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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 5

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Monday evening May 14,1990 11�?o 6 00 a 6 30 t 7 00 1 7 30 8 00 8 30 9 00 9 30 i 10 00 i 10 30 11 00 i 11 30 i 12 00 i 12 30 local Cable channels can be n Tonty efe c Rosed up it Manawa l my King live c in new n Onay Fina Toni Nai is Pons i Oft Tom plama a it a Fife a 5 is m to Biz today a cd edited actor u w Gibson new sight i Date l esp go s port Centor of n to Thrweat h to strafed it toy Soo a a Ca for Hunt to Beach Voso Yotoff Goto drown. From Clearwater fit. Windsurfing s world n Arter i legume a Gater Side of 8 sport t Beitf Refl i ought Porto enter i hoeing Ama in up Ere rot i series. Us and Monitor truck racing i i a i disc be if end you in Horid Monitor a v 9 Rthur Clarke s fort Dof Banga Powers errs x to t afar the rearing and training of a Tai land Tao Hanic a Wop Tsi St to i Ich lib. Menca coast to Coset c c c betting a Rodeo featuring s contestants bom Australia. Anada and the United states porting ufos 0 too Oruro m fond Monitor ii r the wed with i Larry butter Wand cd is a Lam c a Robby show in y a Torso g j Oung riders As the Civo War i approaches the men of the Pony a sprees debate g g Louie a Columbo murder in Kobuk a 1990. Mystery Peter Falk. A Ndrew Stevens it Columbo forces a murder confession from a a Goto Orin to discover somebody else was Betone the crime g tows i Annec Tion Lightens g k wide Esteon a s 0 hot hours a seeker tews i Khya be o a Lam f Amity Tice i part i of 2 g s c a ajor dad in a Torso pert 1 Tow Hart in i stereo g c g Zephy Brown Roxy plans to let Mamed g womanly c stereo g b Ace to face with Connie Chung i Hie Carter Jimmy smite paying a ack David Letterman g tows c to ii Mon frasier la mks Rebecca k Kes Hen g c he Guy verae s assign Mani feds Nim into an International r contraband Syndicate p he or Tenor the avenge for the de executed Gal prisoner seeks i am of a wince o i Abbott and Dot Telio flavor league baseball Chicago Cuba St Adenia Breve. Live Newt g comedy tonight f in Street Blue the precinct r it a ovules Security Tor a presidential s acl finding Mission f i y a port of 40 flite Quot 1944. Suspense Stephanie Bachelor Sehard Powers. Modonna Tho i Mort net be a1 Naff Lehrer news hour i Ariki wild world of Animato St Louis i Skyline v c skyscraper testing an exterior inside Gorbachev s with Vot mock up. A tenant makes Hedrick Smith the Promise and i a a try demands g in rooters of perestroika g tightly import Las tender biker limits i c 4 be crisper testing an exterior i in mock up. A tenant makes Ostby demands a Usa a warm vie a wealthy Young Mads Crockett and Tubbs nto a major operation murder she wrote a Beautiful women t pest a the key to in Rotor s murder. Tonne time wrestling hosts Gorda Monsoon and Bobby Quot the ram Heenan Miami vice an electronics wizard caters to both sides of the Law in stereo Crim Story Brychek is gunned town by a Chicago thug Pfenning Las vegas Casino robbery it Fred Lite Acock Besant dragnet i Kpor cd id family Tiang cheers coach a poses to a woman g movie he a flock Quot 1976. Drama Sylvester Stallone. Talia store a Small time Philadelphia Boxer and Street Punk Battles overwhelming toys to make something of himself lews Warp in Cincinnati tight court Harry in t appointed cheers Sam fek Eves that Diane loves him Hunter Hunter and Mccall Yves Gate the death of a reporter right zone tone Moor a i Ralph and de enter contests. I wrap Cid a hoarse night court t Harry helps his Stepfather Tijunin Street l a act penned did was kidnapped by Ittie league wives a boy his Tattler g i Alton nation George and Sikes March Tor the killer of a rare need of newcomers g Star trek the next generation Oare s visit Sparks violence in stereo g Odd couple Oscar offends a guest baritone Artenio a to stereo Towel Ftve-0 to fit resurfaces n Hawaii in Pursuit of a visiting Ora Ign minister of air i 1 j pics in a to we wheel of Fortuna g lock the noun Dence music variety g working of in stereo g movie a poop Uko i Quot 1990. Drama Connie seances Ben Zazzara an attractive social climber and a revenge even journalist inter the privileged society of Manhattan s elite g Newt Best of Corson to stereo ate fight with David Letterman to stereo nows i i i int 14-a bugs Bunny i Paia cont d Aba basketball playoffs teams to be announced. Live g movie a Quot shift 1971, drama Richard Roundtree Moses Gunn. A Street detective tries to free the kidnapped daughter of a drug dealer movie Short Africa private Eye John Shaft is i tent to Ethiopia to infiltrate Otance to Europe slave smuggling Mig i life 1s-b spa near for min Hawk is assigned to steal Back a crooked judge s diary moonlighting a divorce lawyer asks meddle and David