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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 2

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Many towns left isolated by bus strike Burns Ore apr in this Little desert town where the greyhound depot consists of two worn chairs at the Corner Gas station it s a Welcome sight when the bus Rolls in from Points beyond the Sagebrush horizon. Bums however Hasni to seen a bus since March 2, when 9,000 greyhound Drivers maintenance workers and others went on strike on monday greyhound filed a Sjo million lawsuit accusing strikers of using violence to disrupt bus travel while greyhound has hired new Drivers to restore service Between the nations major cities it has delayed resuming less profitable runs to hundreds of Remote spots like Burns a and some say the company Mav use the strike to abandon such routes permanently. The loss makes this isolated town seem even More isolated with 2,705 residents. Burns is the largest town in Southeastern Oregon s lonely High desert. No trains run Here and the closest Airport with scheduled flights is in Bend a two hour drive to the West. Quot when the bus stops running you done to go to somebody else a said Carol Graves local greyhound depot agent. A a there a nobody else to go bus service Here is not mass transit. Its eight or nine people a Day and their faces Are familiar to Leroy Winn the Gas station Mechanic who doubles As ticket seller and package loader. Quot let s see now Quot wion said wiping grease from his hands As he listed the regular passengers. Quot there sold Walt a what a his last name a Watkins that a it. And several College kids go Back and Forth and the lady who walks Down the Middle of the Road Quot that would be Margaret Wilson 75, whose daily strolls in nylons and Blaze red shorts make her something of a Burns institution Quot i love to ride the bus Quot she said stopping to talk in the Middle of Broadway. Quot in be Ridden it for years. I done to have any other Way of getting around Quot she takes the bus four times a year to visit her son in Emmett Idaho and twice a year to see her brother in Bend. Quot i Don t know Why they want to go on strike anyway Quot she said Quot the bus has been coming through Here for greyhound also carried the Commerce of a Small Western town Frozen Bull semen from the ranches blood from the Hospital carnations for the florists and carburettors for the Auto parts store. Graves and her husband. Brian have kept a few freight customers by hauling packages once a week in their own truck to the bus terminal in Bend but business is Way Down. At 36, Graves recalls a childhood when six buses arrived daily at the fancy bus depot downtown. But ridership declined in the 1960s, and two bus runs were eliminated. Then the depot burned Down. Three years ago greyhound bought out Pacific trailways and halted Woof the four remaining runs. Union representatives say they fear the strike will give greyhound executives an excuse to accelerate the gradual erosion of bus service to Burns and other Rural Points. Company officials say service will reach 60 percent of pre strike Levels by easter but concede their focus is on the big cities. Many of the 9,000 towns where greyhound provides the Only intercity transportation Are still waiting. Quot it s not our intent to abandon anyone Quot said greyhound spokesman George Graveley in Dallas. But he offered no promises Quot we re not quite ready to commit ourselves to the Long term on what we re going to hungarian election May show soviet bloc trend by George Jahn the associated press Budapest Hungary a voters ended the communist Era by giving a Strong mandate to the country a main conservative party in what could be the genesis of a Center right trend among soviet bloc countries emerging into democracy. The hungarian democratic forum campaigned on an anti communist platform that incorporated Universal conservative values As Well As a Strong dose of nationalism it scored an impressive Victory in parliamentary elections that wrapped up sunday. It was the second win in two soviet bloc elections for conservative forces. In East Germany s March 18 vote conservatives fell just Short of a majority in the first free National elections in any Warsaw pact country. As in Hungary remnants of the Long ruling communists were relegated to a relatively minor opposition role. Hungary a democratic forum captured 165 of the 386 seats at stake sunday. In the first round of balloting March 25, they won 42.75 percent of the vote. Despite preliminary predictions of a close race the forum left the Liberal league of free democrats far behind with 92 seats and 23.83 percent of the vote forcing the rival party to Bury any aspirations of sharing a government role. The ruling socialists created by Reform communists last october were sent packing. Despite their commitment to political plurality they captured Only 33 seats or 8.55 percent