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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Editorial serving the heart of Lncoln Dougla country since july 30, 1831. John r Power. Publisher amp general manager Buford Green managing editor Oliver West. City editor William s. Kilby. Farm business editor Bob Byers. Sports editor Julie Zook. Night City editor Pamela Olson society editor Dick Smith. Marketing manager Jim Ringle. Circulation manager Lloyd Summers. Production manager Mem Whitt on. Press room Foreman Bruce Shaler. Accountant if the Impact amounts to a recession the fed will have to pump out Money but that will come much too late from Bush s standpoint. Accordingly concurrent with the budget negotiations the White House must engage in Sotto Voce lobbying at the fed prospects for that Subtle Mission Are not Bright in View of the budget summits Early orchestration by the White House. The Republican floor leaders sen. Robert j. Dole and rep. Robert h. Michel exited the preliminary session releasing pent up desires for higher taxes. Attempting to modify that impression sen ate minority whip Alan Simpson ruled out income tax increases and ruled in every other Levy known to Mankind. Chief of staff John Sununu tried to overcome these reports by threatening a veto of a tax increase. Fearful that the democrats would abandon ship press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater was sent out to Call Sununu a formulation All of this Points to a budget Deal that includes a tax increase. However limited it will require a softer policy at the fed. To Supply siders that sounds like the old democratic formula a rejected every four years by voters a of High taxes and easy Money. It May also sound that Way to the Reagan appointed Federal Reserve Board which makes the presidents Gamble even riskier. Sets and ending the recession. But the economic landscape eight years ago was far different from today a. The 1982 fed under chairman Paul Volcker s Iron hand had completed an heroic wringing out of inflation at the Price of the worst economic slump since the great depression. Volcker in endlessly nagging for higher taxes was begging for a pretext to ease Money. Current fed policy tends More to caution than heroism in fighting inflation. Nor has there been pro tax lobbying from the 1990 fed. A not publicly a corrects a Bush aide. That suggests chairman Alan Greenspan whispers today what Volcker thundered in �?T82. But Greenspan is one among Many on the Federal Reserve Board presiding via consensus rather than Volc Kyrian diktat. Even if so inclined Greenspan could not ease without help from vice. Chairman Manuel Johnson and gov. Wayne Angel and they Are not so inclined. Johnson seen by the White House As its Man at the fed when this administration began did not sound like it during an off the record session last week that was reported to us. He predicted quite accurately that the White House would try to sterilize the damage of higher taxes by getting the fed to ease. He stressed that the fed could not Quot accommodate a budgetary agreement without first seeing its Impact. Synthetic the Gramm Rudman act. Its deficit reduction targets Are far out of sight primarily because of lower tax Revenue caused by tepid economic growth plus huge unanticipated costs in the savings and loan bailout. Thus after Early opposition from colleagues budget director Richard Darman prevailed on the president to seek a budget Summit. Its political Cost to Bush will be High Iii any event but could be catastrophic if stringent budgetary policy triggers a recession. That is where the fed comes in. Although they have kept quiet for months Bush economic policy makers believe the slow growth Economy can be traced to the feds Overly tight Money and High interest rates. So the White House Hopes for a rerun of 1982, when passage of the Terra tax increase was followed immediately by the feds Long awaited easing a energizing mar speaking out Best Way to be sure you re counted glance through the copy of your latest income tax return. The figures reveal a pretty substantial difference Between the a a Gross and the a net a do they not if your answer is a yes a then that makes you an official . Taxpayer because the difference Between your salary and what you will be putting in the Bank deems you so. The next question we might pose is a Are you completely Happy with the Way our government is handling the Money sent by you each pay period a and if the answer is Given either Way then someone in government should know How you feel. Write a letter to that effect. If the answer is a no a you probably have an idea As to How you would like your tax dollars used. Done to keep those Good ideas to yourself. Share them. You will be surprised at How Welcome your thoughts will be received in Washington