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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 25 1990, Page 1

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 25, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Jarka Onille 3nurnul Ploum oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois vol. 159�?no 299 suburban zone�?50 cents Jacksonville Illinois Friday May 25, 1990 City zone �?35 cents Twenty two pages Bush Renews China Trade status the associated press Washington a president Bush set off a new Row with Congress thursday by unconditionally renewing China a most favored nation Trade status for one year. He said its too Early to talk about giving the same Trade benefits to Moscow. Despite China a continued repression of the pro democracy movement Bush said its emigration policies qualify it for the preferential Trade treatment while the soviet unions does not. A i done to think this is a Reward to Beijing. I think it is very important we keep these commercial contacts a said Bush who announced what he described As a a difficult decision at a White House news conference. The move which had been expected still caused an uproar in Congress from members of both parties who consider the administration s China policy too accommodating to the current leaders in Beijing. House speaker Thomas s. Foley d-wash., criticized Bush for failing to put any conditions on the one year Extension to prod China toward reforms. A i think he faces some very severe problems Here a Foley said. A at the present time i would say there Are not the votes to approve and Senate majority Leader George Mitchell a Maine said Bush a decision is a inconsistent with american Mitchell said he would a aggressively and vigorously try to Block Bush a action. Congress can do so Only by enacting a a Resolution of disapproval a and such a measure was quickly introduced in the House. The Resolution if passed could still be vetoed thus it would take two thirds majorities in both Chambers to override Bush a decision. The president said his move a is not a special Favory to Beijing. A it is the basis of everyday As for next week s Summit Bush said a a enormous problems face him and soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev at the four Day Washington meeting including the Issue of German reunification. The United states wants a unified Germany to be a full member of nato. The soviet Union wants it to either be Neutral or have membership in both nato and the Warsaw pact. On a More upbeat note the president said he hoped for a significant Progress at the May 31-june 3 meeting on an agreement to Cut Long Range nuclear weapons and the nailing Down of a pact eliminating chemical weapons. A Bush see Page 2 Navy will reopen Iowa probe China Trade Louie Sullivan Sullivan Aims to snuff out kids smoking the associated Presa Washington a health and human services Secretary Louis Sullivan urged the states thursday to ban cigarette vending machines License tobacco retailers and take other Steps to Stop Young people from buying tobacco. In testimony before the Senate finance committee Sullivan said strengthening enforcement of Laws that prohibit the Sale of cigarettes to children is a the single most important Reform states could make to keep teenagers from taking up the habit. Sullivan proposed Model legislation that he urged the states to enact including a ban on vending machines that dispense cigarettes. A you can to buy Beer from a vending machine. Why should you be Able to Purchase cigarettes there a Sullivan asked. The package also includes a provision that would create a licensing system for tobacco retailers similar to the system used to control the Sale of alcoholic beverages. Another provision would Institute penalties including fines and License suspensions for retailers who sell cigarettes to minors. A the Model Law attempts to create workable procedures which will provide retail outlets the incentives and tools to refuse to sell tobacco to minors As already required by Law in 44 states and the District of Columbia he said. Sullivan said adult smokers would not be affected by the proposed Law. A spokesman for the tobacco Institute Walker Merryman said Sullivan a proposal was a an easy shot at the people who own and operate vending machines a but would not be effective at keeping tobacco away from children. A i done to think that this is going to do anything to affect the number of Young people who buy cigarettes a Merryman said. A we know from a variety of surveys that a very Small percentage of minors who buy cigarettes buy them from vending Bush vetoes Amtrak Bill Washington apr president Bush on thursday vetoed a Bill authorizing $2 billion in spending by Amtrak complaining that its expansion of Federal regulation Over Railroad acquisitions a represents a step backward for the entire rail Bush took Issue with a provision that would require the interstate Commerce commission to approve the acquisition of railroads by no Railroad companies. Quot this requirement is an unwarranted regulatory Roadblock to the financial restructuring of the Railroad Industry a Bush told Congress in a veto message. Amtrak spokesman Clifford Black said the veto would have no effect on daily train operations because the Railroad is working with Money that Congress already had appropriated for 1989-1992. But the veto will indefinitely postpone plans for a commuter line Between Washington d.c., and its Northern Virginia suburbs Black said. The Bill contained technical provisions necessary for the project to open. By Susanne m. Schafer a military writer Washington a the Navy on thursday reopened its investigation into the battleship Iowa explosion and ordered a halt to the firing of 16-Inch guns aboard All battleships after the a unexplained ignition of bags of powder during testing. The new problems came during Quot follow up testing which the Navy has been doing periodically As new theories were brought Forward since the Iowa blast and the Navy s review of it the service