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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 5

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Journal wound a Jan Aonuma im., Luaa Oay april Ioimo Barry needs a hand with his reasoning journal Courter photo by John 0. Mamun Jacksonville elks Lodge no. 682 continued their tradition of providing an easter Bunny who visited is is i Graham and pathway schools Friday. Shown from left As he left the Lodge Jack Barwick exalted ruler Gary Church Volunteer the Bunny Melanie Gotschall and Jordy Gotschall. The annual promotion will continue next week As the Bunny visits All of the nursing Homes in Jacksonville. A standing ovation is an Honor that is bestowed for a wide variety of reasons. At sporting events fans Rise to cheer dramatic game winning Home runs last second touchdowns or slam dunks. A stirring performance will bring an opera or concert crowd to its feet. Past achievements can do it too. The introduction of an aging War hero an elder statesman a Nobel laureate can touch the heart. So can the modest appearance of a Lech Walesa. Of course at any corporate or political banquet the top Boss will get a standing ovation because its a Way for some of his underlings to say a they look see me big Guy i love Admire and respect you. I Grovel so please keep that paycheck but in a not quite sure what prompted 400 people at a meeting of Black mayors to spontaneously leap to their feet to applaud the arrival of mayor Marion Barry of Washington. Particularly since it was an anti drug meeting. Some might say that the crowd was expressing admiration for the Way Barry has confronted his addictions and is trying to overcome them. The problem there is that Barry did t confront his addictions until he walked into an Fri sting operation and a As was recorded on videotape a made a cocaine buy from an old Girlfriend. Only then did he go scurrying off to the seclusion of a rehab Center which is Standard procedure for prominent substance abusers. That plus saying they be been religiously reborn which Barry Hasni to see me Mike Royko gotten to yet. But until the Fri nailed him in that hotel room. Barry Wasny to doing any confronting or overcoming of his addictions. The Only confronting he did was with those who mentioned the frequent rumours that he was using drugs and associating with Scuzzy characters. He denounced them As liars. Now As it turns out. They weren to lying. He was. But he has t found it in his heart to apologize. If anything he still seems to be fudging on the truth. He says his addictions were booze and Tranquili Zers. So what was he doing making a Coke buy he Hasni to said. Maybe he was just doing some very Early Christmas shopping after enjoying his ovation Barry listened to Jesse Jackson lambaste the Bush administration for failing to spend enough Money in the War on drugs. Later Barry held a press conference and said essentially the same thing. And he criticized Federal officials for not working closely with his administration in dealing with the drug crisis in the nation s capital. Now fancy that. Here is the mayor of one of the great cities of the world he faces trial on three drug charges and two of lying to a grand jury. But he does no to understand Why Federal drug officials Haven t sat Down with him to talk about How they can solve the problems of his City. Apparently it has t occurred to him a or if it has he prefers not to think about it that he a part of the problem not the solution. The real problem is not the inability of the government to prevent foreign drugs from coming into this country. That s just about impossible and even if they were stopped our own drug merchants would Start producing Domestic brands As they be done with the new super Jolt marijuana nor is the real problem the local drug Pusher. If there is Money to be made and a demand for a product somebody is going to provide the Supply. If you jail one crack dealer two More Are going to fight Over his old Corner. No what it boils Down to is that those who want drugs create the problem they Are the problem. And they include mayor Barry. So it does seem a bit unseemly for him to be complaining that not enough taxpayers Money is being spent to prevent people from Messing up their brains after All it s his brain. If he wants to scramble it i Don t see Why the rest of us should be held financially responsible and i done to see that he a done anything to rate a standing ovation. A quiet a Good Luck Marion a would have been More than enough. Most people never experience a standing ovation even those who might deserve them a fireman carries someone Down three smoke filled flights of stairs and his prize is a whiff from an oxygen tank. A cop talks a heavily armed crazy into releasing some hostages and his Captain slips a citation into his personnel file. An emergency room Crew brings someone Back to life and their Reward is that they get a Chance to do it again tomorrow night. But Barry gets a standing ovation. You d think that they would at least have asked him to pass a urine test first. Even the Best make slip ups area notes Susan Browning gives programs at schools Susan Browning project coordinator of the comprehensive Community occupant Protection program gave programs recently at both South Jacksonville school and our Saviours Grade school. She spoke to the kindergarteners and second graders at South while students in kindergarten through seventh Grade at our Saviours listened to her program. A colouring contest for the younger students was held in conjunction with is. Browning s presentation. Winners at South school were Casey Spradlin morning kindergarten Ruth Ann Medlock afternoon kindergarten and Melissa Straczek and Davie Brown second Grade. Winners in kindergarten through third Grade at our Saviour s were Maggie Ryan morning kindergarten Robert Turner afternoon kindergarten jarred Colwell and Bridget Colwell first Grade Jodi of Connell and Brian English second Grade and Mark Flynn and Tiffani Mcgee third Grade. Youngsters learn How not to be a a Blob first through third graders at Meredosia-chamber8burg club Quayle no a stumble bump elementary school recently Learned