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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 1

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Sarah Onue journal Tarter oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois vol. 159�?no. 308 suburban zone a $1.00 Jacksonville Illinois. Sunday june 3,1990 City zone a 75 cents thirty two pages sunday news at a glance Jayne Thompson approaching Crossroads new treatment May Correct my defect a Tucson arte. Apr a new pro endure using healthy muscle cells May help Correct the protein defect that Causa the most common childhood form of muscular dystrophy a researcher said saturday. In a preliminary study the genetic therapy called my oblast Transfer pro duped a protein whose absence due to a Gene defect causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy said or. Peter k. Law of the University of Tennessee Memphis at the muscular dystrophy association s meeting Hare. The degenerative neuromuscular Dos a trikes Young boys almost Edu until now we have been dealing with children that Are dying a a disease that to far has had no Hope no treatment and no curs a Law said. Quot for that Mason i fast that the development of this work in very Tbs procedure involves infecting healthy muscle cells of an adult often a sibling or Parent into the youth with Duchenne dystrophy researchers said. Salvadoran rebels step up attacks a san Salvador Al Salvador Are Mandat rebels attacked army Poa wone saturday just West of san Salvador residents said in the second Day of intensified fighting in the 10-year-old Chi War. Guerrilla commander Jorge Melendez speaking on Clandestine rebel radio Venc Eremos said the insurgents Are trying to Preo eurs the government into negotiating an and to the War. The lighting took Placa in Ciudad Mer Mot seven Eftee Weet of san Salvador the capital. The residents who spoke on common of anonymity said they knew of no Ca Quames. The armed forces said 15 guerrillas of killed and 25 wounded in fighting with army troops Friday along the pan american Highway 45 Miles East of san Salvador in san Vicente province. A rebel Camp wee destroyed the armed Forsee preen office said. It did not say of any government troops were killed or wounded. Vietnam lets family of defector visit him a Hanoi pm we apr communist government for the first time has allowed the family of a High level defector logo abroad to visit him and it in Soonei Dertnig letting him return from China an official said saturday. The government official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the move was meant As a gesture of Good we toward China before the visit of Deputy foreign minister Dinh Nho Bern to i 111__ owning. It will be Uema a third round of talks in China on the cambodian civil War and other banners to normalizing ties Between Vietnam and China. The vietnamese government allowed the wife and daughter of 87-year-old defector Hoang Van Hoan a a founding tar of me governors wife facing changes in life career Springfield apr after battling alcoholism and enduring the Public scrutiny that comes with 14 years As the states first lady Jayne Carr Thompson says she s ready for whatever follows her husbands departure from office. Last August mrs. Thompson resumed practising Law part time at the Chicago firm of Lydon amp Griffin. She is a former associate in the state attorney general a office and her return to Law came a month after her husband a gov. James r. Thompson a announced he would not seek an unprecedented fifth term. More than a year after her stay in the Betty Ford Center the first lady at age 44 is showing a new image to the Public having shed several dozen pounds. And she says she a finally at peace with who she is a a woman whose husbands career goals superseded her own. �?�1 probably Wasny tas accepting of it As i am now partly because i Felt that in some respect that diminished me a she said recently in an interview with the Springfield state Roumal Register. Giving up her Law career Wasny to the Only sacrifice mrs. Thompson made in becoming first lady. She a grown accustomed to Public criticism of everything from her weight to the Thompson family a decision to move from Springfield to Chicago so daughter Samantha could attend school there. Samantha a birth which came late in the governors second Campaign was even criticized As a political ploy. With a new governor to take up the reins in january mrs. Thompson says her life is in a holding pattern until her husband decides what his next Job will be. Her ambition from Early childhood was to be a lawyer. Paying her Way through Northwestern University Law school mrs. Thompson took a Job As a Law clerk in then at Tomey general William Scott a office in 1970. She worked there alongside her former Law professor and future husband Jim Thompson. The Thompsons were married in 1976 in the thick of the first Campaign for governor. The first lady says she had intended to continue practising Law in the attorney Gen Erali a Springfield office. Two months later she resigned after Scott refused her a promotion saying publicly that her standing As first lady would inevitably Lead to conflicts of interest. She tried practising Law at a Springfield firm hut quit after 2vj months because her presence in the firm brought with it too much Public attention. In Thompson see Page two Summit ends with German question unsettled by Tom Raum the associated press Thurmont my. A president Bush leads Raisa Gorbachev by the Arm As Barbara Bush and soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev assemble for a group photograph upon arriving at Camp David saturday morning. Edgar attacks Hartigan a stance on taxes it vietnamese communist party a to travel to Beijing to visit him last month the government official said. France announces nuclear explosion a Papeete French polynesia apr France announced that it detonated a nuclear device saturday at its tasting site in the South Pacific the first time in 15 years it had made such a Public declaration. Since 1975, France had maintained a Pokey of official silence on its tests at the atoll of muru Roa. Customarily the world first Learned of the tests from new zealand which has monitored France s nuclear program from an observation station in the Cook islands. The new policy of Public disclosure was announced by president Francois Mitterrand hiring a visit to French polynesia in May. It was the latest of several Steps taken by the government to defuse criticism of its testing program. Another initiative has involved inviting foreign researchers to visit muru Roa to test France s claims that there has been no severe environmental damage. Index Rockford apr gop gubernatorial candidate Jim Edgar assailed democratic opponent Neil Hartigan a record on taxes and defended his own stand for Strong education funding before Republican activists saturday. �?