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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 1

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Jarott Annuik journal Hourin oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois vol. 159�?no. 279 suburban zone�?50 cents Jacksonville Illinois. Saturday. May 5. 1990 City zone a 35 cents thirty six pages Bush sees key role for nukes in Europe the associated press Stillwater okla. A president Bush said Friday that nuclear weapons must continue to play a key role in safeguarding Europe from War declaring Quot there Are few lessons so Clear in history As while offering an advanced timetable for negotiating with Moscow on reducing Short Range nuclear Bush declared Quot the United states is not going to allow Europe to become a Safe for conventional Bush discussing the changing face of Europe during a commencement speech at Oklahoma state University hailed the sweep of democracy through Warsaw pact nations. However he cautioned Quot our enemy today is uncertainty and Bush said Quot it will be crucial to see. Whether Moscow chooses coercion or peaceful dialogue in responding to the aspirations of the lithuanian people and nationalities within the soviet Bush a remarks were intended to offer the outlines of a new military and political Mission for nato As Europe is transformed by the reunification of Germany and the collapse of communist governments. of the 16 nato nations will meet in London in late june or Early july to Chart a revised strategy for the 41-year-old Alliance. Bush said the allies should accelerate work to determine Quot the minimum number and types of weapons that will be needed to deter War credibly and he said Moscow and Washington should open negotiations to reduce Short Range nuclear missiles in Europe once a treaty is signed a perhaps later this year a to curb troops and conventional . Originally Bush had insisted that a conventional treaty not Only be signed but also implemented before talks could begin on Short Range nuclear forces. However Bush said that As the soviet Union pulls Back troops from Warsaw pact nations Quot there is less need for nuclear systems of the shortest acting on Bush a suggestion nato scrapped plans thursday to deploy More powerful Short Range Lance nuclear missiles and artillery shells in Europe. Even so the United states and soviet Union will still maintain sizeable Short Range nuclear arsenals in Europe. Quot we re prepared to negotiate the reduction of these forces As Well a the president. In his speech. Bush said the United states Quot should remain a european Power in the broadest sense a politically militarily and economically and that Quot militarily significant Quot . Forces would be stationed in Europe. Saturday news at a glance Latvia wants soviet break warm Welcome by Carey Goldberg the associated press Iran says next move is israelis Helsinki Roland apr Iran a foreign minister said Friday that his country will not work to free More Western hostages until Israel releases hundreds of imprisoned lebanese. Ali Akbar Velamati demanded the United states and Britain put pressure on the israelis and show reciprocal Goodwill gestures for the recent release of two american hostages. Ending a two Day official visit to Finland Velamati said Israel must free Quot several Hundred lebanese hostages Quot before any Steps Are taken to free any of the 16 remaining hostages seized in Lebanon who Are believed held by pro iranian groups. Quot the other Side has to take practical Steps. To influence Israel and the Phalanx its Quot he said referring to a Christian lebanese group once Allied with Israel. Quot especially the United states and Britain can persuade Israel to release these abducted people Quot Velamati said at a news conference. Quot Liat is the expectation of the lebanese groups. They have said they have taken the first step and now it is the turn of the other Side to show its Goodwill. We Are waiting for the practical Steps Quot he said. Velamati said the hostages Are not in Quot the hands of the iranians Quot and that Iran had to persuade the lebanese groups to release Robert Polhill and Frank Reed. College women protest vote to admit men the associated press Oakland Calif. A enraged students took control of Mills College on Friday staging sit ins and blockades they vowed would continue until the exclusive women a school reverses a decision to admit men. The noisy but non violent demonstrators conducted a sit in at the office of Mills president Mary Metz and shut Down classes at the normally quiet tree lined Liberal arts College. Most teachers supported the disruption which could last until the May 20 graduation. Students wearing signs demanding the resignation of Board of trustees chairman Warren Heilman even drove Metz from her Home about 9 . With blaring horns and music and cries of Quot we will not accept Quot we re shutting them Down Quot said Tomlyn Gingell a Sophomore Art history major. A we Haven to been listened to. Maybe this will make them but administrators who i get to their offices because of student blockades and sit ins involving several Hundred of the 777 undergraduate women said the Board of trustees change its mind. I the Board citing declining enrolment and revenues voted thursday night to accept men As undergraduates bringing an end to Mills 138-year policy of admitting Only women. Quot no one was Happy with the decision but we believe that life goes on Quot said Metz who agreed to meet with students Friday and again tuesday to discuss the decision to go coed. Enrolment in Mills 33 undergraduate programs is Down 4.2 percent from three years ago and below the 1,000 students needed to balance the $24 million annual budget economists at the school said. Tuition at Mills is almost $12,000. Mills is the Only single sex learning institution in Northern California. Two women a colleges Are located in Southern California and 94 rain nationwide. Riga u.8.8.r. A latvian lawmakers voted for Independence Friday but plotted a More