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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois 4 journal coup Jacksonville ut., saturday May a 1990 new rendering of widely used Bible version ready by George w. Cornell a nation writer an interfaith team of scripture experts led by a gentle mannered Princeton scholar has worked for 15 years producing what a Likely to become the most widely used Bible in american churches the new revised Standard version put out by six publishers in various editions is being distributed this month to bookstores it has been authorized and commended by most of the nations major denominations. A it offers greater accuracy clarity and naturalness of expression a said the Rev. Bruce Metzger chairman of the 30-member translation committee that turned out the new rendition. Drawing on older More exact manuscripts and changes in meanings of current English the work is a Fine tuning of the revised Standard version completed in 1952, and the most broadly endorsed version in the years since. Metzger 76, a presbyterian and courtly restful scripture scholar of Princeton theological Seminary applied this Rule in the new Render-1 ing of the ancient texts a was literal As possible As free As that demanded that the Content adhere to what the original hebrew and greek manuscripts actually say while phrasing it in understandable and Graceful English. A we never tampered with meanings a Metzger said in an interview but Many archaic usages and sometimes ambiguous or obscure passages Are clarified in the revised translation. The a Rev was produced under auspices of the National Council of churches which also holds the copyright on the predecessor Rev endorsed by Moat major protestant roman Catholic and Eastern orthodox churches. Despite the contemporary proliferation of Bible translations Metzger said the Rev has been the mostly widely used a modern speech in its 38 years. It has sold More than 45 million copies. Revising of it was done by a translation committee of protestant roman Catholic Eastern orthodox and jewish scholars. Biblical scholars these Days a approach each other in terms of scholarship a not denomination Metzger said. A there s a homogeneity in biblical scholarship the likes of which we had not seen before. Quot the differences Are in theology not in biblical studies. Irrespective of denominational affiliations matters of theological interpretation fall into the background. So far As the Book goes we Are essentially most teams producing Bible translations Are paid for their work but the a Rev group Laboured at their task since 1974 without pay or share in royalties. Formal publication Date and Church celebrations of it were scheduled in september but a May i Start was authorized for distribution to stores. While some feminists pressed for More sexually inclusive language in the new translation Metzger a criteria required adherence to the texts. However Many terms previously rendered As male were originally inclusive. He said that masculine pronouns or the words a a Many or a a men often were used previously in passages in which the original text allows for More generic usage such As a a one or the Church of your Choice african methodist episcopal Bethel 906 n Clay 243-1175 Rev Tyson Parks pastor parsonage 245-2462 Frances Holt. Pianist sunday school 9 30 a in worship 1045 quest Richard d Smith presiding elder comm every first Sun Assembly of too Beardstown family worship Center of 125 a Arenzville re Rev David wine Ger worship 10 30 s 6 sunday school 9 30 first �29 e. Vandalia 245-9197 parsonage 245-1509 Rev bid Henneberg Pas sunday school 9 30 worship 10 30 am Evang service 6 p Interpreter for Deal wed Bible study 7 tues and thurs nursing Home services 630 supervised ours All services Roodhouse sunday school 9 30 a in. Worship 