�1 have spoken out on the need to provide adequate funding and there has been some controversy about my positions a Edgar told delegates attending the Illinois Republican state convention. A but when it comes to the schoolchildren of our state and when it comes to the future of our state Jim Edgar is not going to play Edgar a comments came As the hundreds of delegates decided by a voice vote to approve a party platform that includes a Call for the lowest state tax rates a a possible and continues the party so pro life abortion position while recognizing the party is not United on that Issue. Edgar supports extending the 20 percent state income tax increase approved last year by the democratic controlled general Assembly and set to expire on july 1,1991. The tax surcharge raises More than $700 million annually with local governments and education sharing about equally in the proceeds. A i know some of you disagree with some positions i have taken a Edgar told delegates. A however i believe an important part of leadership is doing what i believe is right and being candid with voters before the election even if it Means taking some political Hartigan has repeatedly criticized Edgar for backing the Extension of the surcharge before its known whether the Money has been Well spent. Hartigan has already said he opposes local governments continuing to get Money from the surcharge but has not yet reached a decision on the school Money. Edgar questioned How Hartigan could convince voters that the Democrat is an enemy of taxes. A where was he in 1987 when i was fighting Road tax and License plate fee increases that i thought were unfair and unwarranted a Edgar asked. A the was silent a because Neil never Speaks out against any tax increases unless he happens to be running for governor that Hartigan reached saturday in Springfield said he has Cut the budget of the attorney general a office four times since he took office in 1982, and returned fire at his Republican opponent. A this answer to the states problems is to throw another tax at the problem a Hartigan said. A instead of a $750 million permanent tax increase i say we go into the $25 billion the state already has and run this state in a business like manner. Making the surcharge permanent is taking the easy Way at the gop convention gov. James r. Thompson who has often been at Odds with gop conservatives Over his own tax proposals praised Edgar before the delegates for being a this own Many and not a a a puppet of democratic House speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago. The platform planks passed on saturday had been endorsed with Little discussion Friday at a platform committee meeting during which Carter Hendren Campaign manager for Edgar provided much direction. The party a abortion stance which was expected to be the most controversial Plank became less so when the platform committee deleted one word from the party a 1988 antiabortion position to recognize it is not a a United against taxpayer funded abortions. Edgar is pro Choice on abortion and has backed medicaid funding for the poor to have Access to abortions. Gop Senate candidate Lynn Martin is also pro Choice. Camp David my. A president Bush and soviet Leader Mikhail s. Gorbachev wrestled Over differences on Germany in a final full Day of sum Mitry at this Mountain hideaway saturday. Despite disagreements Bush said Quot i see this Glass not half empty but half full a and Gorbachev described the talks As instructive but said there were a real problems a the leaders would not a turn a Blind Eye the leaders met in the relaxed setting of this rustic presidential Retreat accompanied by Barbara Bush and Raisa Gorbachev. The two presidents stripped off their Coats and ties for discussions that led Gorbachev to conclude a it s been a big on a sunny Spring Day the Gorbachev also strolled the paths lacing this sprawling compound and pitched horseshoes. Bush an aficionado said Gorbachev had never played horseshoes and yet a literally threw a ringer the first the Day Long session of informal talks All but ended the four Day Summit. The last act was to be a wrap up news conference sunday and then Gorbachev was heading for stops in Minneapolis and san Francisco. Contentious issues such As Germany and Lithuania were shelved during morning talks but the changing face of Europe emerged As a subject before Days end. Asserting that the soviet Union has a voice in the unification of Germany Gorbachev declared a we must remember that we Are All part of this standing alongside Gorbachev Bush defended his decision to sign a Trade treaty with Gorbachev even though Moscow had not eased its economic pressure on Lithuania. A i look at the Overall relationship a he said referring to the Trade Accord As a in the interest of the United a somebody wants to argue with me Fine Well take him on a he said. Some members of Congress Are sure to do just that and Bush a spokesman acknowledged that without a gesture from Gorbachev approval of the Trade concessions will be very difficult. The German question Hung Over the Summit from beginning to end. Before leaving Camp David Bush and Gorbachev talked informally about the questions that would be raised at a sunday morning news conference concluding their talks. They talked about the answers each would give when asked about Germany White House press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater said. Bush echoed Gorbachev a generally upbeat assessment of their Summit see Page two liberian rebels meet Little resistance near capital Page agriculture.25 _ almanac.8 Miles from Monrovia to the Airport Monrovia Liberia apr rebel troops seeking to topple the government of president Samuel Doe advanced on the capital saturday and appeared to be meeting Little resistance from government forces. Correspondents who drove the 35 Ann landers.5 birthday parade.13 bu8ines8-Market news.23 classified.26-30 Oroee word puzzle.31 dear abby.