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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 4

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Editorial opinions ideas analyses Jacksonville journal courier tuesday april 10, 1990 4 pm trial courier at least the Man can say a i tried serving the heart of Lincoln Douglas country since july to 1831. John r Power. Publisher amp general manager Buford Green. Managing editor Oliver West City editor William s Kilby. Farm business editor Bob Byers. Sports editor Julie Zook. Night City editor Pamela Olson. Society editor Dick Smith. Marketing manager Jim Ringle circulation manager Lloyd Summers. Production manager Mem Whitton. Press room Foreman Bruce Shaler. Accountant we need a genuine National research policy one important aspect of the current congressional debate Over productivity and the High Cost of Capitol is the quest for a Long term policy to Spur research and experimentation by american Industry. Such a policy is extremely important to the globalization of the Economy in facing the increased competitiveness from foreign corporations in Domestic and overseas markets. The Bush administration and Congress have taken one positive step to promote increased research by . Industry. They have called for a permanent ramp a tax credit. The research tax credit which was enacted in 1981, is designed to promote an increase in a company a qualified research expenses for the taxable year. This tax incentive is premised on the View that a successful National ramp a policy must rely on greater ramp a expenditures in the private sector. Industry performs 72 percent of total National ramp a while the Federal government performs Only la percent. Research expenditures for american Industry in 1989 Are expected to be $95.4 billion according to initial estimates by the National science foundation. Unfortunately the ramp a tax credit has been extended Only on a year to year basis. Much of the reason for a year by year Extension has been the preoccupation with the Federal budget deficit. Without a permanent ramp a tax credit the uncertainty created among american Industry has undermined proper business and marketing decisions. A National ramp a strategy which includes a permanent ramp a tax credit is necessary to ensure that the United states remains the largest investor in ramp a expenditures worldwide and to insure that american business remains competitive overseas. A 1989 National science foundation report on National ramp a resource patterns shows the the United states spends More Money on ramp a activities than France West Germany the United kingdom and Japan combined. That statistic masks the real trends internationally. For example although the report states that ramp a expenditures a both civilian and defense a were roughly comparable to West Germany s and Japan a expenditures As a proportion of Gross National product Dur ing the late 1980s, the statistics dramatically diverge when compared on a civilian ramp a basis. The United states spent about 1.7 percent of Gnu on civilian ramp a while Japan spent 2.8 percent and West Germany 2.6 percent on civilian ramp a in the late 1980s. The United states had the highest proportion of scientists and engineers engaged in ramp a per 10,000 population until the mid-1980s. From 1964 to 1985, the United states had roughly 64.7 scientists and engineers per 10,000 population. Japan nearly tripled the number of those technical professionals in its population during the same time period. By 1986, Japan had 67.4 scientists and engineers per 10,000 population while the United states had 66.2. West Germany has More than doubled its percentage of these technical persons on a population basis since the mid-1960s, As Well. A permanent ramp a tax credit would strengthen the link Between increased ramp a spending and the social benefits that flow to All americans from such expenditures. Consumers Benefit from lower prices on products As a result of Cost saving innovations and from the availability of new products. Competing firms Are Able to develop their own applications for innovative technology which also contribute to More jobs and increased Prosperity. Research and experimentation is inherently Long Range. In industries such As electronics product cycles can last three to five years. Each Cycle builds on earlier cycles. In other High technology industries such As aerospace product cycles can last to to 15 years. In either Case High Levels of ramp a must be performed each year. American Industry is committed to undertake the necessary projects but it needs sensible and stable policies to accomplish the Effort. Congress and the Bush administration must take Steps to eliminate the uncertainty surrounding the future existence of the research tax credit. A permanent ramp a tax credit is a necessary component of an effective National research policy which is what american Industry needs to strengthen its commitment