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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Jacksonville, Illinois Today a Al anon for friends and relatives of alcoholics10-11 . Every saturday in passavant hospitals nursing arts lab East Wing. A chapter to of p.e.o., 9 30 . At the Home of Donna Cody. Dorothy Baker will assist. A Harmony Lodge #3/Jacksonville Lodge #570 of amp am joint installation 7 30 . At masonic Temple. Public ceremony. A Jacksonville woman a club luncheon meeting Blackhawk restaurant. Bette Jackson will present the program on hospice. Members Are urged to bring pennies for Woodhaven. A Point Man ministries Christian outreach for veterans 2 . At Literberry Christian Church. 243-8282. A a searching for serenity Over eaters Anonymous. 10.30 . In passavant area hospitals classroom b. 243-9531. To our subscribers newspaper delivery deadlines Are 6 30 . Monday through saturday and 7 30 . On sunday and holidays. Motor route delivery deadline is 6 30 . Every Day. If you do not receive your newspaper first Call your Carrier. If further assistance is needed Call die journal courier office at 245-6121 and ask for the circulation department. The circulation department is open from 6 .-5 . Monday through Friday from 6 30 on saturday and from 7 .-12 30 . On sunday. For questions about classified and retail advertising rates Call the advertising department from 8 a.ni.-5 . Monday through Friday and from 8 .-noon saturday. Subscription rates delivered by Carrier. $3/week delivered. By Carrier but paid through office one year $147 six months $75 three months $39 one month $13.50. By mail and motor route one year. $150 six months $78 three months $40 one month. $14. All mail and motor route subscriptions payable in Advance to the newspaper office. Uses 272-460 periodical postage paid at Post office. Jacksonville. Ii. 62651. Published daily and sunday at 235 w. State St., Jacksonville. In 62651. Postmaster Send address changes to Jacksonville journal courier 235 w. State St. Jacksonville in 62651. Bridge dangerous Waters ahead West a aj53 64 a q j 9 2 a k 8 3 South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North #82 Vukio 8 3 a 10 5 a q j to 6 4 East a q to 7 4 v 9 5 a k 8 6 4 3 a 72 South a k96 v a q j 7 2 a a7 a a 9 5 the bidding South West North East in pass 2 v pass 4 v opening Lead Queen of diamonds. This Deal features a play that a easy enough to appreciate after the hand is Over but one that is frequently overlooked in actual practice. When the Deal occurred South won the opening Diamond Lead with the Ace and played the Ace and another Trump to the King. He next led Dummy a Queen of clubs and when East followed Low let it ride. West won with the lung and returned a Low Diamond to partners King. East then shifted to a Spade whereupon the defense scored two Spade tricks for Down one. While it is True that South was unlucky to find West with both the King of clubs and Ace of Spades the fact remains that South was responsible for his own demise. Had he refused to take the Ace of diamonds at trick one he would have overcome the unfriendly lie of the cards. The purpose of ducking West a Queen of diamonds at the outset is to prevent him from later putting his partner on Lead with a Diamond. By severing this vital line of communication Between the defenders Declarer assures the contract even though the club finesse loses and the Spade Ace is offside. Lets say West continues with a Diamond at trick two. Declarer wins draws Trumps As before and tries the club finesse. West takes his King but is helpless. A Diamond return presents South with a Ruff and discard cashing the Spade Ace establishes South a King and a club return permits Declarer to discard two Spades on Dummy a clubs. All roads thus Lead to at least ten tricks. Note that if East elects to play his King on West a Queen at trick one South can counter by taking his Ace at once. The presence of Dummy a ten insures that East will at no Point gain the Lead to threaten Declarer a King of Spades. C 1996 King features Syndicate. Inc. Clubs organizations word limit 350 Illi Jis thai it 3.00 a All show n e Cornet Plaza 245 8212 j a Quentin Lara two film sat. 1 45. 4 45.8 00 sorry no Wpm Tutay on by i Turt uni Izro 1urn or rim veer diet of sat. 2 00. 4 30, 7 00. 9 30 03 now free refill on Popcorn amp soft drinks times thaile 231 e. State a 243-1111 now action goes Long firestorm sat. 2 30,4 45.7 15,9 30 sorry no bargain tuesday on Tat feature 3.00 a All shows before 6 pm a bargain tues Feato Leonly sat. 2 15.4 30. 7 00. 9 15 now free refill on Popcorn amp soft drinks news Makerson news is bad news Knight Ridder newspapers heres a weekend update Norm Macdonald has been fired from his a saturday night live a news Anchor gig. He says he some network Biggie told him he a not funny enough. Chevy Chase originated the role and the Anchor ship has been handed Down to comic after comic. Macdonald said he will still appear in a sni Quot sketches. But he said a i stink in he also fired off some comments about his Abc employers wednesday that could get him fired altogether. He said on a elite show with David Letterman Quot thai Don Ohlmeyer president of neg West coast gave him the bad news. Quot so lie goes a of yeah in a firing you there from the show a a Macdonald said. A and i said a of that a not and i said. A Why is that now a and he goes a Oil you re not and i said. A holy lord that seven worst news a Quot Lisa today says a a snip cast member Colin Quinn takes Over the Anchor chair tonight. Tarantino loves his mom to death so what kind of a