-.3 where the rebel Advance had stalled earlier said the Only government troops in sight were 20 men Manning a Roadblock Between the Airport and the capital. The rebels were seen fanning out editorials.4 travelling off the roads straight to entertainment.14 Ward the Erma bombeck.8 winding health.3 through horoscope.8 society.9-12 sports .17-21 television.14 a Windy cooler sunday Windy and cooler becoming mostly Cloudy with a 30 percent Chance of showers. Highs in the upper 60s or lower 70s, West winds 20 to 30 Mph with higher gusts. Sunday night fair and cooler diminishing winds with lows in the upper 40s or lower 50s. Monday mostly sunny with highs in the upper 60s or lower 70s. More weather on Naoe two. Ward the capital. By avoiding the roads and marching the Bush the insurgents would Cut the distance from the Airport to 25 Miles. The Only significant military presence in the capital was around does executive mansion where 2,000 israeli trained troops of his elite special anti terrorist unit were stationed. No fighting was reported saturday and it was not immediately Clear what happened to the remainder of does 5,300-Man army. A Diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity said the latest developments could mean that Many soldiers had deserted or that the fighting had stopped because a Deal Between Doe and the rebels was being worked out. Hundreds of does mainly untrained ill equipped and poorly paid troops Are known to have deserted during the 6-month-old civil War according to liberian military and Western diplomatic sources. More than 1,000 people have been killed since the fighting broke out in december most of them civilians slain by government troops. The rebels a led by Charles Taylor the head of the rebel National patriotic front of Liberia a accuse the Doe administration of corruption economic mismanagement and human rights abuses. In a last ditch Effort to end the fighting Doe said on Friday that he would not seek re election in next years presidential voting. He asked the United states which has sent warships toward the liberian coast to evacuate . Citizens to help negotiate an end to the fighting. The rebels rejected does concessions but offered their own terms of the president leaves the country the rebels would work with the liberian government and National Assembly to set up an interim government. Some soviets say Gorbachev not hero foreigners say he is Moscow apr Many soviets agreed saturday that president Mikhail s. Gorbachev deserves Praise for his foreign policy achievements at the Summit but some said he did no to deserve humanitarian awards and doubted his trip would improve their lives. A shame again he has sold out All Russia a one woman shouted to a sidewalk crowd around her on Pushkin Square a kind of Moscow a a speaker a Comers a few blocks from the Kremlin. She was referring to the five american humanitarian awards Gorbachev received Friday in Washington for striving for peace and Freedom. Her comments reflected the contrast Between Gorbachev a wild popularity abroad a where he is treated like a hero for loosening up soviet society and helping bring peace and democracy to Many parts of the world a and his unpopularity at Home where he is accused of ruining the Economy and stifling Freedom. The woman said she was from Lvov in the Ukraine but refused to give her name a for a variety of Many soviets believe Gorbachev a glasnost or openness Campaign is limited and they Are fearful of being quoted in the foreign press. A Man in the crowd explained Many Peoples mixed views of Gorbachev a foreign trips. Quot he did much on the International Arena he earned Points. But in Domestic policy he tramples on progressives a said Anatoly to Dudinov 40. If the awards were presented for Gorbachev a humanitarian actions to Dudinov said the sponsors forgot about the basics. A the least we want is sausage but he does no to give it to us and you ask whether he deserves these awards a a during a ceremony at the soviet embassy in Washington Gorbachev received the Albert Einstein peace prize the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Freedom medal the Martin Luther King or. Non violent peace prize the Man of history award from the Appeal of conscience foundation and the Martin Luther King or. International peace award from friends world College. To Dudinov asked a question of his own what would the american people do if they had a president like Gorbachev ? a if Bush did everything on the International scene but nothing for his own country the people support him a to Dudinov said. Even criticizing the country a president he noted has been outlawed. The supreme soviet legislature passed a Bill last month imposing a Fine and jail sentence for insulting the soviet president. Diagonally across Pushkin Square at Mcdonald a soviets sinking their Teeth into americans classic family fare were generally More positive about their Leader and his policies. A a we re very glad our relations Are improving a said Oksana a 23-year-old housewife eating ice Cream. A a we re anxious for improvements in Trade and anticipate that Friendship with America will bring improvements in our lives a said the woman who refused to give her last name

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