10.30 a 7 wad 7 Bible study Winchester Charry a Mechanic phone 742-33h Rev Tom Mather pastor sunday school 9 30 worship children s cd 10 30 Evang. Service 7 30 . Wed Bible study 7 30 Baptist Alsey 742-3008 Rev Harry Uzenberg Pas. Sun sch 9 30 Wor 10 30 wed. Bible study 9 30 ., 8pm. Choir prac. 7 pm. Nursery available Beardstown Calvary 1315 East 4th St pastor Steven Smith phone 323-1101 sunday school to Worship 11 am 7 . Wednesday prayer 7 p Nursery provided Beardstown Union 1310 East 8th St asst Bishop Lloyd Gregg sunday school to a Worship 11 am 7 . Bible study 7pm wed believer s 101 s Hall. Virginia Robert Cowan pastor phone 323-2128 sunday school 9 30 a Worship 10 30 ., 7 . Wed. 7 p Bible study and prayer meeting Bethel Mission of Lincoln Avenue 906 East Routt office 243-6436 pastor Clark Llewellyn Bible study 930 woe 10 40 wed. Miduk. Service 630 p Calvary 859 n main 243-1420 Leroy Hedrick pastor sunday school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in. A 6 p Wed Bible study and prayer service 6 pm transport 243-1420 Chapin Lions bldg Chapin 9 a Sunday service pastor Clark Rewellyn Chandlerville Church 458-2736 pastor Harry e. Reynolds Barb Stuhmer mus Dir. Sun. School 9 30 a in. Worship 10 30 a 7 wed. Prayer serv 7 . First 1701 Mound 245-6119 or Edward Ferguson pastor Paula Dearing mus. Dir. Lots Cloyd org Sun school 9 30 a in Nursery provided worship 8 30 and 10 45 a in. Bus 245-6119. 243-3226 holy communion Sermon on the Road to Emmaus Franklin pastor Michael Jefferson sunday school 9 30 a in Wor 10 30 am 7 00 p in. Wed a dwt serv 7 30 Glasgow Rev Francis Dugger Pas parsonage phone 742-5230 sunday school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in7 pm wed 7 prayer Bible study Hart s Prairie miss elder Raymd Watkins Pas. Sun school 9 30 a in worship 1030 am 7pm wed Bible study 7 heritage Independent 397 minor dr., 243-5539 r Lane Haddock pastor Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 40 am 6pm wed Bible study and prayer 7 pm Lincoln Avenue across from Turnerjr h s 243-0436 Sun Bible study 9 30 a in worship to 40 a 6 wed prayer serv 6 30 liter Literberry or. Paul Rollet. Pastor Sun school 10 15 a in worship 9 Manchester Rev Wayne Pierce Pas Carol Campbell pianist Randy Cooper org Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a 7 30 wed prayer meet 7 30 p Meredosia first North Marlon. Meredosia Rev Kenneth Sanders Pas Sun sch 9 30, Wor 10 45 Sun. Evening worship wed 7 Bible study and youth meeting it. Emory 424 South Church p Deary Smartt. Pastor Sun. Soh 915, Wor 10 45 wed prayer service and Bible study 7 first Southern 900 grand ave. Beardstown Kenneth beams interim Pas sunday school 9 30 worship 10 30, 6 wed. 7 . Bible study Murrayville Rev Leroy Smith Pas. Sun. School 9 30 to. Worship 10 30 a 7 wed prayer meet and Bible study 7 new Hope six so of Waverly Rev Milton Powell pastor Sun school 9 30 am. Worship to 30 a 7 Church training 6 30 p 6 30 mid week Bible study and prayer service pleasant Hill one i s. Of Alsey on it. 106 Rev. Bill Newingham Pas. Sun. School 9 30 a Wor. 10 30 ., 7 to pm. Wed Bible study 7 30 p D. Cox org f. Day pianist Keith Jefferson supt. Roodhouse Emmanuel 324 East Franklin David Wagner pastor Sun school 9 30 Wor. 10 45 am. 7 30 wed. Bible study 7 to Roodhouse first e. Side of so Roodhouse Rev. G r Phillips min Chris Bear Piast org Sun sch 9 30. Wor. 10 30 Sandridge four i. A w. Of Winchester Wayne Hammon pastor sunday school 9 30 a Wor 10 30 a A 7 Virginia first e Washington Virginia Tom Wakers or. Pastor Sun school 9 30 a in worship 1030 a 7 wed prayer service 7pm West fair 14 Clark Dove. 243-5429 Rev Larry Warren Pas deaf Mie pet and services Sun school 9 45 a in worship to 45 a 6 wed Awana 6 30 p in wed prayer meet 7 pm. Winchester Bloomfield Rural route 1 742-5892 Rev Kenneth Anders pastor 142 s Maple Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a 7 Winchester first w Cross. S Mechanic Church phone 742-3400 Rev James Whistler pastor j Smith and s Day org. Sun school 9 30 worship 10 30 a 7 Woodson cd 673-4401 of 073-5661 pastor Larry Gibson or Sun school 9 30 a Worship 10 40 a 6 interpretation for deaf wed Bible study 7 pm Youngblood Nortonville. 