of the vote victims of widespread sentiment that they were the heirs of decades of repressive communist Rule its Strong position left the democratic forum Independent of any party with which it had major differences. Instead it gained the leeway to negotiate a coalition it could dominate with the agrarian smallholders and Christian democrats which share Many of its conservative views. News analysis conservatives in other East european countries preparing for the first free elections in More than four decades clearly Hope that the same anti communist backlash that worked in favor of Kindred parties in East Germany and Hungary will also give them an Edge. In Czechoslovakia where voters go to the polls june 8, the Hope of Victory has resulted in the Christian democrats in Slovakia forging an Alliance with czech Center rightists despite a general Drifting apart of the two constituent republics. Only the conservatives have managed to formally coordinate their election strategies nationwide. The slovak Christian democrats led by czechoslovak Deputy Premier Jan Carnogursky Are expected to win up to 60 percent of the vote in their traditionally Catholic Republic and the Well organized Alliance is Likely to finish Strong Overall in the country although no one can predict How Strong. The election picture is confusing in Romania where about 70 political parties have sprung up or been revived in the Wake of the december revolution that ended the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. But the nations strongest conservative Force the 700,000-member National peasants party is Given the Best Chance of defeating the National salvation front which took control of the country in the chaos of the revolution but was later forced to share Power. It is suspected by Many conservatives of harbouring unrepentant communists. The peasants hand has been strengthened by an election Alliance with the liberals and social democrats a the two other leading parties. The Alliance mandates cooperation up to the May 20 election in an Effort to defeat the National salvation front. In Bulgaria the two traditional agrarian parties could pose the biggest threat to the still powerful communist party but Only if they manage to Bury differences ahead of election Day june to. Negotiations on unification of the two parties continue. There was no Clear conservative trend in Poland last june when voters participated in their freest election in More than four decades. They endorsed Solidarity candidates sharing an anti communist Bent but no particular ideological platform. Sheriff criticized for billboards in War on Anderson. . A Anderson county sheriff Gene Taylor was Only looking to catch drug dealers when he erected billboards promising to pay informants. Instead he a caught flak from his critics and a $40 million lawsuit. Billboards around the county which read Quot need Cash turn in a drug dealer Quot wrongly lure Ordinary citizens into dangerous undercover Law enforcement say detractors of the Anderson county sheriff. Under Taylor a two month old Quot operation Roll Over Quot drug buyers or confidential informants Are paid As much As 25 percent of the assets seized from any dealer they help arrest. Those who testify in court Are paid More. Quot this Isnit for the Little old lady Down the Street necessarily a said Taylor a former television reporter elected in january 1989. Anderson county population 150,000, is on Lake Hartwell in Northwestern South Carolina its textile High tech and automobile related industries have attracted people to the area investigators have received about to Calls a Day since the first billboard was erected in february. Most callers offer information but refuse to testify in court said capt. John skipper of the sheriffs investigative unit. The number of drug related arrests a five to to a week a has not increased much since the program began but it is too soon to measure the programs Success said chief Deputy Mike Temple. Deputies have seized several vehicles and several thousand dollars from suspected dealers since the billboards were erected Temple said. He declined to release arrest figures until the program ends but would t say when that will be. Quot Well Stop the program when it using drugs looks like those that Are interested Are played out Quot Temple said. The billboard program was patterned after one used by the . Customs service. Quot All we did was make it a Little More widely known that it can be Taylor said. The drug dealers seem to be noticing the sheriff says. Quot the word is filtering Back to us now from the Street that people Are a Little More cautious Selling Quot Taylor said. But All is not Well with the billboard program. An informant Robin m. Pickens filed a $40 million lawsuit last month alleging she received a fraction of the Money promised her. She also charged that the sheriff failed to pay on the mortgage on her House As promised. Taylor said is. Pickens