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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Jarkon Truf journal emitter oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois vol. 159�?no. 304 suburban zone�?50 cents Jacksonville Illinois. Wednesday May 30, 1990 City zone a 35 cents Twenty pages negotiators get ready for Summit a a a a. L r ii i Iii i Iii i ii Iii 11 i i Iii a i a Mart i wednesday news at a glance by Barry Schweid a diplomate writer Washington a lagging talks to Cut troops and tanks in Europe got a pre Summit boost tuesday but a half dozen Tough strategic weapons issues remained unsettled As negotiators pressed against a fast approaching deadline. The talks held for a third Day under tight secrecy at the state department focused on the two main arms control areas a . And soviet conventional forces in Europe and the two superpowers arsenals of Globe girdling nuclear missiles bombers and submarines. Two Days before opening his Summit with Mikhail s. Gorbachev president Bush met with leaders of the Pentagon state department and Cia for an update on deep economic and political troubles in the soviet Union. The Only non Summit appointment on Bush s schedule was the presentation of diplomatic credentials from new ambassadors including Aleksandr Bessmer Nyoh of the soviet Union. Gorbachev meanwhile arrived in Ottawa for a 29-hour visit and talks with Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. A this is a time of dramatic change in the world a the soviet president said after escorting his wife Raisa from their Ilyushin 62 aircraft. The soviet Leader appearing tired after a Long flight expressed Hope for a a new level of commenting on political developments Back Home Gorbachev told reporters he was a somewhat concerned by Boris n. Yeltsin s Victory Over Gorbachev s own candidate in parliamentary elections for the presidency of Russia. But he also said Yeltsin had had to a adjust his position quite seriously Over the past few Days and has adjusted to the on Capitol Hill in Washington Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole said Gorbachev was in a much weaker position than when he last visited 2vi years ago. A Bush has 1,000 Points of Light and Gorbachev has 1,000 problems a Dole said alluding to shortages of consumer goods ethnic unrest and Yeltsin s political ascent. A Well be watching closely a Dole quipped. A if Gorbachev brings More than two bags he May be Gorbachev will arrive in Washington wednesday evening and begin three Days of talks on thursday. Thousands of demonstrators already Are on hand ready to express anger Over soviet coercion of Lithuania and to voice demands for causes ranging from a palestinian Homeland and democracy in Vietnam to a unified Korea and a cure for aids. Security forces were beefed up to keep control. A no Days off and extended shifts a said maj. Carl Holmberg of the . Park police. The number of Security agents was kept secret but soviet spokesman Vladimir Ustimenko said a it will be a big Bunch of people with big while there was no announcement from the arms negotiations . Officials reported Progress on one front and continuing difficulties on the other. The a Good news a a . Official told the associated press was that the two sides had agreed on definitions for such conventional weapons As tanks and armoured personnel carriers. The Issue is one of several Washington a president Bush held a session tuesday at the White House for his upcoming Summit thursday with soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. From left Are Cia director William webs a Lam photo Ter White House chief of staff John Sununu vice president Dan Quayle Bush and Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii. Holding up a treaty to Cut most weapons by at least 50 percent and to set new and lower ceilings on . And soviet troops. The Bush administration had accused the soviets of foot dragging before Gorbachev sent Deputy prime minister Viktor p. Karpov and other experienced negotiators Here for pre Summit talks that be Gan on sunday. The agreement on defining the weapons not Only will facilitate cutting weapons stockpiles but will make it easier to verify that terms of the treaty Are carried out the officials said. On the other hand the two sides remained in disagreement Over several Long Range nuclear weapons. The officials said those weapons May be excluded from a declaration Bush and Gorbachev Are expected to make. The issues include whether to ban ballistic missiles with multiple warheads and the number of flight tests the soviets could conduct of their heavy ss-18 missiles. The Arsenal of such missiles is to be halved. be Quot Quot a do 8tatue unveiled family planning clinics Nasa scrubs launch of shuttle Columbia by Richard Carelli the associated threes Washington a the supreme court said tuesday it will decide whether a ban on government financed family planning clinics counselling patients about abortion violates free speech and abortion rights. At stake is the future scope of a Federal program with a $200 million annual budget. The program funds More than 4,000 clinics serving about 5 million Low income women nationwide. A Federal appeals court in new York upheld the counselling ban but other Federal courts ruled it is unconstitutional. The High courts decision expected sometime in 1991, should resolve the conflicting rulings. In other action tuesday the court a said it will decide whether states May impose mandatory life sentences without parole for people convicted of possessing Large amounts of drugs. The court must determine whether such a Michigan Law the Only one of its kind in the nation amounts to unconstitutionally a cruel and unusual a gave criminal defendants new a double jeopardy Protection against multiple prosecutions As it voted 5-4 to bar homicide charges against a Drunken Driver in new York. A ruled 7-2, in a Pennsylvania Case that convicted criminals May avoid making