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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 25 1990, Page 2

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 25, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois ties at a Low Point no reason to cheer Jerusalem apr israeli . Relations have hit their lowest Point since american anger Over the 1982 invasion of Lebanon held up fighter plane shipments to the jewish state. The differences came into Sharp focus thursday when Israel rejected Calls from the Plo and Azab nations to Send . Observers to the Caza strip and West Bank to protect palestinians of fam israeli Security forces. On wednesday the United states said it would consider such proposals. Israeli . Relations have been tense since in resident Bush publicly expressed his opposition to continued jewish settlements in the occupied territories Israel also has refused to go along with an american peace strategy for the Middle East. Then on sunday an israeli gunman killed seven unarmed Arab labourers near Tel Aviv triggering a new wave of clashes Between palestinian protesters and israeli troops fifteen palestinians have been killed and More than 800 injured since then. Both Bush and the . State department have blamed the violence on the impasse in Mideast peace efforts and urged Israel to exer Cise restraint against palestinian demonstrators. Israeli officials Cente tid sundays slayings were committed by a deranged Man. They feel Washington has been trying to use the killings to prod the jewish state into making concessions to palestinians compounding their anger was Secretary of state James a Baker Illus statement wednesday that he would consider the idea of sending . Observers to safeguard the 1.7 million palestinians living in the occupied territories. The proposal is expected to be raised by Plo chief Yasser Arafat before the . Security Council which meets Friday in Geneva. Israel condemns the Plo As a terrorist organization. Israel has repeatedly rejected further . Involvement in israeli held areas. It has accused the Relief and works Agency which helps palestinian refugees of siding with the arabs in their conflict with Israel. Foreign minister Moshe Arens said thursday that Israel would not accept . Observers even if the Security Council voted to Send them saying the territories Are a legitimately under israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir s spokesman Al Pazner said an observer corps in the areas Israel has occupied since the 1967 Middle East War would be a an infringement on our sovereignty and interference in our internal affairs. Pazner interviewed by Telephone also took Issue with the tone of Washington a condemnations of sunday s killings. A Elf it would have been jews killed and not arabs would they say it was a result of the Lack of a peace process Quot Pazner said. A a madman slaughtered innocent people but this has nothing to do with the peace process a amid the conflict an israeli Diplomat in Washington Yoram Ettinger secretly cabled Arena this week warning that . Relations were at a Low Point the daily newspaper Haartz reported he noted increasing sympathy for the Plo and displeasure with israelis attempt last month to Settle jews in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem a walled old City the newspaper said. Nato plans to leave War jets on full Alert Mons Belgium apr under a new plan to relax response times in War natos combat planes will remain at full Alert but some frontline troops will have twice As Long to react to an attack the nato military commander said thursday. . Gen. John r. Galvin the supreme Allied commander in Europe said the response times of air and ground forces in Western Europe could be eased even More with additional cuts in red army troops in Eastern Europe a was More changes occur we will probably lengthen the time for saddling up and moving out a Galvin said during an interview at his official residence in Mons about 40 Miles Southwest of Brussels. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and other defense ministers of the North Atlantic treaty organization announced wednesday the decision to a lower the readiness and availability of a number of our standing sixth grader wins geography Bee $25,000 Washington apr the Only girl among to finalists became the second National geography Bee Champion thursday when she correctly named Antarctica As the continent where the mount Erebus Volcano is located. Susannah Batko Yovino a diminutive 11-year-old sixth grader from the Washington Jefferson school in Altoona pa., won a $25,000 College scholarship. Susannah Defeated 13-year-old Tim Forest an eighth grader at . Hooker Middle school in Goshen . Tim received a $15,000 scholarship for his second place win. Martin Hohner a 14-year-old eighth grader at Luther