whose testimony led to the conviction of a cocaine trafficker was paid $3,000. He denied promising to make her House payments. Favorite in peruvian presidential race sidetracked by a dark horse cosmetic manufacturers reject voluntary regulation a report Washington apr most manufacturers of cosmetics Are not signing up for voluntary Federal oversight according to a report to Congress released monday. A congressman who wants to increase oversight of the $18 billion Industry said the report raises safety questions. The food and drug administration has no authority to require safety testing of personal care products which includes everything from toothpaste to Bubble Bath or to Force manufacturers to report safety data or cosmetics related injuries. Noted the report by the general accounting office the investigating of Congress. Quot most people think somebody approves these products in Advance. That the government would have Access to safety data that there s a review of the chemicals in the product but that s not what goes on Here Quot rep. Ron Wyden d-ore., who requested the report said in an interview. Wyden is chairman of the Small business subcommittee on regulation he said the food drug and cosmetic act on the books since 1938, needs to be rewritten to require cosmetics manufacturers to Register with the Fra and provide the Agency with data on safety tests and injury reports. He said he expects to introduce legislation to that effect later this year. The cosmetics toiletry and fragrance association defended the Industry saying Quot there Isnit a serious safety problem. If there was. The Agency would know about it and the Public would know about the association the main Trade organization for the cosmetics Industry has been encouraging manufacturers to Register voluntarily with the Fra and has been collecting and reviewing safety data on chemicals used in cosmetics said Michael Penna the group s vice president for legislative relations. Quot the Fra has plenty of information now to make any judgments to Deal with any safety concerns Quot he said. Quot we Don t think the Fra needs any More authority to regulate. We Don t think it makes any sense to divert their scarce resources to an Industry that has a demonstrated safety the Gao report said that according to Fra estimates there Are about 2,000 to 2,500 cosmetics manufacturers and about twice As Many distributors. The drug Agency a records show that 778, or 31 percent to 39 percent had registered with the Agency As of july 1989, compared with about 40 percent in 1977, the report said. The Trade association says the total number of manufacturers is no More than 2,000 and the number registered is closer to 60 percent. And the group notes that the 778 registered last year was 94 More than in july 1988. About 3 percent of the estimated 4.000 to 5,000 distributors have reported Adverse effects of personal care products to the Fra the report said the Fra can inspect manufacturers collect samples and go to court to Force products off the Market if it finds safety problems. But the report noted that Only companies that Register with the Fra will be inspected because otherwise the Agency does t know they exist. Also unless a company reports safety testing data to the Agency their products wont be reviewed by the Fra. Quot because it is a voluntary program. Fra will never be Able to require reporting from All companies particularly those that May be least Likely to report because they have experienced problems with their cosmetics Quot the report said. Lima Peru apr novelist Mario Vargas Llosa once considered a sure bet to become Peru a next president has found himself sidetracked by the Quot Fujimori Alberto Fujimori the son of japanese immigrants and a political unknown until a month ago forced the country a most famous novelist into a Runoff and is now favored to win the presidency. Public opinion analysts say Fujimori s Strong second place finish in sunday s election reflected peruvians alienation from the traditional political parties and their desire for Quot miraculous painless Quot solutions to the country Sills. Quot it was not a rational vote. It was a protest vote against the other candidates Quot said Alfredo Torres Media director for Arpoyo a Market research firm. Fujimori a 51-year-old agricultural Engineer received 29 percent of the vote sunday to 33.9 percent for the 54-year-old Vargas Llosa according to unofficial returns. The writer needed a majority of the votes cast to avoid a Runoff which now most Likely will take place in Early june. Luis Alva Castro candidate of the governing left of Center Arista party received 16.4 percent. Two marxist candidates collected la percent of the vote Between them. The remaining votes were divided among four minor candidates and Blank and void ballots. Official results will not be available for weeks. But the unofficial results represented a slap in the face to Vargas Llosa who