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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 2

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois De Klerk Mandela to work together change of command Cape town South Africa apr the government and the african National Congress said Friday they will work together for the first time to Stop political violence and Clear the Way for talks on ending White minority Rule. President f w de Klerk and Anc Leader Nelson Mandela looking relaxed and confident after the three Days of talks said the preliminary discussions were an important step toward giving South africans Black majority a share of Power. A it is the realization of a dream for which we have worked patiently and consistently Mandela said after the first talks Ever Between the Anc and government. In a joint communique the sides said a a working group Quot will be created to try to end obstacles to full negotiations on changing the Constitution. In a major clause the communique said the government a reiterates its commitment to work toward lifting Quot the nearly 4-year-old state of emergency. The lifting of the emergency is one of the Ancus demands before constitutional negotiations can begin. The communique indicated the delegations made Progress on most other issues As Well. Among them it said the government will consider Quot urgently granting Quot temporary immunity from prosecution to Anc executive members in exile. This would enable them to return to South Africa to help end political violence. The granting of immunity to Anc exiles has been another demand of the african National Congress. A i regard what is contained in this document As an important breakthrough in the peaceful process we want to take place in South Africa Quot de Klerk said he said no agreement had been made on further talks but the working group would report by May 21 and both sides hoped for Quick Progress. In Washington the United states hailed the a courageous decision Quot by the sides to work toward further talks. This weeks talks were an attempt to Clear obstacles standing in the Way of formal negotiations on changing the Constitution to give the Black majority a voice in National affairs. In addition to lifting the state of emergency the Anc wants the release of All political prisoners and the return from exile of top Anc officials without fear of prosecution. The state of emergency has been in effect since june 1986, and the Anc says it is used by police to suppress political activity and peaceful dissent. The government says it wants to lift the emergency but that it remains necessary to combat Black factional fighting that has claimed More than 600 lives this year Many in the Southeastern province of Natal. Dietary Row prompts search of scriptures by Robert Barr the associated press London a British carnivores and vegetarians Are chewing Over the scriptures in an argument about whose diet enjoys divine Sanction. Britain s agriculture minister John Selwyn Gummer started the Flap by declaring that Quot the Bible tells us that we Are masters of the fowls of the air and the beasts of the Field and we very properly eat a if the almighty had wanted us to have three stomachs like cattle am sure he could have arranged it but he chose to make us omnivores instead Quot Gummer told cheering members of the International meat Trade association who were gathered tuesday at butchers Hall in London. Gummer a member of the Church of England s governing general Synod declared himself fed up with a deeply undemocratic food of addicts Quot who make a religion of their diets. State demos push Bill to a buy american 3 a beat Back gop efforts in the Illinois House on Friday to weaken a Bill that would make it More difficult Tor state agencies to buy products made outside the United states or Canada. Under the Bill sponsored by rep. Robert Leflore a Chicago state agencies would be generally barred from buying or leasing products whose contents Are not at least half american or Canadian. Republicans failed to make the measure non mandatory or to add to the list of exempted countries Mexico or All those having a most favored nation Quot Trade designation from the . Government. Democrats said the cop amendments were Clear attempts at weakening the legislation and rep. Thomas Mccracken a Downers Grove almost acknowledged As much. A unless you want to totally socialize our economic system you toy with it a Mccracken said. A a the amendments Are seek to make a bad Bill up. David Hultgren a Monmouth argued that to protect . Jobs the Bill should limit purchases to american products but that if there is an exemption for Canada there should be one for Mexico As Well. To do otherwise he said would discriminate against the United states latin american neighbor and an important trading partner. But Hultgren s amendment received Only 52 a yes Quot votes to 61 a no Quot votes after rep. Thomas Homer a