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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Aug 14 2015, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - August 14, 2015, Jacksonville, Illinois E editorial 4a Friday August 14,2015 Jacksonville journal courier our View gimmicks wont fix unforgiving state of highways by now it should go without saying that this is no Way to pay for Public works. And Many in Congress had promised that this time would be different. Congresses most recent fight Over Highway spending seemed awfully familiar. Once again authorized Cash for transportation projects was dwindling. Once again no one could agree on a proper Extension. And once again. Congress ended up passing a Stopgap Hill a the 34th in six years in fact. By now. It should go without saying that this is no Way to pay for Public works. And Many in Congress had promised that this time would be different. A Long term Hill they said was sure to materialize. Yet paying for it proved As challenging As Ever. I he Senate hoped a witches brew of budgeting gimmicks could be stirred up and transformed into Cash. The House hoped More aggressive tax collection might do the trick. What both approaches had in common was that they had nothing to do with highways. I hey thus negated the primary virtue of the Highway Trust fund which is that its paid for by the very people who use the roads via an excise tax on Gas. And for Good measure both approaches aimed to effectively cover operating expenses with a one time Cash infusion. It does no to take an economist to spot the flaw in that. Sadly the substance of the Senate a Lon term Bill a the nuts and bolts of surface transportation policy a was solid. It was bipartisan and requested Only modestly higher spending. It would have improved freight shipment and alleviated congestion. And it sensibly boosted funding to fix battered Bridges and interstates. Now optimists Hope the two houses might still hash out a Compromise once they reconvene or that a separate plan a perhaps one corralling the proceeds of a one time tax on corporate profits held abroad a can top up the Trust fund when the Stopgap expires. Theres a better Way. Bhat is to modestly increase the Federal Gas tax a which has been stuck at 18.4 cents a gallon since 1993 a and Index it to inflation. Then Congress should look for new ways to pay for highways bearing in mind that americans Are driving less and cars Are becoming More fuel efficient. The goal should be to ensure that Highway infrastructure is still largely paid for by Drivers. A Federal tax on vehicle Miles travel eds an idea several states Are considering a May be one path Forward once the technology is reliable and privacy safeguards Are in place. Another might be to gradually wind Down the Trust fund and Start taxing Oil at refineries instead. Imposing More user fees on roads and Bridges and expanding the use of Public private partnerships for construction projects would also help. T he main thing to avoid is yet More budget trickery a endless repetition of the same fiscal nonsense while the underlying problems get worse. For a time budgets can Overlook some sleight of hand. Roads and Bridges Arentt so forgiving. Jacksonville journal courier David cd. Bauer editor / regional Content director Illinois Missouri the Jacksonville journal courier will be the undisputed news and editorial Leader in West Central Illinois. It will always speak intelligently and independently for what is in the Best interest of the City the Region and the nation. It will recount the significant events in the lives of its readers. It will identify the elements necessary to move the Community Forward and it will work aggressively to Advance and promote those elements. It will embody the highest principles and will symbolize fairness dignity and compassion. Editorial Mission yet another Pophal atm to Keystone Al lawsuit edition their View Why should taxpayers pay for primaries Jay Jamison contributing columnist in february 2010, the voice of the people was recorded in the Illinois democratic primary election and they chose Scott Lee Cohen As their candidate for lieutenant governor. The Only problem was the _ Bosses of the democratic party did no to like the outcome of the primary election. Or. Cohen financed his Campaign mostly with his own Money so he Wasny to Beholden to anyone including the party Bosses. Cohen a name never appeared on the general election ballot in the fall. T Hose who voted for or. Cohen May have Felt cheated when gov. Quinn and other party leaders pressured him to drop out of the race but what about All those taxpayers who did no to vote in the democratic primary weren to they cheated also Sheila Simon became lieutenant governor of Illinois having never run in the primary election to be on the ballot for the general election. New Jersey u. S. Senator Robert Torricelli was the candidate chosen by the people in the new Jersey democratic primary in 2002, however his name did not appear on the ballot for the general election that fall. Fie got mixed up in a Money scandal and decided to Bow out of the race for senator a Mere 35 Days before the general election. The Only problem was new Jersey Law prohibits filling vacancies on general election ballots less than 50 Days before an election. The new Jersey democratic party persuaded that states supreme court to nullify new Jersey election Law and the High court ordered that Frank la u ten bergs name be placed on the ballot. The new Jersey supreme court said that a a. The election statutes should be liberally democratic u. S. Sen. Claire Mccaskill of Missouri wrote a piece for the aug. La Politico com which recounts How she helped Todd Akin win the july 2012 Republican primary using democratic senatorial Campaign committee Money so she could beat him in november which she did. In March if this year Illinois congressman Aaron Schock resigned his congressional seat which triggered the need for special primary and general elections to Fdl the vacancy. Some municipalities Are now suing Schock and his Campaign fund to recover the costs of having special elections. Primary elections mostly Benefit the two major political parties by adding a sense of legitimacy which is largely denied to Independent candidates and other political parties. The move to secure Money from Schocko a Campaign fund to pay for both the special primary and a general election to fill his vacancy raises a Good question Why should taxpayers especially independents and those who identify themselves with political parties which Are neither Democrat nor Republican be forced to pay for primary elec primary elections mostly Benefit the two major political parties by adding a sense of legitimacy which is largely denied to Independent candidates and other political parties. Lions Given the nullification of primaries in Illinois and new Jersey the respective political parties or their candidates pay for their shenanigans when Claire Mccaskill can spend upwards of is million of democratic Campaign Money to tilt a Republican primary which was paid for by Missouri taxpayers when a congressman a indiscretions forces Cash strapped municipalities to pay for u n sex pee Ted elections when primary elections can be nullified by glorified lawyers and political Bosses Why should taxpayers be forced to foot the Bill Jacksonville resident Jay Jamison writes each Friday for this Page your View pushing past the slain of slavery to the editor South Carolina the Birthplace of secession or treason has finally done the right thing. The Confederate Flag has lost its Public place of Honor and been consigned to museums where it belongs. This last Spring americans commemorated the end of our tragic civil War 150 years ago. Across the South unrepentant confederates persisted in maudlin remembrances of their glorious a lost we heard the same old tiresome delusions that the War was a heroic struggle for 1776-like a Independence a for a a Freedom and of course a states what mythological nonsense. What overweening sentimentality. To the southerners who really mattered in 1861, the civil War was fought to make the world Safe for Sla Veo Cracy. That Sall it Ever was. The total capital investment of slaveholders in captive human beings was three times larger than the total investment in manufacturing in the Northern and Southern states combined. That was the ultimate Bottom line Confederate leadership had in mind when they claimed they were fighting a for their Way of in the words of Janelle Boule a the antebellum South was a brutal archipelago of slave labor Camps governed by an aristocracy of planters and slave an american style gulag. A states rights was just a respectable sounding concept for fixing slavery on most of the country As it would later do with Jim Crow apartheid. Abolitionists Union soldiers and Lincoln a governance actually saved the South from itself. It allowed the South to later be Halfway modernized by new Deal projects the modern civil rights movement and air conditioning. One has to wonder where would the South be today but for its forced deliverance from error and shame at Appomattox courthouse from the cleansing perspective of history the trans formative civil War allowed this country to finally put the slavery stain behind it and the Republic could survive intact the Way some of the founders imagined it might. Richard Nelson Jacksonville

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