or Springfield. But you have to share them first. Remember the greatest changes in government have been brought about by the people themselves. Our elected officials As they struggle with balancing budgets would appreciate suggestions from Home. Think about it. We hear from time to time the comment a i done to count a when someone is told that he or she As an individual could contribute a great Deal to the nation and the world in general or to the local Community in particular. A ooh in a a nobody a just one person a what in the world could i do a really a great Deal. For one thing if you re eligible is to Register to vote. Many people Are not registered mistakenly believing that their one vote does t count for much. Then there Are those who avoid almost like the plague responding to the census again thinking a a what a the Worth of one person a Many would like to sit Down and write a letter to their rep retentive or their state legislator or to their local newspaper. Everyone has an opinion but unfortunately most keep silent holding to the notion that one person does no to carry much weight. To those we might remind them that they indeed do carry a great Deal of weight and a lot More political clout than they realize. For example take a look at your latest paycheck stub. First look at the Gross wage figure on the stub but certainly nowhere on the Check you cashed and then look at several if you can to find the Check stub then banality shows How far Blacks have come other places. This is not to say that concern about crime is just sublimated racism. Fear is a fact so is governments frequent failure to secure a most frequently for Blacks a Domestic Tranquillity in neighbourhoods. Young the cosmopolitan Diplomat and big City mayor Rose from Georgia s Black religious culture which is primarily Rural. Now he must overcome not Only resistance based on race but also overlapping reinforcing resistance deriving from dislike of Atlanta. Georgia with a population less than one third Black has not elected a Republican governor in 122 years since reconstruction. Youngs rivals Benefit from the theory that a Black atlantean As nominee would mean a Republican governor. For a Man like Young who when Young was at the epicentre of an heroic drama it is not easy to summon passion for the subject of pecans. And in fact this Day when he is courting the roomful of democrats Young seems tired or at least Low on the electricity that most politicians can feign even when feeling drained. But he continues in the sedate sometimes plodding Vanguard of Black americans Long March through the institutions of american politics. The Point of the heroic period of his life a the protests the civil disobedience the voter registration campaigns and the rest a was to bring about for Blacks the blessed politics of banality the Day when Blacks and Whites could compete in elections that turn on the question of who can Best promote pecans. Victory in the cold War a when they come out from behind the Iron curtain they Are singing a we shall overcome a a Georgia Baptist and he has a crime related idea for getting special benefits for Georgia from the coming military build Down just As it especially benefited from the decades of build up thanks to the late sen. Richard Russell and the late rep. Carl Vinson chairmen of the armed services committees and russells heir sen. Sam Nunn. A lot of servicemen live in Georgia and Are worried about their futures. Young notes that someone drawing both a military pension and a teacher s salary can live Well Here. An infusion of retired military men into Georgia schools would give a lot of Young georgians what they need most male role models who Are professional disciplinarians. And former military men who do not want to teach could run a Boot Camps where Youthful offenders could be incarcerated at an annual Cost of $5,000 each instead of $30,000 in regular prisons. Young the former United nations ambassador and former congressman has crowded a lot of political history into his 58 years. He was with Martin Luther King Early and at the end a on the Motel Balcony in Memphis. His endorsement of Jimmy Carter was important to Carter s presidential nomination. Today one senses in him a melancholy longing to change the subject to talk about pecans carpets anything but race. But crime keeps race on Georgia s mind As on the minds of Many Atlanta a Andrew Young the Black Democrat trying to become governor of the state that general Sherman made exceedingly democratic turns a rhetorical Corner in his talk to a roomful of democrats who Are shopping for a gubernatorial nominee and comes Down hard on an Issue he Hopes will be salient pecans. Increased exports of. And carpets chickens soybeans textiles. As governor he says he will expand exports As he did during two terms As