brat was Quentin Tarantino a every mothers Day. Lit used to write me a Story where i would die and then he would write about How badly lie Felt about my death a mom Connie Zastoupil tells details Magazine. A the Only Way lie could Tell me How much lit loved me was by killing me Freud would have a Field Day. Still. Zastoupil is her boys biggest fan. A i can get so aggravated when women say a of i done to like Quentin a films they re so violent a ill say a Well if you had an attention Span and saw one you probably believe it. A successful tribute the Princess Diana tribute album Lias raised a whopping $64.8 million for Charity in just four weeks. Virgin records said thursday. Tile double album with artists ranging from Paul Mccartney to Luciano Pavarotti has sold 3.5 million copies and is still Selling briskly the company said. Meanwhile millionaire Mohammed Al Faye. Whose son Dodi died with Diana in the Paris car crash has been ousted As sponsor of the Royal Windsor horse show by Queen Elizabeth mrs jewellers Asprey. Its another blow for Al Fayed who is still battling for British citizenship. Al Fayed had sponsored the event for 16 years and promised the Queen the events Patron that his London store harrods would sensor the event forever. But the worst tiling for Al Fayed who relishes hobnobbing with Royalty no longer will he be Able to Park himself alongside the Queen Iii the Royal Box. Its Only Money rents Are High in new York but this is ridiculous. Tilt never lived in five bedroom Penthouse atop the 45-Story Trump International hotel and Tower overlooking new Yorkus Central Park will soon by put for rent. At a Cool $1 k Ock per month. Donald Trump had intended the Plush digs a pre separation from Marla a for himself and the family. Brokers told the new York times there Are plenty of potential takers in this City where multimillion Dollar coops and condos raise no eyebrows. The Trump pad boasts 6,000 Square today a birthdays Singer Frank Sinatra or. Is 54. Singer Rod Stewart is 53. Rock Singer musician Donald Fagen of steely Dan is 50. Singer Pat Benatar is 45. Singer Shawn Colvin is 40. Rock Singer musician Curt Kirkwood of the meat puppets is 39. Rock Singer Brad Roberts of crash test dummies is 34. Actress Trini Alvarado is 31. Feet a House sized living room five bedrooms eight bathrooms and 20-foot-High windows. Shell always have a Span everybody wants Janet Reno. But the attorney general just refuses to have any fun. Reno has turned Down her big shot at a new career on the Boob tube. Her aides have politely rebuffed invites from foxes a rally my Beals and abcs a dharma amp both sitcoms tried to get Reno to do cameos. Abc resorted to using a stand in for the Back other head in an episode that aired in november. A a we be said no for now a said Michael Gordon the attorney general a press Secretary but he left tilt door open. Maybe Reno likes the wicked portrayal of Lier on a saturday night live a and figures she improve on it. Remake of the apes fresh from a titanic a Success James Cameron now wants to return to land and tackle Quot planet of the the Canadian director says he a in talks with 20th Century Fox to produce a remake of the cult film with Arnold Schwarzenegger maybe taking tile Lead. The 1967 original starred Charlton Heston and Roddy Mcdowell and is about a space Craft that crash lands into a future world where Aux a Are the masters and humans the caged pets. Making Waves when the dough started rolling in talk show Host Rosie of Donnell splurged on a typical boy toy a 27-foot Powerboat. A i put a life jacket on son Parker. And i drive All around the Island of Manhattan by the statue of Liberty and Coney Island. He loves it. And its a great Way to get away from everyone a she says. Dear Ann Landers will you please quit printing those Boring repetitious a How i screwed up my life letters that undoubtedly come from the under-50 baby Boomers they Are causing your Over-70 world War ii vet readers to Barf up their Raisin bran. Dear Abby my wife prefers that i write the letters to our children and relatives. Although she writes a delightful letter she lacks Confidence in her ability to punctuate and spell correctly. I enjoy writing so i done to mind performing this task for both of us. Titis Over-70 vet met his Navy nurse wife 49 years ago in a Hospital full of iwo Jima wounded shipwrecked survivors from the North Atlantic and Buzz bombed sailors of Antwerp. Of course there a a lot More to my Story but this is All i am going to say. Keep up the Good work for your devoted readers of All Ages and Best regards to your butt kissing drivel saturated staff. �?j.g., Laguna Hills calf. Dear Laguna Hills Lollipop you sound like a real sweetheart and a War hero As Well. I love the Way you write. Please let nit hear from you again. Dear Ann Landers while sitting at the Hospital bedside of my husband who is slowly recovering from a triple bypass i was thinking about our life together and recalled How various people have written to Tell you How they met. I would like to toll you How we met. We were both in the Navy. It was a dentist and i was a wave. We were stationed in new York. I was working in the communications office anti my co worker and i checked Coats and hats at the officers club. One saturday night we were checking anti complaining about the snobbish officers Wilt would make dates with Waves and then stand them up. This one dark handsome officer standing in line said a i would never Cit we laughed at him. He put a $5 Bill in front of me asked me out for the next saturday night and said if he did not