to Long term ramp a efforts and to ensure increased Prosperity for All americans. . Chamber of Commerce the other Day while i was drinking my morning Coffee i was looking out my window and trying to bring the world into focus. Across the Street in the vacant lot there was a father and his son. The father was teaching the boy the fundamentals of baseball. I watched As the father showed his son the proper Way to swing the Bat giving encouragement where encouragement was needed and Praise where Praise was needed. After the batting lesson he spent the next few minutes tossing the Ball across the Field to his son and patiently waited while he went to retrieve every other one. Next came the obligatory grounders and pop and a few More swings with the Bat. I help but think about my father and myself in the same situation my father has been on my mind a lot lately because of a recent illness that landed him in the Hospital for a few Days. My poor dad deserves a medal for trying to inspire some sort of love of sports into his oldest son. Every Spring would bring another failed attempt at trying to teach me even the rudimentary skills required to catch hit and Field a Ball. I have to admit that i Wasny to much help. I hated loathed and despised every minute of it. There was nothing too menial too embarrassing taking turns Mark Devor or too disgusting for me to do instead. I would feign sickness find Homework that required my immediate attention or attempt in some manner or fashion to show some sort of concern for my younger siblings that had never surfaced before. But excuses ran out All too quickly and i would reluctantly Trot out to the Back Yard and humor my father. Dad tried everything. He would work on my Glove. He would rub it with Oil try to Mold it into a neat pocket usually by setting it under my mothers Cata logs and once he even gave me his old one in the Hopes that some of its past glories would rub off. But unfortunately this was All to no Avail. To complicate matters even further i was left handed. I never quite understood Why this was such a Handicap to my father. But i guess i did everything in reverse. My father who unfortunately was right handed would spend hours trying to see the world through my eyes. It would Only add to his exasperation. Now sometimes just because you do not particularly like something does no to necessarily mean that you Are no Good at it. Not so in this Case. I stank i knew i stank my father knew i stank and the entire Jerseyville Khory league knew that i stank. It must have been twice As embarrassing for him to see me in right Field for half an inning As it was for me. Actually though it was not embarrassing at All for me. It was a godsend i did t mind Riding the Bench. I dreaded having to go out there. People probably thought i was hollering at the Batter but in fact i was fervently praying that the Batter would hit to anyplace but right Field. It would reaffirm my belief in a benevolent divinity whenever a Batter struck out walked or got hit by the Ball. This ritual was not confined to Spring. In the fall it was football and in the Winter it was basketball. I think after seeing my shortcomings in baseball though he resigned himself to television. Maybe if he could spark some interest in National league football or basketball games the other interests would come along. Unfortunately this exercise in futility failed just As disastrously As the others. I Wasny to interested i did t care and would have done anything to avoid it. In a not quite sure when he finally gave up. It was t for a Lack of trying but he just did no to have anything to work with. Dad lived for the Hunting fishing and outdoor adventures. And i was always running in the opposite direction. I can to help but feel that i let my father Down in some Way and have always been thankful that my youngest brother took to these things willingly and still enjoys them today. But my dad did instill in me a lot of other very important things. Among them his love of music his gift of Public speaking and his appreciation for Small things have brought me As much happiness As any world series Ever could have possibly done. My dad did manage to teach my to play a wicked game of cribbage however. And perhaps my fondest memories will be of he and i together with a cribbage Board a tall Glass of iced Tea and Many hours of Happy Mark Devor night copy editor for the Jacksonville journal Cooner is still trying to figure out How Many innings Are in a football game. The coming death of an innocent Man this May israelis supreme court will decide whether John Demjan Juk the Cleveland Auto worker convicted of being a Ivan the terrible a the Butcher of Treblinka who operated the Gas chamber follows Adolph Eichmann to the Hangman a Gallows. Oddly the closer Demjan Juk comes to death the More certain his innocence appears. Had we known in 1980, when he was stripped of citizenship what we know today he would have walked out of