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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 25 1990, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 25, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Editorial opinions ideas analyses Jacksonville journal courier Friday May 25, 1990 4 journal you birr serving the heart of Lincoln Douglas my country since july 30, 1831. John r Power publisher a general manager Buford Green. Managing editor Oliver West. City editor William s Kilby. Farm business editor Bob Byers sports editor june Zook night qty editor Pamela Olson society editor Dick Smith marketing manager Jim Ringle. Circulation manager Lloyd Summers. Production manager Vera Whitton. Press room Foreman Bruce Shafer. Accountant who will bail us out if a amp a mess continues while official Washington works to find exotic ways to circumvent pork barrel spending and while legislators position themselves for the november election . Taxpayers received another Clear hint that they Are about to receive another a due and payable Bill. Congress has passed a far reaching clean air act and on wednesday the Bush administration dramatically boosted its estimate for rescuing the savings and loan Industry saying the government will need to borrow from $90 billion up to $130 billion to clean up the a amp a mess. That a just for starters and we can see foreign investors smile All the Way from Tokyo while our Secretary of the Treasury tells Congress that the Quot slumping real estate Market is to blame for bloating what was already the largest government bailout in history. Wait till those foreign investors indicate by sitting patiently on their hands and their Money Supply that for them to enter the . Treasury note Market further the interest rate offered must Quot be a bit More to further Cloud the bailout picture wednesdays estimate did not include the actual Cost of interest to be paid out Over the years to those who come Forward to loan Uncle Sam More dollars yen Marks or whatever. The administrations new Cost Range assumes that Between 722 and 1,032 institutions could fail a that Many More than the first estimate of 500. Some on Capitol Hill estimate that number to be higher pushing the final Cost to Well past $300 billion. That a a lot of Money and there will be Many Quot Little people devastated before this fiasco ends a if it Ever does. Those a Little people a to some just Marks on paper Are the ones who trusted others with their life savings Only to see those life savings plundered and used for such speculative for More jobs they said projects As shopping centers for which there were no tenants or for office buildings for which there was no real need. But boy were they Gaudy now the . Taxpayer faces a Quot due and payable Bill of about $1,000 for every Man woman and child in the country this comes on the heels of the military interests screaming that budget cuts were impossible even in Light of practically no military involvement in the world at present. The news gets a Little Grimmer when the general accounting office reminds us that if the Economy falters the final bailout Bill could climb As High As $500 billion. With a poor Economy and the Bills coming in How in the Dickens Are we going to be Able to bail ourselves out this Quot peace dividend some people in Washington talk about sure is getting expensive. Seems like we Veall been dancing too Long and now the fiddler has come around to collect. Bush overture to Gays stirs up right by Rawl and Rob land Evans ent Novak viewpoint glance into the past 10 years ago it. Rov. Dave of Neal Republican candidate for the . Senate will be a special guest at a reception for Republican candidates Friday afternoon at the Jacksonville elks Lodge. Helen Foreman has been selected by the Jacksonville Certoma club to receive its service to Mankind award. Roger Williams has been hired by the Pavilion players inc. As technical director for its summer season. 20 years ago or. William j. Tudor chairman of the Board of the Illinois heart association will be the featured speaker at the annual dinner meeting of the Morgan county heart association tuesday night at Hamiltons restaurant. Lawrence e. Hertzberg has been elected chairman of the Board and chief executive officer and James Orr has been named president and treasurer of Hertzberg new method inc., the Chicago and Jacksonville based Book binding firm. 1965 Cadillac Calais a $2,295. Cody Clayton car coliseum 1107 w. Morton ave. Adv 50 years ago Between 1,500 and 2,000 people attended the annual exhibit of the Jacksonville High school manual arts classes which was held at the High school yesterday afternoon and evening. Edwin Ryan son of or. And mrs. Morgan Ryan of Waverly has been selected by the Chicago motor club As one of the outstanding patrol leaders from Morgan county. Wanted a experienced Cook for steady work. Apply at Kaiser a cafe. Adv 75 years ago the new building housing the boiler Plant at the Jacksonville railway and Light facility has been completed. Mrs. Thomas Worthington and son Morrison and or. And mrs. . Adams were automobile visitors to Pike county sunday. Returning the party encountered deep mud in the Vicinity of Chapin which delayed their journey not a Little. Wriley Cook and John Hicks have formed a partnership and monday they bought the Waterfield grocery on North main Street. 100 years ago Frank Metcalf and Frank Strawn went Down to Franklin saturday afternoon with mandolin and guitar to play at a Strawberry festival. John Ironmonger wore a continual smile yesterday. He was rejoicing Over a Bright baby girl who visited his Home on the evening previous. Reginald v. Duckett formerly of the courier staff has secured a position As a reporter for the St. Louis Star sayings. 