campaigned hard for two years and As late As mid february had More than so percent support in polls. Campaigning on a shoestring budget Fujimori shot up from less than i percent in polls six weeks ago to nearly surpass Vargas Llosa. Vargas Llosa s Campaign often seemed like a crusade. Running on a free Market platform he harshly attacked the Quot collectivist a programs of president Alan Garcia and the proposals of leftist candidates. Many peruvians blame Garcia for Peru s worst economic crisis of the Century and the growing political violence that is tearing apart this andean country of 22 million. Inflation is running at More than 2.000 percent annually. More than 18.000 people most of them civilians have died violently in a de Cade Long struggle Between shining path guerrillas and Security forces. Vargas Llosa was asking for a Clear mandate from peruvians to carry out Radical reforms aimed at undoing two decades of socialist policies he blames for Peru a stagnation. Analysts say peruvian voters dismayed by two decades of economic decline and falling living standards were looking for someone with Quot magical Quot solutions to the country a problems. The spotlight fell on Fujimori they say after voters in recent weeks began to fear the economic Shock therapy and harsh austerity measures advocated by Vargas Llosa. Quot no one likes to go to the dentist even when his tooth hurts. And that a what Vargas Llosa offered Quot Manuel do Ornellas editor of the sex Preso newspaper wrote in a column monday. Fujimori is an agronomist and former University Rector. His Campaign has stressed Quot Honor technology and work Quot qualities Many Here associate with his japanese ancestry. Peru has a Large number of people who Trace their roots to japanese immigrants. Public opinion analysts say Fujimori has awakened Hopes in voters that he will be Able to attract massive japanese Aid and investment if elected. Ethnic unrest reported in Western China Beijing apr ethnic disturbances have taken place recently in moslem areas of China a far Western Border with the soviet Union a Western Diplomat said monday. The Diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity said an official from the Xin Jiang uygur autonomous Region had acknowledged there was truth to reports that civil unrest had occurred in the area. The Diplomat could provide no other details of the disturbances which took place in the past few Days around Kashgar a Bazaar City near China a arid Border with the soviet republics of Kadzhi Kristan and Kirghizia. More than half Xin Jiang a population of 14 million Are from the uygur Hui and other moslem groups with close ethnic ties to soviet moslem. Moslem riots occurred in Urumqi last May and relations Between local minorities and the Beijing government have Long been tense. Officials of the foreign affairs office in Urumqi the capital of Xin Jiang neither confirmed nor denied the recent disturbances saying Only that it was Quot not Clear Quot when asked whether troops had been sent in to quell rioting. An official of Xin Jiang a government office in Beijing asked if reports that Kashgar had been closed to foreigners were True replied Quot i done to the China International tourist service claimed foreign tourists could still go to Kashgar but said they would have to take a 700-mile bus trip from Urumqi. The chinese government has barred All foreign journalists and diplomats from travelling to Xin Jiang since the outbreak of ethnic unrest in adjacent republics of the soviet Union. The sparsely populated desert province also Borders Tibet another province where resent ment against chinese Rule has erupted into violence in recent years. Xin Jiang officials in recent months have repeatedly warned of separatists trying to stir up trouble. Xin Jiang s delegates to the just concluded annual session of China s legislature called for increased vigilance against Quot a Small number of separatists who present the greatest threat to Xin Jiang s the regions communist party chief song Sanliang said after a tour of Kashgar and other areas of Southern Xin Jiang in february that Quot every place and work unit now has some a hot spot he called for strengthened control Over religious activities saying the government must not allow religion to be used to promote separatist tendencies. Weather temperatures High monday 57 at 12 30 . Low 46 record High 94 in 1930 record Low 22 in 1960 year ago High 44 year ago Low 24 precipitation inches to 4 . Monday.0.08 so far this year.10.07 last year by this date.5 0 Normal year to date.7 .26 so far this month.0.14 Normal monthly total.0.11 Jacksonville and Vicinity tuesday occasional ram Windy and colder and morning highs near 50, winds becoming Northwest to North 20 to 30 Mph and Gusty. Chance of rain 90 percent. Tuesday night partly Cloudy with lows in the lower 30s. Wednesday considerable cloudiness with highs in the Middle or upper 40s. Extended Outlook thursday