his Cleveland courtroom a free Man. Just weeks ago cd so �?o60 minutes a discovered Marianna Dudek in a Village near Treblinka. Did she remember a Ivan the terrible ? indeed she did she had slept with him for the Gold Ivan had taken from the jews she said his real name was Ivan Marchenko. At the War crimes commission in Warsaw lbs was shown a list of guards from Treblinka. Marchenko s name was on it Dema Njuki a was not. The Only hard evidence against Demjan Juk remains the . Card from Traw Niki training Camp which puts Demjan Juk in a different Camp. Sob ibor. Late in the Jerusalem trial we Learned that the . Justice department had withheld evidence dating to 1979 that another guard Danilchenko also recalled Damjan Juk at sob ibor in the same months Dema Njuki a accusers swear he was at Treblinka. Now a . Researcher has finished an exhaustive study of the . Card and three like it from soviet archives delivered to Israel by Armand Hammer. All four cards Are Patent forgeries. Dema Njuki a card supposedly issued in mid-1942, is validated with dividing line Patrick Buchanan the Seal of is brigade fuehrer Odilo Globocnik commissioner for the establishment of police outposts. But Himmler himself dismissed Globocnik in March of 1942 while Demjan Juk was still in the red army. And Globocnik s Seal on de Manjuk s card is faulty it is missing a Hyphen its use was discontinued in 1941. Three of the cards including Dema Njuki a carry the stamp of the Waffen is but the Waffen is did not take Over Traw Niki until 1943, a year after Demjan Juk supposedly departed. On guard Juchno Woskie s card his picture is reversed buttons Are on the left Side of the Blouse while the numbers on the Blouse Are not reversed proof the picture was composed in a lab. One card bears the signature of a Corporal Teufel although Teufel had been promoted to sergeant three months before. The same card bears the signature of Captain Hoefle though Hoefle had already been promoted to major to carry out the deportation of the Warsaw jews. Moreover graphic elements of the seals Are grossly misaligned the is thunderbolts Are wrongly printed in the roman script one stamp is upside Down and Slang words appear. Nazi documents have been copied professionally for years Why then such Clumsy forgeries simple the Kab forgers had no authentic Traw Niki card to work from. Also the forgers forgot to invalidate the cards. Is it possible that in a Poland crawling with partisans the germans would Issue . Cards with no expiration Date then fail to void the cards after the guards had turned them Back in but what about the eyewitnesses ? Well among the atrocities for which Demjan Juk must hang is using a Drill to bore into the rectum of prisoner Finkelstein. Only in his 1945 sworn testimony Finkelstein did not mention this. Nor did Henryk Reichman who testified at the Jerusalem trial that he saw Damjan Juk use the Drill mention the horror in his sworn statement. Moreover s. Reizman the Leader of the Treblinka prisoners never mentioned any Ivan in his list of ukrainian personnel at Treblinka compiled at the meetings of survivors in Lodz on nov. 5, 1945. Another witness at Dema Njuki a trial swore in 1945 and 1947 he killed Ivan in 1943. Is this collective perjury no something else. Since the War 1,600 medical papers have been written on a the psychological and medical effects of the concentration Camps on holocaust this so called a holocaust survivor syndrome involves a group fantasies of martyrdom and reportedly half the 20,000 survivor testimonies in had Washem memorial in Jerusalem Are considered a unreliable Quot not to be used in trials. But did no to five eyewitnesses select Damjan Juk s picture independently from a photo spread not exactly. In a new Book a identifying Ivan Harvard pres professor w. Waggenor who studied the process wrote a i will not say the investigative procedure was a farce but a total farce could have violated Only a few More finally the death engine. During the War the underground government of the Warsaw ghetto reported to London that the jews of Treblinka were being electrocuted and steamed to death. The israeli court however concluded the murder weapon of 850,000 was the diesel engine from a soviet tank which drove its exhaust into the death chamber. All died in 20 minutes Finkelstein swore in 1945. The problem is diesel engines do not Emit enough Carbon monoxide to kill anybody. The Epa does no to even require emission inspections of diesel cars or trucks. In 1988, 97 kids trapped 400 feet underground in a d c. Tunnel while two locomotives spewed diesel exhaust into the car emerged unharmed after 45 minutes. Demjan Juk s weapon of mass murder cannot kill. The soviet . Cards Are Patent forgeries. Polish witnesses say a a Ivan was another Man israeli eyewitnesses contradict their own sworn statements contradict one another and Are contradicted in turn. And John Demjan Juk bewildered and innocent advances toward execution. God help us. We Are the Salem judges of our own time. Letters to the editor glance into the past 10 years ago the Jacksonville symphony chorale with Phillip Paeltz As director will make its first Solo appearance of the year saturday night in Annie Memer Chapel at Macmurray College. Guest evangelist at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in White Hall through sunday is Donald Varble of Park Hill okla., formerly of Carrollton the son of Tabernacle baptists pastor the Rev. Francis Varble. 