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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 3

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Short Man stands tall in Light of his work wwmi�?��., iii., Moody May 14, 1990 3 defense can avoid trap a out Abby please permit me to add my own experiences to those of the woman who signed herself a Kitty bitty Betty in Boise a who wrote about the problems she encountered because she is Only four feet to inches tall. She said she d been accused of trying to a a sneak into a rated movies a and needed two id s to go to a bar. Please done to feel disadvantaged by your Small stature and Youthful appearance. I am five feet Lvi inches tall and get a girl to dance with me in High school. Neither could i play football or basketball but i did win the 100-Yard dash my dream was to join the . Marine corps so upon graduation from High school in 1946 and after nine months of unsuccessful attempts to enlist received a height waiver from Gen. . Vandergrift then commandant of the Marine corps. I became the shortest Man in the Marine corps. Advice dear Abby in 1947, i was stationed in Hawaii with the tallest Man in the Marine corps. He was six foot nine incest during the korean conflict i got two Field promotions. I finished nine years in the Marine corps As first sergeant when i got an appointment As a Federal correctional officer at Alcatraz Island in 1955. Yes a All five feet i i inches of me i became a Black Belt in judo then a judo instructor. Subsequently i was a Deputy sheriff in Jacksonville Fla. I m no hero but i wore 17 ribbons on my Marine uniform and at 62, nobody takes me for a Day Over 50. A . Sr., Mobile Ala dear . At five feet Lvi inches you have a lot of Guys looking up to you. Semper i Sarge a dear Abby i always thought conversations Between social workers and clients were strictly confidential a like doctor patient relations. Eight years after my graduation from High school i was a a a suspect in a paternity Case and was interviewed by an old Biddy who later blabbed it All Over town. She did not mention that a second Guy was also a suspect and was also interviewed. Nor did she consider my constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Abby How can anyone in this situation Clear his name after what this Blabbermouth said ? unfortunately my innocence was proven later a when the girl gave birth to months and three Days after my last Date with her a longtime Reader dear Reader you could sue for defamation of character but that would require proving that the gossip damaged you. You would also have to provide witnesses to testify that a the old Biddy blabbed if its any contortion you re in prestigious company. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln said a if i were to read much less answer All the attacks made on me this shop might As Well be closed for any other business. I do the very Best i know How the very Best i can and i mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out All right what is said against my won t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong then Angels swearing i was right would make no Success in a particular Deal frequently depends on which Side must first play a key suit. Today s Deal from a team of four Competition shows How precise defense can avoid an end position trap West led the King of hearts when East followed with the six spot. West switched to the two of diamonds. East played the Queen and South took the Ace. South then Drew two rounds of Trumps and played another Diamond East won the King. And played Jack and another heart. Declarer ruffed Bridge James Jacoby Cross wives Are chirping different tune a dear Ann Landers i will not sleep tonight if i done to respond to a chirping in san Bernardino Quot the woman who is feeling so smug about being a the other i am not As stupid As you think. I know who you Are and How Long you have been sneaking around with my husband. You wonder Why i Haven t thrown him out because i sat Down one Day and asked myself that Well known Ann Landers question a would my life be better with him or without him a i decided that for the time being at least i am a lot better off with him and that a the Way its going to be until i decide otherwise. Meanwhile i Hope you choke on a chirp. A Vancouver dear readers that a just for openers. The response from Che ated on wives has been staggering. Take a look at what in be been blowing through from new York you say a everybody s Happy and nobody gets Hurt Wake up and smell the Coffee Dummy. The kids know their father is running around and they advice Ann Landen have lost a lot of respect for him. You Are wasting your youth on this Man who will never marry you. One of these Days your biological clock will have ticked its last Tock and you will realize what a bad Deal you made. From fort Worth please Ann Tell that Lunatic who is chirping about How Happy she is with her married Lover that she s the third one in the last seven years. I have seen them come and go. And they keep getting younger and younger a a symptom of his immaturity and his fear of getting old. Why done to i divorce him because i am very comfy Honey and he has never mentioned the subject. Myrtle Beach . Nobody gets Hurt ? what brought you to that Brilliant conclusion our six year old wonders Why her father is never Home