show up the Money was mine. I took the Money so it it and forgot the whole thing. On saturday morning he called and told me head pick me up at 7 k. We could not Date on the base to Van St i was not an officer so we went to the nearest Little town of Geneva. A Surprise snowstorm struck and we spent the entire night in the bus station Reading papers and drinking Coffee. He suggested that we go to a hotel and get some sleep. I said a no we could t have been More different. He was from Rhode Island and i was from Texas. He was French and i was Southern but somehow we worked things out and have been married 51 terrific years. We have six children and 12 grandchildren. He likes to Tell people that he married a wave and had six Little now i sit each Day by his bed and Hope that he will recover fully so we can celebrate our 52nd anniversary next Valentines i a. A Bettye in West Warwick it dear Bettye As i Type this column i am saying a Little prayer Tor that great Guy. Movies 6 $3.50 All shows before 6pm a All shows on tuesday. Ansonville South county hotline 245-1850 Sochi it v i skim rout Utomi i urns in m hdm ii alone ready for More. Much More. Lino ii Mixi a it will Iii i ii is sat 7 00 9 00 r sat. 12 00 4 00 8 00 tim Amin in no bargain tuesday for Many years i closed the letter a with love a followed by a mom and dad or both our first names. I ast year i decided this was not Correct. Although my wife occasionally suggests thoughts that i include i am the one who generates most of the thoughts and takes the time to write them. Therefore i started closing my letters a with love from both of us a followed by a a dad or my name. This angers my wife. She insists that i sign a mom and dad or both our first names. I insist that she is Welcome to add a postscript to my letter and sign it or write Lier own letters. My wife wants the letter to be from both of us but i feel i should Sigil my letters with my name because they contain my thoughts. Am i being hardheaded a the Lone writer Righi Anwash. Dear Lone writer yes i empathize with you for wanting recognition for the work of Art you have created but its a Little late to begin asserting your individuality. In a sure your children and relatives know who is really putting the words on the paper so for the Sake of Harmony in the household continue to Sigil your letters a with love from mom and in almost every marriage the spouse with the stronger skills will assume responsibility for various chores a the gardening balancing the Check Book wardrobe coordination Etc. That a what makes a partnership successful. Dear Abby i m writing in res Onse to the letter that appeared in your column just before from a grieving mom in it is a tragedy that this family lost their firstborn in a drunk driving crash. Drunk driving is not an Acci Dent. No one forces intoxicated Drivers to get behind the wheel. They make that Choice of their own free will. I personally have lost two people who were very close to me. Tile first was my Best Friend from childhood. Eight months after that his Mother was struck and killer instantly by another drunk Driver. Approximately to years later i was struck and Almest killed by a drunk Driver. Drunk driving is the most fre que Nutly committed violent crime in America and the no. I killer of those Between the Ages Elf 6 and 33. I Aglee with your response that the holidays were rapidly approaching and Yeier Hope was that Lierle the a would serve As a cautionary reminder about the clangers of driving under the influence. With a Jar son dying every 32 minutes and be ing injured every 30 seconds its vital that people know How serious the drunk driving problem is. As a three time victim i must say that the be St Medicine for the pain All victims have endured is to gel involved with mothers against drunk driving Madi. Your readers can Call Maddus National hotline a 1-800-43&6233 a to learn More about Madi and to get involved with their local chapter. Hie thousands of people in the organization surf dirt each other and Are a tremendous help in our times of need. A Steve Emerick Chatsworth calf. Dear Steve i Haven to mentioned mothers against drunk driving Madi in my column for some time. Thank you for giving me the Opportunity. I can think of no More effective support than Madi for someone who has lost a loved one through an alcohol related tragedy. People with a shared experience can communicate with one another on a Mort profound level. Madi also promotes education and awareness and serves As advocate for victims and families throughout the courtroom precess. Salt a do i sat. 1 of 3 15, 5 30, 7 45. 10 00 r i he Hill i Hilting sat 12 30, 2 45. 5 00. 7 30 9 45 i ill la Lukl sat. 1 15, 3 15 5 15 7 15 9 15 pm clubs organizations write ups which appear in the sunday newspaper Are limited to 350 words. They should include the program speaker at the meeting As Well As any special business such As election of officers. Routine business such As the pledge of allegiance Roll Call the minutes and the treasurers report May be ref ii is on a Tope Arn amp soft 7 j rinks All shows before 6 Rex Fermi White Oaks mall a s28-film acts ironical Marl a s28-fb.m i i Alf wait Imi in capital Cit Center him i i Ai i a v i Ahia i Falu a Macarthur at s. Grand a s28-film free refill on Popcorn and soft drinks at All theatres up to i Day us on Ticlin i amp sit Sui it no a in by a air Force one by 1 of4 of 7 00 9 50 Allen resurrection r 11 15.4,151.715,1000 Anastasia g v45.4 30.6 45.9 00 mortal combat pg-13 i 30. 4 457 30. 9 40 digital digital

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