Burbank school in Chicago placed third winning a sio.000 scholarship. Each of the other finalists receive $500. The winners scholarship Money will be placed in interest bearing accounts until they enrol in College. More than 3 million students nationwide have taken part in the various Levels of Competition. Fifty seven contestants age la to 14, represented All 50 states the District of Columbia five territories and the department of defense schools in the semifinals Here wednesday. The contest was developed to stimulate children a interest in geography said Gilbert Grosvenor president and chairman of the National geographic society which organized the event. They attributed the action to the diminished military threat from the soviet led Warsaw pact and the increased warning time of a full scale soviet attack. The move is part of a series of measures Likely to be taken in the coming months to revise the military strategy that guided the Alliance in the cold War years. Galvin said he issued the order wednesday to put the new response schedules into effect july i. Quot there Are significant changes a a he said. The time targets he said a relate to opposing forces. The soviets have pulled Back some of their forces from Eastern Europe. The Warsaw pact is not the same by any a there is no use keeping a Many people snagged right up close on response times unless it s absolutely necessary Quot he said. A with the changes in the East bloc its not quite a but he cautioned the West could easily quicken response times if the East West situation deteriorated. A we can tighten them up again if we have to a be said. He said the precise schedules for the new response times were classified but that the reaction time for some ground forces will be doubled. Response time refers to the amount of time it takes a unit of soldiers or an air Crew to get ready and react to an enemy attack. A certain things that were a matter of minutes i could change to hours and things that were hours i could change to several More hours and even to Days Quot he said. All ground and most air forces including helicopters and surface to air missile units in Europe will be affected by the changes he said. There will be no easing of the reaction time for full Alert interceptor planes which have Only a few minutes notice to be in the air to fend off an attack. Bush Washington a Susannah Batko Yovino holds Day. The 11-year-old girl won the first prize in the her $25,000 Check for winning the second National final round by knowing the location of mount Ere geographic geography Bee championship thurs bus a Volcano in Antarctica. Walesa lights into controversy continued from Page one he also voiced optimism that some Progress would be made in resolving a stalemate Over reducing troops and tanks in Europe. Most favored nation status gives China the same preferential Trade treatment a including lowest possible tariffs a that is extended to most major trading partners. China has had the status for to years. Denial would Send tariffs rising sharply on some $12 billion in annual imports from China of textiles toys and other products. The american association of exporters and importers has estimated that removal of Man status would have boosted tariffs on chinese goods an average 40 percent. The president said these costs would be passed on to . Consumers. Bush also said he did not wish to Hurt the free Market Economy of Hong Kong. Some $8.5 billion in China made products each year Are re exported by Hong Kong to the United states. Warsaw Poland apr Lech Walesa says he never thought that agreeing to do an advertisement supporting the . Bill of rights would be seen As an endorsement of cigarette smoking a a habit he kicked cold Turkey years ago. But now aides say the Solidarity chairman and Nobel peace prize laureate is contending with some unforeseen a a doubts in Poland and abroad in connection with an and he did for the Philip Morris cos., makers of Marlboro cigarettes. Walesa s full Page photograph and comments in Praise of the Bill of rights Are appearing in such magazines As time Newsweek business week and people. It is part of a $60 million Campaign by the tobacco food and beverage conglomerate to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Bill of rights. Los Angeles a one of the stars of the to show Quot cheers a a Kelsey grammar Toothbrush in pocket sits in Van Guys municipal court thursday. He surrendered there to begin serving a 30-Day sentence for a Drunken driving probation violation. Grammar was taken to the county jail. Senate vote would bar execution of retarded rated to represent Poland in the office. Walesa a spokesman Jaroslaw kursk said his Boss was unaware of any controversy around the Philip Morris ads when he agreed to lend his name to the Campaign last year. A Lech Walesa a intention was