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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 2

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois . Urged to regulate Antarctic tour Industry by William r. Cormier the associated press new York a . Tour operators Are planning to Send a record 4,000 or More travellers to Antarctica prompting Calls for strict government regulation to protect penguins other wildlife and the very Fate of the Frozen continent. Quot the number of tourists visiting Antarctica has More than tripled in the past five years Quot said Bruce Manheim a Washington activist of the environmental defense fund who Calls existing controls inadequate. Antarctica has become a Quot hot travel destination for the 1990s, beckoning older americans seeking More adventure than Europe and hoping to see a fragile Frontier land visited by Only a privileged few in their youth. They Are fueling fresh growth in the adventure travel Industry an estimated $1.3 billion a year phenomenon. About 800 american tourists travelled to Antarctica in 1988,3,000 in 1989, and tour operators expect at least 4,000 in the december february summer season. Quot there a clearly a trend toward these Type of expeditionary visits to Remote places in the world a said Manheim he filed an Appeal tuesday with the government urging More regulation. Quot we Are not trying to prohibit tourists from going to Antarctica we just think tourism is something that has to be regulated carefully Quot he said concern mounted after the january 1989 grounding of the Argentine naval ship Bahia Paraiso in which an estimated 175,000 Gallons leaked into Marine habitats killing seals penguins and other Marine life. Particularly worrisome to critics Are the plans of Ocean cruise lines of fort Lauderdale to Send the largest cruise ship in years to Antarctica the 460-passenger Ocean Princess. Hates begin at $3,895 per person for a double occupancy Cabin on its three wine and caviar cruises which Are Selling briskly. The trips begin dec. 22. Manheim s Appeal is urging the government to place strict controls on helicopter flights near wildlife Sites guidelines on tourist observation of penguins and seals and coordination of cruise ship visits to Breeding grounds. Quot a year after Antarctica a most significant environmental disaster we still done to have regulations to prevent similar catastrophes Quot said Manheim. The . Government responds that regulations Are already in place. Quot we have tried and we believed we have dealt successfully with the explosion of Antarctica tourism Quot said Jack Talmadge of the National science foundation which regulates . Activities in Antarctica. Talmadge said the psf has issued tourist regulations established a mechanism for assessing fines for violations and taken Steps to limit visits to . Research stations. Although 16 nations Fly flags in Antarctica and seven claim slices of it no nation holds title to the continent which is larger than the United states and Mexico combined. Military flights and Small ships carrying about too tourists have been frequent modes of travel to Antarctica since the first tourists visited in 1958. Now the chilean government has opened a spartan hotel at its Teniente Marsh station on King George Island and la Chile airlines began flights there last year. Australian entrepreneurs have proposed a five Story hotel Airstrip and hovercraft Dock. The Canada based adventure network currently flies tourists to one South pole station. But the bulk of the tourists Are americans conservationists say the United states should therefore take the Lead in adopting a Model regulatory policy. Quot the tourist visiting Antarctica is a determined environmentalist an avid Lover of wildlife and i can assure you that no tourist a not one a has Hurt or killed a Bird or animal a said Lars Erie Lindblad an Antarctic travel Pioneer who will lecture aboard the Ocean Princess. James Barnes with friends of the Earth in Washington says the tourists often return Home More committed environmentalists. Nonetheless he said Quot the scale of these activities is growing at such a Pace that it does provide cause for Young moslem urge rim. Of cake holy War to throw India out of Kashmir Muzaffar Abao Pakistan apr snowy peaks of the Pir pan Al look Down on Dusty bazaars and winding alleys where Young moslem speak of a holy War for Kashmir. Voices muffled by brightly coloured bandannas that cover their faces they pledge themselves to a Freedom or death struggle against a mighty Indian army in what they Call their Homeland. A their goal is Independence for Jammu Kashmir the Only predominantly moslem state in the overwhelmingly hindu nation of India. Leaders of the movement plan a government in exile As refugees fleeing across the mountains pitch tents on the Pakistan Side of the Border the focus of periodic skirmishes and two wars. The plotters of Kashmir s jihad or holy War Are Short on weapons Money and guerrilla training so they turn for help to their moslem Brethren on another Battlefield Afghanistan. Quot there is no difference Between the afghan jihad and the Kashmir jihad Quot said Sheik Rashid a righting opposition Leader who has asked religious leaders in islam a holiest cities to declare jihad in