882-2381 Chuck Blanton pastor Sun school 9 30 a in. Worship 10j0 a 7 wednesday Bible study and prayer service 7 Literberry Calvin Foreman . Bible school 9 30 a in worship to 30 a in Lynnville disciples of Christ Frank Hungerford minister sunday school 9 30 a in. Worship 10 30 a in Roodhouse disciples of Christ 222 West Franklin St Malinda Everett Cavm Pas cd 589-4452 Par 589-5158 Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in senior singles 6pm tues 10 -2 Bible study be wig group White Hall first disciples of Christ main and Bridgeport Rev june Cline minister Karon fit Zarreli org Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 45 a in. Christian Beardstown first 121 Myrtle ave David Hastings minister Bible school 9.15 a Worship. Communion 10 to Bible study 7 wed. Berea disciples of Christ Between Alexander and Prentice on route 123 Sun. Sch 9 to worship 10j0 Browning Central David Bush minister Bible school to a in. Worship 11 am. Central disciples of Christ 359 West College or. E Ambrose stump Rev. June f Moll intent Assoc min Chancel choir Dir. Ronald Winter org. Burnell Hackman handball Dir. Church school 10 15 a Nursery All morning worship 9 Bus service 248-7461 Sermon the open door Chapin disciples of Christ Taylor Murphy int. Pastor Sun. School 9 30 a in. Worship 10 30 Concord Vernon priest minister Sun school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in Sandy Creek five i. On Hillview Blacktop . 1, Winchester 945-6608 Rev Dennis Mcmillen Sun school 9 30 a in. Worship 10 30 ., 7 p a wednesday service 7 30 . Versailles first Independent Rev. Jay Albright 225-3555 Sun. School 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a 7 wed. Prayer meeting 7 . Virginia Faith 431 w. Beardstown St pastor Mark Hoover 452-7836 Sun school 9 30 worship 10 30 Evang service 7 p Wed service 7pm first 508 w. Vandalia 243-6445 j. Allan Cook jr., min. Jim Coonce youth education Sun sch 9 30 Wor. 10 30 children s Church 10 30 am. A family hour 6 . Wed. Service 7 . Deaf inter for Church school a worship Franklin 111 main Franklin Allan Kiifner minister phone 675-2718 Sun. School 9 30 Worship 10 30 am wed 6 30 Jam Winchester first disciples of Christ 20 North main St Robert below int minister Sun sch 9 30 Wor. 10.30 Nursery provided Bible study tues 9 30 a in. Woodson disciples of Christ Janet Lawson supt Sun. School 9 30 a in worship comm 10 30 a in Mem lib 10 a in noon Sal for Community use guest speaker Church of Christ Beardstown 9th and Edwards St Michael Peitzmeier eve Bible classes 9 30 a in worship lord s supper 10 30 6 30 . It cars fac Bible study 7 wed Church of Christ West Morion Road 243-6129, 245-5001 Arthur Rawlings Evang classes All Ages deaf 9 30 worship 10 30 a 6 wed Devotion 7pm Meredosia Highway 104 East Dennis Laughlin evangelist Bible study 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in a 6 p in wed 7 Bible study congregational congregational acc 520 West College 245-8213 Rev. Glen Hathaway Alice Mcallister org Church school 10 a in 10 45 a in worship Nursery Beardstown first congregational acc 119 West 3rd St. James h Konrad pastor sunday school 9 15 a Worship 10 30 a in Nursery available episcopal Trinity West state and Church w n Malottke Rector guest org. Cheryl Peterson May 6. The 4th sunday Atter easter 8am holy eucharist 10 30 h e rite i wed 10 h e Independent Church of the gospel Vas Center on n West Rev we. C. Chaney Pas we. Fairfield asst Pas Sun. School to