120 years ago the rain of sunday night has been calculated by those who know to have been Worth one million dollars greenbacks to Morgan county at a a Good nights work. The ladies of the congregational Church will give a Strawberry festival this evening. We Trust the attendance and patronage will be Large. Washington a just As presidential aides were calming the outrage on the religious right caused by inviting homosexual activists to the Oval office for a Bill signing Barbara Bush wrote a letter to a representative of the Gay lobby who had attended the White House ceremony. The first lady was answering a repeated request from Paulette Goodman National president of parents and friends of lesbians and Gays to a speak kind words to some 24 million Gay americans and their wrote mrs. Bush Ever warmhearted a we cannot tolerate discrimination against any individuals or groups in our to Republican politicians and worried White House aides those words by the first lady pushed the Bush Agenda into political danger. The critics by no Means condone Gay bashing or intolerance of private sexual preferences. But House Republican whip Newt Gingrich argues any appearance of the resident sanctioning homosexual lifestyles with the same civil rights Protection afforded race and gender is he and other gop politicians Are stunned that the president could be seen joining democrats on the wrong political Side of this cultural confrontation. Evant amp Novak that was the perception of conservative religious leaders who have strongly supported republicans in the last three presidential elections when they Learned that the Gay and lesbian task Force was represented at the White House april 24 for the signing of the a hate crimes Bill. The revelation had special resonance for the Southern Baptist convention which Only five Days earlier at the request of the White House had invited the president to address its june conference in new Orleans. A Quick complaint came from Richard land executive director of the Southern baptists Christian life commission. Quot the White House a land wrote the president on april 30, a should not be giving its Sanction and implicit approval to such then came a Telephone Call to the White House from the Rev. Jerry vines the Southern Baptist president suggesting that objections to the presence of the Gays be considered when the president answered the invitation. On May la vines got the reply Bush would not be at the Louisiana super dome. Doug Wead the presidents religious Liaison told us that animosity toward Bush from a Strong Liberal Baptist faction As Well As a scheduling problems a contributed to the no show. But there is no doubt the Gay question was what turned the president away from the invitation he had solicited. Did the Gays presence at the White House upset Bush a friends on the right such As the Rev. Jerry Falwell a i would have been upset had i thought the president had initiated the invitations a Falwell told us. He said Wead told him the bid came from presidential aides. Word then passed to the religious right that the moving Force behind the invitation was sen. Pete Wilson who courts Gay support As Republican candidate for governor of California. Beyond that new right activist Paul Weyrich was informed by a presidential aide that the White House now feels inviting the Gays was a mistake though other aides there disagree strongly. Just As those assurances were calming the right enter Barbara. The first lady had received a letter from Paulette Goodman a year earlier asserting the need to a Pedu Cate the Public with facts about dissatisfied with a form letter from mrs. Bush a Secretary the Gay lobby activists used her presence at the april 24 Bill signing to hand a White House staffer a copy of the original letter to the presidents wife. It worked. On May to mrs. Bush wrote a i appreciate so much your. Encouraging me to help change As reported by the Washington Blade which serves the homosexual Community Goodman said a i cried and cried. I was so full of Joy and neither joyous nor grateful was Weyrich lieutenant Michael Schwartz. A i find it extremely difficult to believe that the White House and the president did not know about this a he told us. But presidential aides who Are paid to know everything expressed genuine Surprise a and dismay a when we told them about mrs. Bush s overture. In fact her letter supplements but does not change the presidents course. A the is a Good Guy who wants everybody to support him a a cop Leader told us about Bush a bid to the Gays. Newt Gingrich will now work to convince his Leader that in reaching out to the Gays he risks est ranging his Core constituency along with the uncommitted Middle. Evans and Novak write for creators Syndicate. Inc face to flush with the porcelain monster it was a gut wrenching Nightmare. A husbands worst fear Only with a twist of a believability. I serve As the night Foreman in the composing room and it was late one night last week when my Story unfolded but a Quick personal profile is needed to set this tale. It has been a Long time since a Story of mine has found the pages of this paper. I started out As a Par time sportswriter who enjoyed a a front Row seat at nearly every Type of sporting event in the Jacksonville area. While working As a sportswriter with the j.c., an opening came up in the printing department so i left the world of journalism to pursue a new adventure in newspaper production. Other than giving the news sports and and department personnel no end of grief the Job of the night time composing room employees is to a get the paper out on time so that it reaches your hallowed Homes in the morning. Now that a proper backdrop has been painted my Story of great mis taking turns Jeff Lonergan Fortune took place last week when in the height of finishing the final pages of the paper i dashed to the restroom for Relief. Following the order of business the toilet was promptly flushed. As any Mother or wife has taught it is a proper lavatory etiquette to leave the lid up so