to Aid to reconciling a marriage movie 92 Grosvenor Square the head of British Anc intelligence at London s Oss wrestles with the Debra scientist who is unwittingly aiding the nazis kilted american on to have a Spenser for hire Spenser helps out a Texas teen Ager looking Tor her irresponsible lamer Mcgruder i loud a news reporter alls to love with Malcolm he a i a fat i i will 18-e cd Ilar Lital 11 a Tat Unin Ahni in w8wvbnl8llwf Newi Srour skyscraper testing an exterior Wall mock up a tenant makes costly demands g toted Gorbachev s with Hedrick Smith the Promise and problems of perestroika g local heroes global change looks at ways the world s politics can Block change part 2 of 4 movie is Quot proo Orting us Mara 1943, musical Judy Garland. Van Heflin a stage struck girl feds in love with a Broadway producer off air Dis 19-f mov a my ult flame 1 26 Mickey mouse club reunion Avonia Felix and Andrew find a mysterious Chest in the attic at the King farm g Vij a gentlemen prefer flt and a l953. Musical Matiyn Monroe. Jane russet 1 31 achievers adventures of Ozzie and Harriet brat Farrar part 3 of 3 envy Quot Jfe wort King Quot 1963, biography Kerum i Matthews. Sent Berger 1 35 Wirt 20 g cd focus on education empty chair Josh the Logan legend nature Quot the nature of Australia a portrait of the Island continent to stereo part i of 6 g local heroes global change looks at ways the world s politics can Block change part 2 of 4 Fred wiring s . Chorus off air i Sho 21-h movie who it 40 a Chadron Oft lesser god Quot 1986. Drama William Hurt. Marine Malm r g 1 57 a Bod scorpion 1989. Adventure Dolph Lindgren. M Emmet Walsh. I stereo r i 42 movie ims two Best friends enter College to escape being drafted into the Vietnam War. Only to eventually become caught up in the turmoil of the times 1 35 Amon con tap i it blood Hunt i to stereo 1 29 1 no 22 movie big Trout in in China 1 38 Bebar aaa Quot Tho accused Quot 1988. Drama Jodie Foster. Keuy Mcgill in stereo r g 150 movie frantic an american doctor finds his top to a pans medical conference turned upside Down when hts wife disappears upon their am in stereo g 2-00 movie a wimp of duh a fading professional football player alls m i love with the to trend of a Small me Hood and becomes involved with Shady High stakes Reafes tafe dealings to stereo g 2 08 Max 23-1 movie eve a Short circuit r 1988. Comedy Fisher Stevens. Michael Mckean pm 1 50 movie jumping Jock flesh a Manhattan computer operator s Lite is fumed upside Down when a British intelligence agent trapped in Eastern Europe starts sending messages through her terminal. 145 a son no Boi Horn to fur 1989, comedy Gene Wilder Richard Pryor i stereo r g 143 movie coming to Amene an african pram chooses the come a tested ghettos of new York City As the logical place to begin hts search Tor a Bride to stereo g 1 56 Lampoon t voc obon i 38 i Gem 24-k cd news wheel of Fortuna g Rock the House dance music variety g working of i stereo g movie a poop Uko be Quot 1990. Drama Connie Seclecca. Ben Gazzara. An attractive social climber and a revenge Donven journalist enter the privileged society of Manhattan $ elite g news beat of Corson to stereo late night with David Letterman to stereo later War Bob i Costas to stereo 25-l Dannie Tho menace Dennis salts raffle ticket Looney tunes dotes Gefes bewitched Green acres Donna Reed Donna wants a new hair color Best of saturday night live Rowan a Martin s laugh in my three sons bub goes on a fishing trip Patty Duka Patty promotes British singers self improvement Guido american systems Gateway research i inn 26-m music now video in stereo Goate Juba fee in stereo on stage featured Linda Davis. Nathim now scheduled Diana Houseman. Mel tits Andy Andrews. Ava Barber in stereo Crook and Chase in stereo gospel Jubilee in stereo on stage featured Linda Davis Nathim now scheduled Diana Houseman. Mel till. Andy Andrews. Ava Barber in stereo Crook and i Chase in stereo i my 27-n 1/2 hour comedy hour Cohn Quinn s Al. J Manly wont mtg Prima Tima club mtg video disc jockey poet Modem mtg Remote control i Tkv 28-0 o currant affair Tonsa Tacto Mel Gibson Young riders As the civil War approaches the men of the Pony express debate g movie a Columbo murder in mm6t/�?