a in. Worship 11 a 7 wed prayer 7 30 Jacksonville Community 405 Finley Dave Harmon minister cd. 245-0307 Par 245-9694 Sun school 9 a in Wor a comm. Serv 10 a in. Wed Bible study 7 . Sun Aff youth meetings Nursery provided Church of the new covenant interdenominational 1400 North Diamond at Nazarene Road Ronald c Colton pastor Sun school 9 15 a in worship 8 and 10 30 10 30 childrens Church evening worship 6 30 Nursery All services a a imitators of god Bible people like Deborah Church of the new song 403 e Oaks. Bluffs Rev Floyd a Harbour Church phone 754-3017 Sun sch 9 30, Wor 10 20 wed service 715 p in Community foursquare 2256 w Morton phone 245-9949 Hurt Huth. Pastor worship. To a in -7 p in Nursery provided thurs 7 service Bluffs St. Johns Tom Christen interim pastor cd 997-2280 Home 997-5094 Sun school 9 a in. Worship 8 a in comm on first sundays Chapin St. Paul s Missouri Synod Rural route i Rev Earl Kinee Sun school adult Bible class 9 am Wor 10 a in. Faith Tabernacle 571 Sandusky. 245-2903 Rev a d. Selby pastor Frank Fanshier. Is supt Sun school to a in worship 11 a 7 wed service 7jo p in. First Church of goo 350 w Independence ave. Rev Guy Hardin sunday school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in Christ lutheran Church of the deaf 104 Finley St Rev Paul h Don pastor phone 243-2528 Deal child adult classes 9 a in worship 10 a in Van service available Faith 830 Finley at Walnut office 245-8919 Rev s John Roth pastor Sun sch Bible cd 9 a in. Worship8 a 10 15 am comm first third sundays Nursery second service Sermon broken Waverly Christ Missouri Synod 185 e. Tremont Keith Pereira pastor Sun sch Bible cd 9 00 worship 10 00 am Winchester Christ 125 West Jefferson David a sey Boffl pastor e Naihaus mrs Ananias org Sun school adult Bible cd 9 Worship 10 a in Nazarene holy ghost Temple . 713 n Clay 243-3906 Freeman Franklin pastor Sun school 10 a in. Worship 12 30 p in tues Bible study 7 in Evang outreach 7 30 p Pray noon daily All Welcome new Hope Community Roodhouse or Allen Camp pastor sunday school 9 30 a in worship to 30 a 6 wed 7pm Bible study new life Church 626 Curtis pl., White Hall pastor Bro Paul Elliott sunday school 9 30 a in. Worship 10 30 a 7 children s Church 10 30 a in wed 7 Praise worship staffed Nursery the Lighthouse Church 1616 e 9th St., Beardstown Louis Houchins pastor saturday service 7 30 sunday services i a 7pm wednesday service 7 30 Winchester Christian Fellowship Rev George Cowper pastor 915 a in. Sun prayer 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a Sunday message and children s Sun. School wed. Prayer 7 00 p 7 30 Bible study latter Day saints Church of Jesus Christ e Vandalia East of Park Gentz Franz Bishop primary 4-11 10-11 50 a in Priesthood quorums to a Relief society 10 a Young women 10 a in Sun school 10 50 a in sacrament meet 9 a in Nursery 11/?-3 10 10-12 reorganized Church of Jesus Christ 650 n. Liberia eld. Bill Benz pastor 243-3638 sunday school 10 a in. Worship 11 Lutheran Arenzville St. Peter s Rev t b Christen jr., Pas Karen Winkelman org sunday school 9 30 worship 10 30 a in Arenzville Trinity eve. Rev Donald Hinkel pastor Sun. Sch., Bible cd. 9 worship service 10 mrs. Benita Edwards org. Sermon pastor Hinkel Church of Nazarene Northland Plaza 236 w Walnut. 243-8137 Rev g Wheelock min sunday school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in a 6 p in wed 7 prayer meeting Beardstown 10th a Jackson streets Kevin sheese pastor sunday school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in. 6 wednesday 7pm first evangelical Elca 4fh a Lafayette St Beardstown James h Beaty pastor sunday school 9 worship 10 30 am. Nursery available Immanuel 20 Miles North on route 67 at Honey Point Road Rev Paul j. Bushur Sun sch Bible cd 9 a Worship to am Bethel . 