restitution to their victims by declaring bankruptcy. A ruled 7-2, in a Case from Arizona that Indian tribes May not prosecute any member of another tribe for crimes committed on their reservations. A let stand a ruling in an Illinois Case that Shields Public officials from being sued in Federal court for placing children in Foster Homes where they Are sexually abused. A rejected an Appeal by two Kun court Page 2 by Marcia Dunn a aerospace writer a laser photo Boston a Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg right daughter of the late president John f. Kennedy pulls the shroud from the statue of her father in front of the statehouse in Boston tuesday during the official unveiling ceremony. Cape canaveral Fla. A Nasa scrubbed the launch of space shuttle Columbia on tuesday when it detected a leak of liquid Hydrogen into the orbiters rear fuselage shortly after fueling began. No new Date was immediately set for launch which had been scheduled for 12 38 a m. Wednesday. The shuttle is loaded with a $ 150-million Observatory called Astro that will Monitor unseen radiation and provide astronomers with unprecedented views of Distant stars and galaxies. A indications were that the leak developed in the orbiters main propulsion so tem a Nasa spokeswoman Pat Phillips said tuesday. A the vehicle was never in an unsafe condition a she added. Nasa spokesman Joe Mcroberts earlier announced that that a leak developed at High Levels. A a we re trying to evaluate the problem so we decided to scrub the Mission for tonight until we understand what it is a Mcroberts said. Technicians intended to work throughout the night if necessary to Analyse the problem is. Phillips said. She said that a new launch Date would be set after the problem is solved. About 5 percent of the liquid Hydrogen a or nearly 20,000 Gallons a had been pumped into the tank is. Phillips said. But she did not know How much oxygen had gone into the tank. The tanks hold a maximum of 528,000 Gallons of which 143,350 Gallons is oxygen. Earlier a problem with a Loose connector on one of two communications units in the shuttle s mid deck did not hamper the countdown. The bad connector was unhooked and Nasa planned to use the second unit for synchronizing data gathered and transmitted within Columbia and Between the shuttle and ground stations. A the countdown itself is proceeding very Well and other than this one Little problem we re ready to go a said James Harrington director of shuttle operations. The nine to 10-Day flight is the first in five years devoted entirely to scientific research. Astro will probe radiation that is invisible from Earth and from the Hubble space Telescope deployed last month. A we humans look at the universe in visible Light a Fisk said. A but the universe is in fact Bright in Many other kinds of radiation and Astro will allow us to see the universe in ultraviolet Light and in x the Crew commanded by Vance Brand includes four astronomers who will operate astros three ultraviolet telescopes. An x Ray Telescope will be managed from computer commands sent from Goddard space flight Center in Greenbelt my astros four telescopes will make nearly 1,000 observations of up to 230 sources of ultraviolet and a Ray radiation while Columbia orbits 218 Miles High. The targets will include Comet Austin believed to be making its first trip through the solar system and stars and galaxies some As hot Asio million degrees fahrenheit. Astros observing schedule has changed repeatedly Over the years due to delays. The Mission originally was scheduled for March 1986 and included Hailey a Comet As a target but the challenger explosion changed that. A two week delay this month because of repairs to the shuttles Cooling system resulted in further changes. Fewer observations Are planned of Comet Austin which is receding rapidly from the solar system. Jupiter and some stars Are now too close to the Sun to be seen by the instruments. The astronomers will use space lab computers while working in the rear flight deck. Abello sentenced to 30 years in prison a Tulsa okla. Apr a Federal Ludge sentenced a reputed High ranking member of the Medellin drug Cartel to 30 years in prison and fined him $5 million tuesday. Jose Abello Silva was convicted May 19 on one count of conspiracy to import cocaine and marijuana into the United states and one count of conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent to distribute Abello was extradited to the United states from Colombia last fall District judge Thomas Brett said the extradition treaty provided a maximum sentence of 30 years Brett sentenced Abello to 30 years on each count but ordered the terms to run concurrently. Abello who stood with his arms crossed during the hour Long sentencing maintained his innocence Abello was indicted and tried in Tulsa because of Telephone Calls and Money exchanges Between groups in Oklahoma and Florida that allegedly helped raise Money for a Man jailed in Tulsa French cops alarmed at disarming proposal a Paris apr evoking the image of London s bobbies the Interior minister has suggested that most French police officers do not need to carry guns police unions Are aghast saying French Crooks Don t share the English sense of fair play. Why not demand the disarmament of the whole planet Quot asked Bernard Dele place Leader of the largest police Union at a news conference tuesday. In our latin counties the criminals Are better armed than the police Quot he added Interior minister Pierre Joe ignited the controversy monday with a spontaneous comment during a discussion about proposed legislation affecting France s 10,000 municipal police Joe said he not Only agreed with a proposal to disarm these officers but also believed that a vast majority of the 120.000 members of the National police Force had no need to carry arms. To Back his argument Joe cited the example of London where Only 2,552 of the 26.800 police officers Are authorized to carry