Canton countered that Mexico a cheap labor is being used to Hurt american jobs and that the United states has a special relationship with Canada that includes having United Auto workers members in both countries. Rep. David Harris a Arlington Heights proposed changing the Bill so that state agencies would Only be encouraged to buy american products but his amendment received 50 a yes Quot votes and 61 a no Quot votes. Another Harris proposal to expand the number of exempted countries to those with a most favored nation Quot sums was rejected after garnering 52 a yes Quot votes and 62 a no Quot votes. Harris argued that denying such nations an exempted status under the Bill could prompt economic retaliation against Illinois products if the Bill Ever became Law. Gov. James r. Thompson vetoed a similar Bill last october arguing in part that the state could end up paying higher prices for goods and that some Illinois based firms might even end up losing state contracts. The ministers comment provoked a grisly reaction in Many quarters a starting with his grasp of biology. A for Many years i have understood that cattle have four stomachs Quot Edward Bulten of St. Albans said in a letter in fridays editions of the times. Joyce do Silva an official for compassion in world farming said thursday that Gummer had ignored genesis 1.29 a in which that same almighty tells Man to eat a every Herb bearing seed. And every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for Gummer a was selectively using the Bible. I thought if he could do it then we could do it Quot she said. Her organization advocates humane Slaughter of animals and the abolition of intensive a factory Bernard Wetherill the speaker of the House of commons jumped into the fray thursday by taking Issue with Gummer. He cited romans 14 19-21 that says a for meat destroy not the work of for its part the vegetarian society found inspiring Reading in Isaiah a and none More vivid than the third verse of chapter 66 a the that Kil Leth an of is As if he slew a Man he that sacrificed a Lamb As if he Cut off a dogs neck he that offer eth an oblation As if he offered Swine a a recent poll by the realest co., makers of the a ave Seburger Quot indicated that to percent of those surveyed said they were avoiding red meat or eating no meat at All. A i want to see More articles about the sensible 90 percent who Are still eating meat a Gummer said. Tony Gordon executive director of the International meat Trade association had no Bible verses to offer. He said Gummerus speech a was All fairly a but of course the vegetarians some of them have reacted with horror a perhaps with less sense of humor than most meat eaters would have Quot Gordon said. A Lemr Prioto Hardin Iii. A Bob Anstiss celebrated his birthday May 1 Here while on the trip of his life. The 74-year-old Retiree is sailing up the Mississippi River from new Orleans. He plans to continue through the great lakes and go Down the Atlantic coast to the Carolinas. Adventurer sails on dreams Hardin Iii. Apr Robert Anstiss did no to stay in the Navy but that Hasni to kept him from seeing the world. The Sailor celebrated his 74th birthday in Hardin tuesday a month after he left new Orleans alone in a 30-foot australian Sailboat. A a it a not fast but its enough Quot said Anstiss whose current voyage has taken him from Mobile ala., across Lake Pontchartrain up the Tom Bigby canal to the Tennessee River. From there he sailed Down the Ohio River to Cairo and up the Mississippi River to the Illinois. Quot i m very close on finances but in a making the Sailor keeps an address and a Bank account in Slidell la., where he raised two children but everything else is on the boat. If a Balky water pump had not stopped him dead in the water near Hardin he would have been Halfway to Chicago heading for Lake Michigan by now he said. The River is too narrow for sailing and the Bridges Are too Low for his masts Anstiss said so he has depended on a 33 horsepower motor installed in the 1958 Sailboat. He May be grounded in Hardin several Days while Matt Lorton of Ltd electric co. And boat service manager Brad Robeen find the parts. Quot we May have to have them made Quot said Lorton who towed the Sailor to a Safe spot near his Marine shop. Anstiss Learned to sail in California when he was a technical writer for aircraft and missile companies. A i started at the proving grounds in White Sands . When Werner von Braun started testing the after Anstiss retired he went to boats full time. The do Vara is his third boat christened by the original owners. Before Winter Anstiss said he Hopes to visit his sister on Lake Michigan and sail East. Before he a finished he plans to sail around the great lakes Down the Erie canal to the Hudson River out new York Harbor past the statue of Liberty and Down the coast to the Carolinas. Quot ifs always been a dream for a lifetime. I want to go Back Home to Michigan but i want