20 years ago thieves stole Money liquor and cigarettes from Blaiser a restaurant and tavern at Alexander wednesday or thursday morning. John Wakefield a 1969 graduate of Macmurray College will present a voice recital sunday afternoon in Orr auditorium on the Macmurray Campus. The country five play Friday night at the Alps. Adv 50 years ago Loretta Fromme daughter of Frank Fromme of new Berlin and Bernard ring son of or. And mrs. . Ring of 633 East Morton Avenue were United in marriage tuesday morning at St. Mary a Church in new Berlin. The Rev. Charles f. Fanning officiated. Morgan county Deputy sheriff Clinton Strowmatt badly injured to weeks ago in a fall on the porch Steps of his Home was Able to visit downtown Jacksonville for the first time monday since the Accident. The Strawn a crossing woman a club met yesterday afternoon with mrs. Newman Oddy. 75 years ago James p. Ball the House mover is in the midst of a big undertaking. He is changing the location of the big horse barn erected by . Mathers just South of the City of the place of or. Doane on Lincoln Avenue. . Black has lost his old family horse. The animal died sometime thursday night and its owner feels the loss keenly. Don t forget the big special Sale on Coconut Candy today at Merri gangs. Adv 100 years ago building activity this Spring is evident from the fact that it is almost impossible for contractors to get Brick in the City. All the Yards Are running at full capacity. James Sloan was taxed $3 and costs yesterday for getting drunk. The defendant paid up and went away a sadder but Wiser Man. The Cigar makers employed in the Cigar factory of w. Newman amp co. Are making great preparations for their annual fishing trip. 120 years ago in inquiring of our old Friend Ned Goltra we learn that the Spring flight of wild pigeons has again missed this state As it did last year. The Eastern column is passing Over Pennsylvania and Ohio and the Western column Over Missouri and Iowa. Pigeon Hunters and netters in this Vicinity have thus been disappointed in expected sport. Some of the new styles of Stamps have just been received at the Post office in this City. Michel should do More on pow Mia Issue to Tho editor for the past several years our local prisoner of War missing in action group and family members have sought the support of congressman Robert Michel in the Resolution of the most shameful pow Mia Issue. We have been met with indifference and a measure of disrespect. Now in this election year or. Michel seeks to placate us by introducing an inadequate pow Bill or 3401. After 30 years in Congress he seeks to Amend the 1942 missing service personnel act with another weak ineffective Bill. This legislation deals with Over 88,000 missing american personnel from three wars. Or. Michel has consistently stated that the wishes of the pow Mia families Are his first priority. We have to go no further than Michel a District to see that this is not True. A request for or. Michel to co sponsor or 1730, a More comprehensive replacement for the 1942 Bill was signed by six area families who have relatives missing in action and presented to him last August. The request was signed by the parents of capt. Robert Beutel Tremont the sister of Marine it. Col. Harold Taiwan Peoria the wife of air Force staff sgt. Billie Leroy Roth Lacon the parents of army major Arthur Ecklund Galesburg the son of air Force major Bernard Bucher Eureka and the sister of Navy it. Daniel Borah Olney. The request was hand delivered by or. And mrs. Ecklund and mrs. Roth. Congressman Michel refused to support the Bill and insulted the family members by referring to them As members of a a Trump group who were a out of the mainstream of the pow How much More in the mainstream does one have to be than to be a relative of an Mia or 1730 currently has 142 cosponsors in Congress. The american legion and veterans of foreign wars have endorsed or 1730, As Well As adm. Elmo Zumwalt and Gen. William Westmoreland. On the other hand Illinois congressman Terry Bruce has stated that or 3401 is a a symbolic piece of Mere symbolism will not resolve the pow Issue and bring \ our heroes Home. We must address this Issue with Strong and meaningful legislation such Ashr 1730. Just recently. Congressman Michel has co sponsored or 291, expressing the sense of the Congress regarding the need to account for our missing and the pos who May still be held in Southeast Asia. We appreciate and need the support of