1, Arenzville neat Kellam. Pastor phone 323-4038 sunday school 9 30 a in worship 10 30 a in6 30 Mawk prayer 7 to wed pentecostal Community Church of god in Christ 512 n East 245-0316 pastor Samuel l. Holmes Sun sch. 10, Wor 10 45 wed Bible study and prayer 7pm Fri worship 7pm Meredosia St John s 404 main Rev Wilbur l. Hoitz Sun school 9 45 a in. Worship 11 a in it. Zion Wisconsin Synod four i West on i. 104 by Sarnico Village 245-0680 Rev w v. Mccullough Pas. Sun sch 9 Woe to a Our redeemer 405 Massey Lane. 243-3939 Rev h g Woodworth Pas Rev . Al Kerman pastor emeritus Burnell Hackman org Jay Rombeek mus Dir. Or Richard Hanson adult choir director 9 a in Wail broadcast Sun sch Bible it. 10 15 Sermon gather up the fragments pastor . Klinkerman Harvest Temple United 530 s. Main 245-4670 Rev Walker pastor Sun school 10 worship 6 p Wed services 7 30 deaf interpreter All services presbyterian first 870 w College 245-4189 Rev Allan Sturtevant pastor Howard Jarratt choir Dir Paul Fandl. Associate pastor Stephen Tharp organist sunday school 9 15 worship 10 30 a in. Sermon Rev Sturtevant when the wind blew the Flowers Salem South East and Beecher Rev f.riemer pastor Rev r p Schroeder Assoc sat 5 30 . Organist Juliann Gauwitz Sun. 8 a in a 10 a in. Org. Karma Vortman worship sat 5 30 8.10 a in sunday 10 a in serv live weds Sun. Sch. Bible cd. 9 a Ser i am the door North Minster w. Court and Fayette Rev Charles Pendleton Pas. Sally Geisler org can Dir. Sun. Sch. 9 30 Wor. 10 30 Sangamon Valley to Miles out on 8 town Mcville Blacktop Rev. William Jones worship 9 30 a Church school 10 30 a St. Johns 214 e. 6, Beardstown Paul Bushur vacancy pastor 323-1288 worship 8 45 am. Sun. Sch., Bible cd. 10 Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ 515 state St., Beardstown Dale Hager Branch president Church school 9 30 a in worship 11 am St. John s eve. Bluff Springs Rev Jay Thorson sunday school 9 30 worship 10 30 a in Trinity Missouri Synod . 1, Bluffs pastor Charles e Johnson Sun sch Bible cd 9 a in worship 10 a in St. Fidelis Arenzville father e j Weitzel. C s v. Confession before mass mass 8 a in sunday St. Luke Virginia msgr Irvin r win mass 6 15 saturday mass 9 30 a in. Sunday the salvation Woodson Unity Merle Megginson clerk Virginia Prochazka org. Wor 9 Sun sch to a in quakers society of friends meetings 10 a Each Sun. In Springfield with discussions 11-11 30 am. Transportation 245-7675 roman Catholic our Saviour 500 e. State St. For. Michael Kuse for. Charles Nelson for. Anthony Thieman masses sat 5 30 Sun. 8 a to ., 12 noon Trinity six Miles East of Meredosia Rev Wilbur l. Hoitz worship 9 30 Sun. School 10 30 a Virginia Grace Rev t w Wilson pastor worship 9 am. Sun school 10 15 St. Basil Chandlerville msgr Irvin r. Will mass 4 . Saturday the salvation 331 w Douglas. 245-7124 la and mrs Jose Tamayo commanding officers Sun school 9 45 a in holiness meeting 11 a in. Salvation meeting 6 Miduk prayer wed 7 p St. Alexius 215 w 5th St Beardstown phone 323-4345 father e j Weitzel. Csc confession 3-3 45 sat mass 4 saturday mass 10 sunday daily mass 8 seventh Day adventist seventh Day adventist 638 South Church 243-6807 Lynn Winn pastor services on saturday Sabbath school 9 45 a in worship 11 a in United methodist Alexander Rev j jeering preaching worship 9 a in Sun school 10 a in Edith Osier org Ebenezer three Miles n. On Sandusky Rev. Jean Hembrough pastor Sun sch. 10 Wor. 11 Quasi Diana Alcor a Franklin David w Venter pastor Nancy Wood. Org. Sun Ach 9 45 Wor 11 a Nursery during worship Grace Comer Church and state John c. Whey or minister Tom a Wilber Assoc min Jack k Christian minister of visitation Stephanie Smith Jarratt. Choir director Frances Kirchofer org 8 30 Burnell Hackman org. 11 worship 8 30,11 a in broadcast live weds Ai 11 for transportation 245-9621 sunday school 9 40 a in Nursery 8.30 to noon Tor