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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Jacksonville, Illinois 3mtnml a Minier oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois saturday news at a glance Oil prices help Cut . Trade deficit a Washington apr lower Oil prices and the effects of a declining . Dollar helped narrow the nation s Trade deficit to $12.1 billion in april its lowest level in eight months the government said Friday. Some economists suggested the decline might represent the Long awaited turning Point in a Trade deficit which last year soared to $148.5 billion. But others cautioned against too much optimism claiming the real turnabout May be several months away. Allies not convinced by Salt la decision a Halifax Nova Scotia apr Secretary of state George p. Shultz is encountering widespread opposition from nato allies to the tentative . Plan to disregard Salt la limits by the end of the year according to sources at a nato foreign ministers meeting. Shultz defended president Reagan s decision announced earlier this week in a lengthy closed door meeting thursday that participants said was characterized by a great frankness a meaning there was Broad disagreement. So far As could be determined none of the United states 15 nato partners endorsed Reagan s View that Salt la should be scrapped by the end of the year unless the soviet Union takes a constructive Steps Quot toward ending the treaty violations he claims the soviets have systematically committed. Several officials who attended the session said Shultz s colleagues were impressed by his presentation but he apparently won no backing. Poland elected As member of if a Washington apr Poland was elected this week to membership in the International monetary fund a . Official said Friday. Poland s application was approved by 125 of the 149 countries of the institution that seeks to promote Trade and stability in monetary Exchange rates through International cooperation. The United states abstained. Poland has sought membership for five years but its move ran into opposition when the Warsaw government imposed martial Law in 1981. Poland s membership will not become effective until after it signs the formal articles of agreement of the organization and pays a membership fee of about $700 million dollars. This May take several weeks sources said Poland would then become eligible for if Loans. Cap invites counterpart to visit a Washington apr defense Secretary Caspar w. Weinberger has invited his soviet counterpart defense minister Sergei Sokolov to visit the United states for talks aimed at building a More stable relationship Quot Weinberger s invitation delivered through diplomatic channels has yet to produce a response Pentagon spokesman Robert Sims said today. Weinberger disclosed his decision to invite Sokolov to the United states to congressional leaders in a letter dated april 23. But the move was not confirmed by the Pentagon until thursday. Should Sokolov accept the invitation Pentagon officials said they thought it would Mark the first time that a soviet military chief had Ever visited the United states hands announces final estimate a los Angeles a hands across America s final estimate of the number of people who linked hands in the nationwide line to raise Money for the poor is 5,442,960. Another 1.5 million people participated in Quot off the line Quot events such As hands across Boston. The Boston event Drew 6,000 participants and raised about $100,000 in pledges officials said. . Offers Salt substitute by Barry Schweid a diplomatic writer Washington a . Arms control director Kenneth l. Adelman says the United states has offered the soviet Union Quot a substitute regime for the Salt ii treaty that could reduce Long Range nuclear warheads on both sides. A if they come Down in the number of warheads they will find we will come Down a Adelman said in an interview late thursday. The . Official said there was no need for negotiations to put the new controls into effect. Talks in Geneva Over 14 months have failed to produce significant headway toward a new agreement to curb bombers submarines and land based missiles. A we Are going to be watching what the soviet Levels Are a Adelman said and deploy . Strategic weapons to match the soviet president Reagan in a decision announced tuesday said the United states would disregard the ceiling the a fundamentally flawed 1979 treaty imposes on Long Range bombers carrying cruise missiles. He said the new policy was a response to soviet violations of the a ratified Accord. Secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger said on wednesday a we Are no longer bound by that fundamentally flawed and Secretary of state George p. Shultz said Friday after meeting with nato foreign ministers in Canada that the treaty was obsolete. Shultz had privately urged Reagan to maintain . Alder ence to the treaty the last major agreement reached by the two Powers to restrain the nuclear weapons Competition. But at the Halifax meeting he defended the presidents decision against complaints by a number of the allies and said the soviets had violated its restrictions. The Impact of the decision on .