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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 3

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Limited use of aspirin does decrease risk of heart attack almanac the associated press Deer or. Lamb on several occasions you have spoken about taking an aspirin Tablet every other Day to prevent a first heart attack and which May reduce the risk As much As 40 percent. I am a 66-year-old male in Good health and have been following this regimen in addition to using a Salt substitute and reducing cholesterol for the past several years. An article in our local paper seems to negate the aspirin every other Day advice and makes the claim that such a practice has the opposite effect. Is it your opinion that the earlier thinking was based largely on preliminary results of a single 1988 study and is incorrect or that the information in the enclosed article May be faulty or premature dear Reader i am familiar with the study of a California Community of about 14,000 people who took aspirin. Only 5,106 of the subjects were men. It did report that daily aspirin did not decrease the risk of heart attacks and could even increase the risk at least in women. You have to compare that to the study of 22,071 male physicians reported in the new England journal of Medicine july 20, 1989. Or. Charles Hennekens who headed the study of physicians was quoted regarding the California study As saying a you can to believe those the reason was that the study was not designed properly to allow proper statistical analysis. The preliminary report of physicians was published in 1988 As your letter suggests and the final five health doctor Lamb year study in 1989 As i mentioned. It is not unusual for different studies to arrive at different conclusions. That is often because the studies Are not designed in exactly the same manner. I would have to give the nod to the study of physicians which was Well designed to permit conclusions. The difference in How much aspirin is used May be important. The physician study used Only one aspirin every other Day but the California study used one aspirin every Day a twice As much. In Medicine if a Little is Good More is sometimes bad. The difference in the number of men in the studies is also important and the California study was of older individuals than in the physician study. The two studies Are not comparable. I have discussed this final report and the aspirin question in some detail in special Issue 34-10, a the latest on aspirin heart attacks and strokes a which i am sending you. Others who want this Issue can Send $2 with a Long stamped self addressed envelope for it to the health letter 34-10, p o. Box 19622, Irvine Calif. 92713. What should you do i think there is ample reason to believe that one 325 my. Aspirin Tablet every other Day will decrease the risk of heart attacks in men Over 50 years of age. Aspirin helps prevent blood clotting and As Many As 80 percent of heart attacks begin with the formation of a clot. But since the chronic use of aspirin May have some drawbacks in some people it is Wise to have your physicians recommendation. New aspirin Labelling is being considered suggesting that its use in preventing first heart attacks should be reserved for those with High risk factors for such an attack. But there is general agreement that aspirin is very beneficial in preventing a recurrence of heart attacks or an impending heart attack As judged by severe or recurrent Chest pain. Or. Lamb welcomes letters from readers with health questions. You can write to him at p o. Box 19622. Irvine Calif. 92713. Although or. Lamb cannot reply to All letters personally he will respond to selected questions in future columns. Today is saturday May 5, the 125th Day of 1990. There Are 240 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on May 5, 1920, two italian anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were arrested and charged with the murders of a shoe factory paymaster and guard in South Braintree mass. Their execution More than seven years later was preceded by worldwide sympathy demonstrations. On this Date in 1494, during his second voyage to the new world Christopher Columbus first sighted Jamaica. In 1818, the political philosopher Karl Marx was born in Prussia. In 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the Island of St. Helena in 1891, Carnegie Hall originally named music Hall had its opening night in new York City with a concert that included works conducted by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky and Walter Damrosch. In 1904. By Young pitched the american league s first perfect game As the Boston red sox Defeated the Philadelphia athletics 3-0. In 1912, the first Issue of the soviet communist party newspaper pravda was published. In the soviet Union where the old style Calendar was still in effect the Date was april 22. In 1925, John t. Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Darwin a theory of evolution. In 1926, author Sinclair Lewis rejected the pulitzer prize for his novel a Arrowsmith a telling the selection committee in a letter that a fall prizes like All titles Are in 1942, sugar rationing began in the United states during world War ii. In 1955, West Germany became a Sovereign state. In 1955, the baseball musical a Damn Yankees a opened on Broadway in 1961, astronaut Alan b. Shepard or. Became americans first space traveler when he made a 15-minute sub Orbital flight in a capsule launched from Cape canaveral Fla in 1981, Irish Republican army hunger striker Bobby Sands died at the Maze prison in Northern Ireland in his 66th Day without food. In 1987, the congressional Iran Contra hearings opened with former air Force major Gen. Richard v. Secord the Lead off witness. In 1987, the Federal government began a yearlong amnesty program offering citizenship to illegal aliens who met certain conditions. In 1988, the most Rev. Eugene Antonio Marino became the nations first Black roman Catholic archbishop during an installation mass in the Atlanta civic Center. Ten years ago a siege at the iranian embassy in London ended As British commandos and police stormed the building. Five years ago president Reagan kept a Promise to West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl by leading a Wreath laying ceremony at the military cemetery in Pitburg one year ago a Federal judge ordered sweeping changes in the of big a promotion system months after the judge found that the Bureau had systematically discriminated against its hispanic employees in advancements and assignments. Today s birthdays actress Alice Faye is 75. Singer Tammy Wynette is 48. Comedian actor Michael Palin is 47. Actor Jean Pierre Lead is 46. Actress Tina Yothers is 17. Thought for today a outside the kingdom of the lord there is no nation which is greater than any a Haile Selassie emperor of Ethiopia 1891-1975 first recording Thomas Alva Edison of Menlo Park n.j., first recorded sound on dec. 6. 1877. The tune he recorded was Mary had a Little Lamb Quot notes the kids world almanac. Shoppers ready to sack supermarket scanner a dear Abby May we Bend your ear with a pet Peeve ifs grocery stores that use automatic scanners and no longer put prices on their merchandise. They insist that this is for the customers prices not always current Are shown on the front of the grocery store shelves. How is an elderly person a pregnant woman someone with arthritis or bifocals or in a wheelchair a or just overweight a supposed to read the prices under the Bottom shelf if there Are no prices on the items in your grocery cart How can you quickly tally the total before you get to the checkout and the clerk informs you that you owe More than you can pay for that matter How can you be sure that items scan correctly its almost impossible to remember All the prices posted on shelves or advertised a on Sale but not yet entered into the computer. If a question arises someone must conduct a special Price search a delaying everyone standing in line. Most stores offer to refund scanning errors. This does not make up for the aggravation and time wasted. A shoppers Only alternative is to patronize a store that still Marks their merchandise the old fashioned Way. New is not always better a at least for customers a but complaints to the stores fall on deaf ears. A Gwen and Sally Mcbreairty Willow Street a. Dear Gwen and Sally to quote the consumer a Friend Ralph Nader a a when Sellers have dreams of riches beware of schemes that look like glitches a what is emerging form the complaints of Consumers who write to us is that Small rip offs amount to big business because they Are applied to Large numbers of customers. A most Consumers do not know they Are being taken by these sly frauds and those few who do Are Given the a of sorry it was a computer error or a just a mistake that we a Clear up right there is however no a sorry extended to the Consumers who done to Challenge the same bilk by the same seller. The result is a Mountain of Cash purloined for no services so dear readers budget conscious shoppers should be wary advice dear Abby coming up with right idea when you open the bidding with three no Trump you Are showing i ther a Basket Ful of High card Points 25 or More or a Long running suit with random outside stoppers. It s All a matter of partnership agreement. The same holds True when an opponent preempts. When South bid three no Trump North optimistically raised to four no Trump. That was not asking for aces but simply inviting a slam. South accepted by jumping to six diamonds. South had the right idea in the play. When the Spade Jack was led he realized that he would need the heart finesse and that the Best Chance thereafter would be finding one defender with both the Singleton Ace of diamonds and the King of clubs. So he won Dummy a King of Spades and led the Jack of hearts covered by the King from East. But when South tried to Cash the second heart West ruffed in with the Ace of diamonds and played a second Spade. Declarer later had to lose a club trick. To succeed South must win the first trick with the Spade Ace and then play the Spade Queen to Dummy. He can now Lead the Jack of hearts As before. Of West ruffs in on the second or third heart he must either give Declarer a stuff and a Ruff by leading another Spade or Lead away from the King of clubs. If West fails to Ruff in he will eventually be thrown on Lead with a Trump with the same result. James Jacoby s books Quot Jacoby on Bridge Quot and a Jacoby on card games Quot written with his father the late Oswald Jacoby Are now available at bookstores. Both Are published by pharos books. A 19m, mews paper Enterprise Assn. James Jacoby North a k 5 a j 5 a q to 9 4 a a to 8 6 4 5-3-90 West a j to 98764 7 a a a k j 9 3 East a 32 Vukio 98632 a 3 2 a 7 2 South a a a a q 4 a k j 8 7 6 5 a q 5 vulnerable East West dealer West South West North 3 a pass 3 it pass 4 it 6 6 All pass opening Lead a j East pass pass Jeane Dixon a him Hshi of automation. When they make out their shopping lists they should list the prices advertised with the items they need and then total them up. If the total at the Cash Register is higher an explanation a and possibly a refund a is in order. A dear Abby Many people Are trying to lose weight and some Are paying a Fortune to lose it Only to gain it