to see a different View of the Anstiss said he does no to worry about his future. A a in a living and the rents right. In be always been an labor wins but Thatcher upbeat a Ime photo Norfolk a. A capt. Fred Moosally walks beneath the guns of Turret no. 2 aboard the battleship Iowa during a change of command ceremony Friday. Moosally a 24-year Veteran of the Navy retired at the ceremony after blasting the Navy a investigation into a fatal gun Turret explosion last year. Retiring Iowa skipper blasts explosion probe Norfolk a. Of a the skipper of the Iowa retired Friday with a broadside at the Navy saying it bungled an investigation into the explosion that killed 47 sailors aboard the battleship last year. Capt. Fred p. Moosally said investigators paid too much attention to the Navy a image and put too much Stock in unsubstantiated information. The investigators concluded that the explosion in a gun Turret had been set off by a suicidal Seaman. A it is too bad the Iowa investigation team consisted of managers a and apparently not very Good managers at that a people More concerned about determining whether the paperwork was done than if people were properly trained Quot Moosally said during the change of command ceremony for the world War ii Era battleship. Moosally a broadside his first Public comments on the Navy investigation into the april 19, 1989, explosion brought Praise from family members of some of the victims. A a in be been waiting for this Day because i was hoping and praying that the Man will really speak his mind about the Accident Quot Kathy Kubicina said in a Telephone interview from her Home in Cleveland. A this is just great news. In a thrilled to death. For the Captain of the ship to say it was inadequate that really tells a lot Quot said is. Kubicina whose brother gunner s mate Clayton Hartwig was accused in the Navy report of being the most Likely cause of the explosion. Hartwig was among the dead. Moosally who retired Friday after 24 years in the Navy said the investigation was handled by a people More concerned with a getting it Over he said they used a facts and opinions based on unsubstantiated third party information unsubstantiated reports and supposition. A after the investigation report was released it is too bad that the Ball was handed off to people most concerned about an institutional image and therefore unable to bring themselves to admit that the investigation report is irreconcilable with the results of every inspection held on the Iowa before and after april 19,&Quot Moosally said. A people who in their Rush to manage the Iowa problem forgot about doing the right thing for the Iowa Crew Quot he added. A i leave this subject by asking a question which others must answer. How could this have happened in our Navy the explosion. Was a dual tragedy. Forty seven men died and 1,500 survivors were made victims when they should have been heros Quot Moosally said. Sex wife Bowie Mick in bed together a new York of a the former wife of Singer David Bowie says she once found her husband in bed with rolling Stone Mick Jagger. Angela Bowie who has been divorced from the creator of Quot Ziggy stardust 1 Tor 10 years appeared on Quot the Joan Rivers show a today and said she had caught Bowie a in bed with men several times. In fact one of the Best times i caught him in bed with Mick Jagger the studio audience hooted and hollered and miss Rivers shouted All right Quot exhorted by Shock humor radio personality Howard Stem is. Bowie said the discovery did t please her but there was nothing she could do about it. She did not interrupt she said. A i made breakfast a a she said. The bowies were divorced in february 1980. The daily news reported that under the terms of the divorce is. Bowie received $700,000 Over 10 years under the condition that she not speak publicly about her husband. That gag order expired april 1, according to the news. A Jackson Milt journal homier lists 272-460. Second class postage paid at Post office Jacksonville Illinois. Published daily and sunday at 235 West state St., Jacksonville Iii. 62651. I postmaster Send address changes to Jacksonville journal courier. ,�35 West slate St., Jacksonville Iii. 62651. Subscription rates delivered by earner $2 per week. By mail one year $98 six months $54, a three months. $30 one month $10 All mail subs options payable in Advance to the newspaper office. The journal Cooner by mail is available wherever Home delivery service is not maintained London apr the opposition labor party has trounced prime minister Margaret thatchers conservatives in local elections making its Best showing since she came to Power la years ago tallies showed Friday. But the conservatives averted the rout forecast by opinion polls. And mrs. Thatcher maintained that despite a big la percent swing against the government she had the basis for winning a fourth term in 1991 or 1992. A we be lost some we hoped to hold. But we have