� 1990 mystery Peter Falk. Andrew Stevens it Columbo forces a murder confession from a Gigolo Only to discover somebody else was behind the come g news hard copy Nighter r j Twilight zone a thief Sells hts soul g manna i can 29-p Awat Wawa flame a Vlf pm in kidnappers plan to abduct a Genius who knows secrets. Movie aaa a a a Carson Quot 1940, Western Jon had. Lynn ban a Boid Goose protects a Zamorma bound Wagon train from Indian raiders 700 Chih the rising storm changes in Eastern Europe and the soviet Union. Part 6 of to scarecrow and mrs. King Lee suspects a Well known agent m a series of murders movie Quot Ascarson Quot 1940. Western Jon Hail. Lynn ban a Boid Pioneer protects a Habtom inbound Wagon Tram from Indian raiders i Amo id movie Wanter burnout&Quot\\%2. Comedy Cary Grant Ginger Rogers. An Ebent a ended chemist stumbles on a formula to reverse the aging process movie we too Domon prefer Londot Quot 1953. Musical Marilyn a Onroe Jane Russell two show tos head Tor pans knowing diamonds Are a gut s beet Friend movie a Monitor toques Quot 1952. Comedy Cary Grant Ginger Rogers an absentminded chemist stumbles on a formula to reverse the song process Eerik a too Domon Proton i atoned Quot 1953. Musical Marilyn i Monroe Jane Russell Csan 31-i viewer ceb4n Contd supreme court coverage event of by Bey pubic Rodey conference Ruoc a wry i who cd Abc news g wheel of Fortune g Young riders As the civil War approaches the men of the Pony express Divide g movie a Columbo murder in mob us a iwo mystery Peter Falk. Andrew Stevens it. Columbo forces a murder confession from a Gigolo Only to discover somebody else was behind the crime g news night court Harry gels a team threat a at a part 1 of 2 nigh one g new used car showcase a Del pm a so by tries to organize a reunion a a so 21 Junto Sheet Little league coach Pentad discovers a boy was kidnapped by his lather g alien nation George and Sikes search Tor the Kilter of a rare Breed of newcomers g Star trek the next generation in stereo g Andy Griffith Goober out sags Barney. Leave n to Soever boys break a window now Uteri it to Beaver three company Benton Benson Teres a Crotchet of plumber Sanford and i y son j wrap cd Cosby show in stereo g who s the Bee Gyoung riders As the civil War approaches the men of the Pony express Divide g movie Quot Columba us Root in afea6u&Quot l990, mystery Peter Falk. Andrew Stevens. La. Columbo forces a murder confession from a Gigolo Only to discover somebody else was behind Tbs crime g in Wal love connection twin Star a nov Fuhri tighten g hmm Hail to stereo km0x a news Hamdy feud major dad in stereo part 1 of 2 g Nawf Start to stereo g Murphy Brown Corky plans to get Mamed g designing women the stereo a face to face Wah Connie Chung Dixie Carter Jimmy smite paying Back David Letterman g Newt toys Corory Tow Artemo Ned in stereo magnum pm. I Wyzzy cd Kate a atm Kate feels inadequate g growing pains 21 june Sheet Little league Cooch Pentad discovers a boy was kidnapped by in father g Alton notion George and Sikes search Tor the killer of a rare Breed of newcomers g Star trek the next generation Sarek s visit Sparks violence. In stereo g Star trek Captain Kirk marries a Beautiful woman and is oblivious to impending doom. Amorite be to stereo tee a no Wor out 1987 drama Kevin Costner. Gene Hackman j a top cd Lah ii i few now skyscraper testing an exterior Wail mock up a tenant makes costly demands g inside Gorbachev a .s.r. Witt Hedrick Smith the Promise and problems of perestroika g local heroes global change looks at ways the world s politics can Block change part 2 of 4 nightly i business report Usa Siau i and Rwy. Phi i wow Row amour off air i a can a news pm Magazine major Dod i Ina Hart in stereo part 1 i stereo g of 2 g i Murphy Brown Corky pions to got married g designing women in stereo g face to face with Connie Chun Dixie Carter. Jimmy smite paying Back David Letterman g i Newt a a so current affair Civ of inf Woi tonight actor Moi Gibson hard copy off air we rent Mats and dust Ops laundry a dry Cloa Nort frequent renters earn Points for free rentals i orally owned prestige video motion Al Lincoln Jacksonville Tili Tittl it Iii a military notes Navy Petty officer 2nd class Christopher j. Lacy son of Beth e. And Charles r. Lacy jr., of Virginia recently returned to Norfolk from deployment to the Mediterranean sea while serving aboard the destroyer stump Home ported in Norfolk. His wife Penny is the daughter of William h. And Opal Hefley of Beardstown. During the six month deployment the stump served As a flagship commander of Antisubmarine warfare and screen coordinator for an aircraft battled Lacy participated in numerous joint exercises with Allied forces and visited several countries including Turkey Italy France Israel Spain Tunisia and Egypt. He is a 1986 graduate of Virginia High school and joined the Navy in August 1986. Fright Marine pfc. Rob l. Wright son of Robert l. And Carol l. Wright 1117 Morton was recently selected distinguished graduate for the Basic Landing support course. During the four week course conducted at Marine corps Engineer school Marine corps base Camp Lejeune n.c., Wright received instruction in Landing support fundamentals generators camouflage and Field fortifications mine warfare demolitions amphibious operations and air operations. He is a 1989 graduate