cautious break from the soviet Union than neighbouring Lithuania. Latvians greeted the declaration of Independence with tears a chorus of the republics traditional Anthem and dancing in the streets. The 138-0 parliamentary vote so years after Moscow seized the three Baltic states on the soviets Western Border put Latvia on a similar secessionist path with Lithuania and Estonia. However unlike Lithuania a Independence declaration of March la the vote by Latvia a supreme soviet called for a gradual break with the soviet Union. Latvian president Anatoly Gorbunov said he was already thinking about the next step negotiations with Moscow. Quot everything is ahead Quot he said. Quot this is Only the very very Gorbunov later was asked at a news conference what reaction he expected from the Kremlin. He said he could not predict what Moscow would say but he added that the latvian government had tried to make it Clear in the declaration that there is Quot no cause to close the door on dialogue and Start setting fifty seven anti Independence lawmakers refused to cast ballots. Even so the measure had no problem achieving the two thirds majority needed for approval. After the vote was announced latvians inside and outside the Hall broke into a chorus of Quot god bless Latvia Quot the republics traditional Anthem. A cheering crowd showered emerging lawmakers with roses pansies and daffodils. The deputies also voted to drop the words Quot soviet socialist Quot from the republics name making it simply a the Republic of Quot i waited my whole life for this Quot said Lima Kaminska 65, who said she remembered when Latvia was forcibly annexed by Joseph Stalin in 1940. Quot i believed i always believed Quot she said tearfully. The Bill proposed by the pro Independence latvian Peoples front that dominates the parliament proclaimed the Start m an unspecified period of trans item to full Independence. In the interim it Calls for negotiations with Moscow. The neighbouring Republic of Estonia took a similar step March 30. Lithuania which declared full in Depe Doice seven weeks ago is now suffering a Kremlin Imago economic blockade of Oil Nati urls Gas and other raw materials. Two deputies walked out of die session during the vote including Alfreds rubies Latvia a communist party chief who earlier in the Day warned that ethnic russians and other non latvians living in the Republic opposed the measure. The party chief also said ant Independence forces would Appeal to soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev to impose presidential Rule and said there ought to be a popular referendum on the Independence question. Andrews air Force base my. A freed hostage Frank Reed r is hugged Ivy former hostage Robert Polhill As Reed arrives Here Friday. Reed held captive for 42 or it months whispered to Polhill Quot we re going to get the rest of them out Aren t we Quot in reference to the others still held hostage. Soviets resist United Germany in nato by Barry Schweid a diplomatic writer Bonn want Germany a Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii tried Friday to convince the soviet Union that nato membership for a United Germany would not upset the delicate East West balance of Power in Europe. But foreign minister Eduard a. Shevardnadze while pleased by . Plans to cancel new Short Range nuclear missile deployments in West Germany continued to resist the idea. At the Start of talks that will last two Days the soviet official told reporters a we consider a unified Germany As an important Factor of stability and peace in but he added Quot for such a giant to belong to one bloc one Alliance. Will not create conditions of Shevardnadze and Baker were in Bonn for the so called two plus four talks on the future of a United Germany. They officially open saturday. Chancelor Helmut Kohl of Germany held separate talks with Shevardnadze and Baker on Friday. Kohl spokesman Hans Klein said the Chancellor offered Shevardnadze a significant expansion of bilateral ties particularly economic cooperation. Baker has said Germany a membership in the North Atlantic treaty organization is not a decision for the soviets to make and that it is up to the 16 Western allies. But he Hopes to persuade Shevardnadze that the powerful nation to emerge from the Union of West Germany and East Germany will not menace neighbors that lost millions of people at the hands of the nazis in world War ii. Baker also Hopes to overcome the slump in negotiations in Vienna to conclude a treaty to reduce troops tanks artillery and other nonnuclear in Europe. The main obstacles Are which air planes and helicopters to limit and questions about methods of verifying compliance. Nato Secretary general Manfred Woermer a former West German defense minister said thursday in Brussels that the 16 allies had agreed a United Germany would have no nuclear or chemical weapons in its military Arsenal. He also suggested soviet troops might be stationed temporarily in what is now East Germany. But asked if he thought a United Germany should be a nato member Shevardnadze replied firmly remembering Kent state memorial services Mark Kent state anniversary China recalls protests of 1919.and 1989 a Beijing apr a China deployed extra police on the streets Friday and tightened Campus Security As it marked 71 years since the country s first democracy movement and one year since its last grammar school children under Tho supervision of their teachers brought Flowers to Tiana men Square to Honor Tho College students who protested May 4.1919 against China s warlord government. But official speeches and editorials had Only harsh words for last year s student protesters who were inspired by the 1919 students during seven weeks of marches including one on May a the protests which demanded democratic Reform and an Rexf to official corruption were crushed by the june 3-4. The Beijing daily called the 1989 student leaders Quot out and out foreign lackeys a while the people s daily said patriotism in the 1990s can Only moan boing Quot devoted to the