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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Jacksonville, Illinois Jarks Murille journal Courte oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois vol. 155�?no. 282 Jacksonville Illinois. Friday May 9, 1986 Twenty pages�?35 cents Friday news at a glance reporters allowed into Ukraine arms talks resumed a Geneva apr the superpower arms talks entered their fifth round thursday with the chief soviet negotiator saying it was up to the United states not the soviet Union to come up with new proposals. It is for our partners now to make Steps Quot Viktor p. Karpov told reporters As he waited for the . Delegation headed by Max m. Kampelman to arrive at the soviet Mission to begin the talks. He said the soviets had made proposals covering All three areas in the talks medium Range nuclear forces Long Range nuclear weapons and space and defense weapons. Quot we done to feel there Are new proposals needed on our Side a he said. At least 15 Hurt in Oklahoma storms a Edmond okla. Apr a Tornado touched Down thursday night in this Oklahoma City suburb injuring at least 15 people and destroying More than two dozen Homes authorities and witnesses said. Bob Sands newsman for radio station Kebic said he saw at least 25 Homes Quot totally destroyed and several others with extensive damage. One Home is completely flattened with a car on the in. Iowa severe thunderstorms spawned at least three tornadoes that knocked Down tree limbs caused Power outages and damaged farm buildings but no injuries were reported. Pentagon says bombs hit civilian areas a Washington apr the Pentagon in a new assessment of the april 15 air raids on Libya acknowledged on thursday that �?o1 to 2 percent Quot of the bombs dropped a impacted in civilian the Pentagon said that three errant bombs that fell in the Vicinity of the French embassy in Tripoli a were probably dropped by the one f-111 bomber that did not return from the raids. It said two other errant bombs missed targets near a terrorist Barracks compound in the City of Benghazi. A any other damage claimed by the libyans if actually True most Likely resulted from libyan ordnance falling Back to Coke announces changes in labels a Atlanta apr the coca cola co. Marked the 100th birthday of its most famous product thursday by announcing it is revising its labels. The company said the new designs will incorporate three elements Long associated with coca cola the color red a curving line and the trademarks coca cola and Coke. Quot with these new graphics we Bong together our three greatest strengths into a single powerful identity Quot said Claus m. Halle the company s senior executive vice president. Quot they will create unsurpassed visual Impact and Brand Senate backs military reorganization plan Kiev .s.r. Apr no one was evacuated immediately from the chernobyl nuclear Plant area because initial radiation checks after the reactor explosion and fire showed a nothing to fear a the ukrainian Premier said thursday. Alexander Lyashkov said the evacuation order for the immediate area was Given april 27, the Day after the Accident and that people More than six Miles away were not told to leave until a week after the disaster. Reports thursday said changing winds had carried higher Levels of radiation to Kiev the ukrainian capital of 2.4 million people 80 Miles South of the chernobyl Plant. Health precautions were imposed in the City and thousands of people were reported fleeing. Lyashkov told a visiting group of Western reporters the first allowed into the Ukraine since the Accident that the reactor fire was a practically stopped and radiation was a stable with a tendency the reactor Core meltdown at chernobyl spewed a Cloud of invisible radioactivity Over Europe but the soviet Union did not report it until High Levels of radiation were reported in Scandinavia two Days after it happened. Trains arriving in Moscow from Kiev were packed. Transport officials said they added More trains and flights because of Victory Day on Friday celebrating the end of world War la in Europe and approaching summer holidays. Lyashkov said the explosion that caused the fire resulted in a a Small radioactive emissions and a the measurements at first showed that there was nothing to an order was issued april 27 to evacuate people within 6.2 Miles of the Plant he said but the zone was not broadened to 18 Miles until six Days later. Evacuation a was completed by May 4�?� a last sunday he said. Officially the death toll is two but the official yugoslav news Agency Tan Jug said in a dispatch from Moscow that a third person died in a Kiev Hospital. The journalists who provided a Pool report arrived thursday on a visit organized by the foreign ministry. There has been no indication that Independent travel will be permitted soon by other reporters who have sought permission. Officials escorted the reporters everywhere and Many uniformed police were on the streets. It was difficult to talk with residents of the City which appeared Calm. In a report on Kiev the government newspaper Izvestia said thursday that children were ordered not to play outside. The visiting journalists saw water trucks washing the streets to combat radioactive dust. They said people were told to Wash their floors and keep dust out of their Homes for the same reason and not to eat Green Leafy vegetables. A British member of the european parliament said in London that the soviet government had asked the european common Market to sell it huge amounts of food because of contaminated crops and cattle in the Ukraine. Dirty face nuke safety experts Hope for worldwide cooperation univ. Hmm new York a the new York daily news reported thursday that the statue of Liberty has a dirty her $66.3 million restoration has done nothing to clean it up. By Jill Lawrence the associated press Washington a International nuclear safety experts said thursday they expect a renewed drive for global