of Jacksonville High school and joined the Marine corps in july 1989. Clark army National guard private George m. Clark has completed military police training at the . Army military police school fort Mcclellan Ala. Students were trained in civil and military Law traffic control map Reading and self defense. Clark is the son of Mary l. And Russell e. Clark . I Jacksonville. Lawton Marine Cpl. Douglas p. Lawson son of Robert d. And Shirley g. Lawson of . I Beardstown re % with 1st Pendleton Cable channels Wawor Cooby show in stereo g Kate i Ante Alite and kale Cater a party g movie a 1990. Drama part i of 2 Keith Canadice. Valentina Yakuma. A former Ira terrorist and a Beautiful russian pianist Are All that stand Between a Kab Assassin and the Pope Newt 50 years ago comedy tonight today Jack Danny a few Riby Wittl Joe Franklin webs Jefferson major league Baa Eber Chicago Cuba at Atlanta Cravat. Uve movie a a a the Jyh wrap 1959. Western Jeff Chandler fess Parker ruthless men attempt to seize control of an entire state after the civil War National geographic explorer featured an exploration of two shipwrecks from the War of 1812 that lie at the Bottom of Canada s Lake Ontario Abe Alcasas fail firn maw a a a termites of pm Africa. World of survival an elephant safari. Kingdom of sit Sun profile of two cameramen As they aim dangerous wildlife sequences. Partners in crime Tommy and tuppence investigate a murder at a society Bali Peter when key unpleasantness at Tea Barona 6ub Wimsey investigates a death at a dub evening at the Haprov Host Ruth bum kingdom of tee Sun profile of two cameramen As they my dangerous wik life sequences. Part Nart in Cran Tommy and tuppence investigate a murder at atom Mayban for More detailed amp Complete listings refer to saturday s Quot what s on guide Indian poet shows All Days should be Earth Day some things about Earth Day my 1 Friend the late Thomas Wah Ahuna Ger Louis would not have under a a stood principally because he knew so much about the Earth. Or. Louis was extraordinary in several ways although his modesty never permitted him to dwell upon this once late in life he sent a half dozen pencilled pages of autobiography to a Friend requesting that the material be published Only after his death if at ail. His family name Ori genially was ground dog in the Dakota language his father changed it to Lus then to Lois and finally to Louis. The Dakota which Means a allies a Are popularly designated Sioux theirs was a North american Plains Indian confederation of Peoples of Siouan linguistic Stock. One division of the Western Dakota was the Brule or. Louis a father and Mother were pure blooded Brule Sioux. The heritage of these people was linked to the land for generations. Once they had lived in what became Wisconsin agricultural activity was a tradition with them and it is recorded that before the Middle of the 17th Century they were harvesting wild Rice and Beans. Eventually this practice ceased because they were forced onto the Western Plains and their life became increasingly nomadic. Some among them attempted to resist losing the land because it was both life and religion to them. Or. Louis a father was related to red Cloud and Joseph two prominent Indian leaders who participated in the resistance. Red Cloud was an Oglala chief who in 186s-67, led several Battles to halt construction of a fortified Road through Dakota Hunting grounds. He resisted successfully . Government development of the Bozeman Trail to newly discovered Gold Fields in what then was Montana territory the route would have run from fort Laramie in present Wyoming by Way of powder River to Montana. Chief Joseph the Mission educated son of a christianize Nez Perce led the resistance in 1877 to White takeover of Fertile Fields it in the Northwest where his present tense Everett s. Allen people had made remarkable Progress in the selective Breeding of horses. Or. Louis was born so Miles from fort Sill Oklahoma. Soon his parents were forced to move on to Montana they trekked to the Bighorn mountains and finally settled East of the Bighorn River in a four mile Long Village of about 1,500 Indian men women and children. They had hoped to remain there in relative Security but the circumstances of history led in another direction. When Thomas Louis was four his Mother died. When he was seven he heard the gunfire from the nearby Battle of the Little Bighorn he heard an account of that conflict from the indians who fought in it. As a result of the Battle he and his father moved again to Silverbow Montana. Here the father died leaving Thomas an orphan at is. In an ironic twist of events officers at a nearby . Army Post not Only befriended the Parent less boy but taught him to read and write English and made available to him the posts