not to advertise Philip Morris products but Only to popularize the idea of Freedom and civil liberties contained in the Bill of rights a kursk said in a Telephone interview from Gdansk. A the proof of this statement is that Lech Walesa has never agreed to advertise any products or anyone a business critics have charged that what Philip Morris really ims for is to subtly build appreciation for its products and to create a link in Peoples minds Between const Washington apr the Senate reacting to a supreme court decision on the death penalty voted thursday to bar the execution of mentally retarded defendants in Federal cases. Quot for god s Sake if you acknowledge you should not put children to death acknowledge that you should not put to death the mentally retarded a said judiciary committee chairman Joseph r. Biden jr., a del., As the Senate continued its debate an omnibus anti crime Bill. On a 59-38 vote senators Defeated an amendment that would have limited the death penalty Protection for the mentally retarded to those who done to know the difference Between right and wrong. Senate majority Leader George Mitchell a Maine had hot de to Complete action on the anti crime Bill before fridays scheduled Start of a 10-Day recess. However there were indications that lawmakers might have to Deal with lingering disputes on the measure after the recess. The vote on the Issue of the death penalty for the mentally retarded came As president Bush urged Congress to approve a a Good Strong anti crime Bill a but restated his Aims for is to subtly Tut ional freedoms and the right to smoke in Public. A polish newspaper opined wednesday that Many americans a Are surprised Walesa would lend his image to such an Endeavor. A it is not known if this controversy is Worth the fee Quot it added. Any implied criticism of Walesa a judgment is sensitive now for his aides because of Domestic politics. Walesa is believed to be laying the groundwork to run for president and critics Are spreading it about that the humbly born shipyard electrician is too in sophist opposition to curbs on semiautomatic assault weapons that the Senate upheld wednesday. Also thursday the Senate a dropped from the Bill a provision to allow death Row inmates to base appeals on statistics showing a racial discriminatory pattern within the jurisdiction they were sentenced. Critics said it would have effectively Banning capital punishment. A reversed a decision it made wednesday and adopted a stringent provision designed to Cut Short appeals by death Row inmates that can drag on for a decade or longer. Critics of the measure to protect the mentally retarded from execution said virtually every defendant facing a death sentence would claim to be mentally retarded. Sen. Orrin Hatch a Utah called it a Quot soft. Liberal sen. Alan Simpson r-wyo., said that when he was a prosecutor a suspect who claimed to have mental problems told him he enjoyed raping and beating a woman. Simpson said he declared a you sick Slob Quot he said the suspect was later released and a sliced his wife up into 83 sections. These Are people who Are human Only in the sense of anatomical essence and they Are sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., said he had Strong feelings on the Issue because he has a mentally retarded sister. A this is about the Only democracy in the world that has the death penalty and we re arguing about whether we re going to execute the mentally retarded a that says something about our society a Kennedy said. The advertisement carries a quote from the Union Leader saying a a in be read your Bill of rights a Hundred times and in a probably read it a Hundred More before i Walesa agreed to do the Campaign in return for a fee of $20,000 to $25,000 to be donated to Charity said kursk who said he did not remember the exact sum. Philip Morris has declined to specify the amount. Walesa maintains a philanthropic fund administered by trustees that distributes Money he receives for human rights activities. For instance the $200,000 he received for his 1983 Nobel prize recently went to modernize a Hospital serving workers at the Gdansk shipyard where Solidarity was born Walesa is definitely opposed to linking rights to the right to Light up kursk said the Bill of Japan apologizes for past atrocities in Korea Tokyo apr in Japan s clearest Effort to grapple with its militaristic past emperor Aki Hito and prime minister Toshiki Kaifu on thursday acknowledged the suffering that japanese colonial Rule inflicted on koreans. The apology come 45 years after a Defeated Japan relinquished its control of the korean Peninsula. The Issue of acknowledging Japan a past exposed bitter memories in both countries prompting demonstrations and arson attacks. In a Palace banquet for visiting South korean president Rob Tae woo Akihito went beyond