being the proper person i am i reached out to put it Down. A alas a my wedding ring fell off and disappeared into the swirling rapids and quickly zipped out of sight after hurling countless obscenities at the roaring ring eating porcelain monster the phase of trying to find my ring now swung into gear. The possibility of getting my ring out seemed slim and i tried to decide if the Chance of finding the ring was Worth me sticking my hand into this Public receptacle. I decided to Confer with de my co worker about what to do. After quite a bit of laughing and carrying on he really help me. I then went into the pressroom to seek advice. This brought some More chuckles but a Elvis a who is a Pressman gave me a hand at trying to get the ring out. Without going into great detail Elvis and i weren to getting much cooperation from the porcelain receptacle which caused me to think about what must come next what will my wife say most of the men in the pressroom and the Mai room noted experts on female behaviour came to the conclusion that my wife would find my Story of losing the ring rather farfetched. i thought to myself. A i think Laura my wife will believe the Story and will i Hope understand the whole Accident knowing that it was a Complete Accident and that i actually stuck my hand in the toilet to try to get it sure she had told me for the last two years to get it resized because it was slightly too big. Well so much for an understanding and sympathetic wife. My wife did find my Story a bit Odd but i guess my persuasive sales pitch still works. Of i had to hear the old a i told you so so and also caught a lecture on How i am just As irresponsible As my 5-year-old daughter and How i never listen especially during baseball games or a a Batman episodes to my wife. I thought the experts said married life changes you Jeff Lonergan is a person who believes in truth Justice the american Way and that politicians should Promise a screen in the Bottom of every pot time lines converge in late night think tank Berry a world to a 1990 of Nea inc a a what a this you want parental leave Ter again already Quot it was Midnight and i sat in my living room listening to the Only sounds available the crunch of Popcorn being eaten and the falling of a steady rain outdoors. In Many ways at that time the inter meshing of the two vastly different noises was like the creation of some weird symphony or the infant gurgling of a new popular song. It was the kind of time that most folks take rarely anymore a time out to think and absorb the time lines that had converged at that Point. I sometimes wonder How the great thinkers did their work. It surely must have been at times like this when nature held its breath a bit people were happily absent and the mind was freed for a few glorious moments from the shackles of responsibility. There Are Many philosophies that Tell us the thought processes Are the Only things worthwhile that our minds actually hold the fabric of our existence together. I done to know if that a True but there is a Strong element of truth in them. Maybe the most frightening time is not when we face our greatest fears or endure the endless string of Ralph Helenthal f i Wpm phobias that haunt our consciousnesses but when we Are alone with ourselves thinking. It is a dangerous time when we see shapes in the Clouds that remind us of things we know and when we pick out designs on our wallpaper that look like horrible faces that sometimes haunt our nightmares. I have often Felt the folks with the photographic memories have a terrible and wonderful gift. They Are unable to forget the bad times but the Good times must be like wonderful re enactments almost like living the experience Over again. But some of us like to forget sometimes. It has always amazed me that a few pounds of flesh and Bones and lots of water surrounding a soul can be so Complex. But we Are. Someone told me once they never took time to think except As to How it affected their work or what they wanted to accomplish. This person said life was too Busy to take the time and besides it was wasted Effort anyway. This night like so Many others was a contradiction to that belief. In younger Days i was fascinated by people who had different forms of mental illness. I would sit and stare at those who walked the streets mumbling or singing to themselves. I read All the news accounts of those who had gone a Over the Edge and done terrible things. Usually they were folks that were on the surface pretty quiet and unassuming and often fooled their neighbors and friends. I have often thought that these people were simply unable to control the shape of the flood of thoughts that inevitably work their Way into All our consciousnesses. This night the thoughts fighting for prominence were warm and inviting. Mostly Good memories and pleasant experiences that i am having. But amp Ith the dangers of think ing sometimes the images created Are cold with the distinct Promise of fear. A dreading of a future based on the horrors of the past. I can to really say that night that i accomplished any worthwhile thing just sitting eating and thinking. Books sat unread the television silent and the radio unplugged and impotent. I do know that for some reason the faces of the past were very Clear almost like pictures hovering in the Middle of the room. I recalled special people who had touched my life Many of them Long gone. I Felt they would never be really dead As Long As i retained their images in my brain. I remember particularly thinking about a person who had meant worlds to me when i was very Young. I could see a distinct image of him doing the things i knew so Well. As he was walking boldly through my room he turned and smiled at me. I smiled Back. I finished my Popcorn and went to bed. Ralph Helenthal is the journal courier s Greene county reporter

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