Kashmir. Such a declaration would oblige All moslem to support a holy War. Both India and Pakistan have claimed the former princely state of Kashmir since Independence from Britain in 1947. They fought wars Over the Region in 1948 and 1965, and fears of another have Arisen. India accuses Pakistan of arming training and harbouring separatists in dozens of guerrilla Camps along the Border. Pakistan denies it and accuses India of using violent tactics against self determination. Pakistani officials and militant leaders estimate up to 8,000 people have slipped across the Border to what Pakistan Calls Azad free Kashmir since India cracked Down on the Jammu Kashmir separatist movement in january. The militants said they were inspired by prime minister Binazir Bhutto s emotional pledge Quot your blood is our blood Quot and had expected to receive weapons Money and training in guerrilla warfare in Pakistan. All they got the men said was food shelter and the right to speak their minds. Quot the cause we Are fighting for is self determination Quot said Ghulam Mohammad Safi. Quot our cause is a just cause a holy War but Pakistan is doing Safi leads Herb us Mujahideen or party of islamic holy warriors the most militarily organized of six Kashmiri groups based in Muzak Garabad capital of Azad Kashmir. Quot Pakistan supported the afghan resistance we expect something More a said Safi a 40-year-old former schoolteacher who left Jammu Kashmir in March. Quot the Pakistan army did no to intervene in Afghanistan. We expect Pakistan to wage War against is. Bhutto a government says it does not want another War with India and has called for negotiations. The Leader of the Jammu Kashmir liberation front Leader of the Independence movement said any agreement reached without the consent of the kashmiris would be doomed. Quot we have our own Agenda Quot said Raja Muzaffar Khan. Quot we Are determined to win our Freedom any Way possible by any Means Khan said they have bought weapons with Money from kashmiris living in the United states and Europe and from Arab countries. Quot Well buy More As the need arises Quot he said. Nearly 1,500 men have gone to Afghanistan for combat training with guerrillas who have spent 12 years trying to overthrow the soviet backed government in Kabul militant leaders said. Abdul Qayyum president of Azad Kashmir said the leaders of afghan guerrilla groups had offered help it the offers were declined. Leaders of the militants Are trying to draft a Constitution form a common strategy and set up military planning and recruiting committees but appear As divided As the afghan resistance. Quot its one thing to sit in air conditioned offices and make lofty plans a Qayyum said. Quot they have no responsibility no code for the lives of other Quot you can teach an afghan How to handle a gun in an hour Quot he said. Quot afghans Are born militants. It s their nature its in their blood. Kashmiris have been Pacific costs Over the centuries. We Don t know How to floods Force evacuations in Texas and Louisiana the associated press weather temperatures High sunday 65 at 2 30 . Low 50 record High 91 in 1932 record Low 37 in 1936 year ago High 72 year ago Low 43 precipitation in inches to4 . Sunday.1.13 so far this year.16.88 last year by this date.7.31 Normal year to date.11.73 so far this month.4.52 Normal monthly total to Date 1.87 Jacksonville and Vicinity monday partly sunny and warmer a 30 percent Chance of thunderstorms High 75 to 80, South winds 10 to 20 Mph. Monday night partly Cloudy Low in the Middle or upper 50s. Tuesday a 30 percent Chance of thunderstorms High 75 to 80. Extended Outlook wednesday through Friday Chance of thunderstorms wednesday and thursday. Warm with highs in the upper 70s to the upper 80s. Lows in the 60s. Cooler on Friday with highs in the 60s North and 70s South and lows in the 50s and lower 60s. Monday May 14 Sunset today.8 07 . Sunrise tomorrow.5 47 . Moonrise tomorrow.12 35 . Last 17 near the Moon tonight appears the planet Saturn which is about 883 million Miles beyond the Moon tonight. Regional weather monday May 14 Loco Weatter forecast Tor daytime Condo font and High temperatures it of xxv Vij Billings 63� i a Tokyo a pedestrians Are dwarfed sunday by a huge decoration shaped As a birthday cake installed at a store facade. The decoration was built to Mark the opening of a children a goods Annex. Flooding forced More residents of Low lying areas to pack up and leave sunday in Texas and Louisiana and county jail prisoners and volunteers Laboured to reinforce levees with sandbags in Arkansas. A steady heavy downpour compounded the flood threat in Louisiana and flooded streets throughout the new Orleans area. Record flooding continued in Texas where 7,000 people had been urged to leave Low communities along the Trinity River. The swollen red River continued to put pressure on levees in Arkansas and its flood Crest threatened communities downstream in Louisiana. Oklahoma flood victims have begun cleaning up except around gorged Lake Texoma. The leading Edge of the flood Crest on the Trinity had reached Lake Livingston North of Houston. Liberty county officials said sunday that water was pouring Over the reservoirs spillway at a rate of 50,000 cubic feet of water per second More