infants kindergarten dial Good news 245-2200 Sermon or. Wilkey the Pelagian do vainly talk Siano Grove Miles West of Berlin Roy doll minister Marjorie Marx organist Sun sch., adult Bible d 9 30 worship 10 30 a in. Lynnville Mike Adams Lay speaker Leda Vanaken. Org. Sunday school 9 30 a Worship 1030 a in. Manchester Rev Robert Taylor children s Sun sch 915 worship 9 15 am. Asbury East Shore of Lake j Ville John Haddon Lay speaker worship 9 a in. Sun school to a in Dorothy Taylor pianist Meredosia enc Johnson Assoc Pas. Barbara Miller pianist children s Sun sch 10 worship 11 am Arenzville Doon Stephens pastor Faye Kershaw org Ken Bradbury pianist Wor 9 30, Sun sch 10 30 Murrayville Rev. Philip Chiles Pas. Sun. Sch. 9 Wor. 10 15 Church phone 882-4041 parsonage phone 882-7081 Access for handicapped Bluff Springs Eric Johnson Assoc Pas. Randy Reichert org Anne Brown pianist Wor 8 45 Sun sch 9 45 Beardstown first 5th amp state streets Ned Hawbecker minister sunday school 9 15 a Worship 10 30 a Radio a dust. 9 05-9 30 Nursery available Bluffs route 100 in Bluffs office phone 754-3562 Rev Thomas Pruett Pas Debbie Bicknell cd Dir Piast Sun sch 9 45, Wor 11 worship Nursery available Brooklyn Comer s East. Bissell Rev j. Jerving. Preaching Dorothy Hack org Sun school 9 15 Nursery to adult worship 10 30 a in Nursery provided Centenary 331 East state Street Jack o. Woods minister Tern Benz , Sun school 9 30 Beginning at 2 years old deaf classes 9 15 a in. Fellowship 9 30-10 30, parlor Sec service deaf interpreted Elev. In service All floors Nursery under six years 8 25 service in the Chapel 10 45 in the Sanctuary Sermon children s Day thurs 7pm informal worship Naples Rev Thomas Pruett Pas. Office phone 754-3562 Debbie Bicknell pianist worship service 9 a Pioneer larger Parish office at 200 Bissau Rev John Jerving. Dir. Pas enc Johnson Assoc Pas. Member churches include Alexander. Asbury Bluff Springs Brooklyn Meredosia Riggston Merritt Fred Hammond pastor Lois Spencer organist worship 10 30 am. Roodhouse West Palm Street Rev. Robert Taylor Sun. Sch. 9 30, Wor 10 30 Virginia Broadway and Stowe 452-3534 pastor Louie f. Zuck Kathy Vermillion Dir. Of music amp c e. Sunday school 9 15 a Worship 10 30 am. Waverly first Claude a. Curry pastor Rhea org Sun sch. 9 15, Wor. 10 30 Concord Donn Stephens pastor Sun school 10 a in worship 11am Durbin five or West of Franklin on Woodson Franklin Blacktop David w. Venter pastor Bill meter org. Sun. School 8 45 a in. Worship 9 45 Wesley Chapel three i. W. On old of. 36-54 Rev. Jean Hembrough pastor Mildred Vasey organist Sun. Sch 10 45 Wor. 9 40 guest Diana Alcorta White Hall North main Street Rev Dan Wright Pas Ruth Tunison org Lucy Kreimier pianist Sun school 9 45 worship 9 Winchester Rev. Jim Mcclarey Pas. Parsonage 742-3320 Larry Hembrough. Lay Leader Sun. School 9, Wor 10this Church message is sponsored by local business firms professional offices wholesalers and manufacturer Illinois Road contractors inc. 520 n Webster Mph. 245-6181elliott state Bank 73 Central Park Plaza East phone 243-6511jacksonville savings amp loan ass n. 211 w. State a phone 245-4111voeikel Glass service 528 s. Main a phone 245-2515western Iii. Contractors Assn. And local 253 labourers if Weston Ford 1312 w. Morton a phone 245-7101fanning Oil company inc. Fanco Petroleum . Metz plumbing and heating 224 s. Main a phone 245-5819pennell roofing amp Sheet Metal co. 400 w Walnut a phone 243-8505neff-Colvin, inc. 321 n Sandy a phone 243-1413don Hazelrigg agent state farm insurance companies 526 s. Main a phone 245-2194 the Farmers state a Ank amp Trust co. 200 w. State plumbing amp heating co. 225 n West St. A phone 243-1013 058-0039173chapin state Bank Chapin Iii. Member f d i Ingram electric 475 s. Clay a phone 245-6968

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