said. The Navy said last year that the Iowa explosion was a most probably an intentional act by the ships gunners mate 2nd class Clayton Hartwig of Cleveland. Members of Congress and others have attacked that conclusion As unsupported by fact and have called the Navy investigation leading to it inadequate. The service accused Hartwig who was killed in the explosion of placing a some Type of detonation device Between the Gunpowder bags. The service said Hartwig was a Quot loner who staged the blast because he was upset Over the breakup of a Friendship with another Sailor but admitted it Only had circumstantial evidence for its finding. Hartwigs father Earl Hartwig himself a Navy gunners mate in world War ii said in Cleveland a this is what we be been saying All along. My son is not guilty. The Navy was Barking up the wrong the Iowa a skipper at the time capt. Fred p. Moosally blasted the Navy a first investigation Ina speech at his May 4 retirement ceremony. Moosally said it was conducted by a people More concerned with a getting it Over with a who used a facts and opinions based in unsubstantiated third party information unsubstantiated reports and forty seven sailors including Hartwig were killed in the april 19, 1989, explosion during gunnery practice. The congressional general accounting office is to release a report on the initial Navy investigation and conclusions Friday and sen. Howard Metzenbaum a Ohio said the report apparently spurred the Navy to reopen its investigation. A a it a obvious that they know what a coming in the Gao report and Are trying to do that which we be been requesting them to do for some time a he said. Quot they Are id an embarrassing rep Mary Rose Oakar a Ohio in whose District the Hartwig family lives said the unreleased Gao report based on research at Sandia National Laboratory in new Mexico will say a the elements they found based on scientific fact not on supposition did not contain the explosives devices that the Navy in fact indicated May have been mrs. Oakar did not say How she knew what was in the report. As a result of the new explosion a in which no me was injured Navy Secretary h. Lawrence Garrett Iii has ordered that the investigation into the Iowa explosion be reopened the Navy said. Csc estimates 380-480 deaths this weekend a Chicago apr at least 380 people will die on the nation s roads this memorial Day weekend the Start of the summer driving season the National safety Council estimated thursday. The counting period begins at 6 . Local time Friday and ends at 11 50 monday night Quot this year Between 380 to 480 people May die in traffic accidents. Additionally. 18.000 to 23.000 people May suffer disabling injuries Quot said Usa Grady spokeswoman for the Chicago based Council. Last year 441 died and 20,000 were injured Over the three Day memorial Day weekend. Quot the National safety Council also would like people to follow our safety rules Don t drink and drive and of you do drink use the designated Driver program. Gang infighting blamed in Stateville shooting a Springfield i. Apr in fighting among Street gang members apparently led to the fatal shooting of two inmates by a guard at Stateville correctional Center officials said thursday. Correction director Kenneth Mcginnis said an investigation also indicates that the guard used justifiable Force in the incident last sunday. In addition to the two killed one inmate was wounded. Mcginnis said three members of a Chicago Street gang were attacking two other gang members for what appears to have been a violation of the gang s rules a investigation findings indicate that had the correctional officer. Not fired his weapon the two inmates who were being attacked would have been seriously injured or killed a he said. The attackers were armed with knives and Machete like Blades Mcginnis hid. Gorby makes offer Gay to Lithuania report a Moscow apr Mikhail s. Got Baches offered in a meeting with lithuanian parliamentarians thursday to Call off economic sanctions against the Baltic Republic of it suspends its declaration of Independence a Jou Mahat Saki. The soviet president told the four lawmakers he does not oppose Lithuania leaving the soviet Union but that this would take several years and that first the Republic must freeze its Independence declaration according to Henrikas Savickas Deputy director of the lithuanian Newt Agency Elia. In a Telephone interview from tile lithuanian capita of Vilnius. Savickas said Gorbachev also offered to suspend economic sanctions while the Kremlin and leaders of the Baltic Republic negotiate. The talks could Start soon Gorbachev said. Gorbachev initiated the meeting in a Telephone Call to the lithuanian government office in Moscow on wednesday night Savickas said. Soviet Media carried no immediate report of the meeting. Hometown Homecoming set for sex hostage a Boston apr Fred Maul Hoe Tage Frank Reed will aaa his 91 year old Mother for the first time since his release when he returns Home sunday to a hero s Welcome his daughter said thursday. Quot i think what s kept her going for the past 3y2 years is that this Day will come Quot said Marilyn Langston. A once she sees him and touches him that will be very vary wonderful for is. Langston 33, said her grandmother Loots Sprague did not travel to Frankfurt West Germany to Greet read As younger family members did. Read grew up in Maiden a Boston suburb about five Miles North of downtown. Malden mayor Jamas Conway said City residents were excited about the return of their native son. A we re delighted that he is coming Home a Conway said. A we be been waiting patiently for this. We look Forward to sharing in Hie Joy and Washington a president Bush gestures during a White House news conference thursday where he discussed his decision to Grant preferential Trade status to China. Congress wrestles with spending Bill the associated press Washington a Congress headed out of town for the memorial Day recess struggled thursday to finish work first on a $4 billion spending Bill