a very Good basis on which to go Forward and win the next general she was speaking a Day after the poll at a news conference at Waddesdon Manor Northwest of London with visiting French president Francois Mitterrand. Neil Kinlock Leader of the labor party said the results showed Broad support for his party throughout England. A that is the spread of support that we need which makes me forecast that we Are certain to win the next election a Kinlock said. For the first time since James Callaghan a labor government lost Power to mrs. Thatcher in 1979, the socialist party made significant gains in the tory heartlands of the prosperous South. The conservatives in deep trouble Over the Economy and the so called poll tax that prompted nationwide protests lost control in a clutch of previously Safe Southern English towns including Portsmouth Torbay and Gillingham. But the conservatives performed strongly in London. They held two key boroughs Wandsworth and Westminster which have set the lowest poll tax rates in the country and Are lauded by mrs. Thatcher. One sore loss for labor was its loss of control to the conservatives in the London Borough of Ealing where Kinlock makes his Home. The governing party failed to gain ground in North England and remained virtually shut out in Scotland. After 196 of 201 councils were declared a tally by the British Domestic news Agency press association showed the tories lost 355 seats and gained 143, while labor notched up 431 gains and 120 losses. The centrists and minor parties except the scottish nationalists All had net losses. Weather temperatures High Friday 63 at 12 30 . Low 52 record High 93 in 1943, 49, 52 record Low 33 in 1929, 44, 54 year ago High 65 year ago Low 47 precipitation in inches to 4 . Friday.62 so far this year.13.79 last year by this date.7.02 Normal year to date.10.44 so far this month. 1.53 Normal monthly total to date.58 Jacksonville and Vicinity partly Cloudy and warmer saturday with highs from 65 to 70 and northwesterly winds at 15 to 25 mites per hour but diminishing. Partly Cloudy saturday night with lows in the Middle or upper 40s. Partly sunny sunday with highs to the Middle or upper 60s. Extended Outlook monday through wednesday warmer monday and tuesday but Cooter wednesday. A Chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. Highs in the 70s monday and tuesday but in the Middle 60s to the lower 70s wednesday. Daily lows in the 40s monday in the upper 40s to the upper 50s tuesday and wednesday. Saturday May 5 Sunset today. 7 59 . Sunrise tomorrow. 5 56 . Moonset tomorrow at. 4 03 . Full Moon. May 9 visible planets Jupiter sets. At Midnight. Saturn in Southeast. 2 46 . Mars rises. 3 34 . Brighter Venus risesj.4 18 a. In. River stages Hannibal. 11.7 0.3 Louisiana. 11.9 0.3 St. Louis. 12.8 �?0.9 Meredosia. 24.6 �?0.1 Beardstown. 10.1 �?0.4 Havana. .9.0 �?0.4 Peoria. 12.5 �?0.2 Lasalle. 12.7 0.2 �?.19 Oakford. .5.0 Grafton. 15.3 0.1 Quincy. 12.4 0.1 Alton Pool. 23.1 0.2 Alton to. 10.1 �?0.2 Keokuk. .6.4 0.6 Burlington. .9.6 0.2 a drunk busters plan begins in state to subscribers of you do not receive your newspaper first Call your Carrier of further assistance is needed Call the journal courier office at 245-6121 and ask for the circulation department the circulation department is open 8 to 5 . Monday through Friday 8 a in to 12m . Saturday and-.8 to a Abri sunday. J Chicago apr a program offering $100 rewards to Illinois motorists using car phones to report suspected Drunken Drivers got underway Friday with civil libertarians promising to watch it closely for abuses. Under its a drunk busters program the suburban Schaumburg based Alliance against intoxicated motorists will pay $100 to motorists who report the License number Type of vehicle location and direction of suspected Drunken Drivers if the tip results in an arrest. Drunken Drivers would think twice before getting behind the wheel because a literally thousands of people will be looking for them a a said Dave Osborn a spokesman for the group. C but officials with the american civil liberties Union office in Chicago said the program could result in state troopers tailing innocent Drivers that other motorists just did no to like. A a in a not sure i see anything necessarily wrong with it a a said Jay Miller executive director of the aclus Illinois chapter. A but the potential for abuse is there. Well have to let it play out and see if it s state police insisted that motorists will not be stopped solely because of a phoned in report. Quot we re not going to go pulling people Over because of a grudge match Quot said it. Ron Brooks at the District three station in North Chicago. A a we re not that dumb. We will not Stop people without probable National weather the acc weather forecast for noon. Saturday. May 5. C to jaw witty. Int a a iss we toy sx>5 Haw str Cutts vow it to a our Couo it. I i�?11 ii

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