a previous Imperial statement and said he Felt the a deepest regret for the pain Japan a colonial Rule caused the korean people. Earlier thursday Kaifu expressed a sincere remorse and honest apologies a for japanese actions that a inflicted unbearable suffering and sorrow on the people of the korean Kaifus apology was the most Clear Cut Ever by a japanese prime minister foreign ministry spokesman Taizo Watanabe said. A similar statement of remorse also was expected to be made by parliament where Rob was to give on address Friday. For Japan which normalized relations with South Korea in 1965, the statements marked a breakthrough in acknowledging the suffering it inflicted during its 1910-1945 Rule of Korea. The Lack of an explicit apology had been a major obstacle to improving the two neighbors relations. Rob replying to Akihito said the Quot dark period in japanese korean relations had been Short and it was time to put a the unfortunate past truly behind in South Korea thousands of Radical students burned japanese flags and fought with police thursday. They shouted slogans that robs trip to Japan a Only the second by a South korean head of state a was a a sellout to National under colonial Rule koreans had to study japanese in school and were taught to worship the japanese emperor. Koreans were drafted into the japanese army and into forced labor in Japan. Hundreds of thousands died in wartime service to Japan. Little of this is known in Japan and the history is skimmed Over in schools. Lately however japanese Media have Given crash courses in Japan Korea history with graphic photos and films of japanese atrocities. Weather temperatures High thursday 73 at 2 . Low 51 record High 93 in 1953 record Low 40 to 1935, 40, 76. 88 year ago High 82 year ago Tow 63 precipitation in inches to4 . so far this year.20.72 last year by this date.8.95 Normal year to date.13.30 so far this month .8.46 Normal monthly total to Date 3.45 Jacksonville and Vicinity Friday considerable cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms Likely. Highs in the Middle 70s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 Mph and a Chance of rain 70 percent. Friday night Mosetty Cloudy with a 50 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms with lows in the lower or Middle 60s. Saturday mostly Cloudy with a 40 percent Chance of showers highs in the Middle or upper 70s. Fair monday. Highs in the 70s. Lows in the 50s. Extended Outlook sunday through tuesday fair North panty Cloudy South daily highs Mosetty in the 70s, daily lows in the 50s North and 60s South. Friday May 25 Sunset today.8 17p.m. Sunrise tomorrow.5 39 . Moonset tonight.10 15 . First 31 Arcturus is the Bright Star seen High overhead at Moonset tonight. River Mages hannibal.12.5 �?0.3 louisiana.12.1 0.4 St. Louis.24.8 �?2.4 meredosia.36.9 0.0 beardstown.20.1 0.0 havana.18.1 �?0.1 peoria.18.2 �?0.3 oakford.16.56 �?1.09 lasalle.22.4 0.0 Morris.7.6 �?0.5 grafton.16.4 �?1.1 quincy.12.7 0.4 Alton pool.19.9 m Alton tw.19.0 �?1.9 keokuk.7.9 0.4 burlington.11.1 0.3 three state lawmakers oppose clean air Bill Washington apr three Illinois lawmakers said thursday they opposed a major clean air Bill in the House because the Cost to business labor and Consumers was too High. Lawmakers who crafted the Bill a were pandering to a very vocal group out there that has obviously struck a responsive trigger Quot said rep. Philip Crane a mount Prospect. A those people Are the environmentalists. A a it a a question of fairness a said rep. Jerry go Steno Belleville. A the Cost of cleaning up the air be any greater for the people in my District than in any other Region of the rep. Glenn Poshard a Carterville said a certainly there will be Job losses. The question is How Crane costello and Poshard were three of Only 21 House members who opposed the Bill wednesday night. The legislation would put Tough restrictions on car emissions Coal burning utilities and companies that release toxic pollutants. I the Senate passed a similar measure last month and lawmakers from each chamber will now meet to work out a Compromise. Whatever Bill emerges from the House Senate conference it is certain to have enormous Impact on Illinois. Most of the concern so far has been focused on the states High Fulfur Coal and the utilities that Burn it. The Senate and House Bills require a significant reduction in Fulfur dioxide emissions at the dirtiest Power plants including Soma owned by Decatur based Illinois Power co. Fulfur dioxide has been linked to acid rain which is blamed for the deaths of lakes and forests. National weather the acc a Afhraf forecast for noon. Friday. May 25 am slow ngh two pm Ratum fronts Ccu wow finc nov Ltd Quot a a amp is mow Tow Vokn turn to trams Nims Snow Etc or it Acier motor

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