emerge As concerns in a study by the National Center for health statistics. The report on health promotion and disease prevention was based on a Survey of 18,300 households Between january and june 1985. Findings in the study included a about 40 percent of Homes do not have a working smoke Detector but 59 percent said their Home has a working smoke Detector. A thirty five percent of adults never use seat belts when they ride in a car while 32 percent said they use them most of the time. A nearly half of women 46 percent said they were trying to lose weight if i 46 pet at the time of the Survey. Only 27 percent of men were trying to lose weight. A of those trying to reduce 82 percent said they were eating less and 60 percent were exercising More. A one half of adults reported experiencing at least a moderate amount of stress in the two weeks before the interview. A most people 66 percent said they sleep seven to eight hours per Day. Some 22 percent sleep less than seven hours and 12 percent More than eight hours. A fifty five percent said they usually eat breakfast 25 percent never do. A among women 45 percent have had a smear test for cervical cancer within a year 50 percent had a breast exam. A less than half of All americans 42 percent exercise on a regular basis and Only one in four has done so for five years or More. A three fourths of adults have had their blood pressure checked within a year. A thirty three percent of men and 28 percent of women smoke although 80 percent of adults said they were aware that the habit increases their risk of emphysema bronchitis and cancer. A twelve percent of adults admitted driving at least once in the past year after drinking. A some 95 percent of adults knew that alcohol consumption can Lead to liver disease but Only about one third knew heavy alcohol use is also associated with cancer of the Throat and Mouth. Doctor suggests alternative to Low fat diet Boulder traffic officers carry guns Teddy bears Boulder Colo. Apr when boulders traffic officers hit the streets their Teddy bears Are never far away. In a month Long Experiment the stuffed bears proved helpful in dealing with children so each traffic unit now keeps one in the trunk City spokesman David Grimm said thursday. A today was the a we originally had used them in sexual abuse or sexual assault cases involving kids Quot Grimm said. A detectives when interviewing children would give them one of the bears. It would make the child More comfortable would help the child the deciding Factor was when an officer went to an Accident this month and found a Mother and child injured he said. The child was resisting efforts of medics at the scene until the officer got a Teddy Bear from the trunk. Two Boulder companies celestial seasonings and Klondike have donated 80 Teddy bears to the police department. Boston apr people who want to Ward off heart disease but can to stand the tasteless tedium of very Low fat diets might consider a researchers suggestion eat italian. Or. Scott m. Grundy said he has evidence that fats called Mono unsaturated a among them Olive Oil a reduce cholesterol Levels in the blood. Olive Oil is a key ingredient of meals prepared in Mediterranean regions such As Southern Italy and Greece where heart disease is relatively rare. Quot this paper supports the concept that a Mediterranean Type diet High in Mono unsaturated represents a reasonable alternative to a very Low fat diet for americans a Grundy said of his research published in the new England journal of Medicine. A we May have been a Little too rigid in our dietary recommendations saying that everybody has to eat the same diet to get the Benefit of cholesterol open daily 8 30-9 sunday 11 -6 on Sale saturday May 31 thru monday june 2 sat. Sun. Mon. Area briefs registration monday for summer classes registration for Illinois College s summer school classes will be held june 2 from 8 . To 6 . At Tanner Hall. Tuition is $75 per credit hour or $20 to audit a class. A schedule of summer school offerings May be obtained by calling the Deans office. Area couple to speak at Green pastures Al and Louise Natale of Springfield will be guest speakers at Green pastures Campground june 7 at 7 30 . Green pastures is an interdenominational Campground located six Miles West of Chapin and one mile East of Junction 100-104. The Public is invited to attend. Len pre Entrance examination june 11 a pre Entrance examination will be held wednesday june la for persons interested in enrolling for next Falls class at the school of practical nursing 747 w. Lafayette Jacksonville. Reservations Are required for the testing and May be obtained by calling the school at 245-9225 or Lafayette Center at 243-7402. School reorganization committee to meet the next meeting of the Morgan Scott county school reorganization study committee will be held at 7 monday june 9, in the school Board room of the Jacksonville school District administrative office 516 Jordan Street. The Public is invited to attend the meeting. Almanac the associated press saturday is May 31, the 151st Day of 1986. There Are 214 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on May 31, 1889, a massive flood claimed the lives of More than 2,000 people As the City of Johnstown pa., was inundated after a dam break. On this Date in 1819, the poet Walt Whitman was born. In 1910, the Union of South Africa was founded. In 1913, the 17th amendment to the Constitution which provides for the popular election