cooperation including mandatory notification of nuclear emergencies in Light of the chernobyl disaster and its far reaching radioactive Cloud. A circumstances Are changing because of chernobyl a said Allan Mendelowitz author of a general accounting office study on International nuclear safety. A a it a a propitious time to raise the Issue of a convention there is no International agreement governing the reporting of nuclear accidents now nor provisions for Mutual emergency assistance among Natick is. Neither Are there requirements for preventive measures such As reactor inspections and information sharing. The United states led a Campaign for such an agreement in 1981, but ran into opposition from other countries. Guidelines on reporting events information exchanges and Mutual assistance were adopted instead. A How do you take Sov lotions who jealously guard their Sovereign prerogative and impose upon them International obligations that Are legally binding ? a a Mendelowitz asked the Senate government affairs subcommittee on Energy nuclear proliferation and government affairs. A such a convention can and will be successful if the major nuclear Powers determine that it is in everyone a Mutual interest to do this. We can Only Hope that the chernobyl Accident will serve As the impetus for that assessment a he added. The Gao study a review of nuclear regulatory commission re House budget committee approves spending plan Washington apr the democratic controlled House budget committee pushed aside Republican complaints thursday Auld approved a fiscal 1987 budget that would slash military spending freeze or trim most Domestic programs and embrace a tax increase to reduce the deficit. By a party line 21-11 vote the panel agreed to the $994.2 billion spending plan proposed by committee chairman William h. Gray 111, a a. It would reduce the deficit next year to $137 billion $7 billion below the Senate budget passed last week and Well within the statutory limit of $144 billion. Action by the full House is expected within two weeks. As a series of cop amendments to sharply alter the plan were Defeated rep. Delbert l. Latta of Ohio the panels senior Republican complained a we were getting rolled All Day by the democratic majority. However Gray defended the plan saying a it would result in a lower deficit than the Senate plan and achieves this by spreading the cuts More equitably. Spending cuts Are divided almost equally Between defense and Domestic a contrast that with the Senate budget which places 86 percent of the cuts on the non military Side of the budget a said House majority Leader Jim Wright a Texas a member of the committee. Cords found there were 151 significant or potentially significant safety incidents at reactors in 14 countries Between 1971 and 1984. The study which did not include plants in the soviet Union or soviet bloc countries concluded that Many nations might not be Able to Cope with accidents. Mea whue a founder of a Volunteer organization that coordinates information sharing among . Utilities that use nuclear Energy to generate electricity said thursday the group wants the soviet Union to join a so we can learn from each William Lee who helped organize the Institute of nuclear Power operations told reporters Quot we statues skin remains marked by time by Rick Hampson the associated press new York a dark blemishes on the refurbished statue of Liberty will remain there because they Are part of the natural Patina protecting the thin Copper skin officials of the $66 million restoration project said thursday. And they denied a newspaper report that construction workers had marked the statue with a separate set of stains by urinating on it. The new York daily news reported thursday that officials were worried about Public reaction to Liberty a appearance when president Reagan reopens the statue july 3 on National television. John Robbins a National Park service architect said thursday that restorers never sought to remove the Black Marks and streaks wave threat turns out to be washout in West next by Brian Friedman the associated press a Washington apr spurred by complaints about faltering military effectiveness and powered by a unique bipartisan coalition Congress is moving toward enacting the most sweeping reorganization of the leadership of the nation s armed forces in 30 years. The Senate gave that move powerful impetus wednesday voting 95-0 for legislation aimed at ending disruptive interservice rivalries and improving military operations involving More than one service. The House is expected to begin consideration of its version of the oni month. The Bill resisted by Many pen officials but supported by president thousands of Pacific coast Resi Reagan strengthens the hand of the dents fled to higher ground after chairman of the military joint chiefs of sirens and loudspeakers warned staff and increases the authority of joint them of a tidal wave triggered by commanders while reducing that of the earthquakes off the Aleutian is met visual uniformed service chiefs. It lands but the biggest wave to hit the also makes hundreds of changes in cur beaches was a human one. Rent military procedures and requires a traffic was tied up along the 10 percent reduction in the Pentagon s coast in Oregon Washington and civilian work Force. British Columbia on wednesday night As the curious surged Seaward Chhav but saw swells not much larger than Dinuba Normal. A we cleared them off the beaches and the Beach Loop Road and they almanac.7 flocked Back Down a said a police Ann landers.4 dispatcher in Bandon Ore. A we them off again and they classified.16-18 flocked Back Down to the water comics.16 crossword puzzle.15 a tsunami warning was posted editorials. 6 from Alaska to California and for entertainment.9 Hawaii and Japan after a major health.4 quake measuring 7.7 on the Richter horoscope.15 scale hit undersea near the Aleu Jacoby on bridge.4 flan islands on wednesday after Polly s pointers. 