including Aid president Bush has urgently sought for new democratic governments in Panama and Nicaragua. The Bill also included millions of dollars for Domestic programs. But from Bush a standpoint the most important items were $300 million to bolster the struggling new government of violets Chamorro in Nicaragua and $420 million to help the Economy of Panama recover from . Trade sanctions and last december a invasion. Bush asked for the Aid months ago and has repeatedly hammered Capitol Hill for what he said were delays that could jeopardize fledgling elected governments in the two Central american countries. But to Congress where foreign Aid remains an unpopular item More important was More than $3 billion in new a a emergency spending for dozens of Domestic programs from food Stamps and veterans benefits to a fish farm in Arkansas. In what amounts to the first application of a a peace dividend Quot from reduced East West tensions roughly half of the new spending is being paid for by cuts in this years proposed Pentagon budget a cuts agreed to by the administration. Some of the additional spending such As a $185 million Fri automated fingerprint facility planned for Clarksburg w. Va., was attached by powerful lawmakers seeking favors for their Home states and districts. The fingerprint Plant was added by Senate appropriations committee chairman Robert c. Byrd . Then there was rep. Neil Smiths $6 million provision to buy land from a Power company near Des Moines Iowa and turn it into a wildlife Refuge. Smith a Democrat argued on the House floor that the Purchase was a an unusual and unexpected the land was originally purchased by Iowa Power for a Coal fired generating Plant but those plans were abandoned years ago. Republicans complained that the provision was a special interest item cooked up behind closed doors. A there we Are talking about ducks and pelicans a said rep. Harris Fawell a ill. A it seems to me we ought to be discussing this in a county Board meeting some but the democratic controlled House voted 246 to 160 to leave the provision in. Pro base rally Moscow a economic plan draws wave of criticism by Carey Goldberg the associated press a t a photo Manila Philippines about 3,000 . Base supporters gather in front of the Senate building Here Friday morning to urge the government to extend the lease of the . Military installations Here. The protesters also condemned the recent slayings of two . Servicemen. M08cow a Premier Nikolai i. Ryzhkova warned his countrymen thursday of the a painful processes needed to Rescue their stagnant Economy but he said there was no Choice but to abandon Central planning and adopt a Market system. Ryzhkova himself owned up to the catastrophic state of the Economy and faced a barrage of criticism that climaxed with demands for his government to resign. His two hour address to the supreme soviet parliament was nationally televised. He said there would be Price hikes and unemployment a possibly in the tens of millions a but a our decision is made. We have to move to the Ryzhkova presented the program As a Compromise Between polish style a Shock therapy a which tries to keep the transition to a Market Economy Short by taking More Radical measures immediately and appeals to return to the old style centrally planned soviet Economy. His vehement rejection of the polish Model led Deputy Vitold Fokin to comment from the podium a a they be ruled out Shock therapy but now they re recommending an operation without immediately after Ryzhkova a speech several dozen opposition lawmakers voted to demand a motion of no Confidence in his government. A the government is not proposing a Market Only a Price hike a said Alexei levas Hov a lawmaker from Leningrad. Galina Starovoytova another Deputy warned that the angry hungry populace might take to the streets when bread prices triple on july i the first step of the proposed Reform. Bread is the Staple of the soviet diet and is extremely cheap about 32 cents a loaf. On the parliaments floor Radical economist Gennady Filshin demanded the government resign because he said it had lost the Peoples Trust and therefore lacked the authority to carry out the needed reforms. Ryzhkova said the plan which provides financial Aid to compensate Consumers for most of the Price rises would be presented for a nationwide discussion. A he did not mention a formal referendum which other government officials have predicted. Ryzhkova a proposal brought objections. A to turn this into a poll or referendum is like asking me a do you want me to give you an enema a a said Deputy Yuri Cher Nichenko. A of course Iti say Ryzhkova admitted the soviet people would find it Quot very difficult to accept the proposal that has been put a the governments task is to explain to convince people this is the Road we have to take a he told reporters. Ryzhkova told parliament the economic transition should be made in three stages. Starting Jan. I average food prices will double with meat prices rising 2.3 times and fish prices 2.5 times he said. Food prices now Are heavily subsidized. Ryzhkova promised that the government would compensate people especially Low income families to help them survive Price increases. Index Page almanac.5 Ann Landers .9 business Market news .8 classified .18-20 comics.17 crossword puzzle.17, 21 dear abby.5 editorials .4 entertainment .10 health .5 Horoscope .21 Jacoby on Bridge .12 Polly s pointers .5 school lunch menus.11 sports .13-16 television schedule .10 a rain Likely Friday considerable cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms Likely. Highs in the Middle 70s, Southeast winds 10 to 15 Mph and a Chance of rain 70 percent. Friday night mostly Cloudy with a 50 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms with lows in the lower or Middle 60s. Saturday mostly Cloudy with a 40 percent Chance of showers highs in the Middle or a it per 70s. Fair monday. Highs in the 70s. Laws in the 50s. A More weather Page Taro

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