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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 3

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Can aspirin have any Long term effects Dor or. Lamb my problem is a continuous Low Grade Dull headache. It is always with me. Once every couple of months i get a Low Grade migraine headache. I take Between 1.300 and 1.500 my. Of aspirin or tylenol a Day. My self prescribed therapy really helps eliminate my headaches and clears my head to allow me to both speak and think More clearly. In a concerned that i am taking too much aspirin and How it May affect my Long term health. I am 38 years old six feet one Inch and weigh 185 pounds. In a very fit from regular workouts and eat responsibly. Dear Reader the most common problem from the Long term use of aspirin is irritation of the stomach causing erosion and in some cases actual bleeding. The More aspirin or other salicylates you take the More Likely this will occur. There Are also some studies that implicate aspirin and other aspirin related medicines with damage to the kid health doctor Lamb Neys. Aspirin May also cause ringing of the ears and actual loss of hearing. These effects Are temporary and disappear after stopping the aspirin. That is Why acetaminophen a marketed As tylenol tempra Phe Naphen i Quirrin and Datril a is often preferred for the simple Relief of pain. I have discussed aspirin and acetaminophen medicines in special report 41, a aspirin and other analgesics a which i am sending you. Others who want this report can Send $2 with a Long stamped self addressed envelope for it to the health letter dept. 41, . Box 19622, Irvine Calif. 92713. It Isnit possible to know from your description just what is causing your headaches but if you have to take Medicine every Day to control them you certainly need a Good evaluation As to the cause. They May be stress headaches you can have stress headaches As Well As intermittent migraine headaches. I would rather you see your doctor to evaluate your status than to continue taking medicines on a daily basis on your own. Daar or. Lamb my Boyfriend is bothered with painful bumps from ingrown Beard hairs. He has slightly oily skin and shaves about every two or three Days using shaving soap and a twin Blade razor. He has tried an electric razor As Well As foam and gel shave creams but still has ingrown hairs. Is there anything he can do to Stop this what is the Best thing to do when one has formed dear Reader this is the result of shaving too close when he does shave even though he Only shaves every two or three Days. When the hair is too close to the surface it May turn Back on itself and penetrate the skin. This is particularly Apt to occur in men with curly beards and that is Why it is so common in Blacks. It is called Barbie. Sometimes it is necessary to Stop shaving to resolve the condition. Some dermatologists like to apply Retinol a acid Tretin oin retin also used to treat acne and recently made famous As the anti wrinkle Cream. When one occurs if it can be lifted out enough to be pulled out that is the Best treatment. Obviously that is impossible when Many hairs Are involved. Adapt a recipe when syrup is added to it or Lamb welcomes letters from readers with health questions you can wite to him at to Box 19622, Irvine Calif 92713 although or Lamb cannot reply to All letters personally he will respond to selected questions in future columns come into my Kitchen and smell a fraud grow up America. Our entire society is being tricked every Day into making things smell like something they Arentt. Our bathrooms Are sprayed to smell like a Forest of Christmas Trees our dishes Are washed to Small like a Lemon Grove and our cars Are scented to smell like grape bubblegum. Our soap smells like peaches and our shampoo like strawberries. Ifs not that in a opposed to making some foods smell better. If s just that there Are other foods that need help More. Take fish. Please. Every Day i wish with All my heart that i loved fish. But i done to. If they could just remove the Heads from fish and give it a beef odor when it cooked and perhaps add a Little More fiber for consistency they a be onto at wit s end Erma Bombeck something. I even have a name for it Steak. Most cheeses need work. I done to want to be in the same country As Goat cheese. It always tastes the Way a Yak looks in one of those National geographic specials. Cooked cabbage has the capacity of nuclear fallout. The odor travels too to 200 Miles a Day and is capable of making eyes water within a thousand mile radius of where