5 noon. Milder aftershocks continued school lunch menus.7 to hit thursday said George carte sports.11-14 a geophysicist at the Alaska tsunami warning Center in Palmer sunny warm Alaska. Friday mainly sunny warm High in a the lower or Middle 80s, mostly South coup1� a y51/1?, Broc Kedi off East winds 8 to 15 mph. Friday night fair be be a Adak naval air Sta Low in the lower or Middle 60s. Saturday ton a the Euti ans said Pentagon mostly sunny and warm High in the mid spokesman it. Col. Arnold Wil die or upper 80s. Hams. A More weather Page two. About 21,000 people fled Low lying that have developed Over the years on Liberty a left Cheek and Torch Arm. A i thought we dispelled that notion when the project began a he said. Black is Copperas natural color during the first stage of the process by which Copper oxidizes and forms a Patina a layer of Protection against atmospheric erosion Robbins said. Usually Copper passes through the Black stage then stabilizes at the familiar Shade of Green but Strong wind and air pollution in new York Harbor either prevented the second greenish layer from taking hold or blew it away be said. Anim Rye the Public expected the daily news quoted Henning Nielson Lanoi lion try i 100th birthday. He said officials were mildly y news quoted Henning Esman for the statue of Liberty Ellis Island Yin to to be a shining like a new Penny on her foundation Assa ube concerned with reaction to the blemishes. Robbins said the smudges could not be safely removed. A in serious preservation work a he said a preservation of the Structure is More important than he said that the Park service had not heard the reports about urination and that there was no evidence to support it. The daily news quoted several unidentified sources As saying that a a labourers working High up on lady Liberty have urinated on the National Monument causing minor some sections of the statues skin that mysteriously corroded were being studied by specialists Robbins said but he added a they Are corrosion scientists not one of them John Franey of Bell labs called the urine report Liz testifies areas in Hawaii Oregon Washington Alaska and British Columbia and Many boats headed out to sea to ride out the Waves. There was a festive atmosphere in the emergency shelter in Copal is crossing Wash., and several Hundred evacuees who gathered at the Campbell High school parking lot in the Oahu Community of Ewa Beach threw a tailgate party with six packs of Beer and decks of cards. In port Alberni British Columbia a City of about 20,000 people traffic was heavy coming into town not leaving it said taxi Driver Gloria Jones. A this is crazy. Its not even this bad on a Friday people clambered to rooftops to see the wave that was expected to hit British Columbia at 8 . Put but swells were wily about 3 feet above Normal. Waves were Only to feet High in Hawaii 2 to 3 feet in Washington and 5.8 feet in Adak on the aleutians an 1,100-mile Island Chain with 16 scattered villages. Japan scentral meteorological Agency said a tsunami of 9 inches was observed there. The Federal tsunami warning service called off its Alert 6tt hours after the quake struck. In Kodiak Alaska where the building housing the police department and jail is below the High water line five men serving sentences for Misdemeanour crimes were set free and Only two had returned by thursday. Ufi Washington a actress Elizabeth Taylor testifies before a Senate subcommittee thursday. Miss Taylor who is National chiarman for the american foundation for aids research called for an outlay of $50 million for the development of an aids vaccine. Would like to invite the soviets to become members of into if they would like to subject to our governments in other developments a Federal monitors said the first airborne radioactivity from chernobyl has been found in a barely detectable amounts at ground stations in Denver Cheyenne Wye. And Richland Wash. They said the Levels Quot represent no danger to area a a spokesman for agriculture Secretary Richard e. Lyng said the soviet Union May be interested in buying some of the surplus Dairy cows being marked for Slaughter by american Farmers. House oks spending legislation by Jim Drinkard the associated press Washington the House thursday finally approved on its third attempt in a month a $1.7 billion grab bag spending Bill including Money for bolstering Security Al . Embassies overseas but which republicans say is loaded with excesses and Likely to be vetoed. The Bill approved on a 242-132 vote contains a Long list of additional spending for this year $340 million to help the internal Revenue service process tax returns Money to restore cuts made in several programs under the Gramm Rudman deficit reduction Law $330 million in flood Relief and a Host of others. A major item is $702 million for construction and beefing up Security staff at 23 diplomatic outposts the first instalment in a five year $4.4 billion anti terrorism program. That Money is not new spending but funds shuffled from Pentagon programs. Another hotly disputed item and the one considered most objectionable by president Reagan would take away the president s Anthonty to defer sometimes indefinitely spending called for by Congress. The measure now goes to the Senate where the administration is expected to seek to change or eliminate Many of the spending provisions. The House passed the measure after twice turning it Down in recent weeks. The measure had been rebuffed once because it was attached to a Bill providing Aid to nicaraguan Contra rebel fighters and again in a dispute Over jurisdiction on agriculture matters. The Contra Aid has since been separated from the Bill and remains in doubt. Many of the farm policy matters that had been opposed by agriculture committee members were dropped during thursdays floor consideration. A cards break out club padres 13-3 a cubs clip l a. 6-5 a stories in sports

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