for dinner and Why he does no to take her to the zoo anymore. Our four year old keeps asking a a where a daddy a i can manage without the big Jerk but ifs awfully hard on the children. Its the most painful part of having an unfaithful husband. And i Haven t mentioned what this affair is doing to his parents but that a another letter. From Chicago the other woman is kidding herself. How terrific can her life be when she is alone on thanksgiving Christmas new years eve the fourth of july easter on his birthday my brith Day the kids birthdays Valentines Day two weeks in the summer and two weeks in the Winter How Happy can she be when she dare not be seen in Public with her Lover so they eat carryout in her Small apartment because he risk taking her to a restaurant they can never enjoy a concert together a play a party with friends or even a movie. Get real woman. Your life is the pits and you know it. From Clearwater Fla the other woman in san Bernardino feels she s not taking anything away from the wife because the wife gets status Security a Home a car Good clothes jewelry and All the financial benefits i did t marry my husband for any of those things. I married him because i loved him. And i still do. I am a patient woman. What goes around comes around. It May take a while but hell be Back from Topeka chirping sounds More like a dumb Cluck to me. The wife with a husband who cheats has to worry about herpes venereal warts and a variety of other sexually transmitted diseases. And so does his mistress. If he cheats on his wife he is probably cheating on her As Well. Good Luck sap. West North k-14-90 a a k j 8 a 9 8 fat 4 a ,1 .1 a kor Kast a to 4 a 5 3 a a k q 3 a j to 6 a to 7 i 2 a k g 9 it 4 a .14 2 a g i 3 Sot til a q 9 7 6 2 a 7 2 a a 5 a a to 7 5 vulnerable neither dealer North Smith West North fast i a i a 14 ,1 a 3 a pass 4 a All pass opening Lead v k eventually when Declarer got around to playing clubs he could not avoid another loser at the other table West was careless after the King of hearts he cashed the heart Queen since his partner had followed with the six and to. He knew the Jack was with East he now switched to a Diamond but look How the defensive play differed from the play at the other table Declarer won the Diamond Ace played a Spade to Dummy a Jack and ruffed a heart. He then played a second Spade to Dummy s King and ruffed the last heart the defenders were now exhausted of Trumps South played a Diamond won by East a King East was forced to play a club Declarer played the opponents for split club honors and brought in the suit without a loser James j amb is beaks Jamb in Bridge and jambs on a re Dames i writ ten with his father. The late Oswald Jacoby Arr now available at Boi Storrs both Arr published by Phams books a Imp. Of psf apr r Enterprise Assn Johns Hopkins developing new lipreading computer by Valerie Meehan the associated press allergies can cause bad sinus problems int or. Lamb for the last three years i have had trouble breathing through my nose. In the summer months no problem. The trouble is in the Early Spring or late fall and Winter. In the fall if in a exposed to pretty Strong wind i will have to sit up at night to breathe through my nose a no trouble breathing through my Mouth. This condition continues and i have a cold about All the time and cough up quite a bit of mucus. One or the other of my nostrils stays stopped up and both Are moist All the time. This is worse at night than in the daytime. I live on a farm and if in a out working i Seldom notice this condition or hard breathing. My doctor said it was an allergy so he gave me a shot and some Antibiotic pills. That lasted about 30 Days. Then the same thing occurred again and another doctor gave me antibiotics and they did no to do any Good. Is there some kind of surgery that would cure this is this sinus trouble ? i neither smoke nor drink. During attacks i put Neo syn Ephrine in health doctor Lamb my nostrils and get Quick Relief for about six hours. Dear Reader since you have already seen a family doctor i think you should see an allergist. Mechanical obstruction of the nose can cause difficulty breathing through the nose but that should be persistent. The seasons you describe Are confusing but you can have allergic rhinitis at any time of the year from a variety of different things that cause an allergy. I would even wonder about your heating system As a possible source of allergy. Allergies do cause sinus prob lems and the treatment is for the allergy. Antibiotics do not help allergies. They May relieve associated infections. Allergic rhinitis which is what we Are talking about May cause persistent symptoms of a cold when it is actually an allergy and not an infection. I have discussed such conditions in special report 39, a help for allergic rhinitis a which i am sending you. Others who want this report can Send $2 with a Long stamped self addressed envelope for it to the health letter dept. 39, . Box 19622, Irvine Calif. 