than twice Normal. Liberty county judge Dempsie Henley said officials expect the flow to double by tuesday. He issued an evacuation warning urging 7,000 residents of communities downstream from the lakes dam to pack up and leave. Many roads in the area were already under water. In southwestern Arkansas Miller county prisoners joined volunteers and county personnel in sandbagging operations near the red River City of Garland. Quot the levee had two major leaks Friday and saturday but they be been repaired and they Are expected to hold Quot said Gary Talley of the state office of emergency services. Quot the water is flowing under the levee and bubbling up on the other Side. They re trying to stack sandbags to try to keep it contained but can to get sandbags where they re needed because they can t get trucks in officials asked that a borrowed Texas National guard helicopter be diverted from hauling feed to cattle stranded by High water so it could be used to haul sandbags to Garland. The red River at Garland was expected to Rise a half foot or More because of heavy rain in the area saturday Talley said. If the levee Breaks about 250 to 300 Homes would be affected in the town of 660, he said. In neighbouring Hempstead county dynamite experts cleared Trees in the River to enable a National guard Barge to help feed and evacuate stranded cattle from islands of High ground along the River. Downstream on the red River in Louisiana up to 600 Square Miles of land is expected to flood this week and up to a third of that will be Farmland sen. Bennett Johnston said sunday. Quot it will be a major agricultural disaster. It la be a flood event such As we have not experienced since 1945,&Quot the Louisiana Democrat said after meeting with army corps of engineers officials. The River will flood Winter wheat Fields ready for Harvest and soybean Fields will be too wet to Plant until june at least Johnston said. Up to Soo Homes and Camps Between the levees and the River will be inundated he said. The River hit flood stage a 32 feet a saturday in Alexandria and was expected to Rise an additional to feet before cresting on May 21. Rising water had already forced several dozen people to leave Homes in surrounding Rapides Parish said civil defense director Bill Godron. Highway Money caught in deficit fight by Robert Greene the associated press Washington a your Highway dollars Are at work in Washington but they re not necessarily building roads and Bridges. More people Are complaining that the dollars coming from the 9.1-cent-a-gallon Federal gasoline tax and other user fees Are maintaining a rickety budget machine instead. On Capitol Hill the Bush administration and congressional analysts Are trying to explain Why More available Highway Money Isnit being spent for its intended purposes. Quot our roads and highways Are victims of a Highway mistrust fund Quot sen. Harry Reid d-nev., charged at a hearing last week. Fellow Senate Nevada demo crat Richard h. Bryan has introduced legislation that would require $3 billion extra in projects to be approved in the each of the next three years. The Highway account of the Federal Highway Trust fund takes in Between $13 billion and $14 billion a year from the gasoline tax a 15-cent-per-gallon diesel fuel tax and other user fees. Part of the fund is used for mass transit projects. Spending from the Highway or similar funds such As for aviation counts in figuring the Federal deficit. Likewise revenues count against it. Rep. Bob Mcewen a Ohio has a Bill that would remove the Highway fund from Overall budget calculations. The fund began with the Federal Aid Highway act of 1956, which created the nations interstate High ways. The Law specified that the 75 percent to 90 percent Federal share of the state run projects be financed by the so called Highway user fees. Congressional Public works committees and the department of transportation authorizes projects. Dots Federal Highway administration apportions the so called contract authority yearly under a formula. This authority has a Dollar amount. But at the same time the spending committees Grant obligation authority which tells the states How much they can really commit themselves to spend. As a result of efforts to regulate outlays the administration and then later Congress put ceilings on obligations. An unused Cash balance of $11 billion built up and has remained at that level for years. Both the general accounting office and the congressional budget office say about $7 billion to $8 billion of that balance could be committed this year based on projected income to the account. But a real problem is interest. The unspent balances earn about $1 billion a year in interest the result of the Treasury borrowing against the account. The fund has accumulated $15.6 billion in interest since 1956. The transportation department says $4.7 billion of that interest has been spent. The remaining $11 billion equals the Cash balance. Quot if spending is increased to use More of the interest that is accruing the Treasury will have to pay the resulting Bills Quot Kate l. Moore an assistant transportation Secretary testified last week. Economy continued from Page one Quot the danger is that fiscal policy taxes and spending and monetary policy interest rates