substantial Library. A i read every Book there a he said Quot including the in that Library he was introduced to the writers who shaped his mind and life Plutarch Scott Bacon Milton Byron Pope and Shelley As Well As Longfellow Emerson Poe and Walt Whitman. Quot i had a longing a he recalled later a to learn something of the White men and their wonderful world of finally having no family left he decided to move to the East coast. Jarmy officers at the Post made up a purse to pay his train fare. When i first met or. Louis in 1941, he had been writing Peotry and thoughtful letters for various publications for a half Century. Because of his experiences when Young he held two Basic convictions oppression a a the american Indian has been robbed ruthlessly because be dared to defend his heritage he has been treated unjustly and patriotism a a i say let the minds of the Young generation be imbued with the spirit of veneration for the Flag and the Honor of the if these views seem contradictory it is helpful to know that or. Louis always believed in the separateness of the principles of government upon which this country was founded the policy makers who changed from one administration to another and those assigned to carry out the policies whether or not they agreed with them. Moreover As or. Louis a facial expression always reflected composure his views revealed a sensitive yet always orderly mind. Asked How he came to write poetry his response was particularly Indian even though its phrasing reveals his indebtedness to the White poets whose works shape his own. Here is what he said a it is natural for me to write poetry. Long before Columbus my people roamed at will through this land. They stood by the sea and heard the Breakers Roar and Learned from them the music and poetry of the deep. In the sighing of the wind they heard poetry of the spirit world. They penetrated pathless Forest Depths roamed through Vales and Over mountains. They talked to nature in All her wondrous ways and Learned from her the poetry of life. Quot on they went my people with craving instinct to learn what nature had to Tell them some tires they crept along the sides of Moun Tain streams and heard with wonderment the poetry of falling Waters. They pursued nature in All her Mystic ways and Learned the poetry of her soul. From the Birds they heard songs that were of natures endless Book of poems. From every Blade of grass that grew from All the blossoms on the Trees they Learned to read the deathless poetry of Eterna life. Quot so in a certain Way i too have come through a natural Law to love poetry and song. From the dim shadows of the past from where the Sun now stands i seem to hear strange voices saying a invoke the Muse and and so i some statements of purpose Are remarkably unforgettable for me that remains one of them. Or. Louis who once wrote a i am flying Eagle a Sioux Brave and i Bow to the Sun gods face a was underscoring the native americans reverence for Earth and its creatures. To such people simplistically described As a a primitive these Days the Bonds Between All Earth forms a Birds animals plants and humans a embody daily fundamental truths because the principal ingredient of the linkage is life itself. We co exist Here. We need each other. Recognizing this the american Indian assumed brotherhood of All creatures and accepted a lifelong responsibility for caring about and for the natural world. Some among us have recognized this. When he was Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall observed Quot during the Long Indian tenure the land remained undefiled save for scars no deeper than the scratches of Cornfield clearings or the farming canals of the hoho Kams on the Arizona or. Louis would not understand Why every Day is not Earth Day. Once it was. Gently reported for duty Marine division Camp Calif. He is a 1985 graduate of Beardstown High school. Harper Navy Petty officer 2nd class Barry d. Harper son of Ronald g. Harper of Greenfield recently returned to Norfolk va., from deployment to the Mediterranean sea while serving aboard the amphibious assault ship iwo Jima Home ported in Norfolk. During the six month deployment the iwo Jima served As a flagship for the five ships which made up Mediterranean amphibious ready group 1-90. Harper participate in various amphibious exercises with naval forces from several other countries. Harper made visits to several countries including Spain France Italy and Israel. A 1977 graduate of Elkton High school in Elkton ore., he joined the Navy in september 1982. Long John silvers All you can eat Long Johns Home style fish fryes Cole Slaw amp hush puppies. Only $3.99 limited time oui i o we use 100% Crook it Tofoi tree vegetable shortening

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