92713. Identifying and avoiding the cause of an allergy is the Best treatment. In addition antihistamines can be used. Some Low dose nasal sprays that contain corticosteroids that Are not dangerous Are helpful. And in some cases nasal rom Spray can be used on a regular basis to prevent attacks. Daar or. Lamb i eat out in restaurants several times a week. Lately in be become suspicious that i must be sensitive to mag Mon sodium glutamate. Two to three hours after in be eaten i become ill with flu like symptoms. I feel generally ill with severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea. This lasts from four to five hours and sometimes into the next Day. I have asked if they use mag and am usually told no. I do not become ill when i prepare my own food. Dear Reader there Are Many things besides mag that can cause food intolerance including sulfite in a variety of food. Mag is simply one unit of sodium attached to one unit of glut Mic acid a an amino acid common in the protein in your food. It is a sodium Salt. It has been used for centuries without ill effect. Some people who have thought they had a sensitivity to mag have been proved not to. But some people can be sensitive to mag just As some Are sensitive to tomatoes or any number of other foods in common use by the Public. Or Lamb welcomes letters from readers with health questions you can write to him at Box 19622, Irvine Calif 92713 although or Lamb cannot reply to All letters personally he will respond to selected questions in future columns almanac the associated press today is monday May 14, the 134th Day of 1990. There Are 231 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on May 14,1948, the Independent state of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv As British Rule in Palestine came to an end. The United states immediately recognized the new jewish state. On this Date in 1643, Louis Xiv became King of France at age 4 upon the death of his father Louis Xiii. In 1787, delegates began gathering in Philadelphia for a convention to draw up the . Constitution. In 1796, English physician Edward Jenner administered the first vaccination against smallpox to an 8-year-old boy. In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana territory left St. Louis. Ship All 40 Crew members were released safely by Cambodia but some 40 . Servicemen were killed in the operation. In 1988, 27 people most of them in 1904, the first olympic games children were killed when the to be held in the United states Church bus they were Riding in col opened in St. Louis. Heed w11 a pickup going the wrong in 1942, the women a auxiliary Way on a Highway near Carrollton army corps was established. By in 1955, representatives from. In years ago president Carter eight communist bloc countries in inaugurated the department of eluding the soviet Union signed the health and human services the Warsaw pact in Poland. Successor to the department of in 1973, the United states Laun health education and welfare Ched a skylab one a its first Man which was re formed to create a today a birthdays opera Singer Patrice Munsel is 65. Movie producer George Lucas is 46. Actress Francesca Annis is 46. Actress season Hubley is 39. Rock artist David Byrne is 38. Thought for today Quot life was a funny thing that occurred on the Way to the Quentin Crisp English author 1908. Baltimore a done to try to whisper secrets around the new computer at Johns Hopkins University. Its learning to read lips. A decade Short of the Century when Hal the voice activated computer in the movie "2001 a space Odyssey talked eavesdropped and read lips scientists arc developing the rudimentary techniques that could make a Hal possible. Ben Yuhas a doctoral candidate in electrical and computer engineering has a More immediate goal. By teaching a computer to lip read Yuhas Hopes to improve the Quality of speech recognition systems a machines that operate on verbal commands. Yuhas is training a computer to use sight to filter sounds much As people watch each others faces when conversing in a noisy room. A the idea is to use the visual signal to clean up the acoustical signal because that is the Way humans do it Quot Yuhas said. Because existing speech recognition systems operate poorly when there is a lot of background noise their application is limited. But applications could include air plane cockpits where a Pilot giving voice commands would have his hands free a factory floor or courtroom even a car phone that could dial while the Driver kept both hands on the wheel. Yuhas using a a neural network program on a digital computer trained the computer to read the lips of a Man pronouncing vowels on a video laser disc while the computer listened to the voice on a separate track corrupted by background noise. The computer gradually improved its ability to identify sounds after looking at the picture and listening to the sound. Yuhas has also begun teaching the computer diphthongs and simple sentences but he said commercial application is Likely years away. Neural network programs mod eled on biological systems depart from conventional digital computers where processing is sequential and the rules governing How the computer thinks have to be reprogrammed. Computers that use neural networks create their own problem solving pathways As they go. Terry Sejnowski a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of California san Diego and Leader in the neural network Field said Yuhas on an elementary level trained a computer to accomplish what people instinctively do assimilate a lot of information from diverse sources and make sense of it. Quot this is not an isolated example but one of Many advances that we re seeing and will continue to