guns All major police unions responded to the comments with Surprise and alarm. When the Crooks have Learned English fair play then maybe Well see Quot said a spokesman for a Union of detectives. Quot crime in t going to decrease and we must t disarm the police Quot Roger Chaix former director of the National intelligence service rejected Joe s comparison with London. Quot crime does t have the same characteristics in Britain As in France where unfortunately there is extremely violent he told the newspaper be Figaro. According to Union estimates weapons Are carried by most of the 80,000 uniformed officers in the National police Force and 95 percent of them would oppose disarmament. Bok resigns As Harvard a head a Cambridge Mats. Apr Harvard University s president announced his resignation tuesday after presiding Over two turbulent decades of sweeping changes at the nation s oldest and richest University. Quot it is time for me to step Down and allow a new president to provide fresh Energy and continuity of leadership through the next decade Quot Derek c. Bok said in a statement. Bok 60, became the University s 25th president in 1971. He said he will step Down at the end of the next school year and had no immediate Long term plans. His presidency began amid student demonstrations against the Vietnam War. It comes to a close As women arid minorities argue for greater representation at the school. Most recently a Black Law professor Drew publicity by taking an unpaid leave to pressure the Law school into giving tenure to a woman from a minority group. Lbs seeks to comeback Fox expands schedule Index by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York a lbs trying to Battle Back from three seasons As third in evening to ratings said tuesday it will have nine new series next fall. Fox broadcasting said it la go to a five night a week schedule. Fox also said it is moving the hit a the Simpsons to Headon thursday Competition with no cd so the Cosby show a and foxes shows will air on thursdays through mondays. It had been expected to add wednesdays and fridays to its current saturday through monday lineup. Fox which also said it would air a new sunday sitcom about an interracial marriage called a True colors Quot announced nine new series. To make room it axed one of its original series �?o21 jump Street a and such others As a alien nation a a Booker a and a the cd so new lineup which includes a comic Book hero and an action series whose heroes fight polluters was described by lbs entertainment president Jeff Sagansky As a starting move in the networks Road to ratings recovery. A this is a Strong first step in the process of rebuilding our prime time lineup a said Sagansky. The schedule his first full one since lbs hired him last fall revamps All nights but tuesday and sunday. It also gives lbs four nights of comedies. The goal he told lbs affiliates in a closed circuit Hookup is to attract younger viewers and More family viewing in the 8 . Edt time period. Speaking with reporters Here later he discounted suggestions that cd so new schedule is not As unconventional As abcs and cd so its the Way a show is done not the idea for it that makes it succeed he said. A what makes a show unconventional is the Way its executed not cops singing or whatever is behind a twin a cd so roster includes five new hour Long series four new sitcoms and a comedy once on Abc a the Hogan it also has a pre Cable movie package of such hits As a born on the fourth of july and a do the right the Low rated a saturday night with Connie Chung will move to mondays with a different format and name a a face to face with Connie two test runs of the new version got High ratings during the May ratings sweeps. But lbs axed the Vietnam War series a tour of duty a the venerable a Falcon Crest a whose demise was announced last week and such far newer ones As a the famous Teddy a a a Sci Tyr and however Sagansky said a Paradise May be renewed. A a Wiseguy now is in backup status he added with Ken Wahl to return in the first few episodes then be succeeded by Stephen Bauer who would play a new undercover agent. Cd so new sitcoms Are the movie spinoff a Uncle Buck a the Blue Collar a Lenny a a four alarm family a about a widowed firefighter with four kids and a evening Shade a starring Burt Reynolds As an sex football Star who moves his family Back to the Small Arkansas town of his boyhood. Edward Woodward of cd so late a the equalizer will return in the hour Long a Over my dead body As a Burnt out novelist paired with a Young obituary writer played by Jessica Lundy. Cd so other new hour Long entries Are a the Flash a based on the comic Book crime fighter a twi of a about the cutthroat world of local to and a the Hammersmith a a family drama with Lucie Arnaz. There also will be a the Green machine a the first network drama in which the Good Guys Battle those who would harm planet Earth. Fox also added a two hour monday movie night a Fox night at the Fox says it has 129 affiliates compared with the More than 200 each of lbs Abc and Abc. But it Isnit officially considered a network yet by the Federal communications commission. Its expansion this fall was made possible by a one year acc waiver that lets it broadcast 18v? hours a week of primetime programming without being subject to restrictions that bar lbs Abc and Abc from the lucrative syndication business. Page almanac.3 Ann landers.3 business Market news.8 classified .16-18 comics.15 cooking section.9 crossword Puzzle .15,19 dear Abby .3 editorials.6 entertainment.14 health.3 horoscope.10 Jacoby on bridge.7 Polly s pointers.3 Mike royko.7 sports.11-13 envision schedule.14sunny, Breezy wednesday will be sunny with a High in the Middle 70s and East winds at 10 Mph wednesday night will be fair with a Low in the upper 40s. Thursday will be partly sunny and warmer with a High in the upper 70s. Mora weather Page 2

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