Congress to resolve this Issue but or 291 is simply another symbolic gesture. Since this is an election year we also question the timing of the Bill a introduction. If every prisoner of War from world War ii Korea Vietnam and the cold War came Home tomorrow it would not be the end to the pow Issue. This Issue will not be Over until the government policy is changed that terms our fighting men a a expendable and allows american servicemen to be abandoned in the hands of our enemies. By not supporting or 1730, congressman Michel has sentenced America to another pow Mia dilemma after the next War. Or 1730 will Correct the past and protect the future. Sam Arataro president heart of Illinois pow Mia association inc. Claris Stalnaker vice president heart of Illinois pow Mia association inc. Ron Stalnaker pow Mia chairman Vietnam veterans of Illinois Paauw grateful for help with Book Sale to Tho editor on behalf of the Jacksonville Branch of the american association of University women i would like to express our thanks to the Community for supporting our fundraising efforts at this years used Book Sale. The Money we raise goes to the Paauw educational fund which provides scholarships to women pursuing graduate degrees. In particular i would like to say thank you to Peter Seiler and the staff of Illinois school for the deaf for generously providing us with the facilities tables and great advertising on the shcool�?T8 marquee to Illi Nois Power for the loan of Many display tables to the Jacksonville Community food Center for storing our books throughout the year to the people of our Community who continue to donate the books we need and to the members of Paauw their families and friends who volunteered Many backbreaking hours loading hauling and sorting books. You made this fundraiser possible and you made it a Success. Thank you. Marilyn coins 1990 Book Sals chairperson Many to thank for children s style show to the editor the Jacksonville salvation army women s auxiliary would like to thank everyone who attended the sixth annual children a style show and luncheon. Our style show As a Success and we have so Many to thank. To the is children who modelled you were All Darling and a Delight to watch. We thank your families for sharing you with us. Special thanks go to Many members in and around the Jacksonville Community for the support assistance and guidance they gave us. They include Tom Atkins and the Macmurray food service staff John Power of the Jacksonville journal courier Ken Bradbury David Zink Jill Wooldridge Terri Benz the Sonshine singers John b. Martin Francis Ritchey Gary Mather Bob Beard Ron Barber Dorothy Buchanan Pauline Newport Bob Large. Jacksonville 4-h, Julie Grojean Richard Hoskinson country fair Pat Sheehan of Voelkel Glass Leisure time industries the hallmark company Wivo weds Walgreen Prairie land Monument company jacks Kline a Kmart Ruth jeans Wal Mart . Penney Harmony Siga Long a pharmacy. The Evelyn Burch weight reduction Center Carnation company Eagle food Center Williamson amp Reavy funeral Homes Mary Kay cosmetics Beard implement company Wooldridge real estate Ray Green Chevrolet War eco Weston Ford the City of Jacksonville Irwin a Elliott state Bank Gold coast Mart. Kens pizza Village of South Jacksonville the Side door grocery amp Antiques Jacksonville savings amp loan . Large amp sons Carl cleaners Howe electric the blackboard Hart insurance company the brass Hanger Freesen inc., Denney jewellers first National Bank of Arenzville Viles Buick. Farmers state Bank and Trust company Gillham Buchanan funeral Home Grojean realty and insurance company Tek sonics inc., american veterans american legion Post 279, Woodward printing company Krellis Quick print Morgan county Community Bank the hair design studio. The salvation army women a auxiliary the salvation army advisory Board and the committee members of the 1990 children a style show and luncheon the proceeds from this event will be used to Purchase equipment for children a activities to be used at the Jacksonville salvation army. This event was truly Quot children helping Harriet Beard Sharon Mather Kathy Oetgen chairmen of 1990 salvation army children a style show a luncheon what exactly is wrong with Dickson Mounds to the editor Why is it disrespectful to View the Indian burial at Dickson Mounds and not disrespectful to visit Lincoln a Tomb Arlington cemetery the catacombs of Rome or Lenin a body Given the Illinois and United states constitutions on what basis can religious beliefs be used to make a decision Richard f. Rogal 1611 Mound ave. Thanks for the help to the editor on behalf of boy scout troop 107, i would like to thank All those who were instrumental in making the Chili supper a Success. Special thanks to co chairperson Cheryl Bown and scoutmaster Dick Matthews. We greatly appreciate the participation of the Public the scouts and their parents. Donald r. Cook

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