cause of socialism Quot the 1919 student protest in front of Tiana men Gate is praised by communist historians for helping Rouse intellectuals out of political apathy and stir up opposition to Japan s seizure of parts of China. Cop murderer Dies in Florida electric chair a 8tarke, re. A a Man who murdered two police officers 14 years ago was put to death in the electric chair Friday As three jolts produced flames Sparks and smoke from his masked head. Jessie Joseph Tafero 43, condemned for the shooting deaths of Highway patrol trooper Phillip Black and visiting Canadian Constable Donald Irwin died at 7 13 . At Fyk Tda state prison near Starke. Nyhen a Biack hooded executioner turned the switch for the first time at 7 .07 ., flames Rose 6 inches from the Hood covering Tafero s face and Scalp. The executioner then interrupted the Standard two minute 2,000-Volt electrical Cycle and Pralon off dais later de Termi Rokl a wet sponge on Tafero a head had caught fire said state corrections department spokesman Bob Mac master. Or. Frank Kilgo the prison s chief medical officer believed Tafero died quickly. Macmaster quoted Kilgo As saying Quot i believe he was unconscious the minute the current hit a ova to Noriega lawyer Square off on Money a Miami apr a Federal judge in Day ordered prosecutors to come up with a list of $20 million in assets seized from Manuel Noriega saying some of the Money must have come from the deposed panamanian ruler s legitimate activities. During an hour Iong hearing prompted by defense attorneys request to withdraw from the Case Lead defense lawyer Frank Rubino claimed that intelligence agencies paid $11 million to Noriega with another $6 million coming from foreign governments. Quot i Don t know if you can Call Money from the Cia tainted or not but its certainly not drug said Rubino. U s. District judge William m. Hoeveler said while Noriega clearly could not use Quot ill gotten gains Quot to pay his attorneys the government could not arbitrarily seize Money without proving he had earned it through drug trafficking or other illegal Means. Defense attorneys have demanded the Frozen accounts be released saying they can no longer afford to represent Noriega in the Complex and expensive Case without being paid. Dolphin swimming permits extended at la photo Kent Ohio a Scott Turner to a Large picture of Jeffrey Miller aloft during memorial dedication Cef monies on the Campus of Kent state University Friday. Miller was one of four students killed 20 years ago when National guardsmen fired on anti War protesters. By Thomae j. 8heeran the associated press Kent Ohio a thousands of people lit candles in the rain Friday to dedicate a memorial to four Kent state University students who were slain by Ohio National guardsmen during an anti War protest 20 years ago. About 4,000 people huddled beneath umbrellas on a parking lot near the site of the shootings which took place on May 4, 1970, and marked a tragic rallying Point for those who opposed american involvement in the Vietnam War. Most of the people in the crowd placed lighted candles on the Hilltop Granite memorial. Some placed their candles amid the 58,175 daffodils planted on the nearby Hillside for each american killed in the War. A unemployment rate Down in april. Story Page five. About 200 students nearby waged a silent protest by raising clenched fists and holding up handmade signs bearing messages of Quot whose May 4th is it anyway Quot and Quot done to minimize student some held up two fingers a shaped in the peace sign popularized during the anti War movement. Some Kent state students have contended the University a $200,000 memorial is too Little too late. Former . Sen. George a Mcgovern the speaker. Said the memorial should encourage reconciliation Between the United states and Vietnam which do not have diplomatic relations. Quot the War in Liemam is unfinished Quot the unsuccessful 1972 democratic presidential candidate said. Quot the killing has stopped hut the arrogance that produced it survives and so does the agony the guilt and the Mcgovern Drew applause when he said the nation should never pursue military action counter to the Public sentiment. Quot its important to our democracy that military operations should he halted if they run counter to the wishes of the american Florence Schroeder Mother of slain student Bill Schroeder thanked the University for building the memorial. The memorial on 2vi acres adjacent to the parking lot where the students were killed includes a Granite Plaza with four pylons similar in shape to elongated gravestones. A smaller Waist High Marker was erected in Honor of the slain students in 1971. Dean Kahler who was paralysed from the Waist Down when he was wounded in the shootings said he has forgiven the guardsmen but added that the memorials message was important. Quot the injustices that were committed Here should never be forgotten Quot he said. Gov. Richard Celeste read the dead students names and said each time Quot i am a wa8hingt0n apr the government has decided to allow people and captive dolphins swim together for at least another year. Permits for three swim with the Dolphis programs in Florida and one in Hawaii have been extended through the end of 1991, the National Marine fisheries service announced. The permits had been scheduled to expire april 30. However for the time being no new permits will be issued and no new dolphins May be captured for use in these programs the Agency said. Index _ Page almanac.3 Ann landers.6 Church .4 classified.12-14 comics.7 crossword Puzzle .7,15 dear abby.3 entertainment.6 health.3 horoscope.3 Jacoby on bridge.3 mikeroyko.14 sports.9-10 television schedule .6,17-36 a partly Cloudy partly Cloudy and warmer saturday with highs from 65 to 70 and northwesterly winds at 15 to 25 mites per hour but diminishing. Partly Cloudy saturday night with lows in the Middle or upper 40s. Partly sunny sunday with highs in the Middle or uppel60s. A More weather be two

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