Back As soon As they return to their usual eating habits. About 35 years ago a fat teenage boy went to his doctor for a diet to lose weight. He followed his doctors advice and established Good eating habits. Today he is slender As a Reed. Here is what the Good doctor told him a a do not eat anything or drink anything except water Between meals. At mealtime take the same amount of food on your plate that you re accustomed to taking a then put Back exactly half of it. Eat slowly and Chew each bite 20 times so you wont feel hungry. Now be honest with yourself. Done to begin loading your plate As if you were going to Slop a a a Friend in Bend Ore. Dear Friend i am curious to know Why the Good doctor prescribed taking the same amount of food you re accustomed to taking a then putting half of it Back. Why not take just half of the amount in the first place a dear Abby apropos Toms letter concerning his spanking by his father who said a this hurts me More than it hurts you a my reply to my father under the same circumstances was a yeah but not in the same i read your column first thing every Day and love it. Keep it up forever. A Goddard Dubois age 82 Happy birthday in the next year of your life your Friendly attitude and Ama ing patience will bring big rewards. With the help of Loyal associates you w ill get exactly what you want by july. Be sure to devote mom attention to family matters when autumn Rolls around. Quarrelling relatives should be encouraged to Patch things up. Romance will be Lively and somewhat surprising near christmastime. January w ill find you in a gloriously optimistic Frame of mind. Enjoy the limelight when you receive Long overdue recognition. Share the credit with those who helped von. Celebrities born on this Date chef James Beard comedian Pat Carroll actor Michael Palin. Philosopher Karl Marx. Aries March 21 april 19 although family Pride Means More than Money to you you must consider your loved ones financial Security. The romantic fires Are burning brighter than Ever. Be careful not to douse the flames. Taurus april 20-May 20 slow Down. You May be moving too fast on a project that your co workers Are not sure of. You do not have to do a whole week s work in a Day. Review your finances. Gemini May 21-june 20 someone carrying on a Caret Romance May be in for a Shock. Make the right decision about a Job and you will increase your financial wealth. Nurture a Friendship. Cancer june 21-july 22 Domestic affairs will be sensitive this morning. Ask someone who invites you to lunch for a ruin Check. Now is the right time to repay an old debt. Offer to baby sit a friends children. Leo july 23-aug. 22 if you have strayed from your goals mate will help you get Back on track. Exceptional Luck accompanies those who travel today. A last minute loan restores your peace of mind. Show appreciation. Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22 you could receive a Job Otter from someone who has been on the sidelines for several years. Hide your doubts from loved one. Avoid a difficult relative Tor a while. A missing object surfaces. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22 working with someone you respect makes you More productive. Salespeople can hinder their chances by coming on Tex Strong ease up a bit. Romance could put you on a collision course w Ith a close Friend. Set Oripio oct. 23-nov. 21 a leadership role w Ould fit you Fine but people who have observed your Lei sure time antics have difficulty envisioning you As the Boss. Convince them with deeds not words. Romance looks Rosy. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 someone you thought was a Friend has been trying to steal your ideas. Protect your Job. You have a right to expect greater loyalty. People w to brag a lot make you nervous. Capricorn dec. 22 Jan 19 avoid someone who is Pushy by tackling chores alone. Romance is exciting and brings you True satisfaction. Answer phone Calls and correspondence promptly. A faraway Friend awaits your advice. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 18 Avert arguments by suggesting logical compromises. Taking the initiative will impress those who count. Self analysis is helpful too. Do not underestimate your financial needs face reality. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 your mate or partner offers sound advice. Pay attention. This is a Day for consolidating recent Gams not starting new projects. You need to Correct a Billing mistake soon. Today a children Are such perfectionists they can Wear out their teachers patience. Decision making can be difficult for these Taurean. Wise parents will give them plenty of time to make up their minds. Caring and thoughtful these youngsters seem to have an instinctive understanding of others needs. They Are Good at handling Money and will do nicely if employed As manager agent or accountant. Encourage this child to develop an Early musical or artistic Talent. Spruce ?y0ur own Marden with new Spring arrivals a geraniums 41/2-in. Pots a seed geraniums 4-in. Pots a annuals a perennials Large selection of Shade Trees and shrubs a roses a vegetables largest selection Ever we Hove All your landscaping and gardening supplies pfc ill a ? Murs Ery 243-1393 1200 Tendick a Jacksonville flours . 8-5 a >3 Liq s i a s 3 i i a s saturday Coupon off any single one item regular priced in the store must present Coupon at time of Purchase May not be used with other coupons credit i letters or certificates May not to applied to prior purchases or prior layaway not valid on Nike or Kenbok shins no adjustments i one Coupon per customer Good saturday Mav 5,1990 to . Til

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