of . Senators was declared in effect. In 1916, British and German fleets Laborera a Home news a Mother and daughter potluck was held May 6 in the Virginia a. Reeve Center at Laborera a Home development in with some 60 residents and guests in attendance. Assisting with the decorations and serving were Alice Sperry Marie Cody Zaida Ferree Florence Horn Edith Patton Lucille Freitag and Pauline Runyan. A group from the Sweet Adeline furnished entertainment. The regular Council meeting was held May 27, with 25 residents attending it was for Home delivery Hie journal courier Call 245-6121 announced that the next birthday party will be held june to and a rummage Sale will be held june 21. A Pink Sim Kmiers 50 la. Call 886-2287 for directions. Special guest Len Mink evangelist and vocalist sunday june 1 10 30 . A 6 . Assembly of god 129 e. Vandalia re. Jacksonville like Olive Oil Peanut Oil is naturally High in Mono unsaturated. Sunflower Oil and safflower Oil could also be processed to be Rich in Mono unsaturated Grundy said. But even a diet High in Mono unsaturated would still have to be Low in saturated fat and people would have to be careful that they did no to put on weight by eating calorie Laden fat. The american heart association recommends that people with elevated cholesterol Levels limit fat intake to 20 percent of their daily calories. Americans typically get 40 percent of their calories from fat nearly half of it saturated fat. Saturated fat raises Levels of blood cholesterol which clogs arteries that feed the heart causing heart disease. The heart association Isnit Likely to change its dietary guidelines because of the latest findings said or. W. Virgil Brown of new Yorkus mount Sinai medical Center chairman of the association a nutrition committee. However Brown said a diet High in Mono unsaturated and Low in saturated fat May be useful because people May be More Likely to stick to it. Among foods that Are High in saturated fat Are Coconut and Palm Oil butter whole milk and meat fat. A Over the Long term you May be Able to sustain a lower cholesterol level purely on the practical grounds that people will eat it a he said. A a that a probably the major reason that this is an important cholesterol is carried through the bloodstream by substances called lipoproteins. Low density Lipoprotein or Bdl tends to increase the risk of heart disease while High density Lipoprotein or Hal protects people from heart trouble. Both the Mono unsaturated and the Low fat diets lowered Bdl. However the Low fat diet also lowered Hal Levels while the monounsaturated diet did not. Fought the Battle of Jutland off Denmark. In 1961, South Africa became an Independent Republic. In 1962, world War ii Gestapo chief Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel. In 1970, tens of thousands of people in Peru died in an earthquake. Ten years ago Martha Mitchell the estranged wife of former attorney general John n. Mitchell died in new York of cancer at age 57. Five years ago More than 250,000 mourners gathered in Victory Square in Warsaw Poland for the funeral of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski who had died three Days earlier. The saving place Only All Trees and shrubs ail Trees amp shorts sold have a one year guarantee with receipt. Ullfers saturday in the final Day for the car a a so biggest Auto Sale in history car Bash 3-Day Lucky 7 Sale Pear peach Apple Cherry Spruce of junipers Silver Maple red Maple Ott pin Oak red Bud yews arborvitae Reg. Price Euonymus. Gift certificates k Marl gift certificates Are always a Welcome gift Lor any occasion 5 10 25 we Honor layaway department so convenient a Small Deposit holds your selection in layaway. K Mart Adviotis cd my by Kandis policy our Tim a to a. A a a a w Hock of oui that in it on nov Wittro Toff Quot of Ono Mioc tor up cum of to 0"v in a met Quot word Quot a Mon it Quot Iuone o or a on a qom St to it Wenona. Ion of Quot o wot Nom Lof fwd quantify k be up Eryea a so in ctr a a a nth it a ovo Moow of 111 a 1 nov o cuf"00<30f Quoit i a cold cd of a actor n a Ike =reb3=> 12.97 carryout Monro Matte Phil a Hock Abkar Bort. Ruk Tod id 16 it f Jim by it us irm Jort com 27.77 our 32.33. Thermo 55-qt cooler 1297 Sal Price k Mart Oil lube and inter special tor Many cars and Light trucks additional Paris and services available at extra cod san. Avocet. Mon sat Al storm wok Swvick. Jul Vonrohr 15.77 e poly Ute Cooter 48 Al sue with hinged lid and convenient tray void n fearing a Jat Ute Batt bin we a my s Ippu Steur 3.77 our 4.37. Ortho Weed a gon Spray bottle 2q7�� a in rebate Armor All protestant. Many uses 16 Fioz. 32-tt.-o. Size .3.87 a we his six a oui. Sow Al to co Wool a Ftp of w Mili Howdor Samsung to. 12-in. Black and White. 771?% 1.47 Sava 27% our 1.06. Pkg. Of to our 1.97 to. Wyler s sheer strength troth drink mix in fruit flavors. Bags. 30-Gal size 24 of net it. 67.77 our Mac Ryan gee powered Blower sold Etele Ign Toon extra Large fuel Lank. Duel handles tor extra control 3lcc/2-Cycle 7q7 Prim Aller a f rebate Roughneck tree can in Handy 32-gel we weaker re dicta plastic Wen snug toting a tor added durability made to take tots of use Sci Picc a 158 Turco Gas Grill. Up front dual controls 2 stainless steel burners automatic lighting 20-lb. Up tank. Rag. Pries $189 2.47 Sale Price bag. Plain or Peanut mamas. 24 of 3.77 our 5.99. Kids mesh chairs with chair pads. 12 i mph a Vivo i

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