How to avoid being a a a a Blob is a bicycle rider who rides recklessly and disobeys the Law. Instead youngsters were encouraged to be like Reddy Ryder the country companies safety Mascot and practice bicycle safety. Reddy is the hero of the entertaining and educational program Quot Don t be a the program was conducted by dour Sommer District coordinator of Community education for the country companies an insurance and investment group. The program was arranged by the country companies Community education and Jim Whalen an agent in the country companies Cass Morgan Agency. Whalene a office is located at 900 s. Main Jacksonville. Golden k s hear Railroad program Terry Wilson of Meredosia High school gave a program on the Northern Cross Railroad at the april s meeting of the Golden k kiwanis club. Carl Ryberg presented a Quot minute for Mission a mentioning the kiwanis spirit in personal relationships and Volunteer activities. Peoria apr Dan Quayle is not the Quot Hoosier stumble bump that comedians joke about according to the vice president s fan club which has launched a letter writing Campaign to enlighten late night entertainers. Members of the hit the Trail for Quayle club said monday they want Johnny Carson and other prominent comedians to Quot Lay off Quayle and find some other target for their monologues. Quot they make him out to be some Hoosier stumble bum but he a no Dummy Quot said Noel Clark of Peoria. Quot he a really a Sharp Guy. But these comedians a Johnny Carson Jay Leno Pat Sajak a and the Liberal minded press keep jumping on him. Quot we be written these comedians and told them to Lay off Dan Quayle and clean up their Clark is one of about 30 members of the club founded earlier this year by Dorothy Vallosio of Peoria. Quot we just resent All the jokes bashing our vice president a mrs. Vallosio said. Quot they Are so mean. And they be criticized him Over and Over and Over so often that they be got people believing them. The Public is being programmed to think our vice president is a laughing the groups first letters were directed at television networks but they never got a response. So the group decided to write individual comics. Quot he a a human being a mrs. Val Losio said of Quayle. Quot we think our officials have to be superhuman. But everybody makes ten club members assembled saturday to draft letters to Carson Leno Sajak and David Letterman. In a letter to Leno mrs. Vallosio compared the comedian s constant sniping to propaganda campaigns by Adolph Hitler to stir hatred of jews. Quot i used to think your material was terrific a mrs. Vallosio wrote. Quot but lately the last two year your continuous Hitler like programming of disrespect and downright meanness to vice president Quayle not Only angers me but is sickening to Billie Thompson of Peoria called the comedians attacks on Quayle Quot humiliating and degrading to our Quot i Don t think they should be termed comedians because they re not funny a mrs. Thompson said. Quot they Are just spokesmen for themselves. Its in american the Way they pick on Dan Quayle. He a not getting a fair Quayle spokesman David Beckwith applauded the clubs efforts and suggested Carson and the others take note. Today s Deal from the finals of the Vanderbilt team of four championship in 1989, shows that to Days of High level Bridge can tire even the Best players. Place yourself in the position of Alan Sontag East defending against four hearts. In North South a methods the bid of two clubs by a passed hand even after the one Spade Overall was artificial sending the message Quot partner i have a hand with heart support with More strength than a simple raise to the two level would show. If your opening bid has extra Bridge Jamas Jacoby North a 7 i a 5 s a k q 6 5 a j 9 7 4 West a j to 9 8 5 3 9 a a42 a a 86 East �T�04 a q j 8 4 a j 9 7 3 a 6 32 South a Aki a k to 7 6 2 a Tot a Krio vulnerable North South dealer North South West North East pass pass i i a 2 4 pass 3 pass 3 pass 3 it pass 4 v All pass a Drury convention opening Lead a j values we May have a by first bidding three clubs which he knew would not be passed South described an opening bid with extras and expressed a slight uncertainty about ending up in three no Trump. Accordingly North corrected to the final four heart contract. The Jack of Spades was led East playing the Queen. Declarer won and Lea a Diamond to the King. Ducked by West. Next came a duo from Dummy to the Queen. West won the Ace and continued Spades. Declarer won and played a heart to Dummy Sace and a heart Back. Here Sontag fell from Grace. He split his heat honors. Or he played Small Declarer could hardly insert the to since West might win and give East a Spade Ruff Declarer won the King and then played King of clubs and the to overtaking with the Jack in Dummy. The fourth club came next. If East ruffed High South would shed his Low Spade of East ruffed Low Declarer would Over Ruff and then Trump a Spade in Dummy. Either Way to tricks were there for Declarer. Baby photos Newborn to does easter mean Beans to your kids of you agree that easter should do More Tor your children than raise their blood sugar level. We invite you and your Lai Ruly to experience the True Miracle of easter in the episcopal Church. The episcopal Church Send us his her photo the journal courier is designing a special feature Section that will include photos of area babies. The Section will be published on sunday May 13 in the journal courier Ana thursday May 17 in the shoppers guide. You can enter any child in Jacksonville and the surrounding area under the age of 18 months by submitting a photo up to 3�?�x 5�?� in size along with the form below by May 4 to a baby Book a clo Jacksonville journal courier 235 w. State Jacksonville in 62650, attn Tena Martin. Child a full name. Child a birthrate month parents names age on 5/1/90 Day Yea address a child a full name must be on Back of pictures photos May be picked up after May 14jacksonville journal courier Trinity Church Corner of state and College streets regular sunday services at 8 amp 10 30 . A wednesdays at to . Easter eve saturday at 6 . A easter Day to

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