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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 25 1990, Page 5

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 25, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Or Lamb i have a constant pain in the right Temple area of my head sometimes it is a Dull ache. Sometimes it throbs. Other times there Are Sharp pains. This has been going on for years but seems worse lately. I have consulted Many doctors in different states a we move a lot a and nobody seems concerned. Not one of them have even taken a rays or done further tests. I am concerned because i have to put up with this daily. Otherwise i am a healthy 29-year-old woman with two kids. One doctor suggested that i might have to. And am gnashing my Teeth or that it could be a Quot weak spot Quot and is brought on by tension. I have been Reading a lot lately about aneurysms and blood lots and am getting scared. Taking tylenol does not relieve the pain. What do you suggest dear Reader the constant pain absence of other mentioned symptoms and its location All suggest that you have what is often called Quot tension i like to Call these stress muscular headaches because the pain is often caused by health doctor Lamb stress that results in tight or contracted Muscles. The contracted Muscles cause the pain like a muscle cramp. These and migraine headaches Are the cause of the vast majority of headaches. Your Story does not suggest an aneurysm of an artery in your brain or a blood clot or stroke. Since life stresses Are often a major Factor in such cases you need to review your lifestyle and see if you can reduce your stress level. It would help if you could review your problem with a neurologist to be assured that you have no other cause for headaches. That might relieve some of your stress. Two children and managing a Home May be part of the stress. If your doctor agrees that you have this form of headache you May need medicines directed toward reducing stress and anxiety. This can include Beta blockers such As inde ral that neutralize adrenaline action that is often part of the response to stress and antidepressants. Eliminating Coffee and other sources of caffeine is important. It is pretty hard to relieve the muscle spasm of the Muscles Over the Temple area but heat applications May help. I have discussed this form of headache in special report 85, Quot headache and facial pain a which i am sending you. Others who want this report can Send $2 with a Long stamped self addressed envelope for it to the health letter dept. 85, . Box 19622, Irvine Calif. 92713. Dear or. Lamb i passed an Scaris Lumbrix codes worm Over 12 inches Long and one Quarter Inch in diameter. I thought of All the questions i wanted to ask after i had seen my doctor. How Long can one remain in the intestine without being expelled what Are the chances of being infected again ? dear Reader. Some Are 18 inches Long and the adult form can live for about 18 months. The eggs Are in the soil and Are ingested. They Hatch in the Small intestine producing tiny larvae that invade the bloodstream and Are carried to the lungs. They crawl up to the Throat and Are swallowed. The larvae then mature in the Small intestine into Large round Worms. They Are not rare in the warmer regions of the United states. Were you treated follow up Stool examinations for the eggs Are essential after treatment. Other family members should also be examined. There is usually More than one worm. Large numbers May even cause intestinal obstruction. If All the Worms were eradicated and there Are no eggs in the stools you should be cured and would not have a recurrence. Or Lamb welcomes letters from readers with health questions you can write to him at to Box 19622. Irvine. Cain 92713 although or Lamb cannot reply to All letters personally he will respond to selected questions in full re columns we Point Finger at everyone but ourselves a dear Abby about five years ago i gave up my career As a pharmacist to become a police officer. It was a painful decision since i had become personal friends with Many of my customers and i knew i would miss them. However the attitude of Many customers at the pharmacy was too discouraging. One of my customers was a very obese woman who came in faithfully for her amphetamine pills every 30 Days. She used them for weight loss. After a few months i asked her Why she did no to try a weight loss program. She said she had a Quot slow metabolism and ate Only one meal a Day. Well i happened to see her at an Quot All you can eat Buffet and she put away three times As much food As i a and in a a Man six feet tall and weigh 215 pounds a and i play handball three times a week Abby America has become a society of Quot excuse no advice dear Abby matter what a person does wrong there a always an excuse to justify it. I have sold medication to drug abusers bodybuilders married spouses with cd and people with emphysema who still smoke while using oxygen. They All had excuses i am now a police officer and do you know what Many people we arrest have Quot excuses Quot for breaking the Law. America did not become the great country it is today by making excuses. If one Day we Are taken Over by a harder working better educated country i wonder what our excuse will be. Sign me a no excuses dear no excuses i tried hard to find an excuse to junk this painfully