through saturday a warming trend. Partly Cloudy thursday with Chance of rain South Friday and statewide saturday. Highs thursday in the mid 40s North to the mid 50s South. Warming by saturday to the 60s North and Low to mid 70s South. Overnight lows thursday in the 30s moderating by saturday to the 40s to lower 50s tuesday april 10 Sunset today.7 34 . Sunrise tomorrow.6 30 . Moonrise tonight.8 31 . Last 18 the planet Mercury is about 89 million Miles from Earth today a Little nearer than the Sun and it sets this evening at 9 04p.m River stages hannibal.10 4 �?0.1 louisiana.12.0 �?0.1 St. Louis.10.3 �?0.7 meredosia.29.0 �?0.3 beardstown.12.6 of havana.12.8 �?0.4 oakford.5.2 too peoria.13.1 �?0 2 lasalle.14.2 �?0.3 morris.6.1 %0.2 Grafton .15.6 �?0 6 quincy.11.7 of Alton pool.23.3 o o Alton tw.8.9 �?0.4 keokuk.3.6 �?0 5 davenport.4.6 �?0.7 burlington.8.3 �?0.3 Jar Kamimu poles find economic changes hit Home journal he Trier uses 272440 second class postage paid at Post office Jacksonville Illinois. Published daily and sunday at 235 West stats St. Jacksonville Iii. 62651. Postmaster Send address changes to Jacksonville journal courier 235 West state St., Jacksonville Iii. 62651. Subscription rates delivered by earner $2 per week. By mail one year $96 six months $54, three months $30 one month $10. All mail subscriptions payable in Advance to the newspaper office. The journal courier by mail is available wherever heme delivery service is not maintained. To subscribers of you do not receive your newspaper first Call your Carrier of further assistance is needed Call the journal courier office at 245-6121 and ask for the circulation department. The circulation department is open 8 . To 5 monday through Friday 6 . To 12 30 . Saturday and 8 . To noon sunday. It Sanok Poland apr Poland a fast shift to a Market Economy has shocked the 6,300 workers and Man. Agers of the Auto san bus factory Long wrapped in the warm cocoon of Central planning. With unsold buses gathering dust on the factory sparking lot most of the Plant is on Quot work Holiday and at least several Hundred people Are to be Laid off permanently. It is an example of How for the first time in decades in this formerly communist country economic failure packs a painful punch. To make things harder for Sanok a Remote Community on the Edge of the Carpathian mountains in the Southeast Corner of Poland there Are already 1,500 registered Job seekers and no employers Large enough to absorb them. In housing Short Poland relocating is Seldom an option. Quot Sanok will become a City of the unemployed Quot said metalworkers Stanislaw Potoczny ruefully. Quot people Are depressed by the situation really depressed Quot said Jan solar Foreman in charge of the tooling department. Quot everyone is wondering. A if i am fired who will employ me Quot a company director Jan Wilk looking glum during a recent interview complained that he had no time to adjust to the free economic system introduced Jan. I by the Solidarity led government. And the tight Money policies imposed to quench raging inflation have dried up demand especially for big ticket items like his $30,000 to $60,000 buses. Quot Poland has a Market Economy but it has no Market Quot Wilk said. Across Poland state owned enterprises like Auto san which formerly paid Only fleeting attention to the balance Sheet suddenly face the profit or perish pressure that managers in the West have Long known. The government used to be the financier of last resort printing Money to cover the losses of state owned enterprises. Businesses were judged by How they fulfilled their plan not by How much Money they made or whether they produced anything anyone wanted to buy. But no More. Traditional crutches for East bloc managers a East credit from the state government subsidies cheap Access to hard currency guaranteed customers and Lack of Competition a no longer function under the governments far reaching reforms. On the Auto san Plant floor the threat of layoffs has brought about a new respect for jobs among employees said Foreman solar. Quot an atmosphere of Good work has come Back because they Are afraid of being fired. Before if i asked people to do something they might not do it. Now everyone does. Quot it is one of the Points of the Reform that is Wilk has no illusion that a Western partner will solve his Short term problem 240 new buses and 1,200 trailers parked at his factory with no customers in sight. He a decided to Stop production except for special orders. Quot if production is lower then the number of employees must be lower too Quot he said. If one would expect Solidarity Union local head Henryk Kozik to be demoralized he quickly sets the record straight. Regional weather tuesday april 10 Yoou Westover forecast Tor Dayton conditions end hug i to it a furst Al peso iso0&Quot Cimo Yoou a pc we Sam Mimms it Xmas a Cwm or sum i a tour cd our

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