someone removed a lid. It could smell better. Somehow the idea of renting a film and sharing a bowl of Rice. Just does no to do it. I done to understand marketing experts. There a a new product on the grocery shelves called a a aromatic can Rice. It smells like Popcorn when you Cook it. How much of a Challenge can it be to make Rice smell like something it Isnit when it does t have any smell to begin with when they can make Brussels sprouts smell like pizza or disguise sauerkraut so that you done to pass out when you open the can give me a Call. I done to know where the idea came from but ill bet my last Dollar it was inspired by kids. Children Are naturally suspicious of food served to them by their mothers. There is dialogue about it before they even dip in their spoons. Questions like a what do you Call this stuff a a Are you going to eat it Quot a what Are those Little bumps on the Side a then they will sniff it and ask a is it supposed to smell like this a i once passed out ice Cream Cones to my kids. They smelled them before they took the first lick. When i asked them Why they did that they said a because you Are always trying to trick dear Polly a when using Maple syrup instead of regular sugar to sweeten things is it necessary to adjust the recipe at All a Janet dear Janet a because of the sweetness of the syrup and because of its distinctive flavor i get Good results by using % cup Maple syrup for each cup of sugar specified in a recipe. In addition you should reduce the liquid in the recipe by 3 Tablespoons for every cup of syrup used. With a bit of experimenting adjusting the amount up and Down to your taste you should be Able to bit on the formula you like Best but these Are pretty Good general guidelines. In a sending you a copy of my newsletter a cooking with Honey and Maple syrup Quot which offers Many recipes for cooking with both these natural sweeteners including luscious Maple ice Cream Maple nut bread Maple Chicken Boney Apple Crisp chocolate Honey cookies Boney dressing for fruit salad and Many More. Others who would like a copy of this Issue should Send $1.25 for each copy to Polly a pointers in care of this newspaper to. Box 93863, Cleveland of 44101-5863. Be sure to include the title. A Polly dear Polly a save empty Yogurt containers for the next time you make pudding. You can make individual Servings for the kids. Put the cover on each Container As soon As you fill it with the pudding and there will be no Tough skin on the cooled pudding surface. A of. Dear Polly a to make Apple Polly s pointers Polly Fisher sauce fruit compotes or hot Cereal More appealing to Little ones i fill a Shaker with Flavoured Gelatin powder and let them Sprinkle some Over their food. Strawberry Flavoured Gelatin is especially popular at our House. Instead of purchasing liners for your cats litter Box try using plastic trash bags. They Cost less and last longer than cat Box liners and easily fit into More litter boxes. For a Bath toy your child will enjoy Cut a new sponge into a playful animal shape your child can even Wash himself with his toy. For uniformly sliced onions first Cut the onion in half Lengthwise. Then place a Fork in each half and Cut Between the tines for perfect slices. A Bobbie Folly will Send you a Polly Dollar $1 if she uses your favorite Pointer. Peeve or problem in her column write polls pointers in care of this newspaper a 1990 newspaper Emir pm is. Assn military note get thee Back to Hamlet to find meaning a dear Abby Quot Short single and fed up in Fresno wrote a most of the singles ads in be seen indicate that Only tall thin attractive blondes need respond. Short Over 35? a few pounds overweight Well get thee to a nunnery and forget about dating and Romance in today a culture obsessed with youth and Abby that line a get thee to a nunnery from Shakespeare s Hamlet did not mean a go to a the word a a nunnery in that context meant Quot House of ill this was pointed out to me by my daughter who studied Hamlet in her High school English class. I read Hamlet in High school too and was never told about this. Perhaps English literature would have been More interesting had we been taught what it really meant. A Donna g., Ballwin to. Dear Donna thanks for the Lowdown on the nunnery. I too thought it was a Convent. A Daar Abby in a recent column you came up with the word it is not in my pocket dictionary neither is it in my big one. I searched through the a a he so a starting with Quot Haarlem All the Way to now dear Abby will you please explain the meaning of the word advice dear Abby Quot humongous for the