-soviet relations and on plans for a second Reagan Summit meeting with general Secretary Mikhail s. Gorbachev was not immediately Clear. But in Bonn West Germany the head of the soviet news Agency novo Soti said he was sceptical the meeting could take place this year if the United states a continues its restrictive attitude to Adelman said Reagan a Salt ii decision does not mean the end of nuclear arms control As some critics including former defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara suggested May be the result. They have expressed apprehension that the soviets would double their ballistic missiles and the United states would respond with a similar buildup. Bus plunge designer Dies bus crash kills 18, injures 24 Highway killing at least 18 people Friday. This picture is taken from television footage. By John Roll the associated press Walker Calif. A a tour bus carrying residents of a retirement Home careened at High Speed off a twisting Mountain Road and plunged into an icy Swift running River Friday killing 18 people and injuring 24, authorities said. The death toll made it the worst . Bus crash in nearly six years. There was confusion Over the number of people aboard the bus and divers searched the West Fork of the Walker River for More victims. The bus bringing passengers Back to Santa Monica Calif., after a four Day Outing to Reno was 90 Miles Southeast of Reno on . 395 when it bounced off a Fence and plunged Down a is foot embankment into the Walker River. It flipped Over and then lodged upright on rocks with its rear ripped apart in a few feet of racing water the California Highway patrol said. The River is near flood stage and seven feet deep in some spots. Mono county sheriffs department investigator John Daniels said the Accident apparently was caused by. Excessive Speed and no other vehicles were involved. The condition of the Driver was not immediately determined. The cup initially said that 49 were aboard but Bob Grunbaum a spokesman for starline Tours of Santa be Springs Calif., said the company believed the bus was carrying 44 people and a spokesman at the Bally grand hotel in Reno. Nev., where the tour stopped said there were 42 aboard. A there were bodies All Over the place a said Alex Mcewen owner of the nearby Mountain Gate Lodge who helped remove the victims. A i believe quite a few got washed out through the Back when the windows popped out. A couple of the people we carried out died at the Side of the one of the passengers Valerie Webb said she was hurled into the aisle when the bus crashed and saw her husband Buster tossed out a window As people fell on top of her. A the went out the window and i thought he was floating Down the River a she said. A it was horrible not knowing where he Webb later turned up among the survivors. Heavy Rains. Bring floods Summit chances May be dimming to Pittsburgh up new York a fashion designer Perry Ellis died Friday Atter losing a Battle with viral encephalitis. Story Page two. By Susan j. Smith the associated press Bonn West Germany a a soviet news Agency chief said Friday that prospects for a second superpower Summit have dimmed because of Washington so restrictive attitude Quot on nuclear arms control. Valentin Falin director of the government news Agency no Vosti complained about president Reagan a tentative plans to scrap compliance with the Salt ii treaty. The soviet official said he was sceptical a Summit can be held this year. A if the United states continues its restrictive attitude to disarmament i am not sure the Summit will take place a Falin told reporters at a . Trying plea bargain with Pollard by Michael j. Sniffen the associated press Washington a lawyers for Jonathan Jay Pollard accused of spying for Israel Are attempting to negotiate a plea bargain with Federal prosecutors and an agreement of some sort is expected soon administration sources say. The sources who spoke on condition of not being quoted by name said Pollard a civilian counter terrorist expert for the Navy was brought to Washington from a Federal prison in Virginia last week to discuss the negotiations with his lawyers. Under Justice department policy it is Likely that the government would insist that Pollard who faces up to life in prison on e charge of supplying classified documents to Israel plead guilty and spend some time in prison. He is a . Citizen and Justice policy prohibits swapping . Citizens charged with spying to the countries that employed them. Pollard has been held without Bond since the Fri arrested him nov. 21 outside the israeli embassy where he had just made an unsuccessful bid for political Asylum. Pollards wife Anne Henderson Pollard who was arrested More than a Day after her husband on the lesser charge of possessing classified documents without authorization was released on Bond in late february. The Case has caused friction from the beginning Between the slate and Justice departments slate officials sought to avoid Public disclosures that might harm relations with its oldest ally in the Middle East a plea bargain in the Case would serve this state department interest by avoiding a trial at which All the evidence gathered by israeli spying Here would be spread before the Public. News conference Here. Soviet Leader Mikhail s. Gorbachev and Reagan met in Geneva last november and agreed to hold