wont be coordinated Quot said David Wyss senior economist at Dri Mcgraw Hill. Quot the fed should really Start loosening now to counteract spending cuts that would go into effect in october and a tax increase that would take effect in top fed policymakers will meet behind closed doors on tuesday to map monetary strategy but few analysts Are looking for any immediate credit easing Given current fed concerns that inflation remains a problem. The Bush administration has been unsuccessfully pressuring the fed for months to ease credit policies fearing that higher interest rates would slow the Economy and make the administrations deficit reduction goals unobtainable. In january the administration released a proposed budget for the 1991 fiscal year which begins oct. I that projected a deficit of $100 billion without any changes in policy. The administration proposed a $36 billion package of spending cuts and modest tax increases to reach the Gramm Rudman deficit reduction target of $64 billion. The administrations proposal was attacked at the time As Overly optimistic and events so far this year have proven the critics Correct. Interest rates have risen higher than the administrations forecast raising the Cost of financing the $3 trillion government debt. At the same time the Economy has not grown As fast bringing in less tax revenues. In addition the Cost of rescuing failed savings and Loans has skyrocketed. White House budget director Richard Dar Man now says the deficit absent any corrections could soar As much As $100 billion higher than the $64 billion target triggering massive across the Board spending cuts in both military and defense programs under the Gramm Rudman Law. Economists Are in agreement that arbitrary spending cuts of that magnitude would be harmful and it would be better to couple less draconian spending reductions with a package of tax increases. Opinions differ on racism and runoffs Cloudt Washington apr both Harvey Gantt and Andrew Young Are Black democrats seeking statewide office. But one wants a Runoff election and the other does no to highlighting one of the most. Sensitive divisions in Southern politics. Some analysts Call the Runoff system racist others say it simply assures that a party runs its strongest nominee. They agree however that minority and Liberal candidates almost always lose when forced into one on one runoffs with More conservative Whites. Runoff elections Are required in nine Southern and Border states if no primary candidate wins More than 50 percent of the vote on the first go round. In North Carolina the second place finisher can demand a Runoff if the top vote getter garners less than 40 percent. Gantt the former mayor of Charlotte got 38 percent of the vote in North Carolina s . Senate primary last week. He pleaded with second place finisher Michael Easley who is White to forgo a june 5 Runoff. I but Easley refused and is expected to pick up most of those who supported the other two losing White candidates in the democratic primary. The eventual Winner will take on conservative Republican sen. Jesse Helms in november. In Georgia Young is leading the democratic gubernatorial Field with about 30 percent of the vote. But he is opposed to a lawsuit filed last week that seeks to abolish the states Runoff system. Quot its heightening the tensions in the state Quot said Merle Black a politics and government professor at Emory University. Quot it makes it much harder for him to get the share of the White vote that he needs. He certainly does no to want the rules changed in the Middle of the Georgia a Runoff system was instituted in 1964 and sponsors of the legislation clearly indicated its purpose was to dilute Black political strength. But most Runoff systems originated Early in the Century when Blacks did not vote. The South had virtually no Republican party and a democratic primary Victory was tantamount to election. Runoffs were used to narrow the democratic Field and unify the party. Many political scientists swear by the principle of majority Rule and some believe the Runoff system should be Universal. Quot i done to think you want to get a party nominee who represents Only one fifth of the party Quot said Larry Saba Toof the University of Virginia. Quot i would personally favor a 40 percent or 45 percent cutoff and having a Runoff for All states because the dangers always present that you could get a very unrepresentative William Schneider a political analyst with the american Enterprise Institute said the runoffs in Many instances Are merely a Way for democrats to avoid nominating Blacks. Quot there a plenty of contest now from republicans in general elections Quot he said. Quot so what is the purpose of the Runoff to strengthen the party not necessarily. There a another unspoken purpose a to keep Fri fun nominating Blacks or it could in i dates. Phrased a weaker Candi Tarkam Timur journal Tarter uses 272-460 second class postage paid at Post office Jacksonville Illinois. Published daily and sunday at 235 West state St. Jacksonville. Iii. 62651. Postmaster Send address changes to Jacksonville journal courier 235 West state St., Jacksonville. Ill 62651. Subscription rates delivered by Carrier $2 per week. 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