see where neural networks Are applied to major unsolved problems in speech processing in vision research and in motor control a said Sejnowski who supervised Yuhasz thesis. The Field of neural networks has provided scientists with Quot great insight into How the brain works and thus has led to advances in training computers to recognize patterns said Anthony n. Michel Dean of the University of notre Dames College of engineering. Like humans neural networks he said a Are Good at doing things Panda birth a Yyvan Jingo was the first giant Panda bred by artificial insemination she was born in 1978 in the Bei it ing zoo notes the kids world almanac. Ned space station. In 1975, . Forces raided the cambodian Island of Koh Tang and recaptured the american merchant separate education department. One year ago Peronis candidate Carlos Saul Menem won Argentina a presidential election. For a Low fat Taco just add Beans dear Polly a my family loves tacos but in a supposed to Cut Back on red meat. Do you have any ideas for tacos that Are lower in fat and cholesterol s b. Polly s pointers Polly Fisher dear so. A the Best Low fat High nutrition Taco filling is Beans i simply mix a can or two of Pinto White Pink or kidney Beans or a combination with enough bottled Salsa to moisten. Heat and then serve a scoop of Beans in a Taco Shell with the traditional Taco fixings such As chopped tomatoes shredded lettuce and minced onion. If you can to eat a Taco without a sprinkling of shredded cheese choose Low fat or part skim milk cheese. A Dollop of non fat Yogurt is another tasty addition. Tacos can also be made with ground Turkey seasoned in the same Way As ground beef. This is higher in fat than Beans but generally lower than beef. In a sending you a copy of my newsletter a vegetable varieties Quot which offers recipes for a delicious vegetarian Taco salad As Well As other main dishes and Side dishes starring vegetables. It should also help you Cut Down on meat consumption. Others who would like a copy of this Issue should Send $1.25 for each copy to Polly a pointers in care of this newspaper to. Box 93863, Cleveland of 44101-5863. Be sure to include the title. A Polly dear Polly a when washing windows on both the Interior and exterior sides wipe them dry vertically on one Side and horizontally on the other if there Are any streaks you will know which Side they Are on without going Back and Forth. A Evelyn Polly will Send you a Polly Dollar $1 if she uses your favorite Pointer Peeve or problem in her column. Write Polly s pointers in care of this newspaper. A 1990 newspaper Enterprise Assn free hearing tests at Jacksonville medical Center 1440 we Walnut bldg. 2, lower level suite #6 Ron Lamontagne a certified hearing Aid audiologist with 25 years experience will provide free hearing tests a May 15 a 9 a.m.-12 noon if you suspect a hearing loss if you sometimes a hear a but done to understand the words you should take advantage of this offer of a free hearing test which takes about ten minutes. Shut ins Are invited to Call and arrange for a test in the privacy of your Home. Call 245-9595 or. Lamontagne will also clean and service any hearing Aid regardless of where it was purchased no charge no obligation. Fresh batteries and service available for ail brands. Ron Lamontagne and associates a we re the hearing Aid place 310 Hast Adams Springfield Call 528-4693 for appointment a career i yours As a professional hair designer a satisfying career artistic fulfilment and competitive salary after Only a year yes1 your professional styling instructors and the red Ken scientific educational systems you can have it all1 an exciting and profitable career As a professional hair designer is yours for the asking1 Call us for Complete information Van mme Dik Arona Wlms Al do in undergraduate school of cosmetology 300 w. Carpenter. Springfield 753-8990 1 you and your health t facing up to arthritis while it is not possible to cure arthritis chiropractors can help arthritic patients Cope with the disease. Manipulative techniques May improve the Range of motion which is often restricted by this affliction of the joints. The chiropractor can provide arthritic patients with information about Correct walking sitting standing and sleeping postures that May relieve undue stress to joints. Special exercises May be prescribed and heat therapy employed. Dietary control May also be appropriate. The goal of All the chiropractors efforts is to keep the joints As Mobile As possible. If this is achieved patients May stay functional longer As they face structural degeneration of the joints. Rather than sit and mask the pain with pills arthritis sufferers should try to alleviate it with education and action. Chiropractic treats the cause of a problem not the symptoms. We do not use drugs or surgery but instead we concentrate on the restoration of Normal biological balance to the body. Throughout years of Healing chiropractic has produced remarkable results without the Side effects associated with drugs. Call the Jacksonville chiropractic Center to Day for an appointment at 243-5438. We Are located at 1807 w Lafayette Street. We re open from 8 to 6 p m. Monday through Friday. We accept Mastercard and visa. Its the pain and stiffness of arthritis Are not necessarily products of age. Adv

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