enlightenment of your Many devoted readers including a Bruno Van Aalst san Francisco dear Bruno Quot humongous is Slang for Quot huge or extremely Large. However i could not find a in my websters ninth new collegiate dictionary so i consulted my random House dictionary of the English language second edition and there it was is hawaiian for Quot pigs outed triggerfish a which is not Likely to come up often unless you re fishing in Hawaii. A dear Abby Quot Rhiannon a won Dering How to find a word in the dictionary when you done to know How to spell it reminded me of what i did when i was once faced with this problem. I was taking dictation from a safety Engineer who referred to Quot Mer cur Chrome Type injuries. I did no to know How to spell Quot Mercur Chrome a so i tried to find it in the dictionary. I looked under Mac Mec Mic Muc a and still find it. So i finally called the local Library and asked the woman who answered the Telephone to please look it up in her big dictionary. She find it either. Then i called a drugstore and the clerk very kindly went Over to the shelf got a bottle and read it to me off the Label. By the Way Abby i find Quot humongous in any of my dictionaries. A retired Secretary Santa Maria Calif. Dear retired Secretary its time to buy a new dictionary. The More recent dictionaries do contain the word websters ninth new collegiate lists a a humongous a on Page 587. The random House dictionary of the English language second edition unabridged mentions it twice spelled Quot humongous and Quot humongous a on pages 932 and 933. A dear Abby i need one of your wonderful one liners in response to this question a when Are they going to get married a my daughter lives with her Friend. They Are both mature adults. I would just like to let these people know first of All that i really done to know the answer and second it is really none of their business. I am tired of trying to think of something new to say. A Carol m. Dear Carol How about Quot Why done to you ask them a Franklin q. Pitman or. Airman Franklin Pitman jr., son of or. And mrs. Franklin Pitman sr., . 2x, Winchester has graduated from air Force Basic training at Lackland air Force base Texas. During the six weeks of training the airman studied the air Force Mission organization and customs and received special training in human relations. In addition airmen who Complete Basic training earn credits toward an associate degree through the Community College of the air Force. Pitman is a 1989 graduate of Winchester Community High school. Senior citizens Day tuesday All Day you re someone special at. Can . Airlines beat the japanese Lincoln Square Jacksonville a Daar Ann Landers i was pleased to see a letter in your column from a Man who delivers Luggage lost by the airlines. Now i Hope you will let a victim express himself. I have travelled More than 75,000 Miles a year since 1970. Most of my trips have been in the United states but business has taken me All Over the world. My Luggage has been lost so Many times that i have stopped counting. The attitude of employees of Domestic carriers has gotten progressively worse. Here a what you get when you complain Quot lost your Luggage fill out this form. Wait for the next flight. It might be on that one. The Law says we have 24 hours to get it to you. Quot sorry we have to have receipts for the things in your bag. How do we know your suits Cost $400? even with receipts the value of everything depreciates by 50 percent. We will deliver it if we find it but Only if its More than two hours late. If you can to hang around the Airport for two hours that a your Tough Luck. Can to wait you la have to return to this Airport and Check again. Who will deliver it we done to my experience with a japanese airline Quot bag lost we Are very sorry. Please accept our apologies along with this shaving cosmetic kit. Here is a Coupon so you can have your laundry and dry cleaning done at our expense. If your bag is not advice Ann Landers found and delivered to your hotel by tomorrow morning a Complete change of clothes except shoes will be paid for by Japan air lines. If we Are unable to find your bag in two Days we will pay you full value or $1,500, whichever is my bag was delivered within three hours by a uniformed Jal employee. The next Day i received a gift and a personal note of apology from the manager of baggage services. Is it any wonder Japan is knocking our socks off a Fred Foster Chesterfield mass. Dear Fred Foster in a sure your letter was of interest to every Reacer who has lost his or her Luggage. As you have testified it can be a