a Summit in the United states this year. The soviets have not agreed to set a Date. On tuesday Reagan announced he decided to dismantle two Poseidon nuclear submarines and stay in compliance with limits set by the 1979 strategic arms limitation talks treaty Salt ii which was never ratified by the Senate. The president said the United states intended to exceed the pacts limits later this year unless the soviets reversed arms programs that he claimed violate Salt ii an accusation the Kremlin has rejected. Referring to Reagan a decision Falin said a i Don t know what More we can offer the . A. To continue to abide w the the agreement unless of course we declare ourselves the 51st state of the United Falin is in West Germany As a guest at a physicians for the prevention of nuclear War meeting in Cologne about 18 Miles from Bonn. The group won the Nobel peace prize in 1985. In a written message to the meeting released Friday Reagan said the soviet Union failed to comply with major arms control agreements and refused to respond positively to . Arms reduction proposals. Reagan a message said weapons reductions were his highest priority and that he has sought to accelerate arms control negotiations since meeting Gorbachev. Sabra Lebanon a a six year old boy sleeps near a grenade launcher in the Street of the palestinian Camp of Sabra As several Shi Ite militiamen walk by. Twenty six people have been reported killed in clashes Between refugee Camps Here in May. Say Pelton betrayed key info Baltimore apr a government intelligence operation that Ronald w. Pelton is accused of betraying to the soviet Union collected valuable information about russian troop movements a National Security Agency official testified Friday. William p. Crowelljr. Testified that project a a interception and collection of soviet electronic messages a gave us an insight into military forces their relative size their plans for Maneu vers or training a testifying at Pelton s espionage trial in District court Crowell said analysis of the data intercepted by project a provided a a considerable amount of in formation about their Overall Pelton an Asa communications specialist before he resigned in 1979, is accused of providing details of several communications interception projects to the soviet Union including project a Between 1980 and 1985. He is accused of receiving $35,000 plus expenses for the information which he allegedly gave to soviet agents during trips to Vienna Austria in october 1980 and March 1983. In other testimony Mark Schulstad a former business associate of Pelton a testified that the defendant returned from a 1983 trip wearing a Gold watch a Gold ring and a Gold necklace he had purchased while away. Schulstad said Pelton also bought a personal computer which he brought into the office they shared in Bladensburg my Schulstad. At the time an employee of Safford Marine where Pelton rented office space said the defendant had gone away for one to two weeks in the Spring of 1983. I Pittsburgh apr heavy thunderstorms triggered Flash floods and mudslides along two tributaries of the Allegheny River i Friday evening and at least four people were killed As High Waters inundated Homes and businesses and Cut off rescuers. The Rush hour flooding from Pine Creek and Little Pine Creek struck Pittsburgh s Northern suburbs and caused fires Power outages and traffic jams in Northern Allegheny county. Police called for boats and helicopters to Rescue residents from flooded areas but the number of evacuees and the severity of their injuries were not known. Water was Over 6 feet deep in some parts of the town of Etna and Many cars were submerged. About to people climbed to the roof of the municipal building waiting to be rescued by boats. In Indiana township rescuers were Quot walking up to their hips in water witnesses said. A your wagons can to get through a said Deputy Coroner Floyd Coles. A the one Wagon is on the scene. The other three wagons Are blocked by the flooding. I m Lucky to get them an infant also was rescued from a car that was under water in Shaler township according to Kaka to. A mudslide forced the closing of the westbound lanes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike about 5 Miles West of Pennsylvania route 28 at the Allegheny Valley interchange state police Cpl. Edward Vogel said. Westbound traffic was backed up for More than five Miles. Lightning started several House fires in Pittsburgh Washington county and the Monongahela Valley but none was reported to be serious. Index almanac .3 Ann Landers .8 on to bus mess Market news.5 Church .4 classified.io-12 comics.9 crossword puzzle.9 entertainment. 9 health .13 on to Horoscope. 9 Jacoby on bridge.18 on to sports .6. 7 television schedule. 15-34 sunny warm saturday mostly sunny and warm widely scattered afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms High m the Middle 80s, Southwest to West winds 10 to 15 mph saturday night partly Cloudy Low in the lower 60s sunday mostly sunny widely scattered afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms High in the Middle 80s. A More weather Page Hep. Vol. 155�?no. 304 Jacksonville Illinois saturday May 31, 1986 thirty four pages�?35 cents

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