Atlanta s mayor. And he Hopes that before election Day in november he can bask in the glow of a $4 billion import the 1996 olympic games for Atlanta. Economics that a what he wants to talk about. But what he must talk about because his rivals for the nomination do so incessantly is crime particularly Atlanta s. They say for example that Atlanta has a higher pickpocket rate than new York. Young should reply Heck most new yorkers probably done to even report that crime. If nothing More horrible happens in a Day they sigh with Relief. What Young does say is a lot about punishment including his new support for capital punishment a the state has got to have the right to put mad dogs to As mayor a i went to too Many six policemen a and court rulings have reduced the likelihood of racially disparate Impact of capital punishment. And there is a lot of a Black on Black crime and a lot of Black lawyers judges and prosecutors saying something must be and although he does not think capital punishment deters it seems to satisfy some desire for eighty percent of georgians agree. Young puts a novel wrinkle on the popular pastime of taking credit for glance into the past reporter yesterday a tape worm 75 feet Long which had just been taken from a Young Man living in the Eastern part of the county. . Fox the jeweler who was so Well known in Jacksonville died sunday in Canton from the effects of an attack of la Grippe. Or. Fox was in business in this City for Many years. Hicks Nevius and son of Calhoun county Are in the City attending the sunday school convention and visiting relatives. 120 years ago yesterday or. Wakely who for a year past has been sojourning in England returned to the City. The Toledo Railroad has put on another passenger train a the Cincinnati a through this City going West at to a m. And East at 2 . Sonville died Early thursday at passavant Hospital. Or. Bourn was a retired mail Carrier and served As a night watchman at Macmurray College after his retirement. He was bom dec. 5, 1882, in Morgan county. Peter of Toole and Petula Clark Star in a goodbye or. Chips at the time theatre. Adv so years ago Eliza Jane Clifford 96, Virginia a oldest citizen died sunday morning at her Home. She was born Mach 31, 1844, in Kirksville ky., and had been a resident of Virginia since she was 16 years old. Two planters were started saturday in the Fields prepared for the growing of Corn on farms of the Jacksonville state Hospital. About 350 acres of Corn will be planted for the institutions use this year. 10 years ago Thomas Young principal of Jack Sonville High school has announced that the schools accreditation has been extended by the North Central association. Junk to jewels and everything in Between will be featured this saturday and sunday in the second semiannual giant Flea Market in Central Park Plaza. Choose from the areas largest and finest selection of Patio and Lawn furniture. Hamm a Home furnishings 1711 w. Morton ave. Adv 20 years ago Harris Rowe president of Central National life insurance co., will be installed As president of the Jacksonville area chamber of Commerce Friday night. Frank Bourn 87, of . 3, Jack opening dance at Nichols Park Pavilion May 15. Rex Maxfield and his orchestra. Adv 75 years ago John w. Richardson died wednesday evening at the family residence 613 East College Avenue. He was born Jan. La. 1846, in Jacksonville and for Many years was employed at the Chicago Peoria amp St. Louis Railroad car shops. The new Yard of the . Andrews lumber co. Has been completed and the offices were removed wednesday from the Annex across North main Street where they have been located since the fire last november. Or. And mrs. Earl Goheen of South main Street became parents of a son wednesday. Too years ago or. E f. Baker showed a journal Bible digest a and when the pharisees saw it they said unto his disciples Why eat eth your master with publicans and sinners a a Matthew 9 11 Jesus is a Friend of sinners. He loves you. Accept this love. Let him become the lord and master of your life. A i will sing the mercies of the lord for Ever with my Mouth will i make known thy faithfulness to All a psalm 89 1 gods love and faithfulness Are great words for any conversation and any song. A let the redeemed of the lord say u a will not tolerate. Life of Tihomir is y Holck Polit Iken Copenhagen Denmark Mike the Jerusalem Post Jerusalem Israel Moir Sydney morning Herald Sydney Australia Boerger the daily to min Tokyo Japan Turner the Irish times Dublin Ireland d0um0nt Diario Tiempo san Pedro Sula Honduras a i a wok a of Csc weapons Nicaragua cop get �1990. Cartoonist i amp writer Syndicate opinions ideas analyses Jacksonville journal courier monday May 14, 1990 4 pm Trutal Tarter Bush gambling on drop in interest rates

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