pain in the neck. I phoned Alan Ogawa manager of passenger and Airport services for Japan air lines in the United states. Or. Ogawa said Quot the gentleman was in All probability travelling in Japan or he received exceptionally Good treatment on an International or. Ogawa said the Overall concept of or. Fosters letter is Correct. Asians he said make a very big Effort to be accommodating and courteous. This is a traditional aspect of their culture. And now for the facts As outlined by or. Ogawa International regulations limit the liability of the Carrier to $640 per bag. All airlines involved in International travel Are expected to adhere to this Standard. Also Standard when a bag is lost or delayed each passenger receives $50 for the Purchase of personal items. It usually takes seven Days to Trace a bag worldwide. If the bag is not found within that period of time Japan air lines will compensate the passenger for the loss. Thank you or. Ogawa. Now dear readers How does this stack up with the treatment you get when you lose your Luggage in the United states let me hear from you. And please use language i can print. Is alcohol ruining your life or the life of a loved one a alcoholism How to recognize it How to Deal with it How to conquer it can turn things around. Send a self addressed Long business size envelope and a Check or Money order for $3.65 this includes postage and handling to alcohol co Ann Landers . Box 11562, Chicago 111. 60611-0562. Senior citizens get Bonus discount on All your purchases regular and Sale priced tuesday april to to . Til 9 . Almanac by the associated press today is tuesday april to the 100th Day of 1990. There Are 265 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on april to 1925, the novel a the great gatsby a f. Scott Fitzgerald a poignant evocation of empty materialism shattered illusion and failed Romance during the jazz age was first published by Scribner a of new York. On this Date in 1847, american Newspaperman Joseph pulitzer was born in Mako Hungary. In 1866, the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals was incorporated. In 1880, Frances Perkins the first woman to serve on a presidents Cabinet As Franklin d. Roosevelt a Secretary of labor was born in Boston. In 1912, the luxury liner rms titanic set sail from Southampton England on its ill fated Maiden voyage. In 1932, German president Paul von Hindenburg was re elected with Adolf Hitler coming in second. In 1953, the three dimensional horror movie a House of Wax a produced by Warner Brothers premiered in new York. In 1959, Japan a Crown Prince Akihito married a commoner Michiko Shoda. In 1981, the Long awaited Maiden launch of the space shuttle Columbia was scrubbed because of a computer malfunction. Ten years ago ignoring a Call by president Carter for Concrete action against Iran members of the european economic Community opted instead to Issue a strongly worded denunciation of the hostage crisis. Five years ago House speaker Thomas p. A a tips of Neill and three other congressmen met in Moscow with soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev a meeting described afterwards by of Neill As one year ago Federal drug Czar William j. Bennett unveiled details of the Bush administrations plan for fighting drug abuse and drug related crime in the nations capital. Today a birthdays actor Harry Morgan is 75. Actor Chuck Connors is 69. Actor Max von Sydow is 61. Actor Omar Sharif is 58. Sportscaster John Madden is 54. Sportscaster Don Meredith is 52. Thought for today a a age thirty a the Promise of a decade of loneliness a thinning list of single men to know a thinning briefcase of enthusiasm thinning a from a the great gatsby by f. Scott Fitzgerald 1896-1940. Here show it works tuesday april to adults with proof of age 60 and older will be entitled to a 25% discount on All purchases regular or Sale Price at Kline a excluding prior layaway prior purchases and Purchase of gift certificates. Discount May not be used with any other discount Coupon letter or certificate. Register to win a so0 shopping spree from Kline a just for seniors free punch Coffee and snacks All Day free gift wrapping and gift boxed on All purchases made on april porn a name senior citizen 25% Bonus discount Day address i i i i i phone i i l e no Purchase necessary e need not to present to win drawing will be held april la 1990 a vyv s. Your Chance to be in a a a millionaire at 10 00 . Tuesday first so seniors in the store receive a Krek Quick pick lotto ticket for sat. Night april 14, 1990

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