honest letter but i Fine one. So Here it is warts and All. A dear Abby this is in response to the census Bureau urging everyone to fill out and return the 1990 census forms. Living in a Small country town i received and filled out my census form. In la places it stated Quot do not mail the form a it will be picked up by the census Well i am still waiting. An article in our local newspaper sudsy Hose can make a car Wash Quick almanac the associated press today is Friday May 25, the 145th Day of 1990. There Are 220 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history. On May 25,1979,275 people died in americans worst Domestic air disaster when an american airlines dc-10 crashed at Chicago s of Hare Airport. On this Date in 1787, the constitutional convention was convened in Philadelphia after enough delegates had shown up for a quorum. In 1803, american essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston. In 1810, Argentina began its revolt against Spain. In 1935, baseball great babe Ruth hit the 714th and final Home run of his career for the Boston braves in a game against the Pittsburgh pirates at Forbes Field. In 1961, president Kennedy asked the nation to work toward putting a Man on the Moon by the end of the decade. In 1986, an estimated 7 million americans participated in Quot hands said that the census people were disappointed in the number of forms that had never been returned. I called the local newspaper and asked if they knew whether the forms would be picked up a or should we mail them Back they said they would get Back to me with the answer. I m still waiting. Two of my neighbors never received a form to fill out. A couple of other neighbors have their forms completed and Are waiting for the census taker to come by to pick theirs up. They re still waiting. Maybe to years from now when they take the next census they u think its important enough to be counted. A still waiting in Queen Creek Ariz. Dear still waiting move Over a hundreds of others Are also waiting including this writer who lives in California. Across America Quot forming a line across the country to bring attention to and raise Money for the nations hungry and homeless. In 1987, a jury in new York acquitted former labor Secretary Raymond j. Donovan and seven other construction executives of fraud and grand larceny. Ten years ago. One week after its devastating explosion the mount St. Helens Volcano in Washington state erupted again spewing Ash As far too Miles away. Five years ago More than 11,000 people were killed As a Hurricane and tidal wave devastated Bangladesh. One year ago the Calgary flames won their first Stanley cup by defeating the Montreal Cana Diens. Today a birthdays jazz musician Miles Davis is 64. Author Robert Ludlum is 63. Former opera Singer Beverly Sills is 61. Country Singer songwriter Tom t. Hall is 54. Country Singer Jessi Colter is 47. Thought for today Quot there is nothing final about a mistake except its being taken As a Phyllis Bottome English author 1884-1963. Dear Polly a when washing your car at Home try squirting some regular Dis washing liquid in the end of the Hose that a connected to the faucet. Turn on the water. This will make suds to scrub the car. Turn the water Back on to rinse. It Only takes a couple of minutes and beats running to the car Wash. A Pamela dear Pamela a this is an easy Way to make suds for a Quick at Home Wash. Your Pointer earns you the Pointer of the week award a copy of my Book a a Polly a pointers 1,081 helpful hints for making everything last others May order it for $6.50. Make your Check payable to Polly a pointers and Send to Polly s pointers Polly Fisher Polly a pointers. . Box 93863, Cleveland of 14101-5863. A Polly dear Bolly a i love my microwave oven but i missed having mashed potatoes with my dinner once in a while so i tried the following Peel 3 medium potatoes Cut them in quarters place in microwave proof casserole cover with water. Cover casserole. Microwave on High for to minutes test for oneness. When Well done remove from oven Drain add approximately a a cup milk 2 Tablespoons butter and it Teaspoon Salt if desired and Mash. Makes 3 Servings. I was pleased with the results. I Hope others who have been missing those mashed potatoes will try this. A Peggy dear Polly a As i was trying every cleaner imaginable to remove Black Marks from my Kitchen floor. My 8-year-old son Shane said a mom Why done to you just erase them with a Pencil Eraser a i suggested that he try to erase them since i had Given up to my Surprise the Marks gradually disappeared As he erased them hurriedly i told him id Send this solution in to poll a a pointers and the $1 would be his if you printed it in your column. I also had unsightly Heel Marks i my dress shoes and tried the Eraser method to remove them. It worked beautifully and did no to Dull the finish. Janet the March of dimes Campaign to fight polio was organized in 1938. Rupi ranging blk it ii mini vases if silk and fresh Flowers closed memorial Day 243-1393 1200 Tendick Jacksonville hours . 8-5save 23% beachcombers for the family Nylon and suede straps Cool and comfortable for summer Days flexible sole. Colourful wedge design. Choose from assorted 6.47save 24% ladies Beach sandals Woven strap design soft and comfortable with Cushion like construction flexible sole. 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